Figurative art in medieval Islam and the riddle of Bihzâd of Herât (1465-1535)

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In terms of elucidating inner meaning and symbolism, the study of medieval Islamic art has lagged almost a full century behind that of medieval Western art. This groundbreaking work suggests how it might at last prove possible to crack the allegorical code of medieval Islamic painting during its Golden Age between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries. Barry focuses his study around the work of Bihzad, a painter who flourished in the late fifteenth century in the kingdom of Herat, now in Afghanistan. Bihzad became the undisputed master of the "Persian miniature" and an almost mythical personality throughout Asian Islam. By carefully deciphering the visual symbols in medieval Islamic figurative art, Barry's study deliberately takes a bold approach in order to decode the lost iconographic conventions of a civilization. The glorious illustrations, scholarly text, and extracts from Persian poetry, many translated into English for the first time, combine to create an essential new work of reference and a visual delight.

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Figurative art in medieval Islam and the riddle of Bihzâd of Herât (1465-1535)

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This volume examines the existence of figurative art in Islam, an art form accepted in Persia, Mughal India, and Afghanistan that contradicts the strict injunctions against human representation by ... Read full review


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Michael Barry, born in New York City in 1948, raised in France, now lectures at Princeton University, his alma mater, on the traditional and modern cultures of Iran and especially Afghanistan. Barry is widely published and holds six literary prizes.
Stuart Cary Welch, former curator of Islamic and Later Indian Art at Harvard University's Fogg and Sackler Museums, is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost specialists of Persian and Mughal painting.

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