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The exhibition this season, presents in vain to supply by principle what nature the connoisseur and the lover of art with only can bestow. The highest beauties of twelve bistorical paintings, some of which art can therefore be taught by no princimay justly rank with the most fiuished ple whatever; because the proper object productions in this walk of art ;-namely, of art is not to imitate nature or its apthe “ Battle of Strigonium," by Mr. Coo- pearances, but such of its appearances as PER, the “ Caledonian Huni," by Mr. appear most beautiful and delightful 10 us, - Hilton, and Mr.Brigg's, Lear, and Gone. and this we can learn from our feelings rit, from Sbakspeare. Though our limits alone. The hero is Meleager, the heroine confine us to a very brief notice, we can

Atalanta; and indeed the whole piece is not help particularly directing the atten a perfect imitation of the ancients, except tion of our readers to the « Battle of the boar which is certainly origioal. It Strigonium." Nothing can exceed the is original, however, only in being a bold spirit, the apimated discordia concor's deviation from nature, for nature never which is displayed in the contest for the produced so formidable a monster. standard of Mahomet, though the imagina Mr. Brigg's " King Lcar," though not tion perhaps. is still more strongly exer so classical, or so free from critical cencised by the picturesque combinations of sure, is certainly a painting that excites Christian armour and Turkish costume, the strongest feelings of our nature. It is The colouring however is too brilliant, pregnant with passion; and passion is the but the expression of the principal charac soul of painting as it is of poetry. The ters is finely delineated.

imperious toss of the head, tbe inexorable The “ Caledoniun Hunt,” is unquestion. expression of countenance which characably the most classical production in the terise the features of Regan apd Goneril, exhibition. The artist displays a perfect Cordelia's surprise and commisseration, acquaintance with the principles of his and Lear's start of horror, are in the first art, and the connoisseur and the critic style of execution, and convey the clearest put on their analyzing spectacles to do image of those contrasted passions which purpose, when they would point out either the bold genius of Shakspeare had created want of finish in the execution, or want and delineated in such strong and faithful of harmony in the general tone. Mr. colouring. Hilton has observed the happy medium “Smugglers Alarmed, by an unexpected between the exquisite nicety of finish and change from hazy weather, while landing licentious freedom. Indeed the whole per their cargo,” by Mr. A. W. CALCOTT. formance is a work of the schools, and sets. This is Mr. Calcott's best production. Noat rest all criticism which is founded on thing can be more happily conceived tban principles. With all its perfection, how the disposition of his clouds and mists, ever, it possesses one radical defect, for which produce a grand and noble effect which no merit can compensate ; it ad as they roll along the sublime expanse of dresses itself to the understanding, and his picture. The daylight is open and not to the heart. The consequence is pure, and the entire perspective exquisite. that though we can point out no fault, "The figures are strongly expressive of the we still look upon it with perfect sang situation in which they are placed, and froid. We wonder jodeed why we are are little inferior to the landscape. not pleased with a painting where all is There are many other pleasing landharmony, but we forget that mere har scapes, among which, Mr. CONSTABLE's mony possesses little interest, when it is View on the Stour, near Dedham, deserves ihat species. of harmony of which the particular attention. Indeed, we could understanding alone is qualified to take not contemplate it, without reviving the coguizauce. Unless the objects harmo most delightful images and associations nizing with each other, are originally in that minglc with the recollections of our barmony with the soul, and calculated to early years. The whole production is an excite its affections, we look with indiffer admirable portrait of the romantic variety ence on that unison which exists between and softer charms of nature and of rural tbemselves. Hence it is obvious, that a scenery. painting founded solely on principles of The Convalescent," by Mr. W. Malart, can please us only by chance, because READY.–There is considerably more meno principle can teach us why we are rit in the execution of this picture than in pleased with any object. This knowledge the original design. The principal chawe can acquire from our feelings alone; racter is not good, and admits of no suand he who wants these feelings, will seek perior display of art; and the woman,

who forms the second figure, possesses so baule-painting, and should not be imitated. little of originality, that the most exquisite “ The View of Dieppe,” by the same finish could not render her interesting artist, proves, that his genius is more The little boy, indeed, is more happily formed to excel in the Beautiful than in conceived, and his irritation at being de- the Sublime. feated in wrestling, more expressively The Rivals," by Mr. C. LESLIE.- This delineated. The colouring of this picture picture displays considerable talent. The is so sweet, so faithfully true to nature, conception is elegant, and the penciling that it almost compensates for the want of evinces great delicacy and judgment. The merit in the original design.

costume, perhaps, would be better, if they “ The Recruiting Party,hy Mr. E.V. were of a more familiar cast. RIPPINGLE.—This picture, which is one The Rat-Catchers," by Mr. LANDof the first of its class in the exhibition, SEER.—This gentleman is an instance of possesses a great variety of well-sustained early proficiency in the art. At sixteen, character. The episodes are appropriate, he was allowed to be a painter of conand the story is well told. In the lighter siderable eminence. He has some faults, graces of embellishment, however, in co however, which only time and experience lour, chiaro-scuro, and penciling, it is cer can correct. His pencil is too liny. The tainly deficient. It is too much encum ass in the present picture seems to have bered with large masses of shade, and the a coat of bristles instead of hair. heavy middle tint predominates too much, We shall reserve our notice of the sculpand lessens the attractions which it would ture for our next Number. otherwise possess.

The Pysche," by WESTMACOTT, is per“ The Battle of Waterloo,” by Mr. G. haps, the best effect of the chissel in this JONES.--The Baitle of Waterloo has too year's exbibition; and we have been falittle of the tremendous and sublime, and voured, with permission from that munifitoo much of splendour and gaiety. There 'cent patron of the Arts, his Grace the Duke is great art evinced in niany parts of the of Bedford, to give an engraving of this execution, but it is, on the whole, rather admirable piece of sculpture, as a frontis. a grand rehearsal of a mock engagement, piece to the first Number of our 82d volume, than a conflict of actual carnage and de which will appear on the 1st of August. sperate bravery. It is a vicious style of


To Pierre Erard, of Great Marlborough- certain improvements on Harps. Dated street, in the county of Middlesex, musi- April 24, 1822. In two months. cal instrument maker; in consequence of To Robert Ford, of Abingdon-row, Goscommunications made to him by a certain well-street-road, in the county of Middleforeigner residing abroad, and discoveries sex, chemist; for a Chemical Liquid or by himself, for certain improvements on Solution of Annotto. Dated April 24, 1822. Harps. Dated April 24, 1822. To be spe In two months. cified in six months.

To Richard Knight, of Foster-Jane, To Edward Dodd, of St. Martin's-lane, Cheapside, London, ironmonger; and Ruin the parish of St. Martin, in the county pert Kirk, of Osborne-place, Whitechapel, of Middlesex, musical instrucoent maker; in the county of Middlesex, dyer; for a for certain improvements on Pedal Harps. process for the more rapid Crystallization, Dated April 24, 1822. In six months. and for the Evaporation of Fluids, at com

To James Delveau, of Wardour-street, parative low temperatures, by a mechaniin the parish of St. Anne, in the county of cal application of air. Dated May 9, 1822. Middlesex, musical instrument maker; for In two months.




Extracted from the London Gazette. · N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street, unless otherwisc expressed. The Attornies' Names are between Parenthesis,


Bridge, J. Marple, Chester, shopkeeper
Banting, J. Cumberland-st. New-road, carpenter
Davidson, W. Philpot-lane, merchant
Garnett, A. Liverpool, merchant
Lee, J. Sunderland, grocer
Barthrop, W. sen. Lincoln, woolstapler

Steel, J. Emscott, Warwickshire, timber-merchant
Gilbert, J. and 'Taylor, H. late of Bristol, commission

Dean, R. W. and Cooke, T. W. Bethnal-green,



Bateman, A. Bristol, victualler, July 3, 4, and 27, at Brittan, J. Worcester, linen-draper, May 30,31, and

the Commercial Rooms, Bristol. (Poole and June 29, Commercial Rooms, Corn-street, Bris

Co. Gray's-inn-square; and Saunders, Bristol tol. (Poole and Co. Gray's-inn-square; 'and Bell, J. Suffolk-lane, wine-merchant, June 22, July Levett, jun. Bristol

2, and 27. (Paterson and Co. Old Broad-street Coppard, J. sen. Mitcham, drug-grinder, June 8, 29, Boardman, R, late of Liverpool, merchant, July 8, and July 16. (Pocock, Lincoln's-inn

9, and 27, George Inn, Liverpool. (Watson, Cobb, H. Graveney, Kent, farmer, June 24, 25, and

Liverpool; and Adlington and Co. Bedford-row July 23, Guildhall, Canterbury. (Jefferys, or Boyd, S. C. late of Oxford, wine-merchant, June 21, Chapman, Faversham; and Lowe and Co. South

22, and July 23, house of Robinson Bartram, ampton-buildings, Chancery-lane Oxford. (Bridger, Angel-court, Throgmorton. Collins, J. Vincent-place, City-road, broker, May 25, street; and Cecil, Oxford

June 8, and July 2. (Penton, Austin friars Bramwell, J. Leadenhall-street, hatter, May 25, Cox, J. Pensford, mealman, June 25, 26, and July June 1, and 29. (Mayhew, Chancery-lane

27, Bush Tavern, Bristol. (Dyx, Symond's-inn, Burgess, J. Liverpool, dealer, June 5, 6, and 29, Chancery-lane; and Frankis, Bristol

King's Arms, Castle-street, Liverpool. (Pick Croxen, W. B. Burton Lattimer, miller, June 7, 8, ford, Liverpool; and Blackstock and Co. King's and July 6, White Hart Inn, Kettering. (Lamb, Bench-walk, Temple

Kettering; and Nelson, Barnard's Inu Bradbury, R. Stoue, Staffordshire, dealer, June 26, Colson, W. Plymouth, grocer, May 25, June 8, and

27, and July 23, at Messrs. Wheatley and Co.'s July 2 (Swain and Co. Frederick's-place, Old office, Stone. (Barber, Fetter-lane; and Wheat Jewry ley and Co. Stone

Cardwell, E. Horbury bridge, inn-keeper, June 6, 7, Bradshaw, J. Eceleshall, Staffordshire, butcher, and 9, Woodman-inn, Wakefield. (Battye,

June 18, 19, Wheat Sheaf Inn, Cheadle, and Chancery-lane; and Scholefield, Horbury
July 13, Bell and Bear Inn, Stone, (Edmunds, Chetham, J. Stockport, money-scrivener, June 22,
Exchequer Office of Pleas, Lincoln's-inn; and 26, and July 9, Warren Bulkeley-Arms Inn,
Hubbard and Co. Cheadle

Stockport. (Lowe and Co. Southampton-buildBrammall, G. Sheffield, file-maker, June 22, 24, and ings; and Newtons and Co. Stockport

July 23, Commercial Inn, Sheffield. (Duncan, Courthope, F. W. Langbourn-chambers, FenchurchHolborn-court, Gray's-inn; and Tattershall, street, timber-merchant, June 1, 11, and July 6. Sheffield

(Pearson, 'Change-alley, Cornhill Bethell, T. Poole, painter, June 28, 29, and July 23, Collins, J. and Capell, R. Northampton, common

London Tavern, Poole. (Holme and Co. New carriers, June 6,7, and July 9, Saracen's Head Inn; and Parr and Son, Poole

Inn, Northampton. (Jeyes, Chancery-lane; and Billington, J. Manchester, shopkeeper, June 17, 21, Jeyes, Northampton

and July 23, Albion Hotel, Manchester. (Law Coburn, T. late Witney, woolstapler, June 17, 18, and Co. Manchester; and Adlington and Co. and July 20, Lion-Inn, Digbeth, Birmingham, Bedford-row

(Bousfield and Co. Bouverie-street, Fleet-street ; Blyth, J. late Wellington, Shropshire, draper, June and Hope, Birmingham.

4,5, and July 2, Albion Hotel, Manchester. Dodd, J. and W. Kirkoswald, grocera, June 6,7, and (Law and Co. Manchester; and Adlington July 2, Blue Bell Inn, Carlisle. (Battye, Chanand Co. Bedford-row

cery-lane ; and Robinson and Co. Carlisle Breedon, W. and H. Ruddington, dealers in horses, Ellis, T. Crooked-lane, drysalter, June 15, 22, and

June 6, 7, and July 2, Punch Bowl, Peck-lane, July 20. (Messrs. Clutton and Co. High-street,
Nottingham. (Long and Co. Gray's-inn; and Southwark
Percy, Nottingham

Fothergill, W. late Cannon-street-road, St. George's Bishop, K. near Birmingham, brass-founder, June in the East, ship-owner, June 22, 29, and July 27.

13, 14, and July 20, Royal Hotel, Birmingham. (Nind and Co. Throgmorton-street (Holme and Co. New-inn; and Parker, Birming Fulton, E. late Earl-street, Blackfriars, coal-merham

chant, May 28, June 4, and July 2. (Bowman, Baillie, J. late Aylesbury-street, Clerkenwell, iron Union-court, Broad-street

founder, June 15, 22, and July 20. ,(Martindale, Furlong, W. and J. Bristol, haberdashers, June 10, Bedford-place, Russell-square

11, and July 6, Commercial Rooms, Bristol. Brooke, R. Walcot, common-brewer, June 17,18, (Ambury, Bristol; and Messrs. Williams and

and July 6, White Hart Inn, Bath. (Jenkins Co, Lincoln's-inn and Co. New.inn; and Batchellor, Bath Falkner, F. Manchester, warehouseman, June 4,5

and 29, Bridgewater Arms Inn, Manchester. 21, and July 20, Angel Inn, Great Yarmouth. (Hurd and Co. Temple; and Hadfield, Man (Holt, Great Yarmouth; and Swaine and Co. chester

Frederick's-place, Old Jewry Fowler, J. S. and A. E. Liverpool, merchants May 31, Johnson, S. Skinner-street, Bishopsgato-street, cabi

June 1, and July 2, Flitch of Bacon Inn, Which net-maker, June 1, lt; and July 9. (Young, norbridge, Staffordshire. (Taylor, John-street, New Corn Exchange, Mark-lane Bedford-row

Johnson, W. Gainsburgh, maltster, June 20, 21, Gibson, W. and F. Fomm, Trinity-square, corn and July 13, Monson's Arms Inn, Gainsburgh.

factors, June 4, 8, and July 2 (Parnther and (Stocker and Co. New Boswell-court, CareyCo. London-street, Fenchurch-street

street; and Barnard and Co. Gainsburgh Grafton, J. Lapworth, tanner, June 11, 12, and July 6, Jackson, S. G. S. late South Lynn, jobber, June 21,

Stork Tavern, Birmingham. (Edmunds, Sy 22, and July 20, Globe Inn, King's Lynn. (Jarvis, mond's-inn, Chancery-lane ; and Mole, Birming King's Lynn; and Wright, King's-Bench Walk, ham

Temble Goodwin, J. late Shefteld, victualler, May 28, 29, Jenkins, T. latę Llanvithen, dealer, July 2, 3, and

and June 29, Sessions-House, Wakefield." (Fisher 27, BearInn, Cowbridge, Glamorganshire. (Greand Co. Thavies-inn; and Cuttle and Co. Wake gory, Clcment's Inn; and Bassett, Bouvilstone field

Kelson, T. late Combe Down, Monkton Combe, Goulden, J. Goulden's-place, Hackney-road, carpen: farmer, June 14, 15, and July 13, White

ter, June 11, 19, and July 13. (Norton, Old Hart Inn, Bath. (Perkins and Co. Gray's inn; Broad-street, and Hackney-road

and Miller, Frome Selwood, Somersetshire Gould, W. and F. Greasley, Maiden-lane, Wood Kent, T. Kirton Holme, butcher, June 6, 7, and

street, hosiers, June 25, July 6, and 27. (Arden, July 2, White Hart Inn, Boston, Lincolnshire. Clifford's-inn

(Rogers, Boston; and Jenkins and Co. New-inn Goodeve, W. D. Wimborne - Minster, Dorsetshire, Large, J. Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire, banker, June

common-brewer,Jane 8, 15, & July 16. (Minchin, 21, 22, and July 13, Angel Inn, Wootton BasVerulam-buildings, Gray's-inn; and Hill, South sett, Wiltshire. (Slade and Co. John-street, ampton

Bedford-row; and Mallings, Wootton Bassett Harris, N. Southampton, coach-master, June 18, 25, Lewis, R. King-street, Soho, chair-maker, June 8, and July 27. (Wills and Co. Bedford-row

15, and July 16. (King and Co. Gray's-inn-square Hantingdon, J. late Snow-hill, jeweller, June 22, 29, Long, D. Andover, gun-maker, June 10, 11, and July 9, and July 27. (Mayhew, Chancery-lane

George Inn, Andover. (Bousfield and Co. BouHales, W. Ñ. Bilston, mercer, June 28, 29, and verie-street, Fleet-street; and Mann, Andover,

July 27, house of S. Bailey, at Whiston Cross, Latter, J. Windsor, oilman, June 1, 8, and July 9. Shropshire. (Wood, Wolverhampton; and Wi (Hindmarsh, Crescent, Jewin-street

liams and Co. Old-buildings, Lincoln's-inn Leigh, G. Wincham, Cheshire, coal-dealer, June Hamphreys, W. Billesdon, drapor, June 3, 4, and 14, 15, and July 13, White Bear Inn, Middle

July , Saracen's Head, Leicester. (Moore and wich, Cheshire. (Huxley, Pump court, Temple;
Co: New-square, Lincoln's-inn; and Burbidge, and Meek, Betley, Staffordshire

Morris, S. Long Itchington, Warwickshire, cornHarman, J. Lower Thames-street, merchant, June 8, dealer, May 28, 29, and June 29, Craven Arms

-15, and July 13. (Clutton and Co. High-street, Inn, Southam, Warwickshire. (Walker, ExSouthwark

chequerOffice of Pleas, Lincoli's-inn-fields; and Hughes, T. late Grosvenor-row, Chelsea, linen-dra Burman and Co. Southam

per, June 18, 25, and July 20, (Knight, Ken. Moore, D. late Bordesley Iron Works, iron-master,

sington; and Poskin, Dean-street, Soho-square June 4, 5, and 29, George Inn, Digbeth, BirHolden, J. Manchester, calico dealer, June 24, 25, minghani. (Swain and Co. Frederick's-place,

and July 13, Palace Inn, Manchester. (Ellis, Old Jewry; and Whately and Son, Birmingham Chaneery-lane ; Hadfield and Hampson, Man Murrow, T. Liverpool, money-scriveverer, June 24, ehester

25, and July 13, George Inn, Dale-street, LiverHolden, 0. Clitheroe, calico-manufacturer, June 24, pool. (Pritt, Liverpool ; and Blackstock and

25, and July 13, Palace Inn, Manchester. (Hamp Co, Temple son, and Hadfield, Manchester; and Ellis, Chan · Merryweather, S. Longnam, maltster, June 14, P5, cery-lane

and July 13, Crown Ino, Wimborne, Dorsetshire, Heys, J. Stockport, draper, June 4, 6, and July (Holme and Co. New-inn; and Part, Ringwood

2, White Bear Inn, Manchester. (Gibbon, Matthews, E. late College-hill, Upper Thames-street,

Ashton-under-Lyne; and Battye, Chancery-lane merchant, June 15, 25, and July 16. (RichardHirst, J. Greave, merchant, July 1, 2, and 16, Pack son, Lincoln's-inn-fields

Horse Inn, Huddersfield. (Stephenson, & Holm Maddock, C. F. Plymouth, linen-draper, July 3, 4,

firth, Huddersfield ; and Battye, Chancery-lane and 27, Mermaid Inn, Yeovil. (Batten, Yeovil, Hamper, H. Cheltenham, hosier, June 4, 5, Somersetshire; and Hine, Essex-court, Temple

and 29, Royal Hotel, Cheltenham. (Vizard and Newton, T. Holbeach, and W. Newton, West Walton, Co. Lincoln's-inn-fields; and Pruen and Co. Norfolk, jobbers, June 4, 5, and July 2, White Cheltenham

Hart Inn, Spalding, Lincolnshire. (Green and Husband, R. Plymouth, mercer, June 25, 26, and Co. Spalding; and Willis and Co. Warnford

July 23, Weakley's Hotel, Plymouth Dock. (Ma. court, Throgmorton-street kinson, Middle Temple; and Sole, Plymouth Naish, F. Twerton, clothier, July 1, 2, and 27, White Dock

Lion, Bath. Adlington and Co. Bedford-row; Hains, J. late Lubenham, baker, June 17, 18, and Gaby, Bath

and July 23, Swans Inn, Market Harborough. Owen, J. late Leadenhall-strect, cabinet-maker, May (Wartnaby and Co. Market Harborough; and 25, June 1, and 29. (Ashley aud Co. BuchlersMontriou and Co. King's Arms-yard, Coleman bury stroet

Olley, 1. Clare, Suffolk, maltster, June 20, 21, Mingworth, H. A. Powey, merchant, June 6, 7, and and July 23, Half Moon Inn, Clare. Stevens,

July 6, Commercial Rooms, Bristol. (Bourdil. Clare ; and Stevens, Gray's-iun-square Jon and Co. Bread-street, Cheapside; and Beran Potts, W. Sheerness, linen-draper, June 8, 15, aud and Co. Bristol

July 6. (Osbaldeston and Co. London-street, Joplin, J. Sunderland, linen-draper, June 11, 12, and Fenchurch-street

July 2, George Inn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. (Bell Penvold, W. late Clutton, Somersetshire, builder, and Co. Bow Church-yard; and Seymour, New June 4, 5, and July 2, Rummer 'Tavern, All castle-upon-Tyne

Saints'-lane, Bristol. (Bıurfoot, King's Bench Jones, J.Corely,liine-burner, June 28, 29, and July 20, Walk; and Dowling and Co. Chew Magna, So.

Bell Inn, Worcester. (Hilliar and Co. Gray's. mersetshire

inn-square; and Godson, Tenbury, Worcester Pelerin, H.F. Lloyd's Coffee-house, insurance-broker, Jernsyn, D. Great Yarmouth, merebant, June 20, June 22, July 2, and 27, (Evans, Hadioni-perde

Pearson, J. Newcastle-under. Lyne, grocer, June 3, Spoor, M. North Shields, upholsterer, July 1, 4, and

4, and 29, Castle-hotel, Newcastle-under-Lyne. 27, George Inn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Commer, (Hyatt, Newcastle-under-Lyne; and Wilson, cial Hotel, North Shields. (Francis, Sun-court King's Bench Walk, Temple

Cornhill; & LowTey, Tyne-street, North Shields. Port, E. J. Rugeley, chemist, June 10, 11, and Stonall, G. Box, Wiltshire, tailor, June 10, 11, and

July 6, Talbot Inn, Rugeley. (Stocker and Co. July 9, White Lion Inn, Broad-street, Bristol. New Boswell-court, Lincoln's- inn; and Salt, (Poole and Co. Gray's-inn-square; and Saunders, Rugeley

Nicholas-street, Bristol Probyn, J. M. Long - lane, Bermondsey, surgeon, Stewart, R. late King-street, Cheapside, Scotch

June 8, 15, and July 18. (Niblet, New-court, factor, May 21, June 8, and 29. (Shaw Crutched-friars

and Co. Verulam's-buildings, Gray's-inn Pickman, W. East Ilsley, Berks, grocer, June 11, 22, Saunders, J. Holland-street, Southwark, factor,

and July 20. (Wildc and Co. College-hill, Doc June 15, 22, and July 20. (Hutchinson, Crown tors' Commons

court, Threadneedle-street Paradise, J. Newcastle-street, Strand, jeweller, June Trigg, H. and J. Rateliff, late Hertford, timber..

11, 18, and July 16. (Rosser and Co. Bartlett's. merchants, June 29, July 2, and 27. (Hewitt, buildings, Holborn

Tokenhouse-yard, Lothbury Quilter, H. late Leicester, vietualler, June 17, 18, Tyler, W. Kimbolton, currier, June 11, George Inn,

and July 23, Rutland Arms Inn, Leicester. Huntingdon, 12, George Inn, Buckden, and July 6,

(Bond, Leicester; and Holme and Co. New-inn George Inn, Huntingdon. (Forbes, Ely place, Rashbrook, W. late Lavenham, Suffolk, farmer, Holborn

June 28, 29, and July 27, Swan Inn, Twycross, I. Westbourn, fellmonger, June 10, 11, Lavenham. (Last, Hadleigh, Suffolk; and Chil and July 9, Bear Inn, Havant, Hampshire. ton, Chancery-lane

(Stevens and Co. Havant; and Gude, BedfordRobertson, J. Old Broad-street, merchant, June 15,

25, and July 16, (Knight and Co. Basinghall Watson, W. Melina-place, Surrey, brewer, June 18, street

25, and July 27. (Vandercom and Co. Bush. Rose, J.G. Brompton, dealer, May 25, June 8, and lane, Cannon-street

29, (Pike, New Boswell-court, Lincoln'g. Williams, P. jun. Knightsbridge, draper, May 3, inn-fields

June 1, and 29. (Wilde and Co. College-hill Raine, J. Great Coram-street, Brunswick-square,' Worthington, E. Stangate-street, Lambeth, malt

merchant, June 10, 11, and July 13, Tontine Inn, ster, June 8, 15, and July 13. (James, Walbrook Sheftield. (Wake, Sheffield; and Blagrave and Wilson, T. S. Merthley, maltster, July 2;_3, Co. Symond's-inn, Chancery-lane

and 13, George Inn, Wakefield. (Walker, ExRidley, T. J. Brown, and W. Stawport, late South chequer Office, Lincoln's-inn-fields; & Scatcherd,

Blyth, Northumberland, common-brewers, July Halifax 1, George Inn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, July 2, Wood, W. Brumby, Lincolnshire, jobber, June 11, and 20, Commercial Hotel, Howard-street, North 12, and July 6, Angel Inn, Glamford Shields. (Francis, Sun-court, Cornhill; and Briggs, Lincolnshire. (Niceolson, Glamford Lowrey, Tyne-street, North Shields

Briggs; and Mason, New Bridge-st. Blackfriars. Shipwray, T. late Tidworth Warren Farm, Hamp Willing, 8. Plymouth, corn-merchant, June 27, 28,

shire, sheep-dealer, June 27, 28, and July 23, and July 23, King's Arms Inn, Plymouth. (Kelly, White Hart Inn, Andover. (Bousfield and Co. Plymouth; and Wright, Inner Temple Bouverie-street, Fleet-street; and Mann, An Young, D. late Leeds, merchant, June 21, 22, and dover

July 20, Court House, Leeds. (Tottie and Co. Statham, Collyburst, Manchester, dyer, June 28, 29, Leeds; and 33, Poultry

and July 20, Blackfriar's Inn, Manchester. (Ap Young, W. North Bank, Regent's Park, and J. Green, pleby and Co. Gray's-inn-sqnare; and White Camden Town, excavators, June 11, 15, and head, Manchester

June 16. (Carlon, High-street, Mary-le-bonne

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From Tuesday May 14, no SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 1822.

Abraham, M. and L. D. Bath, June 10
Ambrose, W. Clapton, Junell
Anderson, A, Philpot-lane, July 6
Ayton, J. & S. W. J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, July 3
Armstrong, J. Hampshire, July 6
Booth, W. and B. A. Bishopwearmouth, July 8
Benson, J. Birmingham, July 6
Bramall, J. Aston-under-line, June 22
Bidwith, T. Shropshire, July 5
Britain, B. Herefordsbire, June 22
Batley, J. Great Yarmouth, July 3
Batten, L. St. Albans, June 22
Bessell, C. Surrey, June 15
Bigg, J. and B. C. Hatfield, June 22
Belham, T. Stradford, July 13
Boulen, P. Norton-falgate, July 9
Beaufoy, J. Warwickshire, July 1
Browne, J. Canterbury, June 29
Blachford, R. Little Tower-hill, July 25
Bird, T. Warwickshire, June 26
Crump, J. Birmingham, July 1
Clunie, J. Camberwell, June 29
Cooper, R. Jubilee-place, Commercial-road, June 29
Crossland, S. Liverpool, June 27
Cook, J. Helmsley, June 14
Clarke, H. Huntingdonshire, June 18
Compton, W. Birmingham, June 11
Cooke, T. and Brennan, M. E. Strand, July 6
Curtis, J. Hampshire, July 2

Chaplain, D. Suffolk, July 9
Card, J. Lloyds Coffee-house, July 6
Cobham, w. jun. and Jones T. Ware, August 10
Driver, J. and D. M. Bristol, July 5
Doorman, C. C. Wellclose-square, June 18.
Douthat, S. Liverpool, July 10
Durrant, w. Castle-street, Finsbury, June 22
Du Bois, J. Copthall-court, June 23
Dubois, J. and J. F. Alderman's-walk, Jure 8
Evans, S. Bristol, June 29
Eyre, W. Cockspur-street, Charing-cross, July 2
Elphick, W. West-ham, June 22
Ellis, R. Southwark, June 15
Ellis, S. and Glover G. Aldersgate-street, June 8
Furniss, J. Liverpool, June 22
Forbes, J. and G. D. Aldermanbury, June 18
Forster, T. Newington, June 15
Freame, T. Worcester, June 13
Freind, F. and T. H. E. Durham, June 18
Gotobed, W. Streatham, July I
Goodwin, P. Denbighshire, July 1
Greaves, A. Queen-street, Cheapside, June 29
Gregory, J. Blackwall, June 11
Gidley, E. Dover-street, Piccadilly, June 8
Green, J. Lincolnshire, June 8
George, W. Haymarket, June 20
Greaves, H. W. Philpot-lane, June 25
Mill, J. Bradwell, July 2
Hamilton, W.Riche3-court, Lime-street, June 25

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