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NORTH MIDDLETOWX, pv. Bourbon co. Ky. 50 · Norwich, pv. cap. of Chenango co. N.Y. E of Frankfort.

(Ne of H. Chenango river. NORTH MORELAND, pt. Luzerne co. Pa. 146 Norwich, v. Queen's co. N.Y. NORTA OXFORD, pv. Worcester co. M168.50 Norwich, pt. M'Kean co. Pa. 190 W of H. w of Boston.

(river. Norwich, pv. Muskingum co. 0. 65 R of a NORTHPORT, pl. Waldo co. Me. on Peibscot NORWICHTown, pv. New London co. Cool Northport, pv. Suffolk co. N.Y. 195 sse of Al. 37 E of Hartford.

(wsw of Rh. Northport, pv. Tuscaloosa co. Ala. 1 xw of T. Norwood, pv. Montgomery co. N. C. 15 Nurtu PROVIDENCE, ip. Providence co. R. I. NOTTAWAY I. Va. See GAZETTEER. on Seekonk river.

(n of B. Nouaway, pv. cap. of Nottaway co. Va a North READING, pv. Middlesex co. Mass. 15 Notaway r.

[of D. Northr, Mass, flows into Massachusetts Bay. Noutawuy, pt. St. Joseph co. Mich. 137 wov Nortu ROCHESTER, pv. Plymouth co. Mass. NUTTINGHAM, pl. Rockingham co. N. H. $

48 SSE of Boston. [n of White Plains. Ese of Concord. North Salem, pt. Westchester co. N.Y.2 Notingham, ip. Nercer co. N. J. 17 xx of North Salem, pv. Hendricks co. Ind. 30 w Is. Mount Holly (Washington (boroagbl. Nortu Sandwich, pv. Carroll co. N, H. 56 » Nottingham, ip. Washington co. Pa. 13 of Concord.

(s of B. Nottingham, pv. Prince George's co. Md. 22 North Sandwich, pv. Barustable co. Mass. 60 sw of Annapolis. Nortu SCITUATE, pv. Plymouth co. Mass. 35 Novi, pt. Oakland co. Mich. 25 xw of D. SE of Boston.

(of Providence. NUEVA HELVETIA, nwä'vă hel-vä'te-s, or North Scituale, pv. Providence co. R. J. 10 w NEW HELVETIA, an American settlerpent NORTH SEARSMONT, pv. Waldo co. Me. 40 € A. or colony in California, near the junetina NORTH SEWICKLY, pt. Beaver co. Pa 230 w H. of the Rio Sacramento with the Rio de los NORTH SMITHFIELD, Pv. Bradford co. Pa. Americanos, founded in 1838-9 by Captain NORTH SPENCER, pv. Worcester co. Mass. 53 Sutter, of Missouri. Under his wise and w of Boston.

(Mill r. energetic management, il appears to have NORTH STAMFORD, pv. Fairfield co. Com. on become very prosperous. A large quantity NORTH STOXINGTON, pt. New London co. of excellent wheat is raised here, a consi. Conn. 53 xe of llartiord.

derable portion of which is shipped to ibe North STRABANE, tp. Washington co. Pa. North-west settlements, in vessels belongNorth SUDBURY, Pv. Middlesex co. Mass. 20 ing to the proprietor. w of Boston.

(w of B. Nueiltas, nwa-vee'tas, a sea-port on the s NORTH SUNDERLAND, pv. Franklin co. Mass. 87 side of Cuba, 45 m. Ne of Puerto Principe. Nortu SWANSEA. pv. Bristol co. Mass 50 , B. Nuevo LEON (Sp. pron. nwa'vo la-one') ar Nortu Truro, pv. Barnstable co. Mass. 116 NEW LEON, a stare in the ne part of Mexi. SE of Boston.

(river. co, w of Tamaulipas. Area 20,000 sq. m. NORTHUMBERLAND, pr. Coos co. N.H.onConn. Pop. 85,000. Capital, Monterey. Northumberland, pi. Saratoga co. N. Y. 15 E Nuevo or New Mexico, a Mexican territory of Ballston Spa.

(Pa. 60 x of H. lying on both sides of the Rio del Norte, Northuinberland, boro', Northumberland co. near its source. Capital, Santa Fe. NORTHVILLE, pv. Plymouth co. Mass.

NULUEGAN r. Vi flows into the Connecticut. Northville, pv. Litchfield co.Conn. 47 wot Hd. Nunda, ip. Alleghany co. N.Y. 20 x of AnNorthville, pv. Erie co. Pa. 285 NW of H. gelica.

(Cashaqua er. Northville, pv. Wayne co. Mich. 28 wrw D. NUNDA VALLEY, pv. Alleghany co. N.Y. on Northvilie, pv. La Salle co. III. 152 sne Sd. Nrack, pv. Rockland co. N.Y. on Hudson r. North WASHINGTON, pv. Westmoreland co. Pa. 190 w of Harrisburg.

OAK Dale, pv. Shelby co. Mo. 94 x of JefNorthwest FORK, hundred, Sussex co. Del. ferson City: North WEYMOUTH, pv. Norfolk co. Mass. 12 OAKHAM, pt. Worrester co. Masz. 64 w of B. SSE of Boston.

(36 ne of Al, Oak Hill: pv. Jackson co. O. 80 sse of Cs. North WHITE Cr. pr. Washington co, N.Y. OAKLAND, pv. Hartford co. Conn. 9 w of Hd. NORTH WHITEHALL, pt. Lehigh co. Pa. 95 Oakland, pv. Alleghany co. N.Y. on CashaENE of Harrisburg.

(B of HI.

qua creek North WINDHAM, po. Windham co. Coun 36 Oakland, pv. Fayette co. Tenn. 195 sw of Ne. Nortu WOODSTOCK, pv. Windham co. Conn. Oakland, ip. Oakland co. Mich. 58 NW of D. 42 ENE of Hartford.

[of Cd. OAKLAND COLLEGE, pv. Claiborne co. Miss. 87 Northwood, ip. Rockinghain co. N. 11. 20 E $W of Jackson.

(of Al. North WOODBURY, tp. Bediord co. Pa. OAK ORCHARD, pv. Orleans co. N. Y. 260 w North YARMOUTH, pi. Cumberland co. Me. I OAKSVILLE, pv. Otsego co. N.Y. 73 w of Al. 10 n of Portland.

OAKVILLE, pv. Buckingham co. Va. 102 w R. Norton, pt. Bristol co, Masg. 33 of B. Oakville, py. Mecklenburg co. N. C. 180 WSW Norton, pv. Delaware co. 0. 31 N of Cs. of Raleigh. Norton, ip. Summit co. O. on Tuscarawas r. Oakville, pv. Lexington dist. S. C. 13 sw of Ca. NORWALK r. Conn, flows into Long Island Oakville, pv. Lawrence co. Ala. 112 n of T. Sound, at Norwalk.

Oakville, py. Monroe co. Mich. Norwalk, pt. Fairfield co. Conn. 68 sw Hd.

Oakville, pv. St. Louis oo, Mo. Norwalk, pv. cap. of Huron co. O. 100 N Cs. Oaxaca, or OAJACA, Wah-yah'ka, a state in NORWAY, pt. Oxford co. Me. 44 w of A. the se part of Mexico, w of Chiapa, and Norway, pi. Herkimer co. N.Y. 86 wnw Al. bordering on the Pacific. Area 31,500 sq. m. NORWEGIAN, Tp. Schuylkill co. Pa.

Pop. 600,000. Oaxaca, the cap. of the above, NORWICH, pi. Windsor co. Vt. 46 ssx of Mır. is a handsome city, with a pop. of near Norwich, pt. Hampshire co. Mass. 101 w B. 40,000. Norwich, Conn. See GAZETTEER.

OBANIONVILLE, pv. Clermont co. O. 109 sw Ca.

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OIL cr. Pa. Au Beaver co. Pa. 240 w of H.

OBERLIN, pv. Lorain co. 0. 110 xXE of Cs. Ontario, pt. Wayne co. N.Y. 22 w of Lyons.
OBIES T. Tenn. flows into Cumberland r. ONTUA, tp. Cass co. Mich.
OC-CID-EN'TE, or the “ WEST," a large Mex OOSTENAULA T. Ga. unites with the Etowah

ican stare, consisting of the provinces of to form the Coosa r. [217 WNW N. Orleans.
Sonora and Cinaloa, bordering on the Gulf OPELOUSAS, pv. cap. of St. Landry par. La.
of California. Area 148,000 sq. m. Pop. OPPENHEIM, pt. Fulton co. N.Y.64 xw of Al.
180,000. Capital, Villa del Fuerte.

OQUAWKA, pv. cap. of Henderson co. III. on OCCOQUAN, pv. Prince William co. Va. 96 x R. the Mississippi river. OCEOLA, pv. cap. of Mississippi co. Ark. on Oran, pv. Onondaga co. N.Y. 120 w of Al. Mississippi river.

ORANGE, pt. Orange co. Vt. 14 SE of Mir. Oceola, ip. Livingston co. Mich. (www D. Orange, ip. Grafton co. N. H. 40 nw of Cd. OCEOLÁ CENTRE, pv. Livingston co. Mich. 57 Orange, pr. Franklin co. Mass. on Miller's T. OCHULGEEVILLE, Dv. Telfair co. Ga. 148 s M. Orange, ip. New Haven co. Conn. 4 sw of OCRACOKE, pv. Carteret co. N.C. (the se New Haven. OCTORARA cr. Pa. bounds Lancaster co. on Orange, pl. Steuben co. N.Y. 200 w of Al. OGDEN, ip. Monroe co. N.Y. 10 w Rochester. Orange, pt. Essex co. N. J.5 Nw of Newark. Ogden, tp. Lenawee co. Mich.

Orange, ip. Columbia co. Pa. (nw of R. Ogden, pv. Henry co. Ind. 36 E of Is.

Orange C.H. pv. cap. of Orange co. Va. 84 OG DENSBURG, N.Y. See GAZETTEER.

Orange, pv. Cherokee co. Ga. 130 nw of M. Ohio, pt. Herkimer co. N.Y. 108 nw of Al. Orange, ip. Cuyahoga co. O. Ohio, tp. Alleghany co. Pa. 11 nw Pittsburg. Orange, tp. Richland co. 0. Ohio, tp. Beaver co. Pa. 10 sw of Beaver. Orange, tp. Macomb co. Mich. Ohio, tp. Clermont co. O.

Orange, pt. Fayette co. Ind. 50 B of Is. Onio City, Cuyahoga co. O. on Lake Erie. ORANGEBURG, pv. Marion co. Miss. ,

Orangeburg C. H. pv. cap. of Orangeburg into the Alleghany r.

dist. s. C. 43 s of Columbia. tof R. Oil Cr. pt. Crawford co. Pa. 227 nw of H. ORANGE SPRINGS, pv. Orange co. Va. 76 NW OLCOTT, pv. Niagara co. N.Y. on L. Ontario. ORANGETOWN, tp. Rockland co. N. Y. on OLD BRIDGE, pv. Middlesex co.N. J. 34 ne Tn. Hudson river. OLD CODORUS, tp. York co. Pa. 10 sw of York. ORANGEVILLE, Pt. Genesee co. N.Y. 257 w Al. OLD JEFFERSON, pv. Saline co. Mo.

Orangeville, pv. Columbia co. Pa. 5 x of OLD Max's, v. Suffolk co. N.Y. on Long I. Bloomsburg: OLD MINEs, pv. Washington co. Mo.

OREGON. See GAZETTEER. OLD Poixt COMFORT, a strong fortress, Eli- Oregon, pv. cap. of Holt co. Mo. on Missourir.

zabeth co. Va., at the mouth of James river Oregon City, pv. Ogle co. III. on Rock r. OLD Towx, pt. Penobscot co. Me. on Penob- ORFORD, pt. Grafton co. N. H. on Conn. r. scot river.

(tomac. ORFORDVILLE, pv. Grafton co. N. H. 62 NNW Old Town, pv. Alleghany co. Md. on ihe Po of Concord. Old Town. pv. Stokes co. N. C. 115 wnw Rh. ORIENT, pl. Aroostook co. Me. 222 Ne of A. Old Town, pv. Philips co. Ark. on Miss. I. Orient, pv. Suffolk co. N.Y. Old Town, pv. Claiborne co. Tenn. 221 E Ne. Oriox, pt, Oakland co. Mich. 35 N of D. O-LE-AN', pi. Cattaraugus co. N. Y. ou Alle- ORISKANY cr. N. Y. enters the Mohawk in ghany river.

Oneida co. Olemon, pv. Penobscot co. Me. on Olemon r. Oriskany, v. N.Y. at the mouth of the above. OLEY, pt. Berks co. Pa. 62 E of H.

ORISKANY Falls, pv. Oneida co. N. Y. on OLIVE, pt. Ulster co. N.Y. 72 ssw of Al. Oriskany cr.

(river. Olive, pt. Morgan co. O. 96 E of Cs.

ORLAND, pt. Hancock co. Me. on Penobscot OLIVER, tp. Mifflin co. Pa.

ORLEANS, pt. Barnstable co. Mass. 95 SE of B. Oliver, ip. Perry co. Pa. (stone river. Orleans, ip. Jefferson co. N.Y. 12 n of WaOLIVERSBURG, pv. Richland co. O. on Whet. tertown. OLNEY, pv. cap. of Richland co. III. on Little Orleans, pv. Ontario co. N.Y. on Flint er. Wabash river.

ORoxo, pi. Penobscot co. Me. on Penobscotr. OMAHA (om'ä-haw) INDIANS, a tribe dwelling Orosoko, ip. Berrien co. Mich..

w of the Missouri, between the Niobrarah OROZIMBO, a linile v. of Brazoria co. Texas, and the mouth of the Platte.

on Brazos river.

(scot r. OMER, pv. Jefferson co. N.Y. 187 xw of Al. ORNING TOX, pt. Penobscot co. Me. on PenobOMER, Sr. pv. Decatur co. Ind. 37 SE of Is. ORRSVILLE, pv. Armstrong co. Pa. 192 WNW OMPOMPA Oostc r. Vi flows into the Conn. of Harrisburg.

[plain. ONANCOCK, pv. Accomac co. Va. on Chesu- ORWELL, pt. Rutland co. Vt. on Lake Champeake Bay.

Orwell, pt. Oswego co. N.Y. on Salmon r. ONEIDA T. and lake. See GAZETTEER.

Orwell, pl. Bradford co. Pa. 146 n of H. Oneida cr. N.Y flows into Oneida Lake. Orwell, pl. Ashtabula co. 0. 185 NE of Cs. Oneida, pt. Eaton co. Mich. 130 w of D. ORWIGSBURG, borough, cap. of Schuylkill co. ONEIDA CASTLE, pv. Oneida co. N. Y. on Pa. 62 NE of Harrisburg. Oneida creek.

OSAGE, pv. cap. of Bentou co. Ark. on Ark. T. ONEONTA, pt. Otsego co. N.Y. 20 s of Coop- Osager. See GAZETIEER. erstowi.

(Burlington. Osage (0-sazh') INDIANs, a tribe in the x part Osios r. Vt. flows into L.. Champlain 5 n of of the Indian Territory, s of Osage river. ONONDAGA, lake, Onondaga co. 'N. Y. 8 m. OSCEOLA, pv.cap. St. Clair co. Mo. on Osager. long, and from 2 to 4 broad.

[cuse. Osurovo, tp. Kalamazoo co. Mich. Onondaga, pi. Onondaga co. N.Y. 5 s of Syra- OSNABURG, pt. Stark co. 0. 130 NE of Cs. OXONDAGA HOLLOW, pv. in the above. Ossiax, pt. Alleghany co. N. Y. 244 w of Al. Onslow C. H. pv cap. of Ousluw co. N. C. Os'sipee, lake, Sirafford co. N. H. empties ilg. on New river

waters through Ossipee river into the Saco.

Ossipee, pv. cap. Carroll co. N. H. 52 NNE CA. Oxford, tp. Phila. co. Pa. on Delawarer. OSTERVILLE, pv. Barnstable co. Mass. 72 sss Oxford, pv.cap. of Granville co. N. C. 153 of Boston

(rence. of Raleigh. OSWEGATCHUE I. N.Y. flows into the St. Luw- Oxford, pv. cap. of La Fayette en. Viss 1$

(SYECT Oswegatchie, tp. St. Lawrence co. N.Y. Oxford, pt. Builer co. O. 105 Wsw of Cs Oswego r. NY. formed by the union of the Oxford, ip. Guernsey co. 0.

Seneca and Oneida rivers, enters Lake On- Oxford, ip. Tuscarawas co. O. tario at Oswego,

Oxford, pi. Oakland co. Mich. 42 w of D. Oswego, NY See GAZETTEER.

Oxford, pv. Henry co. III. 122 xxw of S. Oswego, tp. Potter co. Pa.

OXPORD FURNACE, pv. Warren co. Nas Oswego, pv. Kosciusko co. Ind. 133 x of Is.

OYSTER BAY, pt. Queen's co. NY. [Of T.. Oswego, pv. Kape co. III. 170 xg of Sd. Oyster Bay, Sorti, pv. Queen's co. NY. Orego cr. N.Y. enters E. Br. of Susqa. r. OYSTER Pond, v. Suffolk co. X.Y. Olego, pl. Otsego co. N.Y.on Susquehanna r. OZAN, ip. Hempstead co. Ark. [Little Roci. Oris, tp. Hancock co. Me.

OZARK, pv. cap. of Franklin co. Ark 120 5 Olis, pi. Berkshire co. Mass. 15 se of Lenox. Ozark, pv. Greene co. Mo. 172 ssw of Jefe OTISco, lake, Onondaga co. N.Y. 5 m. long, ferson City

(Whiter. and 2 broad.

Ozark C. H. py. cap. of Ozark có. Nó 3 Olisco, pl. Onondaga co. N.Y. 15 s Syracuse. OZARK Mts, run from Mo. south-wesieri, Otisco, pr. lonia co. Mich.

through the xw part of Ark., and the s OTISFIELD, pt. Cumberland co. Me. 70 ssw A. part of the Indian Territory. O'TO INDIANS (sometimes written OTTOE), a

tribe dwelling in the ye part of the Indian Packitta, pv. Early co. Ga. 166 sw of M.

Territory, near the mouth of the Platte. PACOLET r. N. and S. C. flows into Broad r. OTSDAWA, pv. Otsego co. N.Y. 86 w of Al. PADDYTOWx, pv. Hampshire co. Va on Pen OTSEGO, lake, Otsego co. N.Y. 9 m. long, 1 to tomac river.

(Ohio r. 2 broad.

Paducah, pv. cap. of M'Cracken co. Ky on Otsego, ip. Otsego co. N.Y. 66 w of Al. PAGESVILLE, pv. Newberry dist. S. C. 50 wyw Otsego, pt. Allegan co. Mich. on Kalamazoo r. of Columbia,

(Belvidere OTSELIC cr. N.Y. flows into Toughnioga r. PAUAQUARRY, tp. Warren co. N.). 15 sh Olselic, pt. Chenango co. N.Y. 15 xw of Nor- Pau UTAH INDIANS. See UTAH. wich.

Pain COURTVILLE, pv. Assumption par. La. Se
OTSQUAGA Cr. N.Y. flows into the Mohawk. w of New Orleans.
Orter cr. Vi. flows into Lake Champlain. PAINSVILLE, pv. Amelia co. Va. 50 sw of R.
OTTER VILLAGE, pv. Ripley co. Ind. 67 se Is. Painsville, pv. cap. Lake co. 0.30 E Cleveland.
Orro, pt. Cattaraugus co. NY.

Paint er. O. an affluent of the Scioto r.
OTTAWÀ, pt. Ottowa co. O. 130 x of Cs. Paint, ip. Somerset co. Pa.
Ottawa, ip. Oceana co. Mich. [linois r. Paint, ip. Venango co. Pa.
Ottawa, pv. cap. of La Salle co. Ill. on Il. Paint, ip. Fayelte co. 0.
OTTAWA(011-wah) Indians, a tribe formerly Paint, tp. Highland co. O.

dwelling in Michigan and the x part of Paint, ip. Wayne co. 0.93 NE of Cs. (Bath. Ohio and Indiana. A considerable number PAINTED Post, pt. Steuben co. X. Y. 22 se of have recently been removed to the west of Painted Post, pv. Steuben co N.Y.on Tioga r. the Mississippi.

PALATINE, pi. Monig. co. N.Y. on Mohawkr. OTTSVILLE, pv. Backs co. Pa.

PALATINE BRIDGE, pv. Montg. co. N.Y. OUSE T. Canada. See GRAND I.

PALERMO, pl. Waldo co. Me. 19 Eng of A. OVERTON, pv. cap. of Claiborne par. La. on Palermo, pi. Oswego co. V.1.15 se Oswego. Dorcheat Bayou.

PALESTINE, pv. Greenbrier co. Va. Ovid, pi. Seneca co. N.Y. on Seneca Lake. Palestine, pv. Hickman co. Tenn. 68 sw of Ne. Ovid. pt. Branch co. Mich.

Palestine, v. Columbiana co. O. Ovid, pv. Madison co. Ind. 36 se of Is. Palestine, pv. Pickaway co. 0. 30 s of Cs. 0-was'co, lake, Cayuga co. N.Y. 12 m. long Palestine, pv. Kosciusko co. Ind. 1:20 N of Is. and about 1 m wide.

Palestine, pv. cap. or Crawford co. II. 155 se Owasco, pt. Cayuga co. N.Y. 3 SE of Auburn. of Springfield.

(City: Owasso, pe. Shiawassee co. Mich. El xw of D. Palestine, pv. Cooper co. Mo. 42 www of Jer. OWEGO CF. N.Y. enters the Susqa. at Owego. Palisades, are a lonty range of rocks on the Owego, pv. cap. of Tioga co. N.Y. on the Hudson, from 10 to 30 m. above New York, Susquehanna

PALMER, pt. Hampden co. Mass. So w of B. OWENSBOROUGH, pv. cap. of Daviess co. Ky. PALMER DEPOT, pv. Hanipden co. Mass. 76 w on Ohio r.

(Croton'r. of Boston. OWENSVILLE, py. Westchester co. N.Y. on PALMYRA, pt. Somerset co. Me. 50 NSE of A. Owensville, pv. Saline co. Ark. 33 sw of Lit. Palmyra, pi. Wayne co. N.Y. 195 w of Al. ile Rock

Palmyra, pv. Lebanon co. Pa. 14 E of H.
Owensville, pv. Gibson co. Ind. 150 sw of Is. Palmyra, ip. Pike cu. Pa.
Owentos, pv. Owen co. Ky. 29 of F.

Palmyra, tp. Wayne co. Pa.

(of R. OwingsVILLE, pv.cap. Bath co. Ky. 73 E of F. Palmyra, pv.cap. of Fluvanna co. Va, o sw Oxbow, pv. Jefferson co. N.Y. on Oswegat. Palmyra, pv. Halifax co. N.C. on Roanoker. chie river.

Palmyra, pv. Lee co. Ga. 128 sw of N. OXFORD, pt. Oxford co. Me. 50 sw of A.

Palmyra, pv. Montg. co. Tenn. 37 nw of Ne. Oxford, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 52 w of B. Palmyra, pt, Portage co, 0, 152 18 of Cs. Oxford, pt. New Haven co, Conn. 53 sw Hd. Palmyra, pt. Lenawee co. Mich. on Raisin r. Oxford, pt. Chenango co. N.Y.on Chenangos. Palmyra, pv. Harrison co. Ind. 116 s of Is. Oxford, in. Warren co. N. J. on the Delaware. Palmyra, pv. cap. of Marion co. Mo. 110 xXW Oxford, pv. Chester co. Pa. 40 sw of Phila. of Jefferson City.

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PAMELIA, tp. Jefferson co. N.Y. A N Water- PASQUOTANK T. N. C. flows into Albemarle PAMLICO T. See GAZETTEER. (town. Sound.

(nobscot T. PAXUNKY 7. Va, unites with Mattapony to PASSADUMKLAG, pt. Penobscot co. Me. on Pe

form York river. (of J. on Tallahatchee r. PASSAIC I. See GAZETTEER. (TEER. PANOLA, pv. cap. of Panola co. Miss. 160 x PassAMAQUODDY T. See CROIX, ST., GAZETPANTON, pl. Addison co. Vi. on L. Champlain. PassaMAQUODDY BAT, at the ne extremity of Paxico, pah-nowy ko, a r. of Mexico, which Me., receives the St. Croix river.

falls into the Gulf of Mexico at Tampico. Pass CHRISTIAN, pv. Harrison co. Miss. PAOL', pv. Chester co. Pa. 16 w of Phila. PASUMSIC r. VI. enters the Connecticut r. Paoli, pv. cap.o. Orange co. Ind. 94 sw of Is. Pasumsıc, pv. Caledonia co. V1. 40 of Mu. PAPER MILL VILLAGE, pv. Cheshire co. N. H. PASSYUNK, ip. Phila. co. Pa s of the city. 57 $W of Concord.

PATAPSCO T. Md. enters Chesapeake Bay by PaPeRTowx, pv. Cumberland co. Pa.

a broad estuary, about 15 NSE of An. PAPERVILLE, pv. Sullivan co. Tenn. 300 g Ne. 'PATCHOGUE, pv, Suffolk co. N. Y. 60 e of N.Y. ParaclIFTA, pv. cap. of Sevier co. Ark. 142 PATERSON, X.J. See GAZETTEER. 3W ot Little Rock.

PATOKA T. Did flows into the Wabash. PARADISE, pv. Lancaster co. Pa. 52 w of Phila. Patoka, pl. Gibson co. Ind. 138 sw of Is. Paradise, tp. York co. Pa.

PATRICK C. cap. of Patrick co. Va. 226 Paradise, py. Cole co. III. 80 E of Sd.

WW of Richmoud. PARADOX, lake, N.Y. Essex co. 4 m. long, PATRICKTOWN, pl. Lincoln co. Me. 15 E of A. from in. to 1 m, broad.

PATRIOT, pv. Gallia co. 0.07 SSE of Cs. PAR-RAL', or SAN JOSE DEL PARRAL, a 1. of Patriot, pv. Switzerland co. Ind. on Ohio r. Mexico, near the boundary between the PATTAWATOMIES. See POTTAWATOMIES. states of Durango and Chihuahua, about 100 Pattex, tp. Centre co. Pa. m. s of the town of Chihuahua. Iis mines PATTERSON, pl. Putnam co. N.Y. on Croton r. were formerly very productive, at which Patterson, pv. St. Genevieve co. Mo. 176 ESE time its population is said to have amounted of Jefferson City.

(James r. to 50,000 ; at present it is only 7,000. PATTONSBURG, pv. Botetourt co. Va on Paris, pv. cap. of Oxford co. Me. 40 w of A. PATTONSVILLE, pv. Granville co.N.C.40 x Rh. Paris, pt. Oneida co. NY.8s of Ulica. Patuxent r. Md. enters Chesapeake Bay by Paris, pv. Fauquier co. Va. 130 s of R. a large estuary, about 50 m. s of Annapolis. Paris, pv. cap. of Henry co. Tenn. 98 w Ne. PAULDING, pv. cap. of Jasper co. Miss. 109 Paris, pv. cap. of Bourbon co. Ky. 36 of F. ESE of Jackson

(river. Paris, pv. stark co. 0. 135 NE of Cs.

PAULINSKILL I. N. J. flows into the Delaware Paris, pv. Jennings co. Ind. 77 8se of Is. PAULINA, v. Delaware co. N.Y. 2 n of Del. r. Paris, pv. cap. or Edgar co. III. 114 E of Sd. Paviliox, pt. Genesee co. N.Y. 240 w of Al. Paris. pv. cap, of Monroe co. Mo, 70 x of | Pavilion, . Kalamazon co. Mich. Jefers in City:

PawCATUCK r. R. J. flows into the Atlantic on Paris, cap. of Lamar co. Texas, about 20 m. the border of Comi. 's of Red river.

PAWLET, pl. Rutland co. Vt. 87 ssw of Mir. Paris, St, py. Champaign co. 0.57 w of Cs. PAWLINGs, pl. Dutchess co. N.Y. 20 E of PARISBURG, pv. cap. Giles co.Va, on New r. Poughkeepsie. PARISH, pt. Oswego co. N.Y. 22 E of Oswego. PAW NEE INDIANS, a tribe dwelling in the se PARISHVILLE, Pt. St. Lawrence co. N.Y. 15 E part of Missouri Territory, on the x side of Canton,

of the Matter.

(160 w of D. PARK, ip. St. Joseph co. Mich.

Paw-Paw, py, cap. of Van Buren co. Mich. PEKERSBURG, pv. Chester co. Pa.

PAWTUCKET r. R. rises in Mass. under the Parkersburg, pv. cap. of Wood co. Va. on name of Blackstone river, and tows into Ohio river.

(wyw of Is. Providence rive: just below Providence. Parkersburg, pv. Montgomery co. Ind. 44 Pawlucket, pv. R. 1.4 ~ of Providence, on Parkersburg, pv. Richland co. III. 140 se Sd. Pawtucket river. Park HILL, pv. Cherokee Nation, Indian Ter- Pawiuckel, in Bristol co. Mass. 46 s of B. ritory

PAW TUXET F. R.J. flows into Providence r. PARKMAN, pe. Pigcataquis co Me. 70 N of A. 5 in below Providence. Parkman, pt. Geaug1 co. (). 162 NE of Cs. Pawluxet, pv. Kent co. R. J. 5 s Providence. PARKSVILLE, pv. Sullivan co. N.Y.116 sw Al. L'Axrox, pt. Worcester co. Mass, 50 w of B. Parksville, pv. Platie co. Mo. (chester. PAYNEVILLE, pv. Sumier co. Ala. 78 sw of T. PARMA, pt. Monroe co, NÀY. 10 w of Ro- PAY NEVILLE, Pv. Pike co. Mo, 2 xs of JefParma, ip. Cuyahoga co. 0.6 s of Cleveland. feruin City: Parma, tp. Jackson co. Mich. (Nashville. Payrox, pv Adams co. III. 92 w of Sd. PARROTSVILLE, pv. Cocke co. Tenn. 237 E of PEA 1. Ala fws into the Choctawhatchee r. PA&RYSVILLE, pv. Northampton co. Pa. 99 PEACE Dale, pv. Washington co. R. I. ENE of Harrisburg.

PEACHAM. Pl. Caled mia co. V!. 36 E of Mtr. PARSIPPANY, pv. Morris cu. N. J. 60 n of Tn. PEACH Bottom, pt. York co. Pa. 36 se York. PARSONSFIELD, pt. York co. Me. 86 W&W A. PEARL I. See GAZETTEER. PASCAGOULA I Miss. See GAZETTEER. PEARLINGTON. See GAZETTEER. Pascagoula, v. Jackson co. Miss. on Pasca PEASE, ip. Belmont co. O. goula river.

(sack r. PEDESSVILLK, pv. Chester dist. S.C. PASKACK, pv. Passaic co. N. J. on Hacken- Pedricktowy, pv. Salem co. N.J.35s Salem. PASO DEL NORTE, pal'so del nor'lay (or pah' Pekeles, 1p. Alieghany co. Pa.

so dei nori), a l of New Mexico, near the PEEKSKILL, pv. Westchester co. N.Y. on the
right bank of the Rio del Norte, in the Hudson river, 46 n of New York.
midst of a very fertile district. Lat. abont PEK A TOXICA, pv. Winnebago co. III. at the
31° 30' x, Lon. 105° 30' w. Pop. about 5,000. junction of Pekalonica r. with Rockr

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mee river.

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PExin, pv. Tazewell co. III. 62 n of Sd. Perry, ip. Montgomery co. O.
Pelham, pl. Hampshire co. Mass. 80 w of B.' Perry, tp. Richland co. o.
Pelham, ip. Hillsborough co. N. H. 32 sw of Perry, ip. Stark co. O.

(White Plains. · Perry, ip. Wayne co. O. Pelhamn, tp. Westchester co. N. Y. 10 s of Perry, ip. Wayne co. Ind. Pelham, pv. Franklin co. Tenn. 85 ask of Ne. Perry, pv. Pike co. III. 66 w of Sd. (w of Al PEMADU MCOOK, lake, Penobscot co. Me. PERRY CENTRE, pv. Wyoming co. V.Y. 215 PEMBERTOX, pv. Burlington co. N. J. 22 s Tu. PERRYMANSVILLE, pv. Harford co. Md. PEMBROKE, pi. Washington co. Me. 180 ENE PERRYOPOLIS, pv. Fayette co. Pa. on Yough. of Augusta.

iogheny river. Pembroke, pl. Merrimack co. N. H.5 SE of Cd. Perryopolis, pv. Monroe co. 0. 106 x of C Pembroke, pt. Plymouth co. Mass. 26 se or B. Perry's BRIDGE, pv. La Fayette par. La na Pembroke, pt. Genesee co. N.Y. on Tona Vermilion river.

(of Al. wanda creek

PERRTSBURG, pi. Cattaraugus co. N.Y. 16 Pembroke, pv. Christian co. Ky. 197 sw of F. Perrysburg, pv. cap. of Wood co. O. on MaaPEMIGEWAS SET r. N.H. a branch of the Mer. rimack.

(Lockport. Perrysburg, pv. Miami co. Ind. 100 x of Is. PENDLETON, pl. Niagara co. N.Y. 7 sw of PERRY's Mills, pv. Clinton co. N.Y.192 Al. Pendleton, pv. Anderson dist. S. C. 136 WNW PERRESVILLE, pv. Washington co. R. I. 40 s of Columbia.

of Providence,

(barg. Pendleton, pv. Madison co. Ind. 31 Ne of Is. Perrysville, pv. Alleghany co. Pa. 8 x or Pite PENFIELD, Pi. Monroe co N.Y.De Rochester. Perrysville, pt. Vermilion co. Ind. So v of Is Penfield, pv. Greene co. Ga. 50 N of M. PERRYVILLE, pv. Madison co. N.Y. 115 Al. Penfield, pe. Loorain co. 0. 106 NNE of Cs. Perryville, pv. Hunterdon co. N. J. 10 8 of Penfield, ip. Calhoun co. Mich.

Penn, tp. Chester co. Pa. 36 sw of Phila. Perryville, pv. Cecil co. Md. 65 NE of An.
Penn, ip. Clearfield co. Pa.

Perryville, pv. Perry co. Ala. (of Little Rock. Penn, tp. Lycoming co. Pa.

Perryville, pv.cap. of Perry co. Ark 55 www Penn, tp. Perry co. Pa.

Perryville, pv. cap. of Perry co. Tenn. on Penn, tp. Uniou co. Pa.

Tennessee river. Penn, tp. Cass co. Mich.

Perryville, pv. Boyle co. Ky. 40 s of F.
PESNINGTON, pv. Mercer co. N.J.8 N of Tn. Perryville, pv. Richland co: 0.78 NXE of Ca.
PerssBURY, Ip. Chester co. Pa. 23 sw of Phila. Perryville, pv. cap. of Perry co. Mo. 214 Est
PENYS NECK, LOWER, Ip. Salem co. N.J. 6 NW of Jefferson City
of Salem

PERRYTON, pv. Licking co. O. 60 NE of Cs.
Penns NECK, UPPER, tp. Salem co. N. J. PERSIA, pl. Cattaraugus co. N.Y.
PENNSVILLE, pv. Bucks co. Pa. 25 N of Phila. Persia, tp. Boone co. Mo.
Pennsville, pv. Morgan co. 0. 77 E of Cs. PERTH, pt. Fulton co. N.Y. 46 ww of Al.
Penn Townsilip, Philadelphia co. Pa. Nw of PERTU AMBOY, N. J. See AMIOY, GAZET-
the city.

(of Al.
Penn Yan, pv. cap. of Yates co. N.Y. 192 w Peru, pt. Oxford co. Me. 40 w of A.
PENOBSCOT, pt. Hancock co. Me. ou Penobscot Peru, pt. Bennington co. V1. 100 ssw of Mfr.

Peru, pt. Berkshire co. Mass. 118 w of B.
PEORIA, pv. cap. of Peoria co. II!. on II. r. Peru, pt. Clinton co. N.Y. 10 s of Plattsburg,
Pepin, a lake of Wis. at the mouth of Chippe- Peru, pt. Huron co: 0). 93 N of Cs.
wa river.

Peru, pv. cap. of Miami co. Ind. on Wabash r.
PEYPERELL, Pl. Middlesex co. Mass. 38 nw B. Peru, pv. Dubuque co. Iowa, 5 x of Dubuque.
PEQUAN XOCK r. Conn. enters Bridgeport har- PERUVILLE, pv. Tompkins co. N.Y. 165 W Al

(ristown: PETERs, tp. Franklin on. Pa. 12 sw of Cham-
Pequannock, tp. Morris co. N. J. 10 N of Mor. bersburg. (Washington (borough).
Pequannock cr. N. J. enters Passaic r. Peters, ip. Washington co. Pa. 11 Ne of
PEQUAWKET I. N. H. flows into Saco r. PETER's, St. a r. of lowa Territory, flowing
PEQCEST cr. N. J. flows into Delaware r. into the Mississippi near 449 50 s lai, and
PEQUOT, pv. New London co. Conn. 48 se Hd. 93° w Lon.
Perch r. Jefferson co. N.Y. flows into Black Peter's, St, lake, an expansion of the St. law.
river Bay.

[Perdido Bay. rence, 70 m. below Montreal. [10 sw of CH.
Perdido r. between Ala. and Flor. Hows into PerERSBOROUGH, pt. Hillsborough co. N. H.
PERKINS, pt. Erie co, O. 15 NW of Norwalk. Petersborough, pv. Madison co. N.Y. 108 w
PERKINSVII py. Windsor co. Vt. 70 s of Mir. of Albany.
Perkinsville, pv. Burke co. N.C.270 w of Rh. Pelersborough, pv. Tioga co. Pa, 150 x of H.
PERRINSVILLE, pv. Monmouth co. N. J. 24 E PETERSBURG, pt. Rensselaer co. N.Y. 26 E Al.
of Trenton.

Petersburg, Ip. Huntingdon co. Pa,
PERRINTON, Ip. Monroe co. N.Y.

Petersburg, Va. See GAZETTEER,
PERRY, pt. Wn. co. Me. 5 xw of Eastport. Petersburg, pv. Elbert co. Ga. 96 NE of M.
Perry, pi. Wyoming co. N.Y. 240 w of Al.

Petersburg, pv. Lincoln co. Tenn. 72 s or Ne.
Perry, ip. Armstrong co. Pa.

Petersburg, pv. Boone co. Ky. 90 n of F. Perry, ip. Fayette co. Pa.

Petersburg, pv. Columbiana co. O.180 ENE Cs. Perry, tp. Jefferson co. Pa.

Petersburg, pv. cap. of Pike co. Ind. 138 swls.
Perry, ip. Union co. Pa.

Petersburg, pv. cap. of Menard co. II. 21 W
Perry: pv. cap. of Houston co. Ga. 60 sw of M. of Springfield.
Perry C. H.pv.cap. of Perry co. Ky.on Ky.r. Petersburg, pv. Boone co. Mo.54 x Jef. Cily.
Perry, tp. Brown co. O.

PETERSHAM, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 64 w B.
Perry, tp. Coshocton co. O.

PETERSTOwx, pv. Monroe co. Va, on Rich cr. Perry, pt. Lake co. 0. 182 NE of Cs.

PETERSVILLE, pv. Northampton co. Pa.


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