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try is open before us, and we may preach help, or showing pity, behold a friend, a the Gospel everywhere. What are all wife, a child, a parent, in the flames of our young men doing who have property purgatory ? Alas! poor souls, they sufenough to maintain themselves ? Cannot fer much : hear their cries : “Take pity thirty or forty of these be found who on me, at least you my friends, take pity have so much love to Christ and perish on me.” (Job xix. 21.) These are their ing souls, the purchase of his blood, as


Every word of this, with strict to come up to the help of the Lord, truth and propriety, might be used to without putting the Committee to any persuade our talented young men at home expense ? The Romanists have drawn to think on the miserable state of millions thousands of pounds from their followers of their fellow-men. My dear fathers by representing to them the supposed and brethren, permit me to ask you to sufferings of souls in purgatory; and add to your many powerful and genecannot we draw a single man's labours rally effectual appeals, yet another one ; by representing the real sufferings of one namely, an appeal to the hundreds of hundred millions of souls in the pur talented young men in England, who gatory of Hindoo sins and supersti- have property sufficient to bring them tions,--the ante-chamber eternal out to India, and to maintain them while misery?

A Roman Catholic book, here. Let this appeal be heard in every printed in London, and circulated in part of the British empire ; and surely this country, has the following appeal : some will respond to it. Make it in the “Should we see a person, by some acci name of the perishing millions of India ; dent, encompassed on all sides by a make it in the name of your isolated raging fire; did we hear him lamentably Missionaries, who are draining out their crying out for help from amidst the hearts' blood in attempting what, huflames; we should certainly be very un manly speaking, appears impossible ; natural, were we not to help him, if in make it in the name of the world's Reour power; or, if not in our power, we deemer, the Lord Jesus Christ; and may must have hearts of stone did we not his Holy Spirit give energy to the appeal ! pity him. And can we, without giving dmen,



use in

BANGALORE.-Extract of a Letter from the Rev. John Garrett, dated Bangalore,

September 22d, 1843. THE Athol press arrived a few days is of no consequence. We can get as ago.

much power as we are ever likely to The Rajah has given us five hundred want. rupees more, to improve the new type, We were glad to hear of the safe arri. and cast a font for his own

val of Mr. Crowther, and of Mr. Hodson the palace. I send by the present post and family; and also to learn that there is a specimen of the type as it was two a prospect of some addition to our nummonths ago, which I shall be glad if you ber. I do hope, if possible, that a suffiwill show to Mr. Hodson ; and, in the cient number will be sent to strengthen course of the year, I hope it will be all our stations. A second Missionary greatly improved.

should certainly be appointed to the The Madras Committee of the Bible Bangalore Canarese: I ought to attend Society have applied for an estimate of to as much work as would generally be the cost of printing thirty copies of the considered enough for three men. Bevarious books of Scripture, now undergoing sides the boys' Anglo-Canarese school revision, for the use of the Revising Com. in the compound, we have this year mittee. Our estimate was 34 annas per established a native orphan girls' school, page. Of course I mean in the new type ; under the care of Mrs. Garrett, who which is too large for printing a whole has succeeded well with the language. edition of the Scriptures, but will do The expense of the building has been very well for the use of the Committee. defrayed, partly by friends not in this I have not yet heard whether they are to station, and partly by native young men, be printed, or whether a written copy is who have met to read regularly with me to be circulated.

since my first arrival here, and who, We have had the second edition of the though still nominally Heathens, have Canarese Grammar in the press all night. had their minds greatly enlightened, and I find it works very well : the breakage have so far conquered prejudice as to

contribute towards female education. We tously. They have upwards of one hunhave also got a girls' day-school in the dred consistent members of their society Pettah, which is attended by twelve girls, at that place, purely Canarese people. three of whom repeat our First Catechism But this prosperity is attributable to already, and read a little in the Testa their going about their work in the right ment. The others are studying the First way. There are five of them at Mangaand Second Books we have printed. But lore; and, consequently, the labour is so I intend next month to write about all divided as to be suited to their respective these things more fully. We have printed dispositions and talents. They are the seventy-two pages of the Second Cate- best Canarese scholars, I believe, in the chism, and shall have it finished in a country. Mr. Moeglin is certainly the short time. We have also printed several most powerful Preacher in Canarese I sheets of the new Dictionary, and have have heard ; such an one as Mr. Arthur nearly the whole of the manuscript ready would probably have been, had he been for the press. The Scripture extracts permitted to remain. I had no idea they (being nearly a reprint of the Tract So- had made such advances in Canarese. ciety's Picture-Bible) in Canarese will They have got Barth's Church History be printed in the course of the year, and and General History translated. It is are likely to form a very useful book in remarkable, however, that their success the present state of things. There is not has been amongst the very same class of a complete Bible to be obtained ; and it people, that has so extensively embraced does not seem likely that the revised Christianity in Tinnevelly. edition, or rather new translations, will I have added to the list of things be ready for seven years to come. I have wanted, in connexion with the Athol had the manuscript copy of a Canarese press, a little type and borders, chiefly Geography presented to me by our Ger for printing Reports. There are three man brethren, (by whom it has been pre religious Societies here which publish an pared,) on condition that I furnish them annual Report. Of course, we print it; with one hundred copies of the work but they complain of a want of variety in when it is printed. One of these brethren our type. Now as this is a source of has lately been staying with me. His pecuniary help to the Mission, as well as name is Moeglin, and he comes from a convenience to them, and as the office Mangalore, where he publishes a Canarese is established and the people understand newspaper, which is likely to become one their business, and perform it without of the most important instruments in the much assistance from me, I hope the hands of the Missionary. Nearly five Committee will not object to send us the hundred copies are purchased by the peo- articles. But I must now conclude : ple, who are more likely to read that ihan the time is up. I shall write again, I the tracts which are given them gratui. trust, next month,

BAPTISM OF A NATIVE CANARESE. FEMALE EDUCATION. Extract of a Letler from the Same, dated Bangalore, October 21st, 1843. SEPTEMBER 26th.—I was this day family, that he might have an opportu. sent for by Mr. Haswell, to converse nity of cherishing the good desires of with a Canarese woman, who professed which she was the subject. On conversa desire to be instructed in Christianity. ing with her, I found that her acquaintShe had been introduced to him by a ance with the Gospel was very accurate. Subadar of a native regiment, who is a She appeared fully sensible, not only of member of his Tamul congregation. I the guilt of idolatry in which she had found, on inquiry, that she was a native been educated, but of her inherent sinof a village near Ossoor. She had heard fulness and many actual transgressions. something of the Gospel from several Considering that she had so recently of her heathen friends, who had obtained been reclaimed from the influence of a their knowledge from some tracts which debasing superstition, it was surprising had been distributed in that neighbour- that she should have such scriptural and hood several years ago. In this state of clear views of the holiness of God's chamind she had been met by the above na racter, and the necessity of an atonement tive officer, who, finding her anxiously for sin. She seemed to be looking to concerned about the state of her soul, Christ alone for pardon, and the renewal had prevailed on her and her husband, of her nature ; and, though she had not in opposition to the wishes of their yet experienced the sense of his forfriends, to accept of employment in his giving love, she was seeking it, so far as

I could ascertain, in the right way. As tah, at the request of the people living the regiment with which the Subadar is there. We have now fourteen girls in connected, in whose family she lives, is it. I have this morning been examining about to leave this station for Nagpoor, them, and am much struck with the proshe is desirous of being baptized before gress they have made. Two of them, her departure. In ordinary circumstances, who had been previously instructed by I should have waited a few weeks at their father, read Luke xv., and the least until I had seen and known more first chapter of the “ Ayah and Lady” in of her ; but in the present case I have Canarese, giving most intelligent replies decided on baptizing her on Sunday next to the questions I asked them arising out Her husband offers no violent opposition, of the subjects. Six of the others, who though he certainly wishes the baptism commenced when the school was opened, to be deferred. His heathen prejudices, can already make out short, simple senespecially his notions of caste, are very tences : the remainder are scarcely perstrong; but as he continues with his fect in their letters. How melancholy wife in the service of this Christian na- that so many thousands of young girls, tive officer, who seems a most devoted with minds so apt to learn, should be man, I hope that he also will be led to suffered to grow up in absolute ignothe knowledge of the truth as it is in rance! Last month we established in Jesus.

the compound a boarding-school for CaOctober 2d.-Yesterday I baptized narese orphan girls. We have been most the woman mentioned above in the of the year engaged in building the presence of about forty adults, and a school-rooms which, though they cost great number of the elder children six hundred rupees, we have been enfrom our schools. She unhesitatingly abled to do chiefly by the contributions avowed her utter renunciation of Hea- of a few friends to the undertaking, in. thenism, and her earnest desire to pro- cluding several native young men, who fess and enjoy the religion of the Lord have long been in the habit of reading Jesus Christ. May she have grace to with me three times a week, and who walk in all the commandments and ordi- have most cheerfully aided the work; a dances of the Lord blameless, and to work which, a few years ago, they would adorn the doctrine she professes, by so have most violently opposed. We have letting her light shine before her heathen now six girls, to whom Mrs. Garrett acquaintances, that they, by her conver. attends daily. sion to the truth, may be led to glorify her This is the first boarding-school for Father in heaven! How remarkable is the Canarese girls, I believe, which we have conversion of this woman, living in a se established ; and I hope our kind friends questered village, which had never, to in England will aid us in various ways. her knowledge, been visited by a Chris. Any thing, not made up, which would do tian Missionary, while so many to whom for clothing for the girls, would be very the Gospel is constantly preached, conti- acceptable : and any made-up articles of nue impenitent, and prefer going down a superior quality which could be sold to to the grave with a lie in their right the ladies of the station, would contri. hand !

bute to the support of the children, and 12th.—Two months ago I commenced we should not be under the necessity of a girls' day-school in the Weaver's Pet- pressing on the Mission-Fund.


MYSORE.-Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Matthew T. Male, dated City of

Mysore, September 19th, 1843. ABOUT ten days ago, I returned from family, the father, mother, and four a visit to my old and favourite station, sons; but the mother was, on account of Goobee; whither I went, at the request illness, unable to leave her house on the of Mr. Hardey, for the gratifying and day appointed for the purpose: she is, important purpose of admitting into the however, quite willing to come forward visible church, by baptism, five or six as soon as she is better. On Sunday, persons who had determined to come out the 3d instant, I had the pleasure of bapfrom the ungodly, and to declare their tizing the man and his four sons: the faith in Christ in this the divinely-ap- father received the name of Daniel ; and pointed way. The persons who were to the sons were called John, Peter, Timo. have been baptized constitute a whole thy, and Samuel. The man's age is, I

think, about forty-five, and that of the throughout the whole service. After sons respectively about twenty, fourteen, singing, prayer, and reading of the Scripeight, and five. They belong to the tures, I addressed both the people and Washerman's caste, are respectable per the candidates, from the narrative of sons, and have borne a good character the conversion of the Philippian jailer ; among their neighbours. They are in- (Acts xvi. ;) from which I endeavoured habitants of the village, about a mile to show them the importance of the in. from the Mission-house, where the peo. quiry, “What must I do to be saved ” ple generally have for a long time pro from sin and its consequences ? assuring fessed to have given up idolatry. This them that only one answer could be mran has for a year or two been amongst given to such a question, namely, that the most attentive hearers, whenever the which was given by the Apostles. When village has been visited ; and when he referring to the baptism of the jailer, I has come to the Mission-house, which directed their attention to the command he occasionally did, in order to take the of our Lord on this subject, and endeaclothes which had to be washed, he has voured to explain to them the nature and obtained further information respecting design of baptism; guarding them, as careChristian truth by conversation, and fully as I could, against mistaken views of sometimes by joining us at our Canarese baptism, while at the same time I encouworship. During the last year that I raged the candidates then before me to was at Goobee, I established a school in look up to the Lord in expectation that the village to which I have already re while they were thus obeying his comferred ; and the three youngest lads have mand they would receive his blessing. been scholars from the commencement, After this address, I put those questions But not only have these obtained in to the candidates which seemed to me struction, the father also, as he stated, necessary ; and their replies were given attributes much of his present decision with firmness and decision. I then bap(of course, instrumentally, I mean) to tized them “in the name of the Father, the opportunities which he had of hear. and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." ing the Scriptures read and our Cate. May they prove faithful, and may many chisms repeated in the school. On the more be speedily added to them! These Friday evening preceding the day of persons, although we did not deem it nebaptism, I had a long conversation with cessary to put any caste-test to them, tbe candidates, who had been met weekly declare that they renounce caste. Great by the brethren on the station for some pains have been taken to impress on their time previous; and I was perfectly satis- minds the important truth, that it is fied of their sincerity, and convinced inconsistent with their profession of that they were moved by right motives. Christianity to retain this heathenish Of course, they are weak, and stand in badge and distinction. Their relatives need of further instruction ; but I be- and friends are treating them as if they lieve they possess a “desire to flee from had lost caste, as none of them will eat the wrath to come ;” and, more than that, with them, although they join them in they are convinced that “ Christ Jesus their work. In other ways also they are the Lord," and he only, is able to save beginning to feel the fire from the small them from this “wrath.” They are arms of persecution. I trust, however, earnestly seeking, accordin to the light that they will be firm, being preserved by which they possess, salvation through power divine. I was much pleased with this Saviour ; and they have only acted the spirit of courage and decision maniin obedience to the leadings of the Holy fested by the two eldest sons especially, Spirit of truth, and in accordance with in the prospect of this reproach and the convictions which he has wrought in ridicule. them, by thus coming forward, in the The day about which I have been face of much petty reproach and perse- writing was a delightful one to me. I cution, to receive the sacrament of bap- • had not before had the pleasure of baptism. The ordinance took place in our tizing any who had come out from Heanew chapel, which is built in the midst thenism; and then these persons are the of the Pettah, on the evening of the 3d. first who have embraced Christianity in A large congregation of the Heathen Goobee : it was, therefore, like laying (some who were inhabitants of the place, the first stone, the living stone of and others who were strangers that had the living temple. Imagination need come to the market) crowded into the not be very vivid to picture the addition chapel : none of them had probably ever of one stone to another, and thus the witnessed a baptism before; and most growing up of a holy temple unto the of them remained, and were attentive, Lord. Only send out workmen, such as


need not be ashamed, and you will see thought it worth the outlay. This was that the great Master-Builder, with done last year, and some of the materials whom is the wisdom and the power, will were also provided ; but nothing had employ them and bless their labours. been performed in actual building. The There is much rubbish to be cleared brethren who have been there this year away even before the foundation can be have gone on with the work, and have laid; and, consequently, a little more completed it in a most exemplary mantime must be expended than, under other Mr. Hardey and his assistant Nal. circumstances, is required. And where lah Mutthu (who has taken great interthere is so much extra labour, it seems est in the chapel) have been very diligent only fair to expect a larger supply of and anxious in getting this temple raised labourers than ordinary. When shall to Jehovah ; and I am sure they feel well we have the happiness of seeing even the rewarded for their trouble. Although ordinary supply of Wesleyan Mission the building is as plain as possible, it is aries in India ? I certainly cannot help neat, and is quite an ornament to the wishing that any individuals at home, town in the midst of the native houses. who are disposed to put the Indian Mis I believe it is about thirty-four feet long sion at the very bottom of the list, would and sixteen feet broad within, and it has be kind enough to take the wbole of the an open verandah in front. The founda. circumstances of the case into their reck. tion-stone was laid in February by Caponings. Were this done, on the great tain Dobbs, who has taken a very kind principles of the Gospel, our Indian interest in the erection : and it was Mission would take its proper place at opened in July. I left home in order to

preach at the opening, and reached as I have referred to a new chapel in far as Bangalore, intending to stay a day Goobee : but perhaps you have not heard or two there, and then go on ; but being of its erection, as no application has been unwell while there, I was unable to promade for a grant on account of it; in- ceed. The Rev. B. Rice, of the London deed, I believe the whole expense will Missionary Society, was kind enough to be met (partly by subscriptions among go out and give them a good sermon in ourselves, and partly from other sources) the morning of the day of the opening, without in any way drawing on the Mis and in the afternoon Mr. Webber sion-Fund. The ground, which is the preached. Great interest was excited, best situation in the town, I obtained last and the little chapel was crowded at both year. Some trouble and expense were services. Many of the most respectable necessary to prepare it for building pur. men of the place took their seats, and poses; but as the site was so good, and remained during the whole of the seras we procured it without any cost, we vice,

the top.

[blocks in formation]

CEYLON.-Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Peter Percival, dated Jafna,

August 14th, 1843. Since I last wrote to you, I have are in a train for being satisfactorily been diligently prosecuting my ordinary adjusted. Puttoor is nine miles from labours on the station, and have also Jaffna, on the Point-Pedro road; and paid some attention to Point-Pedro. this being easily visited, I intend placing It affords me great pleasure to state that there a young man as Schoolmaster, who David Stoner, who was married a few is qualified to act as a Local Preacher, weeks ago to a niece of Mr. Philips, our and may thus become a useful agent in Assistant in Batticaloa, is, with his the work of the Gospel. wife, doing well. He seems to be much With reference to your encouraging esteemed ; and, I trust, may be useful letter of March last, authorizing me to among his countrymen and the Euro- expend an additional sum in the trainpeans of that station. The correspond- ing of native agents, I have to inform ence I have been carrying on with you, that I have taken four boys from Government, respecting the old churches Point-Pedro, who have been about four and their grounds at Wannerponey, Put- years under a course of instruction there. toor, and Cattavelley, is not yet com These will cost about £30 per annum. pleted. Partial surveys for fixing bound- I am led to hope, that the additional aries, &c., have been made, and things privileges conferred on these lads will

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