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ou, as in our ; th, as in thin; TH, as in this; n, nearly like ng. LANGUEDOC, lång-geh-dok', formerly an extensive prov. in the S.W. of France, now distributed among the deps, of Ardèche, Aude, Gard, Upper Garonne, Herault, Upper Loire, Lozère, and Tarn.

LAON, lån, a fortified t. of France, cap. of the dep. of Aisne, 78 m. N. E. of Paris, with a public library of 12,000 vols., besides other institutions. Lat. 49° 34' N., Lon. 3° 37' E. Pop. 7,826. (B.)

Laos, lål-oce. The country of the Laos comprehends the central portion of Chin India, lying between 15° and 24° N. Lat., and 98o and 106 E. Lon. On the S. it borders on Siam and Cochin China, and W. on the Birman empire. Little is known with certainty respecting the interior of this country. The Laos seem to be the original stock of a nation which is widely dispersed over Farther India. They resemble the Siamese in the form of their bodies, in language, and in religion. Lantehang or Lant-Shang, the chief town, is said to be surrounded by a wall of stone, and to contain a garrison of 50,000 men, and a splendid court.

LAP-EER', a co. in the E. S. E. part of Mich. N. of Detroit. Pop. 4,263. Co. t. Lapeer.

Lap'-LAND, the most northerly country of Europe, occupying the N. and N. E. parts of the Scandinavian peninsula, the N. part of the Russian prov. of Finland, and the N. W. portion of the gov. of Archangel. It is difficult to assign its limits, as they correspond with no natural or political boundaries. It appears that in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries all the country N. of 64° N. Lat., between the White Sea on the E., and the Norwegian Sea on the W., was entirely in the possession of the Laplanders or Lupps. The people who have given their name to this region constitute a distinct and remarkable variety of the human race; they are of very short stature, seldom exceeding in height five feet and iwo or three inches; their copper complexion is rather the result of habitual residence in smoky huts than the character of the race.--Inhab. LAPI-LAND-ER and LAPP.

LA PORTE, lap-ort', a co. in the N. W. part of Ind., bordering on Michigan and Lake Michigan. Pop. 8,184.

La Puebla, or LA PUEBLA DE LOS ANGELES, lå pwebl-lá di loce ảnglmėl-és, (i.e. "the habitation of the angels,) a large and beautiful city of Mexico, cap. of a state of the same name, in an elevated plain remarkable for its fertility and the salubrity of its climate. It contains many fine buildings, and is the seat of exiensive manufactures. Lat. about 19° N., Lon. 98° W. Pop. 70,000. (B.) The state of La PueBLA borders that of Mexico on the E. Area 21,000 sq. m. Pop. 820,000.

LAR-Is-s9 (Turk. Yenishehr, yen/-e-shaih'r', i.e. “ New Town"), an archiepiscopal t. of European Turkey, on the Selembria (Anc. Penelus), which is here crossed by a bridge of 10 arches. It is believed lo occupy the same site as the ancient Larissa. Lat. 39° 38' N., Lon. 22° 30° E. Before the late war the pop. was estimated at 30,000. (B.)

LARISTAN, lår-is-tản', a prov. in the S. part of Persia, bordering on the Persian Gulf. Lar, the cap. of the above, though greatly fallen

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Fåte, får, fall, fit; m', m't; pine or pine, p’n; n), nit; öð as in good; from its former spiemour, contains, it is said, above 15,000 inhabitants. (B.) Lat, about 27° 30 N., Lon. 54° E.

LAR'-NI-KA, a seaport i. on the S. E. coast of the i. of Cyprus. Lat. 34° 54' 30" N., Lon. 33° 41' E. Pop. about 5,000. (B.)

La Salle, lih-sall, a co. in the northern part of Ill., intersected by the Illinois r. Pop. 9,348. Co. t. Ottawa.

Las'-sẠ or H'Lassa, a city of S. Asia, the cap. of Thibet, on a tributary of the Sanpoo (or Dzangbo), in an extensive and fertile plain, surrounded by lofty mountains. The great temple of Boodha, which is likewise the residence of the Dalai Lama, the pontifical sovereign of Thibet, stands in the W. part of the city, and consists of an extensive range of square-shaped buildings, crowned in the centre with a gilded dome. The permanent pop. of Lassa is said to have amounted, in the beginning of the last century, to 80,000. (B.) The floating pop. is always very great, owing to the multitudes of pilgrims, who come from the remotest parts of Asia to visit this sanctuary of Lamaism. Lat. about 29° 30' N., Lon. 91° 40' E.

Latakia, låt-a-keel-a, or LADIKIA, (Anc. Laodice'a,) a sea port t. of Syria, on the Mediterranean, about 90 m. S. W. of Aleppo. Here are the remains of an ancient triumphal arch, which is still almost entire, supposed to have been erected in honour of one of the early Roman emperors. Lat. 35° 30' N., Lon. 35° 48' E. Pop. estimated at from 5,000 to 10,000. (M.) Lauban, loul-bån, a t. of Prussian Silesia, cap. of a circle of the same

Lat. 51° 6' N., Lon. 15° 18 E. Pop. 5,400. (B.) LAUENBURG, Joul-en-burg' or loul-en-bóÕRG', or Saxe-LAUENBURG, a duchy in Germany, subject to the kings of Denmark, situated on the right side of the Elbe, between 53° 22' and 53° 48' N. Lat., and 10° 13 and 11° 5' E. Lon. Area, 420 sq. m. Pop. 37,500. (P. C.)

LAUENBURG, a t. in the above duchy, on the Elbe, 30 m. S. E. of Hamburg. Pop. about 3,000. (B.)

Lav-DER-DALE', a co. forming the N. W. extremity of Ala. Pop. 14,485. Co. t. Florence.

LAUDERDALE, a co. in the E. part of Miss., bordering on Ala. Pop. 5,258. Co. seat, Marion.

LAUDERDALE, a co. in the W. part of Tenn., bordering on the Mississippi. Pop. 3,435.

LAUNCESTON, lånsl-ton, a t. of England, in the co. of Cornwall, 20 m. N. N. W. of Plymouth. Pop. of the parish, 2,460.

LAU-REL, a co. in the S. E. part of Ky., a little N. E. of the Cumberland r.

Pop. 3,079. Co. t. London. LAU-RENS, a dist. in the N.W. part of S. C., bordering on the Saluda r. Pop. 21,584. Seat of justice, Laurensville.

LAURENS, a co. in the S. E. central part of Ga., intersected by the Oconee. Pop. 5,585. Co. t. Dublin.

LAUSANNE, lo-zann', a city of Switzerland, cap. of the canton of Vaud 30 m. N. E. of Geneva, and about a mile and a half from the N. shore of L. Leman. Among the literary and scientific institutions of this


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ou, as in our; th, as in thin; th, as in this ; n, nearly like ng. place, we may mention the Academy, which might be termed a university, the Cantonal Library, with 33,000 vols., and a museum, containing collections in the various sciences. The penitentiary of Lausanne, established in 1822, is considered one of the finest in Europe. Lat. 46° 31' N., Lon. 6° 45' E. Pop. about 12,000. (B.)

Laval, 18-vål', a manufacturing and commercial t. of France, cap. of the dep. of Mayenne, is situated on the r. Mayenne, 150 m. W.S.W. of Paris. Lat. 48° 5' N., Lon. 0° 46' W. Pop. 16,000. (B.)

LAVORO, TERRA DI, terl-så de lå-vol-ro, (literally, the “ land of labour," but signifying, properly, good arable land, or that which is susceptible of being worked,) a prov. in the W. part of the kingdom of Naples, bordering on the dominions of the pope and the Mediterranean. Law/-RENCE, a co. in the N. W. part of Ala., bordering on the Ten

Pop. 13,313. Co. t. Moulton, molel-ton. LAWRENCE, a co. in the S. part of Miss., intersected by the Pearl r. Ś Pop. 5,920). Co. seat, Monticello.

LAWRENCE, a co. in the N. part of Ark., bordering on Mo. Pop. 2,835. ET Co. t. Jackson.

LAWRENCE, a co. in the S. part of Tenn., bordering on Ala. Pop. 7,121. Co. t. Lawrenceburg.

LAWRENCE, a co. in the Ě. part of Ky., bordering on Sandy r. Pop. 4,730. Co. t. Louisa.

LAWRENCE, a co. occupying the S. extremity of Ohio. Pop. 13,719. Co. . Burlington.

LAWRENCE, a co. in the S. part of Ind., intersected by the E. fork of the White r. Pop. 11,782. Co. t. Bedford.

LAWRENCE, a co. in the S. E. part of 11., bordering on the Wabash. Pop. 7,092. Co. t. Lawrenceville.

LAWRENCE, St., one of the largest rivers of N. America, which issues from L. Ontario, in about 44° 10' N. Lat., and 76° 30' W. Lon., and, flowing north-easterly, falls into the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in about 49° 30' N. Lat., and 64° W. Lon. Viewing this river in connexion with the great western lakes, of which it forms the outlet, it may be said to rise at the sources of the St. Louis, which flows into L. Superior. Receiving different names in different parts of its course, between L. Superior and Huron, it is called the St. Mary; between L, Huron and Erie, the St. Clair and Detroit; between L. Erie and Ontario, the Niagara; between L. Ontario and the sea, it takes the name of St. Lawrence. Its whole length, including the chain of lakes, is estimated at 2,200 m.

LAWRENCE, St., a co. in the N. part of N. Y., bordering on the above river. Pop. 56,706. Co. t. Canton.

Laybach or LABACH, lil-bảk, (I11. Lublana, loob-la-nå ; Anc. Æmona ;) the cap. of the kingdom of Illyria, situated on a navigable river of the same name, which flows into the Save. It contains a lyceum, a gymnasium, and many other excellent public institutions. Lat. 46° 2' N., Lon. 14° 47' E. Pop. above 10,000. (B.)

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Fåte, får, fall, fåt; m', mit; p'ne or pine, p?n; n), nòt; oo, as in good;

LEAKE, a co. in the centre part of Miss. Pop. 2,162. Co. seat, Carthage.

LEAMINGTON, lem-ing-ton, a flourishing t. and watering-place of England, in Warwickshire, 2 m. E. of Warwick, and about 80 m. N.W. of London. The pop. of the parish in 1821 was only 2,183; in 1841 it amounted to 12,864. This extraordinary increase is to be ascribed to the growing celebrity of its mineral waters, and its many attractions as a place of fashionable resort.

LEB'-A-NON, a co. in the S. E. part of Pa., E. of Harrisburg. Pop. 21,872. ' Co. i. Lebanon.

Lecce, let/-cha, a fortified t. of Naples, the cap. of the prov. Terra di Otranto, about 22 m. N. N. W. of Otranto. It is one of the best. built and liveliest towns in the kingdoin, with wide streets, a handsome market-place, several fine churches, a royal college, and about 14,000 inhabitants. (B.) Lat. 40° 21' N., Lon. 19° 10' E.

LEE, a co. forming the S. W. extremity of Va. Pop. 8,441. Co. t Jonesville.

LEE, a co. in the S. W. part of Ga., intersected by the Flint r. Pop. 4,520. Co. t. Starkville.

LEE, a co. in the N. part of III., intersected by Rock r. Pop. 2,035.

LEE, a co. forming the S. E. extreinity of Iowa. Pop. 6,093. Co.t. Fort Madison.

LEEDS, a celebrated manufacturing and commercial t. of England, in the W. Riding of Yorkshire, on the Aire, at the terinination of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, 23 m. W. S. W. of York. Besides the water communication with Liverpool, already alluded to, Leeds is connected with this and most of the other important towns of England, by means of rail ways. This town is not only the principal seat of the woollen manufactures, but it is the great emporium of England for these articles. Leeds contains a philosophical and literary society, a public library founded by Priestly, besides other institutions. Lat. 53 47' N., Lon. 1° 32' W. Pop. of the township, 88,741; of the boroughly 152,054.

LEEK, a manufacturing t. of England, in Staffordshire, 134 m. N.W. of London. Pop. of Leek and Lowe township, 7,233.

Leeuwarden, la-wsår/-den, a t. of Holland, the cap. of the prov. of Friesland, situated 32 m. W. of Groningen, and intersected by numerous canals. Lat. 53° 12' N., Lon. 5° 45' E. Pop. estimated at above 17,000. (B.)

LEG-HORN' or leg!-horn, (It. Lj-vor!-no; Fr. Livourne, le'-voorn'.) A seaport t., the chief emporium of Italy, and one of the principal co:rie mercial places in Europe, situated in Tuscany, on the Mediterranean, 62 m. W. S. W. of Florence. It is a neat, and, for the most part, regularly-built city, with a well-fortified harbour. The N. part of Leg. horn is called Venezia Nuova (vén-ed-ze-å noo-o'-vå), or New Venice, on account of the numerous canals by which it is intersected, and by means of which, as in Venice, merchandise is conveyed to the very

ou, as in our ; th, as in thin ; TH, as in this ; N, nearly like ng. doors of the store-houses. Lat. 43° 33' N., Lon. 10° 17' E. Pop., including the suburbs, in 1836, 76,397. (M.)

Lagnaso, lin-yål-no, a fortified t. of Austrian Italy, on the r. Adige. Lat. 45° 11' N., Lon. 11° 19' E. Pop., including its suburb, Porto-Leg. nano, near 10,000. (B.)

Len or LEY. See LADAKH.
Le-Higu, a r. in the E. part of Pa., which flows into the Delaware.
LEHIGH, a co. of Pa., on the above r. Pop. 25,785. Co. t. Allentown.

LEICESTER, les-ter, an important manufacturing t. of England, cap. of Leicestershire, 87 m. N. W. of London. It is connected by a rail. way with the london and Birmingham line, and with the r. Trent by a canal. Lat. 22° 38' N., Lon. 1° 8' W. Pop. of the borough, with an area of above 6 sq. m., 48,167.

LEICESTERSHIRE, lesl-ter-shịr, a co. nearly in the centre of England. Pop. 215,867.

LEIDEN. See LEYDEN. LEIGH, lee, a manufacturing t. of England, in Lancashire, 12 m. W. of Manchester. Pop. of West Leigh and Pennington townships, comprising the town of Leigh, 6,838.

LEINSTER, lin-ster, or leen'-ster, one of the four provinces into which Ireland is divided, occupying the E. portion of the island. It comprises the counties of Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, King's and Queen's, Longford, Louth, Meath, West Meath, Wexford, and Wicklow.

LEIPsic, lipe'-sik, (Ger. Leipzig, lipe'-tsig,) the second city of the kingdom of Saxony, is situated in a delightful plain, watered by the 1. Pleisse and its branches, 60 in. W. N. W. of Dresden. Its streets are irregular and narrow, though well paved, and adorned by numerous fine edifices, both public and private. Leipsic possesses a multitude of literary and scientific institutions, among which we may name the University, founded in 1409, one of the most celebrated and flourishing in Europe, with a library of above 100,000 vols.; it has 120 professors and teachers, and between 1,100 and 1,200 students: the Institute for the Deaf and Dumb, which is the oldest establishment of the kind in Europe : the Academy of Fine Arts, &c. Leipsic is the centre of an extensive trade, being the most commercial town in the kingdom, and is regarded as the first book emporium in the world. The concentration of the German book-trade here, has been in fact the principal cause of the celebrity and wealth of this city. Lat. 51° 20' N., Lon. 12° 22' E. Pop. in 1837, 47,514. (M.) LEIRIA Or LE

cha, làë-reel-å, * a small but ancient t. of Portugal, in Estremadura, 72 m. N. N. E. of Lisbon. Pop. 2,000. (B.) In its vicinity is the village of Marinha-grande (mi-reen'.yả grån’-da), with an extensive glass manufactory.

LEITH, leeth, a seaport t. of Scotland, in the co. of Mid-Lothian, on

"Sustained by thoughts like these, from morn till eve
He journeyed, and drew near LEYRIA's walls :"

SOUTHEY's Roderick, Book III.

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