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ou, as in our; th, as in thin; TH, as in this ; n, nearly like ng. by Beyra and Alentejo, S. by Alentejo, and W. by the Atlantic. Length, from N. to S. about 140 m.; greatest breadth, from E. to W. 85 m. Capital, Lisbon.

ESTREMÒZ, es-tra-móze, one of the strongest fortresses in Portugal, situated in Alentejo. Lat. 38° 54' N., Lon. 7° 24' W. Pop. about 5,000. (B.)

ESZEK, es'-sek, (Anc. Mur'sa or Mur/sia,) a royal free t., the cap. of Austrian Sclavonia, on the right bank of the Drave, a little above its entrance into the Danube. Mursia was founded in the year 125, by the emperor Adrian. The present town is regularly fortified, and has barracks and casemates, capable, it is said, of lodging 30,000 persons. Lat. 45° 34' N., Lon. 18° 42' E. Pop. 10,000. (B.)

ETAMPES, a'-tảmp', a manufacturing t. of France, in the dep. of Seine and Oise, 28 m. S. W. of Paris. Pop. in 1832, 8,109. (P. C.)

ETIENNE, SAINT, sånt ét-e-enn', an important t. of France, in the dep. of Loire. Its increase, of late years, has been very great. The town owes its prosperity to its situation in the coal district, though the colliers belong rather to the neighbourhood, than to the t. itself. The coal is abundant, and of good quality. St. Etienne hos some important manufactures, especially in hardware.' Fire-arms are made here on a more extensive scale than in any other town in France. Lat. 45° 26' N., Lon. 4° 23' E. Pop., including that of the suburbs, 52,000. (B.)

ET-o-wảy (generally called Hil-tow-ah, and sometimes written Highlower), a r. in the N. W. part of Ga., one of the branches of the Coosa.

Eu, uh, a t. of France, in the dep. of Lower Seine, 91 m. N. N. W. of Paris. In the middle ages it was a strong and flourishing place, but it has since sunk into decay. The inassive ruins of the walls and towers still remain. Pop. in 1832, 3,356. (P. C.)

EUPEN, oil-pen, (called Néau, na'-0), by the French), a flourishing t. in the Prussian prov. of the Lower Rhine. Lat. 50° 39' N., Lon. about 6° E. Pop. about 11,300. (P. C.)

EUPHRATES, u-fra-téz, (Turk. Fråt.) a large r. of W. Asia, which is formed near 39° N. Lat., and 39° E. Lon., by the union of two rivers, to both of which the name of Frat is occasionally applied; viz., the Mooråd (Murad), or S. branch, and the Kárå Soo (Šu), or N. branch of the Euphrates. The Kara Soo, or the Frat, properly speaking, rises N. of Erzroom, in about 40° 30' N. Lat., and 41° 30' E. Lon. The upper portion of the Euphrates has a very circuitous course, but its general direction is about S. E. It joins the Tigris in about 31° N. Lat., and 47° E. Lon., to form the Shatt-el-Arab. Its whole length is estimated at 1,360 m. One of the steamers in the Euphrates expedition of 1836, 7, and 8, ascended as far as Beer (Bir), about 37° N. Lat., and 38° E. Lon.

EURE, ure, or ur, a dep. in the N. W. part of France, bordering on the Seine, and intersected by the Eure, one of the tributaries of that r. Pop. 424,762. (B.) Capital, Evreux.

EURE and Loik (Fr. Eure-et-Loir, ur-d-lwår), a dep. in the N. W.

Fate, får, fall, fåt; mė, mėt; plne ur pine, pin; no, not; õó, as in good; central part of France, on the sources of the Eure and the Loir, a tributary of the Sarthe. Pop. 285,058. (B.) Capital, Chartres.

EUROPE, u'-rup, one of the grand divisions of the globe, forming the north-western part of the old continent, of which it occupies a little more than two-seventeenths. It is bounded on the N. by the Frozen Ocean; the boundary between it and Asia is formed by the r. Kara, the Uralian Mountains, the r. Ural, the Caspian Sea, Mount Caucasus, the Black Sea, the Bosporus, the Sea of Marmora, the Strait of the Dardanelles, and the Grecian Archipelago; on the S. it is bounded by the Mediterranean, which separates it from Africa ; and on the W. by the North Atlantic, which divides it from North America. The most northern point of the European continent is Cape Nord Kyn, in Lat. 71° 6' N.: Cape North, in 21° 10' N. Lat., commonly regarded as the northern extremity of Europe, is on the island Mageröe. The most southern is the point of Tarifa, in Spain, Lat. 36° 2' N.; the most eastern is on the Uralian Mountains, W. of Ekatarinburg, Lon. 60° 20' E.; and the most western is Cape Roca, in Portugal, Lon. 9° 30° W. Its extreme length, from Cape St. Vincent, in Spain, to the mouth of the r. Kara, does not much exceed 3,000 m. A line drawn from Cape Mutapan, in Greece, to Cape Nord Kyn, would measure 2,400 m. The whole area of this part of the globe is computed at 3,708,871 sq. m.; the pop. at 233,884,800. (P. C.)- Adj. and inhab. Eu-RO-PE'-AN,

Eutin, oi-teen', a small t. of Germany, in the grand-duchy of Oldenburg, on a lake of the same name. Lat. 54° 8' N., Lon. 10° 39' E. Pop. 2,700. (B.)

Euxine. See Black Sea.

Eveşl-HẠM, a t. of England, in Worcestershire, 15 m. S. E. of Wor. cester. Pop., including an area of above 3 sq. m., 4,245.

Evl-o-rə, or d/-vo-rå (Anc. Eb'ora), an archiepiscopal t. of Portugal, in Alentejo, interesting for its antiquity and historical remembrances Lat. 38° 38' N., Lon. 7° 38' E. Pop. 9,000. (B.)

Evreux, ev'-ruh! (Anc. Mediola'num, afterwards Eburovlices,) a t of France, the cap. of the dep. of Eure, 57 m. W. by N. of Paris. 1: was anciently the capital of the Aulerci Eburovices, whence it was afterwards called Eburovices and Ebroicæ, from which the present name is derived. Here are the remains of an ancient aqueduct, and some other Roman antiquities. Lat. 49° 2' N., Lon. 1° 7' E. Pop 10,000. (B.)

Exl-E-TER (Anc. Is/ca), a city of England, the cap. of Devonshire, situated on the little r. Ex, 44 m. N. E. of Plymouth. It appears to have been a Roman station of some importance. In the reign of Alfred it was called Eran-cestre (the castle of the Ex), of which the present name is a corruption. Before the Norman conquest, this place was the residence of the West Saxon kings. Exeter forms a county of itself, containing only 1,800 acres. Lat. 50° 44' N., Lon. 3° 32' W. Pop. 31,312.

EXETER, a t. of N. H., in Rockingham co., 12 m. S. W. of Ports

about 494 sq. m.

ou, as in our; th, as in thin ; TA, as in this; n, nearly like ng. mouth, on a river of the same name, which flows into the Piscataqua. Lat. 42° 58' N., Lon. 70° 55' W.

EYALET, 1-gå-lèt, (sometimes written ejalet,) a Turkish name, equivalent to a principality, used to designate a pashalic of the most extensive kind.

FAENZA, fa-en/-ză, (Anc. Faven'tia) a t. of Italy, in the Papal State, 19 m. W. S. W. of Ravenna, connected by a naviglio (nå-veel-yo), or navigable canal, with the southernmost branch of the Po. Among its various manufactures, we may mention a species of coloured and glazed earthenware, formerly in great repute, called by the French Faience, from the name of this town. Lat. 44° 17' 30" N., Lon. 11° 52' E. Pop. 14,000. (B.)

Fanlun. See Falun. FÆRVE (ft/-ro, or fal-rö-e) Islands, a group of small islands, about 200 m. N. W. of the Shetland Isles, betwe 61o and 63° N. Lat., and 6° and go W. Lon. There are in all 22, with an aggregate area of

Pop. about 58,000. (P. C.) Faroom, fi-oom!, a prov. of Egypt, between 29° and 30° N. Lat. , bounded on the E. by the Valley of the Nile, and on the N. W. by Lake Birket-el-Keroon.

FAIR-FAX, a co. in the N. E. part of Va., bordering on the District of Columbia. Pop. 9,370. Seat of justice, Fairfax c. h.

FAIRI-FIELD, a co. forming the S. W. extremnity of Conn., bordering on Long Island Sound. Pop. 49,917. Co. towns, Fairfield and Danbury.

PAIRFIELD, a port of entry and seat of justice of the above co., is pleasantly situated on Long Island Sound, 21 m. W. S. W. of New Haven. Pop. 3,294.

FAIRFIELD, a dist. in the N. central part of S.C., bordering on the Broad and Wateree rivers. Pop. 20,165. Co. t. Winnsborough.

a co. in the S. E. central part of Ohio, intersected by the Ohio and Erie Canal. Pop. 31,924. Co. t. Lancaster.

FALAISE, fã-laze, a manufacturing t. of France, in the dep. of Calvados. Lat. 48° 53' N., Lon. 0° 14' W. Pop. 9,419. (P. C.)

a t. of Stirlingshire, Scotland, 24 m. W. by N. of Edinburgh. Pop. 8,209.

Fálk?-LAND ÍSLANDS are situated in the S. Atlantic, between 51° 10' and 52° 25' S. Lat., and 57° 40' and 61° 20' W. Lon. There are two large ones, and,

it is said, above 90 smaller ones. They are in possession of the English.

Fall River, a port of entry of Mass., in Bristol co., on Fall r., at its entrance into an arm of Narragansett Bay. Fau/-MOUTH, a sea port t. of Cornwall,

England, situated at the mouth of the r. Fal or Fale, whence it derives its name. Lat. 50° 8' N., Lon. 5° 3 W. Pop. 4,844. Fau/-ster, a fertile i. in the Baltic, belonging to Denmark. It lies


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Fate, får, fåll, fåt; me, mét; pine or pine, pin; no, not; oo as in good; S. of Zealand, between 54° 30' and 54° 58' N. Lat.. and 11° 45' and 12° 11' E. Lon. It is about 25 m. long and 16 m. wide. Area 177 sq. m. Pop. about 17,500. (P. C.)

Falun or Faulun, fal-loon, a t. of Sweden, the cap. of the prov. of Dalecarlia. In the middle of this town is the famous copper-mine of Falun, which is an immense abyss, 1,200 ft. across, and as many in depth. The daylight from above is sufficient for the operations of the miners, so that they are not obliged to use lamps or candles, as in other deep mines. Not only copper, but also silver and gold are obtained here. Lat. 60° 35' N., Lon. 15° 35' E. Pop. about 4,000. (B.) Fano, fål-no, a sea port t. of Italy, on the Adriatic, with an extensive

Lat. 43° 51' N., Lon. 13° E. Pop. 15,000. (B.) Faro, fål-ro, a seaport t. at the S. extremity of Portugal, in the prov. of Algarve. Lat. 36° 59' N., Lon. 7° 51' W. Pop. above 8,000. (B.)

Faro. See FÆRÖE.

Fars or Farsistan, fars'-is-tån', a prov. in the S. W. part of Persia, bordering on the Persian Gulf. Shiraz is the chief town.

FAUQUIER, fau-keer', a co. in the N. E. part of Va., W. of Washing. ton. Pop. 21,877. Co. t. Warrenton. Fayal, fi-åll

, one of the Azores, intersected by the parallel of 33% 35' N. Lat., and the meridian of 28° 40' W. Lon. It is about 15 m. long, and nearly as broad. Its chief town, Horta, sometimes, but improperly, called Fayal, is in 38° 31' N. Lat., and 28° 42 W. Lon., and has near 10,000 inhabitants. (B.)

FAY-ETTE', a co. in the S. W. part of Pa., bordering on Va. Pop. 33,574. Co. t. Union.

FAYETTE, a co. in the W. part of Va., on the Great Kanawha r. Pop. 3,924. Seat of justice, Fayette c. h.

FAYETTE, a co. in the N. W. central part of Ga., on the sources of Flint r. Pop. 6,191. Co. t. Fayetteville.

FAYETTE, a co. in the N. W. part of Ala., bordering on Mississippi. Pop. 6,942. Seat of justice. Fayette c. h.

FAYETTE, a co. in the S. W. part of Tenn., bordering on Mississippi. Pop. 21.501. Co. t. Somerville.

FAYETTE, a co. in the N. E. central part of Ky., bordering on the Kentucky r. Pop. 22,194. Co. t. Lexington.

FAYETTE, a co. in Ohio, S. W. of Columbus. Pop. 10,984. Co. t. Washington.

FAYETTE, a co. in the E. S. E. part of Ind., intersected by the White Water r. Pop. 9,837. Co. t. Connersville.

FAYETTE, a co. iŋ the S. central part of Ill., intersected by the Kaskaskia r. Pop. 6,328. Co. t. Vandalia.

FAYETTE, à co. in the E. part of Iowa, a little W. of the Mississippi r.

Fayl-ETTE-Ville', a flourishing t. of N. C., the cap. of Cumberland co., situated on Cape Fear r., near the head of navigation, about 50 m. s. by W. of Raleigh. Pop. 4,285.

ou, as in our; th, as in thin; th, as in this; n, nearly like ng.
Fayoum or Frum. See Faïoom.

FELICIANA, fe-lis'-se-an/-a, East, a parish in the N. E. part of La., bordering on Mississippi. Pop. 11,893. Seat of justice, Jackson.

FELICIANA, WEST, a parish of La., in the N. E. part of La., lying W. of the above, and bordering on the Mississippi r. Pop. 10,910. Seat of justice, St. Francisville.

FEM-ERN, a small i. of Denmark, in the Baltic, opposite to the coast of Holstein, intersected by the parallel of 54° 30' N. Lat. and the meridian of 11° 10 E. Lon. Pop. 7,600. (E. G.)

Ferl-TRESS, a co. in the N. N. E. part of Tenn., bordering on Kentucky. Po. 3,550. Co. t. Jamestown.

FÉRE La, lå fare, a fortified t. of France, in the dep. of Aisne, on the Oise, with an ancient school of artillery, and an arsenal. Lat. 49° 40 N., Lon. 3° 20' E.

FER-MAN-AGU, an inland co. in the N. of Ireland, in the S. W. part of the prov. of Ulster. Pop. 149,763. (P. C.)

FERMO, ferl-mo, an archiepiscopal t. of Italy, in the Papal State, built near the site of the ancient Firmum, with a university and 7,000 inhabitants. (B.) Lat. 43° 10' N., Lon. 13° 42 E.

FER-MOY!, à i. and military station of Ireland, in the co. of Cork, situated on the Blackwater r. Lat. 52° 8' N., Lon. 8° 18' W. Pop., including the garrison, 6,976. (P. C.)

FERRARA, fèr-rål-rå, the most northern prov. of the Papal State, bordering on the Adriatic. Pop. 205,000. (P. C.)

FERRARA, a fortified archiepiscopal t. of Italy, the cap. of the above prov., is situated on an arm of the Po. Among its scientific and literary establishments, the university, with its library of above 80,000 vols., deserves particular mention. Here are reposited the autographs of Ariosto, Tasso, and Guarini. The first of these celebrated poets was born in this town. Ferrara was formerly the residence of the independent princes of the house of Este, and was one of the most distinguished seats of literature in Italy. Its population then exceeded 60,000. Lat. 44° 50' N., Lon. 11° 36' E. Present pop. about 24,000. (B.)

ferl-RO (Sp. Hierro, yèr/-ro), a small i. belonging to the group of Canaries, with an area of about 10 sq. leagues. It is important from the circumstance that longitudes were formerly reckoned from a meridian drawn through its western extremity. At present, however, what is called the meridian of Ferro, is placed about 30' E. of the island of Ferro, and 20° W. of the meridian of Paris. Lat. of the centre of the island, about 27° 45' N., Lon. 18° 10' W. .

Ferrol, fér-role', a sea port t. of Spain, in Galicia, on an arm of the bay of Betanzos. This place is one of the three royal dock-yards of Spain. The entrance of its harbour, which is one of the finest in Europe, is defended by strong batteries. Lat. 43° 29' 30'' N., Lon. 8° 15' W. 'Pop. about 13,000. (B.)

Fez or Fas, a kingdom in the N. W. part of Africa, subject to Mo

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