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Long Bucks, to Miss Ashley-at Cranford, the Rev. Marriages.) At Oxford, Rev. Warburton, to Miss J. Lamb, M. A. Master of Corpus Christi College, Sandford-Mr Juggins, to Miss Coles-MrGoundry, to Aune Hutchinson.

to Miss Sheldon Deaths] At Northampton, J.Hall, esq. banker, 71 Deaths) At Southstoke, Rer. C. Johnson, to Miss -at Peterborough, Mr. Gibson, of the Admiralty Brooke, of Bath-at Oxford, Mr Freeborne, in Lon. at Oundle, Mr. Wood-Rev. E. Hunt-at Thrapston, don-Mr Milbourne-Mrs Adee-at Henley, upon Miss Stevenson-at Islip Mill, Miss Hill-at Daven. Thames, Mr Hickman-at Ipsden House, lieutenant try, Mrs. Ayers-at Newport Pagnell, Mrs. Forster. Reade, at Bengal, in action NORTHUMBERLAND.


Deaths.) At Thorpe-by-Water, Mrs FreemanJ. B. Lambton, Esq. M. P. has subscribed at Oakham, John Broughton-William Hoggins. 1001. towards the building for the literary

SHROPSHIRE. society of Newcastle. Also the Society of A fire broke out in a bake-house in Os. Antiquaries, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and

westry, which destroyed the building over Thomas Bigge, Esq. 211. each. R. Orms the oven.

Much praise is due to William tov, Esq. 101. 10s. W. Burrell, Brome Park, Ormsley Gore, Esq. of Porkinton for his Edward Swinburne, sen. Esqs. 51.5$.each, exertions in subduing the flames, which also Dr. C. Hutton, 201.

was chiefly effected by the early arrival of Births.] At Tynemouth, the wife of Hugh Moises, esq. 7th Dragoon Guards, of a daughter-at Mel

his engine ;) as well as that of rewarding lerstain, Mrs. Bailie, of a daughter - at Linden, the assistants, together with the Rev. J. Mrs. Brigg, of a son.

Done, T. Hilditch, Esqs. and others.Marriages.] At Newcastle, Mr. Fenwick, to Miss

Rev. D. M. Taylor, of Norton Corbet, has Herrington-Mr. Shaw, to Miss Valantine, of London--at Morpeth, Mr. Grey, of Percy, to Miss

reduced his tithes 15 per cent. At Robson-at Bishop Auckland, Mr. Joplin, to Miss Pontypool fair, a vast quantity of live Hall--at Alnwick, Rev. J. Howman, of Hockering,

stock was brought for sale, and a great Norfolk, to Miss Davison. Deaths.] At Ritton, Mr. George--at Astley, Rev.

proportion thereof disposed of, to meet the Baker, A. M. Dancashire-at Newcastle, Mr. Bilbie urgent and increasing necessities of the -at Tynemouth Place, Mr. Burrell, to Mrs. Tyndle, farmers; but at prices ruinously lowaged 64.

Shrewsbury fair, on Tuesday and WednesNOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

day, displayed a number of excellent Rev. B. Clay, of Hockerton, has returned cattle, and although there were many 10 per cent. from his rents. The late buyers from Liverpool, &c. yet their acMiss Lander has bequeathed 1001. to the customéd eagerness to purchase is all gone General Lunatic Asylum.

by. There were many ordinary horses, Marriages.) At Nottingham, Mr. Millington, to but few animals of figure and action; no Miss Rotherea--Mr John Sollery, jun. to Miss

demand for the former. Bagshaw -- Mr Taylor, to Miss Galloway- Mr. Browne, to Miss Picard.

Births.] At Stanley, the lady of Sir T. J. TyrDeaths.] At Nottingham, Miss Gill--at Bingham,

witt, of a daughter, in London-at North Elsham, Mr Tinley-at Mansfield, Mrs Cadman, who was

the wife of T. Cushion, labourer, of three boys. 27 stone weight.

Marriages] At Shrewsbury, the Rev. B. Maddy,

of Cambridge, to Miss Sanford-Mr Davis, to Miss OXFORDSHIRE.

Haynes, of Ludlow-Mr Jones, to Miss Wigley, of

London--at Cloverly Hall, Samuel Miles, esq. of Sir Sidney Smith bas presented to the

Leicester, to Mary Ann Dod-at Wyle Cop, J. B. Bodleian library, through the Chancellor Ricketts, esq. of Ashford Hall, to Miss J. Parker, of the University, fac-simile of of an an

of Portland-place, London.

Deaths) Al Shrewsbury, major Palin, 4th M.L.C. cient Greek inscription, on a gold plate,

at Bengalore, East Indies--Mrs Padmore-Miss found in the ancient City of Carnopus, and Wyke-at Whitchurch, Mr Tilsley-at Wenlock, also a book printed on board a ship of the Mrs Ainsworth-at Shiffnall, Mr. Smith-at Wood

house, the infant son of William Owen, esq. line in the Mediterranean. The Lord Chancellor has appointed Thomas Lee, of

SOMERSETSHIRE. Duckington, to be Master Extraordinary W. C. James, Esq. of Tipsbury, has in the High Court of Chancery.—Joho

lowered his tithes from 25 to 30 per Cent. B. Oatley, B. A. of Oriel College, and John

-Two ricks of hay, the property of H. H. Newman, B. A. of Trinity College, were :

A. Lister, Esq. Abergavaney, were set on elected fellows of Oriel College. The

fire and consumed. The reversion of Rev. Doctor Morris, of Egglesfield House,

Hestercombe estate near Bristol, was reis appointed to the Rectory of Elstree,

sold by an order of the Court of Chancery Herts. -Rev. G. E. Howman, M. A. to

to F. Maitland, Esq. of Surry, tor 3,8001. the Vickerage of Sonvine, Berks.-Rev.

-The Lord Chancellor has appointed W. Gorton is licenced to the Curacy of

John Slade of Yeovil, Gent. to be Master Radipole.-Rev. I. Selkirk is licenced to Extraordinary in the High Court of Chanto the Curacy of St. John in Bury. - Rev. cery:

-Philip George, Esq. has gene1. Lonsdale, M. A. is appointed domestic rously presented the committee for buildchaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury,

ing the New Free Church at Bath, with The degrees in Lent Term were D.D. two;

the legal expences for the conveyance of D.C.L. two; B.D. four; B.C.L. one; M.A. the ground upon which it stands.

Births.] At Bristol, King's Parade, Mrs. Mayers fortyfive; B.A. forty-nine; determiners

of a daughter-at Melksham, lady of Protheroe of 231 ; matriculators 115.

a daughter-at Hawksbury, lady of the Rer. Ran

dolph, of a son-at Bath, Mr. Boley, of Bristol, to the Botanical Establishments in Russia Miss Baker. Marriages) At Bath, A. Rutherford, esq. to Miss

and Germany.

-A very valuable gold Stewart, of Tort, Ireland--at Bristol, Mr Fry, to Miss watch was presented by the inhabitants of Stabb-Mr Daniell, to Miss Morle, of Lawrence Bury, to Mr. Frederic Vinning, late of the Hall-at Bathwick, Haynes, esq. of Barbadoes, to Miss Reed, of Bath-at Axbridge, Mr Fry, Bristol,

Norwich Theatre, in testimony of bis meto Miss Blackmore—at Milford, capt. Wright, brig

rits as an actor and a man. Helena, to Mrs Lyall-at Heythorn, Right Hon. Marriages] At Ipswich, Mr. Thorne, of Essex, lord O'Brien, to lady Elizabeth Somerset-at Ilford, to Miss Choat-Mr Markland, to Miss King-Mr. Mr Hill, of Bristol, to Miss Hibbit.

Christophesson, to M Wallis, of Colchester--at Deaths) At Bath, the lady of Sir A. Elton, bart Bury, Mr Laugton, of Norwich, to Miss Chapman lady of Sir G. Gibbs, M. D.- at Bristol, Mr. Supple -at Sudbury, Smith, to Mrs Clerke-at WaldingMr Gibbs—Mrs Brown-Tolfrey, esq. at Canada, E. field, D. Underwood, esq. to Miss Vincent-at South1.-Mrs. King--at Westbury, Mr. Sealey-at Comp town,

Mr Mountjoy, of Yarmouth, to Miss Banham ton Martin, Mrs Candy in her 103d year-at Stone --at Benningshall, T. Fulcher, esq. to Miss Fiske, House, Mrs Blawxto, sister of admiral Sir Thorn of Snetherton Hall--at Cotton, Mr Peck, of Old borough

Newton, to Miss Matthew, of Cotton.

Deaths) At Ipswich, Mr Hedge-Mrs Parker

at Bury, wife of J. Thompson, esq-Mrs Bennet, of Sir J. Broughton has returned 30 per Rougham Hall--Barrington Purvis, esq.-at Sud. Cent. to his tenants.The Lord Chan bury, Mr. Maclean-at Moor Hall, Clare, Wm. Walcellor has appointed W. Harding of Betty,

ford, esq.--at Redgrave, R. C. H. Graves, esq. at

Paris-at Snape, capt. Burwood, of Aldborough—, Gent. to be a Master Extraordinary in the at Warlingham Hall, R. Sparrow, esq:--at WorlingHigh Court of Chancery.

ton, R. James, esq. in the 79th year of his age. Births) At Burton Contable, the lady of G. Clif.

SURREY. ford, esq. of a son.

Marriages] At Wolverhampton, Mr Nokes, of There was the largest show of lambs Blistow, to Miss Palmer- Mr Bower, to Miss How ever remembered at Guildford stock-marell, of Blistow-at Droitwich, Mr Grant, of Worcester, to Miss Allen-at Stafford, Lieutenant Kinder

ket on Tuesday last; the sale was dull, at dine, R. N. to Miss Ball, of London-at Burslem,

about 6s. per stone. Mr Phillips, of Newcastle, to Miss Wedgewood-at Marriages] At Ripley, J. F. Stephens, esq. to Dawlish, the Rev, E. W. Curtis, of Leominster, to Miss Roberts--at Potion, Mr Pendred, of Royston, Miss Perkins.

to Miss Leeman, of London-at Bidhurst Lodge, Deaths) At Wolverhampton, Mr Banks-at Un. near Croydon, J. Francis Davis, esq. to E. Humfrys. derhill, Thomas Eaton, esq:-at Leek, Mrs. Lees Deaths) At Dorking, the relict of the Rev. at Litchfield, Mr Webster-at Rushall, Lydia, the O'Manning-at Merton, Miss Tyton-at Stoke, near wife of the Rev. Mr. Cowley,

Guilford, Mr. Gumbrell..

SUSSEX Lord Howe has succeeded in legally Application has been made to Parliaejecting the pumerous claimants from the ment in the present Session to obtain an possession of the estates which formed part Act for the erection of a Suspension Chain of the immense property of the late Mr. Pier at Brighton, and for the levying rates Jennings, in the county of Suffolk.-On or tolls to defray the expenses of the Friday last, a barn, belonging to Joseph same. Humphrey, Esq. at Crifton, near Sudbury, Marriages) At Bosham, Mr Richardson,of Chid

ham, to Miss Kerwood-at Wartling, W. H. Darby, was broken open, and the robbers having

esq. of Ireland, and of Markly Hall, Sussex, to Miss carried with them six sacks, into each of Curties, daughter of E. J. Curtis, M.P. which they had put two bushels of wheat, Deaths) At Brighton, J. Elam, esq.-Dr. J. Claybut being alarmed by the barking of the

ton Hall-at Lewes, Thomas Dicken, esq.-at Chi.

chester, Mrs Greenfield, widow, aged 67; and in a dog, they decamped, leaving behind them few hours afterwards, Mrs. C. Eldridge, her daughtheir sacks. Sacrilege.-On Sunday

ter, in her 28th year. night last, or early next morning, some

WARWICKSHIRE. villains entered the parish church at Stra John Flint, Esq. has made a reduction dishall, in this county, by forcing one of of 30 per cent. in rents. Sir Harford the windows, and stole the communion Jones, Bart. has made a reduction of 10 plate.-The Ipswich Journal mentions a for the last five, and 20 for the last two considerable number of fires, raised by the years, deducting the above allowance.hands of incendiaries, in that district of The Rev. F. Marston bas returned 20, and the kingdom.-Nightly watches are esta the Rev. C. Swainson has returned 13, and blished in various places; and a resolution the Rev. J. Hallis has returned 20 per has been formed by a pumber of gentlemen Cent in tithes. Ten colliers from Oldto offer rewards of from 5001. to 10001. for bury, were on the 6th inst, committed for the detection of the offenders.


two months to the house of correction at Grace the Duke of Grafton, Lord Lieute Shrewsbury, for unlawfully leaving their nant of the County of Suffolk, has trans work in an unfinished state.-On Saturday, mitted a highly complimentary letter to five journeymen braziers, of Birmingham, Lieut, Col. Edgar, Commandant of the were committed to prison for six weeks, Suffolk Yeomanry Cavalry, for the alacrity for combining to prevent their masters. J. shewn by them on the occasion of the late Kendal and Co. from employing whomoutrages in this county - The Botanic soever they thought proper in their manuGarden has recently been supplied with factory.-At Warwick fair last week above a thousand papers of seeds, from there was a good supply of beef, which

sold from 3£d. to 44 d. per Ib. Milkers

WILTSHIRE. were somewhat lower. Mutton sold as The Lord Chancellor bas appointed Allow as from 4d. to 4 d. per lb. although fred Whitaker, of Westminster, to be a the number of sheep is but small. Store Master Extraordinary in the High Court sheep were much lower in price.

of Chancery. The late Rev. C. Francis, Marriages) At Birmingham, Mr Smith to Miss bequeathed 2001. to the Salisbury InfirClarke-Mr Taylor, to Miss Allen-at Tamworth, Mr Knight, to Miss Johnston, of Worcester-Mr.

mary: Hamell, to Miss Peirce, of Worcester-at Heyford,

Births) At Osmington, the lady of the Rev. ArchMr. Baker, of Harpole, to Miss Stanton.

deacon Fisher, of a son-at Cadbury House, Mrs Deaths] At Birmingham, Mr Wyon--Mrs Dal.

Bennet, of a daughter. away-Mrs. Lowemat Leamington, Mrs Reddall

Marriages] At Devizes, Mr Waylen, surgeon, to at Coventry, Mr. Bosworth-Mrs. Ford.

Miss Heard-at Wotton Bassit, Rev. 'T. Hyde Rip

ley, to Miss Tyndale, of Lincolnshire. WESTMORELAND.

Deaths) At Salisbury, Mrs Gillo-at Marlbo. Marriages] At Kendal, R, Tetley, esq. of Liver rough, Mrs Harris-Mr Hooper- Mrs Fortis-at pool, to Miss Wilkinson-H. Dunbabin, esq. lieute Beaminster, S. Cox, esq.--at Stourton, Mr Hillar. nant, to Miss Knowles.

YORKSHIRE. Deaths) At Kirby Step hen, Mrs. Thompson. The adjourned half-yearly meeting of WORCESTERSHIRE,

the Yorkshire Whig Club, was held at Worcester first Spring Fair exhibited a Etridge's Hotel on Wednesday the 26th good supply of fat cattle, which averaged ult. 4d. to 5d. per lb. Sheep fetched 4d. to Births.] At York, Mrs Graham, of a daughter

-at Doncaster, Mrs Dennison, of a daughter-at 5d. per lb. Prime were rather on the ad

Walton House, Mrs Johnson, of a daughter. vance, and obtained better prices. Marriages] At Leeds, J. Ridsdale, esq. of Spring

Marriages] At Pershore, Mr Goodall, to Miss field, to Miss Heaton-Mr Tate, to Miss Woodhouse Robarts-Mr Ball, to Miss Parkes, of Wyrley Wi -Mr Hardcastle, to Mrs Gent, of York-at Whitby, gorn--at Worcester, Mr. Warman, to Miss Young Mr Leister to Mrs Johnson-at Ripon, Mr Fewster, --Mr Pickering, to Miss Read-at Leigh, S. Miles to Miss Watson esq. of Leicester, to Miss Dod, of Cloverly Hall Deaths.] At Leeds, Mrs Dobson-Mrs Kendal

Deaths) At Broadway, the lady of J. Portman, at Hull, H. Middleton, esq.-at York, Mr Greenesq. -at Worcester, Mrs Mawaice-at Pensham, Mrs Lindley, (a maiden lady 71 years at Eccles Mrs. Bedford, in her 79th year.

hall Vicarage, Rer. J. H. Powell

NEW PATENTS. W’illiam Erskine Cochrane, Esq.orSomer

James Gladstone, of Liverpool, ironmonger, set-street, Portman-square, Middlesex, for for a chain of a new and improved coustrucs certain improvements in the construction of tion. Dated March 12, 1822. lamps, whereby they are rendered capable of Robert Bartlett Bate, of 17, Poultry, Lon. burning concrete oils, animal fat, and other don, optician, for certain improvements upon similar inflamipable substances. Dated Feb. hydrometers and saccharometers. Dated 23, 1822.

March 21, 1822. William Buckle, of Mark-lane, London, William Eugene Edward Conwell, of Ma. merchant, for certain improvements in machi dras, in the East Indies, but now of Ratcliffe nery for shaping or cutting out irregular Highway, St. George's in the East, surgeon, forms in wood, or any other inaterials or sub. for an improvement in the preparation and stances which admit of being cut by catters, application of a certain purgative vegetable or tools revolving with a circular motion,

oil. Dated March 21, 1822. wbether such motion be centinuous or reci Samuel Robinson, of Leeds, Yorkshire, cloth procating communicated to him by John dresser, for certain improvements on a machine Parker Boyd, of Boston, in America. Dated for shearing and cropping woollen cloth, March 2, 1822.

Dated March 21, 1822. John Higgins, Esq. of Fulham, for certain George Stephenson, of Long Benton, Nor. improvements upon the construction of car, thumberland, engineer. for certain improve. riages. Dated March 2, 1822.

ments on steam engines. Dated March 21, Charles Yardley, of 'Camberwell, Surrey,

1822 glue manufacturer, for a method of manufac Richard Suminers Harford, of Ebbow Vaie. turing glue from hones, by means of steam, iron works, Monmouihshire, iron master, for Dated March 2, 1822.

an improvement in the heating processes John Thompson, of Regent-street, West in the manufacture of bar, rod, sheet and minster, and of the London steel works, for other description of malleable iron, whether

certain improvement in the method of form the same may have been previously prepared ing or preparing steel for the manufacture of by the pudling or other mode of refining. springs for carriages, but principally applica Dated March 21, 1822. ble to all those usually denominated coach William Church, of Nelson-square, Surrey, springs. Dated March 2, 1822.

gentleman, for an improved apparatus fos John Ruthven, of Edinburgh, printer, for printing. Dated March 21, 1822. a new method of procuring a mechanical Alexander Clark, of Dron Lanchars, Fife. power. Dated March 2, 1822.

sbire, North Britain Esq. for an improvement George Strattan, of Hampstead-road, Mid in the boilers and condensers of steam engines dlesex, engineer, for an improved process of Dated March 21, 1822. consuming smoke. Dated March 2, 1822.

The pea


HOUSEHOLD OF THE MARQUISS WEL Chief Justice to the Kilkenny Grand Jury,

on the opening of the assizes, presents a
His Excellency the Marquis Wellesley deplorable picture of the state of the
hast just nominated the respective officers country:
of his Household. The following are the “ It is impossible to read the papers of

the day without seeing such pictures of State Stewart-General Sir Colin Camp the guilt which has disgraced the southern bell.

part of Ireland, as cannot but shock every Private Secretary—Edward Johnstone, bumane and manly feeling. My expeEsg.

rience of what recently passed in the Comptroller-Edward Johnstone, Esq. county of Limerick, while officially en

Gentleman Usher-Sir Stewart Bruce, gaged there, enables me, however, to say, Bart.

that the newspapers presented but a faint Chamberlain—Sir Charles Vernon, Knt. and

feeble picture indeed of the atrocitics Master of the Horse—The Hon. Colonel which were committed there. Gore.

santry had actually taken possession of First or Private ChaplainThe Rev. the county-the gentry were obliged to Mr. Bissett.

seek protection against the most atrocious Gentlemen of the Bedchamber-Dr. Hun- violence, by conyerting their own houses ter, Edwin Johnson, Esq.

into garrisons-society, no longer secure Pages Master Gore, Master Vernon. from the encroachments of outrage, was

Aides-de-Camp in Ordinary - Lieut.- completely disorganised-the daily repeCol. D. Arcey, Royal Artillery; Captain tition of crimes the most revolting, plunBrownlow, Ceylon Regiment; Lieutenant der, burnings, murder, the frequent in Creagh, half pay, Royal Artillery ; Lieut. fliction of torture, gave a character of peRicketts, Royal Fusileers; Captain Web culiar horror to the crimes of the infatuated ster, half pay Lieut. the Hon. W. Graves, peasantry--and all, in a word, that is Coldstream Guards.

most disgraceful to human nature was to Aides-de-Camp Extraordinary-Lieut. be found in their excesses.” Col. A. De Roos, half-pay ; Captain the From these scenes, we turn, with pleaHon. F. Staphope, ditto; Lieutenant Vig sure, to the accounts from various parts of poles, ditto, Royal Artillery; Lieut. F. C. the kingdom, most of which concur in Smith, Coldstream Guards; Cornet S. B. stating instances of an improved dispoCosby, Royal Horse Guards Blue.

sition on the part of the peasantry, and in Mr. Lyne holds the appointment of holding forth hopes of returning tranSteward.

quillity. The following address, made by the

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SCOTLAND. A flock of about thirty swans made their Coventry, and W. Walker; the former of appearance, hovering about the river whom made a neat and impressive adSouthesk, between the bridge of Brechin dress, to wbich the Baron replied in a and the Castle pool. One of them, sup- feeling and affectionate manner. posed to bave been wounded in the Back The Synod of Glasgow and Ayr, at their Sands, was unable to wing its way with meeting on Wednesday se'nnight, agreed the rest of its companions, and alighted on to petition Parliament againsi the bill the river, where it was shot. This rare about to be introduced by Mr. Capning, and beautiful bird weighed upwards of to enable Catholic Peers to sit in the twenty-four pounds, and measured seren House of Lords. feet and a half between the tips of the We are sorry to learn that the practice wings, and four feet ten inches from the of destroying farm stocks, by wilful setbill to the point of the tail. It was given ting on fire, which prevails in some parts to Mr. Ross, of the Swan.inn, who is to of England, is said to have manifested ithave it stuffed.

self in the county of Haddington. An elegant piece of silver plate has The fruit-trees on the banks of the been presented to Baron Hume, by the Clyde at this time present a most delightScots Law attending his class during the ful appearance. Never was there a fairer present session, with an appropriate in prospect of an abundant crop of fruit than scription. The deputation was There is this season. The cherry and a posed of Messrs P. Boyle Mure, J. M. great part of the plum-trees are in blossom Hogg, D. Maitland, W. C. Gillan, A. Eur. Mag. Vol. 81, April 1822.

3 D



From the 25th. of March, to the 22d. of April, 1822, both Inclusive.

Mar. 25 to Ap. 1. April 1 to 8. | April 8 to 15. April 15 to 22.

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BREAD, per quartern


91 Flour, Fine, per sack

45 050 0 45 050 0 45 050 045 050 0 -, Seconds

38 0 42 0 38 0 42 0 38 0 42 0 38 0 42 0 ,Scotch

35 038 035 038 035 038 0 36 0 40 Wheat, per quarter

48 0 50 0 48 0 57 048 056 048 056 0 Barley

14 0 17 0 14 0 17 0 14 0 17 0 14 0 17 Oats

13 0 21 0

12 0 15 0 12 0 14 0 12 0 14 0 Rye

20 0 22 0 20 0 22 0 20 0 22 021 023 0 Malt

380 45 0 380 45 0 38 0 42 0 38 0 42 Pollard

15 0 17 0

15 ( 17 0 15 0 17 0 15 0 17 0 Bran

6 0 70 80 10 60 70 60 7 0 Mostard, Brown, per bushel 10 0 16 0 10 0 16 0 10 0 16 0 10 0 16 White

6 010 0 6 0 10 0 60 10 0 6 0 10 0 Tares

30 4 0 30 4 0 3 0 4 0 3 0 Turnips, Round

36 0 38 0 36 038 036 038 035 0 390 Hemp, per quarter

34 0 40 034 0 40 033 042 0 32 0 410 Clover, English, Red, per cwt. 26 0 63 0 26 0 63 0 24 0 62 025 064 0

White 30 060 0 30 0 60 0 30 0 60 0 30 0 60 0 Trefoil

5 0 28 0 5 0 26 0 5 0 28 0 6 0 29 0 Rape seed, per last

311.0 331. 0 | 31.0 331. 0311.0 331. O 321. Linseed Cakes per 1000

7 10 0 7 10 0 7 10 0 7 10 0 Potatoes, Kidneys, per ton 60 0 80 0 4 0 0

4 0 0 4 0 0 Champions

40 085 0 40 085 0 400 45 040 085 0 Beef

1 10 2 10 18 2 8 18 2 8 1 8 29 Mutton Newgate and 1 10 2 6 18 2 6 18 28 18 28 Lamb Leadenhall, per 50 0 4 0 6 0 5 0 6 0 7 0 6 0 Veal stone of 8lbs.

3 4 5 4 3 4 5 3 4 5 4 3 4 5 6 Pork


2 8 4 0 2 0 4 0 2 1 4 2 Butter, Dublin, per cwt. 78 0 80 0 78 0 80 0 74 0 80 74 0 80 0 Carlow

86 090 088 090 084 0 90 0 84 ( 90 0




44 44 0 46 044 0 46 0 Dorset



46 0480 46 0 48 0 Cheese, Cheshire Old

56 0 86 0 56 0 86 0 56 86 0 56 087 0 Ditto, New

48 060 052 0 56 0 48 0 68 0 49 0 69 0 Gloucester, Double 54 064 0 60 0 64 0

46 0 56 0 46 0 56 0 -, Ditto, Single

44 0 48 0 54 0 56 048 050 0 48 0 50 0 Duteh


46 38 0 42 0 38 0 42 0 Bacon, Wiltshire, per stone Irish 50 060 0 60


60 Lard

46 0 48 0 48 0 50 0 46 0 50 0 46 0 50 0 Tallow, per cwt.

2 50
2 4 0 2 4 0

2 40 Candles, Store, per dozen

9 6

9 6


11 Soap, Yellow, per cwt.

3 12 0
3 12 0
3 12 0

3 13 0

4 2 0
4 2 0
4 2 0

4 3 0
Curded .

4 6 0
4 6 0
4 6 0

4 6 0 Starch

4 2 0
4 2 0
4 2 0

4 2 0 Coals, Newcastle

28 6 41 0 28 6 41 028 6 41 028 942 0 -, Sunderland

30 ( 41 0 30 041 030 0 41 0 30 0 41 0 Hops, in bags

56 095 056 0 95 056 0 95 056 095 0 S, in pockets

56 0 100 0 56 0 100 0 56 0 100 0 56 0 100 O Hay

63 084 063 084 063 0 86 0 63 084 0 Clover St. James's 65 088 0 80 095 072 0 88 0 80 0 87 0 Straw

27 0 39 0 28 0 36 027 0 40 0 27 0 390 Hay

600 84 0 60 0 84 0600 84 0 60 0 84 0 Clover Smithfield 800 96 0 80 0 95 070 0900 700 85 0 Straw

28 0 36 0 28 0 36 0 28 0 36 0 28 0 36 0 Hay

70 084 0 60 0 80 0 68 0 80 0 68 0 80 0 Clover Whitechapel 80 0 100 0 80 0 100 0 80 0 100 0 | 81 098 0 Straw

26 0 36 0 29 0 38 029 0 36 0 28 0 37 0

Average Price of Muscovado Sugars.
Exclusive of the Duties of Custom paid or payable thereon on the Importation thereof into Great Britain,

Computed from the Returns made in the Week ending

March 23, is 34s, per ewt. | April 8, is 348. per cwt. 1 April 15, is 345.78d. per cwt. I April 22, is 34s. 74d.

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