A Dictionary of Ancient Near Eastern Mythology

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Since the discovery of Nineveh 150 years ago, countless excavators have been searching for the lost civilizations of the ancient Near East. We now know the names of thousands of gods and goddesses, the words of hymns and litanies, the daily procedures of the Babylonian cult, as well as a growing number of mythological tales. A substantial number of the texts discussed in this volume originate from the archives of such ancient cities as Nineveh, Ur, Babylon and Hattusa. Through a collection of entries, which should provide sufficient detail and cross-referencing to be of use to the more specialist reader, Gwendolyn Leick has produced a scholarly guide to this complex world of ancient mythology. There is a bibliography which makes use of a possibly unfamiliar collection of sources, and an extensive index.

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Հեղինակի մասին (1998)

Gwendolyn Leick is Lecturer at the University of Wales, College of Cardiff.

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