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Scottsville, pv. Bibb co. Ala. 30 se of T. hoga river. [r. 3 m. below Sunbury,

Scottsville, pv. cap. of Allen co. Ky. 148 sw SHAMokix cr. Pa.. flows into the Susquehanna
of Frankfort. Shamokin, pt. Northumberland co. Pa. on

Scottsville, pv. Lee co, Ill. 150 N of Sd. Shamokin creek, 76 N of Harrisburg.

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dwelling in Florida. Most of them have SitaRTLesvilir, pv. Berks co, Pa. 65 = of H

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Sreerscot r. Lincoln co. Me. flows
Sheepscot Bay.
Smeerscor BRinor, nv. Lincoln co. Me, 25s A.
Sri Krfort.p. pt. Caleton; in co, Vt. 45 NE of Mtr.
Sheffield, pt. Berkshire co, Mass 20 s Lenox.
Sheffield, pt. Warren co, Pa. 90 Nw of H.
Sheffield, pv. Newton co, Ga. 70 Nw of M.
Sheffield, pt. Lorain co. O. on Lake Erie.
Sheffield, tp. Tippecanoe co. Ind.
Sri Erlet R xk, pt. Coos co. N. H. on Andros-
Shelburne, pt. Chittenden co, Vt. 6 s of Bur-
lington. [Greenfield.
Shelburne, pt. Franklin co, Mass. 5 w of
SHE Levit NE FALLs, pv. Franklin co. Mass. on
Deerfield r. 100 w of Boston.
SHELEY, pt. Orleans co, N.Y. 10 s of Albion.
Shelby, pv. cap. of Cleveland co. N. C. on
French Broad river.
Shelby, pv. Richland co. O. 70 N of Cs.
Shelby, tp. Macomb co. Mich.
Shelby, to Jefferson co. Ind.
Shelby. a co. in the E part of Texas, on the
Sabine r. mostly covered with wood. Soil,
in many parts, very fertile. Capital, Shel.
byville scanni.
Shklby BAsix, pv. Orleans co. N.Y. on Erie
SHElBy ville, pv cap. of Bedford co. Tenn.
60 s of Nashville. [of F.
Shelbyville, pv. cap. of Shelby co, Ky. 23 w
Shelbyville, pv. cap of Shelby co, Indon Blue
river, 26 se of Indianapolis. [Kaskaskia r.
Shelbyville, pv. cap. of Shelby co, Ill. on
Shelbyville, pv cap. of Shelby co. Mo. 100 x
of Jefferson City.
Shelbyville, a v. of Texas, on Tanaha cr: 10
m. sw of the Sabine r. Pop. between 200
and 300.
Strelpox, pt. Franklin co. Vt. 62 x of Mtr.
Sheldon, pt. Wyoming co, N.Y. on Seneca cr.
SHELTER IslaxD, tp. Šo co. N.Y.20 E of
River Head.
SHELocta, pv. Indiana co. Pa. 164 w of H.
Site NANDoAh r. Va. See GAzerTEER.
Shex.Axco cr. Pa.. flows into Beaver r.
Shenango, pt. Beaver co. Pa. o". creek.
Shenango, v. Crawford co. Pa. on She-
Shenango, tp. Mercer co, Pa. 11 sw of Mer-
cer. [w of H.
Shepherpstows, pv. Cumberland co, Pa. 18
Shepherdstown, pv. Jefferson co. Va. on the
Shepherdstown, pv. Belmont co. O.
SHEPHERDsville, pv. cap. of Bullitt co. Ky. on
Salt river.
SHERBURNE, pt. Rutland co, Vt. 68 s of Mtr.
Sherburne, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. on Charles
river, 19 sw of Boston. [nango r.
Sherburne, pv. Chenango co, N.Y. on Che-
Suzah URNE Mills, pv. Fleming co, Ky. on
I,icking river.
SHERIDAN, pt. Chautauque co, N.Y. on L. Erie.
Sheridan, tp. Calhoun co. Mich.
SHERMAN, pt. Fairfield co. Conn. 57 sw of Hö.
Sherman, pt. Chautauque co. N.Y. on French
Sherman, pt. Huron co. O. 15 sw of Norwalk.
Sherman, pt. St. Joseph co. Mich. on Prairie
Shea woon, pt. Branch co. Mich. [creek.
SHEsh Equix, pt. Bradford co, Pa. 144 N of H.
SHETrcker r. Conn. the principal branch of
Thames river. [Shiawassee r.
Shiawassee, pt. Shiawassee co. Mich. on

SHIELDsborough, pv. cap. of Hancock co.
Miss. * Lake #drone.


[coggin r.

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