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tigt L the clouds they saw their helpless lord, Hin wering form stili lessening as he soared !

I've: agall, witt unabated rage. i: morta strikt ttze minging hosts engage. 92 crair tritt dartec pili assaulte the foe, Biorerny: then wheels alof te scape the blow :

: ewa r angust aims the vengeful wound; BERAT II. empt at the inchion round.

SUI RE scene, when midst the loud alarms Sun ter firma. Thunderer rose in arms;

a harus, in mat ampdor driven, 21 Farra ant buried it high at hearer. Tri manding under om on high, van alle muis enoumered in the sky; si xx sunnus run wheimeĉ the crew, Bax imis veem was a brimstone blus.

FDW En mer leges peld,
And winged with terms, As she final field.
They make a weak and melancholy wail,
All in distraction scattering o'e le vale.

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se ;


Secure, for no alarming cranes molest,
And all their woes in long oblivion rest;
Down the deep dale, and narrow winding way,
They foot it featly, ranged in ringlets gay:
"Tis joy and frolic all, where'er they rove,
And Fairy-people is the name they love.





PETERHEAD, 1766. When B*** invites me, and inviting sings, Instant I'd fy, (had heaven vouchsafed me wings) To hail him in that calm sequestered seat, Whence he looks down with pity on the great; And, midst the groves retired, at leisure wooes Domestic love, contentment, and the Muse. I wish for wings and winds to speed my course; Since B- -t and the fates refuse a horse.

Where now the Pegasus of antient time, And Ippogrifo famed in modern rhime?

O, where that wooden steed, whose every leg
Like lightning flew, obsequious to the peg;
The waxen wings by Dædalus designed,
And China waggons wafted by the wind ?
A Spaniard reached the moon, upborn by geese ;
(Then first 'twas known that she was made of cheese.)
A fidler on a fish through waves advanced,
He twanged his catgut, and the Dolphin danced.
Hags rode on broom-sticks, heathen-gods on clouds;
Ladies, on rams and bulls, have dared the floods.
Much famed the shoes Jack Giant-killer wore,

And Fortunatus' hat is famed much more.

Such vehicles were common once, no doubt ;

But modern versemen must even trudge on foot,
Or doze at home, expectants of the gout.

Hard is the task, indeed 'tis wondrous hard,
To act the Hirer, yet preserve the Bard.
" Next week, by (but 'tis a sin to swear)
“I give my word, sir, you shall have my mare;

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