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Bonneville, pv. cap. of Warwick co. Ind. 170 | BRADLEY, Ip. Penobscot co. Me. 50 n of Ban sw of Budimapolis.


(Mtr. Bweville, pv. cap. of Cooper co. Mo, on the BRADLEYVALE, ip. Caledonia co. Vt. 50 NE of Missouri river.

BRADY, Ir. Clearfield co. Pa.
Bewinville, a fourishing v. of Texas, cap. of Brady, ip. Williams co. O. on Tiffin's r.
Brazii CO, 110 E by x from Austin.

Brady, pi. Kalamazoo co, Mich. on Portage r. BOOTHBAT, pt, Lincoln co. Me. 40 s by E of A. BRADYVILLE, pv. Cannon co. Tenn. 56 se Ne. BORDEXTOWY, borough, Burlington co. N.J. BRAIXARD'S BRIDGE, pv. Rensselaer co. N.Y. on the Delaware river.


BRAINTREE, pt. Orange co. VI. 23 8 of Mtr. BORDLEY, pv. Union co. Ky. 2:20 w bys of F. Braintree, pt. Norfolk co. Mass. 14 of B. BOSCAWEX, pt. Merrimack co. N. H. on the BRAINTREM, pt. Luzerne co. Pa. Merrimack river.

BRALSVILLE, V. Monroe co, O. Boston, pt. Erie co. Y. Y. 20 sw Buffalo. BRASCII, tp. Schuylkill co. Pa. [of D Boston, ip. Franklin co. Ark.

Branch, pv. cap. of Branch co. Mich. 110 wsw Boston, pi. Nelse co. ky. 68 sw of F. BRANCH PORT, pv. Yates co. N.Y. Boston, pt. Summit co. O. ou the Ohio canal. BRANCHVILLE, pv. Sussex co N. J. 77 x of Tn. Boston, pt. Iona co. Mich. ou Grand r. BRANDENBURG, pv cap. of Mead co. Ky. on Boston, a v. of Texas, cap. of Bwie co. 360 the Ohio river, 94 w bys of Frankfort.

NE of Austin, and 5 s of Red r. Pop. 200. BRANDON, pt. Rutland co. VI. 48 sw of Mtr. BOTETOURT SPRixos, pv. Roanoke co. Va. Berndon, ip. Franklin ro. N.Y.108W Malone. 180 w hy s of Richmond.

Brandon, pv. cap. of Rankin co. Miss. 13 E J. BOTTLE Hill, v. Morris co. N.J.57 N by e Tn. Brandon, ip. Oakland co. Mich.on the sources BOUND BROOK, pv. Somerset co. N. J. 33 n by of Flint river. E of Trenton.

BRANDONVILLE, pr. Preston co. Va. 200 NW R. BOURBOX, Ip. Calloway co. Mo.

BRANDT, Ip. Erie co. N.Y. on L. Erie. BOURSEVILLE, pv. Ross co. 0. 63 s of Cs. BRANDY, Ir. Williams co. O. (laware r. BOTRXSBURG, pv. Randolph co. Mo. 75 x by BRANDYWINE cr. Pa, and Del. flows into Dew of Jefferson City.

BRANDYWINE, tp. Chester co. Pa. BOVEY, tp. St. Genevieve co. Mo.

Brandy wine, tp. Hancock co. Ind. Bovixa, pt. Delaware co. N.Y. on Little De- Brandywine, hundred, New Castle co. Del. laware river.

BRANDYWINE Mills, pv. Summit co. O. 140 NE Bow, ip. Merrimack co. N. H. on Mer'k. r. of Columnbus.

(Sound. Bowpoix, bo'den, pt. Lincoln co. Me. 18 $3W BRANFORD, pt. N. Haveli co. Conn. on Long I. of Augusta.

(Kennebec r. BRANTFORD, a flourishing town of Canada W. BOWDOIXHAM. pt. Lincoln co. Me. on the on Grand river, 20 m. w by s of Hamilton. Bowex, tp. Madison co. Ark.

Pop, 3,000 or 4.000. BOWERSVILLE, pv. Franklin co. Ga. 120 x M. BRASER Falls, pv. St. Lawrence co. N.Y. Bowse, a co, occupying the xe ext. of Texas, on Deer river.

(Conn. r. and burdering on Red river. A large por BRATTLEBOROUGH, pt. Windham co. Vi. on tion of the surface is covered with timber. BRAXTON C.H. pv. cap. of Braxton co. Va, on Soil very good. Capital, Boston.

Elk river. BOW LES, tp. Franklin co. Mo, (40 of R. Brazoria, a co. of Texas, bordering on the BOWLING GREEX, pv. cap. of Caroline co. Va. Gulf of Mexico, and intersected by the Bowling Green, pv. Oglethorpe co. Ga. 63 Brazos. With the exception of a strip of NNE Of Milledgeville. (on Big Barren r. prnirie land along the coast,

the soil is geneBowling Green, pv. cap. of Warren co. Ky. rally very fertile. Bowling Green, ip. Licking co. O.

Brazoria, a sea-port and cap. of the above Bowling Green, tp. Marion co. O. on Sciotor.

CO., is situate on the w or right bank of the Bowling Green, pv. cap. of Clay co. Iud. 60 Brazos, about 30 m. by water from its s by w of Indianapolis.

mouth, and 60 W by s from Galveston. Bowling Green, tp. Pellis co. Mo. [or B.

Pop. 500. BOXEOROUGH, pl. Middlesex co. Mass. 28 NW Brazos r. See GAZETTEER. BOXFORD, pe. Essex co. Mass. 30 N by E of B. Brazi's, a co. in the E central part of Texas, BOXVILLE, pv. Monig. co. Ga. 130 set of M. E of and bordering on the river Brazos. BOYDSTOWX, pt. Penobscot co. Me. 100 NE A. Soil fertile; well adapted to pasturage. BOYDTON, pv. cap. of Mecklenburg co. Va. Capital, Boonville. (on Kentucky r. 109 ssw of Richmond.

BREATUIT C.H. pv. cap. of Breathili co. Ky. BOYLSTOX, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 40w of B. BRECK NOCK, tp. Berks co. Pa. Boylston, 'p. Oswego co. N.Y. 140 nw of A! Brecknock, ip. Lancaster co. Pa. BOZrax, pi. New London co. Com. on Yan- BREMEN, pt. Lincoln co. Me. 40 SE of A. tie river.

(Ese of Hd. Bremen, pv. Fairfield co. 0. 40 SE of Cs. BOZ RAHVILLE, pv. New London co. Conn. 31 BRENHAM, a y. of Texas, cap. of Washington BRACEVILLE, pt. Trumbull co. 0. 160 xe of Cs. co. 100 E of Austin. Pop. about 100. BRACKABEEX, pv. Schoharie co. N.Y.45 w Al. BRENTSVILLE C.H.pv. cap. of Prince William BRADFORD, tp. Lincoln co. Me.

co. Va. 100 N of Richmond. Bradford, pt. Penobscot co. Me. 90 SE of A. BRENTWOOD, pt. Rockingham co. N. H. on Bradford, pt, Merriinack co. N. H. 25 w Cd. Exeter river Bradford, pt. Orange co. Vt. on Conn. r. BREST, pv. Monroe co. Mich. 40 s by w of D. Bradford, pt. Essex co. Mass. on Merrimack r. BREWER, pt. Penobscot co. Me. on PenobBradford, tp. Steuben co. N.Y.

scot river. Bradford, tp. M'Kean co. Pa.

Brewer, tp. Pike co. Ark. Bradford, tp. Lincoln co. Mo.

BREWERTON, pv. Onondaga co. N.Y. on Onei BRADFORDVILLE, pv. Marion co. Ky. 68 8 F. da river.

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BREWSTER, pt. Barnstable co. Mass. on Cape BROAD Top, tp. Bedford co. Pa.
Cod Bay.

BROCKPORT, Pv. Muroeco. N.Y. on the End
BRICK sVILLE, pt. Cuyahog: c). 0, 140 XE Cs. BROCKVILLE, pv. Steuben eo. Ind. Is use of
BRIDESBURG, pv. Philadelphia co. a. 6 XE of Indianapolis.

BROKEN STRAW, tp. Warren co. Pa. BRIDGEHAMPTON, pv. Suffolk co. N.Y. Brossox, pi. Huron co. 0.2 s of Norwalk BRIDGEPORT, Conn. See GAZETTEER. Bronx r. Westchester co. N. Y. fows into Bridgepori, pv. Seneca co. N.Y. on Cayuga East river.

L. at w end Cayuga Bridge. (nongahela r. BROOKFIELD, pt. Carroll co. N. H. 46 ya of Cd. Bridgeport, borough, Fayette co. Pa on Mo- Brookfield, pt. Orange co. Vt. 17 s of Mir. Bridgeport, pv. Harrison co. Va. on Simpson's Brookfield, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 60 waB creek.

Brookfield, pt. Fairfield co. Conu. 70 sw of Hd Bridgeport, pv. Belmont co. O. on Ohio r. Brookfield, pi. Nadison co. N.Y.88 w by x AL Bridgeport, pv. Marion co. Ind. (son Brookfield, borough, Jefferson co. Pa. Bridgepori, pv. Brown co. Wis. 143 NE Madi Brookfield, pi. Tioga co. Pa. 170 s of H. BRIDGES, Ip. Taney co. Mo.

(Pond. Brookfield, ip. Morgan co. O. BRIDGETON, pt. Cumberland co. Me, on Long Brookfell, tp. Stark co. O. BRIDGETOWN, N. J. See GAZETTEER.

Brookfield, v. Stark co. O. BRIDGEVILLE, pv. Sullivan co. N.Y. on Ne- Brookfield, pi. Trumbull co, O. versink river.

Brookfield, ip. Milwaukie co. Wis. Bridgeville, pv. Warren co. N.J. 60 x by w Tn. BROOKHAVEN, 1p. Sutfolk co. N.Y. Bridgeville, pv. Sussex co. Del. 39 s Dover. Broukhaven, pv. Lawrence co, Miss. Bridgeville, pv. Muskingum co. ().62 E of Cs. BROOKLIXE, pt. Windham co. Vt. 110 g of BRIDGEWATER, pt. Gratton co. N. H. 37 NNW Brookline, pi. Hillsboro co. N.H. 50 % of Cd of Concord.

[x of B. Brookline, pl. Norfolk co. Mars. 4 w bys of B Bridgewater, pt. Plymouth co. Mass. 25 s by Brookline, pv. Madison co. Ga. 85 x of N. Bridgewater, pt. Windsor co. VI. 78 s of Mtr. BROOKLYN, pv. cap. of Windham eo. Conn. Bridgewater, pt. Oneida co. N.Y. 15 s of Utica. 44 E by n of Hariford. Bridgewater, ip. Somerset co. N.J. (miny cr. Brooklyn, pt. Susqa. co. Pa. 170 XXE of H. Bridgewater, pv. Bucks co. Pa. on Nesha- Brooklyn, pi. Cuyahoga co. 0. 145 XNK OF C Bridgewater, borough, Beaver co. Pa.on Bea BROOKNEAL, pv. Campbell co. Va, on Stauntra Bridgewater. pv. Rockinghain co. Va. (verr. Brooks, pt. Waldo co. Me. 45 NE A. (river. Bridgewater, tp. Williams co. O.

BROOKVILLE, pt. Hancock co. Me. 79 NE of A. Bridgewater, ip. Washtena w co. Mich. Brookville, pv. Jefferson co. Pa. BRIDPORT, pt. Addison co. Vt. on L. Cham- Brookville, pv. Bracken co. Ky. 65 NE of F. BRIER CR. pt. Columbia co. Pa. (plain. Brookville, pv. cap. of Franklin co. lud 70 BRIGHTON, ip. Somerset co. Me. 57 x of A. Ese of Indianapolis. {Jefferson City Brighton, ip. Essex co. Vt. 60 NE of Mir. Brookville, pv. Marion co. Mo. 1:20 NE of Brighton, pt. Middlesex co: Mass. 5 w of B. BROOME, Ip. Schoharie co. N.Y. 38 w of AL Brighton, pt. Monroe co. N.Y. on Genesee r. BROTHERS VALLEY, Ip. Somerset co. Pa. Brighton, pv. Beaver co. Pa. on Big Beaver r. Brown, ip. Lycoming co. Pa. Brighton, pt. Lorain co. O. 105 x by E of Cs. Brown, ip. Mifflin co. Pa. Brighton, pr. Livingston co. Mich. 42 xw D. Brown, ip. Athens co. 0. on Racoon cr. Brighton, pv. Maconpin co. III 12 x of Alton. Brown, tp. Carroll co. O. on Sandy er. Brighton, py, Washington co. Iowa.

Browni, tp. Darke co 0.
BRIGHTON CENTRE, pv. Clark co. O. 33 w Cs. Brown, ip. Delaware co. O.
BRIGHTSVILLE, pv. Marlboro' dist. S.C.117 NE Brown, tp. Franklin co. O.
of Columbia.

Brown, ip. Knox co. O. on Yellow cr.
BRIMFIELD, Pt. Hampden co. Mass. 68 w of B. Brown, tp. Miamico. O.
Brimfield, pi. Portage co. 0. 10 sw Ravenna. Brown, ip. Paulding co. O.
BRINGIERS, py, and C.H. St. James par. La. Brown, ip. Hancock co. Ind.
on the Mississippi.

Brown, ip. Montgomery co. Ind. BRINKLEIILLE, pv. I alifax co. N. C. 90 NE Browni, ip. Washington co. Ind. of Raleigh

BROWNFIELD, pt. Oxford co. Me. 78 sw of A. Bristol, pt. Lincoln co. Me. on the Atlantic. BROW NHELM, pt. Lorain co. O. (ten t. Bristol, pt. Grafton co. N. II. 30 x of Cd. BR\WNINGTON, pt. Orleans co. VI. E of Bar. Bristol, pl. Addison co. VI. 50 sw of Mir. Brownington, pv. Builer co. Pa. 210 xw of H. Bristol, R.I. See GAZETTEER.

BROWXSBURG, pv. Rockbridge co. Va, on Bristol, pt. Hartford co. Com. 17 sw of Hd. Maffet's creek. Bristol, pt. Ontario co. N.Y. 9 sw of Canan- Brown's Port, pv. Perry co. Tenn. 100 sw Ne. daigun.

BROWNSTOWN, pt. Wayne co. Mich. on Lake Bristol, borough, Bucks co. Pa. on Delaware Erie. river, 20 NE of Philadelphia.

Brownstown, pv. cap. Jackson co. Ind. 70 sks Bristol. in. Philadelphia co. Pa. on Tacony cr. BROWNSVILLE, pt. Piscataquis co. Me. (river. Bristol, ip. Morgan co. O. on Meigs cr. Brownsville, pv. Jefferson en. N.Y.on Rlack Bristol, li. Lapeer co. Mich. 43 n of D. Brownsville, pv. Fayetle co. Pa. on MononBristol, pv. Elkhart co. Ind. 160 N of Is.

gahela river. BROADALBIX, pt. Fulton co. N.Y. 40 NW Al. Brownsville, pv. Wn. eo. Md. 95 xw of An. BROAD r. Ga a br. of the Savannah.

Brownsville, v. Monroe co. Ga, near Ocrna) Broad r. S. C. See GAZETTEER.

gee river,

(soft Broad r. S.C. an arın of the sea, between Port Brownsville, pv. Talladega co. Ala. 140 E by Royal Island and the main land.

Brownsville, pv. Hinds co. Miss. 20 w or J. Broad Cr. hundred, Sussex co. Del.

Brownsville, pv. cap. of Edmondson co. Ky 1:01D KILL, hundred, Sussex co. Del.

on Green river.

Brownsville, pv. Licking co. O. 40 E of Cs. BURKESVILLE, py. cap. Cumberland co. Ky.on Brownsville, pv. Union co. Ind. 6€ E by s of Is. Cumberland river.

[of An. Brownsville, pv. cap. of Jackson co. III. 177 s BURKETSVILLE, pv. Frederick co. Md. 92 nw of Springfield.

BURLINGHAM, pv. Sullivan co, N.Y. BROW STOwx, pv. Bradford co. Pa. 150 x H. Burlingham, pv. Meigs co. 0. E6 SE of Cs. BRICE, pt. Macomb co. Mich.

BURLINGTOX, pt. Penobscot co. Me. 1:20 NE A. BRUCEVILLE, pv. Carroll co. Md. 80 xw of An. Burlington, Vi. See GAZETTEER. In of B. BRUIXGTON, pv. King and Queen co. Va. 42 Burlington, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 13 w by Ne of Richmond.

Burlington, pi. Hartford co. Conn. 20 w of Id BRUMFIELDVILLE, pv. Berks co. Pa. 62 ENE H. Burlington, pl. Otsego co. N.Y. 80 w of Al. BRUNSWICK, Me. See GAZETTEER.

Burlington, N.J. See GAZETTEER. Brunswick, pt. Essex co. Vt. oni Conn. t. Burlington, pt. Bradford co. Pa. 140 x of H. Brunswick, ip. Rensselaer co. N.Y. 4 E Troy. Burlington, pv. Hampshire co. Va. 200 NWR. Brunswick, pv. cap. of Glynu co. Ga. on Tur. Burlingtm. pv. cap. of Boone co. Ky. F2 N tle river.

hy E of Frankfort.

LOhio r. Brunswick, pt. Medina co. 0. 120 NE of Cs. Burlington, pv. cap. of Lawrence co. (). on Brunswick, pv. Charitoi co. Mo. on Missouri Burlington, ip. Licking co. O. BRUSH CR IP. Washington co. Ark. (river. Burlington, pi. Calhoun co. Mich. 110 w of D. Brush Cr. ip. Highland co. O.

Burlingtoni, pv. Curroil co. Jud. 53 Nxw of Brush Cr. tp. Jefferson co. O.

Indianapolis. Brush Cr. tp. Mushinguin co. O.

Burlington, pv. cap. of Des Moines co. Jowa, Brush Cr. Ir. Scioto co. 0.

on the Mississippi river. Brush Hill, pv. Dupage co. III. 188 NE of Sd. BurxuAM, pl. Waldo co. Me. 31 E of A. BRUTUS, ip. Cayuga co. N.Y. 7 n of Auburn. Burns, tp. Alleghany co. N.Y. Brutus, tp. Ingham co. Mich.

Burns, 'p. Shiawassee co. Mich Beyax, pv. Williains co. 0. 150 sw of Cs. BURNSIDE, pt. Clearfield co. 150 xw of II. BRYANSBURG, pv. Jefferson co. Ind. 83 se Is. BURRILVILLE, pt. Providence co. R. I. on BRYANTOWN, pv. Charles co. Md. 70 sw An. Branch river. BUCHANAN, v. Botetourt co. Va, on James r. BURR Oak, pi. St. Joseph co. Mich. 125 sw D. Buchana), tp. Berrien co. Mich on St. Jo BURRSVILLE, pv. Caroline co. Md. 70 % of An. seph's river.

(12 se of Ne. Burton, pt. Cartaraugus co. N.Y. on AlleBUCHANANSVILLE, pv. Rutherford co. Tenn. ghany river. Buck, tp. Luzerne co. Pa. (nw of Al. Burton, ip. Luzerne co. Pa. Buck BRIDGE, St. Lawrence co, N. Y. 230 Burton, pt. Geauga co. 0. 165 NE of Cs. Buck CR. Ip. Hancock co. Ind.

Busi Cr. tp. Washington co. Ark. BUCKEYSTOWN, pv. Frederick co. Md. 80 NW Bush Cr. tp. Scioto co. O. of Annapolis.

BUSIKILL, tp. Northampton co. Pa. BUCKFIELD, pt. Oxford co. Me. 32 w by s of A. BUSHNELL's Basis, pv. Monroe co. N.Y. on BUCKINGHAM, tp. Wayne co. Pa. on the Dela the Erie canal. Ware river.

BU s11 WICK, tp. King’s co. NY. 3 E Brooklyn. Buckingham, ip. Bucks Co. Pa 27 x of Phila. | Buskirk's BRIDGE, pv. Wn. co. N. Y.'on BICKLAND, IP. Franklin co. Mass. 100 w of B. Iloosick river. Buckland, pv. Prince William co. Va. 110 N R. Busti, ip. Chautauqne co. N. Y. 320 w of Al. BUCKRAM, pv. Queen's co. N.Y. on Long I. BUSTLETON, PV, Phila, co. Pa, 10 sp of Phila. Bucks, tp. St. Joseph co. Mich. on St. Jos. r. BUSTON, Tp. Luizerne co. Pa. Bucks, tp. T'uscara was co. O. (river. BUTLER, Ip. Wayne co. N.Y. BECKSPORT, Ip. Hancock co. Me. on Penobscot Butler, borougli, cap. of Butler co. Pa. BUCyrus, pv. cap. of Crawford co. O. on San- Butler, ip. Luzerne co. Pa. dusky river.

Butler, ip. Columbiana co. O. BUELLS LOWELL, tp. Washington co. O. Butler, 10). Darke co. O. BUFFALO, Ip. Armstrong co. Pa.

Butler, ip. Knox co, O. Buffalo, Tp. Butler co. Pa.

Butler, tp. Mercer co. O. Buffalo, ip. Perry co. Pa. on Susquehanna r. Butler, tp. Montgomery co. O. Buffalo, borough, Perry co. Pa, on Susqa, r. Butler, ip. Branch co. Nich. [Cumberland r. Buffalo, tp. Union co. Pa.

BUILER'S LANDING, pv. Jackson co. Tenn. on Buffalo, tp. Washington co. Pa. 210 w of H. Butter Hill, a high and sleep eminence on Buffalo, pv. Cleveland co. N. C.

the w of Hudson river, at the x entrance of Buffalo, ip. Marion co. Ark.

the Ilighlands. Buffalo, tp. Guernsey co. 0.87 E of Cs. BUTTER MILK CHANNEL, the passage between Buffalo, tp. Morgan có. Mo. [anguar. Governor's I. and Langl. in N.Y. harbour. Buffalo, v. cap. of Niangua co. Mo.3 w of Ni- BUTTERMILK Falls, N.Y. a picturesque and Buffalo, tp. Pike co. Mo.

beautiful cascade on the w bank of the IudBUFFALO Barou, a stream of Texas, which son river, 2 m. below West Point (of Al.

flows into an arm of Galveston Bay at BUTTERNUTS, 'p. Oisego co. N.Y. 90 w by s Lynchburg.

(of An. Buxtox, ip. York co. Me. 6.) sw of A. BULLOCK TOWN, pv. Queen Anne co. Md. 64 e BYPERRY, Tp. Philadelphia co. Pa. 15 ye Phila. BULL SKIN, tp. Fayeite co. Pa.

BYFIELT), pv. Essex co. Mass. 35 x by E of B. BUNDYNBURG: pv. Geauga co. (. 160 NE of Cs. BYRAMI Conn. enters long I Sounel. BUNKER HILL, tp. Ingham co. Mich.

By rain, ip. Sussex co, N.J.8 SE ON Newton. BURBOISE, tp. Gasconade co. Mo, [s of Al. Byrd, ip: Brown co. O. BUR-DETT', pv. Tompkins co. N.Y. 180 w by Byrd, ip. Cape Girardean co. Mo. BURKE, pt. Caledonia co. Vi. 50 NE of Mir. BÝRNVILLE, pv. Schoharie co. N.Y. 46 wby's BURKSVILLE, pv. Prince Edward co. Va. 80 of Albany: sw of Richmond,

BYLoa, T. Genesee co. NY. 10 XE Batavia

Byron, pv. Shiawassee co. Mich. 72 xw of D. nia”) a peninsula of above 700 m. in lengik Byron, py. Ogle co. III. 180 x of su. and 170 m. in its greatest breadth, sepeBytown, a flourishing 1. of Canada West, on rated from the main land by the Gulf or Cáli.

the right bank of the Ottawa, about 120 m. fornia. The aspect of the greater portion or above Montreal. At this place, there are this country is in the highest degree forbidfalls in the river between 25 and 30 feet in ding ; indeed the whole of this region may height, of which some use is already made be regarded as one continuous mass of high, in manufactures. A suspension bridge (the' bare and steep rocks, intersected by numeroas first which has been constructed in the pro- , ravines. With the exception of two or three vince) of 43 feel span, crosses the Ottawa places, it scarcely contains any level groand here.' Bytown is the terminus of the Rideau which can be called a valley. There is hardcanal, which extends to L. Ontario at Kings- ly any land susceptible of cultivation, except ton.

on the east declivity towards the Gulf of

California. The climale is exceedingly dry CABIN Point, pv. Surry co. Va. 43 SE of R. and hot. In some parts it does not rain every Cabot, pt. Caledonia co. Vt. 20 NE Of Mir. year, but only at intervals of five or six CABOTVILLE, pv. Hampden co. Mass. ou Con- years; in other parts it is said that rain nerer necticut river.

ialls. The vegetation, as might be expeciel, CACHE, tp. Green co. Ark.

is very scanty: Figs, olives, dates, and Fines Cache, tp. Monroe co. Ark.

are, however, culiivated in the less sterile CADDO, ip. Clark co. Ark.

portions to some extent. CADDO COVE, tp. Hot Spring co. Ark.

UPPER or New CALIFORNIA, (Sp. Alta or CADEREITA, kad-s-rä'ta, a sınall t. of Mexico, Nueva-nwa'vi - California) comprehendis

on or near the r. Tigre, below Monterey. the country which lies w of the Anabuas (ae Cadiz, pv. cap. of Harrison co. 0. 114 ENE Cs. :-wack') Mountains, extending from about Cadiz, pv. Trigg co. Ky. on Little r.

32 to 42 x lat.: bounded on the N by Oregon, Cadiz, pv. Henry co. Ind. 45 ENE of Is. E by the great mountain chain of N. America, Cadrox, ip. Conway co. Ark. (river. 8 by Chihuahua, Sonora, and Lower Califor. CADYVILLE, pv. Clinton co. N.Y. on Saranac' nia, and w by the Pacific. It is about 700 m. CESAR's CR, tp. Greene co. O. on Cæsar's cr. in extent from N tos, and from 600 to 800 CAERNARYOX, ker-nar'ven, tp. Berks co. Pa. from E to w. Respecting a large part of Caernarvon, tp. Lancaster co. Pa.

this country little or nothing is known. The CAHABA I. Sec CANLA WBA, GAZETTEER. recent explorations of Captain Fremont (of Cahaba, pv. cap. of Dallas co. Ala. on Ala. r. the U. S. Topographical Engineers) have CANOKIA, pv. St. Clair co. III. on Miss.r. given us far more definite and exact infor. Cabokia cr. III. flows into the Mississippi r. mation concerning the interior than we had Canoes or Caloos. See COHOLS.

before possessed. Caix, ip. Fountain co. Ind.

On passing inland from the sea, the firs CA Ira, sah e-rah', pv. Cumberland co. Va.' chain of mountains met with is the Coast 57 w by s of Richmond.

(kill. Range, which is a continuation of the reky Cairo, ka'ro, pt. Greene co.N.Y. 10 w Cats- highlands which form so large a portion of Cairo, pv. Sumner co. Tenn. on Cumberland r. Lower California; further inland is the Sier Cairo, pv. Alexandria co. Ill. at the s extre ra Nevada (se-er'ră na-vah'dă) or “dor. mity of the state.

clad range.”. Both of these mountain chains Calais, pt. Wn. co. Me. on St. Croix r. run nearly in the direction of the sea-shore; Calais, p. Washington co, Vt, 10 XE of Mr. the former at a distance, varying from 40 to 60 CALCUTTA, pv. Columbiana co. O. 160 NE Cs. miles, the latter at a distance from 100 to 200 CALDWELL, pt. Warren co. N.Y. 63 N of Al. miles from the Pacific. The valley between Caldwell, pt. Essex co. N. J. 60 NYE of Tn. them is considered to be the finest part of CaCaldwell, pv. Caldwell par. la. on Washita r.lifornia. The whole country between tbe CALEDONIA, pt. Livingston co. N.Y. on Gene Sierra Nevada and the Pacific is said to be see river.

well calculated for settlement, and is probably Caledonia, pv. Moore co. N. C. 85 sw of Rh. 'destined at no distant period to contain a large Caledonia, pv. Lowndes co. Miss. 157 NE of J. population. Caledonia, pv. Henry co. Tenn. 120 w by n East of the Sierra Nevada, and between this of Nashville.

chain and the Wahsatch Mountains, is situated Caledonia, pv. Marion co. 0.52 x of Cs. the Great Basin of California, bounded on er. Caledonia, tp. Shiawassee co. Mich.

ery side by hills or mountains, and extending Caledonia, pv. Alexander co. III. on the Ohio. 700 miles from n 10 s, and perhaps 400 from a Caledonia, pv. Washington co. Mo, on Big r. 10 w. Though only a small part of it has been Calhoux, pv. Anderson dist. S. C. 115 www explored, it is known to contain rivers and of Columbia.

(Milledgeville. lakes, of which none of the waters ever Calhoun, pv. Lumpkin co. Ga. 130 NNW of reach the oceau, being probably taken up by Calhoun, pv. M'Minn co. Tenn. on Hiwas- evaporation, or lost in ihe sand of the inore sce river.

arid districts. The whole of this region ap Calhoun, pv. Henry co. Mo. 117 w Jef. city. pears to be more or less sterile, and a largo Calhoun, a v. of Victoria co. Texas, on St. portion of it is known to be an uninhabitable Joseph's Island

desert. On the ne margin of the Great Bassin

I al an elevation of above 4000 feet, is the Great CALIFORNIA, an extensive country in Salt Lake, the waters of which are salter the western portion of N. America, divided than those of the sea. (See GREAT SALT int Jower and Upper California.

LAKE.) LOWER CALIFORNIA, (Sp. California Vieja, i kul-c-fok'ne-) vb-a zi, i.e. “Old Califor be named the bison, the Rocky Mountain goa!

Among the wild animals of California may

and sheep, * the wolf, the panther or Ame- Camden, pp. Carroll co. Ind. 74 x of Is rican tiger, the wild horse, ihe antelope, and Camden, pv. Schuyler co. III. 72 www of Sd deer Beavers abound on many of the streams, Camden, pv. Ray co. Mo. on Missouri r. particularly the upper tributaries of the Colo- CAMEL'S RUMP, one of the highest peaks of rado. The birds of this country are gene

the Green Mis. Vt. 17 w of Montpelier. rally similar to those of the United States. CAMEROX, pt. Sienben co. N.Y. on Canisteo r.

In s me of the fertile portions of California, I Camilles, pe. Onondaga co. N.Y. 7w Syracuse wheat of an excellent quality is produced in CAMPBELL, Ip. Steubenco. N.Y. 10 SE of Baih. abundance. Indian corn, potatoes, beans, Campbell H. Pv. Campbell có. Va. 125 . peas, &c., grow well. The clinate and soil ap WSW of Richmond. pear also to be exceedingly well adapted in Campbell, ip. Warwick co. Ind. the cultivation of grapes.

CAMPBELLSBURG, pv. Henry co. Ky. 30 nw of The white inhabitants of this country, with Frankfort.

(w of Ne. the exception of the American immigrants, i CAMPBELLSVILLE, pv. Giles co. Tenn. 67 s by resemble those of the other parts of Mexico, Campbellsville, pv. Greene co. Ky 77 ssw of being indolent, and fond of outward show; Frankfort.

(on Chaliahoochee r. thej ure said to be much addicted to gambling: CAMPBELLTox, pv. cap. of Campbell co. Ga. They abound in horses, and are generally CAMPBELLTOWx, pv. Lebanon co. Pa. 15 e of fenrless and expert riders; in this respect the Harrisburg women are said to be nearly equal to the men, CAMP BRANCH, Ip. Warren co. Mo. The chief American setileinent in Califor- CAMP CREEK, Tp. Pike co. O.

(Cd. nia is NUEVA HELVETIA, in the valley of the CAMPTox, pt. Grasion co. N. H.47 x by w of Sacramento river. The principal towns are Camptown, pv. Essex co. N.J. 3 sw or NewMONTEREY, SAN DIEGO, PUEBLO DE LOS AN ark.

(bec r. GELES, SAN FRANCISCO, and SANTA BARBARA. CANAAN, pt. Somerset co. Me. on the KenneThese will be noticed under their respective Canaan, pe. Grafion co. N. H. 40 nw of Cd. heads.

Canaan, pl. Essex co. Vi. on Connecticut r.

Canaan, pt. Litchfield co. Conn. on HousaCal-LA-POO'YA INDIANS, a tribo in Oregon,

tonic r. dwelling s of the Columbia, and E of the Canaan, pt. Columbia co. N. Y. 24 SE of Al. Willamette river.

(of H. i Canaan, pt. Wayne co. Pa. 160 NE of H. CALLENSBURG, pv. Clarion co. Pa. 190 wnw Canaan, ip. Athens co. O. on Hockhocking r. CALUMET, ip. Pike co. Mo. (L. Winnehago. Canaan, tp. Madison co. O. CALUMET VILLAGE, pv. Calumet co. Wis. on Ca11aan, tp. Marion co, 0. CALVARY, ip. Franklin co. Mo.

Cavaan, pt. Wayne co. O. CALVIN, Ip Cass co. Mich.

Canaan, ip. Hillsdale co. Mich. CAMANCHE, pv. cap. of Clinton co. Iowa, on Canaan, pv. Jefferson co. Ind. 84 sse of Is. the Mississippi river.


SE of Albany

(N.Y. 25 sw of Al. CAMBRIA, pt. Ningara co. N.Y.

CANAAN FOUR CORNERS, pv. Columbia co. Cainbria, tp, Cambria co. Pa.

CANADIAN T. See NortH CANADIAN T. CAMRUDE, pt. Somerset co. Me. 60 x Of A CANADICE, Pt. Ontario co. N.Y. 218 w or Al. Caulridge, ip. Coos co. N. H. on Androscog- CARAJONANTE. See GAZETTEER.

CANAL, pl. Venango co. Pa. 220 xw of I. Cainbridge, pt. Ismoille co. Vt. on Lamoiller. CANAL FILTox, pv. Tuscarawas co. O. on iho Cambridge, Mass. See GAZETTEER.

Ohio canal. Cambridge, pe. N.Y. 34 x by E of AL. CANANDAIGUA, N. Y. See GAZETTEER. Cami ridge, pv. cap. of Dorchester Co. Md. 60' Canandaigua, v. Lenawee co. Mich. 17 w of *¥. of Annapolis. (N of Ca. Adrian.

(Ne. Crunbridge, pv. Abbeville dist. S. C. 40 w by CANASAUGA, pv. Bradley co. Tenn. 170 SE Of Cambridge, pv. Dallas co. Ala 84 s by k of 'T. CANASTO'TA, pv. Madison cs. N. Y. on the Cambridge, pv. cap. of Guernsey co: 0.77 E Erie canal. of Columbus.

CANDIA, pł. Rockingham ca N.II. 18se of cd. Cambridge, pr. Lenawee co. Mich. 66 sw D. CAND 'r, pt. Tioga co. N. Y. ON of Owego. Canılıridge, pv. Wayne co. Ind. 52 E of Is. Candor, pv. Washington co. Pa. 2:25 W of H. CAMBRIDGEPORT, pv. Middlesex cu. Mass. 2' CANEADEA, pi. Alleghany co. N. Y. 10 x of w of Buston.

(Bay. Angelica. CAMDEx, pl. Waldo co. Me. on Penobscuit Case IIill, pl. Washington co. Ark. Candeu, pt. Oneida co. N.You Fish cr. CANFIELD, pt. Troubtil 10, 0, 100 NE of Cs. Camden, city, Camden co. N.J. on the De. CANISTEO, pr. Sieuben co. N.Y.on Canisteo r.

latrare river, opposite Philadelphia, CANISTEO r. N Y. flows into the Tioga. Camten, pv. Kent co. Del. 3 s of Dover. CAXXONSBURG, Pa. See GAZETTEER. Camdeni, pv. cap. of Camden co.N.C.00 Pas CANNOCCIIEE (kan-oo'che) r. Ga. the largest quotank river.

(Watercer affluent of the Ogeechee. Coinden, pv. cap. of Kershaw dist. S. C, on CAXO'GA, pv. Seneca co. N.Y. near Cayuga L. Camden, pv. Madison co. Miss. 40 s by e of J. CANONICUT I. R. I. in Narraganset Bay. Camden.pv.cap.of Benton co. Tenn. go w Ne. CANTERBURY, pi. Merrimack co. N.H. &N Cd. Camden, pv. Shelby co. Ky. 30 w of F. Canterbury, pi. Windham co. Conn. 40 E HA. Causelen, tp. Iran co, 0.

Canterbury, pv. Orange co. N.Y. I w of HudCamden, pv. Preble co. 0. 100 wow of Cs. son river. Camden, pr. Hillsdale co. Mich. 120 se ot D. Caulerbury, pv. Kent co. Del. 8 s of Dover.

CANTON, pi. Oxford co. Me. on Androscog. The hamtal of these two animale appan t be limitel

gin river. the worthen jart of the mountainous ngion.

Canton, pl. Norfolk co. Mass. 16 s by w of B.

Il river.

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