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satisfactory a nature, that no further dis- Molyneux, Trinity College ; Richard Goff, turbances of the public peace are appre. Christ Church; Daniel Harson Collings, hended. Lord Chesterfield has made an esq. of Queen's, Grand Compounder; Wm. abatement of 20 per cent. to his tenantry. Deeds, and Rev. Francis Clerke, Fellows

--The corporation of Nottingham have of All Souls'; Rev. John Frampton, and voted the freedom of their city to Mr. Joseph Loscombe Richards, of Exeter; Hume. Candles are now retailing in Rev. William Hiley Bathurst, of Christ Nottingham at 6d. per lb, and good butter Church; Rev. Thomas Gronow, of Brazesold in that market, last Saturday, at 7d. to nose ; Rev. J. D. Preston, Merton; Rev. 9d. per lb.

R. D. Ness, of Lincoln; M. Musgrave, Marriages.] At Nottingham, Mr. T. Peet, to Miss of Brasenose; Rev. W. H. Bury, Fellow of M. Burrows-Mr. J. Gillman, to Miss E. Stacey- St. John's; John Ogle, Fellow of All Souls'; Mr. W. Wags, to Miss A. Robotham--at Chillwell,

Rev. John Merewether, Queen's; E. DickMr. R Posnett, to Miss M. Robotham-at East Redford, Rev. T. F. Beckwith, to Miss Carter, of Lincoln

epson Scott, Taberdar of Queen's; the Hon. Deaths.) At Newark, Mrs. B. Cheadle, 29-Mrs. W. L. L. Fitzgerald De Roos, Student of S. Bransdall-Miss Harrison, 22—Miss Cooper 22

Christ Church; Rev. H. Gipps, Fellow of Mr. J. Heppenstall, 90-Mr. J. Holmes-Mr. R.

Worcester. Pačey.

Priests.--George Tucker, S.C.L. of WadOXFORDSHIRE,

ham college. The following degrees have been con

At Winchester, by the Bishop of Hereferred at Oxford.

ford :The venerable Charles Daubeny created

E. P. Stock, B.A. Magdalen Hall; T. E. Doctor in Civil Law by decree of convo- Duncumb, B. A. of Exeter College. cation.

Presentations.-Rev. John Page, B.D Bachelor in Medicine.-George Freer, to the Vicarage of Gillingham, Kent.Master of Arts, and Student of Medicine, C. Goddard, D.D. of Christ Church, is electof Christ Church.

ed to the Lectureship founded by the Rev. Bachelors in Divinity.-Rev. Wight- Canon Bampton, for the ensuing year.wick, Fellow of Pembroke college; Rev.

The Rev. R. Collinson, M. A. is elected to W. Morgan Kinsey, M. A.

the Living of Holme Cultram, Cumberland. Deacons.-Henry Gordon, M. A Eseter

Marriages.) At Heythorp, Lord Edward O'Bryen, college; Wm. Kaye Hett, B.A. of Lincoln, to Lady Elizabeth Somerset-at Oxford, Rev. J. George Gould, B. A. of University.

Thomas, to Miss M. H. Tombes, of Querrington, Bachelors of Arts. - John Dickinson,

Gloucestershire-at Wadham College,Rev.J. Eagles,

to Miss E Manley, of Tiverton-at Reading, Mr. J. esq.of Trinity College, Grand Compounder;

Gill, to Mrs. Taylor, of Bath. E. Woodcock, esq. Oriel, Grand Compoun. Deaths.) At Oxford, Mr. Thomas Milbourne, 83 der; Thomas Wotton Barlow, of Wadham;

-Rev. C. Wakeham, Prebendary of Lichfield cathe

dral-at Weston-on-Green, Rev. J. Yalden, 66. Henry A. S. Atwood, Queen's; Robert J.

Hatchman, St. Edmund Hall; Charles H.
Thomas Baumgarten, Magdalen Hall; Ni-

Shrewsbury fair on Tuesday and Wedcholas Toke, George Woodcock, Charles

nesday was excellently well provided with Stephen Hassells, of Trinity College; Brook sheep and cattle, and a considerable numWilliam Bridges, Oriel ; Thomas Pryce

ber were sold. sheep were bought cheaper

than had been witnessed for 40 years. Lloyd, Charles Pitt, Christ Church; Wm. Ives, Wm. Hest Everard, Balliol; John Marriages.] At Alkington, Mr. S. Chesters, to

Miss H. Brown--at Hodnett, Mr. J. Hughes, to Miss Birch Webb, of Brasenose; F. Jackson

E. Wylde--at Madely, Mr. R. Fernyhough, to Miss Blandy, Fellow of St. John's; John Alling- Hebey-at Shrewsbury, Mr. W. Price, to Miss H. ton, Demy of Magdalen College; C. Cork- Wireherley-at Wheaton Aston, Mr. J. Gilbert, to

Miss E. Price. ran and G. J. Serjeantson, of Christ Church;

Deaths.-At Wellington, the Right Hon. Lady E. Henry Duncombe, Fellow of All Souls';

Elizabeth King, 65, daughter of Edward, Earl of Thomas Jones, of Wadham; Henry Aubery Kingston-at All Streton, Miss Jane Wilding-at Veck, Magdalen Hall; J. M. Eschalaz,

Castleforegate, Mr. W. Dawson-at Brace Meole, Scholar of Trinity College; E. Denison, Shrewsbury,J. L. Parry, esq. of Maesmor-at Roder,

Mrs. Jaundrell - at Stapleton, Mrs. Cortieldmat of Oriel ; S. A. Bosanquet, and L. Fowler, Mr. Taylor. of Christ Church; J. Campbell, of Baliol;

SOMERSETSHIRE. J. Davis, Scholar of University; and W. A Constitutional Society bas been formed Buller, Scholar of Worcester.

by the leading gentlemen of this county. The Rev. W. Vaux, M.A. late Fellow of

Births.] At Bath, Mrs. Long, jun. of a son-at Baliol college, has been appointed chaplain Ivy Cottage, Weston, Mrs. Smith Size, of a daughto his Grace the Lord Archbishop of Can

ter-at Beatheaston, Mrs. Avelipe, of a son-at terbury, in the room of the Rev. C. Lloyd,

Yetminster, Mrs. P. Cooper, of a son--at Cowslip

Green, .Mrs. Cookson, of a son-at Boynton, Mrs. D.D. Regius Professor of Divinity.

Gunning, of a daughter--the lady of Col. Scroggs Masters of Arts.-Rev. Frederic Gam

of a son. bier, Fellow of All Souls' College ; Rev. W.

Marriages.] At Bristol, Rev. C. F. Watts, of

Queen's college, Oxford, to Miss F.C. Andain-Rev. Charlton, Magdalen Hall; George More J. F. Jenniugs, to Miss E. Shoreland--at Failand

House, J. Metford, esq. to Miss Seymor, of Belmont

SUSSEX. -at Spaxton, Rev. Wm. Gordon, to Miss D. Harris,

The brewers of Lewes have reduced the of Ratford, Devon-at Yetminster, Rev.W.H. Trim, M.A. to Miss Bullock, of East Cocker-Lieut. Gen. -price of their beer.At Newick Fair, Sir W. Inglis, K. C. B. to M. M. eldest daughter of there was a good shew of lean stock, but Major-Gen. Raymond--at Ilminster, Mr. R. Maynard, of Street, to Miss E, Loaring.

it experienced a very heavy sale. The Deaths.) At Bath, Miss Car, G. daughter of Capt young wheats, generally speaking, are Fitzgerald, 17—Mrs. Fanny Gibbons-at Beathas- getting on famously, and afford the proton, Miss E. Miller-at Bridgewater, T, Symes, esq.

mise of an abundant crop. The plants on 76—at Barnwell, Capt. G. Pickard, formerly 36th Foot, 47-at Wingfield Church Farm, Mrs. Bailey- the poor lands, where the seed had come at Bath, Miss A.C. Jones, 28-at Bridgewater, Mirs. up thin and weakly, have wonderfully imPoole-Hill Dawe, esq.-at Ilminster, Rev. R. R. Abraham, 63--Miss Ann Cole-at Bath, Rev. Wm.


- The barracks at Arundel, reHaverfield, 73–T. Audley, esq

cently sold by auction, fetched three thouSTAFFORDSHIRE.

sand pounds, and were considered well The South-west districts are still in an

sold. Their original cost, we are credibly unsatisfactory state,-the Miners generally informed, was little short of one hundred refusing to work for reduced wages. Some

thousand pounds.-A Lewes gentleman, riotous proceedings have been checked by

who has considerable land in the parish of the Yeomanry and Regulars, and the ring. Waldon, has lately offered to let it as low leaders sent to gaol.

as five shillings an acre.

Marriages.] At Ashling East, Mr. R. Chalcraft, Marriages.] At Tamworth, Mr. Knight, to Miss

aged 70, to Miss Cobden, aged 25, being his fifth Johnson

appearance at the altar to tie the Gordion knot-at Deaths.] At Uttoxeter, Miss H. Stevenson-at

Rye, L. Dennys, esq. of Teignmouth, to Miss Walsal, E. Snape, 80-Widow Harrison, 82–Widow E. Haddock-at Ketching, Rev. C. Grant, to Miss Ocroft, 103_Widow Hervey, 83. They all lived M. Dodson, of Hurstpierpoint within half a mile of each other, and died within

Deaths.) At Wiston, Miss Frances Wells-at a fortnight-at Seighford, Mrs. Richards

Lewes, Mr. Henry Brown, merchant-at Horsham, SUFFOLK.

Mrs. Houlditch, 49—at Blatchington, Mrs. King--at A fire was discovered in a shed belong.

Chichester, Mr. W. Wills ing to Mr. Syer, of New Hall, Copdock,

WARWICKSHIRE. which consumed the same, together with

Births.] At Moor-Hall, Mrs. Hacket, of a daughter

Marriages.) At Birmingham, Mr. J. Tonks, to a quantity of straw. Also a fire, on the pre- Miss M. Dewsbury-Mr. T. Astou, to Miss C. Evermises of Mr. Robert Downing, of Melles,

ton-Mr. J. Harrison, to Mrs. M. Watkins--Surgeon in a short time reduced the whole to

Robertson, to Miss J. Blair, of Liverpool-at Brierly

Hill, S. Lund Fry, esq. to Miss R. Blakemore-at ashes. An out-building, on the pre- Warwick, R. Greenway, esq. to Miss L. Durnford mises of Mr. Daines, of Mendilsham, was Deaths.) At Birmingham, Mr. R, Barnard, 63 set on fire. The two barns, the dwelling

Mrs. M. Lea, 57–Mr. Trow, jun.-at Spark Brook,

Mr. J. Owen, 2kat Birmingham, Mrs. S. Blythe, 76 house, except part of the bark-house, -Miss M, Redfern-Mr. E. Rolfe a cow, two fat calves, a number of pigs,

WESTMORELAND, all the waggons and implements, and An ewe of the Highland breed, the proa stack of hay, were consumed.--The

perty of Mr. R. Kendal, Park-house, Cowen same spirit which prompted the munificent

Bridge, has yeaned 22 lambs, all of which subscription in the metropolis for the re- have been brought to market, one exlief of the wretched Irish, has manifested cepted. This ewe is now only 13 years itself in Bury.


WILTSHIRE. Marriages.] At Chilton, Mr. S. Oliver, to Mrs. There was a large supply of both fat A. Potter, of Sudbury—at Hollesly, Mr. W. Wolton, and lean Stock exhibited at Calne Fair, to Miss M. A. Wigg-at Sudbury, M. J. Farrand, and fat beef sold at from 78 to 88. per. to Mrs. M. A. Barritt-at Naiton, Mr. S. Kerridge, to Miss S. Barton

score. There was a demand for good cows Deaths.) At Claydon, Rev. C. M. Haynes, L.L.B. and calves, and they obtained rather better 83, Vicar of Demerham-at Kressingtield, Mr. J. Mun-at Bury St. Edmunds, Mr. R. Pausey-Mr.

prices. Yardley-at Ipswich, Mr. W. Cole, 73— Mrs. Nunn Births.) At Conack, Manor-house, Mrs. E. Warri. -Miss Channing-Mr. J. Davies-- Earl Soham- ner, of a son--at Bathford-house, Mrs. J. Wiltshire, Mrs. E. V. Clutton-at Harkstead, Mr. J. Peck- of a daughter-at Rushall, Lady Poore,of a daughter at Aldborough, Mr. M. Bullard

Marriages.] At Conack-farm, Mr, Glass, to Miss SURREY,

S. Miles, of Maddington--at Bowendale, H. Moore,

esq. to Miss A.Wakely, of Alworth-at Hanningtou, Guildford Fair presented a large shew Rev.W. J. Gilbert, to Miss A. Quarterly, of Wicken of fine cattle, but the sale was extremely at Devizes, Mr. R. Strange, to Miss M. Clark, dull. The supply of sheep and lambs was

of Streatly

Deaths.) At Corsham, Mr. R. Coats, of the Packmuch less than usual; the number about horse Inn at Loxton, Miss L. Moncrieffe-at Da. 30,000, and nearly all sold at low prices.

merham, Rev. C. M. Haynes, L.L.D. 83, 56 years Horses were only few in number, and very

vicar of that place-at Bower Chalk, Mrs. M. Good, little business done.

84-Lambourne, J. Spicer, esq. 61-At Winterbourn

Dauntsey, T, Webb Dyke, esq. Married.) At South Lambeth, J. W. Burrowes,

WORCESTERSHIRE. esq. to Miss E. Dobbs, of Aure, Gloucestershire Died.] At Croydon, Mr. H. Penfold-at Farnham

Sir Christopher Smith, Bart. of Eardiston, Mrs. Baker-at Peckham, Mrs. Dalton, 38

has made a reduction of 20 per cent. and


David Ricardo, esq. M. P. 25 per cent. off their present rents.

Marriages.] At Dudley, Surgeon Sweter, of London, to Miss L. Bridgewater-at Kinfare, J. Brindley, esq. to Miss C. Pargether, of Worsley

Deaths.] At Stourport, the widow of H. Bold, esq. 63—at College Church Yard, Mr. Davis, 63 Mrs. Stickland, 74.

YORKSHIRE, York Fortnight Fair was well supplied with beasts and sheep, which were nearly all sold at the prices obtained last fair. Lean stock and hogs met a reduction in price.-Richard Bethel, esq. high sheriff, bas returned to his numerous tenantry 10 per cent. on their Lady-day. The Miss Elekers, of London, returned, through their steward, John Hall, esq. 10 per cent, on their half year's rents, at Louth-All accounts from this county, particularly from Huddersfield, agree that the manufacturers were never better off, or more constantly employed. Every thing is quiet.

Births.] At Cottingley bridge, Mrs. Busfield, of a son-at Bradford Vicarage, Mrs. Heap, of a daughter

Marriages.] At Ripley-castle, Sir W. Ancotts Ingleby, bart. to Miss L. Atkinson, of Maple-at Hull, Mr. J. Haws, to Miss E. Cobb--Mr. S. Watkinson, of Brigg, aged 48, to Miss C. Spencer, aged 16, youngest sister to his son's first wife. He has had two former wives, both of whom are now living, and married to two other men. His present wife, by this union, has at once become a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and an aunt-at Halifax, Mr. C. Har. rison, of Brighouse, to Miss S. A. Barston-at Lar. pool Hall, C. Turton, esq. to Miss M. Livesey, of Kildale-at Doncaster, Rev.T.F. Beckwith, to Miss A. Sutton Carter, of Lincoln-at Horbury, Mr. T. Foster, to Miss Mitchell, of Waketield-at Wakefield, Mr. Hartley, to Miss Shard-at Sheffield, Surgeon Wilkinson, to Miss J. Hobson, of the Park-at Duffield, A. Harrison, to Miss H. Walker, of Bolsmoor-at Wirksworth, Rev. J. Hine, to Miss Hornbuckle, of Nottingham-at Leeds, Mr. T. Baths, to Mrs. E. Whitaker. The bridegroom was but twenty days a widower, and the bride but two months “ tuo little months."

Deaths.) At Leeds, Park-place,Mr. C. Upton, 19— at Brighouse, Mr. J. Woodehouse, 59—at Braferton Vicarage, Miss M. A. Sedgwick—at Yarm, Mr. D'Uxell-at Elmley, Rev. G. Hewett, A. B. 31-at Ecclesfield, Mr. T. Lockley, 45—Mr. E. Wingfieldat Malton, Mr. W. Wells, 82—at Huddersfield, Mr. P. Tennant, 19-at Gawthorne, Rev. J. P. Brice, L.L.B. 42-at Thirsk, J. Bell, esg.--at Newland, Rev. T. M. Proctor-at Gomersall, B. Sykes, esq.



Our late accounts from this distressed of Killidesert. The streets of Eunis are lined country confirm the melancholy tidings with labourers and trades-people, who before received. The whole population stand leaning against the houses, with their appears to be in wretched poverty, but the arms folded, and despair in heir tcountefar more miserable state of the poor is almost beyond descriptioa intolerable. Sub- THRALEE. A memorial has been forscriptions are now in progress, and have warded by the magistrates to the Lord been most liberally promoted by our more Lieutenant, praying that prompt measures opulent countrymen, in order to diminish should be taken to encourage the importathe evils of famine, so justly and univer- tion of potatoes, to prevent famine, and sally apprehended in that ill-fated country. supply seed for the vext crop. Oats have We cannot deny ourselves the satisfaction hitherto prevented actual starvation-a of promoting that enlightened liberality scarcity of hay has occasioned a great morwhich has been already excited in favour tality awong the cattle. of the suffering population of Ireland, by GALWAY.–The misery of the poor congiving publicity to the following accounts, tinually encrcases-new groups of beggars on the authenticity of which our readers are constantly coming from the country. may rely. Subscriptions are the only im. No spot on the habitable globe presents mediate means by which the Irish can be such a scene of misery, want, and wretchrelieved, and as we find the munificentedness, as is to be witnessed in this town. example set by the Metropolis, is likely to Tuam.-Provisions are advancing conbe followed throughout the country, we siderably in {price, more particularly the hope the following statements of the mi. articles generally consumed by the poor. series of that suffering people will tend to CASTLEBAR.- The Committee of the excite the liberality of our readers. Fund for relief of the poor distribute bread

INCHIQUIN. In this barony the number at one halfpenny a pound.- Application of persons who have no food, nor the means has been made by the Secretaries to the of acquiring it, amounts to three thousand! Lord Lieutenant on the behalf of the poor wbich in the course of a month is expected in this district. to encrease to fire thousand !

LIMERICK.-Although it would make MUNSTER AND CONNAUGHT.--From the most hardened heart bleed, to see the many parts of these provinces the accounts terrific aspect of approaching scarcity so are most distressing. Seven persons have visible in this neighbourhood, potatoes died from actual want in the neighbourhood being almost at a famine price; yet the adjoining counties are known to be in a absolute want of food at present, one half still more deplorable state! Lord Clon- of whom would be able to repay a loan. curry has offered a premium of 201. to the FINLOY.-Contains eight hundred and first person, who shall bring not less than seventeen persons, six hundred and ninety100 tons of potatoes, by canal and the six of whom are in absolute want of food, river Shannon to this town; also to the and if not supplied, either gratuitously, or second person, his Lordship offers 101. by labour, they must starve.

CORK.-All accounts are filled with KILNASULA.-Six hundred have applied great alarm for the extensive and populons for immediate assistance, two thirds of districts of this country, bordering on whom are paupers, the remaining third Limerick and Kerry. The small stock of are able to purchase at reduced prices, and potatoes on hand is very unwholsome in repay in harvest. quality, a supply for seed is in many cases BARONY AND CLONDERALAW.-Thirtotally out of the question. The corpora- teen thousand in actual want of food and tion of the city of Cork, and the Harbour seed potatoes. Commissioners, have relinquished for the In addition to the extracts above given, present their dues on the importation of we have heard several instances of wretchpotatoes.

ed families driven to the necessity of kilMAYO.-Half the people in this county ling their only cow for food, from the cries can not get half enough to eat -a man of their starving children, and having no pamed Wm. Kerby, of Carrabey, has pe- other means of appeasing their hunger. rished from the want of food!

The typhus fever, which is generally the CLARE.- There are families in this companion of famine, has made its appearcounty who never felt nor knew want, ance in several parts of the country. as bamed to make it public, and pining

Births.] At Drumear, the Right Hon. Lady Elizaaway in private. The patience of these

beth M Clintock,of a son-at Portaferry, Lady Steele, afflicted people is unequalled in the history of a daughter-at Belfast, Lady Caulfield, of a son of mankind-dying with hunger, and with- -at Cork, the Hon. Mrs. Beamish, of a son-at Kil. out committing the least excess.

dangan Castle, Lady O'Reilly, esą of a son and heir

-at Abbeyville, Lady Boswell, of a son and heir ENNIS.-It is a melancholy reflection Marriages.] At Dublin, Captain H.C. Cowell, to that those scenes of woe which are pass- Esey Ann, second daughter of John Parr, esq-D. ing in daily review before our eyes, have

Livington, esq. of Merville, to Miss J. Bartel, of

Parnel-place--at Cork, F. M'Carthy, esq. to Miss more effect in exciting the compassion of

O'Regan, of Clonakilty.--R.Warren, 084. of Kinsale, strangers, totally unconnected with us, M.D. to Miss Splane-at East Ashling, Mr. R. Chalthan upon our absentee proprietors.

croft, aged 70, to Miss Cobden, aged 25!-In Tul.

lamore, T. Greer, eaq. to Eliza, daughter of the late BUNRATTY AND PAENAGH.-Five hun

Rev. Dr. Wilson-J. Homan, esq. of Clouribbon, to dred and fifty-five persons requiring imme. Miss Frances Norcott diate assistance. Several families living

Deaths.] The Hon. and most Rev. Wm. Stuart,

Archbishop of Armagh, and Lord Primate of Ireon one scanty meal in the day for the last

land, 68_ At the advanced age of 126 years and month; many of their families in a state three days, Mr. Thady Boorley, a most respectable of starvation ; seven members of one fa- farmer, residing near the Hill of Allen, Kildare. He

retained his faculties to the last moment Jeremiah mily confined in typhus fever, without any

Keller, esq. father of the Munster Bar--at Dublin, means of support.

his Grace, the Right Hon. Charles Broderick, D.D. DROMLINE.-Six hundred and sixty-se- Lord Archbishop of Cashel, Private of Munster, and

Lord Bishop of Emly--at Somerset-house, near vea inhabitants destitute of subsistence,

Dublin, Mrs. Oliver, 82-Simon B. Foster, esq. of or the means of procuring food, of whom Ratorp-at Jamestown), Queen's county, Patrick one half will be able to repay in harvest. Delany, esq. 68-at Cork, Mrs. Desmond, at the KILFINTINAN AND KILLEELY.-One

advanced age of 114 years at Waterford, Johu

Burchall, esq. one of the Aldermcn of that city thousand two hundred and forty-seven in


At Glasgow, W.M. Borthwick was put to Holyrood-house, to prepare it for a visit to the bar, accused of having stolen cer- from the King next year. Special directain documents from the office of The Sen- tions were given him by his Majesty not to tinel newspaper.

The indictment with meddle with the rooms which was occupied which Mr. B. had been served, was not by the Earl of Darnley, the husband of proceeded in, and he was re-committed on the unhappy Queen Mary; and we una new warrant.---Mr. Nash, of the Lord derstand that a like interest has been exChamberlain's office, has had orders to go pressed concerning a room in which King James I. (from whom it is well known the Brunswick family descend) was born.-Two vessels, with emigrants, have left Dumfries for America. In the group of two-hundred and sixty-three souls, there were very few tradesmen; by far the greater number had been bred as farmers and farm-servants, and some of them possessed cansiderable property. One economical veteran, who wore “ a sack scarca ly gude enough for a linseed-bag,” carried out with bim 1,2001. in sovereigns; and numbers could muster 601, 701. and 1001. sterling - The statue of Burns, by Flaxman, which is to be colossal, and of bronze, will be placed, by the kindness of the Ma. gistres of Edinburgh, in one of the most appropriate situations in the New-town of that city. The likeness is very striking, being executed from the original portrait by Nasmyth The wheat in every part of the west of Scotland is extremely promising, and the oats at present a fine braird.

Births.), At Edinburgh, the Lady of the Right Hon. David Boyle, Lord Justice Clerk, of a son-ihe Lady of James Wilson, Esq. advocate, of a daughter -the Lady of John Sinclair, Esq. of Banock, of a son-at Sterling, the Lady of John Fraser, Esq. of a daughter.

Marriages.] At Edinburgh, J. A. Haldane, Esq. to Miss M. Rutheford-J. Macalien, W. S. to Miss C. Ainslie-Lieut. D. Baird, R. N. to Miss H. M. Pathstrujhill--at Glasgow, R. Hart, Esq. to Miss J. Oliphant, Dumbarton-M. A. Nicholson, Esq. of London, to Miss A. Gibson, of Patrick - at Libberton Manse, J. Waldie, Esq. to Miss I. Stevenson, of Gilmerton--at Darnley-bouse, Capt. Wanchope R. N. to Miss A. Carnegie, of Southesk--at Leith, B. Buchahan, Esq. M. D. to Miss E. Fraser-at Glasgow, J. Russell, Esq. to Miss H. Smith, Upper Canada-at Berryburn, Wm, Robertson, Glasgow, to C. Liddle,

Deaths] At Edinburgh, Alexander Stewart, esq. -at Glasgow, Leonard William—at Haddington, Anne Maclaurin, daughter of the late Colin Maclaurin, Professor of Mathematics in the University of Edinburgh-at Edinburgh, Mr. John George Dymock, A. M. Student of Divinity-at Leith Fort, Frederick Brudennell, youngest child--at Kirkcudbright, Henrietta Melville, wife of the late Archibald Brooke, esq. writer iu Edinbugh

LONDON MARKETS, May 24, 1822. COTTON—The Cotton market is in a and are enquired after at full prices; all very lavguid state, on account of the un- the finer qualities are heavy, and may be favourable intelligence from Liverpool and purchased on lower terms.-Molasses have from Glasgow; the arrivals at both ports remained steady at 27s. for some time are very extensive, and the prices of cot. past ; but, to-day, the greater proportion ton have given way; the consequence of the holders are asking 27s, 6d. and will is, a very heavy market here, but there are not sell under that price.-In Foreign Suno sellers at any reduction in prices. gars we have heard of no sales.

COFFEE. The public sales early in the FRUIT.-A very considerable parcel of week fully supported the late prices, ex- Spanish, French, and Smyrna, was offered cept St. Domingo Cuffee, which was offered at public auction yesterday; scarcely any on rather lower terms.---There were two of the former appeared to have been sold: public sales of Coffee, consisting of 333 the sale altogether went off excessively casks British Plantation, 40 casks 920 bags heavy. St. Domingo; the former, chiefly Demerara RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS.and Berbice, went off heavily at prices a The market remains in a very depressed shade lower; the quantity of Jamaica in state; the prices are nearly nominal; the the sale was too inconsiderable to consti- purchases of Rum lately are too inconsitute market prices. The St. Domingo sold derable to establish a market currency.1s. lower, good (ordinary with colour in Brandies could not be sold at the quobags 102s. good ordinary 100s. 6d. Ge- tations, but as there have been no sales nerally Coffee may be stated ls. a 2s. lower at any reduction, we cannot lower prices. this week, and a heavy market.

-Geneva is still neglected. SUGAR- The Sugar market has re- TALLOW.-The market is more firm, mained in a languid state; very few Mus- and there appears to be no sellers of yellow covades are on show, and even the few candle Tallow under 36s. For arrival the samples which are on sale meet with no prices keep up; contracts are reported at buyers; the holders ofter at a small de- 38s, and 37s. 6d. but at the latter price we cline.-There is little alteration in Refined believe no parcels can now be purchased. goods the low descriptions are still scarce,

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