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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1851

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I'm reviewing the short story of 'The Valley of the Worm' and not a collection by that name. Howard presents another of his reincarnation tales, this time his main character recalls a previous life ... Read full review


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In this successor to the first volume of his memoir, Palimpsest (1995), prolific novelist/essayist/gadfly Vidal mixes mournful minor keys among his usual trumpet blasts against what he regards as an ... Read full review

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Էջ 526 - the rule for jurisdiction is that nothing shall be intended to be out of the jurisdiction of a superior court but that which specially appears to be so, and, on the contrary, nothing shall be intended to be within the jurisdiction of an inferior court but that which is so expressly alleged;" and this rule has been so frequently repeated as to have become a maxim in the law.
Էջ 434 - ... shall have in his possession any such mail lock or key with the intent unlawfully or improperly to use, sell, or otherwise dispose of the same, or to cause the same to be unlawfully or improperly used, sold, or otherwise disposed of; or...
Էջ 531 - ... in all such cases shall be made to the supreme court of said Territory, the same as In other cases. The said clerk shall receive in all such cases the same fees which the clerks of the district courts of the late Wisconsin Territory received for similar services.
Էջ 531 - President, and who shall receive the same fees and salary as the attorney of the United States for the present Territory of Oregon. There shall also be a Marshal for the Territory appointed, who shall hold his office for four...
Էջ 493 - Many of these have not been perfected, others have been revoked, and some are believed to be fraudulent. But until they shall have been judicially investigated they will continue to retard the settlement and improvement of the country. I therefore respectfully recommend that provision be made by law for the appointment of commissioners to examine all such claims with a view to their final adjustment. I also beg leave to call your attention to the propriety of extending at an early day our system...
Էջ 34 - During this period of trial, as well as in all former and subsequent ones, I could not avoid being struck with the calmness and decision of the officers, as well as the subordination and good conduct of the men, without an exception. Each one knew the imminence of the peril that surrounded us, and was prepared to abide it with a stout heart. There was no noise, no confusion. I did not detect, even in the moment when the destruction of the...
Էջ 31 - Island, after the acting master of the Advance. The eastern shore of Wellington Channel appeared to run parallel with the western, but it became quite low, and being covered with snow, could not be distinguished with certainty, so that its continuity with the high land to the north was not ascertained.
Էջ 35 - In the afternoon the floes began to move, the lane was closed up, and the edges of the ice coming in contact with so much pressure, threatened the demolition of the narrow space which separated us from the line of fracture. Fortunately,, the floes again separated, and assumed a motion by which the "Rescue...
Էջ 32 - Stimulated by this fair prospect, another attempt was made to reach the shore in order to establish a depot of provisions at or near Cape Manning, which would materially facilitate the progress of our parties in the spring; but the ice was still found to be detached from the shore, and a narrow lane of water cut us from it. "During the interval of comparative quiet, preliminary measures were taken for heating the Advance and increasing her quarters so as to accommodate the officers and crews of both...
Էջ 462 - This arrangement shull go into openvt'vou o\\ l\vv; *oV\v öS. and it may be modified from time to time, as may be agreed upon by the parties thereto; and it may be annulled at the desire of either party, upon three months

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