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These instances are sufficient; at appearance of a serpent, could it be least, to remove all inconsistency free from poison. Although Christ, from this figurative setting forth of in the judgment of God, had per. Christ. But we do not stop here. sonated the sinner, yet he remained “ The foolishness of God is wiser without sin. (2 Cor. v. 21; Heb. vi. than men.” Taking all the circum- 26.) The brass from which it was stances of the case into considera- molten indicates humanity in its tion, it would be found no easy lower condition, and yet bright in matter to devise a type more appro- perfect holiness; which emblem of priate, impressive, and instructive shining brass also occurs Ezek. xl. than that which is placed before us. 3; Rev. i. 15. The lifting up of the For let the following points be well serpent on the pole first, indeed, deobserved :-As a serpent of brass, it signates the lifting up of Christ on was perfectly clear of the pain, dis- the cross; yet so as that it may ease, and death which were so rife present an emblem of carrying on in the camp ; it had wounded no the preaching of the Gospel, by one, and had no venom wherewith which Christ crucified is made to infect and destroy; it was INNO known to the world; and whom cent, though lifted up among a Isaiah beholds particularly, (xi. 10,) guilty and dying people; and then, where it is said, 'The Gentiles shall as being a serpent in form, and like seek to the root of Jesse, which the hurtful creatures that were shall stand for an ensign.'" * spreading disease and death below, It must be observed, that the it seemed figuratively to indicate, principal point of comparison, in that the same nature which brought the whole case, is the lifting up of the curse should bring the cure. the object, and not the object listed

In these two particulars it was up; and many have gone so far as finely expressive in its relation to to deny that the brasen sign did in Christ. First, the innocence of the any respect represent the person of uplifted Victim; and next, His being Christ; but it is impossible to avoid partaker of that human nature which asking the question, Why did the at first brought sin into the world, divine wisdom adopt this form of “and death by sin.” And if the representation, and not another? type in question scem to exhibit The only wise God does not operate that human nature in its judicially blindly; and we humbly explain the stricken character, it only adum- reasons of his conduct in the manbrates the fact that “ He was MADE ner which is detailed on this page. SIN FOR us who knew no sin, that Christ was to die for lost and guilty we might be made the righteousness man; and, therefore, to outward of God in him.” As Lampe, though pushing his comparisons a little too Serpentis figura repræsentabat, quòd Chris. far, yet further observes : “ The tus, lieet peccati expers, venturus lanıcn esset in figure of the serpent indicated,

similitudine carnis peccati ; (Rom. viii. 3;) quod that Christ, although without sin, genies viperarum; (Matth. iii. 7; Gal. iii. 13;

eorum vicem suscepturus, qui nalurd sunt proshould come in the likeness of

2 Cor. v. 21 ;) quodque oculis ipsorum Judæoruin sinful flesh;' (Rom. viii. 3;) that obversaturus sit, ut a Jehovah maledictus & he should stand in the stead of diemonium habens. (Ies. liii. 35; Joh. viii.) those who by nature were a

Sed nil nisi mera serpentis species illic erat gene.

absque veneno. Christus, licet peccatoris peto ration of vipers ;' (Matt. iii. 7;

sonam in judicio Dei susceperit, peccati tamera Gal. iii. 13; 2 Cor. v. 21 ;) and that, exsors mansit. (2 Cor. v. 21; Her. ri. X) to the eyes of the Jews themselves, Æs, ex quo conflatus, nobis designat kununi. it should appear that he was under

talem in viliori forma, sanctitate tamen perfeethe malediction of Jehovah, and had

tissimu fulgentem : quod emblema æris rutilantis a devil. (Isai. liii. 3—5; John viii.)

etiam occurrit, Ezech. xl. 3; Apoc. i. 15. Eral

talio serpentis hu jus in perticâ primò quidem de Yet not unless it had been the mere signat exaltationem in cruce, ita tamen ut pertica

simul possit emblema gercre præconii Evangelici, Ipse clar. Vitringa id conoedit, (Isa. xiv. 29,) in per quod Christus crucifixus mundo innotuit. illis verbis : Eradice serpentis proveniet basi Quò præcipuè spectat les. ri. 10, ubi gentes liscus, et fructus ejus chersydrus volans.-Lampe, dicuntur requisiture raulicem Isai, quæ crecta en St. John's Gospel, vol. i., p. 604.

erit in vexillum.-Lampe, vol. iii., pp. 617, 60.

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appearance, he seemed a lost and in the Book of Wisdom : “ For guilty man, upon whom the stroke when the horrible fierceness of beasts of offended justice fell; but in order came upon these,” (the people,) to be a sinless and sufficient sacri- "and they perished with the stings fice, he was, in truth, holy, glorious, of crooked serpents, thy wrath enand divine. This was all more or dured not for ever : but they were less exhibited in the type ; and troubled for a small season, that Justin Martyr expressed himself they might be admonished, having with striking propriety when, writ a sign of salvation, to put them in ing of it, he said, "Guiltless it is of remembrance of the commandment iniquity!"

of thy law. For he that turned The third leading doctrine exhi- himself toward it was not saved by bited in this action is the necessity the thing that he saw, but by thee of faith, in order to the personal that art the Saviour of all. And in reception of the atonement.

this thou madest thine enemies conNo bitten and perishing Israelite fess that it is thou who deliverest had a promise of salvation, except from all evil.” (xvi. 5—8.) on condition of looking up to the The celebrated John Cocceius, appointed sign, and so confiding in although nearly as fanciful and alleGod's method of showing mercy. gorical as the Fathers, is cited by Hundreds might turn away, in the Lampe as speaking to the same pride of their reason, and refuse to effect; and his words will be found look; and might say, that there as well to bear against the Roman was no rational connexion between Catholic perversion of the ordinance the means and the end ; (just as we are now considering. “Neither sceptics proudly turn from the Gos- by the pole, nor by the serpent pel now ;) but they would miserably form, por by beholding it, was there and irretrievably perish.

any thing effective to the healing of It was true, indeed, there was no the bite of the reptiles ; and it is natural connexion between looking, not the manner of the Almighty, and the life and health wbich fol. but rather of the evil one, to tie lowed ; and hence obedience to the himself by covenant to the sign and requirement implied faith. The con- thing external; so that, that being nexion was of divine appointment. established, he shall effect his won. It was the hand of God that healed; ders through the work wrought. but submission to his healing plan Wherefore the little word ‘so” is was that very obedience of faith here to be understood, not simply which he has ever required from the implying the mode as regards simimiserable sinner who has sought litude, but the mode as regards the mercy at his hands.

original reason, as in John xii. 50 ; The intelligent Hebrews of that Luke xxiv. 46; inasmuch as to desigperiod must have known that there nate that, amongst the real prophewas no sanative virtue in the object cies, this type should also be taken of sight; for it would appear incre with those things which ought to dible that God, who had solemnly have their fulfilment in Christ." + prohibited the worship of graven Thus early did it appear that images, would seem to trench upon “without faith it is impossible to his own commandment, by directing please God.” The Hebrew cast his them to the brasen serpent as to + Optimè Cocceius, in Ultim. Mosis, sec. 1064: some charm; and, indeed, the He- Neque in perticá, neque in serpentis formd, neque brews of a later period distinctly re in intuitu ejus, ulla res erat ad sanandum ictum cognised the immediate hand of God

serpentum : et Dei mos non est, sed diaboli potiùs, in the salvation of the people, as is

se obligare pacto ad signum et rem externam, ut

ed extante ex opere operato ipse operetur miraevident from the following passage bilia. Quare vocula outws hic non simpliciter

per modum similitudinis, sed etiam per modum Quod diximus serpentem hunc aëneum in eo ætiologiæ intelligenda est, velut Joh. xii. 50; Luo. Christi gessisse imaginem, quòd alius erat quàm xxiv. 46; ad designandum, nempe, quod inter videbatur, notavit Justinus, de eo serpente sic prophetias reales, que implementum in Christo loquens, AYDITIOS COTIY adiktas.-Poli Synop. habere debuerunt, hic typus quoque sit referendus, Crib, vol. iii., p. 1182.


dying eyes upward because it was prophecies, is germinant in its signiGod's ordinance that he should do fication. Christ is now lifted up on B0; and as the act implied con his mediatorial throne ; and as on fidence in the divine mercy, it was Calvary he drew all men unto bim, followed by the gracious and pro attracting their faith and hope ; 80 mised result. And in this way we now all men are drawn unto bim, are taught, that the atonement of the willing or unwilling, conscious the Lord Jesus Christ avails us or unconscious, subjects of his gonothing without the personal, peni vernment. All wait upon him, fultent, and believing application. He fil his purposes, subserve the interwho merely utters His name, and ests of his kingdom, and enhance intellectually

receives His doc- his glory. He shall again be lifted trine, and takes a place in the up at the last day, on the judgmentChristian congregation, may pass

seat, to render unto every man acaway into eternity, without the cording as his work shall be. Then least renovating change, and with his own words shall be awfully and out any pulse of spiritual life; literally fulfilled. He will draw all for there is no transcendental or men unto him, by unfailing scrutiny occult mode of conveying the virtue and irresistible power. The slothful of his blood revealed in Scripture, servant must give up his reluctant excepting that in which the Spirit account, the unready virgin must takes of the things which are his, meet the Bridegroom with an exand shows them unto us; but, on

tinguished lamp, the rebel subject the other hand, it is most glorious

must be confronted with the dread to declare, tható whosoever believeth authority which he has spurned, and in him shall not perish, but have the trampler upon mercy must now eternal life.” This is the simple be cast upon the terrors of a differbut sublime mode of saving the sin ent attribute. Calvary and Gehenda, ner. Dr. Watts seems to have caught alas ! are not far distant. the spirit of the theme, when he The lifting up the brasen serpent, penned his hymnic paraphrase of however, as a learned commentator this passage of the Evangelist just has already noted, represents the alluded to ; and which may be taken manner in which the administration as an illustration of our whole sub- of the Gospel is carried on; and esject: its insertion, therefore, may not pecially denotes the prominence be out of place.

which is given therein to the doc

trine of Christ crucified. When the “So did the Hebrew Prophet raise Apostles had received power from The brasen serpent high ;

on high, and fairly entered upon The wounded felt immediate ease, The camp forbore to die.

the work of their great commission,

this was their leading theme. They ««• Look upward in the dying hour, never shrank from rehearsing the

And live,' the Prophet cries ;
But Christ performs a nobler cure,

story of the cross, whoever comWhen faith lifts up her eyes.

posed their congregation; they de.

clared equally to the ignorant and “High on the cross the Saviour hung,

the learned, the polite and the bar. High in the heavens he reigns ; Here sinners, by the old serpent stung,

barous, that their soul and their all Look, and forget their pains.

reposed on their crucified Saviour ;

and that they abjured all hope, save “When God's own Son is lifted up,

as it was derived from him. This The Jew beholds the glorious hope,

their master-doctrine, upon The' expiring Gentile lives!"

which all others waited and de.

pended. And great were the reWe have not to look far for the sults of its promulgation. A sim. dying world ; and ( that the great ple, affecting, and tangible object of Propitiation were equally apparent! faith, was just what a dying world The Doctor's words, however, re wanted. Thousands believed and mind me that the prophetic action lived. Wherever the disciples went, of Moses, like many of the verbal “there was great joy in every city."

A DYING WORLD revives :


To the present age pertains the sympathize. Human wants and shame, and to individuals in the woes are mocked, because the atoneProtestant Establishment belongs ment is veiled, and its immediate the guilt, of reviving the Popish application is arrested by the interprinciple of reserve, as regards teach position of a priesthood which cer. ing the doctrine of the atonement. tainly, as a mere priesthood, was The deadly poison of sin is infect never consecrated by Aaron or by ing the whole of the social com Christ. munity; and thousands are daily When the brasen serpent which sinking and dying away, having first Moses set up no longer served as an been fascinated, and then envenom aid to faith, and the embodying ed; and yet, forsooth, the pitying forth of a divine promise,- but had provision of Infinite Mercy is to be been made an idol, in the presence screened and kept out of view as an of which incense was burned, then ecclesiastical arcanum; and the he. a pious King scorned it, and called rald of the cross is to be transformed it Nehushtan, "a brasen bauble,” into a muttering hierophant! Mn and brake it to pieces. So when yevoito. “Never may it be!” the Gospel is deprived by these men

I confess, I know of no people or of its spirit and power; and peni. congregation to whom I would not, tence, faith, and love, as exercised to the best of my ability, preach in reference to Christ and his living Christ crucified, Christ given for us, truth, are banished, in order to Christ to be believed in, and re admit gestures and the multiform ceived by faith. The theme should incense of a traditional externalism, be descanted on before a worldly there is nothing left for a poor man and hardened congregation, in the who comes in and inquires what he hope that some one present would must do to be saved, but a glittering breathe out a prayer like the dying bauble. thief, or smite upon his breast like Our Methodist church has been the Roman Centurion, and feel his favo to bear a testimony for heart melt like wax before the fire. God, during a century past, on the Unto a congregation of contrite subject of Christ crucified; but our mourners should be preached the practice has fallen far short of our dignity of his person, the sufficiency ability in the matter. of his atonement, the infinite reach In large and populous towns, of his compassion; not doubting where tens of thousands are living but that, in many cases, the penitent and dying in sin ; and in districts soul, like the awakened eunuch, to where there are either no ministrawhom Jesus was likewise preached, tions at all, or where, through would go "on his way rejoicing:” Tractarian error and folly, they are Unto the thirsty for holiness he as little understood by the poor as should be lifted up, as exalted not the Eleusinian mysteries would be; only to give life, but to give it more the gin-shop, the Hall of Science, abundantly; and unto the fallen as the news-room, the theatre, are comone “whom they had pierced,” in manding, spacious, and imposing, order that they might bitterly mourn, as though society from places like and fall at his feet once more. these derived its greatest benefits. Never should the strain die away. In the mean time, the glorious Gos. The ministry of reconciliation should pel, the balm of the world, its only never cease till all were reconciled. hope,-and none the less so as it is

Numerous churches have recently preached by Wesleyans,-is meanly been erected in the Establishment; compelled to hide its head in a few but to what avail, so long as they scanty, retired, and unknown buildare served by Tractarian officiators? ings, as though begging for a mere The hollow echoes of these places, existence. An upper-room is not to which in many instances are half be despised when poverty on the deserted, mournfully indicate that one hand, and persecution on the there is nothing there with which other, shall compel the disciples of man's guilty and stricken heart can Christ to assemble there, if they

assemble at all. But when thou- but they will require a sphere and sands are living in spacious and means of access to the people. O that well-furnished houses of their own, the faithful Ministers of the cross, of and are favoured by Providence with all denominations, could reach the property and influence, and yet al. population of this great country! low the cause of Christ to slumber Every other device for its salvation, for want of providing places for but that which is here recognised, evangelical worship, and means for is made up of vanity and lies. But its steady maintenance, it can hardly the words of Dr. Watts still thrill in be expected that such servants will my ears, and affect my heart :give up their account with joy. We

“When God's own son is lifted up, have young men in our Theological

A dying world revives : Institution rising up, who, with yearn The Jew beholds the glorious hope, ing hearts, are longing for an opportu

The' expiring Gentile lives!” nity to proclaim the unsearchable

Βητα. . riches of Christ to perishing sinners ;



(To the Editor of the Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine.) In a former paper I noticed Dr. humble circumstances, he amassed Coke's establishing of the first Mis. a considerable fortune. On Dr. sion-school in the island of St. Vin- Coke's landing on that island in cent, for the children of the Ca. 1787, he was first introduced to a ribbs, the aborigines of the island. friend of his, Mr. Claxton, Clerk to After expending nearly £500 on this the Lower-House of Assembly, who benevolent undertaking, and the had been awakened by the ministry Legislature of the island having of Nathaniel Gilbert, Esq., formerly given an estate for the support of it, Speaker of the House of Assembly the whole scheme, once so promise in the island of Antigua. On the ing, was abandoned. The Romish evening after his landing he preached Priests at Martinique having infused in his residence, and shortly after ideas into the minds of the Caribbs, dined at Mr. Stuart's ; who, he says, that the Missionaries were spies em- " is rejoiced above measure at our ployed by the King of Great Britain, visit. He presented me with a their jealousy was thereby raised to cocoa-nut shell curiously engraved, such a degree, that it was judged and mounted with silver. To bro. prudent to withdraw entirely from ther Hammet he gave a seal, worth thein. When Mrs. Baxter took her three or four guineas ; and to broleave of thew, she wept bitterly, and ther Baxter a dressing-case. He prayed they might have another and Mr. Claxton are beginning alcall. However, the Doctor adds, ready to talk about ground for a “The glory of Jehovah arose upon preaching-house. It is surprising the benighted Africans, which amply with what eyes of affection the poor made amends for the ill success Negroes look on us when we pass among the Caribbs."

by them; and one of them was Among those who rendered essen heard telling his companions, These tial service to our Missions in the

men were imported for us. It is West Indies, as well as to our Con- impossible to have any doubt connexion at large, was a merchant at cerning the will of God as to the Kingston, in the island of St. Vin. appointment of a Missionary for this cent, named David Stuart. He had island.” (Dr. Coke's Journal, pp. formerly been a member of the 60—62. Edit. 1793.) Wesleyan society in London; and, Towards the close of the following through various vicissitudes, from year, Dr. Coke paid his second visit

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