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Fate, får, fall, fåt; me, mit; plue or pine, pin; nd, not; oo, as in good;

Mall-dives or Mau-dive Islands (called by the natives Mal-e-dee'. va, from Malé, the principal island, and deeva, a word signifying “ island"), a chain of small islands in the Indian Ocean, extending from about 1° S. to 7° N. Lat., and situated between 720, 30' and 74° E. Lon. The whole number is near 700. Total pop. stated at 19,000.

Mai-Low, a t. of Ireland, in the co. of Cork, 18 m. N. by W. of Cork. Pop. in 1831, 7,099. (M.)

MALMÖ, Inåll-mö, a fortified sea port t. of Sweden, in the prov. of Skåne, the cap. of the dist. of Malmöhus (mall-mö-hooce), situated on the sound nearly opposite to Copenhagen. Lat. 55° 37' N., Lon. 13° 1' E. Pop. 8,000. (B.)

Malo, Saint, sån må'-lo', a fortified and walled t. of France, in the Ille and Vilaine, situated on the Channel (La Manche), with a harbour large and safe, but difficult of access, on account of the narrowness of its entrance, and of the rocks and shoals which obstruct it. The tide here is said to be higher than in any other part of the European coast. St. Malo has an active commerce and considerable manufactures. Lat. 48° 39' N., Lon. 2° 1' W. Pop. 10,000. (B.)

MÅL-TA (Anc. Melita), an i. in the Mediterranean, belonging to the English, about 55 m. S. from the nearest part of Sicily, and intersected by the parallel of 35° 50' N. Lat., and the meridian of 14° 30' E. Lon. It is about 17 m. in length, and 9 in its greatest breadth. Pop. in 1837, 104,521. (P. C.) Valetta is the capital.--Adj. and inhab. MÅL TEŞE.

MAU-wẠy, a prov. of Hindostan, on the r. Nerbuddah, situated principally between 22° and 26° N. Lat., and 74° and 80° E. Lon.

Man, Isle Of (Anc. Mo'na, Mona' pia, and Monæ'da), a small i. belonging to Great Britain, in the Irish Sea, about 28 m. from the nearest part of Cumberland. Length, 35 m. ; greatest breadth about 13 m. Pop. 47,975.-Adj. Manx.

MAN-AAR!, GULF OF, is situated between the Island of Ceylon and the S. extremity of Hindostan.

MANCHA, La, lå månd-chå, a prov. of Spain, in the S. part of New Castile, bordering on Andalusia. --Adj. and inhab. MAN-CHE-GẠN; (Sp. Manchego, mån-ch-go.)

MANCHE, månsh, a dep. in the N. W. part of France, bordering on the English Channel (called by the French La Manche). Pop. 594,382. (B.) Capital, St. Lô.

MAN-CHES-TÆR, the great centre of the cotton manufacture of Great Britain, and the principal manufacturing town in the world, is situated in Lancashire, on the Irwell, a branch of the Mersey, 31 m. E. of Liverpool, and 163 N. N. W. of London. A multitude of mean-looking houses, in which the inanufacturers lodge, a number of irregular, narrow, and ill-pa ved streets, and the continual smoke which rises from so many steam-engines, render the general aspect of this place rather repulsive. The newer parts of the town, however, are, for the most part, of a very different character. The streets are handsome, and several of the public edifices might be accounted ornaments to any

ou, as in our; th, as in thin; th, as in this; n, nearly like ng. capital in the world. Manchester contains two colleges, besides numerous other literary institutions. In point of population, it is the tbird town in the kingdom. Its growth has been greatly promoted by the different canals which terminate here, and by the railways, through which it communicates with all the principal places in England. In 1773, the pop. of this town was estimated to be less than 23,000; in 1801, it was 76,788; in 1831, it amounted to 187,022 ; and in 1841, to 242,983. The borough includes an area of above 9 sq. m. Lat. 53° 29' N., Lon. 2° 15' W.


MAN-DA-VEE', a sea port t. of Hindostan, the most populous and commercial t. of Cutch, on the S. coast. Lat. 22° 50' N., Lon. 69° 27' E. Pop. in 1818 estimated at 35,000. (B.)

MAN-FRE-DO-NI-^ or mån-tra-do-ne-ă, an archiepiscopal t. of Naples, on a gulf of the Adriatic of the same name. Lat. 41° 38' N., Lon. 15° 56' E. Pop. about 5,000. (B.)

MANGALORE, mang'-ga-lorel, a sea port t. of Hindostan, in the prov. of Canara. Lat. 12° 52' N., Lon. 74° 54' E. Pop. estimated at above 30,000. (B.)

MANHEIM or MANNHEIM, månn!-hime, a handsome t. of Germany, the largest in the grand-duchy of Baden, and the cap. of the circle of the Lower Rhine, is situated on the Rhine, where it is joined by the Neckar, 32 m. N. of Carlsruhe. It is regularly and handsomely built, with broad streets. The palace of the grand-duke is one of the finest buildings of the kind in Germany. The right wing of this edifice contains a gallery of pictures, a cabinet of natural history, a collection of antiquities and of plaster casts of the finest ancient statues, and a library of 60,000 vols. Manheim has also a gymnasium, an academy of paintings and sculpture, and various other institutions. This place is a free port, and has an extensive trade. The observatory is in 49° 29° 14'' N. Lat., and 8° 27' 51" E. Lon. Pop. above 22,000. (B.)

MANILLA. See Luzon. MAN-18/-99 (Anc. Magnesia), a commercial t. of Asia Minor, 25 m. N. E. of Smyrna. Pop. estimated at 40,000. _(B.)

MANITOUWOC, man-e-too-wok', a co. in the E. part of Wisconsin, bordering on L. Michigan. Pop. 235.

MANRESA, mån-ral-sả, (Anc. Minorisa,) a manufacturing t. of Spain, in Catalonia, 34 m. N. W. of Barcelona. Pop. 13,000. (M.)

Mans, LE, leh mås, (Anc. Suindinum, afterwards Cenomani,) the cop of the French dep. of Sarthe, and formerly of the prov. of Maine, is situated on the r. Sarthe, 115 m. W. S. W. of Paris. It contains a public library of 45,000 vols., and several other institutions. Lat. 48° N., Lon. 0° 12' E. Pop. 20,000. (B.)

MANT-CH00/-R-4 or "MANDSHOORia, a country in the N. E. part of Asia, belonging to China, between 41° and 56° N. Lat., and 117o and 140° E. Lon., and bordering on the Sea of Japan. It is chiefly remarkable as the original seat of the present ruling dynasty of China. The inhabitants are Tartars.--Adj. and inbab. MANTI-CHOO.

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Fåte, får, fall, fåt; mi', mit; plne or pine, pln; n), not; öð, as in good;

Manl-TU-A (It. Mantova, min/-to-vå), an ancient and celebrated t. in the N. of Italy, the cap. of a delegation of the same name, on the Mincio, 21 m. S. S. W. of Verona. It is nearly surrounded by lakes, partly natural and partly formed by the damming up of the river. It is regularly fortified, and is perhaps the strongest bulwark of Austrian Italy. Among the remarkable buildings of Mantua, we may notice the Cathedral, one of the finest in Italy, adorned with many excellent paintings; and the Public Library and Museum, containing 80,000 printed vols., besides many manuscripts, and a sculpture gallery, which ranks next after those of Rome, Florence, and Naples. That which perhaps has contributed more than anything else to the fame of Mantua, is the circumstance that Virgil was born in the vicinity of this town, whence he has been called the " Mantuan bard.” Lat. 45° 9' N., Lon. 10° 48' E. Pop. 28,000. (B.)

MANZANARES, mån-thån-d'-ris, à t. of Spain, in the prov. of La Mancha, about 100 m, S. of Madrid. Lat. 39° N., Lon. 3° 23' W. Pop. 9,100. (M.)

MaracayBO or Maracaibo, mår-8-kil-bo, a fortified city of Venezuela, cap. of the dep. of Zulia, on the W. shore of the strait connecting L. Maracaybo with the sea. Lat. 10° 39' N., Lon. 71° 40 W. Pop. about 20,000. (B.) MARACAYBO,

LAKE OF, is situated in the N. part of Venezuela, extending from about go to 10° 40' N. Lat., and from about 70° 50' to 72° 10° W. Lon. Length above 110 m. ; greatest breadth about 80 m. In its form it resembles a decanter. The strait by wliich it is connected with the Gulf of Maracaybo is scarcely 5 m. wide.

Mar'-A-NHAM or Maranhão, mar'-un-yål-o, (Port. pron. of both words, mår-ån-yål-on,) or San Luis, a sea port t. of Brazil, the cap. of a prov. of the same name, is situated on the W. coast of the Island of Maranham, with a good harbour. Lat. 2° 32' S., Lon. 44° 16' W. Pop. estiinated at 28,000. (B.)

The Island OF MARANHAM or Maranhão, situated at the mouth of a r. of the saine name, is about 30 m, in length, and 18 in breadth.

MARAVEE (Maravi), inå-rål-ve, a large lake in the interior of Africa, intersected by the 10th parallel of S. Lat., and the 34th meridian of E. Lon. It is supposed to be above 200 m. long, but little is known with certainty respecting it.


MARBELLA, mar-bell-yå, (Anc. Salduba,) a seaport t. of Spain, in Andalusia. Lat. 36° 31' N., Lon. 4° 53' W. Pop. 4,300. (B.)

MAR-BLE-HEAD, a port of entry of Mass., in Essex co., on a peninsula projecting into Massachusetis Bay. Lat. 42° 30' N., Lon. 70° 51 W. Pop. of the township, 5,575.

MARI-BURG (Ger. pron. mar/-bóÕRG), a t. of Hesse-Cassel, Germany, the cap. of the prov. of Upper Hesse, with a university, founded in 1527, containing a library of 100,000 vols, and attended by about 450 students. Lat. 50° 48' N., Lon. 8° 40' E. Pop. about 7,000. (B.)

ou, as in our ; th, as in thin; Th, as in this; N, nearly like ng. MARBURG, a t. of the Austrian empire, in Styria, on the Drave. Lat. 46° 35' N., Lon. 15° 43' E. Pop. 4,578. (M.).

MARCHE, La, lå-marsh, one of the provinces into which France was divided before the revolution, now chiefly included in the deps. of Creuse and Upper Vienne.

MAR-DEEN' (Mardin), a fortified t. of Asiatic Turkey, in Mesopotamia, built on a mountain of limestone. Lat. 37° 20' N., Lon. 40° 35' E. Pop. estimated at 20,000. (B.)

MAR-EN-GO, a village of N. Italy, in the Sardinian states, 31 m. E. S. E. of Alessandria, memorable for a great victory won by Napoleon over the Austrians, in 1800.

MARENGO, a co. in the W. part of Ala., bordering on the Tombig. bee. Pop. 17,264. Co. t. Linden.

MARGARITA, mar-ga-reel-tạ, an i. off the N. coast of S. America, belonging to Venezuela. Lat. about 11° N. Lon. 64° W. Length about 45 m. ; greatest breadth above 20 m.

MARGATE, mar-gét, a sea port, watering-place, and one of the prettiest towns of England, in Kent, on the Isle of Thanet, 65 m. E. by S. of London. Its fine baths are said to be frequented by 30,000 or 40,000 persons annually. Pop. of the parish, with an area of near 6 sq. m., 11,050.

Ma'-R]-EN-BERG' (Ger. pron. må-reel-en-berg', a t. in the kingdom of Saxony, 2,000 it. above the level of the sea, with mines of silver, iron, tin, and cobalt, and about 4,000 inhabitants. (P. C.) Lat. 50° 40' N., Lon. 13° 5' E.

MAY-RJ-EN-BURG (Ger. pron. må-reel-en-bõõrg'), a t. of W. Prussia, the cap. of a circle of the same name, is situated on the Nogath (nolgååt), an arm of the Vistula, 27 m. S. S. E. of Dantzic. It is chiefly celebrated as having been the seat of the grand-master of the Teutonic Order from 1309 to 1466. The remains of the palace of the Order are represented as extremely grand. Lat. 54° 1' N., Lon. 19° 2' E. Pop.

MA'-RI-EN-WER/-DÆR (Ger. pron. må-reel-en-Wërl-der), a well-built t. of Prussia, the cap. of a gov. of the same name, 2 or 3 m. from the right bank of Vistula, and 44 m. S. by E. of Dantzic. Pop. 5,520. (M.)

MẠRIENZELL, må-reel-en-tsell', or MARIAZELL, må-reel-8-tsell!, i.e. the cell or shrine of Saint] Mary," a small t. of Styria, with a church and famous statue of the Virgin. It has been called the Loretto of Austria, being the most celebrated place of pilgrimage in the empire. It is said to be annually visited by about 100,000 persons. Distant 56 m. S. W. from Vienna.

MARIGLIANO, må-reel-yål-no, a t. of Naples, 12 m. N. E. of the capital. Pop. estimated at 5,000. (M.)

MARINO, San. See San-Marino.
MAl-ng-on, a dist. in the E. of S. C., intersected by the Great Pedee,

on N.C. Pop. 13,932. Seat of justice, Marion c. h.

a co. in the W. S. W. part of Ga., between the Flint and Chattahoochee rivers. Pop. 4,812. Co. t. Tazewell.

5,600. (B.)

and bordering


Fite, får, fåll, fåt; me, mét; pine or pine, pin; no, nðt; oo, as in good;

MARION, a co. in the N. W. part of Ala., bordering on Miss. Pop . 5,847. Co. t. Pikeville.

Marion, a co. in the S. part of Miss., intersected by Pearl r., and bordering on La. Pop. 3,630. Co. seat, Columbia.

Marion, a co. in the N. part of Ark., intersected by the White I., and bordering on Mo. Pop. 1,325. Co. t. Yellville.

Marion, a co. in the S. S. E. part of Tenn., bordering on Ala. and I Ga. Pop. 6,070. Co. t. Jasper.

Marion, a co. nearly in the centre of Ky. Pop. 11,032. Co. l Le banon.

Marion, a co. in the N. W. central part of Ohio, on the Scioto. Pop. 14,765. Co. t. Marion.

Marion, a co. in the centre of Ind., intersected by the White r. Pop 16,080. Co. t. Indianapolis.

Marion, a co. in the S. central part of III., a little E. of the Kaskaskia r. Pop. 4,742. Co. t. Salem.

Marion, a co. in the N. E. part of Mo., bordering on the Mississippi. Pop. 9,623. Co. t. Palmyra.

Maritza, må-rit-sả, or Mar-18/-89 (Anc. He/brus), a r. of European Turkey, which has its source in the Balkan Mountains, and flowing first easterly, and then southerly, empties itself into a small bay of the Archipelago, called the Gulf of Enos. Its whole course is above 300 m.

MARU-B9-ROUGH, a dist. forming the N. E. extremity of S.C. Pop. 8,408. Seat of justice, Marlborough c. b.

MAR -Mỹ-RẠ* or MAR'-MA-RE, SEA OF (Anc. Propon'tis), is situated between Europe and Asia, communicating with the Grecian Archipela go by the strait of the Dardanelles, and with the Black Sea by the Bosphorus. Its extreme length is above 160 m.; its greatest breadth near 50 m. This sea receives its appellation from Marmora (Anc. Proconne'sus), a small island towards its western extremity, which has long been celebrated for its marble quarries, whence it is supposed to derive its name; marmor (in the plural marmòra) being the Latin word for “marble.”

Marne, a r. in the N. of France, which flows into the Seine, 2 m. or 3 m. above Paris.

Marne, a dep. in the N. of France, intersected by the r. Marne. Pop. 345,245. (B.) Capital, Châlons-sur-Marne.

MARNE, UPPER, (Fr. Haute Marne, öle marn,) a dep. in the N. E. part of France, intersected by the r. Marne, and bordering on the preceding dep. Pop. 255,969. (B.) Capital, Chaumont.

Magosch, mål-rosh, (Hung. Maros, mõr-osh,) a r. of the Austrian empire, which rises in the E. part of Transylvania, and flowing westerly, falls into the Theiss, opposite to Szegedin, in Hungary. Its length is above 300 m.

*“And you and I may chance ere morning rise

To find our way to MARMORA without boals."-BYRON

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