City of San Diego and San Diego County: The Birthplace of California, Volume 1

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Էջ 439 - This agreement, made and entered into this day of 1907, between OI Peterson, party of the first part, and Alpheus C. Miller, party of the second part : Witnesseth, That whereas, the party of the first part is the owner of...
Էջ 47 - December 6, 1846. Sir: I have the honor to report to you that at early dawn this morning General Kearny, with a detachment of United States dragoons and Captain Gillespie's company of mounted riflemen, had an engagement with a very considerable Mexican force near this camp. We have about eighteen killed and fourteen or fifteen wounded; several so severely that it may be impracticable to move them for several days. I have to suggest to you the propriety of despatching, without delay, a considerable...
Էջ 44 - I have this evening received information by two deserters from the rebel camp of the arrival of an additional force of 100 men, which, in addition to the force previously here, makes their number about 150.
Էջ 43 - We heard that the enemy was in force 9 miles distant.' After Hammond had been seen by the foe, ' we were now on the main road to S. Diego, all the by-ways being in our rear, and it was therefore deemed necessary to attack the enemy and force a passage.
Էջ 396 - ... said to somebody that under certain conditions, that is to say, if a church had the Golden Rule for its creed, he would join that church ; but you do not give the name of the friend to whom Lincoln made this declaration. Still, if he made it, it does not tend to show that he was a Christian. A church founded on the Golden Rule, " Do unto others as you would that others should do unto you," would not in any sense be a Christian church.
Էջ 61 - During my long and intimate acquaintance with Californians, I have found the women as a class much brighter, quicker in their perceptions, and generally smarter than the men. Their husbands oftentimes looked to them for advice and direction in their general business affairs. The people had but limited opportunities for education. As a rule they were not much educated; but they had abundant instinct and native talent, and the women were full of natural dignity and self-possession; they talked well...
Էջ 283 - After surmounting difficulties, and suffering anxieties that would have disheartened any but a 'live Yankee,' we are enabled to present the first number of the Herald to the public. We issued our prospectus in December last, and supposed at the time that we had secured the material for our paper; but when we came to put our hand on it, it wasn't there! Determined to lose no time, we took the first boat for New Orleans, where we selected our office, and had returned as far as the Isthmus, when the...
Էջ 37 - A sketch called a diseno, which was rather a map than a plat of the land, was prepared by the applicant. It gave, in a rude and imperfect manner, the shape and general outline of the land desired, with some of the more prominent natural objects noted on it, and a reference to the adjoining tracts owned by individuals, if there were any, or to such other objects as were supposed to constitute the boundaries. Their ideas of the relation of the points of the compass to the objects on the map were very...
Էջ 283 - Acapulco where it was detained a week in repairing. We at last arrived in San Francisco, just in time to lose more of our material by the late fire ! Well, here we are at last, as good as new and just as our paper is going to press the thought occurs to us we ought to make this explanation to those who gave us their subscriptions last December, to account for our tardy appearance.
Էջ 43 - If you can send a party to open a communication with us on the route to this place, and to inform me of the state of affairs in California, I wish you would do so, and as soon as possible. The fear of this letter falling into Mexican hands prevents me from writing more.

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