Him: His Infernal Majesty

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
H.I.M. recounts the full story of this popular and unique group, who through their groundbreaking combination of gothic metal and mainstream power ballads have become established as among the foremost post-millennial rock acts. Already well established in Europe and with a number of sold out tours and major festival appearances in the USA under their belts, H.I.M. are set to be the hot goth/alternative rock act of the decade. Led by their charismatic and photogenic vocalist Ville Valo, the band have established a new rock genre, which they describe as 'Love Metal' - a fusion of gothic and mainstream rock influences that transcends existing genres and affords them enormous crossover appeal. In H.I.M. - His Infernal Majesty, author Barry Keating recounts the full story of the band's rise from a Helsinki covers group to global rock phenomenon. In addition to a wealth of interviews and anecdotes, Keating explores the band's unique ethos and the genesis of their 'Love Metal' sound. Featuring many eye-catching images of this highly visual band, the author unveils the band's influences, describes their quest to bring gothic rock to mass audiences and recounts the breathtaking way in which their singular approach to music has brought them to the very cusp of global stardom. Barry Keating is a journalist and author specialising in rock, film and popular culture. He is a regular contributor to several magazines, including Total Film. He lives in London.

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