Fish and Game Laws, Wisconsin

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Էջ 38 - ... be punished by a fine of not less than two hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail for a period not to exceed sixty days, or by both such fine and imprisonment.
Էջ 8 - States, and do authorize and empower him to execute and fulfill the duties of that office according to Law; and to have and to hold the said office with all the powers, privileges and emoluments to the same of right appertaining during the pleasure of the President of the United States for the time being.
Էջ 43 - ... dollars and the costs of prosecution, or by imprisonment in the county jail of the county in which the offense was committed not less than two months nor more than six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the court.
Էջ 124 - Territory, or district thereof, any foreign animals or birds, the importation of which is prohibited, or the dead bodies or parts thereof of any wild animals or birds, where such animals or birds have been killed...
Էջ 122 - ... restoration of such birds in those parts of the United States adapted thereto where the same have become scarce or extinct, and also to regulate the introduction of American or foreign birds or animals in localities where they have not heretofore existed. The Secretary of Agriculture shall from time to time collect and publish useful information as to the propagation, uses, and preservation of such birds.
Էջ 61 - The state shall have concurrent jurisdiction on all rivers and lakes bordering on this state, so far as such rivers or lakes shall form a common boundary to the state and any other state or territory now or hereafter to be formed and bounded by the same.
Էջ 130 - ... then this obligation to be null and void, otherwise to remain in full force and effect.
Էջ 123 - Provided, That nothing herein shall prevent the transportation of any dead birds or animals killed during the season when the same may be lawfully captured, and the export of which is not prohibited by law in the state, territory, or district in which the same are captured or killed: Provided further, That nothing herein shall prevent the importation, transportation, or sale of birds or bird plumage manufactured from the feathers of barnyard fowls.
Էջ 137 - Jackeon county, contrary to the form of the statute In such case made and provided against the peace and dignity of the state of Mississippi.
Էջ 124 - ... shall upon arrival in such state or territory be subject to the operation and effect of the laws of such state or territory enacted in the exercise of its police powers, to the same extent and in the same manner as though such animals and birds had been produced in such state or territory, and shall not be exempt therefrom by reason of being introduced therein in original packages or otherwise.

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