Arbitration Treaties Among the American Nations: To the Close of the Year 1910

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
William Ray Manning
Oxford University Press, 1924 - 472 էջ

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Էջ 434 - In each individual case the High Contracting Parties, before appealing to the Permanent Court of Arbitration, shall conclude a special Agreement defining clearly the matter in dispute, the scope of the powers of the Arbitrators, and the periods to be fixed for the formation of the Arbitral Tribunal and the several stages of the procedure.
Էջ 376 - International arbitration has for its object the settlement of disputes between States by Judges of their own choice and on the basis of respect for law.
Էջ 314 - Who, after having communicated to each other their respective full powers, and found them to be in good and due form, have agreed upon and concluded the following Articles : — ARTICLE I.
Էջ 407 - Differences which may arise of a legal nature, or relating to the interpretation of treaties existing between the two Contracting Parties, and which it may not have been possible to settle by diplomacy...
Էջ 80 - The Commissioners so named shall meet in the city of Halifax, in the Province of Nova Scotia, at the earliest convenient period after they have been respectively named, and shall, before proceeding to any business, make and subscribe a solemn declaration that they will impartially and carefully examine and decide the matters referred to them to the best of their judgment, and according to justice and equity ; and such declaration shall be entered on the record of their proceedings.
Էջ 388 - Minister for Foreign Affairs. The subsequent deposits of ratifications shall be made by means of a written notification, addressed to the Netherland Government and accompanied by the instrument of ratification.
Էջ 206 - ... and further engage that every such claim, whether or not the same may have been presented to the notice of, made, preferred, or laid before the said commission, shall, from and after the conclusion of the proceedings of the said commission, be considered and treated as finally settled, barred, and thenceforth inadmissible.
Էջ 73 - All claims on the part of corporations, companies, or private individuals, citizens of the United States...
Էջ 383 - The pleadings consist in the communication by the respective agents to the members of the tribunal and the...
Էջ 369 - Being desirous, with this object, of insuring the better working in practice of commissions of inquiry and tribunals of arbitration, and of facilitating recourse to arbitration in cases which allow of a summary procedure; Have deemed it necessary to revise in certain particulars and to complete the work of the First Peace Conference for the pacific settlement of international disputes...

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