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Total pop:

ou, as in our; th, as in thin; th, as in this; n, nearly like ng. point of land forming the S. W. extremity of Portugal. Lat. 37° 3' N., Lon. go W.

VIRE, veer, a t. of France, in the dep. of Calvados, on a small r. of its own name, 35 m. S. W. of Caen. Lat. 48° 51' N., Lon. 0° 55' W. Pop. 7,200. (M.)

VIRGIN ISLANDS, a group of small islands, forming a part of the W. India Archipelago, between 18° and 18° 50' N. Lat., and 64° 10' and 65° 40' W. Lon.

VIRGINIA, ver-jin'-e-a, one of the U. S., between 36° 30' and 39° 40 N. Lat., and 75° and 83° 30' W. Lon. ; (this, however, does not include a nårrow strip of land forming the N. N. W. extremity of the state, and situated between Pa. and the Ohio r.): bounded on the N. by Pennsylvania and Maryland, N. E. and E. by Maryland and the Atlantic, S. by N. Carolina and Tennessee, and W. and N. W. by Kentucky and Ohio, from the latter of which it is separated by the Chio r.; and divided into 124 counties.* It is the largest state in the Union. Greatest length, from E. to W., 450 m.; greatest breadth, from N. to S., above 210 m.: including the strip of land before mentioned, it will amount to near 280 m. Area estimated at 70,000 sq. m. 1,239,797 ; of whom, 7411,968 are whites; 49,842 free coloured, and 448,987 slaves. Richmond is the seat of government.-Inhab. VirgiNIAN, ver-jin-e-an.

Vi8l-TU-LA (Ger. Weichsel, wikel-sel; Polish, Wisla, Wisl-la), a larger. of Europe, which rises in Austrian Silesia, near the frontier of Galicia, in about 49° 35' N. Lat., and 19° E. Lon., and flowing, at first northeasterly, then northerly, afterwards westerly, and again north-easterly, divides itself into several branches, discharging a part of its waters into the Frische Haff, and a part into the Gulf of Dantzic. Its entire length is estimated at about 500 m.: it is navigable, for large barges, to Cracow, above 300 m. It is connected, by canals, with the rivers Niemen and Elbe.

VITERBO, ve-têrl-bo, a well-built city of Central Italy, in the Papal

Accomack, Albemarle, Alleghany, Amelia, Amherst, Augusta, Barbour. Bath, Bedford, Berkeley, Botetourt, Braxton, Brooke, Brunswick, Buckingham, Cabell, Campbell, Caroline, Carroll. Charles City, Charlotte, Chesterfield, Clarke, Cul. pepper, Cumberland, Dinwiddie, Elizabeth City, Essex, Fairfax, Fauqnier, Fayette, Floyd, Fluvanna, Franklin, Frederick, Giles, Gloucester, Goochland, Grayson, Greenbrier, Greene, Greensville, Halifax, Hampshire, Hanover, Hardy, Harrison, Henrico, Henry, Isle of Wight, Jackson, James City, Jefferson, Kanawha, King George, King William, King and Queen, Lancaster. Lee, Lewis, Logan, Loudoun, Louisa, Lunenburg, Madison, Marion, Marshall, Mason, Mathews, Mecklenburg, Mercer, Middlesex, Monongalia, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, Nansemond, Nelson, New Keat, Nicholas, Norfolk, Northampton, Northumberland, Noutaway, Ohio, Orange, Page, Patrick, Pendleton, Pillsylvania, Pocahontas, Powhatian, Preston, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Prince George, Prince William, Pulaski, Randolph, Rappa hannock, Richmond, Ritchie, Roanoke, Rockbridge, Rocking. ham, Russell, Scott, Shenandoah, Smythe, Southampton, Spotsylvania, Stafford, Surry, Sussex, Tazewell, Tyler, Warren, Warwick, Washington, Wayne, West. moreland, Wood, Wythe, York.

Fate, får, fall, fåt; me, mit; p'ne or pine, pin; nd, ndt; öð as in good; i State, cap. of a prov. of the same name, 40 m. N. N.W. of Rome. Pop. 13,000. (B.)

Vitoria, ve-tol-se-å, sometimes written VITTORIA, a manufacturing and commercial t. of Spain, in Biscay, 30 m. S. S. E. of Bilbao. Pop 12,000. (B.)

VITRÉ, ve-trål, a t. of France, in the dep. of Ille and Vilaine, 23 m. E. of Rennes. Pop. 7,899. (M.)

VIZAGAPATAM, ve-za--ga-pa-tam', a small seaport t. of Hindostan, on the Coromandel coast. Lat. 17° 42 N., Lon. 83° 24' E.

VLAD-I-MEER' (Vladimir or Wladimir), a decayed city of European Russia, cap. of a gov. of the same name, 110 m. E. by N. of Moscow. Lat. 56° 10 N., Lon. 40° 20° E. Pop. estimated at 7,000. (M.) It is one of the oldest towns in Russia, and froin 1157 to 1328 was the residence of the grand-dukes and the cap. of Great Russia.

Voghera, vo-gal-rå, a t. of N. Italy, Sardinian States, cap. of a pror. of the same name. Lat. 44° 59' N., Lon. 9° 1' E. Pop. 11,000. (P.C.)

VOL-HYN-1-4 (Pol. Wolynsk, vo-leensk'), a gov. in the S. W. part of European Russia, bordering on the Austrian territories. Zhitomeer (Jitomir) is the capital.

Vo-LOGI-DẠ, a commercial t., cap. of an extensive gov. of the same name, in the N. part of European Russia. Lat. 59° 13' N., Lon. 40° 10 E. Pop. 14,000. (P. C.)

VORARLBERG, fore-arl/-bérg, a mountainous district of the Austrian States, bordering on Switzerland and Bavaria. It forms a part of the gov. of Tyrol.

VO-RO-NEZH (Voroneje, Voronetz, Woronetz, or Woronesch), a flourishing commercial t. of European Russia, cap. of a gov. of the same name, on the r. Voronezh, about 2 m. above its junction with the Don. Lat. 51° 40' N., Lon. 39° 22' E. The pop. has been variously stated; the official accounts of 1841 make it no less than 43,800. (P. C.)

Vosges, võzh, a dep. in the E. part of France, on the sources of the Moselle. Pop. 411,0:34. (B.) Capital, Epinal.

WAAL or WHAAL. See Rhine.

WI-BA8H, a r. of Ind., which rises in the E. N. E. part of the state: flowing at first westerly, and afterwards southerly, it falls into the Ohio, near 37° 50' N. Lat., and 88° W. Lon. In the latter part of its course, it separates Indiana from Illinois. The whole length is estimated at 500 m., for above 300 of which it is navigable.

Wabash, a co. towards the N. part of Ind., intersected by the Wa. bash r. Pop. 2,756. Co. t. Wabash.

Wabash, a co. in the S. E. part of III., on the Wabash r. Pop. 4,240, Co. t. Mount Carmel.

Wake, a co. near the centre of N. C., intersected by the Neuse r. Pop. 21,118. Co. t. Raleigh.

WAKE-FIELD, a well-built t. of England, in the W. Riding of Yorkshire, on the Calder, 9 m. S. of Leeds. It was formerly the seat of extensive woollen manufactures, and is now one of the principal coru

ou, as in our; th, as in thin; TH, as in this ; n, nearly like ng. markets in the kingdom. Pop. of the township, with an area of only 630 acres, 14,754.

WALCHEREN, Wåll-ker-çn, an i. of Holland, between the mouths of the E. and W. Scheldt, forming a part of the prov. of Zealand : it is intersected by the parallel of 51° 30' N. Lat., and the meridian of 30 30 E. Lon. Its form approaches a circle. Length about 12 m.; greatest breadth 10 m.

Wall-DECK (Ger. pron. Wål?-dék), a principality in the N. of Germany, consisting of two separate parts, Waldeck Proper, and the county of Pyrmont (pěérl-mont).' The former is situated between 51° 2' and 51° 31' N. Lat., and 8° 31' and go 13' E. Lon. Area above 420 sq. m. The county of Pyrmont, with an area only about 1-20th part as great as that of Waldeck Proper, lies between 30 and 40 m. farther N., being intersected by the 520 parallel of N. Lat., and the meridian of 9° 15' E. Lon. Total area 462 sq. m. Pop. 57,000. (P. C.) Corbach is the capital.

WÁV-do, a co. in the S. part of Me., on Belfast and Penobscot Bays. Pop. 41,509. Co. t. Belfast.

WÁV-DO-BOʻ-ROUGH, a port of entry of Me., situated on Muscongus Bay, in the E. part of Lincoln co. Pop. 3,661.

WALES (see CORNWALL-note), a principality of Great Britain, occupying the W. S. W. portion of the island, between 51° 22' and 53° 26' N. Lat., and 2° 51' and 5° 20' W. Lon.; bounded on the W. and N. by the sea, E. by England, and S. by the r. Severn and Bristol Channel. Length, from N. to S., about 135 m.; greatest breadth, from E. 10 W.,

about 95 m. Area 7,425 sq. m. Pop. 911,603. (See GREAT BRITAIN.) ? -Adj. WEL8H: inhab. WELSH'-MẠN.

WALK-ER, a co. forming the N. W. extremity of Ga. Pop. 6,572. Co. t. Lafayette.

WALKER, a co. towards the N. W. part of Ala., intersected by the Black Warrior r. Pop. 4.032. Co. t. Jasper.

WALLACHIA, wol-lal-ke-a, (Turk. If'-laki,) a principality in the S. E. part of Europe, nominally forming a portion of European Turkey, but in reality under the protection of Russia, extending from 43° 40' to 44° 40 N. Lat., and 22° 30' to 28° E. Lon.; bounded on the N. by Transylvania and Moldavia, E., S., and S. W. by the Turkish territories, from which it is separated by the Danube, and W. and N. W. by Hungary. Length about 280 m. ; greatest breadth, 125 m. Area estimated at 28,000 sq. m. Pop. estimated by Balbi, in 1826, at 970,000. The government of Wallachia, like that of Moldavia, may be styled a limited monarchy. The prince is elected for life by the aristocracy and clergy; it is, however, necessary that his electior. should be approved by Russia. The physical and moral condition of both the Wallachians and Moldavians is miserable and degraded, though it is said to have considerably improved since they were released from the Turkish yoke.—Adj. and inhab. W AL-LAI-CBI-AN, and Whu/-Lacy.

WAL8/-ALL, a thriving t. of England, in Staffordshire, 7 m. N.W. of
Birmingham. Pop. 7,395.
WALT-HẠM ABBEY, a small t. of England, 12 m. N. N. E. of London.

Fåte, får, fall, fåt; mė, mėt; pine or pine, pin; no, n't; öö, as in goed;

WALTHAM, woll-thum, a small t. of Mass., in Middlesex co., 10 m, in a straight line, W. by N. of Boston. Pop. 2,504.

WA1-Ton, a co. in the N. central part of Ga., a liule S. E. of the Chattahoochee. Pop. 10,209. Co. t. Monroe.

Walton, a co. in the W. part of Florida, bordering on Ala. Pop. 1,401.

WAU-Worth, a co. in the S. E. part of Wisconsin, bordering on Ill. Pop. 2,611.

W Ands'-WORTH, a large village of England, in Surrey, 5 m. S. W. of London. Pop. of the parish, with an area of near 3 sq. m., 7,614.


WARE, a co. in the S. E. part of Ga., bordering on Florida. Pop. 2,323. Co. t. Waresboro.

WÅR/-REN, a co. in the E. part of N. Y., bordering on L. George. Pop. 13,422. Co. t. Caldwell."

WARREN, a co. in the N. W. part of N. J., bordering on the Delaware. Pop. 20,366. Co. t. Belvidere.

WARREN, a co. in the N. W. part of Pa., bordering on N. Y., an] intersected by the Alleghany r. Pop. 9,278. Co. t. Warren.

WARREN, à co. towards the N. E. part of Va., intersected by the Shenandoah. Pop. 5,627. Co. t. Front Royal.

WARREN, a co. in the N. part of N. C., intersected by the Roanoke. Pop. 12,919. Co. t. Warrenton.

WARREN, a co. towards the N. E. part of Ga., intersected by the Georgia Railroad. Pop. 9,789. Co. t. Warrenton.

WARREN, a co. in the W. part of Miss., bordering on the Mississippi and Black Warrior rivers. Pop. 15,820. Co. seat, Vicksburg.

WARREN, a co. in Tenn., near the middle of the state, and S. E. of Nashville, Pop. 10,803. Co. t. McMinnville.

WARREN, a co. in the S. W. central part of Ky., on the S. side of Green r.

Pop. 15,446. Co. t. Bowling Green. Warren, a co. in the S. W. part of Ohio, intersected by the little Miami r. Pop. 23,141. Co. t. Lebanon.

WARREN, a co. in the W. part of Ind., between the Wabash, on the E., and Mlinois, on the W. Pop. 5,656. Co. t. Williamsport.

WARREN, a co. in the W. part of III., a little E. of the Mississippi r. Pop. 6,739. Co. t. Monmouth.

WARREN, a co. in the E. part of Mo., on the N. side of the Missouri r. Pop. 4,253. Co. t. Warrenton.

WAR!-gaw (Polish, Warszawa, War-shål-vå; Lat. Warso'via); the cap. of Poland, is situated on the left bank of the Vistula, nearly in the centre of the kingdom. The old town was irregularly built, with nar. row streets; but since Warsaw has come into the possession of the Russians, a large portion of it has been rebuilt, and it is now said to be one of the handsomest cities in Europe. Everything appears to be done by the Russian governinent to change its character as a Polish town. 'The University was abolished in 1834, and its library of 150,000 vols. transferred to St. Petersburg. The Academy of Sciences has

ou, as in our; th, as in thin; th, as in this; N, nearly like ng. likewise been dissolved. Lat. 5-2° 14' N., Lon. 21° 3' E. Present pop probably near 150,000. (P. C.)

WARWICK, worl-rik, a t. of England, cap. of Warwickshire, on the Avon, 82 m. N. W. of London. Its magnificent castle, the residence of the Earl of Warwick, is a most interesting monument of ancient feudal times. Pop., including an area of about 8 sq. m., 9,775.

WARWICK, a co. in the S. E. part of Va., on the N. side of James r. Pop. 1,456. Seat of justice, Warwick c. h.

Warwick, a co. in the S. W. part of Ind., on the N. side of the Ohio r. Pop. 6,321. Co. t. Boonville.

WARWICKSHIRE, wor'-rik-shịr, a co. in the S. W. central part of England, N. W. of London. Pop. 401,715.

WÁsu'-ING-Ton, the cap. of the United States, is situated in the centre of the District of Columbia, on the N. E. or left bank of the Potomaac, which is here crossed by a wonden bridge, nearly a mile in length. The plan of the city combines regularity with variety, but a very small portion only of the original outline has been filled up with buildings, so that the town presents the appearance of a number of isolated villages. The Capitol, containing the Representatives' Hall, the Senate Chamber, and other apartments, is a magnificent building, of freestone, painted white, 352 ft. in length. The Rotunda (so named from its form), constructed entirely of marble, and adorned with historical paintings and pieces of sculpture, is 96 ft. in diameter, and 96 ft. in height, to the top of the dome. The President's House, a handsome structure of freestone, has a front 170 ft. in length and i wo stories higli, with an Ionic portico. The Navy Yard is on an affluent of the Potomac, called the East Branch, about a mile and a quarter S. E. of the Capitol. Pop. 23,364. Lat. of the Capitol, 38° 53' 23" N., Lon. 77° 1' 24" W.

WASHINGTON, a co forming the S. E. extremity of Maine. Pop. 28,309. Co. i. Machias.

WASHINGTON, a co. in the N. central part of VĆ Pop. 23,506. Co. t. Montpelier.

WABUington, a co. forming the S. W. extremity of R. I. Pop. 14,324. Co. t. South Kingston.

Washington, a co. in the E. part of N. Y., bordering on Vt. 41,080. Co. towns, Salem and Sandy Hill.

WASHINGTON, a co. in the W. S. W. part of Pa., bordering on Va. Pop. 41,279. Co. t. Washington.

WASHINGTON, a co. in the N. part of Md., bordering on the Potomac and Pa. Pop. 28,850. Co..t. Hagerstown.

WASHINGTON, a co. in the S. W. part of Va., bordering on Tenn. Pop. 13,001. Co. t. Abingdon.

WASHINGTON, a co. in the E. part of N. C., on the S. side of Albemarle Sound. Pop. 4,525. Co. i. Plymouth.

WASHINGTON, a co. in the E. central part of Ga., on the E. side of the Oconee r. Pop. 10,565. Co. t. Sandersville.

WASHINGTON, a co. in the W. part of Florida, on the W. side of the Appalachicola r. Pop. 859. Co. t. Holmes's Valley.


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