Welfare and Policy: Research Agendas and Issues

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Neil Lunt, Douglas Coyle
Taylor & Francis, 1996 - 210 էջ
Welfare provision in the UK has undergone a period of radical restructuring and reform over the last decade. Welfare and Policy assesses the policy implications of changes in a number of areas including health, housing, social policy and social security. The book also has contributions on the increasingly important agendas of 'race' and Europe. The authors of the chapters are all involved in The Institute for Research in the Social Sciences. The IRSS is the largest group of social scientists working in the UK in related policy fields: social and health care, social work, health economics, social security and living standards. Welfare and Policy explores a range of welfare issues, demonstrating the scope of interests, approaches and methodologies across different disciplines and policy fields. In doing so, the volume offers commentary on recent policy initiatives, explores the implications of policy measures, and illuminates future agendas.

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