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Mrs. Tate, John-street, Bedford-row
Mrs. C. Harris, Mark-lane
Mrs. Stewart, Woodford
The lady of Sir Jacob Astley, Bart. Harley-street
The lady of Major Gen. Sir John Keane, K. C, B.

her eighth child

Mrs. Frederick Bode, Kingsland-place
Mrs. Farrer, Bedford-place
The Countess of Dartmouth, Berkeley-square
· Mrs. W. Hussey, Great Russell-st. Bloomsbury
Mrs. Thomas Smart, Hackney
The lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Parker, R.A.

Mrs. Jones, Bedfont Vicarage

Mrs. Maberley, Grosvenor-square
The lady of Lieut. Col. Cowper, Montague-place Mrs. Ecles, Oak-lodge
The Rt. Hon. Lady Burghersh, Great Cumberland Mrs. Dickinson, Walworth

Mrs. White, Kew-green
Mrs. I. Fletcher, Bruce-grove, Tottenham

The lady of Sir W. Dick, Bart. Bognor. Mrs. Hoffman, Denmark-street

Mrs. Holmes, Montague-street, Russell-square Mrs. Henry Pigeon, High-street, Borough

Mrs. Sayer, Halstead Mrs. S. Jervis, Upper Brook-street

Mrs. Tennant, Southampton-row, Russell-square Mrs. Green, Upper Gower-street

Mrs. Cammeron, Portman-square Mrs. Webb, Langham-place

Mrs. Best, Montague-place, Russell-square.

MARRIAGES IN AND NEAR THE METROPOLIS. Anderson, Mr. Joseph, Duncan-terrace, to

Lawrence, Mr. George, Rotherhithe, to Allen, Miss S. York-place, City-road

Hunt, Mrs. Ann, late of Calcutta Abbiss, Rev. Mr. to

Lowe, T. P. esq. East India House, to Stancote, Miss Elizabeth

Cadwallader, Miss A. Spur-street, Leicester Square Bruce, Colin, esq. to

Milner, A. G. esq. Portland-road, to Barton, Miss Helen

Span, Mrs. Nottingham-place Butt, Mr. William, Amicable Assurance Office, to Mudie, Robert, esq. Westminster, to

Walther, Miss M.H.Brydges-street, Covent-garden Urquhart, Miss P. Wallace Carroll, William, esq. to

Norton, Mr. John, Great Surrey-street, to Thackrah, Mrs. Twickenham-Lodge

Harendon, Miss E. A. North Ockenden-hall, Essex Compson, William, esq. Frederick's-place, to

Ostrehan, Rev. Joseph Duncan, to Finlay, Miss Charlotte, Carrickfergus

Wythy, Miss Ann, Buckingham-street Cole, Rer. Charles, Poplar, to

Petre, Hon. Charles, to Redifer, Miss H. Stamford

Howard, Miss Eliza Cooper, Mr. John, West Ham Abbey, to

Proctor, Mr. William, Newcastle, to Vought, Miss Elizabeth, of that place

Deeble, Miss, London Davies, J. F. esq. Birdhurst-Lodge, to

Pym, Rev. William Wollaston, to Humphreys, Miss Emily

Gambier, Miss Sophia Rose Durham, Rev. William, St. Paul's School, to Parkinson, H. W. esq. to Ruddall, Miss, Pimlico

Asperne, Miss Elizabeth, Cornhill Ellison, Nathaniel, esq. Lincoln's Inn, to

Reist, George, esq. Huntingdon, to Wombwell, Miss Frances Gregg

Peters, Miss Sophia Finch, Charles, esq. Stains, to

Rawlings, Mr. Joseph, Nelson-square, to Ross, Miss Emma, Wandsworth

Guppy, Miss S. M. A. Bristol Pazakerley, J. N. esq. to

Robinson, Mr. J. London, to Montagu, Miss Eleanor

Walker, Miss Gardiner, Colonel, to

Scaife, Mr. John. New Bond-street, to Wildmann, Miss Maria

Callow, Miss Sarah Frances Garden, Francis, esq. Aberdeenshire, to

Smith, J. P. esq. Sussex-place, Kent-road, to Young, Miss Helen, Percy-street

Clarke, Miss, Saville-row Gaskill, Mr. Jackson, to

Strachan, R. H. esq. Parliament-office, to Vere, Miss Elizabeth

Nettleford, Miss Elizabeth, Lyndhurst Goodhall, H. H. esq. East India House, to

Smith, Hon. Robert, M.P. to Smith, Miss M. Peckham-House

Forester, Hon. Elizabeth Catharine Hammond, Mr. E. Bowles, to

Sligo, George, esq. Auldhance, to Parkins, Miss Sarah

Outram, Miss A. Seaton, Derbyshire Hensley, L. esq. James-street, Bedford-row, to Sutton, Rev. John Lucas, Northamptonshire, to Hales, Miss

Bowen, Miss, Easton-place, New-road Houlgate, Mr. J. London-terrace, Hackney-road, to Scott, John, esq. of the Office of Ordnance, to Eustace, Miss Jane Sarah, Kentish-town

Welbank, Miss Elizabeth Hutton, E. A. Chingford, to

Suft, R. S. esq. Lambeth-terrace, to Boardman, Miss M. A. Kingsland

Manson, Miss Ann, of same place Hodgkinson, T. esq. Bloomsbury-square, to

Tubbs, Robert, esq. Harlesdon, to Durham, Mrs. H

Woodmas, Miss, Montague-square Johnson, Mr. Robert, Cheapside, to

Turner, H. J. esq. Upper Wimpole street, to Shepperson, Miss Harriett, Fulham

Crooke, Miss Elizabeth, Liverpool
Jellicoe, Lieutenant H. R.N. Wandsworth, to Wilkinson, T. esq. Southgate, to

King, Miss Jane, daughter of Sir A. B. King, bart. Mellman, Miss Sophia
Kirkman, John, esq. Grove-place, Alpha-road, to Woodward, Mr. D. B. Surrey-square, to

Chevalier, Miss Élizabeth, South Audley-street Scarborough, Miss Mary, Kent road
Lewis, A. esq. Jamaica, to

West, W. H. Wandsworth, to Myers, Miss Catharine, Cornhill

Blyth, Miss Elizabeth Dorothy Lear, Rev. Francis, M.A. Dowton, Wilts, to

Yalloway, Mr. Joseph, to Isabella Mary, daughter of the Bishop of Bangor Burgh, Miss Ann.

DEATHS IN AND NEAR THE METROPOLIS. Archer, S. esq late Colonel 3rd Foot Guards, 78 Robert, New Boswell-court-Burch, Mr. Thomas -Andrews, Mr. Richard, late of Dublin, at Poplar Lever. Jewry-street, Aldgate-Beckett, W. esq.

-Arnet, Mr. Thomas, Basing-lane, Cheapside, 11 Entield, 65—Brant, Richard, esq. Putney-heathArthur, John, esq. Copthal-court

Brownley, I. esq. Printing-house-square, 48-BicheBlandford, Miss, Elizabeth, Brickenden, 20% no, Mrs. E. Upper Gloucester-street, New-roadBlackwell, P. Thomas, esq. Peckham-Belt, Mrs. Benson, Miss É. M. Russell-square-Bessy, Mr.

Edward, Wandsworth-road-Baldock, Mrs. Sarah,
Great Prescot-street, Goodsman's-fields

Chandler, George, esq. Stamford-street, 75– Coltsman, Mrs. of Manchester-square, at Killarney, 25-Cowen, Mrs. Charing-cross-Clinton, Lady A. M. Pelham, eldest daughter of the Duke & Duchess of Newcastle, 14Clarkson, Mr. John, Londonstreet, Fenchurch-street

Drummond, Mrs. Sarah, Sloane-street-Deane,
Mrs. Jane, Eastcott-house-Duff, W. esq. Red Lion-
Edwards, I. P. esq. Green-street, Grosvenor-sq.

Faulkner, Mrs. Upper Norton-street-Forbes, the
lady of Gen. Gordon, F. 76-Fairbrother, Mr. W.
Swithin's-lane, 66–Relict of the late Admiral
Fooks, Wadhurst

Grafton, Duchess of, Lower Brook street, 77Gordon, Dr. R. York-buildings_Glenny, R. esq. Poplar-Grey, Dowager, Countess, Hertford-street, May-fair, 78-Gale, John, esq. Camberwell

Hunter, Miss, Caroline Sophia-Hutton, W. B. esg. Camberwell, 63—Hely, Mrs. Sarah, Brompton -Hawkins, Mr. W. Paradise-row, Islington, 60Hatman, Mr. Woburn-place, 74-Hertford, the Most Noble the Marquis of-Huxley, Mr. Jonathan, Cheapside, 25

Jones, Mr. David, New inn, Solicitor-Jerningham, Edward, esq. Bolton-row

Kitlew, Mrs. George, Islington-Kirlew, Mrs.

F. Islington-Kerr, Mrs. Hunter-st. Brunswick-sq.

Leering, Thomas, esq. Park-street, Grosvenor. square-Libby, Grace, Lower-st. 94—Levick, John, esq. Golden-square, 82—Lunn, Miss, Mary, Spitalsquare, 73

Morton, Mrs. Maddox-street, Hanover-square-
Murphy, John Barnwell, esq. Burton-crescent, 68-
Mc'Adams, John,; esq. late Gerrard-street, Soho, 43
-Mills, Capt. Hon. Co's. Ship, Minerva

Noll, Miss, Ann, Hoxton-square, 22
Orford, The Right Hon. Earl of
Payne, W. C. esq. Parliament-office, 65-Perkins;
Mr. W. son, of Lieut. Col. W. H. P. 12

Rabbeth, W, esq. Bedford-street, Bedford-row, 79–Rutherford, A, W. esq. Stamford-hill-Randall, Mrs. Rose, Fleet-street, 73-Russell, Mrs. Elizabeth, Kennington-Russell, George, esq. Chelsea, 75

Spurrell, Mr. Joseph, Hackney-grove, 79_Saunders, James, esq. Grove-place, Walthamstow, 71Shewell, Mr. George, Clapham.common, 9

Tuggey, Mrs. Cheyne-walk, Chelsea, 80—Thompson, I. esq. Manor-house, Chelsea

Vill-bois, Miss Jemima, Gloucester-place, 17— Vernon, Miss, Henrietta

Wilmot, Mrs. Ann, of John-street, Oxford-streetWillshen, Daniel, esq. Pinner-green-lodge, 79 Walls, Mrs. Ann, Great Surrey-street, 20-Whitaker, Mrs. Broad-court, Long-acre.




a silver coronation medal to be presented Commissions in the Bedfordshire Regi to each officer, non-commissioned officer, ment of Yeomanry Cavalry-Lieutenant and private, in the first regiment of Bucks. S. Burgess, to be Captain ; Cornets, W. Yeomanry Cavalry, who attended at the Moore and R. Clements, to be Lieutenants; Coronation. R. Hankin and J.Gray, Gents. to be Cornets,

Deaths) At Chalfont St. Peter's, William Gaskell, Marriages] At Turvey, Rev. J. Marshall, of Glas esq.-at Olney, Mrs. Atkins. gow, to Miss C. Richmond. Deaths) At Sandy-place, Bedford, the Hon. Saml.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. Henley Ongley, 48-Úr. Martin Mayle, 74,

On Monday afternoon, a dreadful and BERKSHIRE.

destructive fire broke out in some farming Lord Westmoreland has reduced his rents buildings,, situate about four miles from 25 per cent.—The Corporation of Hun Chatteris, (the property of John Freyer, jun. gerford, at their last audit, made an allow. esq.) which completely destroyed an extenance of 25 per cent. to all their tenants, sive barn, gránary, and other buildings, tothough their 'lands are let on lease.. gether with 400 or 500 coombs of wheat, Newbury fair was well supplied with cat and several stacks.---Cambridge, June 7. tle. Good horses in demand, and brought The Chancellor's gold medal for the best fair prices. On Sunday, the 2d. instant, English poem by a resident under-graa sermon, at the parish church of Reading, duate, was adjudged to Mr. John Henry for the benefit of the suffering Irish pea Bright, of St. John's College. Subject, santry, produced upwards of £85.

Palmyra.”. J. S. Henslow, esq. M.A. Marriages] At Kennington, Alexander Bryant, has been elected Professor of Mineralogy, esq. of Naples, to Miss M. E. Brown.

in the room of the late Dr. E. D. Clarke. Deaths) At Benham, Mr. Richard Thomas Bacon, -The Rev. Thomas Smith Turnbull,M.A. 20 - at Englefield-green, Viscount Bulkeley -- at eading, Mr. Robert Baker--at Coworth House,

and the Rev. Clement Robert Francis, M.A. Samuel Homfray, esq. 61–at Windsor, Mrs. Hunter, Junior Fellows of Caius College, are elected 82-at Kingsbridge Cottage, Saml. Athawes, esq. 88. Senior Fellows of that Society. At the BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.

examination at Clare Hall, Mr. Robert The Duke of Buckingham, as Lord Lieu- Wolfe, son of the Rev. R. B. Wolfe, Rector tenant of Buckinghamshire, has directed of Crawley, Surrey, was declared the first

man of his year in classics, and second in spectable, and the shew of cattle particumathematics.

larly fine. Two sheep, reared by J. P. PREFERRED.—The Rev. G. R. Gleig, Peters, esq. were much admired, and were Perpetual Curate of Ash, Kent, to the Rec- supposed to be the finest ever produced in tory of Ivy Church, void by the resignation this county - The Rev. J. J. Keigwin, of the Archdeacon of Canterbury, patron, of Withiel, has given up 10 per cent. on the Archbishop-The following Degrees the tithes of his parishioners.—The Rev. have been conferred during this month: Mr. Trefusis, at his tithe-audit, deduced

Masters of Arts.--The Reverend Joseph 10 per cent. from the compositions of the Drewe, Fellow of Queen's College; Wm. farmers in the parishes of Southhill and Horton, St. John's College; J. J. Pember. Callington.-Falmouth, Penryn, Helston, ton, and W. Bradney, Trinity College; Redruth, and nearly all other towns in W. Brougham, Fellow of Jesus College. Cornwall, are following the example of

Bachelor of Arts.-Edward Blacket, of Truro, and vying with each other in beneSt. John's College; S. G. Fairtlough, Christ volent exertions for the relief of the sufCollege.

fering peasantry of Ireland. -The Truro Bachelor in Civil Law.--Charles Pasley subscription amounts to 1601.-Wm. RusVivian, Trinity Hall.

sell, esq. has been elected member of Par. Bachelor in Physic.-Edmund Lambert, liament for Saltash. _The staff of the Pembroke Hall.

Royal Cornwall Militia bave subscribed a Marriages] The Rev. Charles Drage, of Downham, day's pay towards the relief of the Irish to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rey. Z. Brooke, peasantry. The subscription at Falmouth Monks Ristborough.

for the relief of the distresses in Ireland Deaths) At Bassingbourne, Mr. E. Trustrum, 89 has already reached the sum of 1801.- at Barnwell, Miss Mary Atkinson-at Bottisham, Mr. Sheldrick-at Cambridge, Mr. Witt, 49–Rev.

At Truro Wbitsun fair, there was a larger Charles Muston, 52–Mr. George Jeffs-Mrs. Jeffs shew of cattle than sheep, and some busi--Mr. E. Thomas Bloomfield-Mr. Jind-at Crishall, ness was done at rather an advance on the Mrs. Cane, 86_Mr. George Cane, 60-at Duxford, Mrs. Spicer, 77—at Larke House, John Shearing,

late prices, although those asked in the esq.-at Shudy Camps, Mr, Mansfield—at Quay Hall, morning could not readily be obtained. Mrs. Anne Pavne, 19.

The fair at Camelford was but poorly sup CHESHIRE.

plied, and sales were dull, attributable, A Cymmrodorjan Society is forming in perhaps, to its being held on the same day the city of Chester. Doctor Hully, of as the fair at Launceston. Frodsham, has cucumbers growing, which Marriages] At Cambourne, Mr. William Samphave been forced by means of steam con

son, to Miss Ann Blackman--at Lelant, Mr. Wil

liam Parsons, of Burnham, to Miss C. Bohanna, veyed under the bed, instead of manure, Death] At Illogan, The Rev. L. Booth. for the short period of three weeks.


CUMBERLAND. cucumber is six inches long.-A detach

The hay harvest has commenced in sevement of the Second, or Queen's Regiment, ral parts of the neighbourhood of Whitearrived in Chester, to do garrison-duty

haven.-The Rev. Henry Lowther has there. Marriages] At Bunbury, Mr. Richard Caper, to

been presented to the rectory of Bolton. Miss $. Smith, of Newcastle-at Chester, Mr. J.

-A hive of Bees, near Wigton, swarmMyers, to Miss Edwards-at Macclesfield, Mr. Thos. ed on the 23d of May last, and again on Gorton, of London, to Miss M. Hulley-at Neston, the 2d, instant. E.H. Penny, esq. to Miss M.S.Wilson-at Utkinton Hall, R. Wade, esq. of Knight's Grange, to Miss

Marriages) At Carlisle, Mr. W. Showerby, to Jampson--at Wistaston, Mr. John Leigh, to Miss

Miss B. Milligan-at Harrington, Capt. Douglas, to Turner.

Miss Gibson-at Hensingham, Mr. J. Rook, to Miss Deaths] At Nantwich, Mr. Henry Williams—same

C. Coburn-at Penrith, Mr. E. Dobson, to Miss M. day, Mrs. Williams-at Congleton, Mr. C. Johnson

Pelter-at Wigton, Mr. J. Westray, to Miss C.

Relph. Mrs. Thorncroft, 74 at Stockport, Michael Walters, esq. 41-at Chester, Mrs. Waring, of Liverpool, 58

Deaths) At Carlisle, Mr. R. Bonstead-at High Mr.F.Owen, 60-Miss Kenrick - Thomas Townsend,

Laws, Mr. J. Tordiff, 90-at Workington, Mr. J. esq. 81—at Macelesfield, Mr. William Broadhurst,

Grayson, 85. jun. 23–Mr. J. Norbury-Mr. James Barber, 82

DERBYSHIRE. at Sutton, near Newport, Reverend J. Snape-Mrs. A national school is about to be erected Rowbotham.

at Melbourne.The Exotic Gardens in CORNWALL.

the town of Derby are likely to become a The Rev. Horace Mann, rector of Maw place of great repute. -Sir George Crew, gan and St. Martin, in Meneage, bas re Bart. of Calke Abbey, has subscribed one mitted 15 per cent. on the parish tithes. hundred pounds for the relief of the dis.

Stratton fair was well attended. There tressed Irish. At a sermon preached at were, however, but few buyers, and prices All Saints' church, Derby, upwards of £60 very low.

were collected for the Irish. CORNWALL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. Marriage] At Morly, Mr. Samuel Rogers, to -The annual meeting of this society was

Mrs. E. Langton. held at Bodmin; the attendance was re

Deaths) At Boulton, Mr. Thomas Riley, 91-at Buxton, Mrs, Wheeldon, 78.


Deaths) At Bridgewater, Mrs. H. Phillips-Mrs.

W. Edwards-at Bridport, Mr.J. Williams-at RamsWe are happy to hear of the excellent buty, Mr. John Smith-at Sherborne, Mr.J.Beale, 22 prospect afforded by the apple trees in this -at Symondsbury, Mrs. S. Bishop. and the adjoining connty of Somerset.

DURHAM. Other fruits, particularly apricots, are plentiful; and the young wheats highly pro

Mr. Kent exbibited his apparatus for mising -Five sisters, all widows, are

walking on water, at Sunderland. At least now living in Crediton, the youngest of 20,000 spectators were on shore, and so whom is eighty years of age, and the eld.

many boats crowded about him, that he est ninety.The extensive woollen fac

could not exbibit to any advantage. At tory of Messrs. Brown and Davy, of Uff

a private exhibition afterwards, he kept culm, has been totally destroyed by fire.

about two miles from the shore, and it was - The subscriptions for the Irish go on

astonishing with what ease he moved along, with great spirit throughout the kingdom.

like a man skating. The Exeter subscription amounts to up

Marriages] At Gainsford, the Rev. James Black wards of £1000.-In consequence of

bnrn, to Mrs. Dunn, of Durham-at Durham, Mr

T. Bulmer, to Miss Hopper-Mr. William Brown' the establishment of fly-vans trom Exeter to Miss M. Best. to London, the dairymen and others in the Deaths) At Durham, Thomas Austin, esq.- at neighbourhood are enabled to send their

Grove, nearDurham, Stephen GeorgeKemble, esq. 66. butter, poultry, veal, &c. to the London

ESSEX. market at a very low price of carriage. Chelmsford fair was but thinly attended. The Jupiter, a new sixty-gun ship, was There were more of the cow kine than any commissioned at Plymouth, by Capt. G. A. 'other, which sold rather freely, very few Westphal, purposely to take the Right Hon.

sheep, which were much in request, and G. Canning to lodia; Lieutenants Ellis

less horses than we ever remember. The and Neville are appointed to her.—A shew part of the fair also felt the pressure subscription, we hear, has been set on foot

of the times. During the grimaces and in Exeter for adding two £50. plates more buffoneries ex hibited in front of one of the to the prizes usually given at the races. shews, the Clown went raving mad..

Wanstead House, with all its magnificent Births] At Ashprington House, the Lady of Major-Gen. Adams, of a son-at Exeter, Mrs. Collyns,

effects, inherited by Miss Tilney Long,

from herfat her Sir James Tilney Loog, Marriages] At Cleeve House, T. W. Northmore, Bart. and become by her marriage the esg. to Miss Welby, of ntham H -at ter, R.C. Campion, esq. to Mrs. Barslake-at Ex

property of William Tilpey Pole Long minster, E. Abell, esq. to Miss L. E. Balcombe-at Wellesley, esq. is now on sale by Auction. Littleham, C. C. Cox, esq. to Miss C. Carringtonat Little Torrington, Francis Hole, esq. to Miss

Birth] At Ingalestone, Mrs. Lewis, of twin girls. Jane Boger, Smytham-at Plymouth, E. White, esq.

Marriages) At Bradwell, Mr.J. Hallman, to Mrs. to Mrs. Susannah Bass-at Stonehouse, Mr. Stan

Middleton-at Hornchurch, H. Tweed, esq. to Miss ley, to Mrs. Hill-at Tavistock, Mr. G. Hearson, to

M. Johnson, Sterry-at Purleigh, Mr. John Ram, Miss C. Hall.

to Miss Aldbam, Uiting Hall: Deaths] At Barnstaple, Mr. William Heale, 31

Deaths] At Blakehall, George Dettmar, esq. 66 at Brecondale, G. Ransome, esq.73—at Exeter, Mrs,

--at Dedham, Rev. J.J. Stevens, B.A. 24-at inRadcliffe-Mrs. Anderson-Mrs. Upham, 50—at Il

gatestone, son of Mr. G. Firman-at Laytonstone, fracombe, Mrs. Lee-at Lew Trenchard, the Rev.

Mrs. Franklin, 74-at North Farnbridge, Mrs. S. Thos. Drake-at Plymouth, Dr. W. Wooleome, M.D.

Gilly--at Shelley, William Bullock, esq.73 -at Stonehonse, Mrs. Dimock, 90-at Tiverton, Mrs. Beedle.


Cheltenham. Subscriptions are now acDORSETSHIRE.

tively making in support of the ensuing At Sherborne and its neighbourhood, races, which, “jf promises be kept on a liberal subscription is begun on behalf every side,” cannot fail of being the most of the distressed peasantry of Ireland. splendid yet known in this part of the One hundred thousand mackarel have been kingdom. Cheltenham Theatre is to be caught on the Dorsetsbire coast this season. opened the first evening in July, under -The inhabitants of Dorchester and its the management of Messrs. Abbot and vicinity have subscribed nearly £100. in Farley, both of Covent Garden Theatre, order to promote the re-establishment of Mr. Pitt's birth-day was celebrated at the races in that town. -At Tewkesbury Bristol, by the Steadfast Society, who May fair, there was a good shew of cattle, dined together at the White Lion.-Tlie sheep, and horses. Fat beasts averaged present season is so higbly favourable for 4d. and fat sheep 3d. per pound. Very The breeding of birds, that three coveys of little business was done.

partridges were seen in one parish in this Marriages) At Glastonbury, Mr. Robert Bath, to

county before the end of May. Miss M. Holman-at Frome, Mr. Thomas Heale, to Marriages] At Bristol, Mr. William Wilcox, to Miss Finch-at Wanstrow, Mr. J. Porter, to Miss Miss Dumaresq, Romsey- Mr. J.M. Masey, to Miss Yeoman.

S. Walter-Mr. G. J.Wayland, to Miss L. Mathew&

of a son

Cheltenham-at Cheltenham, Mr. J. B. Packwood, whole of the building -Hertford cattle to Miss Smith-at Clifton, Mr. H. Penton, Bristol, to Miss Miles--at Gloucester, Captain D. Perring,

fair was extremely dull, there was a smaller to Miss M. A. Gardner-Mr. J. E. Lee, to Miss Ann

shew of cattle than known for a great Petlay, London-Mr. Abel, Mitchaldean, to Miss

number of years. M. Wilton--at Swinley Court, Mr. James Dowle, to Miss White, Cugley-at Dursley, Mr. C.F.Richards,

Birth] Mrs. Harris, of a daughter. to Miss M. Clarke-at Tewkesbury, Mr. J. Lewis, tu

Marriage] At Hertford, Mr. Smith, London, to Miss Weedon, Newbury, Berks.

Miss R. Monk. Deaths) At Gloucester, Mr. John Pytt, 80-at

Deaths) At Wharfingers, Mr.T. Smith--at Tring, Ashton Keynes, Mrs. Saunders-at Campden, Mr.

Mr. William Foster, 43.
Carter, 50.


Marriage] At Swatry, Mr. Hollidge, to Miss Southampton fair was more fully at. Clarke. tended than ever before remembered.

Deaths] At Somersham, Mr. Benjamin Augers,

93-at Yaxley, Mr. Shaw-at Stilton, Mr. Moun. Graziers and others came from all parts

tainy-at Brampton, Mrs. Tattershall. of Hampshire and Sussex, for the purpose

KENT. of purchasing Norman Cattle, which were in great abundance. There were few horses

The strong hop bine has grown very of a superior sort, but foresters pretty nu

fast, and the weak bas improved: the meous, and many sold for £2 and even

daily reinforcements of fly have been lower. Young pigs in very great abun

excessive in the extreme; in some situ. dance -The Provisional Battalion at

ations, the leaves have been literally coverPortsmouth, officers and privates, consist- ed, and the spread over the plantations, ing of about 1000 men, and also the ships generally, has been large. --The Wel of war, at Portsmouth, their captains, off

lington Club of Maidstone dined together,

in celebration of the Anniversary of Mr. cers, and ship's companies have subscribed one days pay towards the relief of the

Pitt's Birth, when nearly fifty gentlemen

sat down to a most excellent dinner starving peasantry of Ireland. - At Andover fair there was a large quantity of

at the George Ion. The most prominent

feature of the feast was a baron of beef, cheese pitched for sale, but the demand for it was dull. The best Somerset fetched

given by the Mayor, G. Burgess, esq. who from 50$. to 56s. per cwt.; and North presided on the occasion. The West Kent Wilts, 358, to 45s.

Band attended, and performed appropriate

airs, after the several toasts. Marriages] At Lyndhurst, R. H. Strachan, esq. London, to Miss Nettlefold-at Havant, Mr. J. Lel. Births) At Wateringbury, the lady of Captain lyett, to Miss J. Hammond

W. Adamson, of a daughter-at Lee, the lady of Deaths) At Alresford, Mr. R. Skinner, 22-at Captain W. E.Wright, R.N. of a son-at East BarBlashford House, Rev. C. Taylor, D.D.-at Christ leigh, Mrs. Allen Cooper, ofa daughter. church, Mrs. Ann Didsdall--at Fareham, Mr. A. Marriages] At Boughton-House, W. Briscoe, jun. Jack, surgeon, R.N.-at Portsea, - Hepburn, esq. to Miss M. Hobday Lade-at Brookland, the esq. 76_Captain W. Saunderson, R.N.—at South Rev. J. Banow, to Miss Dowie-at Canterbury, Mr. ampton, Mrs. Purdy, 72-at Warnford, Mrs. Lan T. Denne, to Miss C. Wakeman-Mr. T. Elling, to caster-at Winchester, Mr. G. Ridding, 19.

Miss Mary Davidson, Camberwell--at Cranbrook,

Mr. George Tomkins, to Miss C. Dearn-at Cobham, HEREFORDSHIRE.

Mr. J Whitcombe, to Miss R. Newlyn-at CobhamAt Bromyard fair, very fine cattle sold hall, C. Brownlow, esq. M.P. to Lady M. Blighı-at at rather better prices than at Hereford

Dover, Mr. B. Austen, Ashford, to Miss J. Steady

at Greenwich, Robert Mignan, esq. of the Bombay fair, and were soon disposed of, but the Army, to Miss M. Oddy-W.T. Preston, esq. to Miss inferior animals were in little request, G. Lawrie, Blackheath-at Gillingham, Mr. William

Johnson, to Miss M. A. Williams--at Hawkhurst, Sheep went very low, and yearling wethers

Captain Lambert, R.N. to Miss E. Cobb-Mr. E. in one instance were sold for 12s, 6d. each, Felgate, chemist, to Miss M. Martin-at Levham, with the wool on. Good horses sold well. Mr. J. Potter, to Miss Bennet Parks-at Milton, -At Hereford fair there was a larger

Mr. J. Gardner, to Miss Proctor-at Rolvenden, Mr.

J. Jenner, to Miss S. Chaney, Tenterden. show of cattle than usual, and an advance Deaths) At Bromley Common, Mrs. Welsh, 62 in price took place. --At Ross fair the -at Chatham, Mrs. A. Dummar, 50-at Cantercatile exposed for sale (which were not so

bury, Mrs. Knowles, 88--Mr. Collins, Mr. E. Clarke

22-Mrs. Burgess, 84-Mr. J. Chapman-Mr. R. numerous as usual at this mart) went off Rigden-John Abbott, esq. 75—at Charlton, Mr. E. briskly at advanced prices. Sheep were Mowle, 72—at Dover, Mr. J. Pears-at Folkestone, dull of sale.

Miss M. Dixon, 15-at Goodnesstone, John Wing

tield Stone, esq.-at High Halden, Misy E. OliverMarriages) At Hereford, Mr. Thomas Atkinson, at Lenham, Mr. J. Weeks-at Lydd, Mr. Richard to Miss Jane Benbow-at Seltington, Mr.J. Jones, Otway, 47-at Maidstone, Mr. William Ottewill--at of Litton, to Miss L. Prull.

Monkton, Mr. J. Adams-at Rolvenden, James Deaths] At Bage, Mr. J. Williams-at Burton Monypenny, esq.--at Tenterden, Mrs. Wilmot, 38Court, Mr. William Evans, 61--at Hampton Lodge, at Tonbridge, Mr. Wm. Scoones, 57-at Tonbridge J. Ireland, esq.--at Hereford, Mrs. W. Lucas, 73– Castle, Miss Bailey-at Whitstable, Miss Maria Mr.J. Carpenter-Miss Maria Crompton.

Reeves, 27.

LANCASHIRE. A fire broke out in a malt kiln in Ware, Steps are taking at Liverpool to establish belonging to Mr. Cowell, which consumed a Joint Stock Banking Company, on the plan a great quantity of malt, and nearly the of the Scotch Banks, as recommended by Eur. Mag. Vol. 81. June 1922.

4 F

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