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MIL's 1. Bangor and Orodu Maine.

10 2 Eastern Mass., N.H., Me., Boston and Portland.

104 3. Boston and Maine

.do... Wilmington and North Berwick 58 4. Boston, Lowell, and Concord, Mass., N. H... Boston and Concord....

75 5. Bos., & Wo ster, & Western... Mass., N. Y... Lusion and Albany....

200 6. Boston and Providence, and Providence and Stonington Mass., R. J., Ct. Boston and Stonington

911 7. Long Island, ....

N. Y
.... Brooklyn and Greenport

97} 8. Frichburg... Mass. Boston and Fitchburg.

48 9. Taunton and New Bedford..

do... Mansfield and New Bedford.. 33 10. Norwich and Worcester.

Ct., Mass. Allyn's Point and Worcester.. 63 11. Hartford, New Haven, &c...

do.... New Haven and Springfield. 12. Housatonic

do. Bridgeport and West Springfield 96 13. New York and blarlem...

N. Y. New York and White Plains... 14. Hudson and Berkshire. ..N. Y., Mass... Hudson and West Stockbridge.

33 15. Mohawk and Hudson.

N. Y. Albany and Schenectady 16. Schenectady and Utica.

do.. Schenectady and Ulica 17. Uuca and Syracuse.. do.. Ulica and Syracuse....

53 18. Syracuse & Auburn, & Au. burn and Rochester..

Syracuse and Rochester.

104 19. Tonawanda and Buffalo. do.... Rochester and Buffalo

80 20. Schenectady and Troy.. do... Schenectady and Troy

20 21. Rensselaer and Saratoga.

do.... Troy and Ballston ..... 22. Saratoga and Schenectady..

do... Saratoga and Schenectady. 23. Ithaca and Owego.

do... Ithaca and Owego.... 24. Corning and Blossburg.

.N. Y., Pa.... Corning and Blossburg 25. Buffalo and Niagara Falls.. N. Y. Buffalo and Niagara Falls. 26. Lockport and Niagara Falls.

do.... Lockport and Niagara Falls... 27. New York and Erie.....

Pierinont and South Middleton. 52 2. N. J. & Philada. & Trenton. N.J., Pa.. Jersey City and Philadelphia... 20. Morris and Essex ....

Newark and Morristown :30. Elizabethtown & Somerville ..... do....... Elizabethport and Somerville.. 26 31. Camden and Amboy......

Camden and Amboy...

61 32. Philadelphia and Reading .. Pa. Philadelphia and Pottsville 98 33. Philadelphia and Baltimore. . Pa., Del., Md. . Philadelphia and Baltimore. 97 34. Philadelphia and Columbia. ... Pa.

Philadelphia and Columbia 81 35. Lancaster and Harrisburg . do.. Lancaster and Harrisburg

36 36. Cuinberland Valley. ..Pa., Md.. Harrisburg and Hagerstown

72 37. Central.....


Polisville and Danville.... 38. Williamsport and Elmira... .Pa, N. Y.... Williamısport and Ralston... 25 39. Newcastle and Frenchtown. Del.. Newcastle and Frenchtown. 40. Baltimore and Susquehanna .Md., Pa... Baltimore and Columbia... 72 41. Baltiinore and Ohio...

.Md., Va.. Baltimore and Cumberland 179 42 Baltimore and Washington. Md., D. C.... Baltimore and Washington. 40 43. Annapolis ..

... Ma..

Annapolis and Washington RR. 20 44. Harper's Ferry

Harper's Ferry and Winchester 32 45. Richinond and Potomac

.... do.... Acquia Creek and Richmond... 76 46. Richmond and Petersburg Richmond and Petersburg. 22 47. Petersburg and Roanoke. .Va., N. C.... Petersburg and Welden... 48. Wilmington and Raleigh... N. C. Weldon and Wilinington

160 4). Louisa

Va. Gordonsville and Richmond RR. 50 50. City Point.. do. Petersburg to City Point

12 51. Portsmouth and Roanoke. Va., N. C. Portsinouth to Weldon..

80 52. Roanoke and Greensville do... Bellfield to Gaston...

18 53. Raleigh and Gaston. N. C. Gision to Raleigh..

87 54. South Carolina..... .S. C.... Charleston to Hamburg.

135 .15 Columbia... dio.. Branchville to Columbia.

68 51i, Central

Savannah to Mncon....

192 57. Geurgia.

Augusta to Marthasville.

166 5. Aihens do. Union Point to Athens

41 5.1. Wolne. do.. Macon to Jonesborough.

80 CO. Witry & Chattahoochee

Ala.. West Point to Montgomery 85 61. Tuscumbia and Decatur....

do. 62. Vicksburg Miss. Vicksburg to Jackson.

53 63. Grand Gull and Port Gibson)

Grand Gulf to Port Gibson.


.., N. J

.. Va.





PLAC CONNECTED. 64. West Feliciana

Miss., La.

iloil and Part Hudson 65. Clinton and Port Hudson.

La. Woodville and St. Francis valle. 66. Pontchartrain


V. Orleans & L Ponicbaltrain. 67. Carrollton.. Lasayette and Carrollton .. 68. Memphis and Lagrange

Tenn.. 69. Lexington and Ohio..

Ку. Frankfort and Lexington.. 70. Mad River..

.Ohio. Sandusky City anu Tiffin. 71. Saudusky City.

do... Sandusky City & Monroeville. 72. Lower Sandusky,

do. Sandusky C'y & Lower Sand'ky 73. Madison and Lafayette..

Iowa Madison and Columbus.. 74. Quincy and Danville.

.III. Springfield and Meredosia 75. Detroil and Pontiac.

Mich. Detroit and Pontiac ... 76. Central....

Detroit and Marshall 77. Erie and Kalamazoo.

Toledo and Adrian 78. Southern

do... Monroe and Hillsdale.. 79. Tallahassee.

Florida Tallahassce and St. Mark's 80. St. Joseph's..

do..... St. Joseph's and lola.... Railroads Nos. 5, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, are connected with one another, and form a continous road from Boston to Buffalo, 530 miles long.

Railroads Nos. 2, 6, 7, 28, 33, 42, 45, 46, 47, 48, form a line of road continuous from Portland, Me., to Wilmington, N. C., except 30 miles, from Stonington to Greenport, and 33 miles, from Washington city to Acquia Creek. The whole, however, forms a connected line of travel of 9211 miles, 8394 of which is by railroad, and E2 by steamboal.

... do...
.. do..

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A. Cumberland and Oxford. ... Mane... Portland and Sebago Pond..
B. Middlesex.
Mass.... Boston and Lowell

C. Blackstone
Mass., R. I. Providence and Worcester

D. Farmington, Hampden, &c Mass., Conn. New Haven and Northampton. 78
E. Del., Hudson, Lackawaxen . N. Y., Pa.. Hudson River and Honesdale
F. Erie

New York. Albany and Buffalo...
G. Champlaja L. Champlain and Hudson River. 64 H. Black River Rome and Black River.

76 I. Oswego Syracuse and Oswego..

38 J. Chenango

Binghamton and Ulica K. Genesee Valley.

Rochester and Olean...

107} L. Chemung. Elmira and Seneca Lake. M. Morris .....

New Jersey Easton, Pa., & Jersey City, N. J.. 101 N Delaware and Raritan

.do..... New Brunswick and Bordentown. 0. Delaware Pennsylva'a Bristol and Easton ....

60 P. Lehigh .do... Easton and White's Haven

66 Q. Schuylkill

Philadelphia and Port Carbon. 108 R, Union.. Reading and Middletown... S. Pennsylvania Columbia and Pittsburg.

319 T. Susquehanna Division. Juniata River and Northumberland U. West Branch.. Northumberland and Dunnstown V. North Branch...

Northumberland and Wilkesbarre. 76 W. Beaver Division Ohio River and Lake Erie.... X. Pennsylvania and Ohio Pa., Ohio.. Beaver River and Akron.. Y. Sandy and Beaver Bea ver and Bolivar..

73 2. Tide Water...

..Md., Pa... Havre de Grace and Columbia
AA. Chesapeake and Delaware . Del , Md... Delaware and Elk River..
BB. Chesapeake and Ohio... Maryland. Georgetown and Cumberland 186
CC. Dismal Swamp
.Va., N. C. Portsmouth and New Lebanon

DD. James River..
.. Virginia.. Richmond and Lynchburg.

150 EE. Santee....

8. Carolina Santee and Cooper River.. FF. Savannah and Alatainaha... Georgia .. Savannah and Ogeechee River... 18 GG. La fourche .....

Louisiana. INew Orleans and La Fourche R.. 85 HH. Miami.

Ohio.... Cincinnati and the Maumee River. 265 II. Ohio and Erie Portsmouth and Cleveland..... 306 JJ. Wabash and Erie..

. Ind., Ohio. Lafayette & mouth of the KK, White Water...

Indiana.. Ohio River and Cambridge city. 76 LL.Illinois and Chicago

Illinois .. Upois River and Lake Michigan.. The eastern and western divisions of this canal are connected by the Summit Railroad, 36 miles long, extending from Hollidaysburg to Johns' Town, as may be seen in the map


D. Detroit.

M. Milledgeville. Rh. Raleigh
Al. Albany.

dist. district.

Mur. Monpelier. Si. Springfield. An. Annapolis. F. Frankfort. Montg Montgomery. Susqa. Susquehanna. B. Boston. Flor. Florida. Ne. Nashville.

T. Tuscaloosa. br. branch H. Harrisburg. O, Ohio..

tp. township. Ca. Columbia. Hd. Hartford.

par. parish.

Tu. Trenton. cd. Concord. Is. Indianapolis. pl. post lownship. v. village. cr. creek

J. Jackson.

pv. post village. Wis. Wisconsin. Cs. Columbus. Jef. Jefferson. R. Richmond. Wn. Washington.

Dr See page 50, also ADVERTISEMENT to the THIRD EDITION of the GAZETTEER. The following list of states and territories will serve to show the order in which the same

name belonging to different places in the several states is repeated in this Appendix.

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Cemnecticut, New York New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Texas.

Thus the Washingtons of Maine will be first given; then those of New Hampshire, ther. those of Vermont, &c. By this means, if the inquirer knows to what state the name he is in search of belongs, he will be able to find it far more readily, than he could have done if this arrangement had not been observed.

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AABONSBURG, pv. Centre co. Pa near Penn's, ADAMS' Basin, pv. Monroe co. N.Y. on Erie creek. [S. C. 97 w of Ca. canal.

(of Harrisburg. ABBEVILLE C. H. pv. cap. of Abbeville dist. ADAMSBURG, pv. Westmoreland co. Pa. 183 w Abbeville, pv. cap. of Henry co. Ala, on Yuto | ADAM'S MILLs, pv. Muskingum co. O. on Ohio ABBEYVILLE, pv. Medina co. O. (tayabba cr. canal.

(of Lancaster. AEBOT, pl. Piscataquis co. Me. 70 n of A. ADAMSTOWN, pv. Lancaster co. Pa. 23 NXB ABBOTTSTOWN, pv. Adams co. Pa. 18 s York. ADAMSVILLE, Pv. Marlborough dist. S. C. 114 ABERDEEX, pv. Monroe co. Miss. on Tombig ENE of Columbia.

[of Ne. bee river.

Adamsville, pv. M'Nairy co. Tenn. 139 sw Aberdeen, pv. Brown co. O. on Ohio r. Adamsville, pv. Cass co. Mich. on Christiana ABIXGDOX, pv. Harford co. Md. 22 e of Bal. river. timore.

ADDISON, pt. Washington co. Me. 1:38 E of A. Abingdon, pv. cap. of Wn. co. Va. 300 sw R. Addison, pt. Addison co. Vt. on I.. Champlain. ABINGTON, pt. Plymouth co. Mass. 20 sse B. Addison, pt. Steuben co. N.Y. 18 s of Bath. Ahington, pv. Windham co. Conn. 39 E of HD. Addison, pl. Somerset co. Pa. on the Youghi. Abington, pt. Montg. co. Pa. 10 n of Phila. ogheny river. Abington, pt. Wayne co. Ind. 70 E of Is. Addison, pt. Gallia co. O. on Ohio r. ABINGTON CENTRE, pv. Luzerne co. Pa. 150 Addison, ip. Oakland co. Mich. NE of Harrisburg

(the Hudson. ADELPHIA, pv. Ross co. O. 67 sw of Cs. ABBAM's cr. Columbia co. N. Y. flows into ADRIAN, pv. cap. of Lenawee co. Mich. on ABSE'CUM, pv. Atlantic co. N. J. 95 s Tn. [R. Raisin river, 67 sw of Detroit. ACCOMAC, pv. cap. of Accomac co. Va, 193 E AGAMENTICUS, mt. York co. Me. ACQUACKANONCK, pl. Passaic co. N. J. 80_NE AGAWAM, pv. Hampden co. Mass, on Conn, r. ACRA, pv. Greeneco. N. Y.47 ssw Al. (of Tn. AGUADILLA, ah'g wisdeel'yă, a sea-port near ACTOX, pt. York co. Me. 91 sw of A.

the sw extremity of Porto Rico. Acton, tp. Windham co. Vt. 90 s of Mtr. AGUAS CALIENTES, ah'gwas cal-e-en'tes, (liteActon, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 22 ww of B. rally. “ warm waters"), a handsome i. of ACWORTII, pt. Sullivan co. N. H. 46 w of Cd. Mexico, in the state of Zacatecas, on the ADI. pr. Kent co. Mich. on Grand r.

Rio Grande de Santiago), about 270 m. NW ADAIRSVILLE, pv. Logan co. Ky.

of the city ot Mexico. It is remarkable for ADAM, pt. Berkshire co. Mass. 130 WNW B. its manufactures, its active comineret, and Adams, pt. Jefferson co. N.Y. 162 xw of Al. for the warm springs in its vicinity, whence Adams. 17. Champaign co. O. [river. it derives its name. Pop. 20,000. Atans, 11. Cushocton co. O. on Tuscarawas AGUAYO, ah- gwio, a small t. of Mexico, 150 Ad:111:, tp. Guernsey co. 0.5 w of Cambridge. m. sE of Monterry, important as being (ou Adım., tp. Monroe co. 0. ou Sunfish cr. Ir. having been?) the capital of Tamaulipas, A lauls, Ip Maskiugim co. (). on Muskingum, (B) Pop. abou: 6.000. Adams, pl. Seneca ca. 0. on Green er.

Ard, ip. Lawrence c. (). Adams, ip. Washington co. O. on Muskingumr AJKEN, pv. Barnwell dist. S. C. 77 w of Ca. Adams, pt. Hillsdale cu). Mich. 91 sw or D. AIR, Ip. Bedford co. Pa. Adams, pt. Decatur co. Ind. 54 SE of Is. AIRY GŁOve, pv. Lenoir co. N. C. 98 w of Rh

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AKRON, pv. Erie co. N.Y. 268 w of Al.

Alleghany, tp. Huntingdon co. Pa. Akron, pv. cap. Summit co. O. at the junction Alleghany, tp. Potter co, Pa.

of the Ohio and Erie, and Ohio and Penn- Alleghany, ip. Somerset co. Pa. sylvania canals.

[wanda cr. Alleghany, ip. Venango co. Pa. (leghans! ALABAMA, pl. Genesee co. N. Y. on Tona- ' Alleghany. tp. Westmoreland co. Pa on !! Alabama, v. Houston co. Texas, on Trinityr. Alleghany, ip. Cambria co. Pa.

(of R1 ALAIEDON, pt. Ingham co. Mich. 92 w of D.

ALLEMANCE, py, Guilford co. N. C. 69 wyr ALAMO, pt. Kalamazoo co. Mieh.

ALLEN, Pt. Cumberland co. Pa. 18 wsw or II. ALAMO, ah'ld-mo, the name of several small Allen, ip. Northampton co. Pa. towns in different parts of Mexico and South Allen, tp. Hillsdale co. Mich.

[o C America. Alamo in Spanish signifies a ALLENSTOWN, pi. Merrimack co. N. H. 10 “poplar-tree (populus). The name is said ALLENTOWY, pv. Moumouth co N. J. 12 2 TH to have been given to at least some of these Allentown, boro' (called also Northamptal, towns on account of the rows of alamos cap. Lehigh co. Pa. 87 EXE of Harrisburg with which they are adorned.

Allentown, pv. Wilcox co. Ala 110 s of T. ALAMOS, ah'lă-moce, a l. of Mexico, in Sono- Allisox, ip: Clinton co. Pa.

ra, about 150 m. Ese of Guaymas. Here is ALLOWAY, pv. Wayne co. N.Y. 183 WNWA!

a rich silver mine. Pop. said to be 6,000. ALLOWAY's cr. N. J. flows into the Delawi'! ALAPAHA, al-ap'á-haw, r. Ga. flows into the river, 6% of Salem. Suwanee river.

ALLOWAYSTOW, pv. Salem co. N, J. 60 *** ALAQUA, al'ă.quaw', r. Flor. flows into Choc. ALMOND, pt. Alleghany co. N.Y.on Canister tawhatchee Bay.

ALNA, pt. Lincoln co. Me. 20 s of A. Alaqua, v. Walton co. Flor. on Alaqua r. ALPs, pv. Rensselaer co. N.Y. 24 E of Al. ALBA, Bradford co. Pa. 143 x of H. ALSACE, tp. Berks co. Pa, on Schuylkill r. ALBAN's, St. pt. Somerset co. Me. [of Mtr. ALSTEAD, pt. Cheshire co. N. H. 66 w of Ce Alban's, St. pv. cap. of Franklin co, Vi. 63 NW ALTAMIRA, al-ta-mee'ră, a decayed town of Alban's, St. pv. Hancock co. III. 100 xw of Sd. Mexico, in the s part of Tamaulipas, nes ALBANY, pt. Oxford co. Me. 18 nw of Paris. Tampico.

(pisicgee Albany, tp. Carroll co. N. H. 6 N of Cd. Altox, pt. Belknap co. N. H. on L. Wings Albany, ip. Berks co. Pa, on Maiden cr. Alton, pv. Wayne co. N.Y. 200 wxw of Al Albany, ip. Bradford co. Pa. on Towanda er. | Alton, Il. See GAZETTEER. Albany, pv. Baker co. Ga. on Flint r. ALVARADO, al-var-rah'do, a sea.port on the Albany, pv. Henry co. Tenn. 108 w of Ne. NE coast of Mexico,.40 SE of Vera Cruz Albany, pv.cap. of Clinton co. Ky. 126 s of F. AMAGANSETT, pv. Suffolk co. N.Y. near the Albany, pv. Whitesides co. III. on Miss. J. AMANDA, tp. Hancock co. O. (end of Long ! ALBION, pt. Kennebec co. Me. 26 NE of A. Amanda, pi. Fairfield co. O. on Clear er. Albion, pv. cap. of Orleans co. N. Y. on the Amanda, ip. Allen co. O. on Auglaizer. Erie canal.

AMBER, pv. Onondaga co. N.Y. near Otisco L. Albion, ip. Oswego co. N.Y. on Salmon r. AMBOY, pt. Oswego co. N.Y. 24 K of Oswego. Albion, pv. Fairfield dist. S. C. 34 N of Ca. Amboy, tp. Lucas co. O. Albion, pt. Calhoun co. Mich. on Kalamazoor. AMELIA, pv. cap. of Amelia co. Va. 46 sw Albion, pv. Edwards co. II.

AMELIA ISLAND, Flor. E of Nassau co. 15 15 ALBUQUERQUE, al-boo-ker'kay, a t. of New long and 4 wide. [of Poughkeepsie

Mexico, on the E side of the Rio Grande: AMENIA, pt. and v. Dutchess co N.Y.981 Pop. 6,000.

(L. Champlain. AMENIAVILLE, v. Dutchess co. N.Y. 25 ENI ALBURG, aul'burg, pt. Grand Isle co. Vt. on of Poughkeepsie. ALBURG SPRINGS, pv. Grand Isle co. Vt. AMERICA, py. Wabash co. Ind. S1 x of Is. ALDER, pt. Erie co. N.Y. 22 E of Buffalo. AMERICUS, pv. cap. of Sumter co. Ga. 101 s** ALEPPO, tp. Greene co. Pa.

of Milledgeville. ALEXANDER, pt. Wn. co. Me. 25 x of Machias. AMES, pv. Montgomery co. N.Y.56 xw of Alexander, pt. Genesee co. N.Y.8 sw Batavia. AMESBURY, pt. Essex co. Mass. 44 XE of B. Alexander, pt. Athens cv. O. (ami canal. AMESVILLE, Pv. Athens co. 0. 84 68 of Cs ALEXANDERSVILLE, pv. Monig. co. O. on Mi- AMHERST, pt. Hancock co. Me. [30 8 of ca ALEXANDRIA, pt. Grafton co. N. H. 34 nw Ca. Amherst, pv. cap. of Hillsborough co. N.HU Alexandria, pt. N.Y. on St. Lawrence Amherst, pt. Hampshire co. Mass. 82 w of B. river.

[Flemington. Amherst, ip. Erie co. N.Y. 10 ne of Botialı Alexandria, lp. Hunterdon co. N. J. 12 NE of Amherst, pv. cap. of Amherst co. Va. 15E** Alexandria, borough, Huntingdon co. Pa. Amherst, pt. Lorain co. O. (of Lyochbare Alexandria, pv.cap. Rapides par. La on Redr. AMHERSTBURG See GAZETTKER. Alexandria, pv. De Kalb co. Tenn. 50 E of Ne. Amite, am-eet', r. La flows into L. MaareAlexandria, pv. Camphell co. Ky. 85 N of F. AMITY, pv. Aroostook cv. Me 210 NE n A. ALEXANDRIANA, pv. Mecklenburg co. N. C. | Amity, ip. Alleghany co. N.Y. ou Genesce! 160 sw of Raleigh.

(Green r. Amily, pv. Orange e. N.Y. 122 s of AL. ALFORD, aul'ferd, pi. Berkshire co. Mass. on Amity, ip. Erie co, Pa. ALFORDSVILLE, pv. Robesoin co. N. C. 107 sw Amity, pv. Wn. co. Pa. 10 s of Wn the cap. ALFRED, pt. York co. Me. 24 York. (of Rh. Amity, ip. Berks on. Þa. Alfred, pi. Alleghany co. N.Y. 12 se Angelica. AmmoNOOsucr. See GAZETTEER. ALGANSEE, pl. Brunch co. Mich.

AMOSKEAG, am - e-keg', pv.aul Falls, Hills ALLEGAS, pv. cap. of Allegan co. Mich. on borough co. NJI on Merrimack river.

Kalamazoo river. ALLEGHANY, city of Alleghany co. Pa. on the Amsterdam, pv. Botetourt co. Va. 184 w of R.

AMSTERDAM, pv. Montg. to. N. y. on Mohawk right bank of the Alleghany, immediately Amsterdam, pv. O. opposite Pittsburg. Pop. 10,000. Alleghany, tp. Armstrong co. Pa.

AMWELL, Ip. Hunterdon co. N.J.
Amwell, ip. Washington co. Pa.

TAHUAC (an-8-wack') Mis. a mountain chain | Aransas Bay (otherwise called Aransazua, sot the upper portion of the Rio del Norte, and Aransiso Bay), on the coast of Texas, ind running nearly parallel to it. It may be is immediately Not Corpus Christi Bay. regarded as a branch of the Rocky Mis. Arunsas r. flows into the ave. ra huac, v. Liberty co. Texas, on the E side AR-AP'A-HOE INDIANS, a tribe dwelling beof Galveston Bay.

(1) broad. tween the s l'ork of the Plaite r. and the SAST ASIA is. Flor. on the e coast, 18 long, head waters of the Arkansas. SCRAM, pl. Columbia co. N.Y. 45 sse of Al. ARCADIA, tp. Wyne en. N.Y.5 w of Lyons.

DERSOs, pv. cap. of derson dist. S. C. ARCHER, pt. Harrison co.0. on Stillwaler r. aderson, tp. Hamilton co. O. on the 0. r. ARCOLA, pv. Loake ci. 0, nderson, tp. Rusb co. Ind. (39 NE of Is. ARGENTINE, pt. Genesee co. Mich. NDERSOXTOWN, pv. cap. of Madison co. Ind. ARGYLE, Ip. Penobscot co. Me. XDERSONVILLE, pv. Pickens disl. S. C. Argyle, pt. W11. co. N.Y. 36 x of Al. XDERSONVILLE, pv. Franklinco. Ind. 53 se Is. | Argyle, pi. Cumberland co. N. C. 74 ssw Rh. XDES, pt. Delaware co. N.Y. 87 sw of Al. ARIETTA, tp. Hainilton co. N. Y. on Sacanx' DOVER, pt. Oxford co. Me. 60 WSW of A. daga r. ndover, pi. Merrimack co. N. H. 22 Nw Cd. AR-ISPE, a t. of Mexico, in Sonora. Lat. 300 ndover, pt. Windsor co. Vt. 20 sw of Wind 40, Lon. 109 w. Pop. 3,000. indover, pt. Essex co. Mass. 21 N of B. (sor. ARKANSAS Post, pv. and cap. ot Ark, andover, pv. Tolland co. Conn. 19 E of Hd. on Arkansas r. andover, pt. Alleghany co. N.Y. 158E Angeli- ARKPORT, pv. Steubenco. N.Y. on Canisteo r. Indover, pv. Sussex co. N.J. 61 x Tn. (ca. | ARKWRIGHT, pl. Chautauque cn. N.Y. Tudover, ip. Ashtabula co. 0.

ARLINGTON, pt. Bennigion co. Vt. on Greenr. indo ver, pv. Calhoun co. Mich. 140 w of D. ARMADA, pt. Macomb co. Mich. Andover, pv. Henry co. III. 130 xbyw Sd. (rus. Armagu, pv. Indiana co. Pa 60 E of Pittsburg. ANDREWs, pv. Richland co. 0. 228. E. Bucy- Armagh, tp. Mitilin co. Pa. ANDREW's, St. bay on the s coast of Flor. ARMSTRONG, Ip. Indiana co. Pa. ou Crooked er Andrew's, Si. sound, Ga. at mouth of Satillar. ARNEYTOWN, pv. Burlington co. N. J. 15 SK AXDB05COGGINr. See GAZETTEER. (gelica cr. of Trenton. ANGELICA, pv.cap. Alleghany co. NY. on An ARNOLDTOWN, pv. Campbell co. Va. 138 w R. ANGOLA, pv. and cap. of Steuben co. Ind. Arrow Rock, pv. Saline co. Mo, on Mo. r. ANN, Sr. a sea-port on the x side of Jamrica, ASBURY, pv. Warren co. N. J. 40 nxw of Spanish Town.

(ville. ASCUTNEY Mt. Windsor co. Vi. ANNAPOLIS, pv. (). 16 nw of Steubone Ash, ip. Monroe co. Mich.

[of B. Annapolis, a i. near the nw coast of Nova Sco ASHBURNHAM, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 53 nw

tia, on a little bay which extends from the ASUBY, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 47 xyw of B. Bay of Fundy opposite the mouth of the r. ASHFIELD, pt. Franklin co. Mass, on Westfield St. John.

[on the Huron r. river. ANN ARBOR, pv. cap. Washienaw co. Mich. ASHFORD, pt. Windham co. Conn. 32 E of Hd. ANNE, Sr. ar. of Canada E. runs into the St. Ashford, pi. Cattaraugus co. N.Y. Lawrence 50 m. above Quebec.

ASHLAND, pv. Richland co. 0. 79 nw of Cs. ANNOTTA BAY, a sea-port on the x side of Ja- ASHPORT, pv. Lauderdale co. Tenn. on Miss. r. Inaica, 23 x of Kingston.

AS! TABULA, V. Ashtabula co. O on AshtaANXsBURG, ip. Me on Narragnagusr.

(Conn. r. AxxSFILLE, Ip. Oneida co. N. Y. 25 NW Clica. ASHUELOT (ash'we-lot) r. N.H. flows into the Annsville, v. Dinwiddie co. Va, 57 sw of R. ASHVILLE C. II. pv. cap. of Buncombe co. Axsox, pt. Somerset co. Me. 44 NE of A.

N.C. on Fr. Broad r.

(noe er. ANTES, pt. Huntingdon co. Pa.

Ashville C. H. cap. of St. Clair co. Ala. on Ca. ANTHONY'S Nose, ihe name of several eleva- | ASPALAGA, v. Gadsden co. Flor. 35 w Tallaled peaks in N.Y.


(w of N. 0. ANTIET AM (an-tec'tum) er. Wn. co. Md. flows ASSUMPTION C.H. pv. Assumption par. La. 90 into the Potomac r.

ASTON, tp. Deluware co. Pa. ANTISTOWN, v. Huntingdon co. Pa. (of Cd. Astoria, pv. Queens co. N. Y. 6 NE N. York. ANTRIM, pt. Hillsborough co. N. H. 23 w bys Astoria, Oregon. See GAZETTEER. Antrim, ip. Franklico. Pa. on Coneco. | ASYLUM, pt. Bradford co. Pa, on Susqa. T. Antrim, tp. Crawford co. O. (cheague cr. ATCHAFALAYA. See GAZETTEER, Antriin, pv. Guernsey co. 0. 91 . of Cs. ATHENS, pl. Smerset co. Me. 50 n of A. Antrim, ip. Shiawassee co. Mich.

Athens, pi. Windham co. Vt. 110 s of Mtr. ANTWERP, pt. Oswegatchier. Athens, pt. Green co. NY. on the Hudson r. Antwerp, pt. Van Buren co. Mich.

Athens (called formerly Tioga Point), v. BradANVILLE, 1p. Lebanon co. Pa.

ford co. Pa, on the Susquehanna r. APOLLO, pv. Armstrong co. Pa. 193 w of H. Athens, Ga. See GAZETTEER, APPALACHICOLA. See GAZETTEER.

Athens, cap. of Limestone 0. Ala. 25 xw of APPLE T. III, tiows into the Mississippi.

Huntsville. APPLETOX, to. Waldo co. Me. (bia co. Ga. Athens, pv. Monroe co. Miss. 175 NW. of J. APPLING C.H.Or APPLINGTON, cap. of Colum- Athens, pv. cap. orizard co, Ark. on Whiter. APPOQUINIMINK T. See GAZETTEER.

Athens, pv.cap. M'Minn co Term. 150 se Ne AQCACKA XOCK. See ACQUACKA SONCK.

Athens, Ohio. See GAZETTEER, AQCEBOGUE, pv. Suffolk co. N.Y.

Athens, pit. Calhou co Mich. 120 w of D. AQUIN, ah-kang', (see litroduction XIX. 21 Athens, pv. Sangamou co. III. II X of Sd.

and 23) a sea-port on the s coast of Hayti, ATHOL, Pt. Worcester co. Mass. 70 WNW B. 75 w by s from Port-au-Prince.

Athol, pi. Warren co. N.Y. on the Hudson r. ARANDAS, a sen-port of Texas, in Refugio co. ATKINSON, pt. Piscataquis co. Me. 35 Nne of

on a peninsula called Live Oak Puini. Bangor.

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