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Էջ 105 - said the first of the new-comers, deftly rolling 'Frisco Kid out of his blankets with one hand and reaching for the wine bottle with the other. French Pete put his head up on the other side of the centre-board, his eyes heavy with sleep, and made them welcome. " 'Oo's this ?
Էջ 161 - that in the spirit of the moment he had given an invitation which, on sober thought, he knew would be impossible to carry out. He tried to imagine his father receiving in his own house a stranger like 'Frisco Kid—no, that was not to be thought of. Then, forgetting his own plight, he fell to
Էջ 116 - the mainsail and jib had been hoisted, the anchor broken out, and the Dazzler was leaping down the channel. Off a bleak, piece of marshland Bill and the Cockney said good-bye and cast loose in their skiff. French Pete, in the cabin, bewailed their bad luck in various languages, and sought consolation in the wine bottle.
Էջ 127 - Kid cautioned, shooting the Dazzler into the wind toward it and gradually losing headway. " Now ! " Joe leaned over the side, grasped the trailing painter, and made it fast to the bitt. Then they tacked ship again and started on their way. Joe still felt ashamed for the trouble he had caused ; but
Էջ 224 - Dey outfoot ; we outpoint. Dey are scared of ze wind ; we wipe ze eye of ze wind. Ah ! you wait, you see." " They're travelling ahead faster/' Trisco Kid explained ; " but we're sailing closer to the wind. In the end we'll beat them, even if they have the nerve to cross the
Էջ 105 - ABOARD THE DAZZLER A SKIFF grazed the side of the Dazzler softly and interrupted Joe's reveries. He wondered why he had not heard the sound of the oars in the rowlocks. Then two men jumped over the cockpit-rail and came into the cabin. " Bli
Էջ 231 - Some day he will die, oh, so vaire queeck ! I know he will." Three times they circled about the Reindeer, running under her weather quarter and shouting in chorus, before they brought anybody on deck. Sail was then made at once, and together the two cockle-shells plunged away into the vastness of the Pacific. This was necessary, as
Էջ 97 - dish-washing he rebelled. He felt that he had earned the right to be exempt from such scullion work. That was all the green boys were fit for, while he could make or take in sail, lift anchor, steer, and make landings. " Stan' from un'er !
Էջ 211 - That shows how much I knew about the land. "I'd saved up a couple of dollars, and I kept travelling back, deeper and deeper into the country, looking for work, and buying bread and cheese and such things from the storekeepers. I tell you, it was cold, nights,
Էջ 96 - Now, that's freedom," thought the boys who watched him. Besides, those long seaboots, reaching to the hips and buckled to the leather strap about the waist, held a strange and wonderful fascination for them. They did not know that 'Frisco Kid did not possess such things as

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