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Winslow, pt. Kennebec co. Me. 20 N of A. WONASQUATUCKET r. Providence co. R. I.
Winslow, pv. Gloucester co. N.J. 54 s of Tn. flows into Providence Cove.
Winslow, pv. Pike co, Ind. 146 ssw of Is. Wood cr. N.Y.fiws into Oneida Lake.
WINTERSVILLE, pv. 0. 134 ENE of Cs Wood cr. Washington co, N.Y. flows into L.
WINTHROP, pt. Kennebec co. Me. 10 w of A.


(of Al. Wixton, pv. cap. of Hertford co. N. C. on WOODBOUR NE, pv. Sullivan co. N.Y. 103 sw Chowan river.

Wowbourne, pv. Knox c., Tenn. 200 E of Ne. W10TA, pv. Iowa co. Wis. 75 x of Madison. WOODBRIDGE, Tp. New Haven co. Conu. O RW WIRE TOWN, pv. Moumouth co. N.J.30 - Tn. of New Haven. Wirt, ip. Alleghany co. N.Y.

Woodbridge, M. Mirelesex cO.N.J.43NK Tn. WIRCASSET, Me. See GAZETTEER.

Woodbridge, ip. Hillsdale co. Mich. Wisconisco, ip. Dauphin co. Pa.

WOODRURX, pv. Maeoupin co. III. 63 s of sa.

WOODEURY, pi. Litchfield cos. Conn. 50 w Hd. WISCONSIN, State of. An act was passed Woodbury, v. Queen's co. N.Y.ou Long I. at the last session of Congress providing for the Woulury, pv. cap. Glo'ster co. N.J. 3788W admission of Wisconsin into the Union as a of Trenton. sovereign state, with the following bounda Woodbury, pt Bedford co. Pa. 113 w of H. rics-Beginning at the north-east corner of Wardbury, ip. Ilantingdonco. Pa. (se of Ne. the state of Illinois-That is to say, at a point Woolbury, pv. cap. of Cannon co. Temn. 54 in the centre of Lake Michigan where the line Wodisury, pv. Wood co. O. 104 www of Cs. of 420 30 N Lat. crosses the same; thence, Windbury, pv. Madison co. Ind. 22 ne of Is. running with the boundary line of the state Woodbury, pv. Coles co. III. 105 ESE of Sd. of Michigan, through Lake Michigan, Green Wo»DCOCK, pt. Crawford co. Pa. 213 yw H. Bay, to the mouth of the Menomonie river; WOODFORD, pt. Bennington co. Vt. 120 s Mtr. thence up the channel of said river to the Woodfird, pv. Woodford co. Ill. on MackiBrule river; thence up said last mentioned nrw river river to Lake Brulé; thence along the south WUODIULL, pt. Steuben co. N.Y. 240 w of Al. ern shore of Lake Brulé in a direct line to the Woodhuil, ip. Shiawassee co. Mich. centre of the channel between Middle and WOODLAND, pv. Hamilton co. Flor. South islands, in the Lake of the Desert; Woindiand, pv. East Feliciana par. La. 120 thence in a direct line to the head waters of W of New Orleans. the Montreal river, as marked upon the survey. WOODLAWN, pv. Lincoln co. N. C. 173 w Rh. made by Captam Cramm; thence down the Woodlawn, pv. Edgefield dist. S. C. 98 w Ca. main channel of the Montreal river to the WOOD BOROUGII, pv. Frederick co. Md, 85 middle of Lake Superior; thence through the SW of Annapolis.

(E of Cs. centre of lake Superior to the mouth of the Woodstiel), pv. cap. of Monroe co. 0. 117 St. Louis river; thence up the main channel Woov's Hole, pv. Barnstable co. Mass. 80 s of said river to the first rapids in the same,

of Boston above the Indian village, aecording to Nicol- WOODXVILL", pv. liart co. Ky.on Greener. let's map; thence due south to the main Woods rOCK, pl. Oxford co. Me. 50 w of A. branch of the river St. Croix; thence down Woodstock, pl. Grafton co. N. H. 57 N of Cd. the main channel of said river to the Missis- Woodstock, pv. cap. of Windsor co. Vt. 50 $ sippi; thence down the centre of the main of Montpelier.

(Hartford. channel of that river to the north-west cor- Woodstock, pt. Windham co. Conn. 43 ÉNE Of ner of the state of Illinois; thence due east Woodstock, pt. Ulster co. N.Y. 70 s of Al. with the northern boundary of the state of Woodstock, pv. Anne Arundel co. Md. 50 NW Illinois to the place of beginning.

of Annapolis. (on N. Fork of Shenandoah r. Wisconsin comprises a portion of a rich Woodstock, pv. cap. of Shenandoah co. Va. mineral region which extends into Illinois Woodstock, pv. Cherokee co. Ga. on Little r. and Iowa. Lead ore is abundant; copper Woodstock, pv. Champaign co. 0.37 NW Cs. occurs in considerable quantities. Antimony Woodstock, pl. Leuawee co. Mich. 73 wsw is said to have been recently discovered in of Detroit. great abundance, near Helena, in Buchanan Woodstown, pv. Salem co. N. J. 53 s of Tn. county.

WOODSVILLE, pv. Middlesex co, Mass.

Woodsville, pv. Mercer co. N. J. 13 x 0f Tn. WISENBURG, pv. Lehigh co. Pa.

WOODVILLE, pv. Litchfield co. Conn. 40 w of W188A HICKON cr. a small stream falling into Hartford.

(Albany. the Schuylkill 6 m. above Philadelphia, no- Woodville, pv. Jefferson co. N.Y. 170 nw of ted for the wild and picturesque scenery Woodville, pv. Rappahammock co. Va. 118 along its banks. (of Cs. w of Richmond.

[of Rh. WITHAMSVILLE, pv. Clermont co. 0. 128 sw Woodville, pv. Perquimans co. N.C. 205 ENE WOBURN, Pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 10 nw of B. Woodville, pv. Abbeville dist. S. C. 93 w Ca. Wolcott, pt. Lamoille co. Vt. 23 x of Mtr. Woodville, pv. Greene co. Ga. 55 N of M. Wolcott, pt. New Haven co. Conn. 54 s of Hd. Woodville, pv. Jackson co. Ala. 163 NE of T. Wolcott, pl. Wayne co N.Y. on L. Ontario. Woodville, pv. cap. of Wilkinson co. Miss. WolcoTTSVILLE, pv. Litchfield co. Conn. 26 135 sw of Jackson. w of Hartford.

Woodville, pt. Sandusky co. O. on Portager. WOLF, ip. Lycoming co. Pa. (Mercer. Woodville, rv. Jackson co. Ind. 74 s of Is. WOLF CREEK, Ip. Mercer co. Pa. 10 se of Woodville, pv. Hancock co. III. 106 w xw Sd. WOLFSBOROUGH, pt. Carroll co. N. H.40 nxw Woodville, pv. Macon co. Mo. 96 x Jer. City. of Concord,

(wsw of Rh. WOODWARDVILLE, pv. Marengo co. Ala. 104 WOLFSVILLE, pv. Mecklenburg co. N. C. 178 s of Tuscaloosa WOLVERTON, pv. M'Minn co. Tenn. 185 ESE WooLWICH, pt. Lincoln co. Me. 35 s of A. of Nashville

(Reading: Woolwich, ip. Gloucester co. N. J. 11 sw of WOMELSDORF, pv. Berks co. Pa. 14 w or Woodbury

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WOONSOCKET FALLS, pv. Providence co. R.I. YOCUMTOWN, pv. York co. Pa. 21 s of H.

15 NNW of Providence. Cleveland. YUNKERS, pt. Westchester co. N.Y. on HadWooster, pv. cap. of Wayne co. 0. 50 s of son river.

(mouih. WORCESTER, Pt. Washington co. VI. 8 x Mir. YORK r. Me. fiws into the Atlantic by a broad Worcester, Mass. See GAZETTEER.

York r. Va. See GAZETTEER. Worcester, pv. Otsego co. N.Y.57 sw of Al. York, Me. See GAZETTEER. Worcester, pt. Montgomery co. Pa. 90 E of H. York, pl. Livingstou co. N.Y. 28 w of Al Worcester, pv. M'Donough co. III. 98 Nw Sd. York, Pr. See GAZETTEER. WORTHingtox, pt. Hampshire co. Mass. 17 York, ip. York co. Pa. 5 sw of York. www of Northampton.

York, pv. Fayette co. Ga. 87 WNW M. Worthington, pv. Armstrong co. Pa. 190 w H. York, ip. Athens co. O. ou Hockhocking r. Worthington, pv. Muhlenburg co. Ky. 172 York, ip. Belmont co. O. on Ohio r. sw of Frankfort.

York, ip. Morgan co. O. Worthington, pv. Franklin co. (). 9 n of Cs. York, ip. Sandusky co. O. Worthington, ip. Richland co. 0.

York, pt. Washienaw co. Mich. 46 w of D. W'RENTHAM, pi. Norfolk co. Masc. 32 sew B. York, ip. Switzerland co. Ind. WRIGHTSBOROUGH, pv. Columbia co. Ga. 95 York, pv. Clarke co. III. ou Wabash T. ENE of Milledgeville.

York Havex, px. York co. Pa, on Sasqa. T. WRIGHTSTOWX, pt. Bucks co. Pa. 21 N Phila. YORKSHIRE, pt. Cattaraugus co. N.Y. on CatWrightstown, pv. Burlington co. N. J. 23 s taraugus creek.

(s of H. of Trenton.

(quehanna r. YORK SCLPHUR SPRING, pv. Adams co. Pa.91 WRIGHTSVILLE, borough, York co Pa. on Sus- Yorktown, pr. Westchester co. N.Y.on Cro Wrightsville, pv. Roane co. Tenn. 154 x Ne. ton river. WURTEBOROUGH, pv. Sullivan co. N. Y. 97 sw Yorktowni, Va. See GAZETTEER. of Albany.

Yorktown, pv. Delaware co. Ind. 50 XE af is. WYALUSING cr. Pa. flows into Susquehanna r. YORKVILLE, v. New York co. N.Y. 5 x of Wyalusing, pl. Bradford co. Pa. on Wyalu. the City Hall.

(or Ca. sing crcek.

(hatchee r. Yorkville, pv. cap. of York dist. S. C. Bus Wrart, pv. La Fayette co. Miss, on Talla- Yorkville, pv. Pickens co. Ala. 68 www o T. WYE r. Md. runs between Talbot and Queen Yorkville, pv. Gibson ro. Tenn. H3 w of Ne.

Anue couuties into Chesapeake Bay. Yorkville, pv. Racine co. Wis. 96 ESE of Ma. W'YKERTOWN, pv. Sussex co. N. J. 80 N Tn. dison. WYNANT's Kill, pv. Rensselaer co. N. Y. 10 YOUGHIOGHENY, yðh'ho-gă'ne, & r. which E of Albany,

rises in Preston co.Va., and flowing through WYOMING, pv. Wyoming co. N.Y. 248 w Al. Md. into Pa., falls into the Monongabela Wyoming, pv. Luzerne co. Pa. on Susqa. r. 18 m. sx of Pittsburg. It is navigable to the Wyoming, pv. Dinwiddie co. Va. 60 s of R. Ohiopyle falls, 30 m. from its mouth. At Wyoming, pv. Stark co. III. 100 N of Sd. this obstruction the river has a perpendicaWyoming, pv. Wayne co. Iowa.

lar descent of 20 feet. Wysox, pt. Bradford co. Pa. 136 x of H. YOUNG, Ip. Indiana co. Pa. WYTHEVILLE, pv. Wythe co. Va. 248 w of R. Young, tp. Jefferson co. Pa,

(of Ca.

YoungesVILLE, pv. Fairfield dist. S. C. 40 s XALISCO. See JALISCO.

YOUNGSTOWN, pi. Ningara co. N.Y. on NiaXENIA, pv. cap. of Greene co. O. 60 wsw Cs.

(150 w of H.

Youngstown, borough, Westmoreland co. Pa YADKIN r. N. C. See GAZETTEER.

Youngstown, pl. Trumbull co. O. 177 XE C.. YAQUI, or HIAQUI, yah-kee', a r. of Mexico, YOUNGSVILLE, pv. Warren co. Pa 28 xvH.

which falls into the Gulf of California near Youngsville, pv. 'Tallapoosa co. Ala. 140 ESE the 28th parallel of n Lat. and the 110th of 'l'uscaloosa.

(134 x of I meridian of w Lon.

(xw of Rh. YOUNG WOMANSTOWN, pv. Clmton ca. Pa YANCEYVILLE, pv. cap. of Caswell co. N. C. 87 Youta. See UTAH. YANKEE SPRINGS, pl. Barry co. Mich. 150 w YPSILANTI, pv. Washtenaw co. Mich. 30 WD YANTICI. Conn. flows into the Thames. (D. YARDLEYVILLE, pv. Bucks co. Pa, on the De- ZACATULA, sac-à-too'lă, a r. of Mexico, falllaware.

(Boston. ing into the Pacific about 189 x lat., and YARMOUTH, pt. Barnstable co. Mass. 78 se of 102° 25' w Lon. Also, a little lown at the YARMOUTH PORT, pv. Barnstable co. Mass. mouth of the above. 77 Se of Boston.

ZACATECAS, sah-kă-lå'kas, a state in the cenYATES, pt. Orleans co. N.Y. 12 x of Albion. tral part of Mexico, immediately s of Coa. Yazoo 1. Miss. formed by the junction of huila. Aren 20,000 sq. in. Pop. 275,000

Tallahatchee and Yalabusha, flows into the Zacatecas, the capital of the above, is Mississippi river.

about 9,600 nt. higher than the sea, and has
Yazoo CITY, pv. Yazoo co. Miss. on Yazoo r. a population of 25,000. (B.)
YELLOW CR pt. Chariton co. Mo. 110 nw of ZANESFIELD, pv. Logan co. O. 64 xw of C..
Jefferson City.

YELLOW or CHESTER SPRINGS, v. Chester co. Zanesville, pv. Montg. co. III. 38s of Sd.
Pa. 30 wrw of Philadelphia.

ZEBULON, pv. cap. of Pike co. Ga. 77 W M.
YELLOW SPRINGs, pv. Greene co. O. 52 sw Cs. Zebulon, pv. Pike co. Ark. 136 sw or Little
YELLOW WATER T. Ala, and Flor. flows into Rock.
an arm of Pensacola Bay.

ZELIENOPLE, pv. Butler co. Pa. 224 w of I YELLVILLE, pv. cap. of Marion co. Ark. 180 Zexas, pv. Jennings co. Ind. 62 s of Is. x of Little Rock.

Zox, pv. Iredell co. N. C. 155 w of Rh. YELVINGTON, pv. Daviess co. Ky. 156 w of F. Zoar, pv. Tuscarawas co. O. on Tuscan YERBA BUENA, yer'bbwä'nă, a small t. of California, on San Francisco Bay.

(sse of Hd ZOAR BRIDGE, pv. New Haven 00. Conn. 3

gara river.

was river.

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