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sq. m. Pop. unknown. According to Balbi, COLLEGE, tp. Knox co. O.
Monclova (or Coahuila) is the capital, buí COLLEGE CORNERs, pv. Butler co. O.110 W8w

somne writers give Saltillo as the capital. of Columbus. COAL, tp. Northumberland co. Pa.

COLLEGEVILLE, pv. Saline co. Ark. 15 sw or COAL BROOK, ip. Clinton co. Pa.

Little Rock

(of Rh COATESVILLE, pv. Chester co. Pa, on the Co- COLLETSVILLE, pv. Caldwell co. N. C. 213 w

lumbia railroad, 38 m. w of Philadelphia. COLLins, pt. Erie co. N.Y.on Cattaraugus cr COBLESKILL, pl. Schoharie co. N. Y. 40 w Al. COLLINSVILLE, pv. Hartford co. Com. on COBURG, a t. of Canada West, on the x shore Farmington river.

of L.. Ontario, lat 44" N, Lon. 789 10w. Collinsville, pv. Lewis co. N.Y. 123 xw of Al. COCHECTOX, pt. Sullivan co. N. Y. on Del. r. Collinsville, pv. Huntingdon co. Pa. 122 w H. COCHRAN'S GROVE, pv. Shelby co. II. 72 se Sd. Collinsville, pv. Builer co. O. 100 sw of Cs. CACURASSVILLE, pv.Chester co. Pa. 02 ESE H. Collinsville, pv. Madison co. III. 86 s of Sd. CODurus cr. rises in Md. and flows into the Colon, pl. si. Joseph co. Mich. (TEER. Susquehanna river in Pa.

COLORADO r. See Rio COLORADO, GAZET. Codorus, pv. York co. Pa. on Codorus cr. Co-lor-ado, a co. of Texas, lying on both CORY MAN's, quee'manz, pt. Albany co. N. Y. sides of the r. Colorado, from 0 to 100 m. 13 s of Albany.

from the sea. Along the Colorado and COFFEEVILLE, pv. Clark cn. Ala. on Tombig. Navidad the soil is exceedingly fertile : bee river.

[Turkey cr. 130 x of J. Towards the pe border of the co. it is sandy Coffeeville, pv. cap. Yalabusha co. Miss. on and less productive. ' Capital, Columbus. COM ASSET, pt. Norfolk co. Mass. 20 SE of B. COLORADO City, a v. of Fayeite co. Texas, Cores, pv. Albany co. N. Y. on the Mohawk. on the Colorado river, a mile or two above Cohoes Falls, on the Mohawk, 3 m. above its La Grange.

inauth. There is a perpendicular fall of Colosse, pv. Oswego co. N.Y. 150 www of Al. about 70 feet.

Colt's Neck, pv. Monmouth co. N. J.40 E of COITSVILLE, pt. Trumbull co. O. on Beaver r. Trenton.

(Machias. COKESBURG, py. Abbeville dist. S.C. 93 w Ca. COLUMBIA, pt. Washington co. Me. 15 w of COLBERT, pv. Lowndes co. Miss. on Tombig. Columbia, pt. Coos co. N. H. on Conn. r. bee river.

Columbia, pt. Tolland co. Conn. 24 E of Hd. COLBURX, a t. of Canada West, on the n shore Columbia, pi. Herkimer co. N.Y.75 w of Al.

of L. Ontario. lat. 44°,lon. about 79 w. Columbia, pv. Warren co. N. J. 70 n of Tn. COLBYVILLE, pv. Clarke co. Ky. 10 ESE Of F. Columbia, ip. Bradford co. Pa. (Susqa. T. COLCHESTER, pt. Chiltenden . Vt. on Lake Columbia, borough, Lancaster co. Pa, on the Champlain.

(Salmour. Columbia, pv. Fluvanna co. Va, on James T. Colchester, pt. New London co. Conn. on Columbia, pv. cap. of Tyrrell co. N. C. on Colchester, pt. Delaware co. N. Y.

Scouperuong r. COLDBROOK, pv. Worcester co. Mass. 60 w B. Columbia, pv. Henry co. Ala. 210 sw of T. Colbrook, pv. Herkimer co. N.Y. F6 w Al. Columbia, pv. cap. of Marion co. Miss. on COLDEX, pl. Erie co. N.Y. (Hadson r. Pearl river.

(Washita r. COLD SPRING, pv. Putnam co. NY. ou the, Colombia, pv. cap. of Caldwell par. la. on Cold Spring, ip: Caltaraugus co. N.Y. on the Columbia, pv. cap. of Chicot co. Ark. on the Alleghany river,

Mississippi river.

(Duck r. Cold Spring, pv. Cape May co. N. J. 105 s T... Columbia, pv. cap. of Maury co. Tenn. on Cold Spring, pv. Shelby co. III. 72 SE of Sl. Columbia, pv. cap. of Adair co. Ky. 99 s of F. COLD SPRING HARBOUR, pv. on the x side of Columbia, ip. Hamilton co. 0.6 E Cincinnati. Long Island.

(of R. Columbia, pi. Jackson co. Mich. 74 w of D. COLD STREAM, pv. Hampshire co. Va. 167 xw Columbia, pv. Fayelle co. Ind. 55 E of Is. (r. COLD WATER, pv. cap. of Branch co. Mich. Columbia, pv.cap. or Whitley co. Ind. on Blue 110 Wsw of Detroit.

(river. Columbia, pv. Monroe co. JÚ.
COLEBROOK, pt. Coos co. N. IL on Connecticut Columbia, pv.cap, ot Boone co. Mo. on Roche
Colebrook, pl. Liicbfield co. Com. 30 nw Hd. Pierre river.
COLEBROOKDALE, pt. Berks co. Pa.

Colunbia, a v. of Brazoria co. Texas, on the
COLE CR. tp. Montgomery co. Ind.

right bank of the Brazos river. Pop. troin CLE. MINA VILLE, vv. Ilarrisoll co. Ky. 50 NE 300 to 400.

(157 nw of R. of Frankfort.

(ent of Deerfield r. COLUMBIS FURNACE, pv. Shenandoah co. Va. COLERAIX, pt. Franklin co. Mass. on an afflu. COLUMBIASA, pv.cap.of Shelby co. Ala. 73 E T. Colerain, tp. Bedford co. Pa.

Columbiana, pv. Columbiana co. O.
Colerain, pt. Lancaster co. Pa.

COLUMBIAVILLE. V. Columbia co. N.Y. near
Coleraill, pv. Bertie co. N. C. ou Chowan r. the river Iludson.

[la r. Colerain, pi. Belmont co. O.

COLUMBUS, pt. Chenango co. N.Y. on Unadila Colerain, 'p. Hamilton co. O.

Columbus, pv. Burlington co. N.J. 12 s of Tn. Colerain, ip. Ross co. O. (Spruce cr. Columbus, ip. Warrenco. Pa. (Tombigbee r. COLERAIN FORGE, pv. Huntingdon co. Pa. on Columbus, pv. cap. of Lowndes co. Miss. on COLES C. H. pv. cap. of Coles co. II. 96 Ese Sd. Columbus, pv. Hempstead co. Ark. 120 sw of COLIMA, ko-lee'ma, the chief t.* of the Little Rock

(see river. Mexican territory of Colima, near a cele Columbus, pv. Polk co. Tenn. on the Hiwasbrated volcano of the same name. lat. Columbus, pv. cap. Ballard co. Ky.on the Mis

about 18° 50' N, Lon. 103° 10' w. (qa. r sissippi.
COLESVILLE, pr. Broome co. N.Y.on the Sus- Columbus, pt. St. Clair co. Mich. 37 ne of D.

Columbus, pv. cap. of Bartholomew co. Ind.
Balbi speaks of this place as a little town," while one 40 se of Indianapolis.
of the maps of the So lely for the Division of Useful
Koowledge gives 37,000 for the pop. ; but this may possibly

Columbus, pv. Adams co. III. 100 w of Sd. be an error of the engraver.

Columbus, v. Texas, cap. of Colorado co. on

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amazoo river.

the right bank of the Colorado river, 90 m. / Conestoga, tp. Lancaster co. Pa. (Genesee SE of Austin. Pop. 150.

Conests, ip: Livingston co. N. Y. 10 sa of COLUMBUS City, pv. cap. Muscogee co. Ga. CoNESVILLE, Ip. Schoharie co. N.Y. so on the Chattahoochee.

COMac. pv. Suffolk co. N.Y. on Long Island. CONGAREE r. S. C. See GAZETTEER.
COMANCHE, a v. of Travis co. Texas, on the Congress, ip. Richland co. O.
Colorado, 20 m. below Austin.

Congress, pi. Wayne co. O. on Killback er. CO-MANCHES, a numerous and powerful tribe' CostocTON, 1p: Sieuben co. N. Y. 18 xw Baib.

of Indians dwelling in the northern part of Conhocton r. N. Y. rises in Steuben en and Texas and Mexico.

unites with

the Tioga to forin the Chemung. CO-MAR'GO, a small t. of Mexico, on the Rio Coxxlix, pt. Broome co. N.Y. on the Sasa i. del Norte, 50 xw of Reinosa.

CONNEAUT, tp. Crawford co. Pa. 12 w of COMMERCE, pv. Tunica co. Miss. on the Mis Meadville. sissippi river.

Conneaut, tp. Erie co. Pa. 15 s of Erie. Commerce, pv. Wilson co. Tenn. 48 ENE Ne.' Conneaul, pt. Ashtabula co. O. on Lake Erie. Commerce, pt. Oakland co. Mich. 35 xw of D. CON EAUTVILLE, pv. Crawford co. Pa. 230 Commerce, pv. Scoli co. Mo. on Mississippi r. xw of Harrisburg. Comstock, pv. Kalamazoo co. Mich. on Kal. CoxselsVILLE, pi. Fayette co. Pa. 180 W A.

Coxxer's Mills, Cooper co. Mo. 45 xw of Cox'chas, a r. of Chihuahua, Mexico, flow- ! Jefferson City.

(60 ESE OF Is ing into the Rio del Norte.

COXNERSVILLE, pv. cap. of Fayette co. Ind. Concord, pt. Somerset co. Me. 54 x of A. CocoTEN, pv. Harrison co. 0. 1 NE of C. Concord, pt. Essex co. Vi. on the Conn. r. CONQUEST, pt. Cayuga co. N.Y. 15 x Aubarn. Concord, ip. Erie co. N. Y. 25 e of Buffalo. CONSTABLE, ip. Franklin co. N.Y. Concord, ip. Delaware co. Pa. 20 wsw Phila. CoNsTABLEVILLE, pt. Lewis co. N.Y. (Lake. Concord, tp. Erie co. Pa.

CONSTANTIA, pt. Oswego co. N.Y. on Oneida Concord, pv. Franklin co. Pa. 72 w of H.

ConstaNTINE, pv. St. Joseph co. Mich. on St. Concord, pv. Sussex co. Del. 46 s of Dover. Joseph's river.

(mack. Concord, pv. Campbell co. Va. 102 w of R. CoxrooCOOK T. N. H. flows into the MerriConcord, pv. cap. Cabarrus co. N. C. 140 ContooCOOK VILLAGE, pv. Merrimack co. X. wsw or Raleigh.

H. on the Contoocook river. Concord, pv. Baker co. Ga.

Covis, ip. Calhoun co. Mich. Concord, pv. Lincoln co. Tenn. 78 s of Ne. Conway, pr. Carroll co. N. H. on Swiftr. Concord, pv. Lewis co. Ky. on the Ohio r. Conway, pt. Frankiin co. Mass. on Deerfield r. Concord, ip. Delaware co. O.

CONWAYBOROUGH, pv.cap. of Horry dist. S.C. Concord, ip. Highland co. O.

CONYNGHAM, pv. Luzerne co. Pa. jos xse H. Concord, ip. Latayetle co. O.

COOKHAM, pv. Fairfield dist. S. C. 20 of Ca. Concord, pt. lake co. 0. 177 NE of Cs. COOKSBURG, pv. Albany co. N.Y. (of An. Concord, ip. Miami co. O. on the Miami r. COOKSVILLE, pv. Ann Arundel co. Md. 53 Concord, tp. Ross co. O.

Cooksville, pv. Noxubee co. Miss. 13 xe of J. Concord, pt. Jackson co. Mich. 84 w of D. COOLBAUGI's, pt. Monroe co. Pa. Concord, pv. Tippecanoe co. Ind. 62 rw Is. Cool SPRING, pt. Mercer co. Pa. Con pv. Callaway co. Mo. 35'NE oi Jef- COOPER r. S.C.'flows into Charleston Harbour. ferson City.

Cooper, pl. Washington co. Me. CONCORDIA V. La. See VIDALIA.

Cooper, pi. Kalamazoo co. Mich. [Otsego L. Concordia, pv. Fayette co. Tenn. 200 sw Ne. CooperStown, pv. cap.of Otsegoco. Non ConcorDVILLE, pv. Delaware co. Pa. 83 ESE Cooperstown, pv. Venango co. Pa. 218 www of Harrisburg

of Harrisburg CONECOCHEAGUE (kon'e-ko-cheeg') cr. rises COOPERSVILLE, pv. Lancaster co. Pa. 55 SE H.

in Pa, and flows into the Potomac at Wil- Coosa r. Ala. See GAZETTEER. (river. liamsport, Md.

Coos AWDA, pv. Autauga co. Ala. on Alabama Cose'cui r. a branch of the Escambja. See CoOSAWHATCHE, px. cap. of Beaufort dist. ESCAMBIA, GAZETTEER.

S.C. on the Coasuwharchie r. COXEDOGWINIT cr. Pa. flows into the Sus. ' COPAKE, pt. Columbia co. N.Y. 50 s of Al.

quehanna r. 2 ms. above Harrisburg: Corano, a v.of Rerugio co. Texas, on Copano CONEMAUGH T. Pa. falls into the Alleghany r. Bay, 15 ESE of Refugio. 30 of Pittsburg.

CoPELY, P. Summit co. 0. 124 NE of Cs. Conemaugh, tp. Cambria co. Pa. (river. COPENHAGEN, pv. Lewis co. N. y. on Deer r. Conemaugh, ip. Indiana co. Pa. op the above Copenhagen, pv. Caldwell co. N. C. 200 w Rb. Conemaugh, ip. Somerset co. Pa.

Copenhagen, pv. Caldwell par. la. CONEWAGO, 1p. Adams co. Pa.

CORAM, pv. Suffolk co. N.Y. 200 sse of Al. Conewago, tp. York co. Pa. (Susqa. CORBEAU, v. Clinton co. N.Y. Conewago cr. Adams co. Pa, falls into the CORE A FABRE, pv. Union co. Ark. on WashiCONEwango cr. rises in the sw part of N. Y.; Corinna, pt. Penobscot co. Me. 64 xxw of A

and falls into the Alleghany river in Pa. i CORINTH, pt. Penobscot co. Me. 85 xxe Of A Conewango, pt. Cattaraugus co. N. Y. on Corinth, pi. Orange co. V:. 34 se of Mir. Conewango creek.

[ghany r. Corinth, pt. Saratoga co. N.Y. 52 x of Al. Conewango, ip. Warren co. Pa. on the Alle Corinth, pv. Heard co. Ga. 120 w of M. CONEWINGO, pv. Cecil co. Md. on a creek of CORNELITSVILLE, pv. Boone co. Ky. 90 x F. the same name.

(Butler. CORNERSBURG, pv. Trumbull co. o. CONEQUENESSING, tp. Builer co. Pa. 10 w or CORNERSVILLE, pv. La Fayelle co. Miss. Cunequenessing cr. Butler co. Pa, joins Ma- Cornersville, pv. Giles co. Tenn. 60 s Ne. houing river.

(Susquehanna r. Cornersville, pv. Graves co. Ky. 290 sw of F. CONESTOGA T. Lancaster oo. Pa. falls into the Corning, pv. Steuben co.N.Y.on Chemung 1.

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(of Al.

Corsis, pt. York co. Me. on Saco r. COXSACKTE, Pf. Greene co. N.Y. 22 6 of Al. Cornisi, pt. Sullivan co. N. H. on Conn. r. CRAB ORCHARD, pv. Lincoln co. Ky 62 sse F. Coex PLANTER, pt. Venango cn. Pa.

CRAFTox, pv. Piitsylvania co. Va: 167 sw R. CORYTILLE. pt. Somerset co. Me. 42 x of A. CRAFTSBURY, pl. Orleans co. Vi. on Black r. CORYWALL, Pt. Addison co. Vt. 63 sw of Mir. CRAIG, ip. Switzerland co. Ind. Cornwall, pl. Litchfield co. Coun, on Housa- CRANBERRY, pv. Middlesex co. N. J. 22 NE tonic

of Trenton. Cornwall, tp. Orange co 'N.Y. 6 s Newburg. 'Cranberry, ip. Butler co. Pa. 11 sw of Butler. CORNWALL LANDING, V. Orange co. N.Y. on Cranberry, pt. Venango co. Pa. on Allethe Hudson river.

ghany river. CORSWALLVILLE, pv. Greene co. N.Y. 38 ssw CRANESVILLE, pv. Daviess co. Mo. (vidence. Corpcs Christi, kris'te, a v. of Texas, cap. | CRANSTON, ip. Providence co. R. J. 5 sw Pro

of San Patricio co. on Corpus Christi Bay, Crawford, ip. Washington co. Me.

230 miles sw of Galveston. Pop. 200. 1 Crawford, pt. Orange co N.Y. 92 s of Al. CoaTLAND, Pt. W.Chester co. NY.on Croton r. , Crawford, pv. Estill co. Ky.on a br. of Ky. r. COETLANDVILLE, pv. cap. of Cortlandco. N.Y., Crawford, ip. Coshocion co. O.

on Toughnioga river: [Toughningar. CRAWFORDSVILLE, pv. cap. of Taliaferro co. CORTLAND VILLAGE, pv. Cortland co.N.Y.on Ga. 62 n of Milledgeville. CORTOISE, tp. Crawford co. Mo.

Crawfordsville, pv. cap. of Montgomery co. CORPUSA, pv. cap. of Shiawassee co. Mich. Ind. 45 xw of Indianapolis. (wnw Ca. on Shiawassee river.

CRAYTONVILLE, pv. Anderson dist. s. C. 114 CORTDOX, pt. M.Kean co. Pa. 230 xw of H. CREAGERSTOWN, pv. Frederick co. Md. 88 Corydon, pv. cap. of Harrison co. Ind. 126 s Is. NW of Annapolis. COSALA, a tow# of Mexico, in Cinaloa, 140 CREEK, tp. Washington co. Pa. (land r.

w of Durango. Pop. estimated at 5,000. In CBEELSBURG, pv. Russell co. Ky. on Cumher

ils vicinity are several rich gold mines. CRITTENDEN, pv. Grant co. Ky: 60 XXE of F. Coszoctox, pv. cap. of Coshocton co. 0.83 Crittenden, v. Clarke co. Ark. 82 sw of Liule ESE of Columbus.

Rock. CossAWAGO, tp. Crawford co. Pa.

CROCKETT, a v. of Texas, semi-capital of COTE SANS DESSEIN, pv. Callaway co. Mo. Houston co. near Trinity r. 180 m. Ne of on the Missouri river.

Austin Pop. near 200. [182 ESE of T. COTTON, Ip. Switzerland co. Ind.

CROCKETTSVILLE, py. cap. of Russell co. Ala. COTTON Gix Port, pv. Monroe co. Miss. on CROGHAN, ip, Lewis co. N. Y. Tombigbee river..

CROGĦANSVILLE, V. a suburb of Pittsburg, on COTTONVILLE, pv. Marshall co. Ala. 100 NE T. the road to Philadelphia. COTT RELVILLE, tp. St. Clair co. Mich.

CROLX (kroi) ST. v. cap. of St. Croix co.Wis. COTUIT VILLAGE, pv. Barnstable co. Mass. 69 Croix, St. river. See GAZETTEER. 6SE of Boston.

(ghany r. CROOKED CR. pt. Carroll co. Ark COUDERSPORT, pv. cap. Potter co. Pa. on Alle CROOKED LAKE, N.Y. See GAZETTEER. COURSESVILLE, pv. Sussex co. N. J. 5 sw of CROMWELL, tp. Huntingdon co. Pa. Newton.

CROSBY, ip. Hamilton co. O. COORTABLEAU T. La. enters Atcharalaya r. CROSBYVILLE, pv. Chester dist. S. C. 72 x Ca. COORILAND, pv. lawrence co. Ala. 120 w T. CROSSANVILLE, pv. Perry co. O. COURTWRIGHT, pv. Fairfield co. 0. 20 Se Cs. Cross Cr. ip. Jef. co. O. on Great Miami r. COVENTRY, pt. Orleans co. Vt. 54 x of Mtr. CROSSINGVILLE, pv.Crawford co. Pa 250xw H. Crveniry, ip. Grafton co. N. H. 12 ESE of

Cross Keys, pv. Gloucester co. N. J. 46 s Tn. Haverhill

[dence. , Crosswicks, pv. Burlington co.N.J.8sse Tn. Coventry, pt. Kent co. R. I. 12 sw of Provi- CROW INDIANA, a tribe dwelling in the central Coventry, pt. Chenango co. N.Y.

and sw part of Missouri Territory: (plain. Coventry, ip. Chesler co. Pa, on Tioga r. Crown Point, pt. Essex co. N.Y.ou L. ChamCoventry, 'p. Summit co. O (wsw of Al. Crown Point, pv. cap. of Lake co. Ind. 15 s COVENTRTVILLE, pv. Chenango co N. Y. 114 of Lake Michigan. COVERT, pt. Seneca co. NY. on Cayuga I.. CROYDON, pl. Sullivan co. N. H. on Sugar r. COVESVILLE, pv. Albemarle co. Va.00 NW R. CUBA, pi. Alieghany co, N.Y. 280 w of Al. COVINGTON, pl. Wyoming co. N.Y.

Cuba, pv. Clinton co. (). 78 sw of Cx. Covington, ip. Clearfield co. Pa. [of Tioga r. CUCKOOVILLE, pv. Louisa co. Va. 47 Nw of R. Covington, borough, Tioga co. Pa, on a branch Cuivre, in. Pike co. Mo. Covington, ip. Luzerne co. Pa. on Lehigh r. Cuivre, ip. St. Charles co. Mo. Covington, pv. cap. of Alcghany co. Va. on Culiacan, koo-le-ah-kan', a 1. of Mexico, Jackson river.

(of Rh. the largest in the state of Ciwaloa, on a Covington, pv. Richmond co. N. C. 120 sw river of the same name, which flows into Covington, pv. cap. of Newton co. Ga. 60 NW the Gulf of California. Lat.abont 25° N, Lon.

of Milledgville. In of New Orleans. 107° w. Pop. said to be 10,000. Covington, pv. cap. St. Tumany par. La. 45 CULLO'dex, pv. Monroe C. Ga. 68 w of M. Covington, pv. Tipton co. Tenn. 185 wsw Ne. CULPEPPER C. H. pv. Culpepper co. Va. 98 Covington, pv. Miami co. O. on Suillwater r. NXW of Richmond. Covingtoll, pv. cap. of Fountain co. Ind. on CUMBERLAND, pl. Cumberland co, Me. on Casthe Vabash river.

(Ohio r.
co Bay.

COYINGTON CITY, pv. Kenton co. Ky on the Cumberland, tp. Providence co. R. I. 8 n of
COWAXSVILLE, pv. Rowan co.N.C. 131 w Rh. Cumberland, ip. Adams co. Pa,
Cow E-LITSK' INDIANS, a tribe of Oregon, N Cumberland, ip. Greene co. Pa. (w of R.

of the Colombia, near Fort Vancouver. Cumberland c. 1. pv. Cumberland co. Va, 52 CowPASTURE of the upper tributa. Cumberland, pv. Guernsey co. 0.90 E of Cs. ries of James river.

Cumberland, pv. Marion co. Ind. 10 E of Is.

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(of M.

CUMBERLAND Hill, pv. Providence co. R. 1. DANA, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 70 y of B. on Pawtucket river.

DANBOROUGH, pv. Bucks co. Pa. 103 E of H CUMBERLAND ISLAND, on the const of Ga. Cam. DAXBURG, pv. Wilkes co. Ga. 88 SRE of M.

den ca. 15 miles long, and from 110 S broad. DAXBURY, pt. Grafton co. N. H. 23 xw of Ca CUMBERLAND r. and Mrs. See GAZETTEER. Danbury, Com. See GAZETTEER. CUMBERLAND VALLEY, !p. Bedford co. Pa. DANBY, pt. Rutland co. VI. 80 . of Mir. CUMMING, pv.cap. of Forsyth co. Ga. 109 xw Danby, pt. Tompkins co. N. Y. 108 wow of Al. of Milledgeville.

DANDRIDGE, pv. cap. of Jefferson co. Tem. CUMMINGS, pl. Lycoming co. Pa. 110 x of H. on French Broad river. COMMINGTON, pl. Hampshire co. Mass. on DANGERFIELD. See DaIXGERFIELD. Westfield river.

DANIELSVILLE, pv. Spottsylvania co. Va. 85 CUMRU, tp. Berks co. Pa. on the Schuylkill r. NW of Richmond. CUNNINGHAM'S ISLAND, in the w part 1.. Erie. Danielsville, pv.cap. or Madison co. Ga. 90 x CURRENT 1. rises in Mo, and flows into the DANSVILLE, pv. Livingston co. N.Y.

Black river in Arkansas. (Currituck Sound. Dansville, 'p. Steuben co. N.Y. CURRITUCK C. H. py. Curriiuck co. N. C. on DANUBE, pt. Herkimer co. N.Y. 70 wxw Al CURTISVILLE, pv. Berkshire co. Mass. 136 w DANVERS, pt. Essex co. Mass. 16 x of B. of Boston

(of H. DANVILLE, Pt. Cumberland co. Me. 42 sv A CurWINSVILLE, pv. Clearfield co. Pa. 130 nw Danville, pi. Rockinghain co. N. H. 20 SE Cd. CUSHING, pt. Lincolu co. Me. 50 SE of A. Danville, pv. cap. of Caledonia co. Vt. 2 se CUSSAW AGO, pt. Crawford co. Pa. 245 xw H. of Montpelier. CUSSETA, pv. Chambers co. Ala. 170 ESE of T. Danville, pv. cap. of Columbia co. Pa. 70 . CUSTARDS, pv. Crawford co. Pa, 210 xw of H. Danville, pv. Piitsylvania co. Va. on Dan r. CUTCHOGUE, pv. Suffolk co. N.Y. on Long I. Danville, pv. Sumier co. Flint T. CUTHBERT, pv. cap. of Randolph co. Ga. 158 Danville, pv. cap. of Boyle co. Ky. 40 s of F. sw of Milledgeville.

(lantic. Danville, pv. Knox co. O. 65 NE of Cs. CUTLER, pt. Washington co. Me. on the Al Danville, pv.cap. of Hendricks co Ind. Ww ls. CUTTINGSVILLE, pv. Rutland co. Vt. 72 ssw Danville, pv. cap. Vermilion co. III. 130 E S. of Montpelier.

Danville, pv. cap. of Montgomery co. Mo. 07 CUYAHOGA T. 0. enters L. Erie at Cleveland, NE of Jefferson City. CUYAHOGA Falls, pv. Sumtnit co. 0. on the Darby, pv. Delaware co. Pa. on Darby cr. above, (NE of F. Darby, ip. Pickaway co. O.

(ville CYNTHIANA, pv. cap. of Harrison co. Ky. 37 Darby cr. O. flows into Scioto 1. near Circle. Cynthiana, pv. Pike co. 0. 75 s of Cs.

DARBYVILLE, pv. Pickaway ca. 0.88 8 or Cs Cynthiana, ip. Shelby co. 0.

DARDANELLE, pv. Yell co. Ark. on Ark.r. Cynthiana, pv. Posey co. Ind. 158 sw of Is. DARDESNE, pv. St. Charles co. Mo. CYRUSTON, pv. Lincoln co. Temn. 97 s of Ne. DARIEN, pt. Fairfield co. Conn. 74 sw of IId.

Darien, pl. Genesee co. N.Y. 20 w of Al. DACHEET T. rises in Ark, and flows into l.. Bis. Darien, Ga. See GAZETTEER. tineau, La.

[of Ca. Darien, pl. Walworth co. Wis. 60 se Madism. DACUSVILLE, pv. Pickens dist. S. C. 130 wxw DARKESVILLE, pv. Berkley co. Va, 160 x R DADEVILLE, pv. cap. of Tallapoosa co. Ala. Darlingtox, borough, Beaver co. Pa. 210 >> 140 ESE of Tuscaloosi.

(Dover of Harrisburg. DAGSBOROUGH, pv. Sussex co. Del. 51 sse of Darlington, pv. Harford co. Md. 70 x of du. DAHLONEGA, pv. cap. of Lumpkin co. Ga. 140 Darlington C. H. pv. cap. of Darlington dist.

NNW of Milledgeville. (s of Boston. S. C. 130 ESE of Columbia.
DAINGERFIELD, a v. of Bowie co. Texas, 30 Darlington, pv. St. Helena par. La.
DALEVILLE, pv. cap. of Dale co. Ala. on a Darlington, pv. Monig. co. Ind. 45 vsw of Is
branch of Choctawhatchee river.

DARNSTOwx, pv. Md. 65 wxw An. Daleville, pv. Lauderdale co. Miss. 104 B of J. DARRSTOWN, pv. Butler co. 0. 109 sw of Ca DALLAS, jt. Luzerne co. Pa. 130 NE of H. DARTMOUTH, pt. Bristol co. Mass. 65 s of B. Dalles (dalz) OF THE COLUMBIA, a narrow DARWIX, pv. Clark co. Ill. on the Wabash r.

passage in the river, some 50 m. above the DAUPHIN, pv. Dauphin co. Pa. on the Susor, Cascades. This cbannel, which receives DAVENPORT, pt. Delaware co. N. Y. 70 sw Al. the whole volume of the river, is formed by Davenport, pv. cap. of Scoti co. Iowa, on the walls of basaltic rock, and is only 58 yards Mississippi river. wide in the narrowest place. The word DAVIDSON, pt. Lycoming co. Pa. 110 x of 11 dalles (from dolle, a "slab”) appears to sig- Davidson COLLEGE, pv. Mecklenburg Co.N.C nify "irough” in the language of the DAVIDSONVILLE, pv. Somerset co. Pa. 140 » French hunters.

of Harrisburg DALMATIA, pv. Northumberland co. Pa.40n H. Davidsonville, pv. Anne Arundel co. Md. Dalton, pt. Cros co. N. H. on Connecticut r. DAVISBOROUGu, pv. Wn. co. Ga. 40 SE of M Dalton, pt. Berkshire co. Mass. 125 w of B, Davis's MILLS, Barnwell dist. S. C. 106 sse Dalton, pv. Wayne pn. Ind. 80 E of Is.

of Columbia. DAMARISCOTT A Mills, pv. Lincoln co. Me. 30 DAVISTON, pv. Clay co. Ind. 74 wsy of Is. SE of Augusta.

[of Cs. DAVISVILLE, pv. Bucks co. Pa. DAMASCOVILLE, pv. Columbiana co. 0.174 DAY, pl. Saratoga co. N.Y.60 x of Al. DAMASCCs, pl. Wayne co. Pa.on Delaware r. DAYANVILLE, pv. Lewis co. N.Y. 140 xw Al Damascus, pv. Monigomery co. Md. 70 wAn. Daytox, pt. Cattaraugus co. N.Y. Damascus, pv. Spartanburg dist. S. C. 107 nw Dayton, pv. Marengo co. Ala. 76 s of T. of Columbia,

Dayton, O. See GAZETTEER. Damascus, pv. Henry co. O. on Maumee r. Dayton, pv. Tippecanoe co. Ind. 62 x or Is DAN r. N. C. and Va.unites with the Staunton DEAD r. Me. falls into the Kennebec 20 E river to forin the Roanoke.

below Moosehead lake.

DEAD STREAM, Me. enters the Penobscot r. at DELAWARE CITY, pv. Newcastie co. Del. on Orono.

the Delaware river.

(of Al. DEAL, V. Monmouth co. N. J near the sea. DELHI, pv.cap. of Delaware co. N.Y.77 W8W DEANSVILLE, pv. Oucida co. N. Y. 101 Www Delhi, ip. Hlainilton co. O. of Albany:

Delhi, pv. Jersey co. II. 78 sw of Sd. DRARBORX, tp. Kennebec co. Me. 13 x of A. DELMAR, tp. Tioga co. Pa. Dearlor, ip. Wayne co. Mich. on Rouges. DELPHI, pv. Onondaga co. N.Y. 120 w of Al. DEARBOR NVILLE, pv.Wayne co. Mich. 10 w D. Delphi, pv. Marion co. Tenn. 110 se of Ne. DEAVERTOWN, pv. Morgan co. 0.70 e of Cs. Delpbi, pv. cap. of Carroll co. Ind. on WaDECATUR, pl. Olsego cu. N.Y. 60 w of Al.

Dash river Decatur, ip. Mitilin co. Pa. 14 NE Lewistown. Delphi, pv. Gasconade co. Mo. 53 se Jef. City. Decatur, pv. Uniou dist. S. C. 77 NW of Ca. Delratox, pv. Fayelle co. Ky. 20 E of F. Decatur, pt. cap. of De Kilb co. Ga. 90 NW M. DELTA, pv. Oneida co. N.Y. 112 www of Al. Decatur, pv. cap. of Newion co. Miss. 76 E J. DEMOPOLIS, pv. Marengo co. Ala. on TomDecatur, pv. Morgan co. Ala. ou Tennessee r. bigbee river, 61 ssw of Tuscaloosa. Decatur, pv. cap. of Meigs co. Tem. ucar DENMARK, pl. Oxford co. Me. on Saco r. Teunessee river.

Denmark, pt. Lewis co. N. Y. on Black r. Decatur, pv. Brown co. 0. 105 sw of Cs. Denmark, pv. Madison co. Tenn. 146 sw Ne. Decatur, pt. Van Buren co, Mich. (bash r. Demark, pl. Ashtabula co. O. Decatur, pv. cap. of Adams co. Ind. ou Wa Dennis, pi. Barnstable co. Mass. 80 sk of B. Decatur, pv. cap. of Macon co. III.40 E of Sd. Dennis, pt. Cape May co. N. J. 85 s of Tn. Decatur, pv. Iloward co. Mo.51 NW Jef. City: DENNISON, tp. Luzerne co. Pa. DECKERTOX, pv. Sussex co. N. J.87 N of T1. DENNYSVILLE, pl. Washington co. Me. on DEDHAM, ip. Hancock co. Me. [ss w of B.

Deunis river.

(Choptank r. Dedham, pv. cap. of Norfolk co. Mass. 13 DENTON, pv. cap. of Caroline co. Md. on DEEP CR. pv. Noriolk co. Ver. 114 se of R. DENTOXSVILLE, pv. Hanover co. Va. 21 x R. Deep r. pv. Middlesex co. Conn, on Conn. r. DEPAUVILLE, pv. Jefferson co.N.Y. on ChauDeep r. N. C. a branch of Cape Fear r.

mont river. DEER cr. Harford co. Md. enters the Susqa. DEPERE, pv. cap. of Brown co. Wis. Deer Cr. tp. Pickaway co. O. [of Cd. DEPEYSTER, pt. St. Lawrence co. N. Y. on DEERFIELD, pt. Rockingham co. N. H. 19 SE Oswegatchie river. Deerfield r. Mass. enters the Conn.

DEPOSIT, pv. Delaware co. N.Y. on Del. r. Deerfield, pt. Franklin co. Mass. 15 w of B. DEPTFORD), ip. Gloucester co. N. J. Deerfield, ip. Oneida co. N.Y. 4 N of Utica. DERBY, pt. Orleans co. Vt. on Clyde r. 60 Deerfield, ip. Cumberland co. N. J. on Co XNE OD Montpelier.

(tonic r. hansey cr.

(borough. Derby, pl. New Haven co. Conn. on HousaDeerfield, ip. Tioga co. Pa. 13 yw of Wells- DERKY, pt. Rockingham co. N. H. 29 SE of Cd. Deerheld, py. Warren co. Pa. 223 xw of II. Derry, tp. Columbia co. Pa. 84 N of H. Deerfield, pv. Augusta co. Va. 135 wxw R. Derry, tp. Dauphin co. Pa. 12 se of H. Deerfield, ip. Morgan co. O.

Derry, tp. Mittím co. Pa. on Kishcoquilla cr. Deerfield, pt. Porlage co. O. on Mahoning r. DE RUITER, de riler, pt. Madison co. N.Y. Deerfield, ip. Ross co. O. 44 s of Cs.

DES MOINEs r. Iowa. See GAZETTEER, Deerfield, tp. Warren co, O.

Des Moines, pv. Hancock co. III. 121 wnw Sd. Deerfield, pv. Lenawee co. Mich. 65 $w of D. DES PLAISES (de plain) r. III. a branch of the Deerfield, ip. Livingston co. Mich.

Illinois river. Deerfield, pv. Randolph co. Iud. S8 ENE of Is. De Witt, pi. Onondaga co. N.Y. 126 w Al. DEERFIELDVILLE, pv. Warren co. 0.90 se Cs. De Will, pv. cap. of Clinton co. Mich. 96 DEERING, pl. Hillsborough co. N. H. on Con NW of Detroit.

(river: 100cook river.

[Bas: De Wili, pv. Carroll co. Mo. on the Missouri DEER ISLE, p1, llaucock co. Me. on Penobscot DE WIt's Valley, pv. Alleghany co. N. Y. DEERPARK, 1p. Orange co. N.Y. on Never DEXTER, pl. Penobscot co. Me. 70 NNE of A. Minik river.

Dexter, pv. Jefferson co. N.Y. on Black r. DEERSVILLE, pv. Harrison co. (). 109 E of Cs. Dexter, pv.Washienaw co. Mich. 52 w of D. DEFIANCE, pv. cap. of Williams co. O. at the DEXTERVILLE, v. Chautauque co. N. Y. on junction of the Maumee and Anglaizer, Chautauque Lake.

(88w of R. DÉFRIESTVILLE, py. Reussclaer co. 1.9.4 SE DIAMOND GROVE, pv. Brunswick co. Va. 50 of Albany.

(wegutchie r. Diana, 1p. Lewis co. N.Y. on Oswegaichie r. DE KALE, pt. St. Lawrence co. NY. on Os- DIANA MÚLLS, Buckingham co. Va. 75 w R. De kalli, pv. Lewis co. Va. ou Little K11 Dickinson, pi. Franklin co. N. Y. 15 sw of jawha rive

(EXE of J. Malone De kalli, pv. cap. of Kemper co. Miss. 106 Dickinson, pt. Cumberland co. Pa. 24 sw H. De Kalb, pv. Ilancock co. Ill. 100 wxw of Su. Dickinsoni, pv. Franklin co. Va. 170 wsw R. De kalb, v. Texar, cap. of Bowie co.(?) about DickINSONVILLE, pv. Russell co. Va.

10 sw of Red river. A college is about DICKSBURG, pv. K110x co. Ind. 130 sw of Is. being established liere. Pop. 200.

DigBy, a I. of Nova Scotia, 10 mn. sw of AllDELAWARE, tp. llunterdon co. N.J. on Dela din polis, on the opposite side of the bay.

DIGHTON, pl. Bristol co. Mass. ou Tauntonr. Delaware, ip. Mercer co. Pa.7 xw of Mercer. DIGGERS, a name applied to various tribes of Delaware, pt. like co, Pa. ( Whetstone r. miserable and degraded Indians in Oregon Delaware C. II. pr. Delaware co. O. on and California, who subsist on roots, which Delaware, ip. Ulancuck co. 0.

they dig out of the earth, and on insecis, Delaware, tp. Williams co. 0. on Maumeer. lizards, &c.

(196 sw of Rh! Delaware, pv. Ripley co. Ind. 65 SE of Is. DillonSVILLE, pv. Mecklenburg co. N. C. Delaware, pv. Jersey co. III. 60 sw of Sd. DILLSBORO', pv. Dearborn co. Ind. 85 SE of Is.

Wire river.

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