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Shingle-mashe, his x mark.
Little Charley, his x mark.
Met-chin-equea, his x mark.
Francis Godfroy, his x mark.
Chin-qua-que-ah, his x mark.

his x mark.
Wa-pe-mung-qua, his x mark.
Chin-qua-que-ah, his x mark.
Wa-ke-shin-qua, bis x mark.

his x mark. Shaw-co-com-waugh, his x mark. Mung-go-saw,

his x mark. La-laugh,

his x mark. Ta-co-naugh,

his x mark. Mi-a-que-a,

his x mark. 0-san-dear,

his x mark. 0-wan-so-pe-ah, his x mark. Me-chaw-cot-wah, his x mark. Pin-daw-lin-shaw, his x mark. Men-na-twa,

his x mark. Wa-kin-e-kee-tough, his x mark. Ca-ta-ke-mon-guah, his x mark. Kee-sone-saw,

his x mark. Po-come-cot-waugh, his x mark. Men-gone-saugh, his x mark. Ma-quagh-con-nong, his x mark. Ma-ma-see-cha, his x mark. Poqua,

his x mark. Wa-pa-co-cha, his x mark. Sho.-pon-to-saw, his x mark. Ne-pa-wa,

his x mark. Sha-pon-to-saw, his x mark. To-san-yah,

his x mark. No-wa-co-paugh, his x mark. Sho-e-lin-chee,

his x mark. Min-see-quah, his x mark. Mi-a-que-ah,

his x mark. Fa-fa,

his x mark. Pa-pin-gee-she, his x mark. Kee-mo-te-ah,

his x mark. Wa-wa-saw-ma, his x mark. Mun-gone-saw, his x mark. 0-wan-so-pe-ah, his x mark. Kee-la-come-wa-quah, his x mark. Yah-ka-cone-na, his x mark. Co-come-wah, his x mark. Po-co-ga,

his x mark. Che-ke-no-quah,

his x mark. Kee-she-con-saw, his x mark. Wa-pa-co-se-ah, his x mark. Ta-co-qua,

his x mark. Ta-co-qua,

his x mark

[blocks in formation]


his x mark. Long-guah,

his x mark. Wa-pa-pe-taugh, his x mark. Go-ta-co-paugh, .

his x mark To-san-ne-ah,

his x mark. Captain Flour, his x mark. Go-ta-ca-puah,

his x mark. John B. x Richardville,

Principal chief.
ALLEN HAMILTON, Sect'y to the Commissioner. .
J. P. TAYLOR, Capt US army.
PETER LANGLEY, Interpreter.

Assent of the Indians to certain

the treaty.

And whereas, ANDREW JACKSON, then President of the United States of America, not approving of said treaty, the principal Chiefs of said tribe of Indians assented to certain modifications thereof, as appears by the following agreement between said Chiefs and Jonathan Keller, Commissioner of the United States,

viz: modinamicerca in Articles of agreement, made and entered into, at the Forks

of the Wabash, on the 31st day of July, 1837, between Jonathan Keller commissioner of the United States, and the principal chiefs of the Miami tribe of Indians, witnesseth:

That it is agreed between the contracting parties, that certain articles of a treaty entered into between William Marshall commissioner of the United States and the Miami Indians on the 23d day of October 1834, (not being in conformity to the views of the President of the United States) and being submitted to us the head chiefs by direction of the President for modification the undersigned hereby consents and agrees to the following modifications, to wit ; From the second section strike out all that relates to the payment of goods to the Miamies as a part, consideration for the lands ceded, and insert money in lieu thereof-and all that relates to placing money in the hands of a white man to pay the debts of the Indians, to alter the 7th section, and to add the 8th section to the 6th and strike from the treaty the 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, and 15th sections.

The undersigned chiefs consenting to and confirming the entire cession made by the treaty above mentioned.

In testimony whereof, we have hereunto set our names the date above mentioned.





Witnesses present,



Indian Agent. -


0: And whereas the said treaty with explanatory documents from 1837.

the Department of War, having been submitted to the Senate for other its advice in regard to the ratification of the original treaty, with

the amendments proposed by the Secretary of War, the treaty, ! with the amendments, in the event of its ratification by the United

States, to be again submitted to the Chiefs and Warriors of the

Miami tribes for their sanction or rejection, the Senate did on the niso twelfth day of October, one thousand eight hundred and thirtyPrin seven, resolve as follows, viz:

IN SENATE OF THE United States,

October 12th, 1837. Resolved, (two-thirds of the Senators present concurring) That The Senatecon. the Senate do advise and consent to the ratification of the treaty ication of the between the United States of America and the Miami tribe of treaty, with the Indians, concluded at the Forks of the Wabash, in the State of mendment. Indiana, on the twenty-third day of October, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-four; with the following amendment; Pro- Proviso: vided, that the Chiefs and Warriors of the said tribe, shall in General Council, as on the occasion of concluding the aforesaid treaty, agree to and sign the same: Attest,

· Asbury Dickins,


sent to the rati.


[blocks in formation]

Miami Indians concluded 230 Oc


cede the follow. ing tracts of land.

toare Strike out the whole of said treaty after the title and insert the Amendment.

following in lieu thereof:
Articles of a treaty between the United States and the Miami tribe Treaty with the

of Indians, concluded at the Forks of the Wabash, in the State
of Indiana, on the 23d day of October, 1834, by and between lober 1834.
William Marshall, commissioner of the United States, and the
chiefs and warriors of said tribe.

ARTICLE 1. The Miami tribe of Indians agree to cede to the The Indians the best United States the following described tracts of land within the inge

State of Indiana, being a part of reservations made to said tribe
from former cessions, now conveyed for and in consideration of
the payments stipulated to be made to them in the 2d article of

this treaty of cession. in One tract of land, thirty-six sections, at Flat Belly's village, a At Flat Belly's

reserve made by the treaty of Wabash of 1826.

Also, one tract of land, about twenty-three thousand acres On the Wabash more or less, a reserve made at Wabash treaty in 1826, of five river. miles-in length on the Wabash river, extending back to Eel river. Also, one other tract of ten sections at Racoon village, and a At Racoon vil.

i lage, and Mudd tract of ten sections at Mudd creek on Eel river, reserves made Creek. at Wabash treaty of 1826.

Also, one reserve of two miles square on the Salamany river on the Saja. at the mouth of At-che-pong-quaw creek, reserve made at the treaty of St. Mary's of 1818.

Also, one other tract being a portion of the ten mile square a portion of reserve, made at the treaty of St. Mary's of 1818, opposite the square reserve,

the the ten mile


any river.


the big reserve on

posite the inouth of Eel river.

tion thereof.

1837. mouth of the river Aboutte, commencing at the northeast corner

site the of said reserve, thence south with the eastern boundary of the mouth of the ri- same ten miles to the southeast corner of the reserve, thence west

with the southern boundary one mile, thence north nine miles, thence west nine miles, thence north one mile to the northwest

corner of said reserve, thence to the place of beginning. A. portion of The Miamies also agree to cede a portion of their big reserve, the Wabash op- made at the treaty of St. Mary's of 1818, situated southeast of

in the Wabash, extending along the Wabash river, from the mouth

of Salamany river, to the mouth of Eel river. The part now ceded shall be embraced within the following bounds to wit: commencing on the Wabash river, opposite the mouth of Ed river, running up said Wabash river eight miles, thence south two miles, thence westwardly one mile, thence south to the southern boundary of said reserve, thence along said boundary line seven miles to the southwest corner, thence northerly with the westen

boundary line to the place of beginning. Payments to be ARTICLE 2. For and in consideration of the cession made in 8. in considera: the first article of this treaty, the United States agree to pay the

Miami tribe of Indians the sum of two hundred and eight thousand dollars; of this sum fifty-eight thousand dollars to be paid within six months from the ratification of this treaty, fifty thousand dollars to be applied to the payment of the debts of the tribe, and the remaining sum of one hundred thousand dollars in annual

instalments of ten thousand dollars per year. Grants to be ARTICLE 3. From the cession made in the first article of this lands ceded. treaty, there shall be granted to each of the persons named in

the schedule hereunto annexed, and to their heirs and assigns, by patent from the President of the United States, the lands therein named.

ARTICLE 4. It is agreed, between the parties to this treaty, that sued to J. B. Ri. a patent in fee simple shall be issued by the President of the reserve of ten United States to John B. Richadrille, principal chief of the Miami

tribe, for a reserve of ten sections at the Forks of the Wabash, made to said tribe by treaty of twenty-third October, 1826, be having an Indian title to the same, a copy of which, marked A, accompanies this treaty.

Article 5. The United States agree to furnish a skilful miller, miller in lieu of to superintend a mill for the Miamies, in lieu of the gunsmith

promised by the 5th article of the treaty of St. Mary's of 1818. Improvements Article 6. The United States agree to have the buildings and to be inade by the .

improvements on the lands ceded by the first article of this treaty valued. To cause a similar amount in value, laid out in building,

clearing and fencing ground, for the use of the Indians, on such ossession place or places as their chiefs may select, and that the Indians im: have peaceable possession of their houses and improvements, on

the lands ceded in the first article of this treaty, until the improve

ments are made as provided for in this article. The U. S. 10 Article 7. The United States agree to pay the Miami Indians Stolen by the fifteen hundred dollars, for horses heretofore stolen from them by whites. the whites.

Patents in fee. ARTICLE 8. The United States agree to cause patents in tee

A patent in fee simple to be ig.

chadrille for



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a gunsmith.

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The Indians to have possession until the im. provements are made.

pay for horses


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section of land

Schedule of grants referred

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- simple to issue to the following named persons, for the several 1837.,

tracts of land attached to their names, granted to them by former gimple for lands treaties, to wit: To Little Charley, for five sections of land, above to be issued the old village on the north side of Eel river, granted to him by ley. treaty of Wabash of 1826. - To Laronture's daughter, for one section of land on Maumee To Laronture's river, granted to her by treaty of Wabash of 1826.

To To-pee-ah, son of Francis Lafontain, for one section, To To-pee-ah. granted himn by treaty of St. Mary's of 1818.

To Met-chin-e-quea, for two sections of land granted him by To Met-chin-etreaty of Wabash of 1826, at the old town on Eel river.

To Francis Godfroy, four sections of land on the Salamany To F. Godfroy. river, granted him at treaty of St. Mary's of 1818, being the residue of what he now holds of said grant.

ARTICLE 9. There shall be granted to Hugh Hanna, one-quarter One quarter section of land, in lieu of one selected and not approved on the to be granted to grant made to Guire at treaty of Wabash of 1826, (Hanna hav- H. Hanna. ing purchased of Guire,) the selection to be made under the direction of the President of the United States.

Schedule of grants referred to in the 3d Article. To Francis Godfroy one section of land at the lower line of to in the 3d arti. the five mile reserve on the Wabash river, to be located adjoining To F. Godfroy. the town of Peru; one half section to be located on said Wabash

river, opposite his trading house, and one half section to be - located on that part of the big reserve southwest side the Wabash,

above and adjoining the two sections granted to John B. Richardrille; and one half section back and adjoining the one granted

to said John B. Richardrille, opposite the mouth of Eel river. - To To-pe-ah, one section of land, commencing one mile from To To-pe-ab.

the northeast corner of the ten mile reserve, opposite the mouth of Aboit river, (granted by treaty of St. Mary's of 1818,) thence south one mile, thence west one mile, thence north one mile, thence east to the place of beginning.

To Wa-pa-se-pah, son of Lafontain, one section of land west To and adjoining the one to To-pee-ah.

To Ne-ah-long-quaw, two sections of land, west and adjoining qu 5," the one to Wa-pa-se-pah.

To A-saw-som-ma-quah, or Susan, one section of land, west To A saw-somand adjoining the two to Ne-ah-long-quaw.

To Poqua, son of Francis Godfroy, one half section, west and To Poqua. adjoining the one to Susan. . To Francis Godfroy, one half section of land, west and adjoin- To F,G ing the one to Poqua.

To Paul Longlois, one section of land on the Wabash river, to To P. Longlois, include his field. .

To Chappene one section of land, to include Racoon village, To Chappene. e commencing two poles west of the grave yard northwest of the

village, thence on an easterly direction to river About, thence with said river until it strikes the reserve line, thence with said line for quantity to include within the bounds one section of land; also, one other section of land, west and adjoining the half sec. tion granted to Francis Godfroy on the ten mile reserve.

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