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An Inaugural Lecture, delivered in the Tales of My Aunt Martha; containing Common Hall of the University of Glas- The Laird. The Two Sisters. The Chagow; by D. K. Sandford, Esq. A.B. Oxon. teau in La Vendee, 3 vols. 2s. 6d.

The Widow's Tale, and other Poems; A Statistical, Political, Mineralogical, by the Author of « Ellen Fitzarthur." and modern Map of Italy, dedicated to the Foolscap 8vo. 6s. 6d. boards. Emperor of Austria; by J. A. Orgiazzi. Dangerous Errors, a Tale, f. c. Svo. 6s.

A Letter to Philograntus, by Eubulus; Madelipe, a Tale; by Mrs. Opie, 2 vols. being a Sequel to a Pamphlet entitled, 12mo. 14s. boards. 6 Thoughts on the Present System of Aca Memoirs of a Man of Fashion, written demic Education in the University of Cam- by Himself, 3 vols. 21s. boards. bridge."

PHILOLOGY. Moral Gallantry, a Discourse addressed A Universal Technological Dictionary; to the Nobility and Gentry, of Great Bri or Familiar Explanation of the Terms used tain, with other Essays; by Sir Geo. Mac in all Arts and Sciences; by George Crabb kenzie, Advocate to King Charles II. A. M. 4to. Part II. 9s.

A Short Vindication of the General Pe Illustrations to English Philology ; by nitentiary at Millbank, &c. by George Hol Charles Richardson, 4to. 11. 5s. boards. ford, Esq. M.P.

An Inquiry relative to Insanity; by An Inquiry into the Nature and TreatG. M. Barrows, M.D. F.L.S. &c. 8vo.Ss. bds. ment of the Gravel, Calculus, &c.; by W.

Costantini, P. L. Nuova scelta di Prose Prout, M. D. F. R. S. 8vo. 7s. 6d. bds. Italiane tratte da pin celebri Scrittori Mo Observations on the Influence of Manderni, con breve notizie sopra la vita e gli ners upon the Health of the Human Race; Seritti di ciascheduno, 2 vols. 12mo. 9s. by R. Paplin, M. D. demy Svo. 10s. 6d.

A Letter to Daniel K. Sandford, Esq. in Essays, Physiological and Practical ; by answer to the Strictures of the Edinburgh James Carson, M. D. Svo. 3s. Review on the open Colleges of Oxford ; The way to Preserve Health and Attain by a Member of a Close College, 2s. 6d. Longevity; by Robert Thomas, M.D. 8vo.

A Chart of the Episcopacy of England 168. and Wales, 11. Is.

Practical Rules for the Restoration and An Account of the Abipones, an Eques- Preservation of Health, and the best trian People in the Interior of South Ame means for Invigorating and Prolonging rica. Translated from the Original Latin Life, by George Cheyne, M.D. 4s, bds. of Martin Dobrizhoffer, 3 vols. 8vo. 36s.

POETRY A Critical and Analytical Dissertation Belshazzar, a Dramatic Poem; also on the Names of Persons. By John Henry the Martyr of Antioch, a Dramatic Poem; Brady.

by the Rev. H. H. Milman, 8vo. Reminiscences of Charles Butler, Esq. The Bridal of Coalchairn and other of Lincoln's Inn, 8vo. 8s. 6d.

Poems; by John Hay Allan, Esq. demy The Historical Lines of Dr. Grey's Tech Svo. 12s. nical Memory, with various additions, The Last Days of Herculaneum, Abra12mo. Is. 60.

dates and Panthea; by Edwin AthersMITHOLOGY.

tone, Esq. Footscap 8vo. 5s. An Analysis of the Egyptian Mythology, May-Day with the Muses; Poems by designed to illustrate the origin of Pa Robert Bloomfield. ganism, and the Intellectual History of Catiline, a Tragedy in Five Acts; with Mankind in the first Ages; by James other Poems; by the Rev. George Croly, Cowles Prichard, M. D. royal 8vo. with A. M. 8vo. 8s. 6d. boards. Engravings, 11. 7s. boards.

Ecclesiastical Sketches, in Verse, by W NATURAL HISTORY

Wordsworth, Svo. 6s. 6d. boards. An Account of the Fishes found in the Uriel; a Poetical Address to the Right River Ganges and its Branches; by Fran Hon. Lord Byron, written on the Conticis Hamilton, M. D. royal 4to. 51.5s. bds. nent, with Notes ; containing Strictures

Illustrations of British Ornithology. on the Spirit of Infidelity maintained in his Series First.-Land Birds ; by P. J. Selby, Works. With several other Poems. Esq. folio, ll. Ils. 6d. plain, or 51. 5s. POLITICS-POLITICAL ECONOMY. finely coloured. The Third Number. A Few Thoughts, addressed to the King

Hlustrations of the Lionæan Genera of and People of the British Dominions; by Insects; by W. Wood, F. R. S. 2 vols. Robert England Ferrier. royal 18mo.

Observations addressed to his Excel. NOVELS, ROMANCES, TALES, &c. lency the Marquis Wellesley, on the State The Lollards, a Tale by the Author of of Ireland; by the Earl of Blesinton, Svo. 6 the Mystery,” &c. 3 vols. 12mo.

5s. Vargas, a Tale of Spain, 3 vols. 12mo. Memoirs of the Secret Societies of the

South of Italy, particularly the Carbonari, On Protection to Agriculture'; by David 8vo. 12 s. with Engravings.

Ricardo, Esq. M. P. 8vo. Practical Observations on Mr. Ricardo's TRAVELS, VOYAGES, AND TOURS. Principles of Political Economy and Taxa Travels in the Interior of Southern Afri. tion; by John Stuckey Reynolds, Esq. ca; by William J. Burchell, Esq. With a 8yo, 4s.

Map, Engravings, and 50 Vignettes, 4to. The Question of Population, carefully vol. I. 41. 14s. 60. examined, being a detection of the gross Two Voyages to New South Wales and errors in the article on Mr. Godwin's In Van Dieman's Land, with a Description quiry concerning Population, which ap of the Present Condition of that interest. peared in the 70th number of the Edin- ing Colony; By Thomas Reid. 8vo. 12s. burgh Review, 2s.

A Voyage to Africa, including a PartiAre the English Youth sent to France as cular Narrative of an Embassy to one of Colonists or as Hostages; by C. Laisné: the Interior Kingdoms in the year 1820 ; No. 1. — No. 2 will be published on the by William Hutton, Jate Acting Consul first of July.

for Ashantee, 8vo. Maps and Plates, Hints towards the right Improvement 18s. of the present Crisis, by Joseph Jones, An Account of the Interior of Ceylon, M. A. Svo. 58.

and its inhabitants, with Travels in that Cobbett's Gridiron, written to warn Island; by John Davy, M. D. F. R. S. 4to. Farmers of their danger; and to put land. with Engravings, 31. 138. 6d. boards. lords, Mortgagers, Lenders, Borrowers, A Second Journey into the Interior of the Labouring, and indeed all Classes of South Africa ; undertaken at the Request the Community on their guard, 6d.

of the Directors of the London Missionary Revolutionary Causes; with a brief no Society; by the Rev. John Campbell. tice of some late Publications; and a A Picturesque Promenade round DorkPostscript, containing Strictures on Lord ing, 12mo. 75. 60. boards. Byron's “Cain," &c.

ZOOLOGY An Examination of the Plan laid before Zoological Researches in the Island of the Cortes of Spain for the Recognition of Java, &c. &c. with Figures of Native QuaSouth American Independence; by the drupeds and Birds; by Thomas Horsfield, Abbé de Pradt, 3s.

M. D. F. L. S. To be comprised in Eight Thoughts and Suggestions on the Edu Numbers, royal 410. 21s, each cation of the Peasantry of Ireland, 2s.


Veluti in Speculum.

DRURY LANE. Since our last notice of Miss Forde, For the benefit of Mr. Russell, the in that most unfortunate, and mis stage manager,---it is not our wont to named of all Comic Operas, entitled notice benefits, except under very peThe Veteran," that young lady has culiar circumstances, and this was one appeared with considerably encreased of them ; --- for Russell's benefit, Mr. success as Polly in the so Beggar's Kean, on March 30th, appeared as Opera,” and Mandune in “ Artaxerxes;" Osmond in the “ Castle Spectre," and so much so, indeed, as to render her Miss Kelly as Angela. With all due future celebrity, with active industry respect for the talents of the late Auand good instruction, far less equivo thor of this Tragic Melo Drama, we cal. The Soldier tired, and other fa quite coincide in opinion with Mr. John vourite airs, in both characters, were Kemble, who assumed the part of Percy loudly encored, and their more difficult in lieu of Osmond, on the Play's origipassages executed with great apparent nal appearance, because he considered facility. She is certainly very superior its success next to impossible. It, howto three-fourths of our vocal debutantes.

ever, did succeed, malgré Mr. KemBraham's Quartette from “ Kais" was ble’s prediction, and our criticism; and, introduced as usual, and all the other with all its errors, still remains a stock members of the Corps Operatique de piece at both theatres, though not very served, and received much applause. often exhibited. Kean's delineation of

the love, making, and brother-killing punished, and his Brother's piety rehero, was all that the part would allow warded with Almeida and the throne. it to be; the narration of his dream was This is evidently an excellent founhorribly terrific, and had the Author dation for a Melo-iramatic superstrucdone more for the Actor, the advan ture, and much more might have been tage would have been reciprocal. Miss made of it in skilful hands: Harley Kelly's Angela was in her best style, made the most of his part, as did Miss and the remaining Dramatis Persona Povey, and all the other performers in were what a Frenchman would call, their several characters.

The new passablement bien. At the conclusion scenery was most splendid, and does of the farce, Russell took leave of his infinite credit to the taste of the artists, Drury Lane friends; as, economy and and the liberality of the proprietor; and retrenchment being quite as fashionable the Royal Harem, and the Seraglio Garat theatres as elsewhere, Mr. Elliston dens, with their illuminated temple is, in future, to be his own Stage Ma- and real fountain, were specimens of nager, and Mr. Cooper is to play the splendour, which we have seldom seen Orator, whenever circumstances shall surpassed. It is also very justly due demand the exercise of eloquence. An to the very active energy of this estaarrangement has also been entered into blishment, to state, that this Melobetween the several Proprietors, before drame was entirely brought out in the the Lord Chamberlain, by which the course of fourteen days. Winter Houses shall close late in June, April 10.--A Miss Grimani from or very early in July, and thus leave Belfast, sister-in-law to Mr. Young, our Súmmer Frien is “ample space and and a former Debutante at this blouse, verge enough," to make hay while the some four or five years since, in the sun shines, and fill both their theatres

character of Juliet, this evening made and their pockets during the harvest her curtsey as Lady Teazle in The weather. In other words, they are to School for Scandal," and was received have at least three months clear of all with all possible eclat. A young, handopposition and rivalry except their own. some, and intelligent actress, must,

APRIL 8.---After Mr. Cooper as the under any circumstances, be an acwicked George Barnwell, and Miss Ed- quisition, and to all these distinctions, miston as the deceitful Millwood had in

Miss G. possesses every possible claim; vain lavished their energetic personiti- although certainly not entirely persocations upon a noisy audience, whom nifying Lady Teazle. From her deeven the tragical denouement of Mis- clamatory style in the celebrated Screen ter John Ketch could not awe into re- Scene, we should judge that her taspectful silence; we were favoured with lents were more inclined towards the a new holiday Drama of Eastern En- worship of Melpomene than Thalia. In chantment, founded upon, and called this, however, we are informed, we are Almoran and Hamet." Dr. Hawkes- mistaken, and therefore withhold our worth's clegant Fairy Tale must be in final decision until an opportunity is the memories of most of our readers, offered of witnessing her display in and in the libraries of all; and a mere another character. Munden's Sir Peter, pen and ink sketch, therefore, will was quite as good as we ever saw it; suffice to tell the story. Almoran Elliston's Ckarles most lively and en(Cooper) and Hamet (Penley) twin tertaining; Cooper's Joseph gentlePrinces of Persia, are left by their Fa- manly; and the entire Dramatic force ther Solyman joint heirs to his do- highly respectable. minions, and both are equally, ena APRIL 17.---The revival of “ The moured of the fair Circassian Almeida Provoked Husband,this evening in(Miss Copeland) whose choice is Hamet. troduced Miss Grimani in the character To gratify his love and his ambition, of Lady Grace; but as this part reAlmoran seeks supernatural assistance, quires very little beyond the look and and aided by the genius Zarloc, tri- bearing of a lady, we have nothing to umphs over all interposing obstacles. add to our original estimate of her Hamet, however, whose choice is vir ability. Cooper and Mrs. W. West actue, and whose aim is honour, pro- quitted themselves with much credit as tected by the Peri Azael, at length de- Lord and Lady Townley; and for the feats the machinations of the powers of character of Manby, Mr. Powell looks darkness; Almoran's wickedness is at least twenty years too old.


The Genii of Easter, like the Wiz aryana (Miss Beaumont) and thus grew ards of Christmas, possess, we believe, up to youth and beauty, utterly ignoan equally immemorial charter for ex rant of their royal birth. Sanguinbeck hibiting magic and magnificence dur- (Farley) the Captain who had the ing the holidays; and this Theatre has charge of their murder, and Topack been so long their chosen Temple, as to (Grimaldi) his Slave, seventeen years afrender rivalry almost hopeless, and su terwards, are shipwrecked on the same periority perfectly impossible. At the coast, and on the point of perishing, present moment, indeed, we should feel are also saved by Hassanbad. Sanguininclined to hail any thing as a relief beck of course speedily discovers, and from the perpetual annoyance of “ Life recognises his victims, and again threain London, inundating us with soi tens their lives; but, as Cherry and disant Corinthians, who bear about Fair Star are ordered by the Fairy to them no mark of Corinth, but its brass; Cyprus to learn the secret of their birth, who know not, whether the city that he changes his intentions, and offers gives them their appellation was si to pilot them to their destined port. A tuate in Greece or Rome; and we are prosperous voyage brings them rapidly very sure, are sufficiently ignorant, to Cyprus, and in more than the usual never to have heard of its Timoleon. gilding and glory of a Royal Yacht, or The close of the Adelphi and the Olym a Lord Mayor's State-barge, the Grepic Theatres, we had fondly hoped, cian Galley enters the Harbour. Here would have relieved us from those the Princely Travellers are again discompilations of slang and absurdity, covered by Giaffier, who is unfortuwhich were calculated to disgust, rather nately in the opposition interest, and than gratify, and to contaminate in the repentant Sanguinbeck is once more stead of improve. But, alas ! the open- compelled by a certain hour to effect ing of the Summer houses has but en their deaths, or to suffer in their stead. creased the nuisance, the dose is lite A Melo-dramatic miracle, however, rally doubled, and we have new Toms, preserves the whole party; when Prince Jerrys, and Logics, on the stage, to ex Cherry in trial of his love and fortitude, cite imitation in the lobbies, and to and in discovery of his own, and Fair prove that nothing is too absurd and Star's birth, is ordered to attack the vulgar to be aped by ignorance. The Demons of the fiery-wood, draw the subject of Covent Garden's attraction waters of its magic fountain, and ascend for the present holidays is a new ver to the icy summit of Mount Caucasus. sion of an old Nursery Fairy Tale; All this his Royal Highness, assisted entitled "

Cherry and Fair Star, or, by Topack, á Merveille, effects; defeats the Children of Cyprus,” and Easter the fiends, procures the dancing waters, Monday, April 8th, had the honour and scrambles up the slippery mounof ushering this most astonishing of tain; whence he sinks into its depths all Melo-drames to the immortality of below, which, expanding into a splena crowded audience's deafening 'ap- did Palace, discover the Fairy Aviaryplauses.

ana, Fair Star, and all the Magic ProThe story, for we beg to assure our tectors, and royal lineage of the “Chilreaders that this Drama really has one, dren of Cyprus.” With such opportuis nearly as followeth. The Princess, nities for display, need we add, that Fair. Star (Miss Foote) and Prince the scenery and its appurtenances were Cherry (Mrs. Vining) having been, in of the usual gorgeous splendour, which infancy, doomed to destruction by their characterizes the exhibitions at this unmotherly grandmother were on their theatre. The Avis Grove, where every disastrous voyage to banishment, wreck- bird, of every plumage, flutters, as erst ed on the Isle of Tenedos, and left there in Paradise ;--the Bower of Illusion to live or die, as it might please the glittering through vistas of interminfates and Fairies, who governed the Is- able beauty ;---the Burning Forest, and land. The Children were however saved the Emperor's Palace, outdo even the by a peasant, named Hassanbud (Blan- customary outdoings of Covent Gardun. chard) and protected by the Fairy AviEur. Mag. Vol. 81. April 1822.

3 B


The song

Our present notice of Mr. Mathews's extended the entertainments, and theremost prosperous career might be very fore did not keep its place. correctly restricted to a Da Capo of our The cynosure of the evening, howlast month's announcement of his high- ever, is the bon bouche reserved for the ly successful beginning; for the de close, in which our fat friend, Lewyllyn. scription of his “Youthful Days" seems ap Lluyd appears before us, in propria very likely to last as long as the reality. personá, all naiveté and nankcen, perSome few alterations have, however, petually sighing over his love, and rotaken place since the commencement of tundity, and never forgetting to enthe season, which certainly tend to im- quire, at the end of every sentence, prove the toute ensemble.

“Am I thinner, think ye? I wish I were of Trade Choosing is now most advan thinner !Mr. Mark Magnum, the detageously replaced by another, entitled lighted, self-satisfied, speechifying stewSchool Orators, in which the Masters ard of assembly dinners, is also of a Wilkinson's speeches are more success species most delighting to the audience, fully introduced, as the speaking at the though not so rare, as they may be terminations of the three verses. A caught in shoals every week during the Yorkshire Tailor's Measure of Shak season, at either the City of London, speare was also, for a few evenings, the Albion, or the Free Masons'. But we given near the close of the second part, are digressing; we had intended only but though the execution was far bet to bear testimony to Mr. M's continued ter than the original idea, it too much ability in drawing crowded houses.


The days omitted were distinguished by no business of Public importance.

The preceding Editor of the European the Impropriator of 20 parishes, he was Magazine having, in our last Number willing to make considerable sacrifices. (for March) omitted to report the Parlia

TUESDAY, MARCH 26. mentary proceedings later than the 6th of Lord King adverted to the enormous that month, occasioning an arrear of rather encrease in the Civil List from 1791, bemore than a fortnight, we apologize to our ing in the ratio of 140 per cent. His Readers for this inattention to so ma Lordship stated, that at Courts which had terial a branch of our work; and in sup- almost ceased to exist, or which possessed plying this deficiency, we not only assure but diminished territories, our Ambassathe public that po repetition of any such dors were continued, and with salaries negligence is to be apprehended, but that enormously increased. Amongst others, the Parliamentary proceedings will receive he quoted instances of Austria, increased from the present Editor an attention, from £4405 to £12,000 per annum; Turadequate to their importance.

key, from £1095 to £8000; Russia, from

£3520 to £12,000; and our Ambassador HOUSE OF LORDS.

to Switzerland increased from £250 to MONDAY, MARCH 11.

£1595. Lord Liverpool replied, that the The Royal assent was given to the Government had reduced the public exSugar, Tobacco, and Snuff duties; Pen penditure £1,200,000 more than was resions, Seizure of Arms, Indemnity, Impor commended by the Finance Committee of tation of Arms, Bills, and to the Irish Po 1816. Lord Holland stated, that as to pulation Act. The Five per Cents. Bill our Ambassadors, Mr. Pitt's estimate of was read the first time, being strongly 1786, including the salaries of Consuls, opposed by Earl Grey.

amounted to £70,800, and the pensions FRIDAY, MARCH 15.

to £9000 per annum. Now, the salaries, The Royal assent was given to the Five exclusive of Cousuls, were £174,000, and per Cents. Bill. The Duke of Devonshire the pensions £52,000. The expenses and Marquis of Lansdown presented Pe of Lord Londonderry to Vienna were more titions for Inquiry into the Tythe System than America paid to her Ambassadors and of Ireland : the Duke observing, that as Ministers to every kingdon on the globe.

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