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Lord Glenvarloch remained on the spot, Greenwich, much against the will of taking compassion on his youthful ap- Jin Vincent, the supposed waterman, pearance, said to him, “Are you aware whose orders it seems were to convey this is a Star-chamber business, young him to Gravesend, to a Scotch vessel, gentleman, and that it may cost you that being the course which seemed most your right hand ? Shift for yourself, safe to the watchmaker's daughter, the before the keepers or constables come primary mover of the whole. After up-Getinto Whitefriars, or somewhere, some adventures which befall him, and for sanctuary and concealment, till you a warning which he receives as to warcan make friends, or quit the city.' rants having been out against him, he

By the good offices of a young Temp- is found in the Royal Park, where he lar, with whom Nigel had some previous unexpectly comes into the presence of acquaintance, Nigel is conducted in dis- the King, who is hunting there. guise to Alsatia, a name given to White Nigel is committed to the tower, and friars, at that time a privileged place, here he receives several visits

first from and lodged with an old usurer, whose Margaret Ramsay, disguised in male. daughter, Martha Trapbois, is, perhaps, attire-we must, however, do this lady one of the most original characters of the justice to say, that she came as a the story

prisoner.—She had that day accompaIn the mean time, Margaret Ramsay, nied Monna Paula, an attendant of the whose exalted character begins to show lady Hermione, to present a petition itself in its natural colours, having been from the last mentioned lady to the king informed of Glenvarloch's difficulties, re during the scuffle which took place sorts to her friend, the Lady Hermione on the arrest of Glenvarlock, they were confesses her love towards Nigel- en separated-she was brought into the treats, and finally obtains her assist

presence of the King, who examines ance in pecuniary matters, by means of her, and by his order is committed to which, through the aid of Dame Sud the tower. The next visitor is John dlechops, Jin

Vin is persuadad to go as Christie, the person with whom Nigel if from the Templar, (who has been lodged at the time of our first introducimprisoned for his good natured inter tion to him, and who comes here on a ference with regard to Nigel) and give wrong scent after his pretty wife, whom notice to Glenvarloch, that a wherry he supposes to be secreted by his Lordwill be in readiness for him, at a time ship, but has in fact been seduced by appointed, at the Temple Stairs, by Dalgarno. The third is George Heriot, which he may escape, it being no longer who upbraids Nigel with his supposed advisable to remain in his present situa- ill conduct. It is now discovered that tion, a warrant from the Chief Justice the King's sign manual, formerly given having been issued out against him, to Nigel, and upon which Heriot bad from which Alsatia affords no security. hoped now to be able to raise money The night before he departed, his land- sufficient to discharge the wadset, is lord, Old Trapbois, is murdered by vil- missing, this inspires the goldsmith lains who break in during the night, notwithstanding Glenvarlock's positive but are baffled of their expected booty denial, with a suspicion that this valu. by the courage and conduct of Glenvar- able document has been pawned or sold loch-his daughter (whose character by its former proprietor. Here likehere is admirably pourtrayed) departs, wise he discovers the daughter of his together with Glenvarloch, in the wher- friend Ramsay, who gives at considerry; and is landed by him, with a direc- able length, the account of which we tion and recommendation to his former have before presented the substance. landlord, John Christie, who, owing to Then comes Sir Mungo Malagrowther, certain untoward circumstances, refuses who entertains his hearer with a long to admit her. Here she is encountered and interesting account of the process by Richie Moniplies, who takes charge of amputation of the right hand, the of her and her chest, (in which is con- penalty to which Nigel, by his rashness, tained the treasure of her late father) has made himself liable. But we are and engages to procure her “ safe and really drawing this article to an unhonourable lodging and sustenance upon conscionable length, and must hasten her own charges, an offer which is to the conclusion. thankfully accepted by the forlorn mai The conversations in the tower which den, whom we must now leave to look we have mentioned, are overheard by after Glenvarloch. He is landed at the King, by means of a private seat,

or lugg, built in the wall, and his tainly not the chief attraction of the work Majesty is thus convinced of Nigel's before us. To say the truth, we have innocence; and is likewise certified of felt little interest in the event, comparaDalgarno's villainy by the petition tively with what we have experienced and examination of the Lady Her in some of the other works of this mione, or rather Lady Dalgarno—the author. But any deficiency in this nobleman of that name having formerly point (if there can be said to be any) delusively married and deserted her is amply compensated for by the richabroad. 'Dalgarno is compelled by his ness of the materials, resembling ani Majesty to submit to a legal marriage irregular edifice, which charms us by with his injured wife, by which the the beautiful workmanship of its parts, 'estate of Glenvarloch is unfortunately though, as a whole, it is imperfect in put into his power, subject to re its design. In this work, more than in demption on a certain day, on satisfac any other which we can mention, pretion of the wadset, which had been, as vails that rich glow of antiquity, that we before mentioned, transferred to identity of times and manners, and Lady Dalgarno. The day approaches, feelings, which transports us to ancient but owing to the loss of the sign ma days, and induces us almost to think, nual, the requisite sum cannot be raised, that we are present at the scenes deand the estate is about to be forfeited, scribed that we know the characters, when, at the critical moment, in comes and are intimate with their every word, Richie Moniplies, now the legal pos- look, or gesture—the charm which we sessor, by a marriage of Mrs. "Martha may call the personification of the age Trapbois that was, and her fortune pays -in all this, the writer before us has the inoney, whilst the receipts, &c. are never been approached to – far less seen to, by Nigel's old friend, the equalled. Templar, and the writings carried off If we wished to find fault, we would by Mr. Richard Moniplies in triumph. say, that some of the characters seem to All this is transacted without the know have varied from what they were oriledge of Nigel or his other friends, and ginally designed to be.We might also nothing is learnt by them of the matter mention one or two anachronisms which at the time, but that Lord Dalgarno's may be discovered. But where we have solicitor or scrivener, as he was called received so much pleasure, we cannot at that time, has absconded, and they ruffle ourselves with trifling criticisms. are ignorant of what has become of the The chief beauty of this production, as mortgage deed, Dalgarno having been we have hinted, consists in the fidelity of shot through the head, in his journey the portraitare of the times, and, as in towards Scotland, by an Alsatian bully. all the novels by the author of Waverley, - Meanwhile, a marriage is brought the excellence of the dialogue. There about, under the superintendance of

are no forced speeches-no drowsy comthe King, between Glenvarlochides and mon places stuck into the mouths of the pretty Peg-a-Ramsay, when, at the mar characters indiscriminately, to fill up so riage, which is celebrated at Master many pages of letter-press-every thing George Heriot's

, the company, consist- comes naturally, and as ifunsought for ing of the King himself, the new mar. every thing seems to be the best that ried couple, Heriot, Sir Mungo Mala- could be spoken, still conducing either growther, and others of inferior note, to the developement of the character of are surprised by the appearance of the speaker, or the plot of the work Richie and his bride, together with the We could say much more on this Templar, who produce the deeds, re subject, but we feel it would be superyesting his paternal estates in Glenvar fluous. We cannot, however, conclude loch ; and, to increase the pleasure and without expressing our regret at not astonishment of the parties, Mrs. Moni- being able to afford room for several plies, produces the lost sign manual, interesting extracts which we had prewhich had, indeed, been pilfered by old pared: this regret, however, is much Trapbois from Nigel's room during his diminished by the opinion, that all our residence in Alsatia, at the instigation readers will enjoy the perusal of the of Dalgarno's scrivener. Matters are work itself-a desire for which our Re

view is intended to increase, not to The interest felt in the story is cer appease.

thus cleared up.

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Mr. Nelson is preparing for the press a panied with splendid Illustrations, will new edition, in 8vo. of “ The History, To shortly appear, from the pen of the Rev. pography, and Antiquities of Islington,” T. F. Dibdio, F.R.S. S.A. containing much additional matter, and Mr. Thomas Taylor, (the Platonist) is illustrated by at least twenty engravings about to publish Translations of the Metaand lithographic prints.

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Poems by the Rev. Thomas Cherry, B.D. Mr. Lewis, teacher of chess, is about to late Master of Merchant Taylor's School, publish “ Elements” of that interesting edited by the Rev. J. W. Bellamy, are and scientific game, iu one small volume, about to be published by subscription, in with diagrams.

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Miss Anna Maria Porter has a new Mr. Hamper is preparing for the press, Novel in a state of considerable forwarda second edition of his Tract on Hoar ness, entitled,

Roche Blanc; or, the Stones.

Hunter of the Pyrennees. An Analytical Investigation of the Scriptural Claims of the Devil, and a similar

WORKS IN THE PRESS, Examination of the Terms Sheol, Hades, and Gehenna, as used by the Scripture A Letter to the Right Hon. Robert Peel, Writers, by the Rev. Russell Scott, of M.P. principal Secretary of State for the Portsmouth, will be published in the course home department, upon the subject of bank of the present month.

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cluding a variety of Cases and Dissections. A Series of Letters and Communications, By Edward Causer, Surgeon, late Veteriaddressed to the Select Committee of the mary Surgeon to his Majesty's Fourth ReHouse of Commons, on the Highways of the giment of Dragoons.



Memoirs and Select Remains of an only The Cottager's Agricultural Companion. Son, who died November 27, 1921, in his By W. Salisbury, 12mo. Is. 60.

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turer, and Colourman's Guide. By the late Sciograplay; or Examples of Shadows, C. Lillie, Perfumer, &c. Foolscap. 10s.6d. and Rules for their Projection, intended Riddles, Charades, and Conundrums, the for the Use of Architectural Draughtsmen. greater part of which had never been pub

lished. 18mo. 3s. HISTORY MEMOIRS.

Dodsley's Annual Register; or a View

of the History, Politics, and Literature of Memoirs of the late Miss Mary Ann the Year 1820. The present volume conBurton, of Kentish Town. 12mo. 58. 6d. tains a copious Index, which it is intended

The Life and Opinions of Sir Richard to continue annually; and a General Index Maltravers, an English Gentleman of to the entire series from 1758 to 1819 is in the Seventeenth Century. 2 vols. crown forwardness. 8vo. 16s.

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Annals, including the Life of the Right lips, jun. 12mo. 6s. Hon. Lady Wilhelmina Viscountess Glen The Works, Verse and Prose, of the orchy, collected from her Diary and Cor. Right Hon. Sir Charles Hanbury Williams

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