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Hawkins, Esq.; +14th edit., 8vo., London, 1797, by Mr. Sidney Hawkins, but without the large plates; †15th edit., 8vo., Bagster, Lond., 1808 (printed in three sizes, demy 8vo., troyal 8vo., and 4to.); 16th edit., a fac-simile reprint of the 1st edit, 1653, 12mo., Lond., 1810; +17th edit., edited by Sir Henry Ellis, with new notes, &c., printed for Bagster, in two sizes, demy 8vo., and royal 8vo., at Broxbourne, 1815. WALTON'S COMPLETE ANGLER. 8vo., Lond., 1822, published by Gosden, printed for J. Smith; Lond., 1823, published by Major; Lond., 1824; 13d edit., by Major, 1835, 1844; †48mo., Pickering, Lond., 1825, 1826; +32mo., Pickering, Lond., 1827; †2 vols. 12mo., Chiswick, by Whittingham, 1824, 1826; 8vo. Lond., Washbourne with notes, plates, and 100 wood cuts, 1842.

*+WALTON AND COTTON'S COMPLETE Angler, with Lives of the Authors, by Sir Harris Nicholas, and Illustrations by Stothard and Inskipp. 2 vols. İmper. 8vo. Lond. 1835-36.

This splendid edition contains the variations of all the editions, and additional notes, with original and elaborate Memoirs of Walton and Cotton, which present many new facts of the writers.

WALTONIAN CHRONICLE (The London Angler's Book, or the), containing much original Information to Anglers generally, with many Songs and Anecdotes of Fish and Fishing. 8vo. Lond., Baddeley, 1834. Baddely, the author (?), was secretary to the "True Waltonians." It is a coarsely written book.

(Mr. Gosden's copy, with pencilled notes and an autograph of Baddeley.)

WALTON AND COTTON. THE COMPLETE ANGLER; or, the Contemplative Man's Recreation, by Isaac Walton; And Instructions how to Angle for a Trout or a Grayling in a clear stream, by Charles Cotton; with Copious Notes, for the most part original; a Bibliographic Preface, giving an account of Fishing and Fishing-books, from the earliest antiquity to the time of Walton, and a notice of Cotton and his Writings, by the American Editor. To which is added an Appendix, including Illustrative Ballads, Music, Papers on American Fishing, and the most Complete Catalogue of Books on Angling, &c., ever before printed. Also, a General Index to the whole work. Part I. New York and London: Wiley & Putnam, 161 Broadway. 1847.

WAYTH. See Trout-Fishing.

WHITNEY'S (JOHN, a lover of the Angle) GENTEEL RECREATION; or, the Pleasures of Angling, a Poem, with a Dialogue between Piscator and Corydon. 12mo. Lond. 1700. Reprinted 1820 (only one hundred copies printed).

Whitney appears to have been a native of Kent, and was born about




*WILLOUGHBŒI (FRAN.) Piscium Historia, Ex recognitione I., Raii.

Oxford, fol., 1686, at the expense of the Royal Society. Lond., fol., with Supplement, 1743.

+WILLIAMSON (JOHN, Gent., with above thirty Years experience). THE BRITISH ANGLER; or, a Pocket Companion of Gentleman Fishers. 8vo., Lond., -; 8vo., Lond., 1740.

*+WILLIAMSON (CAPT. T., Author of the Wild Sports of India). THE COMPLETE ANGLER'S VADE MECUM, being a perfect code of Instruction on that pleasing science. 8vo. Lond. 1808.

WILSON'S (JAMES), THE ROD AND THE GUN. 8vo., 1840; 2d edit., 1844, post 8vo.

WILSON (PROFESSOR JOHN). THE ANGLER'S TENT; a Poem, contained in his collected Poems. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. Edinb. 1825. To this author is attributed the spirited Reviews of Sir Humphrey Davy's Salmonia, and other works on Angling, in Blackwood's Magazine. Christopher North is held to be the best fly-fisher north of the Tweed.

WHOLE ART OF FISHING; being a collection and Improvement of all that has been written on the subject, with many new Experiments. 8vo., Lond., Curl 1714; †2d edit., entitled the Gentlemen Fisher; or, The Whole Art of Angling, 8vo., Lond., 1727.

WORLIDGE'S (JOHN) MYSTERY OF HUSBANDRY. (Of Fishing, pp. 253-62. Folio, Lond., 1687.

*YARRELL'S (WILLIAM) HISTORY OF BRITISH FISHES, with wood-cuts, in the manner of Bewick. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1835-6.

The most scientific work upon Fishcs_published in England. Several papers by the same author upon Fish are printed in the Linnean Transactions.

+2d edit. much enlarged, and with additional plates, 2 vols. 8vo., London, Van Voorst, 1841.


18mo., 1840.

+YOUNGRR'S RIVER ANGLING for Salmon and Trout.

+YOUNG ANGLER'S ASSISTANT; or, a new and Complete Treatise on the Art of Angling. 32mo. Lond., Mason, 1813.


YOUNG ANGLER'S COMPANION, containing the Whole Art, &c. A Reprint of Gilbert, varying the title, and has added "How to Fox Fish," to fill what was a blank page in the preceding editions.

+YOUNG ANGLER'S GUIDE in Fly-Fishing, Bottom-Fishing, Trolling, &c. 8vo. Wood-cuts. 1839.

YOUNG SPORTSMAN'S MISCELLANY in Hunting, Shooting, Racing, &c. 12mo. 1826.






*ELIANUS, CLAUDIUS: De Natura Animalium, libri xvii. Gr. Lat. Pet. Gallio et Conr. Gesnero Interp. Luyd., 1565, 16to. Leips.: 1784.)

†(Best edition, by Schneider. 8vo. *ALDROVANDUS (ULYSSES): De Piscibvs, libri v., et de Cetis liber vnvs. Bon. 1638. Fol.



AUGUSTINE, ST., The Life of, printed for John Crook, and sold at the sign of the Ship, in St. Paul's Churchyard, 1660.

BACON, FRANCIS, BARON VERULAM: Sylva Sylvarum; or, a Naturall History in Ten Centuries. Published after the author's death, by W. Rawley, D.D. Lond., 1835, folio.

A HISTORY, Natural and Experimental, of Life and Death ; or, of the Prolongation of Life. Translated from the Latin, by W. Rawley, D.D. Lond., 1638, 12mo.

*BAKER, SIR RICHARD: A Chronicle of the Kings of England. Lond., 1653, fol.

*BARKER, THOMAS: The Art of Angling. Lond., 1651, 12mo. Barker's Delight, 1657, 12mo. (Reprint 1820.)

*BARTAS, GUILLAUME DE SALLUSTE, SIEUR DU: Du Bartas, his Diuine Weekes and Workes, Translated by Joshua Sylvester, Gent. Lond., 1641, fol.

*CAMBDEN, WILLIAM: Britain; or, a Chorographical Description of the most flourishing Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the Islands adjoining, Translated from the Latin, by Philemon Holland, M.D. Lond., 1637, fol. There were several editions.

CARDANUS, JEROME: De Subtilitate, libri xxi. *CASAUBON, DR. MERIC: Of Credulity and Natural, Civil, and Divine. Lond., 1668, 8vo.

Par., 1551, 8vo.
Incredulity in things,

*CORIATE (THOMAS), Traveller for the English wits: Greeting from the Court of the Great Mogul. 4to., 1616.

*CAUSSIN (NICHOLAS), S. I.: The Holy Court, in three tomes, Written in French, by, Translated into English, by Sr. T. H., fol., Printed by John Cousturier, M.DC.XXXIII.

The title of the original is,

*+LA COUR SAINTE du R. Pere Nicolas Caussir de la Compagnie de Jesus.

(The best and most complete edition of which is that of Bruxelles, 1654, in 2 vols. 4to.)

DIODORUS SICULUS: The History of the World, Done into English, by M. (Henry) Cogan. Lond., 1653, fol.

*DONNE, DR. JOHN: Poems by J. D., with Elegies on the Author's Death. Lond., John Marrioth, 1633, sm. 4to.

(Of this work it is not improbable that Walton was the editor,) 1653, 8vo., or 16mo. 1654, 8vo., 1659.

*DRAYTON, MICHAEL: Poly-Olbion. Lond., 1612, in eighteen books fol.; †1622, in thirty books.

*DUBRAVIUS, JANUS: De Piscinis et Piscium qui in eis aluntur naturis, libri v. 1559, 8vo.

*DUBRAVIUS'S Newe Book of good Husbandry, very pleasant and of great profite both for Gentlemen and Yeomen, containing the order and manner of making fish-ponds, &c., Translated from the Latine. Blackletter, 4to., Lond., 1599.

(See the Bibliographical Preface to the Am. Ed. of Walton's Angler.)

*FLETCHER, PHINEAS: The Purple Island; or, the Isle of Man : together with Piscatorie Eclogs, and other Poeticall Miscellanies, By P. F. Cambr., 1633, 4to.

GAZIUS (ANTONIUS), of Padua: Corona Florida Medicinæ, sive De Conservatione Sanitatis. Ven.: 1491.

GERARD, JOHN: The Herball; or, Generall Historie of Plantes. Lond., 1633, fol.

*GESNER, CONRAD: De Piscibvs et Aqvatilibvs Omnibvs, libelli iii. Lal. Germ. Tigur.: no date, 12mo.

Historia Naturalis Animalium, libri v. Quadrupedum, Avium, Piscium, et Serpentum. Tigur., 1551–58, 3 vols. fol.


GROTIUS, HUGO: His Sophompaneas; or, Joseph. A Tragedy. With Annotations by Francis Goldsmith, Esq. Lond.: no date, but printed about 1634, 8vo.

GUSMAN (THE ENGLISH); or, the History of that unparalleled Thief, James Hind, written by G[eorge] F[idge]. 4to., Lond., 1652.

*HAKEWILL, REV. GEORGE, D.D.: An Apology; or, Declaration of



the Power and Providence of God in the Government of the World. Lond., 1627, fol., in four books; †1633, fol., in six books.

*HERBERT, REV. GEORGE: The Temple. Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations. Cambr., 1633, 12mo.

HEYLIN (REV. PETER), D.D.: Microcosmos. The Little Description of the Great World. Oxf., 1622, 1633, 4to.


Cosmographie, in four books, Containing the Choroghraphie and Historie of the Whole World, &c. Fol. 3d edit., corrected and enlarged, by the author. Lond., 1652, 1654, 1666, 1682.

JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS: Josephus' History; or, the Antiquities of the Jews, Translated into English by Thomas Lodge, M.D. Lond., 1602, fol.

*JOVIUS, PAULUS: De Romanis Piscibus, libellus. Romæ, 1523; +Argentorati, 1533.

+LESSIUS, LEONARDUS: Hygiasticon; or, the right Course of preserving Life and Health unto extream Old Age. Done into English by Timothy] S[mith]. Camb., 1634, 12mo.

LIEBAULT (DR. J.); Maison Rustique; or, the Covntrey Farme. Compyled in the French Tongue, by Charles Stevens and John Liebavlt, Doctors of Physicke. And Translated into English by Richard Svrflet, Practitioner in Physicke. Lond., 1616, fol.

LOBEL (MATTHIAS DE): Nova Stirpium Adversaria. Fol. Lond.,



Plantarum seu Stirpium Historia cui annexum est Adversariorum volumen. 2 vols. fol. Anterpiæ, M.D.LXXVI.

LUCIAN, Select Dialogues of, together with his true History, translated from the Greek into English by Mr. Francis Hickes. 4to. Oxford: 1634. The work was published by the son of the author, Thomas Hickes, M.A.

MATPHIOLUS (PET. ANDR.): Epistolæ Medicinales. Fol. Prag.:


*MONTAIGNE, MICHAEL DE: The Essayes, or Morall, Politicke, and Militarye Discourses of Lord Michael De Montaigne, Translated by John Florio. Lond., 1603, +1613, †1632, fol.

This is the translation which Shakspeare, used, as proved by his autograph in a copy of the first edition."

MOULIN, REV. PIERRE DU: The accomplishment of the Prophecies; or, the third book in defence of the Catholicke Faith. Translated by J. Heath. Oxf., 1613, 12mo.

+OYERBURY (SIR THOMAS): The Wife, now the widow of, being a most excellent and singular Poem on the choice of a wife. Whereunto are added many witty characters and conceited newes, written by himself and other learned Gentlemen, his friends. 4to. Lond., 1614. It had been published before his death several times, and twenty times before the Complete Angler.

PINTO, FERDINAND MENDEZ: The Voyages and Adventures of Ferdi

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