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CROSSB, Miss, in Hunter-street, Brunswick-sq. 15--Cholmondeley, 29-Cock, Mrs. at Rich. mond-Mrs. Cloves, Clarges-street-Champaio, J. esq. in Glocester-place--Coutts, in Straitonstreet, 87-Conant, Sir Nathaniel, Portland-place, 76-Champain, John, esq, late of the Bengal Civil Service.

DELAMAIN, HENRY, esq in Berner's-street, 94-
Dunkin, Lady, in Portland-place-D'Aubant, Mrs.
Devonshire-place-Dawes, John, esq of Highbury.

EDMUNDS, Mr. of the East India-house, 23—Ellis,
William, esq. in North-street, Westminster.

FIDLER, Mr. at Pentonville, 91.
GREEN, John, esq. of Highbury-park, 69.

HOLTZAPFFEL, Mrs. of Northumberland-street,
45-Hood, Mrs. of Cork-street, 24-Hogg, Mr. at
Peckham Rye, 36-Harding, Mrs. 114, New Bond
street-Houghton, Mrs of Cheapside, 24-Hay, Mr
late of Newgate-street, 28-Haddock, Mr at Ken-
nington 74-Hay, Patrick, Col. of the Hon. East In-
dia Company's service.

ILLSEY, CHARLES, esq, formerly of New-inn-
Ireson, Rev. W. V.69.

KEENE, Whitshed, esq of Sackville-street 91-
Kettlewell, Miss, of Clapham Common-Keene, S.
esq. of Red Lion-square

LEACHYAN, EDWARD, of Islington, 18-Loftie,
Mrs. of New Kent-road-Longley, John, esq. of the
Thames Police-office, 73

M MOORE, Mrs. Ann, formerly of St. John's-square Man, Mrs. Isabella, in Queen-street-Millington, R. J. esq. of Guildford-street, 63— Mee, Margaret, of Upper Berkley-str. London-Montagu, James, esq, 101-Moorland, Lady, in Pall-Mall, 60-Maydew, Johan, esq, of St. Mary-Axe

OLIVER, THOMAS, esq. of Bayswater, 80-OS-
mond, Mr. Little Tower-street, 51

Pocock, Mr. Lambeth, 39-Pitts, Thomas, esą
Kennington, 59


esq. Hammersmith, 68

SILVESTER, Sir John, Bart. Recorder of London,
Bloomsbury-square-Smith, John, esq. of Basing.
hall-street, 51--Sharp, Mr. John, of Bread-street,
67-Stephenson, John, esq. of Teddington, 81-
Simpson, Mrs. of Camden Town-Simpson, J. esq.
of Billiter-square

TUCKER, L. esq. of Jamaica-Turner, Mrs. of
Steward-street, 43— Tart, Mr. Thomas, Strand-
Thornton, Mr. J.B. Fenchurch-street, 22-Taylor,
Mr, R. S. of Gray's-inn

VERE, James, esq Banker of Lombard-street 84
-Varnham, J. B. esq New Cross, 75—Unwin, Mrs.
Stoke Newington, 32

Welch, Joseph, esq. 84--Walmisley Mr. W. of the
Parliament Office, 42—Wilson, Robert, esg of Up-
per Norton-street-Watts, Mr Charles, of the Bank
of England, 66–Wetten, Charles Walter, of Bruton-
street 17-Warren, Sir John Borlase, Bart of
Greenwich Hospital.



Deaths.] At Silwood-park, G. Simpson, esq.--at The Duke of Bedford has made a reduc.

Newbury, Mr. J. Wilkins-at Wallingford, Mr. T. tion of from 15 to 30 per Cent, in his

Bradley-Miss, M. E. Nath-at Reading, Mrs.
Relict, of H. Deane, esq:-Sir

Henry C. Englefield, rental.

bart.--Mrs. E. Jeary-Mr. Thos. Webb. Births.] Lady Osborne, of a son.

Marriages.) At Oundle, Mr. R. Weed, to Mrs,
Cleridge-At Mandlin, G.J. Squibb, Esq. of Lon.

A wing of Walcot Abbey has been desdon, to Miss E. F. Mayler

troyed by fire, occasioned by the negli. Deaths) At Peterbro', Mr Julian-Bedford, Mr Lilburne-Odell Castle, Earl of Egmont, 85—Bed

gence of a painter's man letting a quantity ford, John Cooch, Esq. 70.

of varnish take fire.The Duke of Buck

ingham has deducted 20 per cent. from his BERKSHIRE. An accidental fire at Windsor, destroyed

his rents.- On Thursday night, Fingest a stable and eight tenements. The king

church was broken into and robbed of the has appointed the Rev. H. Pearson, D.D., bottle of wine and the surplice.

Communion cup, the basin and ewer, a to the vicarage of St. Helen ip Abingdon, and to the Chapelry of Badley and Drayton,

Births.] At Downhead-hall, Lady of C. J. Tynte,

esq. of a son. vacant by the resignation of the Rev. c. Marriages.]At Great Horwood, Rev. R. Tomkins, Sumner. There are now living in the

to Miss L. Preedy, of Winslow--at Ashton Abbot, town of Wokingham, 67 persons from the

H. Palmer, esq. to Miss M. Keane of Spring Gar

dens, age of 75 to 90; viz. 23, from 75 to 90; Deaths.] At Aylesbury, Mr. Jones-Mr. J. Fellbeing in the proportion of 1 in 20 of the

at Stoke Mandeville, Miss Webb. whole population.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. Births. ] Binfield, Mrs Henderson of a daughter At the election of a librarian to this Maidenhead, Mrs. Pigott, of a son-Woodley Lodge, Mrs. Wheeble, of a son-Coley Park, Mrs. Monk, of

University in the room of the late Dr.

Clarke; the Rev. J. Lodge, M.A. Fellow Marriages.) At Hungerford, Mr. H. Carpenter, to of Magdalen College, was elected by a Mrs. Newberry-at Woolhampton, Mr. W. Bintield, to Miss Wilkins--at Finchampstead, Mr. J. Clacey,

majority of 26.- A grace has passed the to Mrs. Bannister-at Reading, Mr. T. Armstrong,

senate to appoint the Vice-Chancellor the to Miss Bullock

Bishop of Bristol, Dr. Thackery, Prof.

à son


Calvert. Prof, Sedgwick, Mr. Hughes, and

presented a most deplorable picture of the Mr. Francis a Syndicate, to take into con

distressed state to which the agricultural sideration the offer which has been made

interest is reduced ; the sale was dull, and to the University by the executors of the

the prices low beyond all precedent. late Dr. Clarke, of his valuable collection

A requisition signed by upwards of 400 of minerals, and to report thereon to the owners and occupiers of land in Cornwall, senate.-A meeting of the freeholders

has been sent to the High Sheriff of the and inhabitants of this cou

was held county, requesting him to call a meeting “ for the purpose of taking into considera.

to consider of the present distresses of all tion the propriety of again petitioning for

classes; and of the agricultural interest in a Reform of the Commons' House of Par. particular. A number of very fine pilliament, as the most effectual means of re

chards were taken off the coast of Cornlieving the present agricultural distress, wall, and sold in the markets last week. and securing the future prosperity of the

This is a very extraordinary occurrence, kingdom.”—The attendance was res

as the general time for taking these fish is pectable and numerous; but the great ma

towards autumn. jority of the country gentlemen were not Births) At Truro, Mrs. J. Ferris, of a daughter

--at Newport, Mrs. Martin, of a daughter-at Part present.

Lane, Mrs. Thomas, of twins--at Launceston, Mrs. Births.] At Clapton, Mrs. Tickell, of a son. Hooper, of twins--at Goneluck, Mrs. J. Snell, of a Marriages.] At Cambridge, Mr. Woods, to Miss daughter. Ellis-at St. Agnes, Mr. Step. King, to iss Cave Marriages.) At St. Brcock, Mr. W. Legoe, to Miss at Elham, Mr. C. Taylor, to Miss Taberham--at R. Cleave Trelill. March, Mr. G. Beeby, to Miss Stafford-at Pap Deaths.) At Launceston, Mrs. Penwarden-Mr. J. worth, Mr. S. King, to Miss Cane

Blatchford --at Menheniot, Mr. P. Courtney-at
Deaths.] At Cambridge, D, E. Clarke, L. L.D. Liskeard, Mr. Belman-at Michelstow, Mr. J. Bas-
Mrs. Wicks-at Great Staughton, Mr. R. Cant, 21 tard-at Penzance, Mr. E. Morgan--Mr. J. Dennis,
at Cambridge, Miss A. M. Thompson-at Wisbeach,
Mrs. R. Ward-at Barnwell, Mrs. Prior


Warwick Hall estate, near Carlisle, was John White, Esq. of this city, has re sold to Mr. Parker, of Manchester, for duced his rental 20 per cent. At Stock- 45,0001. port fair the show of cattle was very con Births.] At Carlisle, Mrs. Dobbinson, of a son. siderable. Good draught and saddle horses Marriages.] At Carlisle, Mr. J. Fiddler, to Miss A. sold well. Some arrangements have al

Lewthwaite-Holden Dunbabin, esq. lieutenant in

the East India Company's Service, Bombay, to Alice ready been made for an union of the Sun Knowles, of Kendal-at Workington, Mr. E. Rickday Schools among the dissenters.

erby, to Miss F. Bell, of West Field.

Deaths.] At Mill-hill, Mrs. Peele-at Egremont, Births.] At Chester, Lady of W. Hanmer, esq. of Mrs. E. Jackson-at Maryport, Mrs. E. Smith-at a daughter-Lady of T. Baxter, esq. of a son-at

Alonby, Mr. W. Graham--at Carlisle, Mr. L. Smith Bowden, Mrs. Jackson, of a son.

-at Kirkendbright, J. Thompson, esq.-at Broadlie, Marriages.] At Chester, W. Lawrence, esq. of

R. Montgomrie, esq.-at Whitehaven, Sir H. C. EnSouthampton, to Miss A. William-at Buncoln, Sir

glefield, bart.-Mrs. Rothery-Mrs. M. Black. J. M. Priddle, bart. to Miss Brook, Norton Priory-M.J. Brimelon, of Warrington, to Miss Haslam

DERBYSHIRE, at Waverton, Mr. Green, of Chester, to Miss Har

The prices of beer and ale are lowered rison-at Over, Mr. Dodgson, of Winford, to Miss Sestow-James Bulmer, esq. to Miss M. Blackburn

one penny per quart all over the country. -at Stockport, Mr. P. Brown of Norris, to Miss Births.) At Thulston Grange, Mrs. Darwin, of a Jepson--at Nerquis, Mr. Rich. Jones, of Mold, to Son-at Walton Rectory, Mrs. Hobart of a son. Miss E. Parry--at Warmingham, Mr. Taylor, of Marriages.] At Chestertield, Mr. Sampson, to Budworth, to Misg Berner-at Knutsford, Mr. C. Miss M. Cartledge-Mr. Turner, of Walton, to Hall, to Mias S. Dean

Miss Drabble -at Dronfield, Mr. Samuel Lucas, to Deaths.) At Outrington, Mr. S. Southam--at Miss Robinson Sheffield-at Staunton-by-bridge, Chester, Mrs. Ayrton-at Nantwich, Rev. R. Smith M. W. Smithard, of Repton, to Miss E. Rateliffe -at Grange, Relict of W. Glegge, esq.-at Heaton

at Swarkstone, Mr. Fisher to Miss A. Higgen--at Norris, Mr. J. Hulme, 89—at Edgely, Mrs. Hyde Ashbourne, Mr. G. Ward, to Miss A. Drabbleat Wirksworth, P. Gell, esq.

Mr. C. Howard, to Miss S. Acton-Mr. J. Cheadle,

to Miss M. Barker, CORNWALL.

Deaths.] At Derby, Mr. Wm. Parker, Man

chester-Mrs. Ellis Mr. J. Knighton-at Chester. At Sir Christopher Hawkins' mine, a field, Mr. E. Wright-Mr. Brown-at Overton-hall, plate of silver has been extracted which Mrs. E. Milnes, 38-at Riber, Anthony Haynes, esq. weighed nearly 400 lbs., producing 2 and

of Kingston Jamaica-at Alfreton Lodge, Mrs. Wood

-at Uttoxeter, Miss Swinson-at Caldwell, Mr. T. 3 such pieces a month Some time since was Pratt - at Leech, Mrs. Lucas--at Southwell, G. found near Boscarne, in the parish of Bod Hodgkinson, csq. min, a gold fish-hook, size No. 3, in the

DEVONSHIRE, bed of an old river, where some men were From the Report of the Committee of working for tin; and vot far from the same the Plymouth Asylum for Female Penispot were taken up several Roman coin of tents, established in 1808, which is now the reigns of Vespasian, and some of the about to be abolished, being completely latter emperors, &c. The whole are in nugatory; it appears, that the Rev. Dr. possession of Robert Flamank, Esq. of Hawker, his family, and friends, bave conEodmin, the land-owner. Liskcad fair tributed to the funds the sums of 2,3721.

14s. ld.; of which, 1,1231. 68. 3d. was the

ESSEX. result of sermons preached by Dr. H. in TheRev. J. Thomas M. A, instituted to behalf of the charity-Considerable dis the Vicarage of Burstead. tress has been experienced in Plymouth

Births.) At Colehester, the lady of Dr. Holt, of a and its neighbourhood, by the discharge daughter-at Sailing Hall, the lady of Capt. W. H. of a number of workmen from the Break Dobbie, R. N. of a daughter. water. Col. the Hon. J. H. Stanhope, is

Marriages.] At Colchester, J.Osborne, esq. of Wi.

tham, to Mrs. C. Dowsing-at Harlow, Mr. C. Hall, elected a Member in Parliament for the

to Mrs. Wright, of Romford-at Great Sailing, J. Borough of Dartmouth.

Humphrey, esq. of Lincoln's-inn, to C, D, Goodrich Births.) At Exeter, Mrs. Cornish, of a son-Mrs.

-at Maldon, R. E. Burrows, esq. to Miss C. A. MitW. P. Pope, of a daughter-at Plymouth, lady of R.

chell--at Falstead, Mr. W. Baker, of Mills, to Miss Barnes, esq. of a son-at Cullompton, lady of Fre.

F. Nunn- at Beaumont, the Rev. W. Walford, of deric Leigh, esq. of a son--at Honiton, the lady of

Colchester, to Miss A. Hutton-at Walthamstow, the Rev. H. A. Hughes, of a son.

W. Fry, esq. to Miss S. Lee--at Mile-end Hall, W. Marriages.] At Exeter, Mr. W. Furneaux to Miss

Fisher, esg. of Boxhad Lodge, to Mrs. Posford. Blachford-Mr. E. Robarts, aged 35, to Mrs. Anna

Deaths.] At Colchester, Miss Willis-Miss Round, Gow, aged 77, obliged to be taken to church in a

of Birch Hall-Ongar, J. E. Scott, esq. at Chelsedan chair, followed by a juvenile crowd who

sea—at Great Baddow, Mrs. Belcher-at Billericay, cheered the happy couple with loud huzzas-at

Mrs. M. Blencowe-at Hubard's Hall, Mr. E. S. Dawlish, Rev. G. W. Curtis, vicar of Leominster, to

Sims—at Epping, Rev. E. Conyers-at Bamtree, Miss Perkins-at Sidmouth, T. M. Carter, esq. to

Surgeon Dixon--at Moreton, Rev W. Wilson-at Miss Bedford, near Topsham--at Tavistock, Mr.

Bocking, Rer. C. Wakeham-at Shortgrove Hall, Briant, to Miss Bennet, of Dart-moor, the

J. Smith, esq.-at Springfield, Mr. R. Coates—at youthful bride was accompanied to the altar by a

Barrack House, S. the daughter of J. C rosse, God blooming virgin of 74, and the sprightly bridegroom

salve Crosse-at Ardleigh, Rev. Mr. Lugar at Pine was led to the sacred editice by a brother warrior,

Hill, lieut-col. Welsh-at Castle Heddingham, Miss (Mr. David Hogg) aged 73; the united ages of the

Ardley--at Carr's Hill, Mrs. E. Bacon-at Newcasparties amounted to 306 years.

tle, Mr. J. Tate-Frances, third daughter of Adm. Deaths.) At Exeter, Mr. J. Campion-at Ply

Robert Montague-at Finchingfield Vicarage, Ann, mouth Dock, Mrs. Wrayford -at Tiverton, Mrs.

eldest daughter of the Rev. James Westerman, M.A. Gloyns--at Ilfracombe, Capt. W. Walker-at Ex.

mouth, Mrs. Bastard-at Sidmouth, H. C. Ramus,
esq.-at Mount Phasant, Mr. G. Beal--at Haven

At Gloucester Fair, on Saturday last,
Banks, Mr. T. Gray.

there was a remarkably large shew of catDORSETSHIRE.

tle of all sorts. The sheep Fair was nuThe Rev. Thos. Hooper appointed to the merously supplied, but little business done, Rectory of Yatton Keynell.

and the prices very low for all descripBirths.] At Pool, the wife of Mr. Wm. Betalick tions. Good useful carriage horses sold of a son, being her twenty-sixth child-at Osming more readily than of late, and at better tow, Lady of Rev. Archdeacon Fisher of a son-at Donhead'Hall, Lady of C. J. K. Tynte, esq.of a son.

prices. As to good nag horses very few • Marriages.) At Sherborne, Capt. Tewkesbury to

made their appearance. Pigs were unMiss R. Jerrard. Mr.G. Fudge, to Miss P. Robbins precedently plentiful, of all descriptions, -at Shaftsbury, Mr. J. Bardileau, of London, to Miss M. Woodcock-at Dawlish, Rev. G.W. Curtis,

and prices ruinously low. Rev. Chas. to Miss C. D. Perkins-at Ilminster, Mr. J. Francis, Plegdell Neale Wilton, Curate of Awre, to Miss Loring-at Yetminster, Rev. J. Ayres to Miss is selected a Fellow of the Cambridge PbiS. Partridge-at Chard, C. Haydon, R. N. to Miss

losophical Society. The Hon. and Right Lincoln-at Southstoke, Rev. F. C. Johnson, to Miss Brooke of Bath

Rev. the Lord Bishop of this Diocese, has Deaths.] At Bridport, Mrs. Edwards—at Somer appointed John Burder, Esq. of Parliament set, Miss É. Carter--at Beaminster, Sam. Cox, esq. St. Westminster, bis Lordship's secretary -at Yeovill, Lady of H. Penny, esq.--at Axminster, Mrs. Coombs-at Wimbourn, Surgeon Druitt-at

in London, in place of C. Hoxton, Esq. Dorchester, Wm. Chalmondy, esq.-at Sherborne, appointed secretary to the Governors of Mrs. M. Gear, Mrs. A. Ford-at Charlton Hore

Queen Ann's Bounty --A strata of coal thorne, Messrs. I. and J. Williarus (brothers)-at Wells, Mrs. Rossiter-Mr. Wm. Say--Mr. James

has been found near the forest of Dean, (solicitor)

which is likely

afford an abundant supDURHAM.

ply to that district. Colonel Walker, of the City of Durbam, Births.] At Orgleworth, Lady of L. Clutterbuck, has been appointed governor of St. Helena. esq. of a son-at Stradford Cottage, Lary of E.G.

Hallewell, esq. of a son-at Bisley, Mrs. Means-On the 26th March, the celebration of

field of a daughter-at Gloucester, Mrs. Sbute of a the memory of Shakspeare was held at son-at Newenham, Mrs. Nugent of a son-at Donthe Golden Lion, Sunderland. The chair head Hall, Mrs. Tynte of a son. was taken by Stephen Kemble, Esq.

Marriages.) At Gloucester, capt. W. P. Conning

ham, to Miss S. Gadsden-at Stench Combe, Mr. A. Births.] At Bishopwearmouth, the lady of R. Bendal, to Miss Jenkins of North Nibley-at Chel Webster, of a son.

tenham, Rev. W.J. Gilbert, M. A. to Miss A. QuarMarriages.) At Corkffeld, Mrs. J. Smurthwaite to terly-at Churchdown, Mr. J. Tache, to Miss M. A, Miss M. Bradley-at Yofforth, Mr. R. Oastler, to Mathews, Cheltenham-at Cascade-Gellygare, Mr. Miss Webster-at Newcastle, Mr. Edward Fenwick, W. Perrott, to Miss Llewelyn Terry to Hannah Etrington, of Lintz Hall.

Died.) At Gloster ,Mrs. H. Chestow-at CheltenDeaths.] At Alston, Mr. J. Dobson-at Feather ham, Miss Butlin-R. Dodd, esq, Engineer-R. Baystonehaugh, Mrs. Featherstonehaugh-at Blyth, zand, esq:-Jos. Watts, esq (solicitor)--at Bathwick, Mr. T. Winship-at Newcastle, Mrs. M. Thompson Mr. S. J. Thomas-at Dursley, Mrs. Mary Black-at Houghton-le-Spring, Mr. C. P. Spiers--at well-Mr. John Cam-at Tetbury, Mr. Wm. CoxNorth Shields, Mrs. Spence-at Northallerton, E. at Littleworth, Mr. Obadiah Burgis--at Crokerton, Hare, esq.-at Broom-Hall, Mr. Robert Richard Mr. J. Graham-at Badminton, Lord H. Somerset, son, jun. -at Giles-gate, Mr. J. Pickering.

third son of he Duke of Beaufort.

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Births.) At Wheathamstead, the lady of the Rer. The king of France has presented to

G. T. Pretyman, of a son

Marriages.] At Dry Drayton, Mr. Gosset, of WaterMr. John Wood (son of capt. Wood of beach, to Elizabeth Fiske-at Maudlin, G. 1. Squibb, Southampton) a rich silver medal, for jump Esq. London, to Miss T. L. Myler ing over board in gale of wind, and sav

Deaths.) At Hertford, Mr. H. A. Davis, Post-Mas

ter_Trogmore, Mr. W. R. Hudson, at Maderia ing the life of a French pilot at Havre

-at Wideal Hall, Miss M. Ellis-at Hereford, Mr. J. Road. Rev. C. J. Milcham, ordained Evans--at Hamells, Mr. Matthew Waddelow. Pastor to the Baptist congregation at Port


The fair on the 26 ult. was the largest Births.) At Southampton, lady of J. Steward we ever recollect to have seen. There esq. of a daughter-at Portsmouth, lady of Capt. R

was a good deal of business done. Several Smith, R. N. of a son-at Portsea, Anne, wife of Captain Baynes.

pens of sheep fetched as high prices as Marriages.] At Southampton, Mr. H. Adams, to have been obtained of late; good horses Miss Chandler-at Lymington, C. C. Parks, esq. to also sold well. Miss F. S. Archer-at Winchester, Mr. James God.

Marriages.] At Peterborough, Mr. Mitchell, to shell, to Miss Wise-at Fareham, E. Handeock, esq. to Miss C. Chads, Chichester-at Millbrook, Mr. R.

Miss Knihh-Mr. Belamy, to Miss Ashworth-at

Papworth, Mr. S. King, to Miss Cave Young, Southampton, to Mrs. Dowbiggin—at Alverstoke, Mr. J. Harding, to Miss J. Carter, of Win

Deaths.] AtFoulmire Mill, Mrs.Tilbrook-at Nea

tished, the Rev. A. Barwick—at Moreton, the Rev. chester-at Newshot, Rev. F. Ford, M. A. to Miss M.

W. Wilson, B.D.-at St. Ives, Miss Jane Paul-at Neale.

Barnwell, Mrs. Prior
Deaths.] At Winchester, M. Budd-Mr. Smith-
Rev. C. Gauntlet-at Crux Easton, Rev. J. B. Wal-

KENT. kin-at New Forest, Mr. J. Wingrove, Bath-at

The Annual Easter Plate, was run for East Trestend, Rev. J. Williams--at Milford, C. E. Haywood, R. N.-at Portsmouth, A. Kelly, esq.

on Barnam Downs, and won by Mr. barrister--at Portsmouth, Mrs. Diddamp-at Cold Easton's Brown horse, Creeper.

A frey, Miss C. Newton Lee-at Wist Meon, Mr. F.

large wheat stack on Darley's Court Martin-at Swathling, Mrs. D. Ware-at Gosport, at Mr. J. White-at Alresford, Mr. R. Waight-at

Farm was set fire to, the property of Mr. Meoustoke, Mrs. A. Merchant-at North Warn Chapman. A New Compass, invented borough, Mrs. Dugget, 100 — at Odeham, Mrs.

by Mr. William Clark, Chatham, is likely Wyete-at Hinton-house, Mrs. Heysham-at South Sea, Mrs. Webb-at Southampton, Miss Montagu.

to prove of great utility to mariners.--A

legacy of 501. is bequeathed to the Kentish HEREFORDSHIRE.

Hospitals by Mr. I. Pope. - The Lord The intention of establishing a Warm

Chancellor has appointed James Bourne, Bath at Hereford, has met with great en Judge of Ramsgate, Kent, Gent. to be a couragement.-At Hereford Easter Fair, Master Extraordinary in the High Court on Wednesday last, the shew of cattle was

of Chancery --The School at Tunbridge. the largest ever seen at that mart, and by a late decision of the Court of Chanthere was also the greatest number of

cern, has become possessed of an income buyers; the sale was heavy at reduced

of 4,0001. a year; and upwards of 10,0001 prices. Of sheep there was but a scanty in hand. On the 26th ult. a straw stack supply, yet equal to the demand. Horses

containing 60 loads, standing in the yard were not very plentiful; and good pags, and useful cart-horses, met with a readyed to be on fire, supposed to be the act of

of Mr. Baker, of Gravesend, was discoversale at rather an advance in price.-The

some incendiaries. Annual Cattle Market at Kingston, Here

Births.] At Brison's, near Canterbury, the Marfordshire, contained a fine and large show

chioness of Ely, of a son-at Shoreness, lady of of good animals, which were nearly all Capt. R. Thompson, R. E. of a son-at Bishopssold at rather better prices than have been

bourn, Hon. Mrs. H. Percy, of a son, still born, obtained at neighbouring fairs. The

Marriages.) At Canterbury, Mr. W. Pearson Sit

tingbourn, to Miss M. Pavies-T. W. Rowlands, to At Ledbury Fair there was a large and re Miss M. Davis--at Stockburry, Mr. J. Bourne, to markably fine show of cattle, but the sale Miss Brean-at Romney, Mr. Wagstaff, Canter

bury, to Miss Woodman--at Maidstoue, Mr. 'T. was very dull-At Ieintwardine second

Sampson Shepherd, to Miss Prentice-at Norelicsannual new fair, there was a good shew of ter, Mr. E. Tomkins, to Miss T. Stewart Carlowfine cattle, which were nearly all disposed at Folkstone, Mr. J. Hodges, to Miss H. Eastwickof.

at Dover, Mr. J. Blake, to Miss Pilcher-at Beden.

ham, D. P. Wildbore Surgeon, to Miss F. S. LawMarriages J At Garraway, Mr.J. Watkins, to Miss rence-at Blackheath, J. Savage, esq. to Miss E. Herbert of Demesne-at Marstone, Mr. W. Bishop, Perkinson--at Greenwich, Mr. H. Sawkins, to Miss to Miss Catmero.

Ritchie. Deaths.] At Hereford, Mr. T. Jones-at Staunton

Deaths.] At Canterbury, Mr. B. Smith, of LonPark, Jas. King, esq.-at Hereford, Miss E. Thomas

don-Lieutenant J. Elwyn, 31st regiment-at Dover, of Ludlow-Clifton, Miss L. B. Chinn, at London

Mrs. Norwood-Mr. H. Hamilton-at Folkstone, -at Hereford, Mrs. Lucy Napleton, aged 80-at

Mrs. Wilson-at New Romney, Mrs Mate--at Stanton Park, James King, esq. aged 91.

Lydd, Mrs. Chister-at Tenderden, Mr. Fielder and HERTFORDSHIRE.

Mrs. Assister. Hertford Fair was exceedingly dull and

LANCASHIRE. heavy; a great quantity of lean cattle, but The Rev. R. Noble appointed to the few buyers.

vicarage of Whaley, and the Rev. J. W. Whittaker to the vicarage of Blackburn.

-As Mr. Canning will resign his seat in Parliament previously to his departure for India as Governor General, it is reported in Liverpool, that E. B. Wilbraham, Esq. will become a candidate to represent that Borough. It is said, that a subscription is entered into by a party to support an opposition candidate.

Births.] At Halton Hall, lady of R. H. Brad. shaw, Esq. of a son.

Marriages) At Liverpool, Mr. H. Robinson, to Miss M. A. Ellison-Capt. J. Williams Eleanor, to Miss E. Roberts-Hon. Chas. Percy, to Miss Great. head, the rich heiress-Rich. Tetley, esq. to Miss S. Wilkinson, Westmoreland-Mr. E. Lawrence, to Miss H. Ashton. The bride was led to the altar dressed simply in her chemise, under the vulgar error, that it will secure the husband from becoming liable to her debts-at Lancaster, Mr. J. Kendrick, to Miss B. Smith-at Manchester, Mr. Samuel Morrill, to Miss Wright, of Leeds at Pretwiek, Mr. R. Padmore, to Miss E. Ogdon--at Delph, Mr. T. Shaw of Dale, to Miss A Shaw-at St. Michaels, Rev. Wm. Hesketh, to Miss Satterthwaite

Death) At Liverpool, Mr. W. Tyner-Mrs. Curry - Mr. Benj. Hellistine, drowned at sea-Mr. E. Patrick, at Bordeaux-Miss Hinde-at Manchester, Mr. S. Fletcher-J. Hardwick, esq. at Lima-Reliet, of H. Worrell, esq. at Hot Wells-at Prestow, Rev. J. Atkinson, Catholic priest_Mrs, Woodcock-Mr. J. Threlpal-at Clayton Hall, Mr. R. Lomax--at Oldbam, W. Chippendale, esq: -at Huntroyd, Le Gendre Starkie, esq.-at Black Field House, lieut. col. Logan in the 65th year of his age.

LEICESTERSHIRE. The Croxton Park races were extremely well attended, and there was some good running A True Bill was found by the Grand Jury, at Leicester Assizes, against the Rev. John Towne, for the wilful murder of Miss Wright, of Bottesford, the particulars of which have already appeared.

Marriages] At Leicester, Mr. W. Healey, to Miss Alshop-at Claybrook, Mr. W. Varnam, to Miss Walker, of Wistow-at Ashby Folville, Mr. T. Black to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. Brown, of Melton Mowbray.

Deaths) At Leicester, Mrs. Wheatley, Mrs LeeMr. G. Códwell--at Barkley-hall, Mr. R. H. Pochin

-at Rothley-house, Mr. Bywater--at Thrivgstone, Mr. W. Brown-at Thrussington Grange, William the eldest son of Mr. J. Lewis

LINCOLNSHIRE, Captain and Mrs. Banks have deducted ten per cent, from their rents. -Mr. Wil lianis, elected for Lincoln, has given 1001. for the County Hospital and Lunatic Asylum.Lord Bayning has deducted ten per cent. from bis rents. The smallpox rages dreadfully in Stamford at this time, and has done so for several weeks.

-Good bome brewed ale is selling at most of the public-houses at Louth, at five-pence a quart, and at one of them at four-pence!

Births.] At Stamford, lady of Rev. C. Cookson of a son--at Southwell, lady of E. R. T. Falkner, esq. of a son

Marriages) At Lincoln,Mr. J. Friend, to M. Wel. bury-Mr. Porter, to Miss Brown-at Boston, Mr. J. Gray, to S. Mattison-Mr. R. J. Buggs, tó Miss 1. Keigham--at Spalling, Mr. Molesworth, of Walpole, to Miss Hutchinsonimat Louth, Rev. Mr. Soper, to Mrs. Sanford-at Addlethorpe, Mr. W. Eskrigg, to Miss A. Western of Westminster-at Newark, Mr G. Gray of Bingham, to Miss H. Bradley-at

Eur. Mag. Vol. 81. April 1822.

Great Salkeld, Rev. J. Lewis, to Miss Benson-at Great Hall, Mr. J. Watson, to Miss Easton-at Grimsley, Mr. J. Stovin, to Mrs. R. Sales - at Brampton Hall, Thos. Gee, esg. of Boston, to Miss Leman-at Dowsbey, Mr. A. Lawrence, of Laving. ton, to Miss Bruning, of Granby

Deaths.] At Lincoln Lieut. C. Probart, R. B.-at Boston, Mr. John Fox-at Great Grimsby, Mr. Wm, Peaseod-at Leasingham, Mrs. E. Gordon-at Lang. worth, Mrs. Cook-at Newark, Mr. R. Clark-Mrs. Pacy at Southwell, G. Hodgkinson, sen. 04.-at Market Rasen, Mr. R. Clarke-at Stamford Baron, Widow Ford, aged 72. The Christian name of the deceased's husband was Valentine, she was married on Valentine's day; and Valentine-day was the last of her life.

MONMOUTHSHIRE. A Lead Mine has been discovered S.W. of Chepstow. In the Western parts of this County the refractory workmen have been encreased in number by some thousands from the Rock, Tredgar, Sherhowey, and Pont-y-pool Works.

Births) At Usk, lady of W. Adams Williams, esg. of a daughter.

Marriages) at Abergaveney Castle, Baker Gabb, esq. to Miss Stead, of Devonshire-street, London.

Deaths.] At Monmouth, Mr. A. Hughes--at Chepstow, Mrs. Powell of Bristol

NORFOLK. The New General Baptist Chapel at Norwich has been opened for Divine Worship.-A threshing machine, the property of Mr. Brown, of Dichingham, was destroyed on the premises of Mr. Row, of Woodton. In pursuance of a requisition to the acting Magistrates, a Meeting was held in the Shire-hall at Walsingham, to take into consideartion" the propriety of presenting a petition to Parliament, on the subject of the present agricultural distress, and the total inadequacy of the measures already adopted for the relief thereof.”The resolutions and petition, were agreed to.Pursuant to advertisement, a Meeting was held at Hackford, to take into consideration the distressed state of agriculture. The resolutions, after considerable discussion, were agreed to, as was a petition founded thereon.

Births.] At Swatham, Lady Harriet Hoste, of a daughter-Mrs. W. Taylor of a son.

Marriages.] At Norwich, Mr. Robert Hooks, to Miss C. Hill-Mr. S. Jackson, to E. Plowman--Mr. B. Hygh, to Miss H. Nobbs--at Lynn, W. Everard, esq. of Norfolk, to Miss Bowker-at Lynn, Mr. W. Harris, of America, to Miss Glascock- Mr. G. Summers, to Miss M A. Dann--at Yarmouth, Captain T. Artis, to Miss E. Brixtield-Hockering, the Rev. E. J. Howman, to Miss M. Davison-at Fakenham, Mr. C. Taylor, to Miss Taberham--at Aylesham, Mr. Breese, to Miss H. Abbot-at Hickling, Mr. Thos. Burton, to Miss Gambling.

Deaths.] At Norwich, Mrs. E. Blakeley, of Suffolk-Mr. R. A. Chasteney-at Mancroft, Mr. John Seaman - Mrs. Susannah Adcock-at Kimberley, Mrs. T. Bays, of Yarmoth-at Lynn, Mr. Fraser Jobnson-at Castleacre, Miss Young, 63—at Neatishead, Rev. A. Barwick-at Thetford, Mr. J. M. Norman-at Yarmouth, Mrs. S.Woods-at Gateacre Park, É. Acton Acton, esq. of Salop

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Marriages.] At Northampton, Mr. F. Mulliner, to Miss Manton, of Isbam--at Newport Pagnell, Mr. Ayers, to Miss Crippsat Westow, Mr. Ashley, of

3 D

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