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Page Militia, pensions for wounds, and half pay to widows and orphans 20,247 provision for the pay of those called into service

- 59, 142 of Missouri and Indiana, certain companies to be paid for services in 1832 - . .

149 appropriations for camp equipage for, &c. officers of Post Office establishment exempt from militia duty

170 officers of the army may temporarily discharge duties of paymasters to .

233 further provision for settling claims of States on account of the service of . - - -

254 Military road along frontiers of Missouri and Arkansas, established Military posts along frontiers of Missouri and Arkansas, established 144 Military establishment. See Army. Military Academy, appropriations for - - - - - 150 Military stores, accoutrements, and camp equipage, appropriations

for - - Miles John, pension granted him

127 Milwaukee land district established

83 Milwaukee river, survey mouth of

251 Mint, appropriations for

38, 227 Mineral Point, in Wisconsin, town to be laid off

148 Miscellaneous claims, appropriations for

41 Missionaries, pay for improvements of .

152 Missouri State, western boundary extended to Missouri river

60 Missouri river, improve navigation of ..

146 Missourias Indians, annuity to

70 Mississippi river, improve navigation to New Orleans

146 improve above mouth of Ohio

146 improve to New Orleans, arrears

147 deepen mouth of . .

251 near city of St. Louis, change current of

251 Mississippi State, five per cent. of proceed of Chickasaw lands to

be paid to . Mitchell Wm., money paid for patent refunded Monro Jemima, seven years' half pay of her father paid her

209 Moore James, his heirs allowed seven years' halt pay .

198 Moore Daniel, and Stokes & Stockton, provisions for settlement of their account -

. 201 Morgan Gideon, Col., pension granted him .

54 appropriation for arrears of pension to

156 Morgan General, renew gold medal presented to

143 Mullings James, pension granted him -

111 Munsee Indians, appropriation for


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Nashville and New Orleans Rail-road, construct through the pub

lic lands Nash Ira, paid for Indian depredations Navy Department, bours of business in

appropriations for naval service in 1836

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Navy, appropriation for steam ship
Navy Yards, appropriations for repairs of, at Portsmouth

at Charlestown
Philadelphia -
Washington • '

Pensacola -
at Pensacola, appropriations for wharves, dock,

magazine, and other improvements -
Officers, to be paid for surveys of coast and harbors.
Hospitals, appropriations for -

Magazines, appropriations for
Neptune and Fox, privateers, owners paid for prisoners of war
New York Indians, appropriation for ..
New York, relief granted to sufferers by fire in -

appropriation for custom-house at -
New Brunswick, improve harbor of - -
New Bedford, appropriation for custom-house at

remove wreck in harbor of
Newport, in Kentucky, appropriation for storehouses at
Newcastle, continue to improve harbor of
New Orleans and Nashville Rail-road, construct through public

lands - - - - -
New River, N. C., remove oyster shoal in
Newman Henry, error in his land patent corrected
Neville Morgan, medal presented to General Morgan, to be

renewed and presented to
Nicholas Edward, arrears of pension granted hiin
North river, New York (Hudson), continue improvements of -
North Carolina, arsenal established in -
North and South Hero, decpen channel between islands of . .
Norwich, Connecticut, deepen channel leading into harbor of .

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Oak Orchard creek, improve harhor at mouth of
Ocracoke inlet, remove obstructions at -
Officers of the customs, suspend prohibition against increase of - 22,
Offices created, salaries increased, &c. annual account of to be

published - -
O'Hara James, certificates for lanä to issue to executors of -
O'Sullivan Mary, her claim tɔ be adjusted and paid -
Ohio and Michigan, appropriation for taking observations to settle

boundary of . ..

boundary between established
Qhio river, improve between Pittsburg and the falls

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improve from Louisville to New Orleans
. improve froin Pittsburg to New Orleans, arrears
Oliver William, university of Michigan may convey land to
Omahas Indians, appropriation for


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Ordnance office, clerks to be employed in
Ordnance service, appropriation for
Ordnance and Ordnance stores, appropriation for
Osage Indians, annuities to
Oswego, improve harbor of
Ottawa Indiaus, annuities to
Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, effect given to treaty of March

28, 1836, with -
treaty of 28th March, 1836, (Ap-

Ottoes and Missourias Indiaus, annuity to
Owlshead harbor, survey ledge near -

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Pacific ocean, exploring expedition to be sent into the .

Page Ephraim, pension granted him - .
Paintings for the rotundo of the Capitol, to be provided ·

Pamtico river, remove shoal in

Parkerson Lieut. James, seven years half pay granted his heirs 216
Parkhurst Benjamin, pension granted him

Patents, granted to James Barron, renewed

Patents for lands, secretary to be appointed to sign

Patents for useful inventions, revision of acts for the granting of,

Commissioner of Patents appointed, Patent Office created

and organized, &c. -

provision for extension of
Patent Office, library to be provided for the

Patent Office, building to be erected for the

Patent right, Tucker and Judge paid for use by U. S. of a

purchase Captain Bell's

Pattie William, pension granted him .

Pay of militia and volunteers fixed -

19, 20
Pay of sundry public officers. See Compenstion.
Paymasters, appoint three additional -

provision for temporary appointment of

Pawling Col. Albert, benefit of pension act of 1828 granted to
Pawnee Indians, appropriations for

Penalties--see fines, &c.
Penitentiary, District of Columbia, appropriations for support of - 134
Penny posts, provision respecting the employment of

Pensacola, improvements in navy yard at

46, 47
Pensions, appropriations for paying -

Bank of the United States to cease paying, Secretary of

War to provide for payment of
Pensions to wounded and disabled militia and volunteers in

Florida, provided ..
to widows of revolutionary officers, soldiers, marines, -
and spies, granted in certain cases -

to widows and orphans of militia and volunteers in

Florida, provided .

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Pensions, widows and orphans of militia, sea fencibles, rangers

and volunteers, entitieù io iive years ball-pay - 246 not to be withheld by reason of indebtedness to U. S. - 56 revolutionary, cannot be pledged or disposed of in any

way - - - Pensions, granted to

Benedict Alford and Robert Brush -
Jesse Sykes -
Enoch Blaisdell, Jared Buckingham, Beverly Roy, Par-

sons Smith, Josiah H. Brown, Isaac Carter, James

Calvin, James B. Folsom -.
Israel Ingalls, Col. Gideon Morgan

Peter Doxtater and Jacob Weaver
Orris Gay -
Stephen Bohannan, Gaius Hitchcock, John A. Rodgers,

and Leslie Combs -
Samuel Hunt, John Pickard, Richard Martin, Peter
Dimick . - - - - -

John Smith, Peter Cook, George Elliot
John Bennett, Samuel Cole, James Stevens, James

Mullings - -
Stephen Tailmage, John Collins, Francis St. Cyr, Luke
Voorbise .

Theo. E. Beekman, Wm. Hewes, Henry Keefer, Fran-
cis Bashford

Bernard Pompilly, Elisha Lucas, James Whitset, Jacob
Stewart, Thaddeus Tuttle -

James Steel, Davis Hunt
Col. Wm. Lawrence, James Taylor, John Dal . 118
Peter L. Allen, John Logan, John Conkin, Thaddeus

119 Wm. Foxworthy, Ephraim F. Gilbert, Godfrey Vought,

John Lent -
Patrick McEwen, Charles Blake, Walter Dyer, Jere-

miah Goldsmith -
Joseph Tuttle, Mathias Traverse, Joseph Danforth,
Jacob Wallace - -

Jonathan Dow, James Scott, Richard Severson, Lot
Leonard, John Boone -

123 Ebenezer Dewey, Benjamin Parkhurst, Daniel Havens, Jonas Comins -

124 Isacc Ruland, Job Daniels, Daniel Trabue, Benjamin Coit.

125 Robert Smith, John Daw, Andrew Gray

126 Samuel M. Asbury, John Miles, Josiah Curtis, Wm. Pattie .

John Scott, Travis Fritters, Balaam Bowers, Singleton
Ketcham .

Micajah Ricketts and Henry Maggart
William Warden, George White -
Daniel Cobb, Daniel Granger, Jonathan Flint




129 130

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Pensions, granted to

Alpheus Hutchins .
Larned Swallow, Ephraim Page
Coleman A. Collier, John Baptiste Janis

General Eleazer W. Ripley - :
Pensions, arrears of, granted to--

Edward Nicholas
Daughter of Lieutenant Richard Wilde
Widow of Samuel Gibbs
Heirs of Richard Anderson .
- Widow of Oliver Harris

John Herrick
George Fields
Widow of Charles Swain
Children of Elijah Green
Widow of John Lambkin
Jonathan Flint
Colonel Gideon Morgan

Widow of Peter Smith
Pensions, increase of, granted to

Origen Eaton
Jacob Slough
Thomas Harrison
Carey Clarke
Daniel Stoddart
Jonathan Elkins
Samuel Kincaid

George Fields
Pensions to widows and orphans granted to--

Amy Wilson, Elizabeth Mays .
Ann Evans,
Ellen A. Schmuck .

Mary J. Babbitt
Pension Office, clerks to be employed in -
Pension act of 1928 extended to Col. Albert Pawling .
Pension agencies established at Wheeling, in Virginia ..

at Pulaski, in Tennessee
Peorias Indians, annuities to . .
Peru, in Wisconsin, town of, laid off -
Phillips Ebenezer and others, bounty on fishing voyage paid to -
Piankeshaw Indians, annuities to
Pickard John, pension granted him
Pierce John and Daniel Van Voorhis, paid for extra work under

contract . -
Pitcher Jonathan, allowance made him as Indian agent -
Plattsburg, construct breakwater in harbor of . .
Platt Nathaniel, paid for provisions furnished troops and damage

done property-
Plunkett James, his heirs paid for a horse
Plymouth Beach, continue works to preserve -
Pollard William, title to land confirmed to heirs -

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