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Oram, J. Cricklade, June 4
Oake, O. R. Minorles, May 28
Pigram, J. and P.T.R. Maidstone, May 11
Proctor, G. and P. W. Birmingham, May 11
Pulleyn, W. Leadenhall-street, April 27
Purkis, W. Portsmouth, April 27
Powell, J. Windsor, May 14
Pugh, G. Sheerness, May 14
Plaw, H. R. Lime-street, May 18
Pitts, J. Hereford, June 4
Pearce, J. Horningsham, May 31
Peters, E. Redcliffe-hill, Bristol, May 29
Prince, R. Hereford, June 12
Pearson, R. Doncaster, June 4
Ravis, N. Gracechurch-street, June 4
Royle, J. F. Pall Mall, May 25
Reynolds, R. Shobrooke, May 29
Richards, J. R. E. C. and R. J. St. Martin's-lane,

May 28
Rucker, s. Broad-street, May 28
Rood, J. Portsmouth, June 8
Richards, W. Penzance, June 5
Stonhill, W. Stewkley, May 13
Sweet, C. Northtawton, May 15
Seaman, G. Bishopsgate-street, May 4
Sugden, R. Halifa, May 22
Sutton, J. Barlestolie, June 6

Spitta, C. L., M. F., M. O., and S. H.A., Lawrence

pountney-lane, June 1
Stanley, G. York, June 1
Stud, J. L. Kerby-street, June I
Todd, S. Southampton, May 21
Taylor, J. Heath Carnock, May 25
Thomas, G. Bristol, May 23
Travers, B. and E. J. Cheapside, May 25
Turner, G. Liverpool, May 23
Thompson, J. Atherstone, June 6
Thompson, W. Tottenbill, May 3
Tucker, J. H. Jermyn-street, May 28
Tweed, J. L. Boreham, June 8
Ulph, W. Norwich, June 3
Ward, R. R. Battle-bridge, June 1
Webster, J. Derby, June 7
Whitchurch, J. Worship - street, Finsbury-square

May 11
Wibberley, R. Liverpool, May 21
Williams, W. and W. A. New Bond-st. May 28
Woolven, T. Andover, May 30
Wright, T. Stourport, May 28
Washburn, J. Great Marlow, June 8
Young, T. Macheen, Monmouth, June 3
Young, Peter, and A. R. Wapping, May 11
Zimmer, J. Welbeck-street, May 25

From SATURDAY, April 20, To Tuesday, May 14, 1822.

Atkinson, T. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, May 11. Adams, J. Stamford, May 18 Andrews, T. W. Stamford, May 18 Algar, S.C. Commercial-road, May 25 Alvin, R. P. Elm-street, Gray's-inn-lane, May 25 Ambrose, T. Botolph-lane, June 4 Axford, T. Abingdon, June 4 Bower, J. Tothill-street, May 11 Bellot, H. Manehester, May 11 Bethel, W. V. Liverpool, May 11 Beaufoy, J. Meriden. May 18 Brumfii, T. Badford, May 25 Bailey, S. C. Queen-street, Cheapside, May 18. Blyth, G. B. W. and B. F. Birmingham, May 28 Butlin, T. Baker-street, Portman-square, May 28 Bayley, C. Abbingdon, June 1 Colyer, Middle-row, Broad-street, May 14 Carter. W. Nureaton, May 21 Connor, J. King-street, St. Georges, May 21 Congden, T. Torquay, May 25 Cotton, Wm. Castle Donnington, May 25 Cann, W. Oakhampton, June 1 Clough, R, Sharpless, June 4 Danby, M. Commercial-road, May 25 Marke, S. W. Red Lion-square, May 25 Edwards, T. Mincing-lane, May 11 Egleston, R., Great Driffield, May 14 Evans, T. Birmingham, June 1 Essex, W. Paddington, June 4 Freeland, W. Bedhampton, May 18 Field, J. Picket-street, Strand, May 28 Forbes, J. Oxford-street, June 4 Gray, J. T. Wardour-street, Soho, May 28 Gurney, R. Birmingham, June 1 Heaton, J. Scholes, May 18 Hollis, J. P. Bollingbroke-row, Newington, May 18 Hort, J, Great St. Helens, May 21 Herrington, J. Fareham, May 28 Holden, H. Riponden, May 28 Hlembrey, Margaret, Lambeth-road, June 1

Hercert, E. T. Fetter-lane, June 4. Jabet, R. Birmingham, May 14 Johnson, M. Leeds, May 25 Knight, J. Taterhill, Stafford, May 11 Knight, J. Halifax, May 28 Lewis, P. R. Bath-place, New-road, May 21 Larbaleslier, J. Throgmorton-street, May 25 Lloyd, C. Thetford, June 1 Lacy, James, Manchester, June 4 May, W. Spital-square, May 18 Malson, R. Barfristone, May 21 Mounsber, James, Leonard-street, May 21 Milne. J. Liverpool, May 25 Niblett, F. St. Mary Axe, May 18 Peet, J. Ashton, Lancaster, May 18 Pottor, B. Manchester 18 Pollock, J. Adams-court, Broad-street, May 21 Pearson, J. Manchester, June 4 Pope, T. Leeds, June 1 Phillips, G. Manchester, June 1 Railston, J. North Shields, June 1 Rothery, J. Leeds, June 1 Snape, Wm. Litchfield, May 11 Stead, Samuel, Huddersfiell, May 14 Sherwin, J. Burslem, May 18 Smallpage, J. Leeds, May 18 Sunithi, A. King-street, May 18 Terry, B. Doncaster, May 14 Thomas, J. Carpenters buildings, May 14 Thorpe, W. Bath, May 14 Thompson, T. Camomile-street, May 18 Turner, S. Stone, Stafford, June 1 Woodward, T. Bridgewater, May 25 Warner, R. Huntingdon, May 19 White, J. Winchester-street, May 18 Woolcock, J. Truro, May 18 Williams, S. Bristol, May 21 Whitbourn, J. Brook-street, Holborn, June 1 White, J. Cirencester, June 1 Wills, R. Broad-street, Bloombury, June 1


Anderson, J. Inverkeithing, builder and quarrier
Hunter, R. Greenock, merchant
Paterson, Malcolm, and Co. Port-Dundas, fire-brick

Wilson, D. St. Andrew's, merchant

Walker, R. Glasgow, victualler and hay.merchant
Richardson, R. Lochmaben, merchant
Robertson, J. & Co. Parliament-square, Edinburgh,

Newham, T. Glasgow, merchant



Ainsworth, J. and Watkins, F. Manchester, tailors Applebee, W. and Applebee, J. Hinckley, bakers Anstey, G. Pearson, W. and A. T. Old Bond-street Adcroft, P. and Wagstaff, W. Portwood, near Stock

port, cotton-spinners Allen, R. and Johnson, T. Manchester, cheesefactors Bacon, G, and Bacon, J. Greenwich, plasterers Ballard, H. Raineer, D. and Morgan, J. Exchange

Alley, Cornhill, stock-brokers Bridges, W.H. and Buchannan, B. B. Ledbury, apo.

thecaries Bathe, R. and B. J. Bread-street, Cheapside Bedlington, J. and Robson, E. Whitby, milliners Beer, W. and Fish, W. Maidstone, maltsters Bennet, J. Mitchell, W. Carlidge, T. and Cork, B.

Burslem, earthenware and brick and saggai

manufacturers Bodenbam, C. Jay, T. and Garret, J. Hereford,

Bankers Buckiey, S. and Jeffreys, R. Liverpool, linen-drapers Bate, J. and White, F. Cheltenham, painters Barron, T. and Young, T. Glamford-Briggs, bra

ziers and tinners Bradbury, P. and Darley, J. Manchester, commis.

sion-agents Brindley, R. and Cox, S. High-street, Worcester,

milleners Barton, M. and Barton, J. Liverpool. brokers Beatty, E. and Armstrong J. Liverpool, joiners Boreham, J. and Laver, W.(as surviving Executors

of W. Gilman) and Boreham, J. as farmers Beaver, H. and Guest, R. Manchester, merchants Blackman, E, C, and Howell, V. Duke-street, Man

chester-square, cooks and confectioners Bullwinkle, J. R. and Ward, R. R. Allen's-court,

Goswell-street, Prussian-blue manufacturers Bygrave, R. and Hall, T. Montague-close, South

wark, seed merchants Claughton, T.Fitchet, J. Bover, G. and Pickmore, J.

Liverpool, coal-merchants Cannon, A. Cunningham, J. and Perkins, J. Liver.

pool, drapers Carr, J. and Nunns, J. Lancaster, liquor-merchants Cawood, M. and C. J. Leeds, brassand iron-founders Couchman W.andCouchman, S.Throgmorton-street,

engravers and printers Chaffers, Wm. U. Bolton, G. and Chaffers, H. I.

Quebec, at Liverpool, merchants Combe, H. Delatield, J. Delafield, E. H. Sir Charles

Flower, Bart. and Flower, J. porter-brewers Cooper, J. and Lewis, J. Sheffield, drapers Chatterton, J. and Macey, G. Macclesfield, reed

makers Cannon, S. and Thompson, J. Bradford, worsted

stuff dealers Chettle, J. Cooke W. Bayes J. and Bayes, Jas.

Kettering, brick-makers Cripps, J. G. and Emery, W. Bristol, tea-dealers

and wine-merchants Cummins. G. Barnes J. and Tucker, R. general

commission agents, and ale and porter-dealers Dibble, F, Finch, G. F. Doughty, J. & Doughty B.

Birmingham, button-makers Dicken, J. and Harding J. Burslem, drapers, &c. Doncaster, W. and D. J. Sheffield, file-makers, &c. Eppes, W. J. and Johnson, J. Great Tower-street,

brokers, &c. Ellis, C. and Ellis, J. Mansfield, mercers and drapers Eddington, J. Yerraway,J.and Eddington, H. Black

friars, coal-merchants Emmet, C. and Butler, J. P. Manglotsfield, Glou

cestershire, quarrymen Esplin, W. and Cryer, It. Manchester, joiners, &c. Falkner, H. and Megin, L. Liverpool, painters and

glaziers Farror, M. and Smith, G. Birmingham, appraisers

and auctioneers Force, J. and Abbot, G. Exmouth, auctioneers and

appraisers Finch, T. and Freer, T. Hammersmith, brewers Fletcher, M. Davies, J. Maclean, W. Rowlet, J. and

Duguid, T. Malta, merchants

Fox, W. and Hudson, M. A. Maidstone boarding

school Greenwood, L. Greenwood, T. and Waller, J. Hud

dersfield, fancy clothiers Griffin, J. P. G. Wand. G. R. P. Skinner-street,

Snow-hill, ribbon manufacturers Gould, W. and Greaseley, F. Maiden-lane, Cheap

side, hosiers Glossop, W. and Roberts, J. Yorkshire, iron-founders

and engineers Goodwin, J. and G. M. stone painters Grove, F. and Poden, G. H. G. Worcestershire,, George, T. and Williams, A. Newport, coal-merchants Gillies, R. and Cowan, J. Manchester, drapers and

tea-dealers Gosden, T.W. H. P. Bognor, butchers Garstang, Thos. Clarkson, W. and Clarkson, Jas

Lougton, cheese-factors Gilfillan, A. Crowther, J. and Jones, J. Pernambuco Gorle, J. and Devey, Hurcott-mill, Worcester, millers Corson, J. Corson, E. and Creath, J. Halford, T. and H. C. under the firm of the Black

well Coal Company Hedden, A. and Crowther, W. Halifax, stovers and

pressers Hodgson, J. Walker, J. and W. S.Stainland, Halifax.

worsted spinners Haworth, T. and Hargreaves, Haslingden and Sunny. bank, Lancashire,

cotton manufacturers Harrison, J. and W. Little Moor-fields, veterinary

surgeons Haskew, J. and Barker, J.S. Cock hill, Ratcliffe,

snuff manufacturers Hopkins, E. J. and Smith, B. P. Queen-sq. surgeons Hyslop, R. Johnstone, J. Moon, H. and Turner, G,

Marnham, and Liverpool Iones, J. and Baily, J. Queen's Arms Tavern, Birdin-hand-court, Cheapside, tavern-keepers

and wine-merchants Jervis, C. and Lane, H. Hinckley, bankers Johnson, J. B. and Coleman, J. Gateshead, Durham,

druggists Jones, Wm. and Brewster, C. Wolverhampton, milKennett, J. and Austen, R. Hythe, drapers and tai

lors Knight, T. Wrathall, Wm. and Knight, J. Tooley.

street, Southwark, grocers and biscuit-bakery Lockwood, W. and Carter, P. Liverpool, tobacconists Lovell, T. and Sugg, J. Exeter, cabinet and chair

makers Lansell, T. and Mathews, W. T. Margate, grocers Lowry, J. and Sowerby, J. Gateshead, Durham, ma

nufacturers Lake, W. and Sheppee, J. Hatfield-Peveral, Essex Mitchell, W. and Brice, J. Wapping, sail-makers Montrie, William, and Ashcroft, W. Ratcliffe-cross,

coopers Masey, P. jun. and Hill, C. G. Bristol-blue, starch

and mustard manufacturers M'Clure, A. and Stocklidge, J. Liverpool, grocers

and commission brokers Mackay, J. T. and Dickinson, Crown-street, Parlia· ment-street, bookbinders Nutter, T. and Eaden, J. Cambridge, merchants Nelson, W. and Phillips, J. Coleman-street, packers

and calenders Oswald, G, and Whigman, F. Rephadin-st. South

wark, curriers Parsons, R. and Jeffries, T. Tewksbury, brickmakers Potter, Jas. Burges, Jas. Burges, Wm. and Argles,

J. Maidstone, Warfingers Paine, L. and Terry, E. Rochester, grocers Pfeil, A. L. Feldwick, J. and Nettlefold, Broad-st.

Bloomsbury, iron-mongers Price, Wm. and Addenbrook, S. brass-founders, Bir

mingham Quantock, G. and Narbery, E. Spa-fields, umbrella

and parosol-tube and furniture manufacturers Rose, T, and Blase, T. Caughley, Salop, coal-mas.



Raney, J. and Manley, T. Whitehaven, fish-carriers
Ridge, L. and Cater, W. Lower Sloane st. Chelsea,

tea-dealers, &c.
Richardson, J. and R. Birmingham, factors
Southworth, J. and Johnson, J. Ulnes-Walton, malt.

sters Sleadman, G. and Croley, J. Nicholas-lane, Lom

bard-street, porter-merchants Stevenson, J. and S. T. Nottingham Slade, A. Slade, J. and Bowles, G. Gun-lane, Lime

house, stock-merchants Sowerby, J. and Alexander, J. Walbrook, tea-dealers Staple, A. and Force, J. Exmouth, auctioneers and

Scott, w. Crosbie, J. and Brown, W. Reading
Shanklin, J. Balmer, T. Aldersey, J. Manley, M. and

Thompson, R. Liverpool, canal carriers
Simpson, w.and Earles, E. High-street, Shoreditch,

Temple, T. and Tollman, W. Gun-st. Old Artillery

Grounds, silk manufacturers

Tennant, Jas. sen. T. Jasjun, and T.S.C. Liverpool,

Thornton, S. Thornton, J. and Melville, J. T. L.

Taylor, G. and Medcalf, Acerington, Lancashire,

Vincett, A. jun. and Burges, T. Northiam, fellmou-

gers Wentworth, J. and W. H. Wandsworth, engineers

and millwrights Wheeler, 'T. and Ellis, R. straw-hat, stay, and corset

makers Wallis, E, and Thornton J. Sculcoates, York, whale

bone-cutters Wales, L. and Calvert, W. Hunslet, York, coperas

manufacturers Whitehouse, A. and Hare M. Tamworth Winch, J. and Winch, W. Hammersmith, coal mer

chants and coach proprietors Wright, E. and Embleton, R. Bedlington Colliery.



Malta, the Lady of Deputy Commissary General Madeira, Mrs, Robert Blaekbourn, of a son

Telfer of a son

DEATHS ABROAD. Blacker, Lieut. G. L. 65th Regiment, at Surat Bay Ram, Rev. S. G. Rector of Ringmore, Devon. at Brooke, Major, James, Henry, of the Bengal Horse Rome Artillery, at Chowringhee

Reate, 'Thomas, Morris, esq. Judge and Magistrate Chaplain, Mr. G. F. son of the Rev. E. Chaplain of of Surat, at Bombay Camden-town, at Canton, in China

Rose, Andrew, esq. Sec. Register, at St. Vincents Coffin, Mr. David, of Linkinglorne, Devon, at Cal Sanders, Mrs. Reliet of Williain Sanders, late of cutta

Sanders-park, county of Cork, esq. at Toulouse De Bathe Chanoinesse, Madame La Comtesse Whitworth, Mr. T. brother to Mrs. Barthorpe, of

Laura, only sister of the late, and aunt to the pre Wakefield, in Yorkshire, and Cornet in his Ma. sent Sir James De Bathe, Bart. at Brussels

jesty's 11th Regt. of Light Dragoons, East Indies Fraser, Mrs. Isabella, at Newtown, Cuddalore Wheailey, Charles, esq.of the 28th Regt, at Malta Hardyman, Major Gen, at Meerut

Welland, Lieut. Charles, of Lympstone, Devon, at Jerian, Lieut. Col. I. S. of the 10th Bombay In Jubalpore, East Indies

fantry, and of Kelso, Roxburghshire, at Cape Wilson, Mr. Robert, of Liverpool, at Charleston, Town

He was bitten by a rattle-snake, and died in Leighton, jun. Dr. James, at St. Petersburgh

great agony. He had recently arrived in America Low, Mrs. C. M. wife of Captain L. of the ship for the purpose of collecting these reptiles to send Competitor, at Calcutta

to Europe, and, though in the habit of handling Mackensie, Thomas, esq, of Wolseley-park-house, them, was incautious enough to allow himself to Staffordshire

be bitteu by one of them.


Prince Leopold has been detained much rived in four carriages, at No. 65, in WimJonger abroad than he intended by his at. pole-street, which house has been lately tention to his mother during a severe ill. taken, and fitted up in a most magnificent ness. H. R. H. is now on his way back to style for their reception; their Royal England. During his absence bis esta Highnesses having declined accepting the blishment, including the attendants and proffers of his Majesty, in order to live as domestics of his late beloved Princess, private as possible during their residence has been kept up the same as if he was in in this country. England. The repairs of the mansion. The Duke and Duchess of Clarence are house at Claremont have been completed about to occupy Walmer Castle, which has at an unexpected expense of upwards of been lent to them by the Earl of Liver. 15,0007., the dry rot having been discover pool for the benefit of the sea air for the ed to have gotten into the whole building. Duchess, who has not recovered her health

Their Royal Highnesses the Crown since her miscarriage. Their Royal HighPrince and Princess of Denmark, and a nesses will proceed there in a few days. numerous suite in their train, have ar The whole of the King's establishment

have left Brighton. Marquisses of Co- sembled, and sat down to breakfast ; the nyngham and Londonderry, Lord Mont great room was so crowded, that many incharles, Sir W. Knighton, and Mr. Walker dividuals were necessitated to leave for the apothecary, are to attend his Majesty want of room. After breakfast, J. Rayner, in his ensuing visit to the continent. The Esq. took the chair, and the Report was Marchionesses of Conyngbam and London- read, from which it appeared that, since derry join the royal escort at Paris and the last annual meeting of the Society, Vieppa.

five millions two hundred and twenty-two According to a return presented to the thousand four hundred and seventy copies House of Commons, the number of persons of the publications of the Society had been admitted to see the British Museum, from issued, and since the establishment of the the 26th of March, 1821, to the 25th of institution, no less than 45 millions bad March, 1822, announted to 91,151. The been put into circulation among ali classes days of public admission are Mondays, of society, exclusive of many millions Wednesdays, and Fridays, in every week, printed abroad in foreign languages at the between the hours of ten and two, vi- Society's expence. Several speeches were sitors are admitted immediately upon delivered, and a handsome collection made. their application. It would be well if our The amount of gold coined from the other public institutions were placed upon 13th of June 1818, to the 31st December, the same fooring as the British Museum. 1821, is 10,473,2491. 1s. 8s. The amount of

Madame Christophe, ci-devant Empress silver coined from the 21st May, 1818, to of Hayti, is about to take up her residence the 31st of Dec. 1821, is 2,719,926). at Blackheath. It is generally understood, The Journal de Paris gives the followthat she has saved about 1,500). per an ing as an authentic statement of the number num from the wreck of her deceased hus of English who visited Paris from 1815 to band's fortune.

1821, both inclusive-in 1915, 13,822—in In consequence of the decease of Sir 1816, 15,512—in 1817, 16,618-in 1818, Isaac Heard, the following promotions have 19,838–in 1819, 18,720—in 1820, 19,040 taken place in the College of Arms ; -in 1821, 20,184, Sir George Nayler, to be Garter King of The subscription in aid of the distressed Arms; Ralph Bigland, Esq. Clarenceux; Irish, now being raised in the city, already Edmund Lodge, Esq. Norroy; George amounts to a considerable sum ; and, as it Frederick Beltz, Esq. Lancaster; and is expected that almost every'town throughJames Pulman, esq. Portcullis.

out the country will vie with the metropoA small quantity of young green peas, lis in this charitable duty, we insert under which when shelled would probably fill the head of Ireland well authenticated acabout a pint measure, were lately produced counts of the unparalleled distress; so that, in Covent Garden market, and for which as far as the circulation of our Magazine the enormous price of four guineas were extends, no one may be ignorant of the demanded.

dire necessity that exists for immediate Religious Tract Society.—The Twenty and liberal contributions in aid of a starythird Annual Meetingofthis Society was held ing population. To these accounts we on Friday the 10th, at the City of London earnestly invite the attention of all our Tavern. Upwards of 1,000 persons as readers.


SONS. Mrs. Henry Gompertz

Mrs. G, W. Rowley, Upper Grosvenor-street
The Right Hon. Lady Amelia Sophia Boyce

Mrs. W. Wright, Clapham
The lady of the Rev. Robert Stodhort, of Islington Mrs. Carlos Crowther, Clapham-common
Mrs. Frederick Colville

Mrs. Francis Morgan, Upper Cadogan-place
Mrs. J. F. Smallman, Pentonville

Right Hon. Lady Emily Drummond, Great GeorgeMrs. S. Phillips, of Great Tower-street

street Mrs. J. Teesdale, Fenchurch-street

Mrs. Thos. Wiglesworth, Gloucester-place Mrs. James Alexander, Devonshire-street

Mrs. Boughey, Aldgate Mrs. A. Trevor

The lady of Col. H. Baillie, Mortimer-street, CarenThe lady of the Right Hon. Robert Peel

dish-square Mrs. J. Bishop, Kew-green

The lady of Capt. Slegg, Weymouth

DAUGHTERS. Mrs. Ewens, Bedford-row

Mrs. Wm. Fergus, Gloucester-terrace, commercial Mrs. James Randall, Upper Bedford-place

road Mrs. Innes Scott, Tonbridge-place, Euston-square Mry, Lane Fox, Thomas's Hotel The Lady of Capt. Hatton, Hereford-street

Mrs. George Marx, Bedford-place Lady Wra. Duff Gordon

Mrs. Charles Elis Heaton Mrs. David Pollock, Lincoln's-inn-fields

Mrs. G. J. Parry, Barnard-street, Russell-square Mrs. Dr. Warren, Lower Brook-street

Mrs. Hoffman, Denmark-hill Mrs. C. Pepys

Mrs. Henry Pigeon, Borough Mrs. George Adams, Haymarket

Mrs. Henry E. Roberts, Chandog-st. Cavendish-sq. Countess of Roseberry, Piccadilly

Mrs, Thomas Stoner, Park-street, Westminster

MARRIAGES IN AND NEAR THE METROPOLIS. Blake, Mr. Wm. York-place, City-road, to

Mayor, Mr. Henry Cole, Brook-row, to Bowden, Miss, Wymondham, Norfolk

Lightfoot, Miss Anne, Lower-street Burrows, Mr. J. Walter, Clapham-road, to

Mosley, Rev. Robert Master, A.M, to
Dobbs, Miss, Blakeny, Gloucestershire

Smith, Miss F. M. Seldon, Surrey
Banbury, H, M. Esq. Old Burlington-street, to Macbean, A. esq. R. A. to
Pillie, Miss A. Drumcoe, Roscommon

Johnson, Miss Emily, Muswell-hill
Bostock, Mr. J. B. George-street, solicitor, to Norton, Mr. William, Simonbourne, to
Kirby, Miss, Meopham's Bank, Tunbridge

Miller, Miss Martha, Highgate Brown, Mr. George, of the East India Chambers, to Parkin, Mr. Henry, Barking, to Catterton, Miss Mary Ann, Ratcliffe

Stock, Miss Sarah, Poplar Cloves, Peter, esq. Commercial-road, to

Passmore, Sidney, esq. London, to Pickering, Miss, Sutton-court

Poussett, Miss Sophia, St. Helen's, Jersey Coombs, Mr. T. M. Ludgate-street, to

Porcher, Henry, esq. of Arlington-street, to Talford, Miss E. Fulham

Pearse, Miss Sarah, of Craig's-court, Charing-cross Dakins, Mr. J. of the Borough of Southwark, to Ray, Mr. John, St. Paul's Church-yard to Green, Miss Estber, of Falcon Glass-house

Keen, Miss E. Croydon Eley, Charles, esq. Newington-Green, to

Suft, Robert Francis, esq. of Lambeth-terrace, to Soames, Miss H. Broadfield-house, Herts

Manson, Miss Anne, of the same place Edwards, Edward, Mr. Abchurch-lane, to

Smith, W. 0. esq. of the Royal Montgomery L. I. Smith, Miss Creasy, Hayle-place, Maidstone

Regiment, to Field, Charles, esq. Lambeth, to

Wells, Miss M. Marlborough-place, Walworth Ringsford, Miss M. Wandsworth-road

Selby, Wm. esq. Northumberland, to Gent, Mr. George, Mayland, Suffolk, to

O'Brien, Miss Juliana, Bath Williams, Miss Jane, Chelsea

Spencer, Edward, esq. solicitor, to Glen, George, esq. Brompton-row, to

Snoxell, Miss, Dorset-street Field, Miss C. M. Upper Queen's-bds. Brompton Simmons, Mr. of London-wall, to Greville, Hon. Robert Fulk Murray, to

Day, Miss F. of Fairford Lork, Miss G. Cecilia

Snow, Wm. esq. Mile-end, to Hayward, Mr. George, to

Lee, Miss Emma, Well-street, Hackney Stanton, Miss D. Hill-house, Norfolk

Shaw, Captain, R. N. to Hopkins, Mr. E. Gray, Newington, to

Hawley, Miss F. Anne, of Leybourne Kent Clark, Miss, Penton-house

Turner, W. esq. Inner Temple, to Ince, Mr. Old Broad-street, to

Meares, Miss, Eastington Dakin, Miss, of the same place

Thompson, Frederick, esq. to
Israel, Samuel Herbert, esq. Clapham, to

Callander, Miss C. Amelia
De Symons, Miss Fanny, Clapham Common Woolley, Mr. Joseph, of Albemarle-street, to
King, Vice-Admiral Sir Richard, bart. K.C.B. to Tringham, Miss Charlotte, of Dorset-street
Cotton, Miss M. S. daughter of the late Admiral Williams, C. F. esq. of Lincoln's-inn, to
Sir Charles Cotton

Browne, Miss E. W. of Caughley, Salop
Lawrence, Mr. Charles Keppel, Russell-square, to Webster, George, esq. Dulwich, to

Flower, Miss J. Upper Bedford-place, Russell-eq. Hall, Miss Elizabeth, of the same place Lyttleton, Mr. Twickenham, to

Woodbridge, E. C. esq. Charlwood Park, Surry, to Church, Miss Sarah, of that place

Herbert, Miss E. Henrietta-street, Bloomsbury Lance, Rev. J. Edwin, to

Wastell, Hunter-street, Brunswick-sq. to Porcher, Miss, Winslade, Devon

Barclay, Miss Agatha, Whalley Middleton, John, Lieut. R.N. to

Scott, Miss, Parliament-street

DEATHS IN AND NEAR THE METROPOLIS. Adolphus, Jacob, esq. at Chelsea, 78_Ashlin, Mrs. George, esq. Chelsea, 73 - Foster, Thomas, esq. Paragon, New Kent-road, 20-Apple, Mr. Jolin, of Gray's-inn-Finnerty, Mr. Peter, 20 years a parliathe Commercial-road, East, 65 - Arrowsmith, Mr. mentary reporter on the Morning Chronicle estabWm. of Bear-street, Leicester-fields, 68-Adams, lishment. Mr. father of Mr. G. Adams,coach-maker, of the Haymarket-Addison, John, esq. Homerton, 45

Graves, Mrs. daughter of the celebrated author

of “ The Spiritual Quixote," &c. Birch, Mrs. late of Bond-street, 77–Bourchier, Mrs. Headley-Bullock, Mrs. Minories--Boys, Mrs.

Hewiston, Miss A. Doughty-street-Hunter, D. Elizabeth, of Newgate-market, 72—Bell, Mrs. New

esq. Montague-street, Russell-square-Hobson, S. Boswell-court- Blackwell, P. T. esq. Peckham

esq. St. Mary-le-bone--Hillary, Mrs, Clarendon. Bouzer, Richard, esq. Weymouth-street, Portland.

square, Somer's-town--Heard, Sir Isaac, Garter place-Bricket, Miss Charlotte, Cloak-lane, 18

Principal King of Arms, at the Herald's College, 92-Button, Mr. Wm. Paternoster-row-Belloncle, Jas.

Humphreys, Mr. William, Barge-yard, Bucklersesq. Hackney, 44-Beaty, Francis, esq. Dorset-street,

bury-Hill, John, esq. Walcot-place, Lambeth Portman-square - Barnes, Robert, esq. Finchley Jennings, G. F. esq. New North-street, Red Lioncommon-Browne, Mrs. Elbow-lane, 24—Brookes,

square, 22 Miss E. A. Strand - Brownrig, Lieut.-col. Upper Brooke-street-Bailie, Captain A. F. R. N. City.

Israel Israel, esq. St. Mary Axe, 73_Jamison,

Wm. A. esq. Church-row, Newiugton, 70 road, 90

Kaye, Miss M. A. New Bank-buildings-Keating, Cust, Hon. Miss Catherine, Hill-street-Cruger,

Miss Olivia, 18 Mrs. Great Smith-street, Chelsea-Cartwright, Miss, Clapton-Calcraft, Miss F.C. Hanover-square-Col. Longley, John, esq. Resident Magistrate of the lins, Miss A. M. Coram-street-Clark, Dr. J. of Thames Police-Lorek, Mr. Christopher, Philadel. Hampstead

phia-place, Hackney-road, - Leigh, John, esq.

Pentonville-Lynch, Mr. W. L. S. Gloucester-place De Lacour, Mrs. Burton-crescent

-Linton, Mr. Alexander, Union-street, Whitechapel Elam, Thomas, esq. Brighton-Elford, Mrs. St. -Le Pipre Gabrial, esq. Inner-Temple, 73 Martin's lane, 39—Estridge, Mrs. Bridewell-precinct -Ede, Mr. F. Gracechurch-street

Morris, Mr. J. Lombard-street- Mabon, Mrs. at

Chelsea, grand-daughter to Earl Annesler-MillingFane, Lady Charlotte, daughter of the Earl of ton, R. J. Esq. Guildford-street, 63---Minshull, John. Westmoreland-Ford, Mrs. J. Whitechapel-Fife, Esq. Highgate-Martyn, Miss Charlotle, Greenwich

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