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SPARTANBURG C. H. pv. cap. of Spartanburg | Springfield, pv. Franklin co. Ind. 70 is
dist. S. C. 98 sw of Ca.

Springfield, pv. cap. of Greene co. Mo 158 **
Spartanburg, pv. Randolph co. Ind.

Springfield, pv. Jackson co. Iowa. (Jes. Cap.
SPARTAPOLIS, pv. Rockingham co. Va, 142 SprinG GARDEN, Ip. York co? Pa.
Xw of Richmond.

(Owego cr. Spring Garden, a suburb of Phila, s of the aty.
SPEEDSVILLE, pv. Tompkins co. N.Y. on W. Spring Garden, py. Pittsylvania co. Va 15
SPEEDWELL, pv. Barnwell dist. S. C. on Sa- SPRING Hill, tp. Fayelle co. Pa ( su R.
vannah river.

Spring Hill, pv. Marengo co. Ala. 70 s of T.
Speedwell, py. Claiborne co. Tenn. 212 E Ne. SPRING PLACE, pv. cap. of Murray ca G
SPEIGHT'S BRIDGE, pv. Greene co. N. C.80 184 nw of Milledgeville. (Nashvile
ESE of Raleigh.

Spring Place, pv. Marshall co. Tena. 66 sa
SPENCEK, pl. Worcester co. Mass. 53 w of B. SPRINGPORT, ip. Cayuga co. N.Y. 9 sw
Spencer, pl. Tioga co. N.Y. 15 w of Owego. Auburn
Spencer, pv. Davidson co. N.C. 190 w of Rh. Springport, pt. Jackson co. Mich. 100 wa D.
Spencer, pv. cap. of Van Buren co. Tenn. 90 SPRING PRAIRIE, tp. Walworth co. Wiscons
Spencer, ip. Guernsey co. O. (se of Ne. SPRINGTOWN, pv. Bucks co. Pa. 106 B of H.
Spellcer, pt, Media co. 0. 110 XE of Cs. SPRINGVALE, pv. York co. Me. 86 sw of A.
Spencer, pv. cap. of Owen co. Ind. 58 sw Is. SPRINGVILLE, pv. Erie co. N.Y. on Spring er.
SPENCERPORT, pv. Monroe co. N.Y. 231 w Al. Springville, pt. Susquehanna co. Pa.
SPENCERSBURG, pv. Pike co. Mo. 88 NE of Springville, pv. St. Clair co. Ala. 83 ENE Of T,
Jefferson City

(of Al. Springville, pv. Greenup co. Ky, on Ohio r.
SPENCERTOWN, pv. Columbia co. N.Y. 30 sse Springville, pv. Seneca co. 0.90 x of Cs.
SPENCERVILLE, pv. De Kalb cu. Ind. 150 NNE Springville, pv. Lenawee co. Mich. 68 SFD
of Indianapolis.

(NXw of R. Springville, pv. Lawrence co. Ind. 50 sswl
SPERRYVILLE, pv. Rappahannock co. Va. 123 SPRING WATER, pt. Livingston co. N.Y.26
SPINNERSTOWX, pv. Bucks co, Pa. 90 E of H. of Albany,
Spoox r. III. flows into Illinois r.

SPRING WELLS, tp. Washtenaw co. Mich.
SPOTTEDVILLE, pv. Stafford co. Va. 76 x of R. SPRUCE HEAD, tp. Hancock co. Me.
SPOTISWOOD, pv. Middlesex co. N. J. 36 NE SQUAM, lake, N. H. 6 m. long, 3 broad; the out-
of Trenton.

[co. Va. 70 x of R. let, called Squam r. enters the Merrimack.
SPOTTSYLVANIA C. H. cap. of Spotlsylvania Squam, v. Essex co. Mass. on Cape Anu.
SrRaker's Basix, pv. Montgomery co. N.Y. SQUANKUM, pv. Monmouth co. N. J. 43 se Tn.
47 www of Albany.

ST. ALBAN's. See ALBAN's, Sr.
SPREAD EAGLE, pv. Delaware co. Pa. 83 ESE ST. AUGUSTINE. See AUGUSTINE, ST., and so
STRIGG, Ip. Adams co. O.

(of H.

for all other names with the prefix of Sr.
SPRING, Tp. Centre co. Pa.

STAFFORD, ip. Tolland co. Conn. 24 NE of Hd.
Spring, ri. Crawford co Pa. 257 xw H. (of D. Stafford, pi. Genesee co. N.Y.243 w Al. (hold.
SPRING ARBOUR, pt. Jackson co. Mich. 80 w Stafford, tp. Monmouth co. N.J.38 s or Free.
SPRINGBOROUGI, pv. Warren co. 0.74 sw Cs. Stafford C. H. pv. cap. of Stafford co. Va, on
SPRING CREEK, pt. Warren co. Pa.

Rappahannock river.

(NE of Hd.
SPRING RSVILLE, pv. Fayelte co. Ind. 64 e Is. STAFFORD SPRINGS; pv. Tolland co. Conn. 28
SPRINGFIELD, pt. Penobscot co. Me. 60 xe of STAGGVILLE, pv. Orange co. N. C. 31 xw Rh.

STAMFORD, pi. Bennington co. Vt. 9 E of
Springfield, pt. Sullivan co. N. H. 35 nw Cd. Bennington.
Springfield, pt. Windsor co. Vi. on Coum. r. Stamford, pl. Fairfield co. Conn. 77 sw of Hd.
Springfield, pv. cap. of Hampden co. Mass. Stamford, pe. Delaware co. N.Y. 60 wsw Al
on Cunuecticut river.

(perstown. STANARDSVILLE, pv. cap. of Greene co. Va. 85
Springfield, pt. Otsego co. N.Y. 8 N of Coo NW of Richmond.
Springfield, ip. Burlington co. N. J. 5 Ne of StandISH, pt. Cumberland co. Me. 62 sgw A.
Mount mully.

STANFORD, ip: Dutchess co. N.Y. 16 ne of
Springfield, pi. Essex co. N. J. 52 ne of Tn. Poughkeepsie.

Springfield, pr. Bradford co. Pa,

Stanford, pv. cap. of Lincoln co. Ky. 52 sse
Springfield, ip. Bucks co. Pa. 40 x of Phila. Stanford, pv. Monroe co. Ind. 60 ssw of Is.
Springfirl, op. Delaware co. Pa. 12 wsw Phila. STANFORDVILLE, pv. Dutchess co. N.Y. 67 s
Springfrld, p. Erie co. Pa. (Huntingdon. of Albany.
Springhelid, ip. Huntingdon co. Pa. 21's of Stanfordville, pv. Putoam co. Ga. 21 w M.
Springtid, p Mercer co. Pa.

STANHOPE, pv. Sussex co. N. J. 60 x of Tn.
Springtird, ip. Montg. co. Pa. 10 N of Phila. Stanhope, pv. Monroe co. Pa. 1 NE of H.
Singh'. p. York co. Pa. (of Richinond. Stanhope, pv. Nash co. N. C. 32 e of Rh.
Siringfield, pv. Ilampshire co. Va, 197 NNW STANTONSBURG, pv. Edgecombe co. N. C. 70
Springt..d. pv. cap. of Ellingliam co. Ga. 28 E or Raleigh.
W Svrummel.

STANTONVILLE, pv, Anderson dist. S. C. (I.
Springneid, pv. Greene ce). Ala. 33 ssw of T. STAPLETON, v. Richmond co N.Y. on Slaten
Siringfickl, pv. Madisou cv. Miss 41 nne of STARK, pt. Coos co. N. H. 10 NE of Lancaster.

(nw of New Orleans. STARKEY, pt. Yales co. N.Y. 10 Ne of Penn
Springbeid, pv. cap. of Livingston par. l.a. 65 Yan.
Springlich. pv. cap. of Robertson co. Tenn. Starks, pi. Somerset co. Me. on Kennebec r.

[68 ssw of F. Starks, tp. Herkimer co. N.Y. 12 se Herkimer.
Springfielil, pv. cap. of Washington ro. Ky. STARKSBOROUGH, pf. Addison co. V1, 42 w of
Soring telu, pv. cap. of Clarke co. 0. 43 w C'e. Montpelier.

Springfield, ip. Hamilton co. O.

STARKSVILLE, pv. Herkimer co. N.Y. 62 aw of
Springfich, ip Richland co. ().

Starksville, v. Reusseluer co. N. Y.
Springfield, ip. Suminit co). O.

STARKVILLE, pv.cap. co. Ga. 130) sw M.
Springfield, pi. Oakland co. Mich. 37 KW D. Starkville, pv. Oktibbcha co. Miss, 140 NE J.

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STARR, Pt. Hocking co. 0.60 sk of Cs. | STODDARTSVILLE, pv. Monroe co. Pa. 138 NE
STARRSVILLE, pv. Newton co. Ga. 55 xXW M. of Harrisburg
STARUCCA, pv. Wayne co. Pa. 100 NE of H. STONE ARABIA, pv. Montgomery co. N.Y. 57
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. between New York STONEHAM, Ip. Oxford co. Me. [www of Al.

Bay and Raritan Bay, 14 m long, 4 10 8 wide. Stoneham, pi. Middlesex co. Mass. 10 . B.
STATESBOROUGH, pv. cap. of Bullock co. Ga. STONELICK, Tp. Clermont co. O.
133 se of Milledgeville.

STONE Ridge, pv. Uisler co. N.Y. 97 ssw Al.
STATESBURG, pv. Sumier dist. S. C.53 E of Ca.! STONERSTOWN, pv. Bedford co. Pa. 100 w H.
STATESVILLE, pv. cap. of Iredell co. N. C. 145 STONESVILLE, pv. Greenville dist. S. C. 97
w of Raleigh.

XW of Columbia.
Statesville, pv. Wilson co. Tenn. 40 E of Ne. STONington, Conn. See GAZETTEER.
STAUNTOX, pv. New Castle co. Del. 50 N of Stony Brook, pv. Suffolk co. N.Y. on the x
(Lewis cr. side of Long Island.

Staunton, pv. cap. of Augusta co. Va, on Stone Cr. pe. Somerset co. Pa. 12 NE of
Staunton, pv. Granville co. N.C.

STONY Point, Orange co.N.Y.on the Hudson
Staunton, ip. Miami co. O.

STOREVILLE, pv. Anderson dist. S. C.
Staanlon, pv. Macoupin co. III. 70 ssw of Sd. STOUGHTSTOWN, pv. Cumberland co. Pa. 30
STEARNSVILLE, pv. Berkshire co. Mass. 134 wsw of Harrisburg;
STEELSVILLE, pv. Chester co. Pa. (w of B. STOUGHTON, pt. Nortolk co. Mass. 20 s of B.
Steeleville, pv. cap. of Crawford co. Mo. on Srow, pl. Oxford co. Me. 74 w of Augusta.

Maramec r. 75 Sse of Jefferson City: Slow, pi. Lamoille co. Vt. 22 xxw of Mir,
STEPHENSPORT, pv. Breckenridge co: Ky. Stow, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 25 w of B.
STEPHENS, ST., pv. Wn. co. Ala. on the Tom Stow, pl. Suminit co. Ohio, on Cuyahoga r.
bigbee, 150 w or Tuscaloosa.

Stow Crip. Cuinberland co. N. J.
SZEPUENTOWY, pl. Rensselaer co. N.Y. 29 STOWSVILLE, pv. Lincoln co. N. C. 180 w of
ESE of Albany
(Bridgeport. Raleigh.

(w of H.
STEPNEY, pv. Fairfield co. Conn. 11 N of STOYSTOWN, borough, Somerset co. Pa. 130
STERLING, tp. Lamoille co. Vt. 21 rw of Mir. STRABANE, Ip. Adams co. Pa. 6 ne of Getiys-
Sterling, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 40 w of B. burg.

Sterling, pr. Windham co. Conn. 50 e of Hd. Strabane, tp. Washington co. Pa. on Chartier's
- Sterling, pt. Cayuga co. N.Y. on L. Ontario. Strabane, pv. Lenoir co. N. C. 78 SE of Rh.

Sterling, pt. Wayne co. Pa. on Lehigh r. STRAFFORD, pt. Strafford co. N. H. 25 ENE Cd.
Sterling, ip. Macomb co. Mich.

Stratford, pt. Orange co. Vi. 34 sse of Mtr.
STERLINGSVILLE, pv. Jefferson co. N.Y. STRASBURG, pt. Lancaster co. Pa. 46 ESE H.
STETSON, pt. Penobscot co. Me. 70 NE of A. Strasburg, pv. Shenandoah co. Va.
STEUBEN, pt. Washington co. Me. on Narra- Strasburg, pv. Tuscarawas co. 0. 115 ENE Cs
girus Bay.

STRATFORD, pl. Coos co. N. H. on Comm. r.
Steubels, pe. Oneida co. N.Y. 100 www of Al. Stratford, pi. Fairfield co. Conn. 50 sw of Hd.
Steuben, pv. Huron co. 0.87 x of Cs. Stratford, ip. Fulton co. N.Y. 60 xw of Al.

STRATHAM, pl. Rockingham co. N.H.40 SE Cd.
Sieulenvillle, pv. Steuben co. Iud. 170 xxw STRATTON, pt. Windham co. Vt. 110 s of Mir.
of Indianapolis.

(of R. STRATTONSVILLE, pv. Clarion co. Pa. 180 www
SIETENBURG, pv. Culpepper co. Va. 90 NNW of Harrisburg
Sievensburg, pv. Ihrdin co. Ky. 90 sw of F. STRAWNTOWN, pv. Bucks co. Pa. 108 E Of H.
STEVENSVILLE, pv. Bradford cv. Pa. 160 x H. STRAWTOWY, pv. Hamilton co. Ind. on While
Sievensville, pv. King and Queen co. Va. 48 river.

(of Cs.
SE Of Richmond.

120 sg of Ne. STREETSBOROUGH, pl. Poriage co. 0. 140 NE
STEWARTSBOROUGH. pv. Ruthertorico. Tenn.' STRICKERSVILLE, pv. Chester co. Pa. 78 x 11.
STEWARTSTOWN, pl. 'Coos co. N.II. on Con- ; STRONG, pl. Franklin co. Me. 43 xw of A.
necticut river.

lof Rh. Strongstows, pv. Indivia co. Pa. 110 www
Stewartstown, pv. Riclmond co. N. C. 137 sw of Harrisburg

(of Cs.
STEWARTSVILLE, pv. Warren co. N. J.56 xyw STRONGSVILLE, pt. Cuyahnga co. 0. 130 NNE
of Trenton.

(sw of Rh. STRONGVILLE, pv. Brenutbilt co. Ky. 133 se F.
Stewarisville, pv. Richmond co. N. C. 107 STROUD, ip. Monroe co. Pa. (Pa. 121 E H.
STILESVILLK, pv. Hendricks co. Ind. 23 w ls. STROUDSBURG, borough, cap. of Monroe co.
STILL VALLEY, pv. Warreni cu. N. J. 48 NNW STRYKERSVILLE, pv. Wyoming co. N.Y. on
of Trenton.

Buttle creek.

(of B.
StilLWATER, pt. Saratnga co N.X.20 x of A1. STORBRIDGE, pl. Worcester co. Mass. 6) wsW
Srillivater, pt Sussex C. N. J. 77 n of 'T. STURGEONSVILLE. pv. Brunswick co. Va. 83
STOCKBRIGE, pt. Windsor co. V1.42s of Nir. SSW of Richin nd.
Sinckbridge, pi. Berkshire co. Mass. [or. STUYVESANT, sli've-sant, formerly KINDER-
Sockbridge, pt. Madison co. V.Y. on Oneida HooK LANDING, pv. Columbia co. NY. 17
Suckbridge, pt. Ingham co. Mich.

s of Albany:

(s of Al.
Suckbridge, pv. Calumet co. Wis. on Win- STUYVESANT Falls, pv. Columbia co. N.Y 27
Belage lake.

(St. Regis r. SUCKASUSNY, pv. Morris co. N. J. 60 ~ of Tn.
STOCKHOLM, pi. St. Lawrence co. N. Y. on SUDBURY, pi. Rutland co. Vt. 75 sew of Mtr.
Stuekholin, pv. Passaic co. N.J 95 NNE of Tn. Sudbury, pt. Middlesex cu. Mass. 20 w of B.
STOCKPORT, pt. Columbia cm. N.E.31 8 of Al. SUDLERSVILLE, pv. Queen Anne co. Md. 45 E
Sioekpori, pv. Wayne co. Pan. on Delaware r., O Balumore.
STOCKTON, pt. Chautauque co. N.1.7 E of SUFFIELD, pr. Harilord co. Conn. 17 N of Hd.

Suffield, pt. Portage co. 0. 134 NE of Cs.
Stock Towssp. pt. Harrison co. O.

SUFFOLK C. H. N.Y. See River HEAD.
STOCKVILLE. pv. Buncumbe co. V. C.

Suffolk, pv. cap. of Nansemond co. Va. on
STUDDAND, pl. Cheshire co. N. H. 44 sw of Cd., Nansemoud river, 85 SE of Richmond.

SUGAR cr. Pa. fows into French cr, in Ve- SUTTON, pt. Merrimack co. N.H. W wxw ad
nango co.

(Sangamon r. Sutton, pt. Caledonia co. Vt. 53 xXx Of Mt.
Sugar cr. Sangamon co. Ill. is a' s branch of Sutton, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 46 w of B.
Sugar cr. III. enters Illinois r. in Schuyler co. SUWANEE r. Flor. See GAZETTEER. (of M.
Sugar Cr. Ip. Armstrong co. Pa.

SWAINSBORO', px. 3 3
Sugar Cr. tp. Venango co. Pa. 8 nw Franklin. SWAN, pl. Noble co. Ind. 156 NNE of Is.
Sugar Cr. Ip. Greene co. 0.

Swan, pl. Taney co. Mo,
Sugar Cr. ip. Stark co. O.

Swangstown, 'pv. Cleveland co. N. C. 197
Sugar Cr. tp. Tuscarawas co. O.

w of Raleigh

(of Rh.
Sugar Cr. tp. Wayne co. O. (water cr. SWANSBOROUGH, pv. Onslow co. N. C. 160 SE
SUGAR GROVE, pv. Warren co. Pa. on Suillo SWAN's ISLAND, Tp. Hancock co. Me.
SUGAR LOAF, pv. Orange co. N.Y. 105 ssw Swanton, pt. Franklin co. Vt. on Lake Cham-
of Albany

(creek. plain,
Sugar Loat, pt. Columbia co. Pa. on Fishing Swanton, pv. Lucas co. 0. 140 nw of Cs.
Sugar Loar, ip. Luzerne co. Pa,

SWANVILLE, Pt. Waldo co. Me. 50 E of A.
SUGARTOWN, pv. Chester co. Pa 80 ESE of H. SWANZEY, pl. Bristol co. Mass. 48 s of B.
SUGGSVILLE, pv. Clarke co. Ala. 150 s of T. Swanzey, pl. Cheshire co. N. H. 53 sw of Ca.
SULLIVAX, pl.' Hancock co. Me. 100 E of A. SWARTWOUT (-wowi), one of the seats of
Sullivan, ip. Cheshire co. N. H. 52 wsw Cd. justice of Liberty co. Texas, on the x or
Sullivan, pt. Madison co. N.Y. on Canasera left bank of Trinity r., 180 m. E of Austin
ga creek.

Pop. 100.
Sullivan, pl. Tioga co. Pa. 146 x of H. Swatara r. Pa, enters the Sasqa. 8 s of H.
Sullivan, pr. Lorain co. O. 90 NNE of Cs. Swatara, ip. Lebanon co. Pa. 9 N Lancaster,
SUMMERFIELD, pv. Guilford co.N.C. 99 www SWEDEN, pl. Oxford co. Me. 60 wsw of A.
of Raleigh

Sweden, pt. Monroe co. N.Y. 937 w of Al
Summerfield, pv. Stewarı co. Ga. 145 sw of M. Sweden, borough, Potier co. Pa. 170 ** H.
Summerfield, pi. Monroe co. Mich. on Raisin SWEDESBOROUGU, pv. Gloucester co. N. J. 47

(Auburn. SS W of Trenton.
SUMMER HILL, pt. Cayuga co. N.Y. 24 se of SWEET SPRINGs, pv. and noted watering
Summer Hill, pv. Cambria co. Pa. 150 w of H. place, Monroe co. Va. 209 w of Rir hmond.
Sunnmer Hill, ip. Crawford co. Pa.

SYCAMORE, pt. Crawford co. 0.75 N of Cs.
SUMMERSVILLE, pv. cap. of Nicholas co. Va. Sycamore, ip. Hamilton co. O. on Mill er.
268 sw of Richmond.

SYDNORSVILLE, pv. Franklin co. Va. 183 WR.
Summersville, pv. Greene co. Ky. 95 ssw of F. SYKESVILLE, pv. Carroll co. Md. 60 SXW An.
SUMMERVILLE, pv. Charleston dist. S. C. SYRACUSE, N.Y. See GAZETTEER.
Summerville, pv. cap. of Chailooga co. Ga.
180 NW of Milledgeville.

TAB-As'co, or VICTORIA, a sea-port of Mexi-
Summerville, pv. Cass co. Mich.

co, at the mouth of Tabasco 1., 250 m. E by
SUMMIT, pl. Schoharie co. N.Y. 52 w of Al. s from Vera Cruz. Logwood and fustic are
Summit, pv. Cambria co. Pa. 130 w of H. the chief exports
Summit, pv. Cook co. III. 13 sw of Chicago. Tabasco, a state in the se part of Mexico,
Summit, pe Milwaukie co. Wis.

bordering on Yucatan and the Gulf of Mex.
SUMMIT BRIDGE, pv. Newcastle co. Del. 41 ico. Area 10,000 sq. in. Pop. 55,000. Capi-
N of Dover.

(of H. tal, Villa Hermosa.
Summit Hill, pv. Northampton co. Pa. 61 NE TABERG, pv. Oueida co. N.Y. 118 www of Al.
SUMMITSVILLE, pv. Wayne co. Pa. 185 NE H. Taktos, pv. Pike co. Pa. 175 NE of H.
SUMNER, pt. Oxford co. Me. 40 w of A. TartsviLLE, py. Windsor co. Vt. 54 s of Mtr.
SumnEYTOWN, pv. Montg. co. Pa. 30 nxw of Tagukanic, pl. Columbia co. N.Y. 12 e of

SUMTER, Ip. Wayne to. Mich. on Huron r. Taghikanie, mts. a branch of the Green Mts,
SUMTERVILLE, pv. cap. of Sumterville dist. running from Rensselaer co.N.Y.into Mass.
S. C. 63 e of Ca.

[beer. TALBOTTON, pv. cap. of Talbot co. Ga. 92 wew
Sumterville, pv. Sumter co. Ala. on Tombig. of Milledgeville.
Sumterville, pv. Lee co. Ga.

TalcanUANA, tal-ka. wah'na, a decayed ses.
SUXAPEE LAKE, N. H. 9 m. long. 1; wide. port of South America, in Chili, ou the bay
SUXBURY, borough, cap. of Northumberland of Conception

15 of T.
co. Pa, on the Susquehanna.

TALLADEGA, pv.cap. or Talladega co. A la. 116
Sunbury, pv. Gales co. N.C. 224 ENE of Rh. TALLASSEE, pv. Tallapoosa co. Ala. on Talla-
Sunbury, Ga. See GAZETTEER.
Sunbury, pv. Delaware co. 0. 25 N of Cs. TALLY IDGE, P. Summit co. 0. 14 XE of C
Sunbury, pv. Livingston co. II. 120 NE of Sd. Tallmadge, ip. Oceana co. Mich.
SUNCOOK r. N.H. flows into the Merrimack. Tallmadge, pt. Ollawa co. Mich. 180 wxw D.
SUNDERLAND, pt. Beington co. Vt. 15 NE of | TA MAULIPAS, tam-pu-le pas, a state in the Ess

part of Mexico, bordering on the Gulf of
Sunderland, pt. Franklin co. Mass. on Conn.r. Mexico. It formerly extended e of the Rio
Sunderland, pv. Calvert co. Md. 37 ssw Au. del Norte, as far as the Nueces. Area
SUPERIOR, Pi. Washienaw co. Mich. 31 w D. 25,000 sq. m. Pop. 50.000.

[of H.
SURRY, pl. Hancock co. Me. 83 E of A. TA MAQUA, borough, Schuykill co, Pa. Em xi
Surry, pi. Cheshire cu). N. H. 55 sw of Cu. TAMARWA, pv. Si. Clair co. III. on Kaskaskia r.
Surry C. H. pv.cap. of Surry co. Va. 55 se R. TAMPA, pv. cap. of Hillsborough co. Flor, oa
SUSQUEITANNA, Ip. Cainbria co. Pa. [creek. Tampa Bay
Susquehanna, ip. Danplin co. Pa. on Paxton TAMWORTH, pi. Carroll co. N. II. 55 x of Ca.
Susquehanna, ip. Lycoining co. Pa. (of R. TANEYTOWN, pv. Carroll co. Md.70 NXW An.
Sussex C. H. pv.cap. of Sussex co. Va. 48 sse | TANEYVILLE, pv. Lycoming co. Pa.

porosi river.

For a gen

TANGIPARA 1. Miss. and La. flows into Lake Tewksbury, tp. Hunterdon co. N. J. 14 XE of Pontchartrain.

(of Al. Flemington. TAXXERSVILLE, pv. Greene co. N.Y. 50 sw Texasa, cap. of Jackson co. Texas, on the Tammersville, pv. Monroe co. Pa. 124 ve of H. La Vacca 1., near its junction with the NaTaus, tah'oce, a small t. of New Mexico, vidad, 150 sse of Austin. Pop. 150.

of Santa Fe TAPPAHAYSOCK, Va. See GAZETTEER. TEXAS, formerly an independent republic, Tap-Pax' Bay, an expansion of the Hudson, was annexed to the United States in Decem22 m x of New York.

ber 1845. Il now constitutes a single state, TAPPANTOWx, pv. Rockland co. N.Y. 134 s Al. though its superficial extent is about seven TARBOROUGH, pv.cap. of Edgecombe co. N.C. times as greai as that of Pennsylvania. Jis on Tar river, 76 E or Raleigh.

constitution is in the main similar to those TAR r. N. C. See GAZETTEER. (ghany r. of the other slaveholding states. TARENTUM, pv. Alleghany co. Pa. on Alle eral and brief notice of ihe country, climate, TARIFFVILLE, pv. Hariford co. Conn. 12 x Hd. &c., see Texas, in the GAZETTEER. A more TARLTox, pv. Pickaway co. 0. 46 s or Cs. particular description of the surface and soil TARRYTOWN, pv. Wesichester co. N.Y. on will be found under the heads of the respecthe Hudson

tive counties in this Appendix. TARVERSVILLE, pv. Twiggs co. Ga. 50 ssw M. It may be proper here to add, that the seaTATE, Ip. Clermont co. O.

coast of Texas, though indented by numeTaunto.x, Mass. See GAZETTEER.

rous bays and inlets, does not afford a single Tauntou r. Mass. enters Mount Hope Bay. harbour for vessels of a large size. Galveston TAYCHEIDA, pv. Fond du Lac co. Wis. julet, the deepest, has 12 ieet water, the enTAYLORSTOwx, pv. Wn. co. Pa. 216 w of H. trance of Malagorda Bay !! seei, and San TAYLORSVILLE, pv. Bucks co. Pa. on the Luis 10 feel. It may be further observed, Delaware.

that the principal rivers of this country, Taylorsville, pv. Hanover co. Va. 2 x of R. though of great length, are not navigable io Taylorsville, pv. cap. of Patrick co. Va. on any extent except for small vessels, though

Mayo river, 228 wsw of R. (332 8 of Ne. much might and doubtless will be effected Taylorsville, pv. cap. of Johnson co. Tenn. ere long, towards improving their navigaTaylorsville, pv. cap. of Spencer co. Ky. on tion. The Trinity is navigable further than Salt river.

any of the others; it may be ascended by Taylorsville, pv. Christian co. III. 20 se of Su. boats nearly 300 m. The Brazos is naviTAZEWELL C. H. or Jeffers-XVILLE, pv.cap. gable 150 m, the Nueces about 100 m., and of Tazewell co. Vu. 291 w of R.

the San Jacinto 50 m. The Colorado is obTazewell, pv. cap. of Marion co. Ga. 110 sw structed by a raft 10 m. from its mouth : when of Milledgeville.

(e of Ne. this is removed, it will in all probability be Tazewell, pv. cap.of Claiborne co. Tenn. 220 rendered navigable for small steamboais 10 TCHOCUXXA r. Ga. ffw's into Ocmulgee r. Austin, above 200 m. The Sabine r. on the E TCHULA, pv. Holmes c). Miss, on Yazoo r. border, is navigable 150 m. The Rio del TECIE r. La. See GAZETTEER.

Norte, on the w, though a very rapid stream, TECUMSEK, pt. Lena wee co. Mich. 57 sw D. inay (except at low water) be ascended by Tzudaca X, lä-wah-ku', a t. of Mexico, 63 small steamboats nearly 200 m. The Red R. m. sE of La Puebla.

is also navigable for a considerable extent TEKUANTEPEC, 18-wan ta-pek', or tå-09-an'. along the northeru border. Texas is divided

ta-pek', a i. on the w coast of Mexico, in into 36 counties.* Capital, Austin.
The state of Oaxaca, a gouf of the same
name; important on account of its salt | Texas, ip. Wayne co. Pa.

works. Tai, ubout 16° 20' x, lan. 95) 10' w. ! Texas, ip. Kalamaz'xo co. Mich. Tekossa, pv. Calhoun co. Mich. on St. TILAMES T. Conn, formed by the union of SheJosepla's river.

lucket and Yantic, enters Loong 1. Sound. TEMPLE, Pt. Franklin cu. Me. 40 xyw of A. Thames, lemnz, a r. of Canada West. After Temple, pi. Hillsborough co. N. II. 44 ssw Howing tor a considerable distance nearly of Concord.

(of Boston parallel to the x shore of Lake Erie, it enter's TEMPLETOX, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 60 W SW Take St. Clair. Templeton, pv. Prince George co. Va. 30 sER. THERESA, pl. Jeferson co. N.Y. 183 yw Al. TEXOXTULAN, v. Milam c), Texas, on the THETFORD, pi. Orange co. Vt. 43 sse of Mir. Brazvs, 100 in. EXE Of Anstin.

THIBODEAUXVILLE, tib'o-do'vil, pv. cap. otla TEXSAW T. Ala. See MOBILE T. GAZETIKER. Fourche par. La. 106 sw of New Orleans. Tensu w r. La flow into \Vashita r.

THOMAS, Franklin co. Pa. 53 swf H. TE-PIC', a t. of Mexic. in Jalisco, 20 m. Ese Thomis, St. a 1. of Canada West, on Keille 9 San Blas.

which flows into L. Erie. Lat. about Te-poz-co-LU'LA, a small t. of Mexico, in 42 50' x, Lun 81 294 W.

Ouxaca, on an affluent of the Rio Verde, re THOMASTOX, pt. Lincoln co. Me. 42 SE of A.

markable for the culture of cochineal. Thomaston, pv. cap. Upson co. Ga. 80 w M. TERRE COPEE, pv. St. Joseph co. Ind. 103 x THOMASTOW®, pv. Leake co. Miss. 52 ve J. of Indianapolis.

(Wabash r. THOMASVILLE, pv. cap. of Thomas co. Ga TERRE HAUTz, py, cap. of Vigo co. Ind. on 230 ssw of Milledgeville. TERRYSVILLE, pv. LitchGeld cn. Conn. 21 WW of Hartiord.

[of Ca.

Austin, Bastrop, Bexar, Rwie, Brazoria, Brazos, Colo Terrysville, pv. Abbeville dixi. S. C. 104 w na to, Faunin, Fayette, Fort Bond, Gileston, Galind, Goa TERRYTOWN, pv. Bradford co. Pit. 150 x H.

zales, Harris, Harrison, Houston, Jack3n, Jasper, Jefferson TEYKSBURY, pr. Middlesex co, Mass. 21 yw

lamar, Liberty, Ma a gorda, Miha, Montgomery, Nacog

doches, Rod River, Refugio, Robertson, Rusk, Sabine, Sua Au of Boston.

gustine, San Patricio, Sielby, Travis, Victoria, Washington.

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Thomasville, pv. Washington co. Tem 290 | TOBOYXE, tp. Perry co.

Pd. E of Nashville.

(fartford. Topy, tp. Clarion co. Pa. on Alleghany T. THOMP60 x, pl. Windhamn co. Com 48 ESE OR TODD, pt. Huntingdon co. Pa. Thompson, ip. Sullivan ca). N.Y. 110 sw Al. TOLEDO, pv. cap. Lucas ca. 0. on Maamee t. Thompsau, pi. Susqa, co, Pa. 181 xXE of H. TOLERSVILLE, pv. Louisa co. Va. 54 xw of R. Thompson, pv. Warren co. Ga. 50 ye of M. TOLLAND, pt. Hampden co. Mass. on FarmThompsoll, pt. Geauga co. 0, 190 x of Cs. ington river, 118 W of Boston. (of Ild. Thompson Tows, pv. Juniata co. Pa. on Ju- Tulland, pv. cap. of Tolland co. Conn. 18 ENE niata river.

(of Hd. TOMBIGBEE r. Miss. and Ala. See GAZETTEEN. THOMPSONVILLE, pv. Hartford co. Com. 20 x TOMrkins, ip. Del. co. N.Y. 22 sw of Delhi. Thompsonville, pv. Sullivan co. N. Y. 105 Tompkins, pi. Jackson co. Mich. 90 w of D. ssw of Albany

TOMPKINSVILLE, pv. Richmond co. N.Y. on THORX, ip. Perry co. O.

Staten Island

(153 ssw of F. THOR NAPPLE, Ip: Barry co. Mich. (of R. Tompkinsville, pv. cap. of Monroe co. Ky. THORNBURG, pv. Spotsylvania co.Va. 76 xxw Tox's r. N. J. Rows inin Barnegat Bay. THORNBURY, pt. Chester co. Pa. 20 sw Phila. Tom's R. pv. Monmouth co. N. J. 38 SE or Tu Thurnbury, ip. Delaware co. Pa. 20 w Phila. TOMSVILLE, pv. Chester dist. S. C. its of Ca. THORNDIKE, Pt. Valdo co. Me. 42 sk of A. ToxAWANDA Cr. N.Y. Pows into Niagara r. THORNTOX, pt. Graftou co. N. H. 52 y of Cd. Tona wanda, pt. Erie co. N.Y. on Niagara r. Thornton, pv. Delaware co. Pa,

TorsFIELD, pi. Washington co. Me. 235 NEA, Thornton, pt. Cook co. Ili, on 'Thorn cr. Topsfield, pi. Essex co. Mass. 25 x of B. THORNtowx, pv. Boone co. Ind. 35 NE of Is. TOPSHAX, pt. Lincoln co. Me. on AndroscogTHORNVILLE, pv. Perry co. O. 35 of Cs. gin river THOROUGHFARE, pv. Prince William co. Va. Topsham, pt. Orange co. V1. 23 SE of Mt. 118 x of Richmond.

(wsw of B. TORRINGFORD, pv. Litchfield co. Coun. 24 W TAREE Rivers, pv. Hampden co. Mass. 76 of Hartford.

(of Hd. Three Rivers, pv. St. Joseplı co. Mich. 145 TORRINGTON, pt. Litchfield co. Conn. w SW of Detroil.

TorGuNIOGA I. N.Y. flows into Chenangor. Throg's Point, ip. Westchester co. N. Y. 16 Toulox, pv. Haywood co. Tenn. 167 wow Ne.

NE of N. York. (N.Y. 3 xw of Auburn. Toulon, pv. cap. of Stark co. III. lof Phila. THROOPSVILLE, troops'vil, pv. Cayuga co. TOWAMESSING, tp. Montgomery co. Pa. 20 % TICONDEROGA, pt. Essex co. NY on Lake Towamensing, tp. Northamptou co. Pa. on Tiffix, ip. Adams co. 0. [Champlain. the Lehigh. Tiffin, pv. Seneca co. O. on Sandusky r. TOWANDA,

borough, cap. of Bradford co. Pa. Tiffin's r. rises in Mich. und enters the Mau ou the North Branch of Sasquehanna river. mee near Defiance, in 0.

TOWER Hill, pv. Washingtou co. R. I. 37 s TIMBALIER, bay, Terre Bonne par. La.

of Providence. TIMBERVILLE, pv. Rockingham co: Va. 145 Towy BLUFF, one of the capitals of Liberty NW of Richmond.

co. Texas, 50 m. E of Swartwoul. TIMPANO'GOS, LAKE, California, on the Spa- TOWNSEND, pt. Windham co. VI. 117 s Mtr.

nish maps ; supposed to be the same as ihe Townsend, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 40 xw B. GREAT SALT LAKE.

(of Rh. Townsend, pi. Huron co. O. 3 E of Norwalk. TIXDALLSVILLE, pv. Anson co. N. C. 136 sw! Townsend, pr. Sandusky ca). O. 100 N of Cs. TINMOUTH, pl. Rutland co. Vi. 76 s of Mir. 'TowNseXD HARBOR, pv. Middlesex co. Mass. TIN'icum, ip. Bucks co. Pa. 37 N of Phila. 40 Xw of Boston.

(Annapolis. Tinicum, ip. Delaware co. Pa. 9 sw of Phila. TowSONTOWN, pv. Baltimore co. Md. 37 of TIOGA T. See GAZETTEER.

TRANSYLVANIA, pv. Greene en, O. on Little Tioga, pt. Tioga co. N.Y. on Susquehanna r. Miarni river. Tioga, pt. Tioga co. Pa. on Tigur.

TRAPPE, pv. Montgomery co. Pa. 81 E of H. TIONESTA, tp. Jefferson ca. Pa,

Trappe, pv. Tulboi co. Míd. 54 ESE Of An. Tionesta, pt. Venango co. Pa. on Susqa. r. TRAVELLER's Rest, pv. Dooly co. Ga. 87 3* TIPPECAXOE r. Ind. dlows into the Wabash. of Milledgeville. Tippecanoe, pt. Tippecanoe co. Ind. 82 nw Is. TRAV'Is, a co. in the central part of Texas, Tipton, pv. cap.or Cedar co. Iowa. (Wabash. intersected by the Colorado. A consideraTIPTONSPORT, pv. Carroll cu. Ind. on the ble portion of the surface is billy and TISBURY, Ip. Dukes co, Mass. &3 ssk of B. broken. The soil, especially along the TITUSVILLE, pv. Mercer co. N. J.8 E of Tu. streams, is very fertile in the southern porTiVER Tos, p. Newport co, R. I. 13 NE of tion, but towards the some parts are Tiverton, pt. Coshocion co. O. (Newport. quite sterile. Capital, Austin. TLAL-PAX', a Mexican i. importantirom being Travis, v.of Austin co. Texas, on the wor the capital of the state of Mexico), situated right bank of the Brazos.

(Phila 15 m. s by w of the city of Mexico. Pop. TREDYF'RIN, tp. Chester co. Pa, 17 NW of about 6,000.

TREMXT, ip. cap. of Tazewell co. II, 57 X TLAM'ATH, also called KLAM'ET (See GAZET. 'Trextox, ip. Hancock co. Me. [of St.

TEER, p. 402, note), a lake of Oregon, in Trenton, pt. Oneida co. N.Y. 12xef luca. about 4.2) 25' N Lai aud 121° 20' w Lon. Trenton, pv. cap. of Jones co. N. C. oa Also a river which discharges the waters of Trent river, 130 SE of Raleigh. this lake into the Pacific.

Trenton, pv. cap. of Dade co. Ga. 200 xxWM. Tivoli, pv. Dutchess co. N.Y.on the Hudson. Trenton, pv. Jackson co, Ala. 177 SE of T. TOBACCO PORT, pv. Stewart co. Tenn. 85 Trenton, pv.cap.or Gibson co. Tenn. 130 w Ne WNW of Nashville.

(of F. Trenton, py. Todd co. Ky. 197 sw of F Tobacco Pori, pv. Caldwell co. Ky. 227 wsw Trenton, pv. Butler oo. 0.91 wsw of Ca. TOBEHANNA T. Pa. flows into the Lehigh. (r. Trenton, ip. Delaware co. O. Tobebanna, tp. Monroe co. Pa. on Tobehanna Trenton, pv. Knox co. III. 105 NNW of Sd.

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