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July 2

Hamilton, W. & A. M. Riches-et. Lime-st. June 29
Hartland, J. Gloucester, June 26
Hayzelden, W, Kent, June 15
Hemmerich, J. W. Liverpool, June 19
Hawkins, W. H. T. and H. J. Birmingham, June 19
Humphreys, S. Charlotte-st. Portland-pl. June 4
Huston, G. Cateaton-street, June 22
Hicks, J. Leeds, June 17
Hepburn, C. Commercial-road, June 8
Hassell, J. Islington, July 16
Hopper, C. Little Trinity-lane, July 16
Hirst, J. Tower-street, June 25
Johnstone, J. Liverpool, June 29
Jacobs, T. and Spicers, W. Oxford
Jennings, C. Portsea, July 6
Jacob, E. Glamorganshire, July 8
Johnson, J. Norfolk, June 22
Ketty, A. Colonade, Pall-mall, June 1
Ketty, A. Pall-mall, May 25
King, J. Essex, July 2.
King, W. Biriningham, July 13
Lavers, J. King's-bridge, July 8
Lea, W.and L. J. F. Paternoster-row, July 2
Lace, S. Liverpool, June 26
Lilley, N. Leeds, July 23
Lowes, G. Commercial-bdgs. Mincing-lane, June 15
Latham, J, Berkshire, June 8
Leigh, S. Strand, June 15
Lincoln, R. St. James's-street, Westminster, Junell
Lownds, W. Robinson, J. and Neild, H. Manchester,

June 29
Lambert, T. and S. Leeds, June 8
Maltby, W.jun. T. W. Bath July 6
Mayer, E. and K. J. Skelton, July 4
Mann, J. Leeds, July 2
Mills, S. Stamford, June 25
Maitland. D. New Bridge-street, June 29
Marfitt, R. Pickering, June 15
McMullen, W. G. and E. Hereford, June 22
Mitchell, s. Dorking, June 22
Moloney, M. City-road, June 4
Melton, M. and M. G. Highgate, June 29
McKay, R. Nutsford, June 12
Mitchell, J. Herefordshire, June 18
Martin, Yarmouth, June 12
Mackaroy, E. King-street, Greenwich, July 16
Maltby, W. jun. and Thorpe, W. jun. Bath, June 12
Mulligan, T. Bate, May 25
Mumby, R. Lincolnshire, July 5
Newcombe, W. Coventry, June 17
Needham, R. Brompton, June 11
Oakley, H. Mary-le-bone-lave, June 8
Oake, R. G. Circus, Minories, June 18
Pickering, J.Woburn-pl. Russell-square, July 2
Prosser, W. Hereford, July 18
Price, T. Gloucestershire, July 1
Payne, S. Nottingham, June 27
Palmer, T. Cheapside, June 18
Parr, J. Lancashire, June 14
Parkinson, G. Lancashire, July 3
Pridham, J. Exeter, July 13
Pitt, R. Worcestershire, June 17
Purkis, W. Portsmouth, June 18
Prentice, W. High-street, Borough, June 22
Polglase, J. Bristol, June 20
Richardson, G. Mecklenburgh-square, and T. v.

Gloucester-street, Queen-square, June 18 Rist, C, Cornhill, June 18

Ratcliffe, J. Manchester, June 19
Reynolds, W. Ship Orient, Jane 29
Royle, J. F. Pall-mall, June 15
Reynolds, 0. Devonshire, June 20
Reiley, R. Bloomsbury, June 8
Rolland, F. St. James's-street, Piccadilly, June 18
Richards, J. and Co. St. Martin's-lane, June 8
Rainsford, C. Berkshire, June 7
Rutt, J. Hammersmith, June 8
Roberts, S. Cheltenham, June 8
Reid, W. Clerkenwell, July 6
Stein, J. S. T. S. R. S.J. and. S R. Fenchurch-st.

June 15
Scott, J. Huddersfield, July 1
Sumner, C. C. Hillingdon, June 29
Sandbach, J. Bird's-buildings, June 29
Sharpus, R. Davis-street, Berkeley-square, June 15
Snuggs, J. W. A. and W. J. Lime-street, June 15
Strachan, R. and Stubs, T. Cheapside, June 22
Smith, J. Shrewsbury, June 12
Sudlow, W. Manchester, June 21
Sallows, R. Suffolk, June 12
Surrey, J. and Surrey T. Mark-lane, July 13
Sill, J and Watson, W. Liverpool, July 16
Sweet, C. Northtawton, July 25
Snape, W. Litchfield, June 11
Stephenson, A. Boston June 10
Treherne, J. St. Martin's-lane, Leicester-fields
Thomson, T. Camomile-street, June 11
Tickall, J. Cumberland, June 19
Tucker, E. Deptford, June 22
Thompson, G. Preston, June 24
Thurlan, J. March, Isle of Ely, June 24
Threllfall, H. Blackburn, June 26
Todd, S. Southampton, June 18
Tipping, T. Warrington, June 7
Thomas, B. Newport, July 8
Trueman, T. Goldsmith-street, June 8
Thompson, J. T. Long-acre, June 8
Tarleton, J. Gloucester-place, June 27
Vipond, Ludgate-hill, June 8
Wickwar, H. and J. Berkshire, June 8
Wynde, J. Leominster, July 5
Webb, T. Garlick-bill, July 2
Warner, A. St. Catherine-st. Tower, July 27
Wilkins, C. Tower-street, June 6
Warne, W. Bedford-street, Covent-garden, June 25
Wilson, R. Clementis-lane, July 2
Webb, W. Bristol, July 2
Watson, J. Holwick, July 1
Wilford, E. Boston. June 11
Welsh, W. Liverpool, June 24
Williams, J. Bishopsgate-street Within, June 4
Warner, R. Huntingdon, June 18
Watts, W. Gosport, July 9
Woodhouse, T. Nottingham, June 17
Wilson, W. Durham, June 14
Watkins, W. Norton, June 12
Wilcox, J. S. and T. J. T. Theobalds road, Red-lion

square, June 8
Wathan, C. Salter's Hall-court. July 13
Wilson, D. and Gresdale, A. Manchester, July 8
Young, P. jun, and A, R. Wapping, May 25
Young, T. Monmouthshire, June 26
Young, P.jun. and A. R. Wapping, June 4
Zachary, H. Lawrence-lane, Cheapside, June 25


From Tuesday, May 14, TO SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 1822.

Ackland, H. Leadenhall-market, July 3
Baker, W. and B. N. Portsea, June 19
Bagnall, T. Birmingham, July 2
Brett, W. Staffordshire, July 6
Muckmaster, W. St. Mary-axe, July 2
Banton, W. Cheshire, June 11
Bayliss, T. Warwickshire, June 22
Browne, J. W. Liverpool, June 22
Cooper, R. Stradford, June 25
Chalmers, J, High-holborn, July 6
Clarke, H, Buckden, June 8

Corbyn, J. J. Essex, July 6
Cella, P. George-street, Minories, July 6
Cooper, J. Derbyshire, June 8
Copland, W. Norfolk, June 25
Dafter, M. Gloucestershire, July 2
Edington, J. Lower Thames-street, July 6
Freethy, T. Acton, July 6
Findley, J. L. Sparrow-corner, Minories, July 6
Puller, J. M. Worthing, June 22
Graddon, E. Nassau-street, June 29
Gallon, T. Leeds, June 22

Gardiner, D. Chiswell-street, July 6
Gray, C. Oxford-street, June 15
Gear, G. Nottingham, June 29
Hart, J. Bradford, June 8
Hobson, R. Maidstone, June 8
Hall, H. B. Grosvenor-st. West, Pimlico, June 18
Humphreys, S. Charlotte-st. Portland-pl. June 15'
Hoyle, B. Broad-street, Bloomsbury, June 8
Hodgson, F. M. Manchester, June 22
Harrison, R. Coleshill, June 8
Holmes, R. Tottenham-court-road, June 22
Hawkins, J. Surrey, June 8
Jacobs, J. Bristol, June 18
Jeafreson, W. Suffolk, June 25
Jeremy, D. St. Mildred's-alley, Cornbill, June 8
Kendall, J. Mile-end, June 25
Keniseck, W. Trogmorton-street, June 25
Lord, J.J. Plymouth-dock, June 8
Lucy, H. Herefordshire, June 15
Major, J. W. Somersetshire, July 6
Moore, J. Armitage, July 2
Munro, W. Upper Thames-street, June 15
Me'Shane, W. Foley-place, June 29
Noon, T. Somersetshire, June 15
Nannely, S. Northamptonshire, June 29
Popay, G. S. Suffolk, June 22
Petitpierre, F. & E. South-st. Finsbury-sq. June 8
Poole, $. G. King's-road, Chelsea, June 25
Richardson, J. Kingston upon Hull, June 15
Reddall, W. Liverpool, July 2
Reed, W. Little Queen-stroet, Holborn, July 2
Rose, J. Bath, June 8

Ripley, J. Wapping, June 11.
Reynolds, P. Southwark, June 11
Robinson, M. Hackney-road, July 2
Reynolds, H. Cheltenham, June 25
Rouse, E. J. R. Portsmouth, June 29
Skinner, 0. Suffolk, June 8
Stott, W. Liverpool, June 8
Stainty, T. Cambridgeshire, June 15
Shuttleworth, J.S. Stratford-upon-Avon, July 6
Smyth, W. Shadwell, June 29
Sharp, J. Grosvenor-place, Borough-road, July 2
Smith, C. Southampton-row, Russell-sq. June 15
Spark, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, June 15
Smeeton, G. St. Martin's-lane, June 25
Standen, T, Lancaster, June 22
Sykes, J. S. J. and R. W. Yorkshire, June 29
Sanders, T. Stratford-upon-Avon, June 29
Tucker, J. H. Jermyn-st. St. James's, June 22
Tomlinson, R. J. Bristol, June 18
Todd, J. Cambridgeshire, June 15
Threlfall, H. Blackburn, July 6

J. Cambridgeshire, June 18
Urmson, J. Liverpool, June 15
Wilkinson, W. & J. Bell-ct. Mincing-lane, June 8
Warner, J. Yorkshire, June 22
White, T. Warwickshire, June 18
Windcat, T. Tavistock, June 18
Wilson, E. Strand, June 22
Waring, J. Somerset-place, June 22
Wright, C. G. Crooked-lane, June 11
Young, T. Cheltenham, June 29.


From TUESDAY, May 14, to SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 1822.

Aitkens, J. and A. J. M. London, carpenters Armitage, J. A. E. A. D. Yorkshire, woollen cloth

manufacturers Alderson, H. and Scott, J. W. Norfolk-street, Mid

dlesex Hospital, linen-drapers Atkinson, J. and Mossop, H. Egremont, tanners Anstey, T. and Saxe, F. George-street, Hanover.

square, tailor's Arnet, H. and J. Thompson, Ryder's-court, Soho,

tobacconists Baker, J. B. F, Young, A. Gallie, G. and Martin, G.

Glasgow, printers Bower, J. Browne, J. and Robinson, G. Kiddermin

ster, carpet-manufacturers Balmforth, s, and B. W. Yorkshire, woollen-manu

facturers Bootby, B. Webster, J. Pearson, J. and P. E. Don

caster, iron-founders Bennet, R. and B. J. Berkshire, spirit merchants Bryant, E, and M'Rae,J.Old Broad-street, surgeons Bradford, B. and Portlock, S. Yardley-street, Spi

fields, leather-japanners Burr, T. and Earl, J. T. Lewisham, plumbers Berry, J. and Edwardson, P. Lancashire, fustian

manufacturers Bailey, J. Canwick, and Hole, J. Newark-upon

Trent, maltsters Brittan, W. and F. Bristol, linen-drapers Bell, W. and Marks, J. Glasgow, hat-manufacturers Butcher. J. May, 0. and Williams, W. South Aud.

ley-street, butchers Clark, J.and Benson, W. Lancashire, bobbin-turners Cartwright, W. and C. N. Lincolnshire, farmers Chaffin, C. and Head, A. Wootten-under-edge, inn.

holders Connoby, J. and Hemming, W. Thatcham, Berkshire Carr, J. and Cooper, H. Birminghanı, factors Curson, J. Sheffield, and Willson, C. Cornwal, dra.

pers Corson, W. and Campbell, E. Sheffield, tea-dealers Cottin, J. and Battrin, J. Staffordshire, blacksmiths Chittenden, G. and Kingsford, W. Hunter-street,

King's-road, four-factors Cox, T. E. and Rainbow, J. M. St. James's-street,


Drane, T. and Batson, E. Commercial-road, wine

merchants Draper, J.D, G. P, R. and T,R. Entwistle and Set

tle, and Settle, A. Lancashire, bleachers Dryden, J. Cockson, J. C. J. jun. and Bask J.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, earthen-ware manufac.

turers Dewen, H. and Pethick, E. Devonshire, milliners Damerell, W. and Pitt, W. Exeter, ironmongers Dyson, T. F. and Finnie, R. Liverpool Davidson, D. and Speirs, J. Glasgow, merchants Dinsdale, H. W. and Woolmer, J. Bread-street Dobbs, T. and Goodrich, G. Birmingham, lead pipe

makers Falcon, W. B.Wood, N. J. and Watson, J. Liverpool,

ship-chandlers Forsyth, H. and Warrock, R. Cullum-street, Fen

church--treet, provision-merchants Fowle, W. and Stringer, W. Kent, attornies-at-law Field, E. and Bond, M. Suffolk, milliners Flower, II, and Scott, T. Bridge-road, Lambeth,

grocers Franklin, T. and Pearce J. Jubilee-place, Commer

cial-road, carpenters Francis, F. and Hull, J. Portsea, linen-drapers Greenhow, A. Pearson, R. and Pearson ,J. Kendal Goodman, J. and Newman, T. Aylesbury, carpenters Grimes, J, sen, and G. J. jun. Leadenhall-market,

butchers Gill, T. and Miller, A. Plymouth, agents Gray, J. MʻIntyne, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, sur

geons Gratty, W. and Moss, M. Liverpool, shoe-makers Goodwin, M. A. and Cooper, C. Newgate-street, mil

liners Glover, W. and G. T. South Shields, boot-makers Gilbert, J. and Taylor, H. Bristol, ship-merchants Hewitt, T. and Warner, H. St. Dunstan's-hill, Lower

Thames street, stationers Harrison, J. and Harrison, W. Birmingham, japan

ners Hatton, S. and Harris, C. Corn-hill, watchmakers Hill, J. and H. J. Birmingham, iron-manufacturers Highfield, G. B. and Martindale, D. Liverpool, mer


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Hacket, J. Hover, W. and Parker, T. Drury-lane,

painters Hughes, W. and Duncan, W.M. Liverpool, merchants Hughes, W. Duncan, W. M. and Martin, M. Liver

pool, merchants Hobson, F. and Robinson, T. Leeds, booksellers Ivison, A. J. and J. M. Carlisle, straw-hat manu

facturers Jeffery, H. and J. G. Rotherhithe, tallow-chandlers Jenkins, C. H. and Dean, E. Russell-court, Drury

lane, ostrich-feather manufacturers Jacomb, W. and Bentley, J. Basinghall-street, soli

eitors Kemp, J. Stent, J. and White, W. Warminster,

builders Kay, R. and Orrell, J. Bolton, cotton-manufacturers Lee, J. and Lee, T. Beverley, corn and coal mer

chants Lees, E. and Leigh, P. Lancashire. cotton spinners Lucas, J. and Martin, H. Cabel-st. New-road, sugar

refiners Larke, J. & Clark, D. St. Johns-square, Clerkenwell,

shoe makers Litt, W. P. Steele, R. and Jarrison, J. J. Lime

street, merchants Lilley, E. and Murray, C. Edinburgh, milliners Mason, J. J. Yewens, W. and Harper, S. Surrey,

manufacturers of regulas and crude Morton, T. Trentham, W. and Mancur, J. Lad-lane,

hosiers Mc'Adam, J. and Mc'Adam, J. N. Glasgow, millers Macgregor, A. Hill, W. Dennistoun, A. and Wood,

W. Liverpool, merchants Mate, D. and Maton, M. Dover, stationers Marsh, J. H, and Sprudeus, T. Chenies-street, St.

Giles in the fields, coach makers Marzette, T. F. and Price J. Langbourn-chambers,

Fenchurch-street, wine merehants Milburn, T. and Nixon, J. Carlisle, coach makers Mansell, W. & Herbert, W, Guilford, stone masons McLaws, R. A, and Mc'Laws, W. sen. Glasgow,

spirit merchants Martin, T. and Shelly, J. N. Surrey, surgeons Nicholson, J. sen. Smith, J. and N. J. jun. Devon,

ironmongers Oliver, 'T. and Ogle, J. Sheffield, factors. Pitt, J. Powell, T. Fripp, W. and Brice, E. Bristol,

bankers Perham, J. and Edwards, J. Crewkerne, butter

factors Pring, D. and Skinner, G. Bath, surgeons Pitt, H. and Fartbing, W. Kingston-upon-Hull,

merchants Peach, J. and Stanway, S. Manchester, fustian

manufacturers Rusher, T.and Rutter, A. Banbury, booksellers Ryland, J. and Bower, M. Birmingham, gilt toy

makers Ralph, B. and Filer, J. Bristol, shoe manufacturers Robinson, W. and Tarleton, J. Liverpool, upholste

rers Redpath, C. and Kenton, J. Cleveland-st. Fitzroy

square, plumers Scott, N. and Brown, T. C. Manchester, paper


Shillingford, B. and Purdy, I. Goswell-street-road,

house painters Stillwell

, J. and James, E. Moorcroft-house, Hillingdon, Middlesex, lunatic asylum keepers Spencer, J. and Ashworth, J. Lancashire, calico

printers Sadler, G. Frith, S. and F.J. Southwark, mustard

manufacturers Sylvester, C. and S. W. Essex, coal merchants Smith, G. Collins, T. and S. G. jun. Spilsby, wool

buyers Sutton, T. and Wakeman, G. Leek, silk manufactu

rers Sloane, J. and Corris, W. C. Northamptonshire,

lace merchants Stewart, J. M. J. and C. J. Glasgow Simson, T. and S. W, Liverpool, chemists Shipley, J.J. and Berrie, C. J. Fenchurch-street, Southall, B. and Lay, J. Shropshire, ironmongers Smith, I. and Nicholson, J. Margaret-st. Cavendish

square, grocers Shotter, J. and Monk, G. Arundle, grocers Smith, T. S. J. and S. H.Crescent-place, wine-mer

chants Sutton, T. Wakeman, G. Staffordshire, manufactu

rers of silk ribbons Taylor, S. and Walton, J. Fenchurch-street, uphols

terers Tyrer, w, and Larton, W. Peterborough-court,

Fleet-street, gold and silver beaters Taylor, W. T. J. and T. J. Manchester, cotton

manufacturers Townsend, W. and Culverwell, J. P. Manchester,

merchants Taylor, J. and Willmer, E. Liverpool, printers Tobin, J. Horsefall, C. Sandbach, s. McIver, W. apd

McGregor, A. Liverpool, rope makers Turnley, G. and Swift, M. London, merchants Wood, S. Hutton, E. and H. T. Lancashire, cotton

spinners Warrender, G, McLean, A. Brown, A. Dundas, J

Dixon, J. and Houstoun, A. Dumbarton, glass

manufacturers Wilkinson, J. and S. Hilton, Lancashire, machine

makers Watkins, H. and Nicholson, T. Great Tufton-street,

and Millbank-row White, R. J. and Jarrold, T. Manchester, cotton

manufacturers Wilson, J. Wilkinson, A. and Whitaker, C. Kingston

upon-Hull, merchants Woolfe, R. and Pilkington, J. Manchester, tea-dealers Wilson, E. and Russell, J. Manchester, warehouseWimble, J. and Chaplain, J. Maidstone, honeymen

and coal merchants Whatman, R. and Hopkinson, G. Deptford, saw

makers Whitchurch, S. and Pointing, D. Devizes, iron-mon

gers Wilson, R. and M'Call, J. Lincolnshire, linen-drapers Wabey, M. A. and Wabey, A. Hertfordshire, Gover

nesses Young,C. and Y.R. Upper Thames-street, stationers.


[blocks in formation]


Vaneechout, A. B. Ernest, Capt. in the Fr. service, to

Gregorie Miss, A. E. of Dunkirk Oxley, John, esq. Surveyor General, to

Norton, Miss Emma, at Sidney, New South Wales Burn, W. esq. of Coldach, Perthshire, to

Hall, Miss J. of Marpool-hall, Devon, at Florence

Napier, S. David, esq. at Calcutta, to

Dickson, Miss Ann, of Knightswood
Passmore, Udny, esq. of London, to

Poussett, Miss Sophia, St. Hellier's, Jersey
Barron, H. W. esq. Mountbarron, Waterford, to

Turner, Miss Leigh Page, Bedfordshire, Paris.


Allen, Lieut. George 7th Native Cavalry, Kurmanl
Butter, Dr. Thomas, Mhon
Bridel, Mrs, of Islington, at Tours, in France
Binny, Capt. Thomas, 11th L. D. Berhampore
Blake, Major, W. 13th N. I. Bengal
Burton, R. esq. Paris
Cameron, Allen, esq. of the Bengal Horse Artillery,

and Culcraigee Rosshire, at Mhaw, East Indies Casamaijor, Mrs. I. A. at Mysore, East Indies Coventry, Captain John, at Masulipatam, East

Davies, Miss E. S. of Cabalra, Radnorshire, at

Evans, the Hon. Sir W.D, Recorder of Bombay
Falconar, Miss Mary, at Leghorn
Gregory. Mrs, Elizabeth, at Gibraltar
Hawes, Miss, daughter of the late Dr. H. at Bor-

Keate, Thomas Morris, esq. at Bombay
Legge, The Hon. Charles, at Valpariso

Ludlow, Lieut. Col. C. B. at Baroda, East Indies
Lindesay, Captain G. Corps of Engineers, Red-

Monach, Andrew, esq. surgeon, at Calcutta
Morrieson, David, esq. at Berhampore
Milner, Assistant surgeen, M.N.I. at Mullignan
Marshall, Thomas, esq. at Dhurwar, East Indies
Rose, Hon. Andrew, at Island of St. Vincent
Rind, T. Assistant surgeon, at Persian Gulph
Savange, Capt. 89th Regiment, 34, at Aleppi, East

Scott, Lieut. Thomas, C. 4th Regt. Bombay Infant-

ry, at Surat
Stewart, James, Assistant surgeon, M. N. I. at

Scott, Peter, esq. M. D. at Madras
Toller, Sir Samuel, on his way to Bangalore
Thornhill, Miss Mary Jane, at Tours, 19

F. at Spanish-town, Jamaica
Wardrop, Lieut. J. H. Ist Royal Foot, at Madrass.



His Majesty's late grand banquet at Oxford Circuit.--Mr. Baron GarrowCarlton-palace, in honour of the visit of Mr. Serjeant Hullock, is spoken of in the the prince and princess of Denmark, is the room of Mr. Baron Wood. first of a series, which in their result por It appears to be at leogth determined tend matter of high import. The honour that London Bridge is to be taken down of the garter has been conferred on the and a new one erected. The designs are, King of Denmark, and, in the best in. very properly, to be open to competition. formed circles, it is confidently reported It is proposed that the new bridge shall that the crown of England is to be shared only consist of five arches. with the illustrious daughter of the royal Two estates at St. Kitt's, for which Dane.

45,0001. were refused five years ago, were Prince Christian of Denmark, who is knocked down at the Auction Mart on now in London, is about 56 years of age, Tuesday, for 16,0001. and has a son by a former consort; he has A corps of Yeomanry Cavalry is about no issue by his present princess, who ac to be raised in the county of Middlesex, companies him, and whom he married about under the immediate patronage of a noble eight years ago. The prince assumes, duke and some of the principal men resi. while in England, the title of Count Al dent in the county, to consist of eight ston, which title is on his visiting cards. troops, as follows:-two at Brentford and His royal highness is considered to be Isleworth, one at Staines, one at Hounslow, here incognito.

one at Hampton, two at Uxbridge, and one Kew palace is intended for the occa at Stanmore. sional residence of our future queen.

Tithes IN IRELAND.-It appears from Summer Assizes. — The following ar a return made to the House of Commons, rangements have been made by the judges : that in the county of Tipperary there have

Home Circuit -The Chief Baron and been, in the last five years, 3037 tithe Sir T. Allan Park.

causes tried at the Quarter Sessions !-In Northern Circuit - Lord Chief Justice one year, 1817, there were 1084. In MoAbbott and Sir J. Bayley.

naghan, in the las

five years, there have Midland Circuit. -Mr. Baron Graham been 2498 causes at the suit of clergymen and Sir G.S. Holroyd.

and tithe-farmers. In Kilkenny the numWestern Circuit, Sir J. Richardson and ber has varied from 269 to 590 per year. Sir J. Burroughs.

In the county of Louth the average exceeds Norfolk Circuit.Sir W. Dallas and Sir

200 per year. W.D. Best.

that purpose.

IRISH COMMITTEE.-Their lordships the magh has just been proved by his widow postmasters-general have been pleased to, under two hundred and twenty thousand, order, that all letters addressed to the com pounds. This is his Grace's personal promittee at the City of London Tavern, shall perty merely. pass free of postage, provided such letters be LONDON STREETS. The luxury of enclosed in covers, having the following paved streets was not known in London superscription :-“ On the Business of the till the eleventh century. In 1090, CheapCommittee for the Relief of the Distressed side was of such soft earth, that when the Irish."

roof of Bow church was blown off by a The total number of acres of land under gale of wind, four beams, each twenty-six the cultivation of hops, in the year 1821, feet long, were so deeply buried in the was 45,662, so far as relates to England. street, that only abont four feet were seen

Earl Grosvenor, whose princely property above the surface. Holborn was not paved in mines is well known, is reported to have till 1417, before which time it was often sustained a loss of 100,0001. by the defal- impassable on account of the mud. Smithcation of a confidential agent, who is said field was paved in 1614: and it was only to have quitted this kingdom.

in 1762, that paving the streets was orderMr. Zea, the envoy from the republic of ed by a general act of the legislature. Colombia, has arrived in town from Paris. It was not before 1414, that the streets We understand the object of his visit is to were lighted, when lanterns were used for endeavour to induce the British ministers to recognise the independence of Colombia, On Wednesday last, Herbert A. D. Compand form a commercial treaty with the go- ton, esq. was appointed advocate-general vernment which he represents.

to the East India Company at Madras, in Mr. Bullock intends to colonise that su the room of the late Sir Samuel Toller. perb and valuable animal, the rein-deer, The annual distribution of medals and in the mountainous districts of Westmore- other honorary rewards, given by the So. land and Cumberland, where the lichen ciety of Arts, to various candidates, in longeferinus, or rein-deer moss, which is different departments of the arts and the principal food of these animals, is found sciences, took place at Drury-lane Theatre. in great abundance.

-On this occasion that spacious edifice Lord Forester, of Willey-park, in Shrop was lighted up at an early hour in the day, shire, has in his possession a grant from and before twelve, the pit, boxes, and galKing Henry VIII. to John Forester, esq. of lery (for there was no distinction) were Watling-street, in the city of London, the filled to repletion, by an elegant assemancestor of the family, to wear his hat in blage, of which about three-fifths were the presence of his Majesty.

ladies. The stage was completely occuAccording to the last returns, the popu- pied by the nobility, officers of the society, lation of England amounts to 11,260,555 and about one hundred candidates, placed souls : Wales, 717,108. Scotland, op elevated seats, erected on each side, for 2,092,014. Total of Great Britain, the occasion ; while their various speci14,069,677.- Ireland, 6,846,949 :—and the mens of successful competition were placed smaller Islands, 92,122.—The total popu- conspicuously around the theatre. The lation of the United Kingdom (including effect was magnificent beyond example.310,000 engaged in the army, navy, &c. The president, his royal highness the Duke amounts to 21,318,748 souls. It appears of Sussex, distributed the prizes; not omitby the census taken in 1801, that the po ting to pay some elegant and encouraging pulation of Great Britain alone has in compliments to the ladies as they succescreased since that time (that is, in 20 years) sively appeared before him; while the nearly four millions.

gentlemen were also honoured with approSir Robert Baker, who was lately dis priate expressions of satisfaction on the placed from the situation of chief magis. occasion. On his royal highness retiring, trate, at Bow-street, has been elected to the band struck up “God save the King," the treasurership of the county of Middle but the music was lost in the overwhelmsex, by a large majority.

ing plaudits of the company. The whole The will of the late Archbishop of Ar was admirably conducted.


SONS. The lady of Col. Hugh Bailie, Mortimer-st. Caven. Mrs. A. Archdekne dish-square

The lady of Lieut. Col. Parker, Royal Artillery Mrs. H. Cott, Beaumont-cottage

Mrs. Silk, Southampton-row The lady of I. Phillimore, L. L. D. and M. P. White. Mrs. Parish, St. James's place hall

Mrs. Smith, Palmers-green Mrs. Miller, of Clapham-common, at Bath

The lady of Sir Henry Lambert

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