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Atkinson, pt Rockinghainen. V. H. 33 sk Cd. AVERY&BOROUGH, pv. Cumberland co.N.C.
ATLAS, pv. Pike c. lii. diw bys Sd. on Cape Fear river.
Arsion, pv. Burlington co. N. J. 43 8 of Tn. AVERY'S GORE, tp. Addison co. VI. (or Mr.
ATTICA, pi. Wyoming co. N.Y. 200 w of Al.

Avery's Gore. pl. Franklin co. Vl. 57 x by * ATTICA CENTRE, pv. of the above township. Aviston, pi. Clinton co. II, 100 s or N. Attica, pt, Seneca co. 0.80 of Cs.

AVOCA, Py. Sieuben co. N.Yon Conhecima! ATTLEBOROUGH, pt. Bristol co. Mass, 12 x Pr. Ayon, pi. Franklin co. Me. 30 x V Of A Allleborough, pv. Bucks co. Pa. 20 ne Phila. Ayon, pi. Hartford co. Comp. 10 vrw of Hd ATWATER, pi. Pormge c. 0. 14+ se of Cs. Avou, pv. Livingston c). N.Y. ! E of Geie AUBURN, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 47 waw B. see r. noted for its sulphur springs. Auburn, N.Y. See GAZETTEER.

Ayon, pt. Lorain co. 0.17 w or Cleveland Auburn (Four Corners), pv. Susqa. co. Pa. Avon, pv. Kane co. III. 18 NNE or Si. Auburn, pv. Macon co. A la. 179 SE of Tusca. Avon, ip. Oaklaud c. Mich. Auburn, pl. Geauga co. O. 15 NE Cs. (loosa. Azalia, pv. Bartholomew ev. Ind. GO SSE Is. Auburn, pv. Oakland co. Mich. 27 nw ot' D. AZTALAN, pt. Wis. 30 E bss Madisoa Auburn, py. Sangamon co. III. 15 s by w Sd. Auburn, pv. Lincoln co. Mo.84 ENE Jef. City. BABYLOX, pv. Suffolk co. N. Y. near South AUGLAIZE r. 0. flows into the Maumeer. Badr. Mich. flows into Saginawr. Auglaize, tp. Allen co. O.

BAILEYSBURG, pv. Surry co. Va. 66 se Of R. Auglaize, tp. Paulding co. O.

BAILEYVILLE, pt. Wn. co. Me. 209 e af A. Augusta, pt. Oneida co. N.Y. 100 wyw of Al. BAINBRIDGE, pl. Chenango co N.Y. Augusta, pv. Sussex co. N. J. 75 n of Tn. Bainbridge, pv. Lancaster co. Pa. on Susqa.r. Augusta, pt. Northumberland co. Pa. 65 x H. Bainbridge, pv. cap. of Decatur co. Ga. en Augusta, Ga. See GAZETTEER.

Flint river. Augusta, cap. of Perry co. Miss. 173 se of J. Bainbridge, tp. Geauga co. O. on Chagrin er. Augusta, Ky. See GAZETTEER.

Bainbridge, pl. Ross co. 0. 18 sw Chilicothe Augusta, pt. Carroll co. O. 135 E of Cs. Bainbridge, ip. Berrien co. Mich. Augusta, tp. Washtenaw co. Mich.

Bainbridge, pv. Putnam co. Ind. 38 w of le. Augusta, pv. Marion co. Ind. 9 x of Is.

Bainbridge, py, Williamson co. II. 176 s by s Augusta, pv. Hancock co. III. 87 w by s Sd. of Springfield.

(Mississippi r. Augusta, pv. Des Moines co. Iowa, on Skunkr Bainbridge, v. Cape Girardeau co. Mo. on the AUGUSTINE, Sr. Flor. See GAZETTEER. BAIRDSTOwx. See BARDSTOWN. Augustine, St. v. Cech co. Md. 90 NE of An. Baiting HOLLOW, pv. Suffolk eo. N.Y. Augustine, St. pv. Fulton co. III. 85 NNW Sd. Baker's r. N. H. flows into Pemigewasset r. AURARIA, pv. Lumpkin co. Ga. in the gold re BAKER'S FALLS (or Rapids), on Hudson I gion.

Washington co. New York AURELIUS, pt. Cayuga co. N.Y.5 w Auburn. Bakersfield, pi. Franklin co. Vt. 50 xxw Mu. Aurelius, tp. Wn. co. 0. 40 se Cs.

BAKENSTOWN, pv. Alleghany co. Pa, 14 from Aurelius, tp. Ingham co. Mich.

Pittsburg AURORA, pt. Hancock co. Me. 116 e of A. BAKERSVILLE, pv. Yancey co. N. C. Aurora, pv. Cayuga co. N.Y. on Cayuga L. BALD EAGLE F. Pa. flows into the w br. of 16 sw of Auburn.

the Susquehanna r. Aurora, tp. Erie co. N.Y. 15 of Buffalo, Bald Eagle, tp. Clinton co. Pa. Aurora, pv. Callaway co. Ky.

BALD HEAD, the sw end of Smith's I. N.C. Aurora, pt. Portage co. 0. 25 SE of Cleveland. Bald HEAD CAPE, at the sw point of Wells Aurora, pv. Dearborn co. Ind. 87 SE of Is. Bay, Maine. Aurora, pv. Kane . III. on Foxr.

BALDWIN, tp. Cumberland co. Me. 40 sw of Aurora, py. Racine co. Wis. 110 se Madison. Portland. AU SABLE . N Y. Aows into L. Champlain. Baldwin, pv. Hinds co. Miss. on Big Black 1. Au Sable, tp. Clinton co. N.Y.

(Sable r. BALDWINSVILLE, py. Worcester co. Mass. 64 AU SABLE FORKS, pv. Essex co. N. Y. on Au w of Boston,

(neear. AUSTERLITZ, pt. Columbia co. N.Y. 30 ssw Baldwinsville, pv. Onondaga co. N.Y. on Se of Albany.

Baldwinsville, py. Scoli co. Mo. Austerlitz, pv. Kent co. Mich. 178 www of D. BALEY, tp. Benton co. Ark. AUSTINBURG, pt. Ashtabula co. 0. 200 NE Cs. BALLARDSVILLE, pv. Lagan co. Vs. AUSTIN, the cap. of Texas, and of Travis co. Ballardsville, pv. Oldham co. Ky. 30 xw F.

on the left bank of the Colorado, about 200 in. Ballston, pl. Saratoga co. N.Y. [x of Al from its mouth, and 230 NW of Galveston. BALLSTON CENTRE, pv. Saratoga co. N. Y. 25 The scenery around this city is highly pic- BALLSTON SPA. See GAZETTIER. (kyr. turesque, and the view from the president's BALLVILLE, ip. Sandusky cu. O. on Sandhus

house remarkably fine. Pop. about 1,200. BALTIMORE, tp. Winds or co. Vt. Austin, a co. in the se central part of Texas, Baltimore, hundred,

Sussex co. Del. (sw Cs intersected by the R. Brazos. The soil in Baltimore, pv. Fairfield co. O. on O. canal, 3 the ne and E portions is very ferrile ; 10- Baltimore, p. Warren co. Ind. on the Wa. wards the w and s it is sandy. Capital, San bash, 77 nw of Indianapolis. Felipe de Austin.

BANGOR, Me. See GAZETTEER. AUSTINTOWN, tp. Trumbulf co. O. 160 se Cs. Bangor, pt. Franklinco. N.Y. 6W of Malone Aux Caves, o-kay, or simply CAYES, a sea-port BAN NACKS (incorrectly written Booxacas), a

on the scoast of llayti, about w hy tribe of Indians in the se part of Oregoa. have been formerly 15,000,

But is said to

BANNISTER r. Halifax co. Va, joins Dan r.

it has de- | BAPTISTOWN, pv. Hunterdon co. N.J.33 XXX clined of late.

of Trenton. Ava, pv Winnebage co.lil.

BAR-A-CO'A, a sea-port on the x side of Cuba, AVERILL, tp. Essex co. VI. on the Canada line. near the E extremity of the island. It is

remarkable as the earliest Spanish settle- | Batesville, py. Bates co. Mo. (formeriy Har.

inent in the W. Indies. (Gr. Guyandot r. mony Missionary Station.) BARBOUBSVILLE, v. cap. of Cabell co. Va. on Batu, Me. See GAZETTEER. Barboursville, pv. Orange co. Va. 80 nw of R. Bath, pt. Grafton co. N. H. on the Conn.. Barboursville, pv. cap. of Knox co. Ky. on Bath, pv. cap. of Steuben co. N.Y. on ConCumberland F.

hocton river. It contains about 200 houses. BARDSTOwx, also written BAIRDSTOWN, cap. Bath, v. N.Y. on the Hudson, opposite Al.

of Nelson co. Ky. 40 sw of Frankfort. Here is a sulphur spring of some note. BARGAINTOWN, N. J. GAZETTEER. Bath, pv. Northampton co. Pa. 100 NE of H. BARING, pl. W11. co. Me. s of St. Croix r. Bath C.H. pv. cap. of Bath co. Va, with hot BABKPB, tp. Broome co. N.Y. 12 x Bingham mineral springs ton.

lof Hd. Bath, v. Richmond co. Ga. 15 sw of Augusta. BARKHAMSTEAD, Pt. Litchfield co. Con 24 nw Bath, pv. Beaufort co. N. C. 143 E by s of Rh. BARK RIVER, tp. Jefferson co. Wis.

Bath, tp. Allen co. O.
BARLOW, pt. Wn. co. 0. 10 w of Marietta. Bath, tp. Greene co. O. on Mad r.
BARXARD, Tp. Piscataquis co. Me.

Bath, tp. Sammit co. O. 130 SE of Cs. Barnard, pt. Windsor co. Vt. 40 * of Mtr. Bath, pv. Cass co. Ill. 48 w by n of Sd. BARNARDSVILLE, pv. Roane co. Tenn. 150 E BATHES, V. Jef. co. Ga. near Reedy cr. (La. by s of Nashville.

(Hudson. Baton Rouge, pv. cap. E. Baton Rouge par. BAR XE-GAT', pv. Dutchess co. N. Y. on the BATTARATCHEE r. Ala, and Miss. flows into Barnegat Bay, N. J. is on the scoast, in Mon the Tombigbee. mouth county,

BATTENVILLE, pv. Wn. co. N.Y. 38 N by E Al. Barnegat, pv. Monmouth co. N.J.56 SE of Tn. BATTLE cr. Mich. a br. of the Kalamazoo r. BARNESVILLE, pv. Belmont co. O. 100 x Cs. Battle Cr, pv. Calhoun co. Mich. 117 w of D. BABXSVIEW, v. Clarke co. Mo. 2 e of Wiacon- BATTLEBORO', pv. Edgecomb co. N. C. 66 da river.

E by n of Raleigh. BARXET, pt. Caledonia co. Vt. on the Conn. T. BAUGHMAX, ip. Wayne co. O.on Newman's cr BARXSTABLE, Mass. See GAZETTEER. BAUMSTOWN, pv. Berks co. Pa. 60 E by n of H. BARNSTEAD, pl. Belknap co. N. H. 18 Ne Cd. BAY, tp. Ottawa co. O. on Sandusky r. BARNSVILLE, pv. Pike co. Ga. 65 w of M. BAYOU. See GAZETTEER.

(par. La. BARXWELL, pv. cap. of Bariwell dist. S. C. Bayou Chicot, bi'yoo she'ko, pv. Calcasieu 100 s by w of Columbia.

BAYOU Gould, pv. Iberville par. La. BAR'RE, pt. Washington co. Vt. 7 s of Mir. BAZETTA, pt. 'Trumbull co. 0.5 E of Warren. Barr, pt. Worcester co, Muss. 65 w of B. BEALSVILLE, pv. Wn. co. Pa. 200 w of H. Barré, pt. Orleans co. N.Y. on the Erie canal. Bealsville, pv. Monroe co. O. 127 ESE of Cs. Barré, tp. Huntingdon co. Pa.

BEAR CR. tp. Columbia co. Pa. BARBK CENTRE, pv. Orleans co. N.Y. Bear cr. Alá. flows into Temessee r. BARRETSVILLE, pv. Lumpkin co. Ga, near Bear Cr. tp. Montgomery co. Mo. Etowah river.

(Portsmouth. BEAR r. California, a fresh-water stream flowBARRINGTON, pt. Stafford co. N. H. 20 xw of ing into Great Salt Lake.

(meer. Barrington, pt. Bristol co. R.I.

BEAN or TIFFIN's cr. 0. flows into MauBarringtou, pt. Yates co. N.Y.ou Crooked L. BEARDSTOWN, pv. Cass co. II. on Ill. r. 48 w BARRINGTON, GREAT, pt. Berkshire co. Mas. by n of Springfield. BARKOWDALE, pv. Fairfield dist. S. C. 26 x Ca. BEARFIELD, tp. Perry co. O. BARRY, pl. Schuylkill co. Pa.

BEATTYSTOWN, pv. Warren co. N. J. at the Barry, pv. Jackson co. Mich. 85 w of D. w foot of Schooley's Mountains. Barry, ip. Barry co. Mich,

BEAUCOUP, bo'coop', pv. Wn. co. III. 120 s Sd. BARRYTON, cap. of Wn. co. A la. 133 ssw of BEAUFORT, N. C. and S.C. See GAZETTEER. Tuscaloosa.

BEAUMONT, a v. of Texas, cap. of Jef. co. on BART, pl. Lancaster co. Pa. 55 E of H.

the Nechces, 250 E of Austin. Pop. 200. BARTHOLOMEW, tp. Jer. co. Ark.

BEAVER, BIG, r. Pa. flows into Ohio r. BARTLETT, ip. Jei. co. Pa.

BEAVER, cap. of Beaver co. Pa. on O. r. 30 beBartlett, pt. Coos co. N. H. on Saco r.

low Pittsburg.
BAB TON, pt. Orleans co. Vi. on Barton r. Beaver, tp. Beaver co. Pa.
Barton r. Vt. flows into L.. Memphremagog. Beaver, tp. Crawford co. Pa.
Barton, pt. Tioga co. N.Y. on the Susqa. r. Beaver, tp. Union co. Pa.
BASCOBEL, pv. Jackson co. Ga. 83 n by w of M. Beaver, tp. Venango co. Pa.
Basis HARBOR, pp. Addison co. Vt, on L. Beaver, ip. Columbiana co. O.

(x of Tn. Beaver, tp. Guernsey co. O. BASKINGRIDGE, pv. Somerset co. N. J.46 x hy Beaver, pt. Pike co. O. 73 s of Cs. BASTROP, a co. in the central part of Texas, Beaver, ip. Boone co. III.

(river. intersected by the Colorado, Soil in ge- BEAVER CR, tp. Greene co. O. on Little Miami neral extremely fertile. Indigo grows in BEAVER Dam, ip. Erie co. Pa. abundance without cultivation.

BEAVER ISLANDS, a group near n end L. Mich. Bastrop, the cap. of the above, stands on the BEAVER MEADOW, po. Carbon co. Pa. 100 NE

left bank of the Colorado, 85 m. ss of Aus or H. Anthracite of an excellent quality tin. Pop. about 100.

is found here.


BEAVERTOWN, pv. Union co. Pa. 83 x by w Batavia, pv.cap. Clermont co. O. 103 sw of Cs. BECCARIA, tp. Clearfield co. Pa. Batavia, tp. Geauga co. O.

BECKET, pt. Berkshire co. Mass. 118 w of B Batavia, pt. Branch co. Mich.

BEDDINGTON, ip. Wn. co. Me. BATESVILLE, cap. of Independence co. Ark. 90 BEDFORD, pr. Hillsborough co. N. H. on MerXNE Of Little Rock.

rimack river. Batesville, rv. Guernsey co. O. 111 z of Cs. Bedford, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 15 nw of B


Bedford, pv. semi-capital of Westchester co.! BELPRE, Pt. O. on the Ohio r.
N.Y. 45 NNE of New York.

BELVIDERE, bel-ve-deer, 11. lamille e le Bedford, ip. Bedford co. Pa.

45 N of Montpelier. De!. r. 37 xxw TE. Bedford, pv. cap. of Bedford co. Pa. 200 w of Belvidere, pv. cap. of Warren co. N. J. e

Philadelphia, noted for its medicinal springs. Belvidere, ip. Boune co. III. Bedford, pv. cap. of Trimble co. Ky. 40 sw of Belvidere, pv. Winnebago co. II. 220 x by ISI. Frankfort.

BENEDICT, pv. Charles co. Md. on Paluier. Bedford, ip. Coshocton co. O. 60 NE of Cs.

BENEDICTA, Ip. Arvostook co. Me. Bedford, pt. Cuyahuga co. O. 12 se of Cleve Bexgal, ip. Clinton co. Mich. land.

BENNETT'S Barou, ip. Benton en. Ark. Bedrord, ip. Meigs co. O. on Shade r. (zoo r. BENNETTSVILLE, pv. cap. of Marlboroagh disi. Bedford, pt. Calhoun co. Mich. on Kalama S.C. 107 XE of Columbia. Bedford, ip. Monroe co. Mich. (of Is. BENNINGTOX, pv. semi-cap. of Bemington Bedford, pv. cap. of Lawrence co. Ind. 70 sw V1.37 se of Albany. Ilere the British were BEDMINSTER, tp. Somerset co. N. J. 8 NW of defeated, Aug. 1777, by the Amerirzulis un Somerville.

der Gen. Starke. Pop. of the 'p: 3.42% Bedminster, tp. Bucks co. Pa.

Bennington, pt. Wyoming co. N.Y.on TenaBEEKMAN, pt. Dutchess co N.Y. 14 se Pough wanda creek. keepsie.

[Plattsburg: Bennington, pt. Delaware co. 0.40 NE of C: BEEK MANTOWX, pt. Clinton co. N.Y. 8 n of Bennington, ip. Shiawassee co. Mich on BEELERSVILLE, pv. Carroll co. Ark.; 5 m. s Looking-glass river. are the White Sulphur Springs.

BENSA'LEY, ip. Bucks co. Pa. near Bristol. BELAIR, pv. and cap. of Harford co. Md. 25 N Bexson, pl. Rutland co. Vi. on Lake Chaunof Baltimore.

plain. Belair, py. Lancaster dist. S. C. 90 x of Ca.

BENTLEYVILLE, pv. Wn. co. Pa. on Pigern er BELCHERTOWN, pt. Hampshire co. Mass. 80 BENTON, pt. Yales co. N.Y. IS0 W ORAL miles w of Boston.

Benton, pv. Luinpkin co. Ga. 121 xxw of BELFAST, Me. SEE GAZETTEER.

Benton, pv. cap. of Yazoo co. Miss. 50 I Belfast, pt. Alleghany co. N.Y.on Genesee r. Benton, pv. cap. of Saline co. Ark. 21 sx of Belfast, tp. Bediord co. Pa.

Little Rock.
BELFORD, pv. Nashville co. N. C.50 E of Rh.' Benton, ip. Hocking co. O.
BELGRADE, pt. Kennebec co. Me. 11 x of A. Benton, pv. Holmes co. 0. 2 xe of Cs.
Belgrade, v. Jasper co. Texas, on Sabine r. | Benton, ip. Linn co. Mo.
BELGRADE MILLS, pv. Kennebec co. Ne. 17 x Benton, tp. Macon co. Mo.
of Augusta

Benton, tp. Newton co, Mo.
BELL, 'p. Clearfield co. Pa. (Ga. railroad. Benton, ip. Polk co. Mo,
BELL Air, depot, Ga. 10 w of Augusta, on the Bentou, pv. cap. of Scott co. No. 220 SE et
BELLE r. Mich. flows into the Sticlair r. Jefferson City.
BELLE-FON-TAINE', pv. cap. of Logan co. O. Benton, tp. Taney co. No.
70 nw of Columbus.

Benton, tp. Wayne co. Mo. Bellefontaine, v. St. Louis co. Mo. on Mo. r. BENTON'S PORT, pv. Van Buren co. Jowa. BELLE-FONTE', pv. cap. of Centre co. Pa. on BENTONVILLE, pv. cap. of Polk co. Tean 1:0 Spring creek, 85 xw of Harrisburg.

SE of Nashville, [of Little Sugar cr. Bellefonte, pv. cap. of Jaokson co. Ala. near Bentonville, pv. cap. of Benton co. Ara :

Tennessee r. 168 NE of Tuscaloosa. (N Al. Berea, pv. Cuyahoga co. 0.12 sw Clevelau!. BELLE ISLE, pv. Onondaga co. N. Y. 137 w by BERGEN, (o hard) pt. Geuesee co. NY. 14 BELLE-MONTE', pv. Fayette co. Tenn. 190 sw NW of Batavia. of Nashville,

Bergell, pv. cap. Hudson co. A. 3. 36 g . BELLEVIEW, pv. Calhoun oo: Ill. 85 sw of BERKLEY, pt. Bristol co. Mass. 37. s of R. Springfield.

BERKLEY SPRINGs, near the village of Bath, Belleview, tp. Washington co. Mo,

Morgan co. Virginin BELLEVILLE, pv. Jer. co. N.Y. 170 NW of Al. BERKSHIRE, berk -shir, pi. Franklin co. Vi. Belleville, pv. Essex co. N. J. on Passaic r. on Missisque river.

70 xe of Trenton and 34 from Newark. It Berkshire, pt. Tioga co. N.Y. 13 x Owego,

contains about 200 houses. (Tuscaloosa. Berkshire, pr. Delaware co. 0.28 x of C.. Belleville, pv. Conecuh co. Ala. 150 s by r of BERKSHIRE VALLEY, Py. Morris co. N. d. 12 Belleville, cap. of Desha co. Ark. on Ark. r. Nw of Morristown. Belleville, pv. Richland co. O. 68 ne of Os. BERLIN, tp. Oxford co. Me. 45 yw of A. Belleville, pv. cap. of St. Clair co. III. 100 * Berlin, pt. Crosco, N. H. on Androscoggin r by w of Springfield.

Berlin, pt. Wn. oo. VI. 4 of Mtr, (cester BELLEVUE, pv. Huron oo. O. 96 x by e of Cs. Berlin, pt. Wo'ster co, Mass. 15 xe of WorKellevue, pi. Eaton oo. Mich. 120 wnw of D. Berlin, pt. Hartford co. Conn. 10 s by w Hd. BELLINGHAM, pt. Norfolk co. Mass. 36 sw B. Berlin, pt. Rensselaer co. N.Y. WE of Al. BELLONA ARSENAL, pv. Chesterfield co. Va. Berlin, py. Somerset oo. Pa, 110 w by s of H on James river.

(Conn. r. Berlin, ip. Wayne oo. Pa. Bellows' Falls, pv. Windham co, Vi. on Berlin, pv. Worcester co. Md. 190 SE of An. BELLEPORT, pv. Suffolk co. N.Y. (Ala, r. Berlin, pv, Sumer co. Ala. 96 sw of T. BELL'S LANDING, pv. Monroe co. Ala. on the Berlin, pv. Marshall co. Tenn. 48 s os Ne. BELMONT, pt. Waldo co. Me. 37 E by x of A. Berlin, ip. Delaware co. O. Belmont, tp. Franklin co. N.Y. on Chateau- Berlin, ip. Erie co. 0.

guay river. Belmont, pv. Panola co. Miss. 170 N of J.

Berlin, pi. Holmes co, 0. 95 XE of C.

Berlin, ip. Knox co. O.
Pelmont, pv. Belmont co. 0. 109 E of Cs.
Belmont, pv. Iowa co. Wis. 61 sw Madison.

Berlin, pt. Trumbull co. 0. 18 sw of Warren.
Berlin, ip. Si. Clair co. Mich.

Berlin, po. Sangamon co. III. 14 w by s or Sd. portion of the state, being watered by the Berlin, ip. Milwaukie co. Wis.

head streams of the Colorado, Guadalupe, Berlin. pv. Scott co. Iowa.

and Nueces, and their branches. The snil BERMUDAS, pv. Adams co. Pa. 19 s by w H. consists for the most part of a sandy loam, BER-NA-DOTTE', pv. Fulton co. III. 65 NW of and is in general exceedingly productive Springfield,

Capital, San Antonio de Bexar. BERNARD, tp. Somerset co. N. J. [by s of B. BIDDEFORD, ip. York co. Me. on Saco r. BERNARDSTOX, pt. Franklin co. Mass. 100 w Big BEAVER, tp. Beaver co. Pa. BERNARDSVILLE, pv. Mercer co. N. J.

Berxe, pt. Albany co. N.Y. 23 w of Al. Big Blue r. rises in the Indian Territory, and,
Berne, ip. Berks co. Pa. on the Schuylkill. Dowing into Mo. falls into the Missourir.
Berne, ip. Athens co. O. on Federal cr. BIG CR. Ip. Crawford co. Ark.
Berne, ip. Fairfield co. O.

Big Cr. tp. Phillips co, Ark.
BERSVILLE, pv. Berks co. Pa. 63 E by x of l1. Big Cr. ip. Van Buren co, Ark.
BERRIET SPRINGS, pv. Berrien co. Mich. 190 Big Cr. ip. Rives co. Mo.
SI of Detroit.

Big Cr. lp. Van Buren co. Mo. (mung r.
BERRYSBERG, pv. Dauphin co. Pa. 40 x of H. BIG Flats, pt. Chemung co. N.Y. ou Che-
BERRSSVILLE, pv. Knox co. Ind. 113 sw of Is. Big HATCHY r. Tem fows into the Missis-
BERRYTOWX, pv. Kent co. Del. 14 s by w of sippi river.

BIG ISLAND, pt. Marion co. 0.47 w by n Cs. BERRYVILLE, v. Scoti co. Miss. 10 s of Hills- Big Lick, tp. Hancock co. 0. boro' C. II.

Big PRAIRIK, 'p. New Madrid co. Mo. BERTRAND, pt. Berrien co. Mich. 180 w of D. Big R. Ip. Jefferson co. Mo.

(Ohio. BERWICK, ip. York co. Me. on Salmon Fall r. BIG SANDY r. of Va. and Ky. flows into the Berwick, tp. Adams co. Pa. 40 sw of H. Big SPRINGS, tp. Seneca co. O.

[w of Al. Berwick, pv. Columbia co. Pa. on Susqa. r. BiG SPRING Point, pv. Yates co. N. Y. 190 BETHAD'ARA, a Moravian v. Stokes co. N. C. BIG WALNUT r. an ntiluent of the Scioto r. 0. BETHANIA, Moravian pv. Stokes co. N. C. BILLER'ICA, pi. Middlesex co. Mass. 7 sse of 114 yw of Raleigh.

(of Hd.

Lowell. BETHANY, pt. New Haven co. Conn. 46 sw Biloxi, pv. Harrison co. Miss.on Biloxi Bay. Bethany, pv. Genesee co. N.Y. 250 w of Al. BINGHAM, (bing-uin) pt. Somerset co. Me. on Bethany, pv. Wayne co. Pa. 160 NE of H. Kennebec river. Bethany, pv. Brooke co. Va. 350 rw of R. Bingham, pt. Potter co. Pa. BETHEL, pt. Oxford co. Me. 60 w of A. Bingham, ip. Clinton co. Mich. Bothel, pt. Windsor co. Vt. on White r. BINGHAMTON, pv.cap. Broome co. N.Y. (cr. Bethel, pv. Fairfield co. Conn. 70 sw of Hd. BIRDS ALL, pt. Alleghany co. N.Y. on Black Bethel, pi. Sullivan co. N.Y. 60 w Newburg. BIRDSVILLE, pv. Burke co. Ga. 74 E of M. Bethel, ip. Bedford co. Pa.

BIRMINGHAM, tp. Chester co. Pa. Bethel, pt. Berks co. Pa. 50 E of H.

Birmingham, pv. Huntingdon co. Pa. 107 NW Bethel, ip. Delaware co. Pa, near Chester cr. of Harrisburg Bethel, tp. Lebanon co. Pa. on Swatara cr. Birmingham, ip. Delaware co. Pa. Bethel, pv. Hertford co. N. C. 160 NE of Rh. Birmingham, a suburb of Pillsburg, ou lhe s Bethel, pv. Glywico. Ga. 230 SE of M.

side of Mononga hela river. Bethel, v. Wayne co. Ga, on Turtle r. Birmingham, pv. Erie co. O. on Vermilion r. Bethel, ip. Miami co. O. on Miami r.

Birmingham, pv. Oakland co. Mich. 19 nw D. Bethel, tp. Clark co. O. on Mad r.

BisuolSVILLE, pv. Sumier dist. S.C.87 NE Ca. Bethel, pv. Clermont co. O. 110 sw of Cs. BISTINEAU, (bis'te-110') lake, Claiborne par. Bethel, ip Monroe co. O.

LA. 35 long and 2 broad. Bethel, tp. Branch co. Mich.

BLACK, ip. Posey co. Ind. [Plattsburg: Bethel, tp St. Clair co. Mich.

BLACK Brook, pl. Clintou co. N. 9. 20 sw of Bethel, tp. Posey co. Iud.

BLACK er. N.Y. flows into Genesee r. BETHLEHEM, pt. Grafton co. N. II. 88 xw Cd. Black Cr. pv. Alleghany co. N.Y. 270 w by s Bethlehem, tp. Albany co. N. Y. 58 of Al. Black Cr.ip. Mercer co. O.

(of Al Bethlehem, pt. Hunterdon co. N. J. 40 n by BLACK FEET INDIANS (Fr. Pieds Noirs, pel-ai' w of Trenton.

nwar), a powerful and warlike tribe in the Bethlehein, pv. Northampton co. Pa. on the N and w portions of Missouri Territory.

Lehigh r. 48 x of Philadelphia. It contains BLACKFORD, pv. cap. of Blackford co. Ind. 80 a celebrated female seiniuary, conducted by

NE of Indianapolis. the Moravians.

Black Hawk, pl. Shelby co. Iud. 34 se or Is. Bethlehem, v. Oglethorpe co. Ga. 65 NNE M. BLACKLEYSVILLE, pv. Wayne co. 0. 94 NE Cs. Bethlehem, tp. Coshoción co. O. on Walhon- BLACK LICK, ip. Indiana co. Pa. ding river.

(river. BLACK r. Windsor co. Vt. flows into the ConBethlehem, pv. Starke co. O. on Tuscarawas necticut at Springfield. Bethlehem, pv. Clark co. Ind. on the Ohio r. Black r. N. Y. Sce GAZETTEER. BETHLEM, pi. Litchfield co. Conn. 43 w sw of Black r. N. C. an affluent of Cape Fear r. (r. Ilaritord.

Black r. S. C. an affluent of the Great Pedee BEVERLY, Mass. See GAZETTEER. (of R. Black r. Ark flows into the White r. Beverly, pv. cap. of Randolph co. Va. 200 yw Black r. o. flows into Lake Erie. Beverly, pv. Auson co. N. C. 150 sw of Rh. Bluck r. Mich. How's into Lake Michigan. BEXAR* (Sp: prop bậ-11aR'), a large co, or Black R. ep. Independence co. Ark. region of Texas, occupying the w central Black R. tp. lawrence co Ark.

Black R. pt. larain co. (. on Black r., • This name, as we are informed, is usually pronounced

Black Rip. St. Francis co. Mo. by the Texans lar.

Black R. ip. Washington co. Mo.

Black R. tp. Wayne co. Mo.

BLOOYSBUKG, pv. Columbia co. Pa on Susqar Black Rock, pv. Erie co. N.Y. 21 x Buffalo. Bloomsburg, pv. Halifax co. Va. 140 , by * R. BLACKSTONE r. rises in Mass. and falls into Bloomsbury, pv. Warren co. X J 13 xx* Tn. Providence river, R. I.

(of R. ! BLOOMVILLE, pv. Delaware co. N.Y. on the BLACKSVILLE, pv. Monongalia co. Va. 300 NW w branch of Delaware river. BLACK WARRIOR T. See GAZETTEER. BLOSSBURG, pv. Tioga co. Pa. 130 sw of H. BLACKWATERY. NHL flows into Contoocookr In its vicinity is a celebrated mine rp biter Blackwaler r. Va. flows into Notta way r. minous coal.

(100 XE OT BLACKWATER, tp. Pettis co. 10. (Ne of Wn. | BLOUNTSVILLE, pv. cap. of Blount co. A BLADENSBURG, pv. Prince George co. Md. 6, Blountsville, pv. cap. of Sullivan co. Tean. BLAIRSVILLE, pv. Indiana co. Pa. on Kiski 280 E by x of Nashville, minitas river.

[of M. Blountsville, pv. Henry co. Ind. 72 E by : le Blairsville, pv. cap. of Union co. Ga. 118 NNW BLUE HILL, pt. Hancock co. Me. 75 E O A. Blairsville, pv. Posey co. Ind. 180 sw of Is. BLUE MOUNTAIN, ip. Izard co. Ark. (TER. BLAKELY, pi. Luzerie co. Pa. on Lackawan. BLUE RIDGE. See Blue Morstairs, GAZETnock river.

BLUE R. tp. Hancock cn. Ind. Blakely, pv. cap. of Early co. Ga. 20 sw of M. Blue R. Ip. Harrison co. Ind. (gur. Blakely, pv. cap. of Baldwin co. Ala, on BLUE Rock, pt. Muskingum co. O. on Musk inTensaw river, opposite to Mobile.

BLPFFtox, pv. cap. of Wells co. Ind. 107 XXE BLANCHARD, pi. Piscataquis co Me. 70 n of A. of Indianapolis. Blanchard, tp. Hancock co. O.

Blythe, tp. Marion co. Ark. Blanchard, ip. Hardin co. O.

Blythe, ip. Caldwell co. Mo. Blanchard, ip. Purnam co. O. [N of Cs. BOALSBURG, pv. Centre co. Pa. 84 KW of H. BLANCHARD'S BRIDGE, pv. Hancock co. O. 80 BOARDMAX, pt. Trumbull co. 0.170 NE of Cs. BLANFORD, pt. Hampden co. Mass. 110 w of B. BODENHAM, pv. Giles co. Tenn. Es by w Ne. BLAUVELTVILLE, pv. Rockland co. N.Y. 130 BEUFr. Arkand la flows into the Washita r. s of Albany,

Buf, tp. Franklin co. No. BLEEKER, pl. Fulton co. N.Y.

Bate BAYOU. See GAZETTEER. BLENDOX, pt. Franklin co. 0. 10 n of Cs. Boggs, tp. Clearfield co. Pa. [Pearl. BLENDON INSTITUTE, pv. Franklin co. O. BOGUE Chito (or CHITTO) r. La. flows into BLENHAM, tp. Scoharie co. NÀY. (river. BOHEMIA cr. Md. flows into Elk r. BLISSFIELD, pv. Lenawee co. Mich. on Raisin Bois BLANC ISLAND, L. Huron, se of Macki Block Island, Newport co. R. I. 30 sw of naw, 10 m. long and 3 broad. Newport.

[kill river. Bois D'ARC, tp. IIempslead co. Ark. BLOCKLEY, Ip. Philadelphia co. Pa. on Schuyl. Bokes Cr. ip: Longan co. O. Bloody Run, pv. Bedford co. Pa. 90 w by s H. Bolivar, Alleghany co. N.Y. 15 E Angelica Bloom, ip. Columbia co. Pa. on Susqa. I. Bolivar, pv. Robeson co. N.C.112 s by w Rh. Bloom, ip. Fairfield co. O.

Bolivar, pv. Tuscarawas co. O. on TuscaraBloom, ip. Morgan co. O. on Muskingum r. was river. Bloom, tp. Scioto co. O.

Bolivar, pv. cap. Bolivar co. Mise, on Miss. I Bloom, ip. Seneca co. 0.86 x of Cs.

Bolivar, pv. cap. of Hardemanco. Teun, on Bloom, ip. Wood co. O.

(bec r. Big Hatchee river. (Jefferson City BLOOMFIELD, Pt. Somerset co. Me. on Kenne- Bolivar, pv. cap. of Polk co. Mo. 132 sw of Bloomfield, pt. Essex co. Vt, on the Conn. r. Bolivar, v. Brazoria co. Texas, on the E bank Bloomfield, pt. Hartford co. Conn. 7 Nw Hd. of the Brazos. Bloomfield, pt. and v. Essex co. N. J. 4 N Bolivar, Galveston co. See POINT BOLIVAR. of Newark.

BOLIVIA, ip. Jefferson co. Ark. Bloomheld, pv. Crawford co Pa. 210 H. Bolivia, ip. Gasconade co. M. Bloomfield, v.cap. of Perry co, l'a. A nw of A. Bolton, pi. Chillenden co. VI. 20 w or Nur. Bloomfield, pv. Loudon co. Va, 135 N of R. Bolton, pi. Worcester en. Mass. 33 w of B. Bloomfield, pv. Nelson co. Ky. 43 sve of F. Bolton, pi. Tollund co. Com. 11 E of Id. Bloonifield, ip. Jackson co. O.

Bolton, pl. Warren co. N.Y. on Sebroun r. Blooinfeld, pt. Knox cu, 0.46 xxe of Cs. BOMBAY, pt. Franklin co. N. Y. on Little Bloomfield, ip. Logui co. O.

Sulmon river. Bioomfield, in. Richland co. 0.60 xe of Cs. Boxam, a lille v. of Texas, cap. of Fannin Bloomfield, ip. Trurnbull co. O. 15 N Warren. Co. on Bois d'Arc creek, 350 NNE Of Austin. Bloomfield, ip. Oakland co. Mich. on a br. of Bo-Nair', (Sp). Buen Ayre, bwen i'ray, ... Bloomfield, ip. La Grange co. Ind. [Rouger. "good air,'') a small island of the Wesi 11Bleon d, pv. cap. of

rcene cos. In 74 sw dies belonging to the ich, 25 K of Curaça. of Indianapolis.

Salt is exported in considerable quantities. Bloomfield, pv. Edgar co. III. 128 E hy s of Sul. Box Homme, ip. St. Genevieve co. Mo. Bloomfield, pv. cap. of Stoddard co. Mo. 230 Bon Homme, Si. Louis co. Mo. SE of Jefferson City.

Bonne FEMME, Ip. Howard co. Mo. BLOOMINGBURG, pv. Sullivan co. N.Y. BONNET CARRE, rv. cap. of St. John Baptist" Bloomingburg, pv. Payelle co. 0.45 ssw Cs. parisb, La, on the Mississippi river. BLOOYING GROVE, P. Orange co. NY. (Is. BOONE, ip. Harrison co, Iud. BLOOMINGTON, pv. cap. Monroe ro. Jud. 49 sw Boone, tp. Warwick co. Ind. Bloomington, på. McLean co. I!!. 73 NXE SI. Boone, ip. Franklin co. Mo, Bloomington, ip. Buchanan co. Mo.

BOONESBOROUGH, pv.W11 Co. Md. 90 xw An Bloomington, pv. cap. of Macon co. Mo. 106 Bownesborouglı, pv. Madison 53 se of x of Jeffers in City.

I'rankfori, on kentucky river. Bloomington, pv. cap. of Musculine co. Jowa, BUONE LICK, ip. Howard co. Mo, Ix Crica on Mississippi river.

BOOSEVILLE, pl. Oneida ce. N.Y. on Black r. 30 BLOOMINGVILLE, pv. Erie co. O. 120 y by ECs. Domneville: pv.cap.of Scoli co. Ark.

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