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Page Fines, remitted, to Benjamin F. Stone. . . . . 103 to Francis R. Theobald

103 to Nathaniel P. Tatum

107 . to Thomas Dixon, & Co.

113 to Isaac Means, and others :

209 Findlay William, money due him as a member of Congress, paid

to his representatives. Findlay Doctor J. E. B., paid for attendance on United States troops - ..

138 Fire Insurance Company in Alexandria, reincorporated

15 Fire engines, appropriation to purchase twenty-eight

158 Fire, Receiver of Land Office credited with money lost by . 212 Fire in New York, relief granted to sufferers by

- 18, 21 Fisher Silas, an Indian, location of his reservation confirmed .. Fisheries, vessels engaged in mackerel fishery not liable to cer

tain forfeitures - - - Fishing voyages-bounties paid on,

to J. W. Wormstead, and others
to George Gott, and others -
to Ebenezer Philips, and others

to Joseph W. Green, and others
to Joshua Hatch, and others.

206 Flint Jonathan, pension and arrears of pension granted him Florida, special term of court of appeals at Tallahassee

provision for special terms where regular terms are not

held . .. .
regulations for courts at Appalachicola and in counties of

Madison and Hamilton
appropriation for pay of public officers in
appropriation for keepers of public archives in.
appropriation to pay claims of citizens of West. &c. -
appropriation for repressing Indian hostilities in 3, 4, 21, 32
provisions for payment of expenses incurred in repress-

ing Indian hostilities in - . - - - - 19, 59 acts of Territorial Legislature granting bank charters an• nulled

132 Legislative Council may sell lands granted for university in

135 terms of superior court for middle district regulated - 147 persons charged with crimes may be removed for trial

from southern to eastern or middle district -' . acts of Territory to incorporate Appalachicola, and change

county seat of Franklin county, annulled . act of Territory to hold court at Indian Key, annulled - 148 suffering inhabitants to be furnished with rations

253 Florida Indians, appropriations for treaty stipulations with appropriation for removal of .

*78 Folsom James B., pension granted him - Forbes Abraham, Canadian volunteer, land granted him Forbes William, his heirs paid for property destroyed by the enemy Forfeitures see fines.


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Fort Miffin, remove bar in Delaware, near
Fort Gibson, troops to be removed from

Fort Madison, in Wisconsin, town of laid off-

Fort Jesup, barracks, store-houses, hospital, &c. to be erected at 158
Fort Brady, appropriation for repair of barracks, &c. -

Fortifications, appropriations for armament of . - •

50, 157
appropriations for erection and repair of, in 1836 · 156
appropriations for purchase of additional land for - 157, 158
appropriations for wharves at certain - -
appropriations for barracks, store-houses, hospitals,

&c. at •
transfer of appropriations for

Foxworthy William, pension granted him .
Fox Indians, appropriations for the various tribes of

69, 70
Fox and Neptune, privateers, owners paid for prisoners of war. 206
France, outfit and salary allowed to Mr. Barton as Charge to . 203
Franking privilege, granted to Commissioner under Spanish treaty 62

granted to Auditor of Post Office Department 162
granted to Chief Engineer - -
granted to Third Assistant Postmaster General 165
granted to widow of James Madison

of Postmasters, restrictions on -

Franzoni Guiseppe, his heirs paid money due on contract
Frazier Charles M., paid for a house destroyed by the enemy

Frazer John & Co., certain additional duties refunded to

Fritters Travers, pension granted him .. . -

Frontier, western, protection of, by nilitary road, &c. -
Fulton Robert, Secretary Navy to report on the claims of his heirs 255
Furnaces for heating cannon ball, appropriation for : -




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Galena, appropriation for surveying lots in town of

commissioners to be appointed to determine title to lots in,

lots to be sold, &c. - '. .
Gales & Seaton's American State papers, appropriation for

further distribution of .
Gamble John M., paid for rations furnished in naval service -
Gay Orris, pension granted him
Gay Abel, and Walter Loomis, contractors, their accounts to be

. .
Genessee river, continue improvements at mouth of
General Land Office reorganized
Georgetown, D. C., relief granted to on account of subscription to

canal stock

certain streets may be closed in
Georgetown, S. C., survey bar and harbor .
Gibbs Samuel, widow, arrears of his pension paid her
Gibson, Fort, remove troops from -
Gilbert Marinus W., , army sutlers, their claims against certain
Gilbert Thomas, soldiers to be settled or

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120 121

24 106

33 227 204 130

Gilbert Marinus W., allowed interest on money advanced for U.S.
Gilbert Jacob B., paid for house destroyed in public service
Gilbert Ephraim F., pension granted him
Goldsmith Jeremiah, pension granted him
Gold and silver only, a legal tender -
Gott George, and others, allowed bounty on fishing voyage
Government, appropriations in part for support of, civil list

appropriations in full for support of

additional appropriations for support of .
Goudran Nicholas, and others, land granted them
Granger Daniel, pension granted him - .
Grand river land district, Michigan, established
Grand river, Ohio, improvement of .
Grappe Francois, and his sogs, Indian grant of land confirmed to

(Appendix ; -
Gray Andrew, pension granted him .
Gresham Joseph, forfeiture refunded to him
Green Elijah, arrears of pension paid his children
Green Joseph W., and others, paid bounty on fishing voyage
Green Thomas F., relief granted to his sureties -
Guret, in Duxbury, preserve point of land leading to fort at
Guthrie Peter, correct error in entry of land -

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54 131 200

Haggard Nancy, heir of Grymes, seven years' half pay allowed

her Half pay for five years, granted to widows and orphans of officers

and soldiers who have died, or may die in service, of wounds, &c.

- . . Half pay, late war, granted

to Ann Evans
to Elizabeth Mays -
to Ellen A. Schmuck

to Mary J. Babbit
Half pay, revolutionary war, granted-

to Nancy Haggard, daughter of Captain Grymes
to children of Ger. James Moore
to children of Col. John Hazlet -

to children of Lieut. James Parkerson
Haliday Thomas, money expended in service refunded
Hall Henry H., land scrip to be issued to him .
Harbors and rivers, appropriations for, (old works) -

. appropriations for, (new works)
Hardesty Richard, paid for extra work on Cumberland road
Harmony, in Cherokee country, pay for missionary establishment

Harpers Ferry, bridge may be erected on United States land at -
Harrison Major Thomas, pension increased
Harris Relief, arrears of pension due her late husband paid to


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Hatch Joshua, and others, paid bounty on fishing voyage .
Havens Daniel, pension granted him .
Hazlet Col. John, seven years' half pay granted to his children
Heard Stephen, and others, allowed further time to locate lands -
Hero, island of north and south, deepen channel between
Hertic Joseph, paid for boat impressed into public service
Herrick John, arrears of pension granted him .
Hewes William, pension granted him - -
Hitchcock Gaius, pension granted him
Holland John H., paid for maintenance of captured Africans .
Homans Daniel, paid damage sustained under a contract with

United States
· Hoover Andrew, paid for horse lost in service -

Hopkins Capt. David, commutation of half pay granted his heirs • Hospitals, naval, appropriations for ..

Huspital, marine, in Washington, appropriation to enclose
Hospitals, military, at ports where necessary, appropriation for .
Hospital, military, at Key West, appropriation for
Howell John, claim to land confirmed . .
Hudson river, continue improvements above and below Albany
Hunt Samuel, pension granted him ..
Hunt Davis, pension granted him ..
Hunter Hiram, paid for horse lost in service
Hurlbut George, interest to be paid on final settlement certificates

issued to . -
Huron river, improvements at mouth of
Hutchens Alpheus, pension granted him


47 230

49 49 196 145 109

117 217

213 · 146


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Icebreaker on Staten Island, to be erected

249 Illinois, northern boundary of State established Ingalls Israel, pension granted him . . Indemnity, Thomas F. Townley paid damages on protested bills

7Daniel Homans, for loss on contract - - - 15

John O'Sullivan's heirs, for illegal detention of vessel 220 Indians, Seminoles, appropriation to repress hostilities of 3, 4, 21, 32, 142

provisions for militia and volunteers, serving

against - - - - . . 19
further provision to pay expenses of war with
appropriation for removal of -
no money to be paid to those who have been

hostile, &c. .
Creeks, appropriation to repress hostilities of -

appropriation for annuities to .
expense of locating reservations and certifying

contracts - -
appropriation for removal of .
no payments to be made to those who were en-

gaged in hostilities, &c. .
Chickasaw, regulations respecting moneys received for

lands under late treaties with, and other pro-
visions for carrying said treaties into effect -



Indians, Winnebagoes, appropriations for annuities to . . 67, 68 appropriation for removal of

77 , appropriation to be paid to those only who

remoye . . . . . . 156 Senecas and Shawnees, certain moneys to be invested for · benefit of . . Cherokees, treaty with, December 29, 1835, [Appendix)

appropriations to carry into effect recent treaty

accounts of commissioner for blankets for, to

be closed, - - - - - 156 Chippewas and 'Ottowas, appropriations to carry into ef

fect recent treaty with . 152 treaty of 28th March, 1836, with

(Appendix) · · · Swan creek and Black river bands of Chippewasappropriations to carry into effect treaty of 9th May, 1836, with

. . . . 155 · treaty of 9th May, 1836, with 'Appendix] . .

55 Pottawatamies, appropriations to carry into effect treaties

recently concluded with certain bands
of . -

155 treaties with various bands of 57, 59, 61, 73, 75 Caddo, treaty with, 1st July, 1835 (Appendix)

effect given to treaty with Caddo Indians
Camanche and Wichetaw, treaty with, 24th August,

Wyandot, treaty with, 230 April, 1836 [Appendix .
appropriations for annuities, for holding treaties, and for

executing treaties, for removal of Indians, and for
various other objects connected with Indian inter. . .

course -
compensation made for depredations of . . . 136. 203
certain companies of Missouri and Indiana militia paid

for services against -, - Indian agent at Michilimackinac, to discharge duties of superin: tendent within the State of Michigan .

79 Indian Affairs, superintendents of, allowed clerks

45 Indian reservations, two clerks to be employed on

44 Indian Department, additional clerks to be employed in

appropriations for in 1836 Indiana, northern boundary of State, established

98 school section in reserved township in Monroe county made good

Insolvent debtors, appropriation under act for relief of . Insurance company in Alexandria, re-incorporated .

15 Internal improvements, appropriations for examinations and sur

· veys .


147 appropriation for old works of

145 appropriations for new works

248 Internal revenue, appropriation to pay officers of old . .


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