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DOWX, pt. Rockingham co. N. H. 28 SE Cd. Sardinia, pv. Brown co. O. 92 SW of Cs. DoToSE, tp, Jackson co, Mich.

SARGEANTSVILLE, pv. Huuterdon co. N. J. 23 DSVILLE, pv. Clinton co. Mo.

NW of Trenton. sD0s, pv. Kershaw dist, 8. C. 55 NE Ca. SATARTIA, pv. Yazoo co. Miss, on Yazoo r. XD Towx, pv. Kent co. Del. 19 sw Dover. SAUGATUCK r. Conn. flows into Long Island nd Towii, pv. Cainpbell co. Ga. 100 W M. Sound.

{Kingston. NDUSKY, r. and 1. O. See GAZETTEER. SAUGERTIES, pr. Ulster co. N. Y 10 N of XDWICH pt. Carroll co. N. H. 50 N of Cd. SAUGUS, pt. Essex co. Mass. 11 of Boston. undwich, pt. Barnstable co. Mass. 58 SSE B. SAULT St. Mary, originally SAULT DE ST. De r. Me flow's into the Kennebec r.

MARJE, pv. cap.of Chippeiva co. Mich., on undy cr. N.Y. flows into Lake Ontario in the s side of St. Mary's Sirnii, 100 N of DeMnroe co.

troit. It is defended by Fort Brads. andy r. Va, and Ky. See BIG SANDY r. SAUNDERSVILLE, pv. Vanderburg co. Ind. andy, tp. Tuscarawas co. Ohio.

SAuQuoit, pv. Oneida c. N.Y. 90 wyw Al. ANDY BAY, v. Essex co. Mass. on Cape Ann. SAVANNAU, pt Wayne on. N.Y. 11 e liyons. ANDY Oswego co. N.Y. 160 WNW Al. Savannah, pv. cap. of Hardin co. Temn. on andy Cr. pl. Mercer co. Pa. 228 WNW of H. Tennessee river,

(sissippi r. kundy Cr. tp. Venango co. Pa. (Hudson. Savamah, pv. cap. of Carroll co. Ill. on MisŽAIDY Hill, pv. Washington co. N.Y. on the Savannalı, pv. cap. of Andrew co, M«). 5 E 01 Sandy Hill, pv. Wo'ster co. Md. 121 SE of An. Missouri river.

(Clarksville. SANDY HOOK, N. J. a sandy beach extending Savamali, v. of Red River co. Texas, 10 e of

from Monmouth co. 6 m. n into the Atlan- SAVERTOX, pe. Rails eu. Mo, ou Miss. r. tic. It encloses Sandy Hook Bay.

SAVILLE, Ip: Perry co. Pa. SANDY LAKE, pi. Mercer co. Pa. on Sandy cr. Savoy, pi. Berkshire co. Mass. 122 wyw B. SANDY POINT, Mass. the n extremity of Nan- SAXENBURG, pv. Butler co. Pa. 205 w of H. tucker Island.

SAZONVILLE, pv. Middlesex co. Mass. 22 NW SAXDISTON, pt. Sussex co. N. J. 87 x of Tn. of Boston. SANDYVILLE, pv. Tuscarawas co. 0. 123 NE SAYBROOK, pl. Middlesex co. Comu. 42 ssx Hd. of Columbus.

Saybrook, pl. Ashtabula co. 0. 200 YE of Cs. SAXFORD, pt. York co. Me. 83 sw of A. SAYLORSBURG, pv. Monroe co. Pa, 112 SE H. SANGAYON T. II. See GAZETTEER.

SCANTIC VILLAGE, pv. Ilartford co. Con 12 SANGERFIELD, pt. Oneida co. N.Y. 15 & Utica. NE of Hartford.

[of Portland. SANGERVILLE, pt. Piscataquis co. Me. 77 nw SCARBOROUGH, pt. Cumberland co. Me. 10 sw of Augusta.

SCARSDALE, Ip. IV'estchester co. N.Y. 4 s of SAX'TA BARBARA, a small t. of California, on White Plains.

(of Al. the Pacific. Lat. 31° 15' x, Lon. 1190 50' w. SCHAGHTICOKE, pt. Rensselner co. N. Y. 20 x The Santa BARBARA ISLANDS consist of 7 or SCHLOSSER, N. Y. the site of an old fort, a

E small islands off the coast of California, s little above Niagara Falls. (Mahoning cr. of Santa Barbara.

SCHMICKSBURG, V. Indiana co. Pa. on Little Saxta Cruz, san'tă crooce, a sea-port on the SCHODAC, tp. Rensselaer co. N.Y. 7 s of Al.

s side of Cuba, 45 m. s of Puerto Principe. SCHODAC LANDING, pv. Rensselaer co. N.Y. SANTA CRUZ DE MAYO. See MAYO.

on the Hudson. SANTA FE (Mexican pron. san'tă fä), the SCHOHARIE cr. N.Y. flows into the Mohawk.

chief t. of New Mexico. It has a pop. of Schoharie, pv. cap. of Schoharic co. N.Y. 32 between 5,000 and 6,000, and is the great w of Albany. emporium of the overland trade thai has ScHoodic (skoo'dick) Lakes, a collection of teen carried on from the state of Missouri lakes in Wu. co. Me. communicating with since the year 1822.

St. Croix river. CANTA ROSALIA (ro-sal-ee'a), a t. of Mexico, SCHOOLCRAFT, pv. Kalamazoo co. Mich.

in Chihuahua, 40 m x or San Bartoluiné. SCHOOLEY’S (skooʻleez) MOUNT, pv. Morris co. Pop. said to be 4,000.

N. J. 56 N of Trenton, at the celebrated SANTANDER (SP: prou, san-tan-dair'), r. of mineral springs on Schuley's Mountain. Mexico, flowing into the Gulf of Mexico The pure air and romantic scenery around in 23° 40' x Lat.

this place, render it one of great resori SANTIAGO (de Cuba), a sea-port and archie during the hot season. The top of ihe

piscopal i. on the's coast of Cuba, not far mountain is about 1100 feet above the sea. from the E end of the island. It has a fine SCHROEPPEL, tp. Oswego co. N.Y. 16 Je or harbour and considerable trade, but its situ Oswego.

aljon is very unhealthy: Pop. unknowii. SCAROOX, skroon, r. N.Y. enters the Hudson SAPWINGTON, pv. St. Louis co. Mo. 140 E of iu Warren co.

(wide Jefferson City.

Schroon, lake, N.Y. 10 long, and from 1 10 2 SAPTIN INDIANS. See Nez PERCE Ixdays. Schroon, tp. Essex co. N.Y.Ou Schron Lake. SARAHSVILLE, pv. Morgan co. O. 100 ESE of Cs. SCHUYLER, Tp. Herkimer co. N.Y. 7 W of HerSaralisville, pv. Franklin co. III 180 8 of Sd. kimer

(the Iludsou. SARAXACT. N.Y. Anws into Lake Chataplain. SCHUYLERSVILLE, pv. Saratoga co. VY. on Saranac, lake, Hanrilton co. N.Y. 10 m.long, SCHUTLKILL, pi. Chesier co. L'a. on Scliuyikill and 2 or 3 wide.

river. Saranac, pl. Clinton co. N.Y. 15 w Plattsburg. Schuylkill, ip. Schuylkill ca. Pa. (se of H. SARATOGA, lake, Saratoga co. N.Y.9 m. long, SCHYLKILL HAVEN, pr. Sobuylkill co. Pa. 58 and 2 wide.

(Spa. SCIENCEVILLE, pv. Greene co N.Y. 48 sw Al. Saratoga, 'p. Saratoga co. N.Y.O » Ballsion Scio, pl. Alleghany cs. N. Y. 158 of Angelica. SARATOGA SPRINGS. See GAZETTEER. Scio, pt. Washienaw co. Mich. ou Huron r. SARCOXIE, pv. Newtou co. Mo, ou Centre cr. Scioro r. O. See GAZETTEER. SARDINIA, pl. Erie co. N.Y. 49 88 of Butulo. Scipio, pt. Cayuga co. N.Y.8 8 of Auburn.

Scipio, ip. Seneca co. 0.

SENECAVILLE, pv. Guernsey co. O. 90 r of C Scipio, tp. Hillsdale co. Mich.

SENNETT, pt. Cayuga co. N. Y. 158 x of Al. Scipio, pv. Jenuings co. Ind. 56 SSE of Is. SERGEANT, ip. M'Kean co. Pa SCITUATE, pt. Plymouth co. Mass, on the At- SET AUKET, Pv. Suffolk co. N.Y. on the s side lantic.

(Providence. of Long Island Scituate, tp. Providence co. R. I. 12 w of SEVIER r California, runs for soupe distance ScoxonDOAN, pv. Oneida co. N.Y. (Tn. along the se margin of the Great Basin. SCOTCH PLAINS, pv. Essex co. N. J.42 xw or The lower portion of its course has not Scotcu Town, pv. Orange co. N.Y. 107 s8W been explored, but it is supposed to for of Albany:

into the Colorado.

[E of St. Scotia, pv. Schenectady co. N. Y. 18 xw Al. SEVIERVILLE, pv. cap. of Sevier co. Tenu. 913 Scotia, pv. Pope co. Ark. on Arkansas r.

SEVILLE, Ip. Nedina co. O. SCOTLAND, pv. Windham co. Conn. 35 E of Hd. SEWARD, ip. Schoharie co. N. Y. 47 w of Al Scott, pt. Cortland co. N.Y. 150 w of Al.

SEWICKLY, tp. Westmoreland co. Pa. Scoul, pl. Wayne co. Pa. on the Susqa. r. SHADE cr. Pa. flows into Conemaugh T. Scoti, pt. Adams co. O. 95 s of Cs.

Shade, tp. Somerset co. Pa

(or Scoll, pt. La Grange co, Ind. 180 x of Is. SHAEFFERSTOWN, pv. Lebanon co. Pa. 21 SCOTTSBURG, pv. Halifax co. Va. 120 sw R. SHAFTSBURY, pt. Bennington co. VI. 110 s of SCOTTSVILLE, pv. Monroe co. N.Y. 230 w Al.


(14 x of Cd. Scottsville, pv. cap. of Powhatan co. Va. 33' SAKER VILLAGE, pv. Merrimack co. N. H. w of Richmond.

SHALERSVILLE, pi. Portage co. O. on Cuys. Scottsville, pv. Bibb co. Ala. 30 SE of T.

hoga river (r. 2 m. below Sanbory. Scottsville, pv. cap. of Allen co. Ky. 148 sw SHAMOKIN cr. Pa. flows into the Susquehaus of Frankfort.

Shamokin, pt. Northumberland co. Pa on Scottsville, pv. Lee co. III, 150 x of Sd.

Shamokin creek, 76 n of Harrisburg. SCRIBA, pt. Oswego co. N.Y. on L. Ontario. SUAMONG, v. Burlington co. N. J. S se Phila. SCROGGSFIELD, pv. Carroll co. O. 132 ENE Cs. SHANDAKEN, Pt. Ulster co. N.Y.83 ssw of Al. SCROON. See SCHROON.

SHANESVILLE, pv. Tuscarawas co. O. on SeSCRUBGRASS, ip. Venango co. Pa. (of Rh.

gar creek. SCUFFLETON, pv. Greene co. N. C. 102 ESE SHANNON, pv. Mason co. Ky. 68 EXE or F. SCUFFLETOWN, pv. Laurens dist. S. c. on SHANNONSVILLE, pv. Mongomery co. Pa. 84 Saluda river.

(Salem. E of Harrisburg Scull Town, pv. Salem co. N. J. 12 NE of Shannonsville, py. Perry co. Tenn. 109 sw Ne. SEABROOK, pt. "Rockingham co. N. H. 47 SE SHAPLEIGH, pi. York co. Me. 90 sw of A. of Concord.

SHARON, tp. Hillsborough co. N. H. SEACONNET POINT, R. I. 6 ESE of Newport. Sharon, pt. Windsor co. Vt. 40 s of Mtr. SEAFORD, pv. Sussex co. Del. on Nanticoker. Sharon, pt. Norfolk co. Mass. 17 ssw of B. SEAL, Ip. Pike co. O. [of Little Rock. Sharon, pl. Litehfield co. Conn. 48 w of Hd. SEARCY, pv. cap. of White co. Ark. 50 NNE Sharon, pt. Schoharie co. N.Y. 43 w of Al. SEARSBURG, pt. Bennington co. Vt. 11 E of Sharon, pv. Mercer co. Pa. 250 wxw of H. Beunington.

Sharon, tp. Potter co. Pa. SEARSMONT, pt. Waldo co. Me. 39 E of A.

Sharon, pv. Wythe co. Va. 265 w of R. SEARSVILLE, pv. Stewart co. Ga. 128 sw M. Sharon, pv. Mecklenburg co. N.C. 165 wav SEAVILLE, Ip. Hancock co. Me.

of Raleigh SEBAGO, lake, Cumberland co. Me. 12 m. long Sharon, pv. Madison cy. Miss. 30 x of J. and about 7 wide.

Sharon, ip. Richland co. 0. Sebago, pt. Cumberland co. Me. on Sebago L. Sharon, pl. Washtenaw co. Mich. 56 w ofD. SEBasticook r. Me. flows into the Kennebec. Sharon, pv. Whitesides co. III. 174 x of Su. SEBEC, pr. Piscaiaquis co. Me.on Sebec Lake, SHARON CENTRE, pv. Polter eo. Pa. 192 xxw

96 NNE of Augusta. The lake is 10 m. long. of Harrisburg. Second Fork, pv. Clearfield co. Pa. 157 NW Sharon Centre, pv. Medina co. O.136 NE Of Cs. of Ilarrisburg

SHARONVILLE, pv. Hamilton co. 0. 102 Vst SEDGWICK, tp. Hancock co Me. 85 E OP A. of Columbus SEEKONK, pt. Bristol co. Mass. 46 ssw of B. SHARPESVILLE, pv. Ala. 12 SET Seguix, v. Gonzales co. Texas, on the Guada- SHARPSBURG, pv. Alleghany co. Pa. 96 w luper. 70 m, s of Austin.

(of An. Sharpsburg, pv. Washington o. Md. on the SELBY's Port, pv. Alleghany co. Md. 214 nw Potomac. SELIN's Grove. pv. Union co. Pa.on Susqa.r. Sharpsburg, pv. Bath co. Ky. 62 E of F. SELMA, pv. Dallas co. Ala. on Alabama r. Sharpsburg, pv. Monroe co. Mo. 94 x of Jer. Selma, pv. Jefferson co. Mo. on Mississippi r. 1 ferson City SEM'IN-OLE Indians, a once powerful tribe SHARPTown, pv. Salem co. N. J. on Salem et

dwelling in Florida. Most of them have | SHARTLESVILLE, pv. Berks co. Pa. 65 x of H been removed to the w of the Miss.

SHAS'TE ISDiaxe, a Iribe dwelling in tbe se SEMPRONTUS, pt. Cayuga co. N.Y. 16 se of extremity of Oregon. I Walikill T Auburn.

SHAWANGUNK, shong gun, er. N.Y. Sows ink SENECA LIKE. See GAZETTEER.

Shawangunk, mis. Sullivan co. N.Y. a pari SENECA r. N.Y. joins an outlet of Oneida of the Alleghany chain. (rung er Lake to form the Oswego river.

Shawangunk, pr. Vister co. N.Y.on S5uwan Seneca r. S. C. fws into rugaloo r.

SUAW'SEE Indiaxs, tribe now dwelling s Seneca, ip. Outario co. N. X. 15 x of Canaudaigua.

of the Nississippi, near the Kanzas river. Seneca, ip. Seneca co. O.

SHAWNEETOWN, pv. Gallatin co. III. on Obiar

SHEBOSGANT. Wis. flows into Lake Mic) işan Seneca, ip. Lemawee co. Mich. (Waterloo. Sheboygan, v. cap. of Sheboygan eo. Wiss SENECA Falls, pv. Seneca co. N.Y. 4 E os ! the mouth of Sheboygan river.

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SITEPSCOT r. Lincoln co. Me. Anws into Suilon, pv. Cumberland co. N.J.
Sheepscot Bay.

Shiloh, pv. Cornden ca). N. C. 226 ng of Rh.
SHTEENRCOT BRIDGE, Sv. Lincoln cn. Me. 25 A. Smyystox, pv. Harrison co. Va. 265 NW R.
ICEFFIELD, pl. Caledonia co. VI. 45 NE OE Mir. SirPEN, Ip. Cumberland co. Pa.
Sherheld. pt. Berkshire c.. Mass. 20 s Lenox. , Shippen, pi. M'Kem co. Pa. 170 nw of H.
shetheld, pe. Warren co. Pa. 90 yw of H. Shippen, tp. Tioga c). Pa. (31 sw of H.
Sheffield, pv. Newton co. Ga. 70 nw of M. SHIPPENSBURs, borough, Cumberland co. Pa.
Sheffield, pt. Lorain co. O. on Lake Erie. SHPRENSVILLE, pv. Clarion co. Pa. 188 WW
Sheffield, ip. Tippecanne co. Ind. (coggin r. of Harrisburg
SUELEUBSE, pt. Cous co. N. II. on Andros- SUPINGPORT, v. Jefferson co. Ky.on Ohio r.
Shelburne, pt. Chitienden co. Vt. 6 s of Bur- SHIREMANTOWN, pv. Cuinberland co. Pa. 4 w

(Greenfield. of Harrisburg
Shelburne, pt. Franklin co. Mass. 5 w of SURLEY, pt. Piscataquis co. Me. 84 x of A.
SHELEURNE Falls, pv. Franklin co. Mass. on Shirley, pi. Middlesex co. Mass. 40 nw of B.
Deerfied r. 100 w of Boston.

Shirley, ip. Huntingdon co. Pa. (85 sw of H.
SHELBY, pt. Orleans cn. N.Y. 10 9 of Albion. SHIRLEYSBURG, borough, Iluntingdon co. Pa.
Shelby, pv. cap. of Cleveland co. N.C. on Shirley Village, pv. Middlesex co. Mass.
French Broad river.

on Nashua river.
Selby, pv. Richland co. 0. 70 N of Cs. SHOAL er. III. flows into Kaskaskia r. (plain.
Shelby, tp. Macomb co. Mich.

SHOREHAM, pt. Addison co. Vi, on L. Cham-
Shelby, ip. Jefferson co. Ind.

SHORT CR. pt. Harrison co. 0. 120 E of Cs.
Shelby, a co. in the E part of Texas, on the SHO-SHO'NEE, or Snake INDIANS, a large tribe

Sabine r. mistly covered with wood. Soil, dwelling in the se part of Oregon, and the
in many parts, very fertile. Capital, Shel part of California.

(Red r.

(canal. ShrevePORT, pv. cap. of Caddo par. La. on
SHELBY Basix, pv. Orleans co. N. Y. on Erie SHREWSBURY T. N. J. is a continuation of San-
SHELBYVILLE, pv. cap. of Bedford co. Tenn. dy Hook Bay.
60 s of Nashville.

(of F. Shrewsbury, pi. Rutland co. V1.72 sse of Mir.
Shelbyville, pv. cap. of Shelby co. Ky: 23 w Shrewsbury, pt. Wo’ster co. Mass. 37 w B.
Shelbyville, pv. cap. of Shelby co. Ind. on Blue Shrewsbury, pt: Monmouth co. N. J. on

river, 20 se of Indianapolis. (Kaskaskia r. Shrewsbury river.
Shelbyville, pv. cap. of Shelby co. III. ou Shrewsbury, tp. Lycoming co. Pa.
Shelbyville, pv. cap. of Shelby co. Mo. 100 N Shrewsbury, pt. York co. Pa. 38 s of H.
of Jefferson City

SHUSHAS, pv. Washington co. N.Y.47 NE Al.
Shelbyville, a v. of Texas, on Tanaha cr. 10 SILUTESBURY, pr. Franklin co. Mass. 80 w B.

m. sw of the Sabine r. Pop. between 200 SIDDONSBURG, pv. York co. Pa. Ils of H..
and 300.

SIDNEY, pt. Kennebec co. Me. 9 x of A.
SHELDOX, pt. Franklin co. Vt. 62 n of Mtr, Sidney, pi. Delaware co. N.Y. 03 sw of Al.
Sheldon, pt. Wyoming co N.Y.on Seneca cr. Sidney, pv. cap. of Shelby co. 0.80 w of Cs.
SHELTER Island, ip. Suffolk co. N.Y.20 of Sidney, pv. Marshall co. Ind. 105 x of Is.
River Head.

Sidney, pv. Champaign co. DI. 104 B of Sd.
SHELOCTA, py. Indiana co. Pa. 164 w of H. Sidney, the cap. of the island of Cape Breton,

situated on the se coast, on a small bay
SHENANGO Cr. Pa. flows into Beaver r.

called Sidney Harbour. Pop. 500.
Shenango, pt. Beaver co. Pa. (nango creek. SIDNEY Plains, pv. Delaware co. N.Y. on
Shenango, v. Crawford co. Pa on She Susquehanna river.
Shenango, ip. Mercer co. Pa. 11 sw of Mer. SIERRA DE LOS MIMBRES, se-er'ră del loce

(w of H. mim'bres, i. e. the “osier mountains,'* a
SHEPHERDSTOWx, pv. Cumberland co. Pa. 18 mountain chain in the N part of Mexico. It
Shepherdstown, pv. Jefferson co. Va. on the appears to be a continuation of the Ana-

huac Mountains.
Shepherdstown, pv. Belmont co. O.

SIERRA MADRE, se-er'ră mad'ray, a inoun-
SHEPHERDSVILLE, pv.cap. of Bullitt co. Ky.on lain chain in the s part of Mexico, extend-
Salt river.

ing from about 21° 32 ) n Lal., traversing
SHERBURNE, pt. Rutland co. Vt. 68 s of Mtr. the states of Durango and Chihuahua.
Sherburne, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. on Charles Height unknown.
river, 19 sw of Boston.

(nango r.

SIERRA NEVADA, se-er'ră na-yah'da, i.e. the
Sherburne, pv. Chenango co. N.Y. on Che • snow-clad ridge," a mountain chain run-
SHERBURNE Mills, pv. Fleming co. Ky. on ning nearly n and s through Upper Califor-
Licking river.

nia, at the distance of from 100 to 200 m.
SHERIDAS, pt.Chantauque co. N Y.on L. Erie. from the Pacific. It is supposed to be even
Sheridan, tp. Calhoun co. Mich.

higher than the Rocky Mountains. The
SHERMAX, pt. Fairfield co. Conn. 57 sw of Hd. pass by which Captain Fremont crossed
Sherman, pt. Chautauque co. N.Y. on French

The Sierra was about 9,300 ft. in height,

and the peaks around him rose several
Sherman, pt. Huron co. O. 15 sw of Norwalk. thousand feet higher.
Sherman, pt. St. Joseph co. Mich. on Prairie Siloam, pv. Madison co. N.Y. 110 w of Al.
SHERWOOD, pt. Branch co. Mich. (creek. Siloam, pv. Surry co. N C. 140 www of Rh.
SHESHEQUIN, pt. Bradford co. Pa. 144 N O H. SILVAX, tp. Washienaw co. Mich.
SHETUCKET r. Conn, the principal branch of SILVER CREEK, 'p. Greene co. O. (3-4 m. wide.
Thames river.

(Shiawassee r.

Silver LAKE, Wyoming co. N.Y.3 m. long,
SAJAWASSEE, pt. Shiawassee co. Mich. on
SHIELDSBOROUGH, pv. cap. of Hancock co. | applied to a "mountain ridge," which from its notches

Sierra literally signifies a "saw." The term is also
Miss. on Lake Borgne.

appearance may be supposed to resemble 2 MW.

Silver Lake, pt. Susquehanna co. Pa. on Sil- Sunithville, pv. cap. of Brunswick co. N.C.
ver Lake.

(of Carlisle. on Cape Fear river.
Silver SPRING, ip. Cumberland co. Pa. 7 NE Smithville, pv. cap. of De Kalb co. Tenn. 60
SILVERTON, pv. Barnwell dist. S. C, on Sa. E of Nashville.

(Strawberry r.
vannah r.

[of New Orleans. Sinithville, pv. cap. of Lawrence cu. Arko
SIMMs Port, pv. Avoyelles par. La. 27 Nw Smithville, py Wayne co. O. 100 SE of Cs.
SIMONSVILLE, pv. Windsor cu. Vt.

SMITHVILLE Flats, pv. Chenango co. N.Y.
SIMPSONVILLE, pv. Shelby co. Ky. 31 w of F. 125 w of AI.

(sse of Albany.
SIMSBURY, pt. Hartford co. Conn. 13 x of Ha. SMOKY HOLLOW, pv. Columbia co. N.Y. #

SMYRNA, pt. Chenango co. N.Y. 103 w or' Al.
SINCLAIRSVILLE, v. Chautauque co. N.Y. Smyrna, pv. Kent co. Del. 12 x or Dover.
Sing Sing, pv. Westchester co. N.Y. on the Smyrna, pv. Harrison co. O. 100 ENE of Cs

Hudson, 35 n of New York. One of the SNEEDSBORO', pv. Anson co. N.C. ou Yad

state prisoli3 is located here. [of Cs. kin river.
SINKING SPRING, pv. Highland co. 0. 84 sw SNICKERSVILLE, Pv. Loudon co. Va. 168 XR.
SINNEMAHONING cr. Pa. enters W. Br. of Sus- SNIDERSVILLE, pv. Monongalia co. Va 27
SIOUX. See GAZETTEER. (quehanpa r. NW of Richmond.

(of Dandridge
SIPPICAN, pv. Plymouth co, Mass. 60 g of B. SXODDYVILLE, pv. Jefferson co. Tenn. 12 xs
SISAL, se-sal', a sea-port of Yucatan, near 210 Snow Hill, Md. See GAZETTEER.

Lal., and 90° w Lon. Hides are exported Snow Hill, pv. cap. of Greene co. N. C. 90
from this place to the United States.

ESE of Raleigh.
SISSONVILLE, pv. Kanawha co. Va. on Poca- Snow Hill, pv. Walker co. Ga. 211 xw of M.
talico river.

Snow Hill, pv. Clinton co. 0.74 ssw of Cs
SISTERSVILLE, pv. Tyler co. Va. on Ohio r. Snow SHOE, pt. Ceutre eo. Pa. 100 SW of H.
SKENEA TELES, sken'e-at'less, lake, N.Y. lios SnowSVILLE, pv. Choctaw co. Miss. 110 xxs

between Cayuga and Onondaga cos.; 15 m. of Jackson.
long, and 1-2 to 3-4 m. wide.

SNYDER, tp. Jefferson co. Pa,
Skeneateles, pv. Onondaga co. N.Y. 147 w Al. SNYDERSVILLE, pv. Monroe co. Pa. 116 xx H.
SKIPPACK, pl. Montgomery co. Pa. 86 e of H. SOCIETY LAND, Ip. Hillsborough co. N. H.
SKOWHEGAN, pl. Somerset co. Me. on Kenne- SOCIETY HILL, pv. Darlington dist. S. C. on
bec r.

[low Burlington. Great Pedee river.
SKUNK r. Iowa, flows into the Mississippi be- Society Hill, pv. Macon co. Ala. 167 sk of T.
SLAB Towx, pv. Anderson dist. S. C. Sodus, pt. Wayue co. N.Y. 12 x of Lyons.
SLATERSVILLE, pv. Providence co. R. I. 19 Sodus Bay, Wayne co N.Y.on L.. Ontario.
nw of Provjdence.

(Mile er. Sodus Point, pv. Wayne co. N.Y. on Great
Slatersville, pv. Tompkins co. N.Y. on Six Sodus Bay, 200 www of Albany.
SLIPPERY Rock, pt. Butler co. Pa. 15 NW of SOLESBURY, tp. Bucks co. Pa. on Delaware r.
Slippery Rock, tp. Beaver co. Pa. [Butler. Solon, pt. Somerset co. Me. on the Kennebee
Slippery Rock, tp. Mercer cu. Pa. (Al. river.
SLOANSVILLE, pv. Schoharie co. N.Y. 33 w of Solon, pt, Cortland co. N.Y. 12 B of Coriland.
SMITH, ip. Washington co. Pa.

Solon, pt. Cuyahoga co. O. on Chagrin r.
Smith, tp. Belmont co. O. [Naichez. SOMENFORD, ip. Madison co. O
SMTHDALE, pv. Amite co. Miss. 30 se of SOMERS, pl. Touand co. Conn. 23 NE of Hd.
SMITIFIELD, pt. Somerset co. Me.

Somers, pt. Westchester co. N. Y. 20 x of
Smithfield, pr. Providence co. R. I. 16 x of White Plains.

Somers, tp. Preble co. O.

Smithfield, ip. Madison co. N.Y. 106 w of Al. SOMERSET, 1p. Windham co. Vt. 15 n& or Ben-
Smithfield, tp. Bradford co. Pa.

Somerset, pt. Bristol co. Mass. 44 s of B.
Smithfield, pv. Fayette co. Pa. 189 wsw H. Somerset, pt. Niagara co. N.Y. 14 ss of Loek-
Smithfield, pv. cap. of Isle of Wight co. Va. port

(40 w or 11.
65 SE of Richmond.

SE of Rh. Somersel, borough, cap. of Somerset co. Pa
Smithfield, pv. cap. of Johnson co. N. C. 27 Somerset, tp. Washington co. Pa. (of P.
Smithfield, pt. Jefferson co. 0. 126 E of Cs. Somersel, pv. cap. of Pulaski co. Ky. &1 sse
Smithfield, pv. Alexander co. III. 227 s of Sd. Somerset, ip. Belmont co. O.
SMITILAND, pv. cap. of Livingston co. Ky. on Somerset, pv. cap. of Perry co. O. 47 ESE Cs.
Ohio river.

(City: Somerset, pi. Hillsdale co. Mich. (Tu.
Smithland, pv. Randolph co. Mo. 70 x of Jer. Somer's POINT, pv. Atlantic ca. N. J. 90 s of
Smithland, v. Bowie co. Texas, on Ferry SOMERSWORTH, ip. Strafford co. N. H. 45 % of

Lake, a western branch or arm of L. Caddo. Concord.
SMITIISBORO', pv. Tioga co. N.Y. on the Sus- SOMERTOx, pv. Nansemond co. Va. 95 sk R.

quehanna, 170 wsw of Albany. (of An. SOMERTON, pv. Belmont co. 0. 107 E of Cs.
SMITHSURG, pv. Washington co. Md. 106 NW SOMERVILLE, pv. St. Lawrence co. N.Y. 176
Smitu's ISLAND, N. C. at the mouth of Cape NNW of Albany.

[31 .s of Ta.
Fear river.

(196 nw of li. Somerville, py. cap. of Somerset co. N. J.
Smitu's Port, pv. cap. of Mkean co. Pa. Somerville, pv. Fauquier co. Va. 83 x of R.
SMITHSVILLE, pv. Abbeville dist. S. C. 94 w Somerville, pv. cap. of Morgan co. Ain. 133
of Columbia.

NNE of Tuscaloosa.

(w w or Ne.
. SMITHTON, pv. St. Clair co. III. 108 s of Sd. Somerville, pv. cap. of Fayette co. Teun. 185
SMITUTOwx, pt. Suffolk co. N.Y.48 E of N.Y. Somerville, pv. Butler co. 0. 100 wsw or Cs
SmitUVILLE, ip. Chenango co. N.Y. 15 w of So-NOʻRA, a province in the nw part of Mex.

ico, w of Chihuahua. It forms with Cir.
Smithville, pv. Jefferson co. N.Y.

loa the state of Occidente. [Merrimack r.
Smithville, pv. Lancaster co. Pa. 46 ESE of H. SOUHEGAN T. Hillsborough co. N.H. flows into
Smithville, pv. Powhatan co. Va. 40 w of R. I SOUTH ALBIOX, pv. Kenuebec co. Me. SKEA.

SOUTK ALTON, pv. Belknap co. N. H. 28 NE SOUTH JEFFERSON, pv. Lincoln co. Me. 22 ESE
of Concord.

of Augusta.

(of Hd.
Suuru AMBOY, !p. Middlesex co. N. J. on the South Kent, pv. Litchfield co. Conn. 55 w
Raritan river.

[Powow r. South KILLINGLY, pv. Windham co, Conn.
SOUTHAMPTON, pt. Rockingham co. N. H. on 51 E of Hartford. (R. I. 30 s Providence.
Southampton, pi. Hampshire co. Mass. 102 SOUTH KINGSTON, pv. cap. of Washington co.
w of Boston.

(part of long 1. South LEE, pv. Berkshire co. Mass. 130 w B.
Southampton, pt. Suffolk co. N.Y. on the E | South LINCOLN, pv. Penobscot co. Me. 110
Southampton, tp. Bedford co. Pa. [town. NE of Augusta.

(s of Hartford.
Southampton, ip. Bucks co. Pa. 12 se Doyles SOUTH LYME, pv. New London co. Conn. 50
Southampton, ip. Cumberland co. Pa, 18 sw SOutu MIDDLETOwx, pv. Orange co. N. Y.
of Carlisle.

(Chambersburg: 112 ssw of Albany.
Savuthampton, tp. Franklin co. Pa. 13 NE of South Middletown, ip. Cumberland co. Pa.
Southampton, tp. Somerset co. Pa.

South NATICK, pv. Middlesex co. Mass. 15
SOUTH ANNAT. Va unites with North Anna r. WsW of Boston.

[10G vsv of A.
to form the Pamunky.

Souru New BERLIN, pv. Chenango co. N.Y.
South Anna, pv. Louisa co. Va. 67 vw of R. South Newport, pv. M'Intosh co. Ga. 108
SOUTH ANSON, pv. Somerset co. Me. 44 NE A. se of Milledgeville.
SOUTH ATTLEBOROUGH, py. Bristol co. Mass. South NORWALK, pv. Fairfield co. Conn.

43 ssw of Boston. (on Susquehanna r. SOUTHOLD, pl. Suffolk co. N.Y. on Long I.
SOUTI BAIN BRIDGE, pv. Cheningo co. N.Y. Sound.

[of Hariford.
SOUTH BARRE, pv. Washington co. VI. 8 SSE Soutk Port, pv. Fairfield co. Conn. 60 W

of Montpelier. lon St. Joseph's 1. South Pori, pi. Chemung co. N.Y. on Che-
South Bend, pv. cap. of Si. Joseph co. Ind. mung river.

Souru BERWICK, pt. York co. Me. on Salmon South Pori, pv. Racine on. Wisconsin, ou L.
Falls river

of Cs. SOUTH READING, pt. Middlesex co. Mass.11 NB
SOUTA BLOOMFIELD, pv. Pickaway co.o. 17 SOUTH SALEM, pv. Westchester c). N.Y. 118
SOUTHBOROUGH, pl. Wo'ster co Mass. 26 w B.

s of Albany

(64 s of B.
SOUTHBRIDGE, pt. Wo'ster co. Mass. 60 sw B. SOUTH SANDWICH, pv. Barnstable co. Mass.
South BRISTOL, pt. Ontario co. N.Y. 12 s of SOUTH SCITUATE, pv. Plymouth co. Mass. 24
Canan laigua.

(s of Hd.

SE Of Boston.
South BRITAIN, pv. New Haven co. Conn. 57 South SEEKONK, pv. Bristol co. Mass. 18 s B.
Sorti BRUNSWICK, ip. Middlesex co. N.J. 12 Socru SHENANGO, pt. Crawford co. Pa.
sw of New Brunswick.

SOUTH SHREWSBURY, pv.Worcester co. Mass.
SOUTHBURY. pr. New Haven co. Conn. 20 xw 37 w of Boston.
of New Haven.

(nw of Hd. South Sopus, pv. Wayne co N. Y. 188 w Al.
South CANAAN, pv. Litchfield co. Conn. 43 SOUTH STRABANE, tp. Washington co, Pa.
SOUTH CHARLES rox, pv. Clarke co. 0.55 W8W SOUTH TYRINGHAM, pv. Berkshire co Mass.
of Columbus.

South UNION, pv. Logan co. Ky. 158 sw F.
South Creek, pt. Bradford co. Pa. 180 n Of H. SOUTHVILLE, pv. Shelby co. Ky.31 wxw F.
South DEERFIELD, pv. Rockingham co. N.H. SOOTH WARREN, py. Worcester co. Mass. 66
18 Ese of Concord.

(of B.

w of Boston.
South Deerfield, pv. Franklin co. Mass. 90 w SOUTHWEST, tp. Warren co. Pa. (w of Al.
SOUTIEAST, pt. Putnam co. N.Y. 107 s of Al. South WESTERLOO, pv. Albany co. N.Y. 27
Souru Easton, borough, Northampton co. SOUTHWEST HARBOUR, pv. Hancock co. Me.
Pa. on Lehigh river.

114 sg of Angusta.

[of Boston.
SOUTH EGREMONT, pv. Berkshire co. Mass. South WESTPORT, pv. Bristol co. Mass. 72 s
South Farys, pv. Litchfield co. Conn. 40 w SOUTH WHITEHALL, pi. Lehigh co. Pa S7 EVE
of Hartford.
(Island of Harrisburg

(of Springfield.
SOUTHFIELD, tp. Richmond co. N.Y.On Staten Southwick, pi. Hampden co. Mass. 10 W’s IV
Southfield, pl. Oakland co. Mich. 17 N of D. Souri WilliaMSTOWY, pv. Berkshire co.
SOUTHFORD, pv. New Haven co. Conn.

Muss. 135 w of Boston. (37 NE 0f Cil
South FLORENCE, V. Franklin co. Ala. on Sorry WOLFBOROUGH, pv. Carroil co. N. H.
Tennessee river.

(9 $ of Hd SOUTH Woodstock, pv. Windsor co.Vl. 35 s
SOUTH GLASTONBURY, pv. Hartford co. Coun. of Montpelier.
SOUTH HADLEY, pt. Hampshire co. Mass. 88 SOUTH WOODBURY, tp. Bedford co. Pa.

w of Boston. (Mass. on Connecticut r. SOUTH WORCESTER, pv. Oisego co N. Y. 02
SOUTH HADLEY CANAL, pv. Hampshire co. w of Albany

182 se of B.
SOUTH HANOVER, pv. Jer, co. Ind. 93 ss of Is. SOUTH YARMOUTH, pv. Barnstable co. Mass.
South HARTFORD, pv. Washington co. N.Y. | South ZANESVILLE, v. Muskinguin co. O.
55 NNE of Albany.

(sw of Boston. SOWARDTOWx, pv. Kent co. Del. 27 s Dorer.

Barnstable co. Mass. 90 SOXVILLE, pv. Mourne co. Pa. 130 xe of H.

SPAFFORD, pt. Onondaga co. N. Y. 18 w of
South HAWLEY, pv. Franklin co. Mass. 114 Syracuse.

(seraga cr.
w of Boston.

Montpelier: SPARTA, pt. Livingston co. N.Y. on Cana-
SOUTH HERO, pt. Grand Isle co. VI. 58 NW of Sparta, pv. Sussex co. N. J. 78 N or To.
South Hill, pv. Bradford co. Pa. 150 N of H. Sparta, ip. Westmoreland co. Pa.
SOUTH HINGHAM, pv. Plymouth co. Mass. 18 Sparta, pv. Edgecombe co. N. C. 84 E of Rh.
SE of Boston.

[Pa. Sparta, pv. cap. of Hancock co. G: 23 NE M.
South HUNTINGDON, tp. Westmoreland co. Sparta, pv. cap. of Conecul co. Ala, on Mur-
SOUTHINGTON, pt. Hartford co. Coun. 18 sw der creek

of Hartford.

Sparta, pv. cap. of White co. Tenn. 83 E OS
Southington, pt. Trumbull co. 0.170 xe of Cs. Sparia, pv. Knox co. 0. 46 NE of Cs.
SOUTH JACK8ox, pv. Jackson co. Mich. 76 w D. Sparta, pv. cap. of Buchanan co. Mo.

SOUTH HARWICH, Pan Buren co. Mich.

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