The Franco Regime, 1936–1975

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Univ of Wisconsin Press, 15 նոյ, 1987 թ. - 677 էջ

The history of modern Spain is dominated by the figure of Francisco Franco, who presided over one of the longest authoritarian regimes of the twentieth century. Between 1936 and the end of the regime in 1975, Franco’s Spain passed through several distinct phases of political, institutional, and economic development, moving from the original semi-fascist regime of 1936–45 to become the Catholic corporatist “organic democracy” under the monarchy from 1945 to 1957. Distinguished historian Stanley G. Payne offers deep insight into the career of this complex and formidable figure and the enormous changes that shaped Spanish history during his regime.


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A history of Spain from the Civil War to the death of Franco. It's a reasonable analysis of the Franco regime as the end of a conservative epoch. Read full review

The Franco regime, 1936-1975

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In recent years there have been several studies of the post-Franco transition. Payne, a veteran historian of modern Spain, judges the time to be ripe for a fresh overview of the Franco regime itself ... Read full review


The Politics of Moder n Spain
General Miguel Primo de Rivera while dictator in 1928
Jose Calvo Sotelo head of the rightist Bloque Nacional under the Republic
Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera first Jefe Nacional of the Falange
The Rebellion of the Eighteenth of July
Franco and Yagiie in Seville August 1936
Republican troops during the first months of the Civil War
Members of the International Brigades
Franco on an inspection tour during the Civil War
Franco addressing a large political audience in Madrid soon after
The New State of 1939
Ramon Serrano Suner while Minister of the Interior 1940
Franco and Hitler at Hendaye October 23 1940
U S Ambassador Weddell and German Ambassador Eberhard von Stohrer
Franco followed by Arrese entering a meeting of the FETs National Council
The Regime at MidPassage 19501959

Nationalist artillery on the Somosierra front north of Madrid 1937
Nationalist infantry from one of the elite Tercio units on the assault
A detachment of the Condor Legion on parade during the Civil War
Franco saluting a crowd from the balcony of the Salamanca city hall 1937
Developmentalism and Decay 19591975
Continuity and Reform during the 1960s
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Stanley G. Payne is the Hilldale–Jaume Vicens Vives Professor of History Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His many books include Spain: A Unique History; Spain’s First Democracy: The Second Republic, 1931–1936; A History of Fascism, 1914–1945; and Fascism: Comparison and Definition, all published by the University of Wisconsin Press.

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