World's Great Men of Color, Volume 2

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Simon and Schuster, 06 հլս, 2010 թ. - 592 էջ
An eye-opening account of the great black personalities of world history.
In this first volume: outstanding blacks of Asia and Africa, and historical figures before Christ -- including Akhenaton, Aesop, Hannibal, Cleopatra, Zenobia, Askia the Great, the Mahdi, Samuel Adjai Crowther, and many more.
World's Great Men of Color is a comprehensive account of the great Black personalities in world history. J. A. Rogers was one of the first Black scholars to devote most of his life to researching the lives of hundreds of men and women of color. This first volume is a convenient reference; equipped with a comprehensive introduction, it treats all aspects of recorded Black history. J. A. Rogers's book is vital reading for everyone who wants a fuller and broader understanding of the great personalities who have shaped our world.
The companion volume covers the great Blacks of Europe, South and Central America, the West Indies, and the United States, including Marcus Garvey, Robert Browning, Dom Pedro, Alexandre Dumas, Joachim Murat, Aleksander Sergeevich Pushkin, Alessandro de' Medici, St. Benedict the Moor, and many others.

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Commentary and Notes on References 3 St Maurice of Aganaum Roman
Alexandre Dumas Fils Remaker of the Modern French Stage 123
Commentary and Notes on References 167 Henrique Dias ExSlave
Commentary and Notes on References 217 Captain Cudjoe Dauntless
Antonio Maceo The Lion the Centaur the Invincible 272 Ulises
Commentary and Notes on References 305 Estevanico Discoverer
United States 35o Peter Jackson Gallant Knight of the Prize Ring 356
Giant and FreeLance Educator 432 Ernest Everett Just Pioneer in Biol
George Washington Carver Agricultural Wizard of Tuskegee 462
Jack Johnson World Heavyweight Champion and Demolisher of The White
Marian Anderson The Voice of the Century 524 Joe Louis
Superman of the Prize Ring
Egypt Ancient and Modern
Ancient Rome 546 Eastern Roman Empire 547 Spain 547 Portugal 548
Germany 552 France 552 Haiti 554 Brazil 556 Nicaragua
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J.A. Rogers was an anthropologist and historian whose pioneering work in Black Studies was little appreciated during his lifetime. Among his many books are Superman to Man and Sex and Race. World's Great Men of Color was completed in 1947 but was published only in a small private edition. This edition has been brought up to date with an introduction, commentaries, and bibliographical notes by John Henrik Clarke, editor of Malcolm X: The Man and His Times and Harlem, U.S.A.

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