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II. WATERFORD DISTRICT.-Richard T. Tracy, Chairman. 6 Waterford, William Lupton, John Williams. 7 Carlow, Richard T. Tracy, John Hay; Robert Banks, Supernume.

rary. 8 Newtownbarry, James Murdoch, Thomas M. M‘Donald. 9 Wexford, Robert Bruce, John Bagley.

III. CORK DISTRICT.-Thomas Waugh, Chairman. 10 Cork,

Thomas Waugh, William Reilly, James B. Gillman; Daniel
Pedlow, Joshua Harman, Supernumeraries.
N.B. Brother Waugh is requested to visit Dublin, and the other

places where his visits are desired, in the course of the year, at

such times as he may find convenient. 11 Cove,

Robinson Scott. 12 Bandon, John F. Mathews, John Higgins; Andrew Hamilton, Super

numerary. 13 Skibbereen, John Waugh, Frederick Elliott. 14 Tralee,

William G. Cainpbell.

IV. LIMERICK DISTRICT.-Henry Price, Chairman. 15 Limerick,

Henry Price, John H. Atkins. 16 Roscrea,

Robert Jessop, Anketell M. Henderson. 17 Cloughjordan, James Henry.

N.B. Letters to be directed to Borriso kape.

V. TULLAMOORE DISTRICT.-William Crook, Chairman. 18 Tullamoore, William Crook, James Hughes ; Thomas Lougheed, John S.

Wilson, Supernumeraries. 19 Athlone, John Harrington. 20 Maryborough and Mountrath, John Saul, James Kennedy. 21 Longford, Francis Stephens, William Foote; Richard Phillips, John

Rogers, who resides at Mullingar, Richard Price, Superno. meraries.

VI. SLIGO DISTRICT._Frederick P. Le Maitre, Chairman. 22 Sligo,

Frederick P. Le Maitre, John Donald. 23 Castlebar, Robert H. Lindsay, John H. Boyd. 24 Ballina, Samuel Downing, John Walker. 25 Boyle,

David Robinson.

VII. CLONES DISTRICT.-James Patterson, Chairmun. 26 Clones, Gibson M Millen, William Lebert; James Rutledge, Super

numerary. 27 Killesandra, Robert Hamilton, Thomas Foster. 28 Castleblaney and Monaghan, James Black, Robert A. Devers. 29 Aughnacloy, James Patterson, Robert J. Meyer.

VIII. ENNISKILLEN DISTRICT.-Claudius Byrne, Chairman, 30 Enniskillen, Claudius Byrne, William A. Darby ; Robert Crozier, John

Nesbitt, James C. Pratt, Supernumeraries. 31 Brookborough, Samuel Kyle, Robert Wallace. 32 Manorhamilton, John Foster, John Gilbert. 33 Lowtherstown, John Armstrong, James Donald; William Douglas, Super

numerary. 34 Pettigo and Ballyshannon, Nathaniel Hobart, Andrew Huston; John C.

Irvine, Supernumerary.

N.B. Letters to be directed to Ballyshannon.

IX. LONDONDERRY DISTRICT. Daniel M'Afee, Chairman. 35 Londonderry, Daniel M‘Afee, George Vance. 36 Strabane, Edward M. Banks, John C. Storey ; William Finley, Super

numerary. 37 Omagh, William Mulloy, John Oliver ; James M'Cutcheon, Robert

Carson, Supernumeraries. X. BELFAST DISTRICT.-William Stewart, Chairman. 38 Belfast, South, (Donegal-square, &c.,) William Stewart, Robert G. Cather,

A. B. ; Matthew Tobias, Supernumerary, 39 Belfast, North, (Frederick-street, 8c.,) Fossey Tackaberry, Joseph W. M‘Kay;

Thomas Ridgeway, Supernumerary. 40 Ballyclare,

Samuel Cowdy. 41 Donaghadee, James Tobias, George Deery ; Matthew Lanktree, who resides

at Newtownards, Supernumerary. 42 Carrickfergus, Robert Black, William Brown; Michael Burrows, Super

numerary. 43 Coleraine, William P. Appelbe, A.M., Thomas K. Whitaker. 44 Magherafelt, William Hoey, Ist, James Collier ; John Campbell, Supernu

merary. 45 Lisburn, Thomas Ballard, Robert G. Jones; William Armstrong,

Supernumerary. 46 Downpatrick, Edward Harpur.

XI. NEWRY DISTRICT.-John Carey, Chairman. 47 Newry, John Carey, John Nash; James Lynch, who resides at

Warrenpoint, Supernumerary. 48 Dungannon, John Hill, William Hoey, 2d; Archibald Murdoch, Edward

Hazleton, who resides in Moy, Supernumeraries. 49 Armagh, George Grant, John K. Johnston, A.B. 50 Lurgan, James Johnston, James M‘Kee ; Thomas Kerr, Supernume

rary. 51 Moira and Dromore, Robert Beauchamp, who shall reside in Moira, John

James Carter, David Waugh, who resides in Dromore,

Supernumeraries. 52 Tandragee, Henry Giles, Thomas Orbison. 53 Portadown, Thomas Meredith, Wallace M‘Mullen; Edward Johnston,





IRELAND. 1 Lucan and Trim, Henry Geddes. 2 Kilkenny and Tipperary, William Cather, James S. Waugh. 3 Youghal, Robert Huston. 4 Fermoy and Mallow, William Starkey. 5 Kinsale and De Courcy Country, William Burnside. 6 Kerry and the Mines, John Liddy, who shall change with brother Elliott,

of the Skibbereen Circuit, one week in each month, 7 Killaloe, Ennis, and Kilrush, James Sullivan, John Feely ; Charles

M.Cormick, who resides at Tarbert, Supernumerary.

N.B. Letters should be directed to Ennis. 8 Galway,

Thomas Hickey. 9 Castlereagh, William Cornwall. 10 Ballinasloe, William M'Garvey. 11 The Barony of Erris, Francis Morrow.

12 Cavan,

William Guard, Robert Bell.

N.B. Letters should be directed to Belturbet 13 Bailieborough, William Keys. 14 Donegal, Jeremiah Wilson, William Butler. 15 Rathmelton, Letterkenny, and Stranorlar, Edward Cobain. 16 Newtownlimavady, Robert Bamford. 17 Ballymena and Antrim, Benjamin Bayly. 18 Ballycastle, Samuel M‘Dowell. 19 Comber,

Hugh Moore. FRANCE AND SWITZERLAND. William Toase, Chairman. 20 Paris and Rouen, William Toase, John L. Rostan ; James Hocart, Thomas

Thompson, M. A., Supernumeraries. 21 Chalons-sur-Marne, Luke Pulsford, Assistant Missionary, under the direction

of the Paris Superintendent. 22 Calais and Boulogne, William Clegg, jun., George Leale; John W. Etheridge,

who is to reside at Boulogne, Supernumerary. 23 Caen, đc., Peter Lucas ; Philip Le Bas, Supernumerary, who is to reside

at Evreux. 24 Nismes and La Vaunage, Matthew Gallienne, Robert Lyon; Francis Farjat

Assistant Missionary. 25 Montpellier, &c., Henry Martin ; John Le Lievre, Assistant Missionary. 26 Ganges, &c., (Les Cevennes,) Henry de Jersey; Peter Roy, Berthand Combe,

Assistant Missionaries. 27 Nyons, fc., (Drôme, South,) and Les Hautes Alpes, Lewis Martin, Philip

Neel. 28 Die, &c., (Drôme, North,) William J. Handcock; Peter S. Barbenson,

Assistant Missionary. 29 Lausanne and Aigle, (Switzerland, ) Charles Cook, William Ogier.

Thomas N. T. Hull.

30 Gibraltar,


1. SINGHALESE DISTRICT.-Daniel J. Gogerly, Chairman.

(SOUTH) 31 Colombo, Daniel J. Gogerly ; John Anthoniez, Assistant Missionary. 32 Negombo and Rillegalle, Robert S. Hardy ; Daniel D. Pereira, Assistant

Missionary. 33 Seedua,

William A. Lalmon, Assistant Missionary.
N.B. The Seedua station shall be under the care of the Negombo

Superintendent. 34 Galkisse,

David De Silva, Assistant Missionary. 35 Morotto,

P. G. De Zylva, Assistant Missionary.

N. B. The Galkisse and Morotto stations shall be under the care

of the Colombo Superintendent, 36 Pantura,

John Parys, Assistant Missionary. 37 Caltura, Andrew Kessen, A. B. 38 Bentotte,

D. L. A. Bartholomeuz, Assistant Missionary.

N. B. The Pantura and Bentotte stations shall be under the care

of the Caltura Superintendent. 39 Hickodde, C. De Hoedt, Assistant Missionary. 40 Galle,

William Bridgnell. 41 Matura and Godda pitiya, John A. Poulier, Assistant Missionary. 42 Dondra, Cornelius Wijesingha, Assistant Missionary.

N.B. The Hickodde, Matura, Goddapitiya, and Dondra stations

shall be under the care of the Galle Superintendent.

II. TAMUL DISTRICT.-Peter Percival, Chairman.

(NORTH.) 43 Jaffna, Peter Percival, James Gillings. 44 Point-Pedro, One is requested. 45 Trincomalee,

George Hole. 46 Batticaloa, Ralph Stott; John Philips, Assistant Missionary.

CONTINENTAL INDIA. MADRAS DISTRICT.-Joseph Roberts, Chairman. 47 Madras, Joseph Roberts, 2d, Samuel Hardey, Richard D. Griffith. 48 Negapatam, Peter Batchelor, John Pinkney; S. Davasagayam Pilley,

Assistant Missionary. 49 Manaargoody, Thomas Cryer, Joseph Little ; A. D. Ponniah Pilley, Assist

ant Missionary. 50 Bangalore, ( Tamul,) Thomas Haswell ; Augustus Younker, Assistant Mis

sionary. 51 Bangalore, ( Canarese, ) John Garrett, Daniel Sanderson; Henry 0. Sullivan,

Assistant Missionary. 52 Mysore, Matthew T. Male. One wanted. Arthur Taylor, Assistant

Missionary. 53 Goobee, Edward J. Hardey. One wanted. Charles Franklin, Assist

ant Missionary. 54 Coonghul, John Gostick ; Philip Webber, Assistant Missionary.

1. AUSTRALIAN DISTRICT.John M'Kenny, Chairman.

NEW SOUTH WALES. 55 Sydney, John M‘Kenny, Daniel J. Draper. 56 Paramatta and Camden, Edward Sweetman. 57 Windsor and the Lower-Hawkesbury, Jonathan Innes, John Weatherstone. 58 Bathurst, Samuel Wilkinson, 1st. 59 Hunter's-River, Frederick Lewis. 60 Wolongong, Benjamin Hurst. 61 Cowpastures, William Lightbody, Assistant Missionary, under the direction

of the Sydney Superintendent.


62 Melbourne, William Schofield, William Longbottom. 63 Bunting-Dale, Francis Tuckfield.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA, 64 Swan-River, John Smithies.

II. VAN-DIEMEN’S-LAND DISTRICT.-Nathaniel Turner, Chairman, 65 Hobart-Town, John A. Manton, William Butters. 66 New-Norfolk, Nathaniel Turner. 67 Ross, &c., Henry H. Gaud. 68 Launceston, William Simpson, John Eggleston.

III. NEW ZEALAND DISTRICT.-Walter Lawry, Chairman of the District,

and General Superintendent of the Missions in New Zealand ; and Visiter

of the Missions in the Friendly Islands, and in Feejee. John Hobbs, Deputy-Chairman of the Northern Section of the New Zealand

District ; and John Whiteley, Deputy-Chairman of the Southern Section. 69 Auckland,

Walter Lawry. 70 Mangungu and Oruru, John Hobbs, William Woon. 71 Waima and Newark, John Warren.

72 Wairoa and Kaipara, James Buller.
73 Newark and Orongatea, George Stannard, Assistant Missionary.
74 Waingaroa, James Wallis.
75 Waipa, ( Honipaka,) Thomas Buddle.
76 Aotea, ( Beecham-Dale,) Henry H. Turton.
77 Kawia and Mokau, John Whiteley, Gideon Smales.
78 Taranaki, North, ( Ngamotu,) George Butele.
79 Taranaki, South, (Waimate,) John Skevington.
80 Port-Nicholson and Kapiti,
81 Cloudy-Bay and Queen Charlotte's Sound, Samuel Ironsides.

James Watkin,
( Middle-Island,)
82 Port-Nelson, ( Middle-Island,) John Aldred.
83 Waikowaiti, near Otago, ( Middle-Island,) Charles Creed.

IV. FRIENDLY ISLANDS DISTRICT.-John Thomas, Chairman. 84 Tonga,

John Thomas, Peter Turner, Matthew Wilson; George Miller,

Assistant Missionary.
85 Habai, Stephen Rabone, William Webb, 3d.
86 Vavau,

Francis Wilson, George Kevern.
Niua, or Keppel's-Island, Niua-fo-ou, Rotumah, Inui, or Savage-Island,

and Uvea, or Wallis's-Island, are chiefly under the care of Native Teachers.
English Missionaries are earnestly requested.

V. FEEJEE DISTRICT.-John Hunt, Chairman. 87 Lukemba, James Calvert ; John Watsford, Assistant Missionary. 88 Rewa,

Thomas J. Jaggar. 89 Viwa and Bau, John Hunt; David Hazlewood, Assistant Missionary. 90 Somosomo, Richard B. Lyth, Thomas Williams, 2d. Lomaloma, Oneata, Ono, Bua, Ovalau, and Nokoralambu, are chiefly under

the care of Native Teachers.


SOUTHERN AFRICA. I. CAPE OF GOOD HOPE DISTRICT.-Thomas L. Hodgson, Chairman. 91 Cape Town and Rondebosch, Thomas L. Hodgson, Thomas B. Catterick. 92 Wynberg, Simon's-Town, and Diep-River, Barnabas J. Shaw. 93 Stellenbosch, Brackenbury's Valley, and Cape-Flats, Barnabas Shaw. 94 Khamies-Berg, ( Little Namaqualand,) Joseph Jackson, 2d. 95 Nisbett-Bath, (Great Namaqualand,) Benjamin Ridsdale. 96 Ameral's Tribe, and the Damara Country, Richard Haddy ; Joseph Tindall,

Assistant Missionary. II. ALBANY AND KAFFRARIA DISTRICT.-William Shaw, Chair.

man of the District, and General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Missions in

South-Eastern Africa. Samuel Palmer is appointed to act as Deputy Chairman of the Eastern Section

of the Albany and Kaffraria District, in the unavoidable absence of the Chairman.

ALBANY. 97 Graham's-Town, William Shaw, Henry H. Dugmore, Thornley Smith. 98 Salem and Farmerfield, George H. Green. 99 Bathurst and Lower Albany, John Smith, 4th. 100 Fort-Beaufort, Purdon Smailes, Assistant Missionary. 101 Port-Elizabeth and Uitenhage, John Richards; William Sargeant, Assistant

Missionary. 102 Cradock and Somerset, John Edwards. One wanted. 103 Graaf-Reinett and Beaufort, One requested. 104 Haslope-Hills, John Ayliffe.

N. B. The Ministers of the Colonial Circuits are to change riju

larly, under the direction of the General Superintendent.

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