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put into practice, the present school has not adapted its program so
as to permit the country child to receive adequate instruction that
will fit him economically in accordance with his environment to obtain
the best return from the land,

The Third Inter-American Conference on Agriculture

1. To recommend to all the American nations not possessing a genuine Rural School of Agro-economic Guidance that they proceed to take the necessary steps to such end, beginning by founding institutions for the training of rural teachers by the adoption of pedagogical programs which take into consideration the peculiar and predominating economic-social conditions of each, with the final aim of increasing agricultural production, attaching the rural man to the land and improving his general living conditions;

2. To recommend to the countries of this hemisphere which already have entirely or partly made the said change in school methods that they collaborate by sending rural pedagogical missions and by the creation of scholarships for American students at the appropriate institutions, in order to accelerate the process of agricultural vocational education in the other countries;

3. To recommend the establishment of specific sections in the schools for elementary instruction of adult farmers;

4. To recommend the endowment of such schools with small libraries having books on rural subjects which are easy and sound reading.



1. In many countries of America there exist agricultural problems the solution of which is of interest to at least several of them;

2. Joint action, whether through a coordinated plan of investigations or through a cooperative system, would not only permit a more rapid solution of many problems with advantages for the economies of the respective countries, but would also lead to better understanding among the peoples and at the same time permit development of experiments on a larger scale;

3. The results obtained by some American countries in the application of cooperative methods have been very satisfactory. As examples there may be mentioned: the biological control of the citrus black fly, effected with complete success; the exploration of natural areas for growing rubber; the cinchona program; the experiments with plants producing fiber substitutes for jute, and others,

The Third Inter-American Conference on Agriculture

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1. To recommend that the American countries concerned classify the problems relating to production and consumption of raw materials and interchange their work programs for the solution of such problems.

2. To recommend that in view of the good results obtained in those cases in which a system of experimentation has been used with the technical and financial cooperation of two or more countries interested in the solution of the same agricultural or industrial problem, such system be preferably employed. LXIII. INTERCHANGE OF INFORMATION REGARDING


1. It is necessary, in order to take full advantage of improvements in the technique of agricultural production, to encourage the rapid diffusion of knowledge and application in the field of the best cultural practices that are being applied;

2. Agricultural extension agents (“regional agronomists” in Argentina and Uruguay, "county agents” in the United States, et cetera) are those charged with diffusing such knowledge of the improvements taking place in agriculture so that those improvements may be put into practice, inasmuch as the agents are the ones who are in direct contact with producers and advise them as to the best ways to carry on their activities in order that they may be able to obtain the greatest benefit from their work and raise their living standards;

3. Direct relations between extension agents of similar agricultural zones will permit the quick ascertainment not only of improvements obtained in agricultural technique but also of how the various problems related to agriculture which daily present themselves are being faced and solved;

4. Experience has shown the ease with which effective and immediate results can be obtained in the improvement of systems of cultivation and orientation of investigations carried on by specialists of various countries where extension agents have, by their own initiative or through circumstantial knowledge, established contact with one another—a practice which it would be advisable to encourage and support,

The Third Inter-American Conference on Agriculture

Resolves: To recommend the direct interchange of information among extensioni agents of the American nations who work in similar agricultural zones in order to take maximum advantage of the progress made as a result of advice given to farmers on new methods of cultivation, systems of combating pests, the use of agricultural machinery

and crop diversification, and that for such purpose the Chiefs of Agricultural 'Extension Services of each of the American countries furnish one another with a list of their extension agents, through the intermediary of the Pan American Union.



1. Experience acquired in countries which utilize female personnel for work in advising farmers' families with respect to rural home economics, has shown the effectiveness of women;

2. The principal function of extension services is not only to teach farmers to produce more and better, in an efficient manner, but also to improve the living conditions of rural families;

3. To accomplish these purposes, it is desirable that female agents assist the technical personnel in charge of advising the farmer and his family on the best methods and standards of conducting the home and for utilizing profitably the products of the farm,

The Third Inter-American Conference on Agriculture

Resolves: To recommend to the American countries that they employ specialized female personnel in their rural extension services.


1. Various American countries have agricultural and livestock problems of a common nature;

2. It is necessary and convenient to give ample information thereon to the experts and students of the countries concerned in order to facilitate an adequate solution;

3. There should be effected an efficient exchange of ideas and information on the subject, personal contact and friendship among investigators being the best guarantee of effective collaboration;

4. Better understanding and cultural relations among investigators will contribute to the development and strengthening of continental friendship and collaboration,

The Third Inter-American Conference on Agriculture Resolves:

1. That to intensify the friendly ties among the American countries and facilitate the knowledge of their agricultural production and industries connected thereto, it is necessary that every one of the American countries grant regularly fellowships to students from agricultural schools to enable them to continue their courses in similar establishments in other countries.

2. That, likewise, the interchange of professionals, specialists, and

investigators be intensified in order that they follow courses in applied agriculture or undertake technical work of observation in the American countries either individually or in groups or missions.

3. That the proper authorities of each country hold competitive tests or make selections on the basis of scholastic record and experience, at regular intervals, among the candidates for fellowships.

4. That the Pan American Union prepare a roster of scientific personnel specialized in Agriculture and related sciences in the Americas for the information of the countries interested in such interchange, and at the same time foster such interchange of technical personnel among the American countries.

LXVI. STIMULATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORK The Third Inter-American Conference on Agriculture

Resolves: To recommend that the Pan American Union institute the Pan American Award for Agricultural Merit, which will be granted by decision of the Inter-American Conference on Agriculture, each time it meets, to the professional agriculturist or person who, by his publications, inventions, discoveries, activities, or works of any nature, shall have contributed notably to the progress of agricultural science or to the improvement of present systems of exploiting the land.



1. The health, happiness, and prosperity of all peoples is closely linked with the foods which they consume;

2. The nutritional status of populations is dependent upon:
(a) Adequate supplies of food;
(6) Properly balanced diets;
(c) Knowledge of what foods are most valuable nutritionally;
(d) Ability to obtain adequate foods;
3. These matters are of vital concern to all governments,

The Third Inter-American Conference on Agriculture Resolves: 1. To recommend that each American nation: (a) Study the foods its people are eating and the nutritive

value of their diets; (6) Determine the nutritional requirements and the status of

nutritional health of its people; (c) Develop an educational program which will give people an

appreciation of the value of good nutrition and the best methods of achieving adequate diets;

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(d) Encourage home production of nutritionally adequate food

by rural families; (e) Study methods of raising and importing food which will

provide a national supply large enough and of the right

kind for all people to be well fed; (f) Study methods of improving the quality of the national

food supply through the raising of nutritionally superior crops and livestock and through the enrichment or nutri

tional improvement of the nation's foods; (g) Study methods of raising the purchasing power of the

nation's low-income consumers; (h) Encourage a national school-lunch program and other

programs to improve the diets of the vulnerable groups (children, pregnant and nursing mothers) and of other persons who have insufficient means to get the kinds and

quantities of food they need; (2) Develop a national nutrition policy and program which

seeks to conquer both obvious and hidden hunger and to bring about higher levels of nutritional health for all

people. 2. That all the American nations, through the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and through succeeding meetings of these Conferences, cooperate in the exchange of ideas and research findings which can be used to develop higher levels of nutrition, and that they should, in particular, inform the Pan American Union before the holding of the Fourth Inter-American Conference on Agriculture, concerning the fulfillment of paragraphs (a) and (b) of point 1 of this resolution. LXVIII. PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION OF MILK AND


1. The production and consumption of milk and milk products are of very great importance to the health and well-being of the people of all nations, and an increase in milk consumption is essential to improve nutrition for certain population groups;

2. The dairy resources of American countries are far from being fully utilized;

3. The dairy industries of the various countries are or may become important sources of national wealth;

4. For geographical reasons, in certain countries there is surplus production of milk and its products, while in other countries there are deficiencies;

5. That the diets of populations in many zones could be improved

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