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service, the power of dismissing officers THURSDAY, MARCH 7.

untried was frequently exercised. Petitions on the Agricultural Distress

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13. were presented from Whitney, Norfolk, Petitions from Lancaster were preand Suffolk : Mr. Coke observing, that sented for the liberation of Mr. Hunt. Cambridgeshire had determined not to Mr. Buxton observed, that Mr. Hunt bad petition a House so constituted,

been treated with a cruelty never contemFRIDAY, MARCH 9.

plated by the law or by the judges; and A Petition, signed by 5000 inhabitants Sir Thos. Lethbridge acknowledged that of Edinburgh, was presented against a remission of punishment was due to Mr. the Edinburgh Police Bill.-In a con Hunt, if the allegations respecting him versation on the Bank, Mr. Ricardo, Mr. were true.-Lord Normandy moved the Monck, and Mr. Grenfell, observed, that Reduction of one of the Post-Masters Gethe Bank had, in their transactions with nerals. In certain Bills of 1812 and 1813, the public, derived so much profit, that this reduction had been recommended. their stock, worth only £120 per cent. Mr. Fred. Robinson, Mr. Holme Sumner, in 1797, was now worth £280, independ- and Mr. Stuart Wortley, opposed the moent of frequent bonuses of 5 and 10 per tion on the ground of the reduction decent; that from 1797 they had always creasing the influence of the Crown. Mr. shared a dividend of 7 per cent., and, from Banks declared he had never before heard that period, their stock had risen to the so daring a doctrine. Mr. Dennison emormous amount of £30,000,000. Mr. thought both Post Masters should be rePearce eulogized, and Mr. T. Wilson de duced as the duty was performed by Mr. fended the Bank.-The Five per Cents. Freeling. Lord Londonderry urged the Bill received several slight alterations, necessity of supporting the influence of and was read a second time.

the Crown, with a view of balancing the MONDAY, MARCH 11.

spirit of reform and innovation. The Five per Cents. Bill was read and For the motion, ...... 159 passed. The Chancellor of the Exchequer Against it, ....

184 stated his plan for reducing the public salaries. A per centage was to be de

Majority for Ministers, 25 ducted from salaries, to form a fund for

THURSDAY, MARCH 14. allowances to superannuated officers. Mr. Creevy moved for a Committee to Clerks newly appointed are to receive a inquire into the expenses of the Board of lower rate of salary, but the pay of Com Controul. It consisted of a President missioners is not to be reduced. The King's with 50001., two Commissioners of 15001. personal expenses being 300,0001. per a year each, and a Seeretary and seven annum, to be reduced by 10 per cent. other Commissioners. According to the The salaries of the Cabinet Ministers to original plan of Mr. Pitt, there were to be be liable to a similar deduction. Mr. no salaries, but now the India Company Banks, Mr. Marryat, and Mr. Hume, ob was made to contribute 26,0001. per anjected to the plan of a Superannuation num to this establishment. The junior Fund, and observed, that more ought to Commissioners were notoriously useless, have been taken from the higher, and less and he (Mr. Creevy) having been Secrefrom the lower salaries.

tary to this office, could testify to the TUESDAY, MARCH 12.

Board's performing no sort of duty. Mr. Mr. Chetwynde brought in a Bill to con Tierney, having been President of the solidate the 49 Statutes, now constituting Board of Controul, testified to three of the the Vagrant Laws.-Col. Davis moved se Commissioners being useless. Mr. Courtveral resolutions relative to the expenses nay declared the duties of the Commisof collecting the revenue. He stated the sioners to be arduous; and Mr. Canning charges of collecting to be 4,000,0001. that corroborated this statement, and declared the Commissioners of Customs, besides the duties of the department have increastheir salaries, had received 80,0001. in ed a hundred fold since its first creation. gratuities, between 1784 and 1813. The Motion negatived. speech was replied to by Mr. Lushington

FRIDAY, MARCH 15. and Sir Charles Long, and supported by Lord Normanby gave notice that he Mr. Hume, when the resolutions were should renew his motion relative to renegatived. - A conversation arose on the ducing the Post Masters General, by Mutiny Bill; Mr. Hume, Sir Francis Bur. bringing the measure forward in the shape dett, and Mr. Bennet, strongly reprobated of an Address to the Throne. The army the prerogative of dismissing officers with estimates were voted. Mr. Hume obout a court martial, and argued against jected to the item of 60001. a year for the the principle of standing armies. Lord table of the Officers of the Guards; and Palmerston stated, that in the Prussian declared that the estimates were capable


of reductions to the amount of 25,0001. of this proceeding. He was replied to by and 8 or 90001. in the recruiting service. the Solicitor General, when the petition MONDAY, MARCH 18.

was received and ordered to be printed. On a vote of Navy Contingencies, se Sir E. Harvey presented a petition from veral minor reductions moved for by Mr. the Essex Grand Jury, praying another Hume, Mr. Berpel, and others, were ne Jail delivery between the Summer and gatived. 2,500,0001. was voted to pay off Lent Assizes. Mr. Peel stated the intenthe dissentient holders of Ave per cent. tion of Government to make a third jail stock.

delivery in the Home Circuit, by way of WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20.

experiment.—The House went into a ComMr. Marryal presented a Petition from mittee of Supply. the Island of Grenada, complaining of the

THURSDAY, MARCH 28. deplorable condition of the Colony; and Lord Normanby presented a petition in entered into a detail of the wretched con- favour of Mr. Hunt, signed by 900 indition of the West India Islands, produced habitants of York.—Sir R. Wilson preby the Government's preventing their sented a similar petition, from the Parish trade with America. Petition laid on the of Bethnal Green, signed by several thoutable.-Mr. Curwen dwelling on the great sand persons. The petition animadverted distress of the Graziers, moved for a Com on the corruption of the House, and was mittee of Inquiry, with a view of raising rejected.-Mr. Hume presented a petition the Import Duty on Russian Tallow from from Monmouth for Reform.-Mr. Leonard 10 to 20 per cent. The motion was ne moved for a Committee to inquire into the gatived, being opposed on the enlight- abuses of the County Court of Middlesex. ened principles of free trade.-The army Motion negatived. estiinates were proceeded in.


Mr. Canning gave notice that he should The Navy Estimates being proceeded move, on 30th April, for leave to bring in a in, Mr. Hume stated that the expenses of Bill to enable Catholic Peers to sit in the the Dock Yards in 1792 were 25,3521.; in House of Lords.--The Barrack and Com1813, 203,1571.; in 1821, 210,7451. ; in missariat expenses were voted after seve1822, 202,6711. ; and the total naval ex- ral observations from Mr. Hume and Mr. pences were only 4851. 6s. 3d. less in 1822 Henry Bennet.-30001. was voted for the than during the war of 1813. No answer Vaccine establishment. was made to this statement, and the esti

MONDAY, APRIL 1. mates were passed.

The Agricultural Report being brought FRIDAY, MARCH 22.

up, Lord Londonderry stated, that on the Mr. Lambton presented a Petition in 22d of April he should propose a measure favour of Mr. Hunt, signed by 4820 per founded on that report.-Mr. F. Robinson sons at New-castle-upon-Tyne. The Pe. moved for leave to bring in two Bills to tition charged the House with gross cor relieve the distresses of the West India ruption, and was dismissed for this im Islands. propriety of language.


Sir Francis Burdett presented some peThe Ordnance Estimates were voted, titions in favour of Mr. Hunt, and gave after an opposition made by Mr. Hume to notice of his intention to make a motion the bigher Officers retaining their war on the subject on the 24th of April.-Mr. salaries, whilst the clerks and inferiors Calvert obtained leave to bring in a Bill were dismissed.

relative to the sale of bread. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3. Dr. Lushington presented a Petition A conversation took place on the subject from John Barkley, a lad of 17 years old, of the Agricultural Report, and the House prosecuted by the Bridge-street Associa: adjourned to the 17th of April. tion for publishing a libel. The petition

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17. stated, that he had ascertained that the Mr. Bennet stated he should bring for Jury empanneled to try the case was the ward a Bill to regulate the Licensing of very same that had two days before Public Houses.-Petitions were presented brought in a verdict of guilty against ano from Kendal, Portsmouth, and other places, ther person for publishing the same work. to relieve dissenters from that part of the Dr. Lushiuglon animadverted in strong Marriage Act, which subjects them to the terms upon the partiality of the Common marriage ceremony of the Church of Eng Serjeant, and upon the general injustice land.





WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17. This day a Special Court of Aldermen A Court of Common Council was held, was held for the purpose of electing a Re relative to the appointment of a fit and corder in the room of Sir John Silvester, proper person to fill the office of Common Bart, deceased. Newman Knowlys, Esq. Serjeant. The election was appointed for the Common Serjeant was unanimously the 25th inst., and the Court annulled the elected, and being sent for, took the usual standing order, which declared all persons oath of office.

ineligible to Civic offices, who have pot

been Members of the Corporation for two TUESDAY, APRIL 16.

years. A Court of Aldermen being held for

THURSDAY, APRIL 18. general purposes, Newman kigowlys, Esq. The Freedom of the Fishmongers' Comwas unanimously elected Steward of South pany was conferred upon Mr. Hume (the wark, in the room of the late Sir John Sil Member for Aberdeen) with the customary vester, Bart.



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THE Secretary to the SOCIETY of Mr. G. W. SANSOM, and sometimes
GUARDIANS for the PROTECTION of Captain W.G. A. PEARSON, of the Tha-
TRADE, hy a Circular has informed the lia, in the London Docks.
Members thereof, that a Person calling The Members are also informed that a
himself by the different names of

well dressed Foreigner of middle stature, CAPTAIN WHEATLEY, and

rather shortly made, who speaks quickly CAPTAIN BIRCI, of the Royal Artillery, and in bad English, having looked out has recently obtained goods both in Lon some watches, promised to call with the don and Warwick, by representations money and take them away the next day. wbich have turned out to be untrue; and Soon after his departure, one of them was that another person representing himself missed and he was seen no more. to be

The Secretary is also desired to state CAPTAIN DANIELLS, of No. 3, Jewin that the persons undernamed, viz. crescent, Cripplegate, has made several Mrs. Fancourt, alias Mrs. Phillips, attempts to obtain money, but is not known alias Mrs. MITCHELL, alias Mrs. Poenat the above address.

DER, alias Mrs. STAPLETON, formerly of Solomon HOLLOWAY has been convict No. 113, Winchester-row, Paddington, and ed on two prosecutions, ordered by the lately lodging at No. 61, Wilstead-street, Committee, for extensive frauds practised Somers' Town; and now residing in that on Members of this Society by means of neighbourhood ;-and fictitious letters purporting to come from SAMUEL HOPLEY, late of No. 3, Elbow. individuals of respectability, and of vari- lane, Dowgate-hill, also ous false pretences.

Norman and GEORGE, 24, Basing-lane, That the firm of

in which firm WORTON, HARDIE, WALKER, & SMYTH,

GRAY, frequently nuentioned, is whose Notes were entitled “ Mersey Bank, a party ;-and Liverpool,” (mentioned before) has been RICHARD GEORGE, Baker, 24, Castlealtered to, or succeeded by, the firm of street, Shoreditch Church, are reported to

WILLERTON, Haynes, and Co. whose this Society as improper to be proposed to
Bills are headed“Liverpool Bank,"and that be ballotted for as Members thereof: and

WILLERTON, BEAUMONT, GRAHAM, and that a person has been lately in the habit
Co. Bankers, of Waterloo-place, (mentioned of offering Bills, drawn, sometimes in th
at the same time) have been succeeded by name of

NICHOLSON, and sometimes in same place.

that of The Secretary is also desired partico

NICKSON, upon a larly to caution the members against a Mrs. RILEY, and accepted payable at person calling himself

Bankers, who know nothing of the parties.


The following are the Pictures pur and Herculaneum, painted for the Duke chased this season at the British Insit of Buckingham. The historical particutution Gallery:

lars are set forth with astonishing assiA Park Scene, by Mr. Laporte, sold to duity and topographical minuteness of deMr. Agar.—The Cook-Maid, by Mr. Fra tail. The subject is one of appalling subser, to Dr. Billing.-Italian Peasant, by

limity. The deluges of fire, which are Mr. Steevens, to Mr. ailey.-Fruit, by only variable in hues of horror-the sleet Mr. Beardmore; Flowers, by Miss Browu; of fiery mud mingled with the sky, and and River Scené, by Mr. Tennant, to Mr. falling dense as the earth's surface in the Bosanquet.- View, by Mr. Nasmyth, to

devoted city, already obscured by the Mr. Baker.-View, by ditto, to Mr. Bail

shower-the deadly blue of the hot and don.-Woman and Child, by Mr. Graham, turbulent waves, their tops curled with to Col. Braddyl.—The Larder invaded, by flame, amid which the ships are tossed, Mr. E. Landseer, to Sir C. W. Coote, for

and the distracted crews rocked into phy200 guineas.The Essex Life Boat giv- sical as well as mortal oblivion-and the ing assistance, by Mr. W. Daniell, to Mr. group, including the King, his household Cox.-Maternal assistance, by Mr. Call, and military attendants, all waiting in the to Mr. Chippendale.-Girl with a Hawk,

fore-ground for the completion of the most by Mr. Newton, to Mr. Chapman.-A Bal confounding and hopeless of all evils ever lad Singer, by Mr.Haynes, to Capt. Dayle. experienced by human kind-these are -Oporto, by Mr. Guest, to Mr. Fox. the points which are chiefly observable on Mischief, by Mr, Dagley; and A Sketch

the first glance at the composition. A near Islington, by Mr. Malking to the closer inspection developes the multiplied Countess de Grey.-A Scene on the Gan labour of touch and tint by which Mr. ges, by Mr. W. Daniell, to, Mr. Giles. Martin works up his perspective, perhaps Ben Venu, by Mr. Stanfield, to Mr. Glos- beyond any other Artist. The drawing of sop.-Windsor, by Mr. Ingalton, to Mr. the human figure is generally defective. Hoare.- The Midniyht Alarm, by Mr.

The culouring is a justifiable excess of the Woodin, to Mr. Holford.—The Vale of brilliant hues of the Artist's pallet, by Morpheal, by Mr. Vincent, to Mr. Har which he has drawn them out into a gevey.--Dancing Dogs, by Mr. Davies, to

neral tone of absolute horror, and of an Mr. Knight. The Mischievous Boy, by

effect of utter consternation. Mr. Farrier, to Mr. Kinloch.-Boy with a

This work is more complete than any Bird's Nest, by Mr. C. Robertson, to Mr. previously painted by this Artist. The Mildway.-The Fish Boy, by Mr. Mend lines and groups are all beautifully arham, to Mr. Praed.-A Coast Scene, by ranged; and the light, from its central Mr. Stanfield, to Mr. Pilgrim.-The Nurse, energy on Vesuvius, is gradually carried by Mr. Reynolds, to Mr. Russell.-Land off with exquisite judgment to the darkscape, Cattle, &c. by Mr. Tenant, to Sir ened extremities of the picture. C. Scott.-View on the Thames, by Mr.

The pictures of the Fall of Babylon-of Deane, to Mr. Stokes - Design for the Macbeththe Expulsion from Paradise Picture of the Death of Eli, by Mr. Bird, and the Welsh Bard, form the next atto Mr. Townley.-Cottage Scene, by Mr.

tractions in the Exbibition. P. Reinagle, to Mr. Townsend.-Infantine besides, several of his studies for the most Sports, by Mrs. Carpenter, to Mr. Wilton. excellent of his works; so that morning -A Fishmonger's Shop, by Mr. Fraser, can scarcely be spent more agreeably than to Sir M. W. Ridley.- Poor Relations, by

in the perusal of the works of this very Mr. F. P. Stephanoff, to the Rt. Hon. N. diligent and highly promising Artist, Vapsittart.



The number of works of art sent into the At Mr. Martin's Exhibition, Egyptian Royal Academy for the coming Exhibition, Hall, Piccadilly, the chief attraction is his are said to exceed those of any former new piece of The Destruction of Pompeii year.

There are,




Extracted from the London Gazette. N. B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-strect, unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are between Parentheses.


Comte, Henry, Church-st. Bethnal-green, cabinet Holmes, Richard, Tottenham-et.-rd. linen-draper maker

Stanstield, Joshua, Manchester, merchant Finch, Thos. Chiswick, carriers

White, James, Bletchingley, Surrey, farmer BANKRUPTS.

Atherton, William, Everton, near Liverpool, brewer,

April, 15, 16, and May 4, George, Dale-street,

Liverpool, (Hinde, Liverpool Abbott's Thomas and Richard, Skinner-st. Snow

hill, wine merehants, April 16, 30, and May 25,

(Heath, Temple Arnsby, Samuel, jun. Boston, Lincolnshire, horse

dealer, May 2, 3, and 28, Peacock, Boston,

(Thompson, Stamford, and Wright, Temple Branwhite, Peregrine, Bristol, fringe manufacturer,

April 16, 17, and May 4, Bush, Cern-st. Bristol (Bayntop and Son, Bristol; and Vizard and Co.

Lincoln's-inn-fields Backle, Christopher, Manchester, draper, April 12,

13, and May 7, Albion, Piccadilly, Manchester, (Law, and Co. Manchester; and Adlington and

Co. Bedford-row Boultbee, Thos. Litchfield, coal master, April 12, 13,

and May 14, Flitch of Bacon, Whichnor, Bridges, (Simpson, Litchfield; and Scudamore,

Temple Baker, Wilm. Rew, Devonshire, farmer, April 16,

17, May 14, Half-moon, Exeter,(Pring, Crediton;

and Andros and Co. Chancery-lane Barthrop, Willm. sen. and jun. Bradford, wool

staplers, April 8, 9, and May 14, Saracens-hd. Lincoln (Aloore, Lincoln; and Styan, Lincoln's.

inn-fields Birmingham, Frances, Charles-st. City-rd. brewer,

April 13, 20, and May 18, (Miller, Castle-st.

Holborn Brown, S. late of Fulham, but now of Vine-street,

Lambeth, cooper, April 2, 16, and Mayll(Brans

comb, Wardrobe-pl. Doctors-commons Barmby, T. Dewsbury, Yorkshire, clothier, April ll,

12, and May 11, Sessions-house, Wakefield,

(Archer, Ossett, & Fisher, and Co. Thavies.inn. Baylis, J. Curdworth, Warwickshire,coal merchants

April 22, 23, and May 11, Bull, Nuneation,

(Goodacre and Co. Latterworth Betham, G. late commander of the ship Asia, mari.

ner, April 23, 30, and May 25, (Tatham, Castle.

st. Holborn Brown, Warham, Jemmett, and Co. Liverpool, mer

chants, May 1, 2, and 28, George, Dale st. Liver. pool, (Massey, Water-st. Liverpool ; and Adling

ton and Co. Bedford-Tow Cooper, R. Stratford, Essex, grocer, April 6, 13, and

May 11, (Sheffield, Prescot-st. Goodman's fields Craston, T. West-bougton, Lincolnshire, manufactu-,

rer, May 6, 8, and 24, Eagle and Child, Wigan. (Battenby and Co. Wigan; and Norris, John st

Bedford-row Corbett, E. Liverpool, brewer, May 9, 10, and 25,

Bridge, Little Bolton, (Broadman and Co. Bol.

ton; and Adlington and Co. Bedford-row Dean, R. William, and Co. Bethnal-green, brewers,

April 6, 13, and May 11, (Goren, Salisbury-st.

Strand Duckworth, E. Ribchester, Lancashire, victualler,

. April 10, ll, and May 11, (Thorn, Burnley,

(Hartley, Burnley; and Appleby, and Co. Gray's

inn-square Davidson, W. and Co. Liverpool, merchants, April 29,

30, and May 25, George, Dole-st. Liverpool,

(Crump, Liverpool; and Battye, Chancery-lane Evans, John, Sheerness, haberdasher, April 6, 20,

and May 11, (Spence and Co. Furnival's-inn Emmott, W. Leicester-sq. tailor, April 20, 27, and

May 28, (Collett and Co. Chancery-lane Furnival, W. and Co. Stratford-upon-Avon, corn

merchants, April 26, 27, and May 14, Hatch and King's-hd. Derby, (Bankart, Leicester; and

Taylor, John-st. Bedford-row Friend, John, Bristol, maltster, April 19, 20, and

May 18, Commercial-rooms, Bristol, (Cary and

Co. Bristol ; and King and Co. Gray's-inn-sq. Firmstone, Joseph, jun. Kidderminster, dealer, April

22, 23, and May 11, Jerningham Arms, Shiffnal, (Caser, Wolverhampton; and Whittaker,

Broad-ct. Long-acre Frost, George, Sheħeld, cheesemonger, April 9, 10,

and May 11, Angel, Sheteld, (Wilson, Shef.

field; and Wilson, Greville-st. Faulds, A. Rossendale, Lancashire, cotton spinner,

April 6, 8, and May 11, Star, Deansgate, Manchester, (Crump, Liverpool; and Battye, Chan

cery-lane Gaunt, W. Leeds, cloth mannfacturer, April 4,6, and

May 11, Court-house, Leeds, (Furbank, Leeds ;

and Stocker, and Co. New Boswell-ct. Carey-st, Garnett, A. Liverpool, merchant, May 3, 4, and 11,

George, Dale-st. Liverpool, (Rotton, Frome;

Selwood, and Edmund's, Lincoln's-inn Gratty, W. and Co. Liverpool, cordwainers, April 26,

27, and May 21, George, Dale-st. | Liverpool, (Fradsham and Co. Liverpool; and Adlington,

and Co. Bedford-row Good, Peter Peyton, Clapton, and Lloyd's Coffee

house, insurance broker, April 20, 30, and May

25, (Steevens, Little St. Thomas Apostle Garnett, J. Liverpool, linen draper, May 3, 4, and

28, George, Dale-st. Liverpool, (Ored and Co. Liverpool; and Lowe, and Co. Southampton

buildings Harrison, I. Mount-terrace, Whitechapel-rd. flour

factor, The Angel, Norwich, (Parkinson, Norwich; and Stevens and Co. Little St. Thoinas

Apostle Hughes, Mark, Bolton, and Norton, J. Dudley, Wor.

cestershire, iron founders, April 4, 6, aud May7, Royal-hotel, Birmingham, "(Fellows, Dudley;

Wills, Birmingham, & Clarke & Co. Chancery-le. Hoyle, T. and Co. Manchester, calico printers, April

10, 11, and May 7, Star, Manchester, (Shaw

Burnley, and Norris and Co. Bedford-row Hudson, W. Bayswater, ship owner, April 13, May 4,

and 18, (Scale, Covent-garden-chambers Hawksley, J. Birmingham, merchant, April 9, 12,

and May 11. Royal-hotel, Birmingham, (Palmer, Birmingham; and Long and Co. Holbornct. Gray's-inn

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