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Trenton, pv. cap. of Grundy co. Mo. on the TUNTIANNOCK r. Pa. enters Susquehanna r. East Fork or Grand river.

in Wyoming co. (on Susga. r 154 NNE H. Trenton, pv. Henry co. Iowa.

Tunkhannock, pv. cap. of Wyoming co. Pa. TRENTON Falis, pv. Oneida co. N.Y. 15 NNE TUNBRIDGE, pi. Orange co. VI. 32 sse of Mtr.

of Utica. Here, on the W. Canada cr., in TUPPER'S LAKE, Franklin oo. N.Y. 6 m. long, the space of 2 m., are several beautiful and 2 broad. picturesque water-falls, which are much TURBUT, tp. Juniata co. Pa. (Sunbury: visited by travellers.

(cook Bay. Turbut, tp. Northumberland co. Pa. 14 x of TRESCOTT, Ip. Washington co. Me. on Cobs- TURIX, pt. Lewis co. N.Y. 126 nw of Al. TREILERTOWN, pv. Lehigh co. Pa. 80 ENE H. TURKEY Foor, pt. Somerset co. Pa. 15 sw of TRIADELPHIA, pv. Montgomery co. Md. 50 Bedford.

(Coosa r. www of Annapolis.

TURKEY Towx, pv. Cherokee co. Ala. on TRIANA, pv. Madison co. Ala. on Tenn. r. TURMAN's cr. Ind. flows into the Wabash. TRIANGLE, pt. Broome co. N.Y. on Tough- TURNBULL, pv. Monroe co. Ala. 127 s of T. nioga river.

TURNER, pt. Oxford co. Me. 30 wsw of A. TRIMBLE, pt. Athens co. 0. 70 SE of Cs. TURNERSVILLE, pv. Robertsou co. Tenn. 36 TRIN-ID-AD' (de Cuba), a sea-port on the s xxw of Nashville.

side of Cuba, 220 m. se of Havana, on a TURTLE CREEK, tp. Warren co. O. little river, 3 m. from the sea. Pop. stated TUSCAHOMA, pv. Tallahatchee co. Miss. on the at 13,000.

(nw of Al. Yalabasha, 117 ~ of Jackson. 'TRIP's Hill. pv. Montgomery co. N.Y. 37 TUSCARAWAS P. 0. unites with the WalTROUPSBURG, pt. Steuben co. N.Y. 246 w Al. honding to form the Muskingum. TROUPSVILLE, pv. cap. of Lowndes co. Ga. on Tuscarawas, tp. Stark co. O. (carawas r. Withlacoochee river.

Tuscarawas, pv. Tuscarawas co. O. on TusTroy, pt. Waldo co. Me. 40 NE of A.

TUSCARORA Cr. N.Y. flows into Canisteo r. Troy, pt. Cheshire co. N. H. 57 sw of Cd. Tuscarora, v. Niagara co. N.Y.3 e of LewisTroy, pl. Orleans co. VI. 53 n of Mtr. Tuscarora cr. Pa. flows into Juniata r. (ton. Troy, pe. Bradford co. Pa. 150 N of H. Tuscarora, tp. Bradford co. Pa. on Tuscarora Troy, ip. Crawford co. Pa.

Tuscarora, lp. Juniata co. Pa. Troy, pv. cap. of Pike co. Ala. 174 se of T. Tuscarora, mis. Schuylkill co. Pa. Troy, pv. Yalabusha co. Miss. 120 NNE Of J. Tuscarora, pv. Schuylkill co. Pa. 75 NE of H. Troy, pv. cap. of Obion co. Tenn. 164 w Ne. TUSCOLA, pt. Livingston co. Mich. Troy, ip. Athens co. 0.

Tuscola, ip. Saginaw co. Mich. Troy, pv.cap. Miami co. O. on Great Miami r. TUSCUMBIA, pv. Franklin co. Ala. 66 w of Troy, ip. Richland co. O.


(Osager. Troy, pi. Oakland co. Mich. 22 nw of D. Tuscumbia, pv. cap. of Miller co. Mo. on Troy, ip. Fountain co. Ind.

TUSKEGEE, pv.cap.of Macon co.Ala. 152 ESE T. Troy, pv. cap. of Perry co. Ind. on Ohio r. TUTHILL, pv. Ulster co. N.Y. 80 ssw of Al. Troy, pv. cap. of Lincoln co. Mo. on Cuivrer. Tuxtla, tooxt'lă, a volcanic mt. of Mexico, Troy, pv. Milwaukie co. Wis. 73 B of Madison. in the state of Vera Cruz. Lat. 18° 30' N, Troy, ip. Walworth co. Wis.

Lon. 95° w. Near it is a small t. of the TRUAGO, pv. Wayne co. Mi on Detroit r. TRUMANSBURG, pv. Tompkins co. N.Y. 173 Twix, ip. Preble co. O. w of Albany

Twin, tp. Ross co. O. TRUMBA URSVILLE, pv. Bucks co. Pa.

TWINSBURG, pt. Summit co. O. 140 Ne of Cs. TRCMBULL, Pt. Fairfield co. Conn. 60 sw HD. TYMOCHTEE Cr. O. flows into Sandusky r. Trumbull, pi. Ashtabula co. 0. 186 ne or Cs. Tymochtee, pt. Crawford co. 0. 73 x or Cs. TRUMBULL LONG HILL, pv. Fairfield co. Conn. TYNGSBOROUGH, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 28 62 sw of Hartford.

(lantic. NW of Boston. T&URO, pt. Barnstable co. Mass. on the At. | TYRE, pt. Seneca co. N.Y. on Clyde r. Truro, ip. Franklin co. 0.

(nioga r. TYRINGHAM, pt. Berkshire co. Mass. 130 w B. Truxtox, pt. Coriand co. N.Y. on Tough. TYRONE, pt. Steuben co. N. Y. 200 w of Al. TUCKAHOE BRIDGE, pv. cap. of Cape May co. Tyrone, ip. Adams co. Pa. 10 XE of Gettysburg.

N. J. 76 s of Trenton, (wsw of Rh. Tyrone, ip. Fayette co. Pa. TUCKASAGA, pv. Mecklenburg co. N. C. 170 Tyrone, ip. Huntingdon co. Pa. TUCKERTOX, N. J. See Gazetteer. Tyrone, ip. Perry co. Pa. TUFTONBOROUGH, pl. Carroll co. N. H. 44 E Cd. Tyrone, pv. Wilkes co. Ga. 70 SE of M. Tule, tooʻle or tooʻlay, i. e. a “bulsush." Tyrone, pt. Livingston co. Mich. 60 wxw D.

The TULE or BULRUSI LAKks are two lakes TiwAPITY, lp. Scoll co. Mo. in Upper California, connected during the wet season, or spring, with the head waters UCHEE, pv. Russell co. Ala. 194 ESE of T. of the river San Joaquin. The lower and UCHEE ANNA, pv. cap. of Walton co. Flor. larger lake is probably 60 m. in length, and on a branch of Choctaw hatchie river. 15 iu its greatest breadth. The other is UFAULA, pv. Randolph co. Ga. on Chattahoomuch smaller. Their shores are lined with

chee river. bulrushes.

Ulster, v. in Saugerties tp. Ulster co. N.Y. Tully, pi. Onondaga co. N.Y. 10 s Syracuse. Ulster, pt. Bradford co. Pa on the Susqa. Tully, pv. Lewis co. Mo. 136 x of Jei. City. ULYSSES, ip. Tompkins co. N.Y. 8 nw lthaca. Tollyrox, pv. Greenville dist. S. C. 107 WNW Ulysses, pi. Poller co. Pa. 180 NNW of H. of Columbia.

UMBAGOG LAKE, N. H. and Me. 18 m. long, TULLYTOWN, pv. Bucks co. Pa. 4 ne of Bristol. and 10 m. wide. Its outlet joins the AnT'ULPEHOCKEX, ip. Berks co. Pa.

droscoggin. Tulpalincken cr. Berks co. Pa. enters Schuyl UMQUA (um'quaw) INDIANS, a tribe dwelling kill river nearly opposite Reading.

in the sw part of Oregon, near a small river

same name.

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(May C. H.

to which they give their name: it flows UNION VILLAGE, Pv. Orange co. Vl. 46 se Vtr. into the Pacific

Union Village, v. Washington co. N.Y. OR UNADILLA T. N.Y. enters the Susquehanna. Battenkill river.

(88 Ese of R Unadilla, pt. Otsego co. N.Y. on The Susqa Union Village, pv. Northumberland co. Va Unadilla, pl. Livingston co. Mich. on Poriage Union Village, v. Warren co. 0.4 w Lebanoa UNADILLA Forks, pv. Otsego co. N.Y. (river. UNIOXVILLE, pv. Middlesex co. Mass. Bw UNCASVILLE, pv. New London co. Conn. 45 Unionville, pv. Hartford co. Conn. 10 w of Hd SE of Hartford.

Unionville, pv. Orange co. N.Y. 120 sew of Al UNDERHILL, pt. Chittenden co. Vt.56 sw Mtr. Unionville, pv. Chester co. Pa. 74 Ese et H. UNIKA, mts. a name given to that portion of Unionville, pv. Frederick co. Md. 67 xw An

the Alleghanies dividing Tenn. from N. C. Unionville, pv. Union dist. S. C. 70 yw of Ca Uniox, pt. Lincoln cu. Me. 31 ss of A. Unionville, pv. Monrne co. Ga. 63 w of M. Union, pl. Tolland co. Conn. 35 NE of Hd. Unionville, pv. Bedford co. Tenn. 46 sek Ne Union, pv. Broome co. N.Y. on Susqa. r. Uniouville, p. Lake co. 0. 192 NE of C. Union, pt. Essex co. V. J. 49 Ne of In. Unionville, pv. Lenawee co. Mich. 75 sw D. Union, ip. Gloucester co. N. J.

Unisos, pv. Luzerne co. Pa. 133 NE of H. Union, ip. Berks co. Pa, on Schuylkill r. Unison, pv. Loudon co. Va. 137 of R. Union, ip. Erie co. Pa. 22 SE of Erie.

UNITY, pt. Waldo co. Me. 31 NE of A Union, tp. Payette co. Pa. on Redstone er. Unity, pt. Sullivan co. N. H. 45 w of Cd. Union, ip. Huntingdon co. Pa. 15 s of Hun- Unity, tp. Westmoreland co. Pa. 7 i of Union, tp. Luzerne co. Pa. (tingdon. Greensburg Union, tp. Mifflin co. Pa.

Unity, pv. Montgomery co. Md. 58 WXW AL Union, tp. Schuylkill co. Pa.

Unity, pv. Cabarrus co. N. C. 153 www Rh. Union, tp. Tioga co. Pa.

Unity, pt. Columbiana co. 0. 161 NE of Ce. Union, tp. Union co. Pa. on the Susquehanna. Uniry, pv. cap. Alexander co. III. 2003 of Sd. Union, tp. Washington co. Pa.

UNITYVILLE, pv. Lycoming co. Pa. Union, pv. cap. of Monroe co. Va. 230 w R. UPATOIE, pv. Muscogee co. Ga. 138 wsw M. Union, pv. Talbot co. Ga. 69 wew of M. UPPER, tp. Cape Nay co.N. J. 13 N8 of Care Uniou, pv. Greene co Ala. 33 ssw of T. Upper, ip. Lawrence co. O. Union, pv. Newton co. Miss. 75 E OP J. UPPER ALTOx, pv. Madison co. Ill. so s Sd. Union, pv. cap. of Union co. Ark. ou Washita UPPER AQUEBOGUE, pv. Suffolk co. Union, pv. Boone co. Ky. 73 N of F. (river. Long Island.

(se of Saler. Union, ip. Belmont co O. on Stillwater r. UPPER ALLOWAYS CR. tp. Salem co. N. J.7 Union, tp. Brown co. O. on Ohio r.

UPPER BERX, ip. Berks co. Pa.on the SchuylUnion, tp. Butler co. O.

UPPER CALIFORNIA. See CALIFORNIA. (kill. Union, tp. Clerinont co. O.

UPPER CHICHESTER, Ip. Delaware co. Pa. Union, in. Clinton co. O.

C'PPER DARBY, ip. Delaware co. Pa, 8 w of Union, ip. Highland co. O.

Philadelphia Union, ip. Knox co. O. on Mohiccan r. UPPER DUELIX, pt. Monig. co. Pa. 106 E of H. Union, tp. La Fayette co. O.

UPPER FREEHOLD, tp. Monmouth co. N.J. on Union, tp. Lawrence co. O.

Millstone creek. Thion, tp. Licking co. O.

Upper HANOVER, pl. Montgomery co. Pa. 35 Union, tp. Madison co. O.

ww of Philadelphia.

(E of An. Union, tp. Miami co.,O.

UPPER HUNTING CR. pv. Caroline co. Md. 57 Union, pv. Montg. co. 0.12 xw of Dayton. UPPER LOUTRE, ip. Montgomery co. Mo, Union, ip. Morgan co. O.

UPPER MACUNGY, tp. Lehigh cu Pa. (XE H. Union, in. Muskingum co. O.

UPPER MAANTANGO, pt. Schuylkill co. Pa 6 Union, ip. Ross co. O.

Upper MAHONY, Ip. Northumberland co. Ps. Union, tp Union co. 0.9

UPPER MAKEFIELD, ip. Bucks co. Pa. 25 XXX Union, ip. Warren cu. O.

of Philadelphia. Vuion, tp. Branch co. Mich.

UPPER MARLBOROUGH, pv. cap. of Prince Union, pv. Cass co. Mich. 160 wsw of D. George's co. Md. 23 sw of Annapolis. Union, pv. cap. of Franklin co. Mo. 73 x of UPPER MIDDLETOWx, pv. Middlesex co. Conu Jefferson City.

(Joseph's r.
12 s of Harlord.

(w of H. Union City, pv. Branch co. Mich. on St. Upper Middletown, pv. Fayette cai. Pa. 154 Usion Falls, pv. Clinton co. N.Y. on Sara- UPPER Moust BETHEL, tp. Northampton co. nac river, 168 s of Albany.

Upper Marios, ip. Montgomery co. Pa (Pa. UNION MILLs, pv. Fulton co. N.Y.46 ww Al. UPPER MILFORD, tp. Lehigh cu. Pa. Union Mills, pv. Erie cn. Pa. 230 xw of H. UPPER NAZARETH, Ip. Northampton ca. Pa Union Mills, pv. Carroll co. Md. 65 NNW An. UPPER OXFORD, tp. Chester co. Pa. Union Mills, pv. Fluvanna co. Va. on Rivanna UPPER Paxtox, tp. Dauphin co. Pa. 223 river, 73 wxw of Richmond.

UPPER PExxs Neck, ip. Salem co. N. J.
Uxios SPRINGs, pv. Cayuga co. N.Y. on Cay Delaware river.
uga lake.

UPPER PROVIDENCE, ip. Delaware co. Pa ls
Union Springs, pv. Macon co. Ala. 153 se of 'T. Upper Providence, ip. Montgomery co, P.
Uxtox SQUARE, Pv. Montgomery co. Pa. Upper Red Hook, pv. Dutchess có. N.Y.CL
UxIoxtows, pv. cap. of Fayette co. Pa. 180 the Hudson.
w of Harrisburg.

(Baltimore. Urrer SALFORD, tp. Montgomery co. Pa
Uniontown, pv. Carroll co. Md." 35 xw_of UPPER SANDUSKY, pv. Crawford co. 0.
Uniontown, pv. Perry co. Ala. 60 sse of T. Sandusky river.
Uniontown, pv. Belmont co. 0. 114 E of Cs.

UPPER SAUCON, tp. Lehigh co. Pa on sauna Uniontown, v. Stark co. O. 12 x of Canton. UPPER ST. CLAIR, IP. Alleghany co. Pa. UNION VALE, tp. Dutchess co. N.Y.ou Fish

Chartier's creek. kill river.

UPPER STILLWATER, pv. Penobscot co. de

(w of Phils.

(on Penobscot

JPPER STRASBURG, pv. Franklin co. Pa. 10 Van Wert, pv. cap. of Van Wert co. O. 130 w of Chambersburg, (Swatara cr. xw of Columbus.

(of Ca. JPPER SWATARA, ip. Dauphin co. Pa. on VAREXNES, pv. Anderson dist. S. C. 122 www JPPER TULPEHOCKEN, tp. Berks co. Pa. VARICK, pt. Seneca co. N.Y.8s of Waterloo. UPPERVILLE, pv. Fauquier co. Va. 130 x R. VARNA, pv. Tompkins co. N.Y. 160 w of Al. JPPER YARMOUTH, pv. Cumberland co. Me. VARYSBURG, pv. Wyoming co. N.Y. on Ton. 17 sw of Augusta.

a wanda creek.

(of A. CPSONVILLE, pv. Susqa. co. Pa. 180 NNE H. VASSALBOROUGH, pt. Kennebec co. Me. 11 N CPiox, pi. Worcester co. Mass. 35 wsw of B. Vargine, 1p. Jefferson co. Ark. URBANXA, pt. Steuben co. N.Y. 211 w of Al. VELASCO, a sca-port of Brazoria co. Texas, at Urbanoa, pv. Frederick co. Md. 76 nw of An. the inruth of the Brazos. Pop. 500. Urbanna, pv. cap. of Middlesex co. Va. on VENANGO, ip. Butler co. Pa. Rappahannock river.

Venango, tp. Crawford co. Pa. Urbina, pv. cap. of Champaign co. 0.46 w Venango, tp. Erie co. Pa of Columbus.

(ENE of Sd. Vesice, pe. Cayuga co. N.Y. 15 s Auburn. Urbawa, pv. cap. of Champaign co. III. 92 Venice, pv. Erie co. 0. on Cold er. UTAH (pronounced and sometimes written Venice, ip. Seneca co. O. (Pop. about 1,000

EU'TAW) INDIANs, a numerous tribe dwell-VERGENNES, city, Addison co. Vt. 66 w Mir. ing in the e part of California.

VERMILION T. La flows into Vermilion Bay. The Pau UTAN Indians dwell along the smar Vermilion r. o. flows into Lake Erie. gin of the Great Basin.

Vermilion, pl. Erie co. O. on Vermilion r. Utah, lake. See GREAT SALT LAKE.

Vermilion, ip Richland co. O. UTICA, pv. Hinds co. Miss. 38 w of J.

Vermilion r. III. flow's into Illinois r. Ulica, pv. Licking co. 0. 50 E of Cs.

Vermilion, ip. Vertnilion co. Ind. (La. Utica, pv. Macomb co. Mich. on Clinton r.

VERMILIONVILLE, pv. cap. of Lafayette par. Utica, pv. Clarke co. Ind. on Ohio r.

Verinilionville, pv. La Salle co. III. Uuca, pv. Livingston co. Mo, on Grand r.

VERMONT, pv. Fulton co. III. Uwchlax, yvok lan, pt. Chester co. Pa. 30 Vermont, pv. Cooper co. Mo.

[of D. w of Philadelphia.

VERMONTVILLE, pv. Eaton co. Mich. 110 www USBRIDGE, pl. Worcester co. Mass. 38 sw B. VERNON, pl. Windham co.Vi. on Conn. r.

Vernon, pi. Tolland co. Comm. 12 ENE of Hd VALATIE, pv. Columbia co. N.Y. 20 s of Al. Vernon, pt. Oneida co. N. Y. 16 w of Utica. VALCOUR ÍSLAND, N.Y. in Lake Champlain. Vernon, pt. Sussex co. N. J. 92 x of Tn. VALLEENE, pv. Orange co. Ind. 104 s of Is.

Vernon, ip. Crawford co. Pa. VALLEY, ip. Columbia co. Pa. (Phila. Vernon, pv. Kent co. Del. 32 ssw of Dover. VALLEY FORGE, pv. Chester co. Pa. 20 nw of Vernon, pv. Troupco. Ga.on Challahoocheer VALLONIA, pv. Jackson co. Ind. 75 s of Is. Vernon, pv. Autauga co. Ala, on Alabama r. VALPARAISO, pv. cap. of Porter co. Ind. ou Vernon, pv. Madison co. Miss. on Big Blackr

Salt creek, 138 NSW of Indianapolis. Vernon, pv. Hickman co. Tenn. 62 sw of Ne Vax Borex, pt. Onondaga co. N. Y. 12 nw of Vernon, pv. Allen co. Ky. 53 sw of F. Syracuse.

Vernon, pt. Trunbull co. 0. 190 ne or Cs. Van Buren, pv. De Kalb co. Ala. 135 ne of T. Vernon, ip. Clinton co. (. Van Buren, pv. Itawamba co. Miss. on Tom-Vernon, p. Richland co. O. bigbee river.

(of Ne. Vernon, ip. Shiawassee co. Mich. Vau Buren, pv. Hardiinan co, Tenn. 172 WsW Vermo, pv. cap. of Jennings co. Ind. 65 se Is. Van Buren, pv. cap. of Crawford co. Ark. on Vernon, ip. Washington co. Ind. Arkansis river.

Vernou, pr. Milwaukie co. Wis. (www Ai Van Buren, pl. Hancock co. O. 96 xnw of Cs. VERNON CENTRE, pv. Oneida co. N. Y. 105 Van Buren, ip. Wayne co. Mich. on Huron r. Verona, ip. Oneida co. N.Y. 20 w of Utica. Van Buren, ip. La Grange co. Iud.

Verona, pv. Boone co. Ky. 53 x of F. Van Buren, pt. Clay co. Ind. 60 w3w of Is. Verona, pv. Vanderburg co. bud. 182 sw Is.. Van Buren, pv. cap. of Ripley co. Cur- VERPLANCK, pv. Westchester co. N. Y. on Van Buren, pv. Van Buren co. Iowa. (rent r. Hudson river.

(Piusburg: Vax Burex HARBOUR, pv. Chautauque co. VERSAILLES, Tp. Alleghany co. Pa. 12 se of N. Y. on Latke Erie.

Versailles, pv. Williamson co. Tenn. 38 s Ne. VANCEBOROUGII, pv. Winnebago co. III. Versailes, pv. cap. of Woodford co. Ky. 12 VANCEBURG, pv. Lewis co. Ky. on Ohio r. SE of Frankfort. VANCOUVER's (van-kod'verzi ISLAND, for- Versailles, pv.cap. of Ripley co. Iud. 70 se Is.

merly called QUADRA AND VANCOUVER'S I., Versailles, pv. Brown co. Ill. [of Jer. City. is situated on the w coast of N. America, Versailles, pv. c:up. of Morgan co. Mo. 36 w being intersected by the 501b parallel of n VERSHIRE, pt. Orange cu Vi. 31 SE of Mir. Lat., and the 125th meridian of wl.on. VESTAL, pi. Brexime co, N.Y. 117 WSW AL. Length 280 m, with an average breadth of VETERAN, Pt. Chemung co. N.Y.II N Elmira. about 50 m. This island, as well as Queen Vevay, pv. cap. Switzerland co. Ind. on Ohio Charlotte's, is uncultivated, being inhabited Vevay, ne. Ing hun co. Mich. 80 wyw D. (r. by Indian savages; but the coasts of both are VICKSBURG, Miss. See GAZETTEER. (daigua. indented with numerous bays, and fringed Victor, pv. Ontario co. N.Y. 12 nw Cananwith lowering forests, and ihe soil appears VICTORIA, pv. Bolivar co. Miss, op Mieg, s. to be productive. It belongs to England. Victoria, a ca, in the s part of Texas, between VANDALIA, pv. cap. of Fayelle co. Ill. on Kas the San Antonio r. and la Vaccar. and Bay.

kaskia r. 20 sse of Springfield. (137 w B. It includes St. Josephi's Island. The soil VAN DEUSENVILLE, pv. Berkshire co. Mass. consiais principally of a rich black mould, Van RENSSELAER, Ip: Oirawa co. O. (Wxw M. very feriile; hear the coast, however, it is VAN WERT, pv. cap. of Paulding co. Ga. 138

generally poor and sandy.

Victoria, a small v. of Texas, cap. of the above WAKEMAN, pt. Huron co. O. 12 E Norwalk,

co. on the E or left bank of Guadalupe r. WALAHMUTTE. See WILLAMMETTE. VICTORY, Ip. Essex co. VI. on Moose r. WALDEX, pt. Caledonia co. Vi, 30 NE of Mt. Victory, pt. Cayuga co. N.Y.20 n of Auburn. Walden, pv. Orange Co. N.Y. on Wallkill r. VIDALIA, V. cap. of Concordia par. La. on WALDO, pt. Waldo co. Me. 47 ENE Of A. Mississippi river.

Waldo, pv. Moore co. N. C. 62 sw of Rh. VIENNA, pt. Kennebec co, Me. 23 NW of A. WALDOBOROUGH, Me. See GAZETTEER. Vienna, pt. Oneida co. N.Y. 3 xw of Utica. WALES, pt. Lincoln co. Me. 23 sw of A. Vienna, pv. Ontario co. N.Y. on the outlet of Wales, pi. Hampden co. Mas. 74 wsw of B. ('anandaigua Lake.

(river.Wales, pl. Erie co. N.Y. 18 SE of Baffalo. Vienna, pv. Dorchester co. Md. on Nanticoke WALESVILLE, V. Oneida co. N.Y. Vienna, pv. Stokes co. N. C. 123 w or Rh. WALHONDING 1. O. one of the main branches Vienna, pv. Pickens co. Ala. on Tombigbee r. of Muskingum r., joins Tuscarawas r. opVienna, pv. cap. of Dooly co. Ga. 85 ssw of M. posite Coshocton. Vienna, pl. Trumbull co. O. 178 NE of Cs. WALKER, Pt. Centre co. Pa. 94 NW of H. Vienna, ip. Genesee co. Mich.

Walker, ip. Huntingdon co. Pa. Vienna, pv. Macomb co. Mich.

Walker, ip. Juniata co. Pa.

(of An. Vienna, pv. Scott co. Ind. 85 $ of Is.

WALKERSVILLE, pv. Frederick co. Md. 80 W Vienna, pv. cap. of Johnson co. III. 190 s Sd. Walkersville, pv. Mecklenburg co. N. C. 194 VILLA DEL FUERTE, veel'yå del fwer'tay, a sw of Raleigh.

Con Mattapony r. city of Mexico, cap. of Sonora and Cinaloa, WALKERTOWN, pv. King and Queen co. Va. on the little r. Fuerte, which falls into the WALLACE, pv. Jones co. Ga. 13 sw of M. Gulf of California. Lat. about 27° N, Lon. Wallace, pv. Fountain co. Ind. 70 yw of Is. 108° w. Pop. 8,000.

(of H. WALLA-WALLA, wo!'lš - wolla, a small r. VILLAGE GREEN, pv. Delaware co. Pa. 90 E of Oregon, falling into the Columbia in 460 VILLANOVA, pt. Chautauque co. N.Y. 22 NE 5' N Lat. and 118° 30' w Lon. Also a Briof Mayville.

tish fort at the mouth of the above river. VINALHAVEN, Pt. Waldo co. Me. 12 se Camden. WALLA-WALLA INDIANS, a tribe of Oregon, VINCENNES, Ind. See GAZETTEER.

dwelling in the vicinity of Walla-Wallar. VINCENT, pi. Chester co. Pa. 30 nw of Phila. WALLINGFORD, pt. Rutland co. Vt. 70 ssw of VINCENTTOWN, pv. Burlington co. N. J. 20 s of Montpelier.

(Hartford. Trenton,

Wallingford, pt. New Haven co. Conn. 21 s of VINEYARD, pt. Grand Isle co. Vt. 78 nw of WALLKILL, tp. Orange co. N. Y. 2 w of VINTOx, pv. Gallia co. O. 92 s of Cs. [Mtr. Newburg

[co. N.Y. Vinton, tp. Athens co. O. on Racoon cr. Wallkill r. unites with Rondout cr. in Ulster VIOLET, tp. Fairfield co. O.

(river. WALLONIA, pv. Trigg co. Ky. 234 sw or F. VIRGIL, pt. Cortland oo. N.Y.on Toughnioga WALLOOMSACK T. Vi. flows into Hoosick r. VIRGINIA, tp. Coshncton co. O.

WALNUT er. O. flows into Sciotor. Virginia, pv. cap. of Cass co. III. 36 w of Sa. Walnut, ip. Fairfield co. O. on Ohio canal. VIRGINSVILLE, pv. Berks co. Pa. 69 E of H. Waluut, tp. Gallia co. O. VOLINIA, pt. Cass co. Mich. 160 w of D. Walnut, tp. Holmes co. O. on Sugar cr. VOLNEY, pl. Oswego co. N.Y.on Big Black cr. Walnui, ip. Pickaway co. O. on Scioto r. VOLUNTOWN, pi. Windham co. Coun. on Pa- WALPACK, pl. Sussex co. N.J. on Flaikille. chaug river.

WALPOLE, pt. Cheshire co. N. H. on Coun 1. Volusia, v. Mosquito co. Flor. on St. John's r. Walpole, pi. Norfolk co. Mass. 21 sw of B. VRAIN'S FORT, ST., in the Indian Territory, WALTERBOROUGH, pv, cap. of Colleton disi.

on the South Fork of the Platte r., near its WALTHAM, 1p. Hancock co. Me. (S C. 99s Ca. source, 4,900 ft. above the sea.

Waltham, tp. Addison co. Vt. 24 $ Burlington

Waltham, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. JO w of B. WABAsy, pv. cap. of Wabash co. Ind. on WALTHAMSVILLE, pv. Liberty co. Ga. 2013 Wabash river. [feet above the sea. of Milledgeville.

(ware T. WACHUSETT, mt. Worcester co. Mass. 3000 WALTON, pv. Delaware co. N.Y. on Dels. WACOOCHEE, pv. Russell co. Ala. 187 ESE Of T. Walion, pl. Eaton co. Mich. 100 w D. (Lamis. Wacousta, py. Clinton co. Mich. 100 NW D. WALTONHAM, pv. St. Louis co. Mo. 9 xw & WADDAM's GROVE,

pt. Stephenson co. III. WALWORTH, pt. Wayne co. N.Y. 18 xv of WADDINGTON, pv. Si. Lawrence co. N.Y. on Lyons.

(Madise Si. lawrence river.

(Neuse r. Walworth, pt. Walworth co. Wis. 70 sk of WADESBOROUGH, pv.cap.of Anson co.N.C.on WAMPSVILLE, pv. Madison co. N.Y. on Cow. Wadesborough, pv. cap. of Callaway co. Ky. asalon creek, 117 w of Albany. 255 sw of Frankfort.

WANTAGE, Ip. Sussex co. N.J. on Wallbill r. WADEVILLE, pv. Owen co. Ind. 47 sw of Is. WAPAYKONETTA, pv. Allen co. O. 100 yv Os. Wading River, pv. Suffolk co. N.Y. on Long WAPPELO, pv. cap. of Louisa co. lowa, en Island.

[E of Cd. Iowa river. WADLEY's Falls, pv. Strafford co. N. H. 36 WAPPINGER's cr. N.Y. flows into Hudson 1. WADSWORTH, pv. Medina co. O. 127 NNE Cs. WARD, ip. Randolph co. Ind.

(of MU WAGONTOWN, pv. Chester co. Pa. 62 ESE of H. WARDSBOROUGH, pl. Windham co. V!. 103 WAH-SATCH, mts. California, a chain run WARE r. Mass. flows into Chickapee r.

ning along the se margin of the Great Basin. Ware, pt. Hampshire co. Mass, on Warer.
WAITSFIELD, Pt. Washington co. Vt. on Madr. WAREHAM, pt. Plymouth co. Mass. 53 ss B
WAKEFIELD, pt. Carroll co. N. H. 46 NE Cd. WAREHOUSE Point, pv. Hartford co. Con
Wakefield, pv. Washington co. R. I. 37 s of 14 n of Hartford.

(212 553 of N Wakefield, pv. Carroll co. Md. 68 NNW An.

WARESBOROUGH, pv. cap. of Ware co. Gs. Wakefield, pv.Wake co. N. C. 20 n of Rh.

WARFIELDBURG, py. Carroll oo. Md. 56 XIX

of Annapolis.

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WARFORDSBURG, pv. Bedford co. Pa. 85 sw H. Warwick, pt. Orange co. N.Y. 24 sw of
WARMINSTER, Ip. Bucks co. Pa. 17 Phila. Newburg
Warminster, pv. Nelson co. Va, on James r. Warwick, ip. Bucks co. Pa. 21 x of Phila.
WARM Springs, pv. Buncombe co. N. C. 31 Warwick, tp. Lancaster co. Pa. 9 n of Lan-
XXw of Ashville.

(w of M.

caster. Warm Springs, pv. Meriwether co. Ga. 110 Warwick, pv. Cecil co. Md. 15 s of Elkton. WARNER pe Merrimack co. N. H. 17 www Warwick, pv. cap. of Warwick co. Va. 80 of Concord

Warwick, ip. Tuscarawas co. O. (Ese of R. WARREs, pl. Lincoln co. Me. 37 SE Of A. WASHINGTON, pt. Lincoin co. Me. 31 E of A. Warren, pi. Grafton co. N. H. on Baker's r. Washington, pi Sullivan co. N. H. 33 w Cd. Warren, pu. W... co. Vt. 31 se of Burlington. Washington, pt. Orange co. V. 15 Se of Mır. Warren, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 66 wsw B. Washington, pt. Berkshire co. Mass. 128 w B. Warren, pt. Litchfield co. Conn. 8 w of Washington, pl. Litchfield co. Conn. 47 wsw Litchfield. (dence. of Hartford,

[Poughkeepsie. Warreu, pt. Bristol co. R. I. 14 se of Provi. Washington, pt. Dutchess co. N.Y. 12 e of Warren, pr. Herkimer co. N.Y. 64 nw of Al. Washington, ip. Bergen co. N. J. on HackWarren, ip. Somerset co. N. J. 6 ne of S.) ensack river.

(Woodbury, merville.

Landa. Washington, ip. Burlington co. N. J. 22 s of Warren, ip. Bradford co. Pa. 17 ng of Tow. Washington, ip. Gloucester co. N. J. 12 w Warren, ip. Franklin co. Pa. 20 sw of Cham of Woodbury.

(Morristown. bersburg

(Alleghany r. Waslonglon, ip. Morris co. N.J. 18 w of Warren, borough, cap. of Warren co. Pa. on Washington, tp. Berks co. Pa. Warren, pv. Baltimore co. Md. 45 N of An. Washington, ip. Cambria co. Pa. on a branch Warren, pv. Albemarle co. Va. on James r. 80 of Kiskiminetas river. Warren, pv. Bibb co. Ga. 43 sw of M. (xw R. Washington, ip. Erie co. Pa. Warreu, ip. Belmont co. O.

Washington, ip. Fayette co. Pa. Warren, ip Jefferson co. O.

Washington, ip. Franklin co. Pa. 11 sw of Warren, pv. cap. of Trumbull co. O. on the Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and Ohio canal.

Washington, ip. Greene co. Pa. (cr. Warren, ip. Tuscarawas co. O.

Washington, ip. Indiana co. Pa. on Crooked Warren, ip. Washington co. O. on Ohio r. Washington, ip. Jefferson co. Pa. Warren, ip. Macomb co. Mich.

Washington, ip. Luzerne co. Pa. Warren, pv. Huntington co. Ind. 123 xXE IS. Washington, ip. Lycoming co. Pa. Warren, ip. Putar co. Ind.

(City: Washington, ip. Union co. Pa. Warren, pv. Mariou cv. Mo. 105 NNE of Jef. Washington, borough, cap. of Washington Warren, ip. Marion co. Mo, (Hudson. co. Pa. 209 w of Harrisburg. WARRESSBURG, pt. Warren co. N.Y. on the Washington, tp. Westmoreland co. Pa. 16 x Warrensburg, pv. Greene co. Tenn. 212 Ne. of Greensburg. Warrensburg, pv. cap. of Johnson co. Mo. on Washington, 1p. York co. Pa (snw of R. Blackwater river.

(or Sd. Washington, px. Rappahannock co. Va. 123 WARRENSVILLE, pv. Du Page co. III. 180 NNE Washington, N. C. See GAZETTEER. WARRENTON, pv. cap. of Fauquier co. Va. Washington, pv. cap. of Wilkes co. Ga. 78 NE 102 x Of Richmond.

(NNE of Rh. of Milledgeville. Warrenton, pv. cap. of Warren co. N. C. 62 Washington, pv. Autauga co. Ala.on Alabama Warrenton, pv. Abbeville dist. S. C. 103 w of river, 102 sx of Tuscaloosa.

[of T. Coluinbin.

[Eng of M. Washington C. H. pv. Wn. co. Ala. 140 ssw Warrenton, pv. cap. of Warren co. Ga. 44 Washington, pv. Adams co. Miss. 6 ne of Warrenton, pv. cap. of Marshall co. Ala. 135 Natchez.

(Bayou Teche. NE of Tuscaloosa.

Washington, pv. St. Landry par. LA. on Warrenton, pv. Warren co. Miss. on Miss. r. Washington, pv. cap. of Hempstead co. Ark. Warrenton, pv. Jefferson co, O. on Ohio r. 111 sw of Little Rock. (Tennessee river. Warrenton, pv. Gibeon co». Ind.

Washington, pv. cap. of Rhea co. 'Temi. on Warrenton, pv. cap. of Warren co. Mo. 70 ENE Washington, pv.cap. Masin co. Ky: 77 ESE F. of Jefferson City.

for Cs. Washington, ip. Clermont co. 0. 01 Ohio r. WA&RENVILLE, pl. Cuyahoga co. O. 154 NNE Washington, tp. Clinton co. O. (50 sw Cs. WARRINGTON, pl. Bucks co. Pa.

Washington C. H pv. cap. of Fayette co. O. Warrington, ip: York co. Pa. [w of H. Washington, pv. Guernsey co. 0. 85 x of Cs. WARRIOR MARK, pt. Huntingdon co. Pa. 109 | Washington, ip. Harrison co. O. WARSAW, pv. cap. of Wyoming co. N. Y. 250 Washington, ip. Holmes co. 0. w of Albany

Washington, 'p. Licking co. O. Warsaw, pt. Jefferson co. Pa. 168 NW of H. Washington, tp. Marion (0, 0. Warsaw, pv. cap. of Richmond co. Va. 58 NE Washington, tp. Miami co. O. of Richmond.

Washington, tp. Muskingum co. O. Warsaw, pv. Diplin co. N. C. 80 SSE of Rh. Washington, ip. Preble co. O. Warsaw, pv. Gwinneti co. Ga. on Charta- Washington, ip. Richland co. O. (Sciotor: hoochee river.

Washington, ip. Scioto co. 0. on Ohio and Warsaw, pv. cap. of Gallalinco. Ky.on Ohios. Washington, in. Shelby w. O. Warsaw, pv. cap. of Kosciusko: co. Ind. on Washington, tp. Tuscarawas co. O. Tippecanoe river.

Washington, pt. Macomb co. Mich. 30 NE D. Warsaw, pv. Ilan cock co. III. on Miss. r. Washington, pv. cap. of Daviess co. Ind. 108 Warsaw, pv. cit p. of Benton co. Mo, on sw of Indianapolis. Osage river.

Washington, ip. Harrison co. Ind. WARWICK, pt. Franklin co. Mass. 80 wnw B. Washington, tp. Marion co. Ind. Warwick, pi. Ken Co. R. 1. 11 sw Providence. Washington, ip. Putnam co. Ind.

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