Surviving Dreaded Conversations: How to Talk Through Any Difficult Situation at Work

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The essential guide for managers and professionals dealing with difficult workplace conversations

Surviving Dreaded Conversations gives managers all they need to get through those difficult, face-to-face conversations we all encounter in our office. Whether it’s firing an employee, asking for a raise or delivering bad financial news to a client or staff, expert author Donna Flagg shows readers how to stop putting off these uncomfortable conversations and start successfully facing them head-on. Filled with tips, strategies, exercises, and easy-to-memorize scripts for effective preparation, Surviving Dreaded Conversations is packed with practical advice to help professionals get through the rough spots in the workplace.

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There comes a time when we all have to have that dreaded conversation. We rehearse what we are going to say in our minds a thousand times but it still doesn’t sound right. Will we hurt the other ... Read full review


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Donna Flagg is a business consultant, and visiting instructor and speaker at NYU and speaks at various conferences conducted by The Business Leadership Network and The Conference Board. She is a blogger on for Reed Business Interactive and is frequently quoted in the press for her workplace expertise.

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