Dictionary of Sects, Heresies, Ecclesiastical Parties, and Schools of Religious Thought

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This comprehensive guide covers a wide range of religious sects, heresies, parties, and schools of thought, from Abecedarians to Zwinglians. The work's Classified Table of the Principal Contents organizes the alphabetically arranged entries under the following categories: Jewish sects, heathen religions, heretics (New Testament, early, and later), Medieval sects and heresies, Continental sects, English sects, chief existing sects, Scottish sects, American sects, Russian sects, church parties, and schools of thought. Entries cover the history, founders and leaders, importance, and effects of each sect, with citations to relevant Biblical passages and other religious and historical works.

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 116 - GOD, endeavour, in our several places and callings, the preservation of the reformed religion in the Church of Scotland, in doctrine, worship, discipline, and government, against our common enemies ; the reformation of religion in the kingdoms of England and Ireland, in doctrine, worship, discipline, and government, according to the Word of GOD, and the example of the best reformed Churches...
Էջ 58 - God, in much patience, in afflictions, in necessities, in distresses, in stripes, in imprisonments, in tumults, in labours, in watchings, in fastings; by pureness, by knowledge, by longsuffering, by kindness, by the Holy Ghost, by love unfeigned, by the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armour of righteousness on the right hand and on the left...
Էջ 54 - Neither do men put new wine into old bottles : else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish : but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved.
Էջ 116 - Deans, Deans and Chapters, Archdeacons, and all other ecclesiastical officers depending on that hierarchy), superstition, heresy, schism, profaneness, and whatsoever shall be found to be contrary to sound doctrine and the power of godliness lest we partake in other men's sins, and thereby be in danger to receive of their plagues; and that the Lord may be one, and His name one in the three kingdoms.
Էջ 202 - The original of them all, is that which we call SENSE, for there is no conception in a man's mind, which hath not at first, totally or by parts, been begotten upon the organs of sense. The rest are derived from that original.
Էջ 321 - That it may the more easily be discerned whether they are indeed working out their own salvation, each society is divided into smaller companies, called classes, according to their respective places of abode. There are about twelve persons in a class ; one of whom is styled the leader.
Էջ 321 - Doing what we know is not for the glory of God ; as The putting on of gold or costly apparel: The taking such diversions as cannot be used in the name of the Lord Jesus : The singing those songs, or reading those books, which do not tend to the knowledge or love of God...
Էջ 316 - So also Christ glorified not himself to be made an high priest ; but he that said unto him, Thou art my Son, to-day have I begotten thee.
Էջ 321 - The giving or taking things on usury : ie unlawful interest : Uncharitable or unprofitable conversation ; particularly speaking evil of magistrates, or of ministers : Doing to others as we would not they should do unto us : Doing what we know is not for the glory of God : As, The putting on of gold or costly apparel...
Էջ 321 - But wherever this is really fixed in the soul, it will be shown by its fruits. It is therefore expected of all who continue therein, that they should continue to evidence their desire of salvation, First, by doing no harm, by avoiding evil...

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