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Of Mr. Pitt, he speaks with some submitted-gave the signal at once; reseverity, but still with respect; he cen ceived one shot through the head, another sures his political inconsistency, but through the heart, and fell." praises his intrepidity and the over

“ It has often been remarked, that who. whelming power of his oratory ; once,

ever dies in public, dies well. Perhaps indeed, he indulges in a sneer, and

those, who trembling most maintain a digtalks about " the redundency of words

nity in their fate, are the bravest; resopeculiar to his family,” but his general

Jation on reflection is real courage. It is treatment of him is a sort of struggle

less condemnable than a melancholy vain between his prejudice and his candour,

glory, when some inen are ostentatious at

their death. But surely a man who can in which the latter feeling predominates.

adjust the circumstances of his execution The author and Mr. Pitt took the same

before hand; who can say, Thus I will side on the melancholy and disgraceful do, and thus' who can sustain the deteraffair of Admiral Byng, by endeavour mined part, and throw in no unnecessary ing to save him from his unmerited pomp, that man does not fear-can it be death. The conduct of the opposition probable he ever did fear? I say nothing on this occasion, displayed the basest of Mr. Byng's duels; cowards have venand most profigate sacrifice of the tured life for reputation; I say nothing of principles of humanity to party pur

his having been a warm persecutor of poses: the inclination of the ministers Admiral Maithews: cowards, like other to procure the Admiral's pardon, was

guilty persons, are often severe against traversed by Mr. Fox and his faction

failings, which they hope to conceal in upon a mere formal pretence, while he

themselves by condemning them in others; would have had it appear, that he was

it was the uniformity of Mr. Byng's behadesirons of saving that unfortunate, and

viour, from the outset of his persecution to

his catastrophe, from whence I conclude beyond question, gallant officer. The

that he was aspersed as unjustly as I am king, whose notions of justice were so much like peevish vengeance as can

sure that he was devoted maliciously, and

put to death contrary to all equity and be imagined, was resolved on reveng precedent.” ing the defeat upon the accused author of it; but even this feeling might have been, must have been overcome, if a

Among those persons who fall under wicked division had not been effected satire, Lord Chesterfield, the author of

the Author's remarkable and peculiar among the inajority who were in favour

the letters to his son, is severely hanof mercy. In addition to the account given in the Vicmoirs, the Editor has

dled. Although there is some of the

malice of a rival wit in this, we are subjoined the Author's account, from his correspondence, of the Admiral's glaul to see it, because we think that meeting his fate, the very interesting who raised a sort of replitation upon

nobleman was a great impostor, a man nature of which will warrant our ex

other men's abilities, and who well tracting it.

deserves to be stripped of borrowed

plumes. He says, “ March 17, 1757.-Admiral Byng's tragedy was completed on Monday: a perfect tragedy-for there were variety of

“ He had early in his life announced

liis claiın to wit, and the women believed incidents, villainy, murder, and a hero.

in it. He had, besides; given himself out His sufferings, persecutions, aspersions, disturbances; nay, the revolations of bis

for a man of great intrigue, with as slender fate had not in the least unhinged his

pretensions, yet the womea believed in mind; his whole behaviour was natural

that too;-one should have thought they and firm. * * * He said, that being ac

had been more competent juriges of merit

in that particular! It was not his fault if quitted of cowardice, and being persuaded

he had not wit: nothing exceeded his efon the coolest reflection, that he had acted

forts in that point; and though they were for the best, and should act so again, he

far from producing the wit, they at least was not uuwiliing to suffer. He desired to be shot on the quarter deck, not where

amply yielded the applause he aimed at.

His speeches were fine, but as common malefactors are:-came out at

much laboured as liis extempore sayings." twelve; sate dowa in a chair, for he would not kneel; and refused to have his face covered, that his countenance might show

The above extract will serve as a whether he feared death; but being told specimen of the Author's wit, which, that it might frighten his executioners, he to use his own words, is never without

Eur. Mag. Vol. 81. April 1822.

3 A

“ its faithful attendant, ill nature." He lumes, and of so interesting a nature, delights in epigrammatic and antitheti are, however, not to be very lightly cal turns in his sentences, and tries to disposed of. They have been edited surprise his readers into a laugh with with great ease, impartiality and ability; out seeming to mean it; for instance, they supply a most important comment he says Lord Egmont

ús smiled once,

upon, and addition to the history of the and that was at chess." He is severe period of which they treat, and may

be upon all the lawyers; Hardwicke and regarded as a valuable public legacy Mansfield are treated with great per- from their author. In concluding, we sonal contempt; he says something civil must express our unqualified approbaof the Chief Justice Wills, who, though tion of that remarkable instance (among a gamester and libertine, had, he says, many) of the propriety with which they “ å merit which would atone for many have been prepared for the press, in foibles, his severity to and discourage concealing the names of females who ment of that pest of society--attorneys.” were spoken of in some of the scanda

We are compelled to close our re lous stories, as well as certain omisview of this work; which has already sions which have been made for a simigone to some extent. Two quarto vo

lar reason.


WILLIAM SPENCE, Esq. is republishing of May, at Leeds. To promote the obhis Tracts on Political Economy, viz. jects of this Society as fully as possible, Britain independent of Commerce. 2. the members intend erecting a suite of Agriculture the source of the Wealth of rooms, particularly adapted to the purBritain. 3. The Objections against the poses of Exhibition. Corn Bill refuted. 4. Speech on the The “ SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING East India Trade; with Prefatory Re CARISTIAN KNOWLEDGE in the Diocese marks on the causes and cure of our pre of St. David's," have awarded a premium sent distresses, as originating from a of 501. 1o Mr. H. V. Tebbs, Procter, of neglect of principles laid down in these Doctors' Commons, for the best Essay on works.

“ the Scripture Doctrine of Adultery and THE AFRICAN INSTITUTION invites the Divorce, and on the criminal character and Friends of Humanity and Religion to its punishment of Adultery by the ancient Sixteenth Annirersary Meeting, to be Laws of England and other countries,” holden at the Free-masons' Hall, on Fri. and which he will shortly publish. day, the 10th May next; at which Meet Dr. MEYRICK has been many years ing his Royal Highness the Duke of engaged in collecting the scattered noGLOUCESTER will take the Chair. It is tices to be found in our old Poets, Chrointended, on that occasion, to bring for nicles, Wills, Deeds, and Inventories, of ward certain Resolutions, which will antient Armour. The result will appear doubtless be supported by several of those in the most splendid style, and being in Members of Parliament, who have so fre. the press, we shall not continue long to quently distinguished themselves by plead look for such a publication as a desideing for Africa in the great Council of the ratum in literature. The work will be Nation. These Resolutious will have for published in 3 vols. imperiai 4to, and their object the publishing, in various contain above 100 Specimens of Autieut languages, the facts which are almost Armour. daily commuvicated to the Institution, in Mr. Charles Phillips is printing an the firm conviction that, when these facts enlarged edition of his Speeches in one shall be generally known, the wise and vol. 8vo, and also a new edition of his the good of all nations will rise up, and, Recollections of Curran, and some of his with the voice as of one man, solicit their contemporaries. respective Governments to abolish a traffic Mr. W. H. CROOK is preparing for pubmarked in every stage with blood, dis lication a Syuoptical Parodigm of the graceful to every nation that does not use regular and irregular Verbs of the Hethe greatest exertions for its utter ex brew Language; exhibiting on a sheet, at tinction, and a standing reproach to the one view, all their varieties of inflexion, Christian name.

characteristic marks, and mutual depenThe Exbibition of the NORTHERN So dance, on a new and simple principle of CİETY, for the Encouragement of the Analysis, whereby this hitherto difficult Fine Arts, opens on Wednesday, the 1st portion of the Hebrew tongue may be

perfectly acquired with considerable facil A reprint of the Atheist's and Rerengity and in a short time. The arrangement er's Tragedy, by Cyril Tourneur, with will be equally useful to the punctist or notes and a preface-Edited by W. H. antipunctist.

Ainsworth, Esq. Mr. VALPY is reprinting his editions of A Translation of the Abbe de Pradt's Brotier's Tacitus, in 4 vols. Octavo. It late celebrated work, entitled Europe and combines the advantages of the Paris and America, in 1821. Edinburgh Editions, with a selection of Soame Jenyo’s Disquisitions on several Notes from all the Commentators on Ta Subjects, embellished with a portrait of CITUS, subsequent to the Edinburgh Ed the Author, engraved in line by Waiution; the Literaria Notitia and Politica, wright, from an original picture by Sir with all the Supplements, are also added; Joshua Reynolds. the French passages are translated, and A new Translation of the Epistles of the the Roman Money turned into English. Apostle Paul, with an Exposition and

Notes, by Thomas Belsham, 4 vols. 8vo. WORKS IN THE PRESS.

The Mendicant Friar, by Fitz Eustace, The 3rd. Vol. of the Preacher, or Sketch

post 8vo. es of Original Sermons, chiefly selected Select Dissertations on various Medical from the Manuscripts of two Eminent Di. Subjects, by Sir Gilbert Blane, 8vo. vides of the last Century; to which is pre Legendre's Elements of Geometry, and fixed a Familiar Essay on the Composition of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry. of a Sermon, 12mo. Price 4s.

Edited by David Brewster, LL.D. With Travels along the Mediterranean, and additional Notes and Improvements, 8vo. Parts adjacent, illustrated with plates, Ich with wood-cuts, &c. pographical plans, &c. by Robert Richard Sketches of the Life and Character of son, M.D. 2 vols. '8s.

Patrick Henry, by William Wirt, of RichLetters on Prejudice, 2 vols. 8vo. mond, Virginia, from the American edition.

A Comparitive Estimate of the Mineral A Treatise on the Nature and Prinand Mosaical Geologies. By Granville ciples of Inflammation and Fever, by E. Penn, Esq. 8vo. Also, by the same Author, E. Lucas, M. D. 8vo. An Examination of the Primary Argument The Narrative of a Journey underlaken of the Iliad of Homer, 8vo. 12s.

in the years 1819, 1220, 1821, through The Fortunes of Nigel. By the Author France, Italy, Savoy, Switzerland, Parts of of Waverly, in 3 vols. post 8vo.

Germany bordering on the Rhine, Holland, The Beacon.-To Tories, Whigs, and and the Netherlands; by James Holman, Radicals.

R. N. and K. W. The British Theatrical Gallery, being a Pen Owen, 3 vols. post 8vo. collection of whole length Portraits of the Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life; a most celebrated Actors, with Biographical Selection from the Papers of the late ArNotices. By D. Terry, Esq.

thur Austin, Student of Divinity. William Lilly's Memoirs of his Life and The first Number of the Cambridge Times, with twelve portraits of eminent Quarterly Review. Astrologers, &c. 8vo. 12s.6d.- large pa A History of the British Empire, from per, (100 only to be printed) 21s.

the Accession of Charles I. to the RestoraLetters from Mecklenburgh and Hols tion; by George Brodie, Esq. 4 vols. 8vo. tein; including an account of the Cities of The Life and Correspondence of Samuel Hamburgh and Lubeck, written in the Horsley, LL. D. successively Bishop of St. Summer of 1820; by George Downes, of David's Rochester, and St. Asaph; by bis Trinity College, Dublin.

Son, the Rev. Heneage Horsley, A.M.



with the pretended Experiments upon A New System of National and Practical which his followers have founded their Agriculture, to relieve the Distress of Hypothesis of Matter and Motion, comparevery part of the Community, by finding ed with facts, and with the experience of employment for all classes, to reduce the the Senses, and the Doctrine of the forpoor-rates and lighten the enormous load mation of Worlds out of Atoms, by the of taxation; with hints for improving power of Gravity and Attraction,contrasted estates; by R. Donald, 2s, 6d.

with the formation of one World by Divine ASTRONOMY.

Power, as it is revealed in the History of The Inverted Scheme of Copernicus, the Creation ; by B. Prescot, 7s.



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addressed to Young Persons, on the ImThe Scottish Biographical Dictionary; portance of Religious Principles and Conby Scoto-Britannicus, 18mo. 4s. 60. duct; by the Rev. Richard Walond, A. M.

An Apology for the Life of Colley Cib. 2 vols. 12mo. 8s. bds.
ber, Comedian ; containing an Historical Sermons, by Edward Maltby, D.D. 2
View of the Stage in his own 'Time; by vols. 8vo, 11. 4s. bds.
Edmund Bellchambers, 8vo. 12s.

Sermons, by Sir Henry Moncrieff Well-
Abstracts and Extracts of Smyth's Lives wood, Bart. D.D. the second volume, 8vo.
of the Berkeleys, illustrative of Ancient 008. 6d. bds.
Manners and the Constitution; by Thomas Anti-Scepticism; or, an Inquiry into the
Dudley Fosbroke, M.A. F.S. A. 4to. 11.58. Nature and Philosophy of Language as

connected with the Sacred Scriptures; by A Grammar of Botany, illustrative of the Author of “ The Philosophy of Elocuartificial as well as natural Classification, tion,” 5s. with an explanation of Jussieu's System; The Wrath of Cain, a Boyle Lecture, by Sir J. E. Smith, M. D. F. R. S. &c. 8vo. delivered in the Church of St. Martin-in-" 11. 11s. 6d.

the-Fields; by the Rev. William Harbo CHEMISTRY.

ness, A.M. The Use of the Blow-Pipe, in Chemical Select British Divines, Part XIV; edited Analyses, and in the Examination of Mi- by the Rev.C. Bradley, 2s. 6d. each Numnerals; by J. J. Berzelius, Member of the ber(continued monthly). Academy of Stockholm, &c. &c. and trans Quarles's Enchiridion, or Institutions lated from the French of M. Fresnel; by Divine and Moral, royal 16mo. portrait, 8s. J. G. Children, F.R.S. &c. &c.

lustitutions of Theology; or a Concise

System of Divinity; with reference under The Works of Marcus Tullius Cicero, in each article to some of the principal AuHistory, Philosophy, and Rhetoric, trans. thors who have treated of the subjects lated by Melmoih, Guthrie, and Middle- particularly and fully; by Alexander Ranton : to which are now first added, a Series ken, D. D. one of the Ministers of Glasof Dissertations from the Academy of In

gow, 14s. bds. scriptions, explanatory of such of the Ro Rev. G. Young's Three Sermons on St. man Manners, Customs, and Institutions, Paul's Doctrine of Justification by Faith, as are necessary to an accurate knowledge Original Sin, and Predestination, with of this Author; compiled by the Editor of notes, second edition. the Corpus Historieum, in 4 vols, royal

EDUCATION. 8vo. 31. 3s.

Elements of Latin Prosody, containing Demosthenis de Corona Oratio; Græce, Rules for Quantity in English, &c. by R.S. cum notis Variorum ; cdidit G.S. D. A.M. Bryce, A.M. ls. 6s. bds.

The Conversational Preceptor, in Freuch Miniature Italian and Latin Classics, and English, with Useful Phrases ; by embellished with portraits.

J. L. Mabire, of Paris ; also amusing DiaA new Greek and English Lexicon to logues; by M. Le Blanc, 6s. 60. bds. the New Testament, on the Plan of Daw. The Arithmetician's Guide ; or, a Comson's Greek and Latin Lexicon ; for the plete Exercise Book for the Use of Public Use of Schools ; by the Rev. H. Laing, Schools and Private Teachers; by William LL.D. 8vo. 10s. 60. bds.

Taylor, 12mo, 3s. bound. Æschylus, in English Prose. The Pro Il Bagatello ; intended to facilitate the metheus Chained: the Persiaus ; the Se- Study of Italian to young Beginners; by ven Cniefs against Thebes : and the Aga- E. Reale, 12mo. 3s. bds. memnon of Æschylus, literally translated The Classical English Letter Writer of into English prose, with notes, Svo. bds. Epistolary Selections, 4s. 6d. bds. 7s. 6d.


Whiter's (Walter) Universal Etymologi Historical and Critical Remarks upon cal Dictionary, on a new Plan; in which the English Hexametrists and upon Mr. is shewn that Consonants are alone to be Southey's Vision of Judgment; by the Rev. regarded in discovering the affinities of S. Tillbrook, B.D.

Words, 2 vols. 4to. 41. 4s. bds. DIVINITY. Considerations on the Subject of Calvin Britannia Delineata, containing Views ism, and a short Treatise on Regeneration; drawn on Stone, No: 1, 15s. by William Bruce Knight, A. M. Svo. 6s. Views on the Thames, drawn on Stone

Sixteen Village Sermons on certain Parts by W. Westall, A.R.A.—No. III. of the Christian Character; by the Rev. The British Gallery of Pictures, selected Edward Berens, M. A. 12mo. 4s. bds. from the most admired productions of the

Meditations on the Scriptures; chiely Old Masters, in Great Britain ; accompa



nied with Descriptions, Historical and Cri Monarchy Revived, being the personal tical; by the late Henry Tresham, R. A: History of Charles II. with 14 portraits, and William Young Ottley, Esq. F.S. A. 8vo. 16s. royal 8vo. 28s. atlas 4to. 121. 12s. extra bds. proof impres

HORTICULTURE. sions, India paper, 251. 45. coloured in The Transactions of the Horticultural imitation of the original pictures, 1511. 48. Society of London, part IV. of vol. IV. 410. in russia.

11. 13s. Engravings of the Most Noble the Mar The Cottager's Companion; or, A Comquess of Stafford's Collection of Pictures plete System of Cottage Horticulture ; by at Cleveland House, London, arranged ac William Salisbury; 12mo. 2s. cording to Schools, and in Chronological Order; with Remarks on each Picture; An Essay on Criminal Jurisprudence; by W. Y. Ottley, Esq. F.S. A. in 4 vols, with the Draft of a new Penal Code; by atlas 4to. 351. 14s, bds. proofs, 711. 8s. J. T. Barber Beaumont, Esq. F.A.S. finely coloured and mounted, 1781. 108. A Summary of the Doctrine ot' Courts of GEOGRAPAY, TOPOGRAPHY, AND STATIS Equity with respect to Costs, deduced from TICS.

the leading Cases, 8vo. 13s. bds. Tbe Child's Atlas; consisting of Maps The Rules and Orders of the Court for of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, Relief of Insolvent Debtors, and Regulathe Two Quarters of the World, and the tions of the Office, 8vo.3s. bds. British Isiands; by Q. W. Garden, 90 A Digest of the Public General Statutes, plates, 12 coloured.

from Magna Charta, A.D. 1224-5 to 1 & 2 A Statistical, Political, Mineralogical, Geo. IV. A.D. 1821, inclusive; by Robert and Modern Map of Italy, with the New Philip Tyrwhitt and Thomas William TynBoundaries according to the latest Trea. dale, 2 vols. 4to. ties, 15s.

Reports of Cases Argued and DeterminStatistical Account of Upper Canada; ed in the Consistory Court of London; by by Robert Gourlay, 8vo. 3 vols. illustrated John Haggard, LL.D. 2 vols. royal Svo. with maps and plates, 21. 2s.

21, 2s. bds. The Statistical Account, or Parochial

METAPHYSICS. Survey of Ireland; drawn up from the A Letter on the Reputed Immateriality communications of the Clergy, aud illus of the Human Soul, with Strictures on the trated by a number of maps and plates; Rev. T. Rennell's “ Remarks on Sceptiby William Shaw Mason, Esq. 3rd vol. 20s. cism;" bya Clergyman of the Established GEOLOGY

Church. A Comparative Estimate of the Mineral and Mosaical Geologies; by Gran ville Conversations on Mineralogy; with Penn, Esq. 8vo. 12s. bds.

plates engraved by Mr. and Miss Lowry, Illustrations of Geology of the South from original drawings, comprising upDowns, with 42 engravings; by G. Man wards of 400 figures of Minerals, including tell, Esq. 4to. 3 Guineas,

12 beautifully coloured specimeus, 2 vols. HISTORY AND MEMOIRS.

12mo. 14s. bds. The Elements of General History, An.

MISCELLANIES. cient and Modern, being a Continuation Miscellaneous Works of the Right Hon. of Professor Tytler's Work, from the Death Henry Grattan, 8vo. 1 s. bds. of Queen Anne and Louis XIV. to the Death Two Years' Residence in the Settlement of his late Majesty King George III. 1820; of the English Prairie, in the Illinois by E. Nares, D.D. third volume.

Country, United States; by John Woods, The Naval History of Great Britain, 2 8vo. with a map, 10s. 6d. vols. 8vo. with a 4to. volume of Tables, The Second Volume of Lacon, being the II. 1os. Part I. by Wm. James.

completion of the Work. The Historical Library of Diodorus, the Miscellanies, in Prose and Verse; by Sicilian, in 15 books: to which are added, M. Smith, 12s. bds. the Fragments of Diodorus, and those pub The Genuine Remains, in Prose and lished by Valesius, Rhodomannus, and Verse, of Samuel Butler; with portraits Ursinus; translated by G. Booth, Esq. 2 and plates, 1 vol. 8vo. Is. fols. 8vo. 11. 7s. 6d. bds.

Malay Annals; translated from the MaMemoirs of his own Times, (the present lay Language; by the late Dr. John Leyportion comprises the Last Ten Years of den; with an Introduction, by Sir Thomas the Reign of George II.); by Horace Wal- Stamford Raffles, F.R.S. &c. 8vo. 10s. 60. pole, Earl of Orford. From the Original Tracts on Vaults and Bridges, royal MSS. 2 vols. royal 4to. with Portraits and 8vo. with plates and wood cuts, 20s. characteristic Devices from the curious The Private and Confidential CorresponPen and luk Drawings of Bentley and dence of Charles Talbot, Duke of ShrewsMuntz, as inserted in the original MS. bury. Minister to King William; by the

Rev. Archdeacon Coxe, 31. 3s. bds.


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