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I promise to pay the bearer on demand the Sum of One Pound at Messrs. Pryce & Co. Bankers, Alfred Place, Bedford Square, London, value received.

Castle Cary.

L One

Entd, Z. Brown.

-day of —18_

For Sir Edwd. O'Brien Pryce, Bart

Son, Sercombe & Co.


N.B. There is no such Banking House in Alfred Place.


To John Wakefield, of Ancoats-place, Manchester, in the county of Lancaster, engineer; for certain improvements in the construction of furnaces for boilers of various descriptions, and in the mode of feeding the same with fuel; which improvements are calculated to lessen the consumption of fuel, and to burn the smoke. Dated June 6, 1820.

To Samuel Evans, of Brynrywen, in the parish of Wrexham, in the county of Denbigh, farmer; for certain improvements in the working or giving motion to mill-work and machinery, applicable to the raising or draining water from mines, or other useful purposes. Dated May 1, 1813.

To Samuel Kenrick, of West-Bromwich, in the county of Stafford, manufacturer; for an improved method of tinning cast-iron vessels of capacity. Dated May 13, 1820.

To John Ambrose Tickell, of Little Parkplace, Lambeth, in the county of Surrey, gentleman; for an alarum and machinery for the discovery and detection of depredators in a house or premises. Dated July 1, 1813.

To William Pride, of Uley, Gloucestershire, engineer; for a self-regulating apparatus for spooling and warping woollen or other warps or chains. Dated April 16, 1822.

To William Daniell, of Aborcarne, Monmouthshire, manufacturer of iron; for certain improvements in the rolling of iron into bars, used for making or manufacturing tin plates. Dated April 16, 1822.

To Benjamin Cook, of Birmingham, Warwickshire, patent tube manufacturer; for a certain mixture, or preparation, which may be used with advantage in preventing the damage of accidents from fire. Dated April 16, 1822.

To John Grimshaw, of Bishopwearmouth, Durham, ropemaker; for a method of stitching, lacing, or manufacturing of flat ropes, by means of certain rotative machinery, connected with, or worked by, a steam-engine, or other rotative power, whereby the said stitching, lacing, or manufacturing of flat ropes, is better executed than the same can be done or performed by any other method now in use. Dated April 16, 1822.


On Monday, the 6th of May, the Exhibition of the Royal Academy opened to the public.

It owes its rise and present greatness to his late Majesty, George the Third, who, with gracious benevolence, not only gave its members the present Rooms, but also lent them money to establish themselves. The success which resulted from this auspicious commencement, is well known.The Fine Arts have rapidly advanced in this country, and the members of the Academy have raised a fund, that cheers the declining age of the Academician, and throws a milder lustre on the scenes of his departing days. This fund also enables them to distribute relief to the widows and orphans of departed talent with a bountiful hand. We were prepared, however, to hear, as usual, that "it is the "worst Exhibition ever seen; that it is "full of Portraits; that it is quite a bore "to walk up so many stairs ;" and all the fashionable nonsense of pretended connoisseurs. Every dandy denies what he has seen, either because he wants that taste which discriminates, and that sensibility which is affected by the works of art, or because he thinks the admiration of beauties would be an avowal of his ignorance, and the immense distance that separates him from the Artist; or, in a word, because he knows it is easier to discover faults than beauties. He who finds fault places himself above the Artist, however inferior he may be to him; and gratifies his pride, while he imagines he conceals his ignorance. Thus, the Council, the President, and the most exquisite and elaborate works of art, must fail to give consequence and weight to such triflers. The Hanging Committee of this year were Mr. Bone, the enamel painter, Mr. Westmacot, and Mr. Bailey, the sculptors; and when we consider what an arduous task it is to place one thousand and forty-nine specimens of art in appropriate situations, we cannot help acknowledging, that the present arrangement reflects the greatest credit on their taste, judgment, and impartiality. The Exhibition abounds with talent, and the leading pictures of the various departments are infinitely superior to those of last year.

Sir THOMAS LAWRENCE, the President, has eight pictures, the full number prescribed by the laws of the Academy. The King is a fine picture; and the Head of the Duke of York displays a power of pencil and drawing never surpassed, even by Vandyk. His style possesses all the fine characters of taste, elegance, and refinement, and gives, at once, dignity to his men, and a delicate

sensibility to his women. The Countess of Blessington's Face is a complete exemplification of our assertion.-The loveliness of feature enchanted us, and the expression not only shews the great power of art, but proves, that Sir Thomas is not less happy in pourtraying the mind and its affections, than in delineating the features and exter nal countenance. The Portrait of Mrs. Littleton teems with the beauties we have described.

WILKIE'S Picture is so admired, that it is difficult to approach it; and the Academy have been compelled to put a bar before it, to prevent its admirers from touching it. This is Wilkie's master-piece in expression, drawing, colouring, and composition.-The attentive Pensioner, with the oyster on the tip of his fork, is admirable, though we are at a loss to guess why Wilkie chose oysters for a principal feature in his picture, the scene being laid in June. Hogarth has made an oyster a matter of great interest, in his picture of The Election, where the plethoric member is going off in an apoplexy, with an oyster on the top of his fork, which is held tight by the expiring glutton; but there we cannot trace the month. This picture is a trophy to the Duke of Wellington, and will remain, for ages, a glorious monument of the Artist's fame.

Mr. BONE's Enamels are extremely beautiful.The Standard Bearer (from Rembrandt) partakes of all the richness of colour possessed by the original. We remember, that last year Mr. BONE's beautiful Venus, (from Titian) belonging to the Marquis of Stafford, was placed in the dark, because one of the Hanging Committee happened to be evangelical!!

We notice, in the inner room, A Party of Pleasure, painted by M. W. SHARP; it is replete with beauty and humour. The timid Girl, fearful to enter the boat, amidst the entreaties of her Father and Lover, is admirable, whilst the entertainment, her fears afford to some Fishermen in the Summer-house, is finely contrasted. Turn which side of the picture you will, the story is kept in full face.-The Arch Girl, putting her hand before her telescope, is a sweet passage; and The Diappointed Boy, with his little ship under his arm, cries most lustily. The scene, we understand, is laid at Gravesend. We were rather surprised to see a picture so foreign to Mr. Sharp's style; but we have reason to rejoice at it. The landscape, sky, and water, shew him a strict observer of nature, and that nothing escapes his eye. We understand this picture is the valuable property of the Rev. G. Preston, jun.

(To be continued.)




Extracted from the London Gazette.

N. B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street, unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are between Parenthesis.

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Ackland, Headley, and Rose, J. Leadenhall-market, provision merchants, May 18, 25, and June 22. (Daniel, Sewell, and Daniel, Essex-st. Temple, and Colchester, Essex Attree, Wm. Brighton, coach-maker, May 7, 25, and June 15. (Hunt, Surry-street, Strand Amys, Jas. Bromyard, Hereford, victualler, draper, and grocer, May 10, 11, and June 11, Bay Horse Inn, Bromyard. (Hilliard and Hastings, Gray's Inn-square; and Devereux, Bromyard Barnes, Wm. Liverpool, merchant, May 3, 4, and

June 1, George Inn, Liverpool. (Williams, Liverpool; and Chester, Staple's Inn Burr, John, Hales Owen, Salop, iron-master and

millwright, May 13, 14, and June 4, Wheat Sheaf Inn, Bewdly, Worcestershire. (Hayes and Hincliffe, Hales Owen; and Long and Austin, Holborn-court, Gray's Inn

Beley, Jas. Birmingham, dealer and chapman, May

23, 24, and June 8, George Inn, Walsall. (Heely, Walsall; and Turner and Hutchinson, Bloomsbury-square

Bleay, Jos. Marston, Oxford, corn-dealer, May 10,

18, and June 8, at Robinson Bartram's, under the town hall, Oxford. (Robinson Hine, Charterhouse-square; and Dudley, Oxford. Bentley, Thomas, and Bentley E. of Leicester, brace manufacturers, &c. May 9, 10, and June 11, Three Crowns Inn, Leicester. (Brown, Leicester; and Chitton, 7, Chancery-lane

Bradley, Wm. Lowth, Lincoln, linen-draper, May 13, 14, and June 18, Fleece Inn, Lowth. (T. B. Phillips, Lowth; and Handley and Wing, 6, Gray's-inn-square

Bird, Isaac Thomas, Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk, butcher, May 27, 28, and June 22, Angel Inn, Bury St. Edmonds. (Wayman, Bury St. Edmonds; Sandys, Horton; Roarke, and Sandys, Crane-court.

Bosher, John, 9, Brown's-buildings, St. Mary Axe, timber-merchant, May 14, 25, and June 22. (Hutchinson, Crown-court, Threadneedle-street Benbow, Thomas, Bromyard, Hereford, draper. May

28, 29, and June 25, Crown Inn, Worcester.
(Bray, & Badham, Bromyard; and Williams and
White, Lincoln's-inn

Chalmers, John, High Holborn, boot and shoe-maker,
April 27, May 4, June 1. (Duncombe, 6, Lyon's
Child, Joseph, St. Ives, Huntingdon, boat-wright,
May 8, 9, and June 4, Crown Inn, St. Ives.
(Fisher, St. Ives; and Ellis, 43, Chancery-lane
Coales, John, Earith, Huntingdon, liquor-merchant,
May 8, 9, and June 4, Crown Inn, St.Ives. (Day,
St. Ives; and Long and Austin, 4, Holborn-ct.

Carliell, Charles, Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk, carpenter, May 4, 6, and June 8, Angel Inn, Bury St. Edmonds. (Leech, Bury St. Edmonds; and Bromley, Gray's-inn-square

Carter, Matthew, Forton Mill, Southampton, miller, May 16, 23, and June 8, Crown Inn, Gosport. (Minchin and Son, Gosport; and Minchin, 3, Verulam-buildings, Gray's-inn

Cole, Thomas, and R. Priest, Norwich, warehousemen, May 7, 8, June 8, White Swan Inn, Norwich. (Sewill, Blake, and Keith, Norwich; and Tilbury and Langdale, Falcon-st. Falcon-sq. Cruso, Thomas, Norwich, linen-draper, May 17, 18, and June 11, White Swan Inn, Norwich. (Sewill, Blake, and Keith, Norwich; and Tilbury and Langdale, Falcon-st. Aldersgate-st. Cosser, Walter, Milbank-street, Westminster, timber-merchant, May 14, 21, and June 22. (Shef feild, Great Prescott-st. Goodman's-fields Cruickshanks, James, Gerrard-street, Westminster, elderado sash manufacturer, May 14, 21, & June 22. (Allen, Gylby, and Allen, Carlisle-st. Soho Collard, Wm. Eumore, Somerset, baker and miller, White Lion Inn, Bath. (Cruickshank, Bath; and Corbet, 9, Bloomsbury-square

Davis, George, East Stonehouse, Devon, shipbuilder, May 11, 13, and June 11, Weakeley's Hotel, Plymouth-dock. (Elworthy, Plymouthdock; and Raine, North, and Smart, Temple Dryden, James, Wood-street, Cheap-side, warehouseman, May 18, 25, and June 22. (Adams & Tilleard, Old Jewry

Dean, Robert William, and Cooke, T. W. Sugar-loaf. alley, Bethnal green, Middlesex, brewers, May 18, 25, and June 25. (Cranch, Union-court, Broad-street

Devey, Henry Francis, J. Saunders, and T. Tickell, Goldshill, Stafford, iron-manufacturers, May 21, 22, and June 25, Royal Hotel, Temple-row, Birmingham. (Robins, Stourbridge; Spurrier, Ingleby, and Spurrier, Birmingham; and Norton and Chaplin, 3, Gray's-inn-square

Dunnet, Daniel, Norwich, veterinary surgeon and shoeing smith, June 5, 6, and 25, Bowling-green Inn, Norwich. (Jay, Norwich; and Fenton, Austin-friars

Evans, Francis, Cirencester, Gloucester, corn-dealer, April 29, 30, and June 4, Ram Inn, Cirencester. (Beever, 2, Cook's-court, Lincoln's-inn Elkins, Wm. St. Ives, Huntingdon, inn-keeper & hay factor, May 16, 17, and June 22, Crown Inn, St. Ives. (Day, St. Ives; and Long and Austin, 4, Holborn-court, Gray's-inn

Ely, Thomas, Fenchurch-street, malt-factor, May 18, 25, and June 22. (Daniell, Sewell, and Daniell, Essex-street, Temple; and Colchester, Essex

Emett, Charles, Mangotsfield, Gloucester, quarry

man, May 16, 23, and June 22, White Lion Inn, Broad-street, Bristol. (Ball, Bristol; and Pool and Greenfield, 12, Gray's-inn-square Findley, John Liptrot, Sparrow-corner, Minories, clothes salesman and oilman, April 27, May 4, and June 1. (Sheffield, Great Prescott-street, Goodman's-fields Firmstone, John Parsons, Wolverhampton, Stafford, iron-master, May 10, 11, and June 4, Royal Hotel, Temple-row, Birmingham. (Beswick, Birmingham; and Hicks and Brackenridge, Bartlett's-buildings, Holborn

Fowler, Wm. Staines, Middlesex, linen-draper, April 30, May 4, and June 4. (Fisher and Munday, Furnival's-inn, Holborn

Finer, Frederick, Drury-lane, grocer, May 4, 14, and June 18. (Flower, Fenchurch-buildings, Fenchurch-street

Freethy, Thomas, Acton, Middlesex, baker, carpenter and builder, May 4, 11, and June 8. (Hill, Welbeck-street, London

Freeman, Wm. New Bond-street, bookseller and stationer, May 25, June 1, 25. (Gaines, Caroline-street, Bedford-square

Green, J. Birmingham, iron-monger, May 10, 11, & June 11, Stork Tavern, Birmingham. (Webb, Birmingham; and Swain, Stevens, Maples, Pearse and Hunt, Frederic-place, Old Jewry Griffith, Thomas, Nilmorton, Warwick, victualler,

May 27, 28, and June 18, Spread Eagle Inn, Rugby. (Wratislaw, Rugby; and Fuller and Saltwell, Carlton Chambers, Regent-street Gamson, John, Gainsborough, Lincoln, mercer, May

22, 23, and June 22, Masons' Arms Inn, Gainsborough. (Barnard, Codd, and Neaton, Gainsborough; and Stocker, Dawson, and Herringham, New Boswell-court

Hobson, George, Middleton, Lancaster, corn-dealer, May 6, 7, June 1, Dog Tavern, Manchester. (Clay and Thompson, Manchester; and Adling. ton, Gregory, and Faulkner, Bedford-row Holmden, Wm. Milton, Kent, grocer, April 27, May 4, and June 1. (Pitches, St. Swithin's-lane Hannum, Edward, Crown-court, Threadneedle-st,

insurance broker, merchant, April 27, May 4,
and June 4. (Hutchinson, Crown-court, Thread-

Hirst, John, Awkley, York, iron-founder, May 6, and
June 4, Guildhall, Doncaster. (Fisher, Don-
caster; and Lever, 5, Gray's-inn-square
Holland, S. P. Worcester, hop and seed merchant,

May 14, 15, and June 4, Star and Garter Inn,
Worcester. (Gilham, Worcester; and Cardale,
Buxton, and Parlby, Gray's-inn

Heath, Wm. Cheadale, Stafford, grocer, May 14, 15,

and June 11, Royal Oak Inn, Cheadle. (Blagg, Cheadle; and Barber, 122, Fetter-lane Horseley, James, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, linen-dra

per, May 21, 23, June 11, George Inn, Newcastleupon-Tyne. (Armstrong, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; and Constable and Kirk, Symond's Inn, Chancery-lane

Hudson, James, Ulverston, Lancaster, victualler, May 16, 17, and June 15, Braddyll's Arms Inn, Ulverston. (Mason, Ulverston; and Blakelock, Serjeant's-inn, Fleet-street

Hewit, Thomas, Carlisle, draper, May 16, 17, and June 18, Crown and Mitre Coffee-house, Carlisle. (S. and G. Saul, Carlisle; and Clemell, Staple'sinn Hawkins, John, Glastonbury, Somerset, horse and cattle dealer, May 20, 21, and June 22, Somerset Hotel, Wells. (Reeves, Glastonbury; and Adlington, Gregory, and Faulkener, Bedford-row Jones, Daniel, Liverpool, draper, June 3, 4, 5, King's Arms, Castle-street, Liverpool. (Pickford, Liverpool; and Blackstock and Bunce, King'sbench-walk, Temple

Jones, Lewis, Deptford-bridge, Kent, grocer, May 11,

18, and June 15. (M. Duff, Castle-st. Holborn. Kent, Charles, Chorlton-row, Manchester, shop

keeper, May 16, 17, and June 4, Spread Eagle Inn, Hanging-ditch, Manchester. )Chew, Manchester; and Adlington, Gregory, and Faulkner, Bedford-row

Lawson, P. Bowness-hall, Cumberland, corn-factor, May 23, 24, and June 25. (Gaines, Caroline-st. Bedford-square

Mottram, J. Bristol, hop and corn merchant, and soap manufacturer, May 10, 11, and June 8. Talbott Inn, Bath-street, Bristol. (Cornish, Bristol; and Poole and Greenfield, Grays-inn-sq.) Marsh, W. and Willatt W., Hanley, Stafford, manufacturers of earthen-ware, May 22, 23, and June 18, Swan Inn, Manley. (Jones, Stafford; and Hanleys, Dax, Son, and Meredith, Guildford-street.

Nash, J. Clandon, Surry, farmer, and shop-keeper, May 4, 11, and June 8. (Palmer and France, Bedford-row

Orme, Henry, Liverpool, common brewer, May 18, 20, and June 15, York-hotel, Liverpool. (Whitley and Mason, Liverpool; and Adlington, Gregory and Faulkner, Bedford-row

Prothero, J. Bedwelty, Monmouth, shopkeeper, May 22, 23, and June 11. Angel-inn, Abergavanny. (B. and T. Gabb, Abergavanny; and Gregory, 12, Clements-inn

Pritchard, J. Rosamond-street, Clerkenwell, carpenter and builder, May 11, 25, and June 11. (Devey, Dorset-street, Fleet-street.

Pearl, Robert, Cambridge, May 22, 23, and June 22, Hoop-inn, Cambridge. (Chevill, Cambridge; and Farlow, Gray's-inn.

Parkes, John, Parkes J. the younger, and Parkes Jos. Warwick, worsted manufacturers, May 24, and June 8 and 25. (Heydon, Warwick; and Amory and Coles, Throgmorton-street. Rodd, C. W. Broadway, Worcester, malsterer, April 30, May 7, and June 1. (Martindale, Gray's-inn


Roxby, R. B. Arbour-square, commercial-road, Merchant and ship-owner, May 7, 25, and June 11. (Atcheson, Great Winchester-street Bout, J. Whitechappel, linen-draper, May 11, 18, and June 15. (Fisher and Munday, Furnival'sRuss, James, Evesham, Worcester, butcher, May 24, 25, and June 22, Rose and Crown-inn, Evesham. (Kinsey, Evesham; and Darke and Church, 30, Red-lion-square.


Robinson, Wiiliam, Hallifax, iron-monger and shop-keeper, May, 22, 23, June 25, Swan-inn, Halifax. (Wiglesworth, Hallifay; and Wiglesworth, Gray's-inn

Sharp, Josph. Houndsditch, auctioneer, appraiser, and upholsterer, April 27, May 4, June 1, (Cokayne and Towne, 5, Lion's-inn

Smith, A. J. and Shepherd, Brierley, Stafford, iron masters, May 14, 15, and June 4, Wheatsheafinn, Bewdley, (Barker, Birmingham; Robinson, Dudley; and Tooke and Carr, Gray'sinn,

Smith, J. K. Farnham, Surry, Upholsterer, April 30, May 7, June 4. (Fisher and Munday, Furnival's-iun.

Smith, R. Frome, Selwood, Somerset inn-holder,
May 16, 17, and June 8, Wheatsheaves's-inn,
Frome Selwood. (Miller, Frome Selwood; and
Perkins and Frampton, Gray's-inn)
Surnam, F. Crowle, Worcester, Malster, and shop-
keeper, May 16, 17, and June 11, Hoppole-inn,
Worcester. (Holdsworth, Worcester; and Wil-
liams and White, 9, Lincoln's-inn

Salmon, Jos. Canterbury-buildings, Lambeth, coalmerchant, May 7, 14, and June 15. (Harris, Surey-street, Strand

Sanson, John Exeter, china-dealer, May 23, 24, and June 15, Subscription-rooms. Exeter. (Brutton, Exeter; and Brutton, 55, Broad-street Smith, M. N. Burslem, Stafford, draper, May 16, 17,and June 15, Roebuck-inn, Newcastle-underLime. (Preston, Burslem; and Williams and White, 9, Old-buildings, Lincoln's-inn Sykes, J., and Hollis, J., Manchester, iron and cop. dealers, May 24, 25, and June 15, Albion Hotel, Manchester. (Law and Coates, Manchester; and Adlington Gregory and Faulkner, Bedford

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Shoefield, Jos. Sheffield, York, merchant and cutler, May 17, 18, and June 22, Angel-inn, Shef

field. (Wilson, Sheffield; and Wilson, 16, Gren-
ville-street, Hatton-garden
Smith, James, Waneford, Suffolk, warrener, May
29, 30, and June 25, Bell-inn, Milden hall, Suf-
folk. (Isaacson, Mildenhall; and Hunt, 5,
Surrey-street, strand

Thomings, Eth. and Dimmack, J. Kingswingford,
Stafford, pig-iron-makers, May, 16, 17, and
June 1, George-inn, Digbeth, Birmingham.
(Fellows, Dudley; and Williams, 1, Swithins-
lane, Lombard-street
Thornecraft, Jos. Coventry, victualler, May 6,7, and
June 1, Craven Arms Hotel, Coventry. (Dick-

ens, Coventry; and Hall, and Willet, 15, Great
James-street, Bedford-row
Tatner, William, Kent-road, dealer, May 15, 25, and
June 22. (Walls, Lower Thornhaugh-street,
Bedford-square, and Blackheath-hill, Kent
Upperton, Robert, Petworth, Sussex, banker, May
23, 24, and June 25, Half-moon, Inn, Petworth.
(Tyler, Petworth; and Hilliard and Hastings,

Vaughan, Thos. Corley, Lancaster, cotton Manufac-
turer, May 13, 14, and June 8, Star-inn, Man-
chester. (Norris, Manchester; and Appleby
and Serjeant, Gray's-inn

Vincent, James, Regent-street, and Castle-street,
victualler, May 18, 25, June 22. (Orlebar,
George-street, Hanover-square
Walter, G.Upper-st. Islington, linen-draper, April 23
May 4, and June 1. (Swain, Stevens, Maples
Pearse, and Hunt, Fredrick's-place, Old Jewry
Warren, P. Warminster, Wilts, meal-man, May 2,
3, and June 4, Angel-inn, Warminster. (Boor,
Warminster; and Lowden and Helder, 17 Cle-
ment's-inn, strand

Watkins, William, Norton-juxta-Kempsey, Wor-
cester, corn dealer, May 22, 23, and June 11,

Star and Garter-inn, Foregate-street, Worces-
ter. (Long, Worcester; and Collet Winburn
and Collet. 62. Chancery-lane

Wilson, H. Hatton-garden, auctioneer and broker,
May, 4, 18, and June 11,(Hodgson, &Ogdon, St.
Mildreds-court, City; and Appleby and Ser-
jeant, Gray's-inn

Woakes, Jas. Hereford, upholsterer and cabinet-
maker, May 10, 11, and June 11, Commercial-
hotel without Bye-street-gate, Parish of St.
Peter's Hereford. (Bullock, Hereford; and
Wright, 5, Hart-street, Bloomsbury-square
Willett, F. Willett E. and Willet, R, Thetford,
Norfolk, Bankers, May 13, 14, and June 15,
Bell-inn, Thetford. (Wayman, Bury St. Ed-
munds; Isaacson, Mildenhall, Suffolk; Clarke,
Thetford; and Blackgrave and Walter, Symond's-
inn, Chancery-lane

Walwyn Rich, Wood-street, Cheapside, printer, May
18, 25, June 22. (Jones and Howard, Mincing-
White, Thomas, Regent-street, White, Smith, May
25, and June 1, 22. (Rice, Jermyn-street, Pic-
Whitehouse, Ben. Dale-end, Birmingham,_baker
and corn dealer, May 20, 21, June 22, Crown-
inn, Worcester. (Sadler, Birmingham; and
Smith, 31, Basinghall-street
Walton, Sam, Nantwhich, Chester, linen & woollen
draper, May 30, 31, and June 25, Crown-inn,
Nautwhich. (Edleston and Elwood, Nantwich;
and Wilde, Chancery-lane

Norwich, Thos. Lancaster, Banker (together with
Andrade, Alex. of the same place, banker) June,
11, 12, and 25, Kings Arms-inn, Lancaster,
(Wilson and Higgin, Lancaster; and Bell and
Broderick, Bow church-yard



Abbott, J. Weymouth-st. Portland-place, April 27
Abernethee, J. and H. F. Lothbury, June 18
Ackland, T. Greenwich, May 25
Archer, J. Ware, August 27

Austin, W. Princes's-street, Coventry-st. June 15
Alvin, R. P. Elm-street, Gray's-inn-lane, June 4
Beaumont, J. Beech street, May 14
Blackburne, J. Liverpool. May 15
Butler, T. Baker-street, May 25

Baldwin, W. H. Liverpool, May 17
Brierley, W. Halifax, May 22
Bagnall, T. Birmingham, May 21
Bibby, R. Liverpool, May 27

Blakeway, J. and B. R. Bilston, May 23
Burlingham, T. Worcester, May 24

Banting, J. Cumberland-street, May 25
Bright, R. Nassau-street, June 18

Bailey, B. Merton, June 1

Bell, J. and B. G. Berwick-upon-Tweed, June 1
Beason, C. Birmingham, June 5

Carey, J. Fleet-street, April 23

Caw, T. Cannon-street, June 15

Clively, E. Woolwich, May 18

Coupland, C. Leeds, May 18

Carr, J. Wortley, May 21

[blocks in formation]

Fuller, J. M. Worthing, July 6
Faugoin, H. Bristol, June 13
Francis, S. Norwich, June 3
Galon, T. Leeds, May 27
Gibbons, B. Kingswinford, June 3
Garside, T. Stockport, June 5
Heseltine, B. Mark-lane, May 11
Hellary, J. P. Mark-lane, May 11
Hebdin, W. Leeds, May 14

Hellicar, T. and H. T. Bristol, May 24

Hutton, W. Evesham, May 30

Heselden, W. and H. W. S. Barton-upon-Humber,

June 4

Jenkins, E. Glamorgan, May 14

Jackson, H. Mincing-laue, May 21

Illingworth, R. S. Waterloo-place, Pall-Mall, May 25

Inchbold, T. Leeds, May 25

Knowles, J. and W. H. Salford, June 8

Laugher, H. Birminghani, May 11

Lecand, B. Goodman's-fields, May 14

Long, H. J. and F. F. B. Great Tower-st. May 14

Lough, R. Upper Ground-street, May 25

Langhorne, H. and B. W. Bucklersbury, April 30

Latham, T. D. and P. J. Devonshire-sq. May 7

Lageman, W. Tower-hill, May 21

Levi, J. Well, Norfolk, May 21

Lawrence, G. Evesham, May 29
Lockney, C. Ivy-lane, June í

Leyburn, G. Bishopsgate-street, June 4

Mathews, T. High Holborn, May 11

Mackenzie, C. Caroline-street, May 18

M'Nair, A. Abchurch-lane, May 21

Molony, M. Finsbury-square, May 18

Dutton, G. Brown's-buildings, May 18

Ezard, H. Brentford, May 11

Mulligan, T. Bath, May 18

Mann, T. Halifax, May 22

Edwards, L. O. Minories, June 1

Metcalfe, W. Cranbourne-street, June 1

Elwin, G. Canterbury, May 22

Miller, S. Emsworth, May 11

Emes, W. P. Church-row, Fenchurch-street, May 18

M-Nair, J. and A. J. Cornhill, June 1

Flindt, G. London Wall, May 11

Moule, B. Stone, June 5

Featherstone, J. Losemoor, May 27

Newman, H, Skinner-street, May 18

Foster, L. Farningham, May 25

Nathan, M. and A. A. Old-street, June 1

Eur. Mag. Vol. 81. May 1822.

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