The Sixties

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Peter Stine
Wayne State University Press, 1995 - 284 էջ
The Sixties is a powerful literary anthology written by women and men who witnessed and participated in that revolutionary decade in U.S. history. Their essays, fiction, and poetry capture the complexity of events, providing personal, reflective, and diverse testimony on a decade driven by an obsessive will to change.
John Lewis's experiences with SNCC or Rosellen Brown's at Tougaloo College are moral light years removed from P.J. O'Rourke's hilarious encounter with the Balto Cong in Baltimore. It requires mind expansion to imagine Peter Najarian's first exposure to the counterculture in San Francisco as contemporaneous with Richard Currey's initiation into killing in Vietnam. Maxine Hong Kingston's depiction of head-adventurers in the Bay Area forms an unlikely parallel with Tom Hayden's experiences in the streets of Chicago in 1968.
Charged with folly and tragedy, the 1960s also saw daring and unacknowledged heroism on many fronts. This volume explodes any simplification about the decade and rekindles in us a sense of wonder about our recent past.

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Editors Preface
Jim Miller Bob Dylan
Peter Stine A Poet of the Sixties
Lawrence Wright Existential Politics
Peter Najarian The Big Game
Jay Stevens The Counterculture
Todd Gitlin The Implosion
P ORourke The Awful Power of MakeBelieve
Milton Mankoff The Legacy of the Sixties
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Peter Stine is the founding editor of "Witness." His work has appeared in "The Iowa Review, Boulevard, The Threepenny Review, The New York Times, Harold Bloom's Modern Critical Views, " and elsewhere.

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