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Mr. T. Joplin. - Manchester Sheep' and

LEICESTERSHIRE. Cattle-market, Weduesday, May 22, 1822.

A nest of full-fledged sky-larks was The number of sheep sold were 1556;

taken near Loughborough, and carried to of lambs, 747; and cattle, 363; total, Mr. Adams, druggist, of that town, where 2556. The average price of mutton was

every possible art was had recourse to, for from 3!d. to 4d. per lb.; of lamb, 54d. to

the purpose of teeding them, but all in 6d.; and of beef, 3 d. to 4 d. per lb.

vain. At length, they were put into a cage The friends of Mr. Gladstone are said

along with a fine cock canary bird, which, to be feeling the pulse of the Liver

in a little time, began to nurture them as pool electors, to ascertain whether that

its own; and it is now so much occupied gentleman would not be an acceptable

in feeding them, giving them water from successor to Mr. Canning, as their re

its own beak, and performing other little presentative. We do not hear of any in

parental offices for them, that it has totally tention on the part of the Whigs offering

ceased its usual melodious notes, as if they a Candidate. Liverpool has already

were incompatible with this new avoca. raised upwards of £3,700. for relieving tion. the distress in Ireland. The Anniver- Marriages] At Great Glen, Mr. Harrison, of Not. sary of the birth of the late Mr. Pitt was tingham, to Miss Cooper-at Kibworth, Mr. J. Had. celebrated by the Rochdale Pitt Club. An

don, London, to Miss Cort-Mr. J. Hudson, to Miss

M. Cort. excellent dinner was provided for the occa

Deaths] At Burleigh, G. Tate, esq. 78-at Frowles. sion at the Roebuck Inn.-An associa- worth, Rev. S.G. Noble-at Leicester, Mrs. Measures tion has been formed, and a subscription

--at Wimeswould, Jenny Hickling, 74, confined to

her bed by the palsy sixty-one years--at Lough. opened by the inhabitants of Lancaster,

borough, Thomas Laud, esq. for the purpose of encouraging a spirit of

LINCOLNSHIRE. economy and independence in the labour

The Earl of Harrowby returned to his ing classes. - The Russian Minister, M. Poletica, arrived at Liverpool in the pack

Digby tenants 20 per cent.-Mr. Torr, of

Riby, near Brigg, has a hen now brooding et ship Columbia, Captain Rogers, from

three fine kittens. This astonishing per. New York, Mr. Wallack, the performer, version of natural instinct took place at also came passenger in her, and we

the time the hen was sitting; a cat having are sorry to find that he is not yet recovered from his late accident, not being immediately forsook her eggs, in order to

kittened in an empty nest adjoining, she able to walk without the use of crutches. —A barber of Liverpool, a few days

brood the young strangers, which she has

continued to do, for upwards of a month, since, undertook, for a wager, to shave sixty men in an hour. He was triumphant

the cat being only allowed to approach

them occasionally. in forty-five minutes, but continued his work, and actually shaved 82 in an hour.

Marriages) At Gainsborough, Mr. James Barnet

to Miss Mary Catley-at Lincoln, Mr. E. Rainey, to Marriages] At Liverpool, W. Atkin, to Miss M.

Miss L. Pogson, of Thorpe-at West Ferry, Mr. Thos. Denniston, Harrington--Mr. J. Redish, to Miss M.

Medd, of Newbald, to Miss F. Eyre--at Sudbrooke Redish-Mr. G. Querck, to Miss E. Hughes, of Wrex.

Holme, H. R. Drummond, esq. to Miss J. H. Ellison. ham-Mr. Thomas Rigby, to Miss M. A. Jopes-Mr.

Deaths) At Boston, Henry Clarke, esq. 72–FulWilliam Critchley, to Miss C. Gilliard-Mr. J. Brom.

beck-school, Mr. J. E. Ogle, 15 ley, to Miss M. Findler-J. Turner, esq. to Miss

E. Crooke--Mr. C. Whittaker, to Miss E, Ellis-at
Knowles, W. H. Cock, jun. to Miss H. Farquharson,

Monmouth fair, gave no new hopes to of Edinburgh-at Manchester, Mr.T. Moore, to Miss the agriculturists. There were scarcely M. Chadwick, of Park-hall-Mr. James Kenyon, to any fat cattle worth noticing; and the Miss Gibson-J.S. Troutbeck, esq. to Miss A, Radcliffe, of Bebington-Mr. J. Holroyd, to Miss Anne

shew of lean stock was very small, but Cooper- Alexander North Parker, esq, to Miss they went off at an advance of about 10 Hinde, of Lancaster-W. A. West, esq. Prescott, to per cent.-We have the satisfaction to Miss Ann Boothunan, of Ardwick-Mr, J. Cruikshanky, to Miss Zilpha Coates--Mr.Jas. M'Lcland,

state, that the disturbances here are happily to Miss M. Garret-Mr. W. Millet, to Miss R. Savage

terminated, and that the misguided men -Rev. Jos. Hodgekinson, M.A. to Misy E, Simmons are quietly and peaceably returned to their -at Preston, Mr. Halsal, to Miss Boardman, of

work. Leyland. Deaths] At Blackburn, Mr. John Dewhurst-at

Married] At Caerleon, Mr. Jacob Williams, to

Miss S, Parker Burnley, Mr. W. Hartley--at Bolton, Mrs. Haworth -at Farnworth, Mrs. Hooton, 78--Thomas Johnson,

NORFOLK esq. 63--at Hulme, Miss A. H. Wainright-at Lan- At a sermon preached in Great Baddow caster, James Lodge, e94. 69-Mr. W. Hall, 53-at Liverpool, Mr. T. Ward, 35-Mr. J. Meurs---Miss F.

Church, £60. were collected, in aid of the Gordon, 23— Mr. Crowther, 44-Miss M. Sutton

distressed Irish. Mrs. Edwards-Silvester Richniond, esq. 53- Mrs. Birth) At Garboldisham, the Marchioness of Grappell-Mr. William Tudor-- Mr. Thomas Basnet, Blandford, of an heir, 70-at Manchester, James Greenway, esq.-Mrs. Marriage) At Bentley, Mr. C. F. Mustard, to Wimpory- Mrs. Gibbons, 57-Mr. William Fisher- Miss E. Dawson-at Norwich, P. N. Scott, esq. to Mrs. Kay- Mrs. Compton, of Rushford-at Platt, Mrs. Checkles--at Preston, William St. Clare, M.D.

Miss E. Browne, Cringleford-at Proud's Farm, Mr.

Thomas Shearcroft, to Miss M. Reeve-at Pullam, -at Rochilale, Miss Edensor-at Salford, Mr, 'Thos. Lees-at Wigan, Mr. Joseph Wilde,

Mr. R. Johnson, Cheapside, to Miss Shepperson-at
Woodham, Mr. R. Pleuger, to Miss Giblin.

Deaths) At Blake Hall, Dellmar, esq. 66-at Turner Gilbert, Principal of Brasenose ColColchester, Mr. A. Surrey, 54—Mr. J. Cole, 16-at

lege; Rev. John Birt, Christ Church. Costessey Hall, E. Termingham, esq.-at Diss, Mrs. Muskett, 77-at Carlham Hall, Mrs. J. J. Gurney

Masters of Arts.-Fifteen. at Mayland, Mr. W.Sparks-at Ongar, W. Bullock, Bachelors of Arts.-Thirty-two. The esq. 73—at Rayleigh, Mrs. Harridge.

prizes for the present year were adjudged NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

to the following Gentlemen : The birth-day of the late Mr. Pitt was

THE CHANCELLOR'S PRIZES. - - Latin celebrated at Nottingham, by the members

Verse" Alpes ab Annibale superatæ"of the Pitt Club, at Thurland Hall.

To Mr. F. Curzon, Brasenose College.

English Essay—“On the Study of Moral Marriages.] At Nottingham, G. Robinson, esq. Evidence- To Mr. W. A. Shirley, New ColR.N. to Miss A. Barber, Lamb Close-Mr. J. Shipley, to Miss M. Gill-at Newark, Mr. J. Boaler, to

lege. Miss S. Lacy-Mr. J. Stanlope, of Derby, to Miss Latin Essay—“An, re vera, prævaluerit E. Groves-at Radford, Mr. S. Fish, of Lenton, to apud Eruditiores Antiquorum PolytheisMiss F. Lees--at West Hill, Mr. Solomon l'oster, to Miss V. Healey.

mus" -To Mr. J. B. Ottley, Oriel College. Deaths.) At Nottingham, Mr. Samuel Milnes, 44 SIR ROGER NEWDIGATE'S PRIZE -Miss M. Walker, 22-at Sion Hill, Mrs. A. Beard

English Verse—“ Palmyra"-To Mr. A. more--Radford, Mr. W. Henson.

Barber, Wadham College.

Messrs. Thompson, Birtwhistle, H. R. An Act for renewing the turnpike-road Harris, and Brackenbury, are clected from Lincoln to Peterborough has received Scholars of Lincoln College; and Messrs. the Royal Assent.

Ness and Latiiner, Exhibitioner on Lord Marriages.] At Northampton, Mr. W. Tomalin,

Crewe's foundation. — Mr. Leach, Mr. to Miss E. Dunckley, Peterborough-Mr. C. Rich

James, and Mr. Titley, of Jesus College, mond to Miss Smith-Mr. Thomas Richmond, to have been elected Scholars of that Society. Miss Wimfery--at Wansford, Mr. W. Lawson, of St. Ecclesiastical Promotions.-Rev. Wm. Mary-at-Hill, to Miss A. Norton. Deaths.] Northampton, Mr. G. Rubbra 75-at

Spencer Whitelock, Chaplain to the MiliPeterborough, Mr. M. A, Phipps, 20-at Shrop- tary Asylum, Southampton, has been preLodge, Mrs. Capes--at Sudborough, the Rev. sented to the living of Gedney, LincolnThoinas Hewet, Bart.

shire.-Rev. J. G. Whaley, MA. Fellow NORTHUMBERLAND.

and Tutor of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, At Newcastle fair, there was a middling to the Rectory of Witnesham, Suffolk. Pasupply of cattle; milking cows fetched trons, the Master and Fellows of that Sorather higher prices; and live stock ge- ciety.-Rev. George Palmer, M.A. Fellow nerally bore marks of a slight improve- of Jesus College, Cambridge, to the Rec. ment. A snake, of an ordinary size, has tory of Harlton, Cambridgeshire. Patrons, been lately killed at Gosforth; when the Master and Fellows of that Society opened, a large, full-grown rat was found Rev. Thomas Dethick, M.A. Perpetual Cuin his belly, full three times the thickness rate of St. Mary's, Bridgnorth, to the living of the snake itself before swallowing it. of Oldbury, Salop. Patron, the Lord Chan

cellor. Marriages.) At Morpeth, Mr. Dickinson, to Miss M. Moore--at Old Painshaw, Mr. J. Phillipson, to

June 8. The following are the names of Mrs. J. Smith-at Ovingham, Mr. A. Bell, to Miss those candidates who, at the close of the Elliott-at Woodhorn, J. Saunderson, esq. to Miss Public Examination this term, were admitBean. Deaths.) At Bowes, Rev. Richard, Wilson-at

ted into the Gateshead, Mr. J. Cook-at Nine Banks, Mrs. First Class of Literæ Humaniores.Mangham--at Newcastle, Mr. Miller-at Staindrop Hon. P. H. Abbott, Christ Church ; John Mrs. Mary Dent, 92-at Wickham, Mrs. Boggon.

Campbell, Baliol ; Edward Denison, Oriel ; OXFORDSHIRE,

Rd. Greswell, Worcester; J. H. Lloyd, The Rev. F. Sullivan, of All Souls's Col. Queen's; D. M. Perceval, and E. B. Pusey, lege, is admitted to the Degree of Master Christ Church; and W. Stone, Brazenose. of Arts, Grand Compounder. In a Conyo. First Class of Disciplinæ Mathematica cation, it was unanimously agreed to con- et Physicæ.-Hon. P. H. Abbot, and S. R. tribute from the University chest, the sum Bosanquet, Christ Church; Rd. Greswell, of £500. in aid of the fund raising for Worcester; and J.H. Lloyd, Queen's. the relief of the distressed Irish. May Second Class of Litere Humaniores.25, the following degrees were conferred: Seventeen. Masters of Arts.-Seven.

Second Class of Discip. Mathemat. et Bachelors of Arts. - Thirty-seven. Phys.-Five. The whole number of Degrees iu Easter Literæ Humaniores.-Eighteen. Term was B.D. two; M.A. twenty-eight; Discip. Mathemat. et Phys.-Two. B.A. sixty-six; Matriculations, eighty-se- The number of gentlemen to whom tesven.-On the first day of Act Term, the timoniums for the Degrees were granted, following Degrees were conferred :- but who were not admitted into either of

Doctors in Divinity.-Rev. Ashhurst the above classes, amounted to 93.

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Marriages.) At Oxford, Rev. I. Page, B. D. to tolerably good prices. The Stafford-
Miss M. Yalden, Lovington-Rev. Phillip Searle, of
Oddington, to Miss E Church-Mr. W. Cherry, to

shire colliers are, with few exceptions, reMiss E. Smith, Blockley.

turned to their work. The fair at Death.) At Oxford, Rev. James Hamer, B. D. Rugely was well supplied with horn cat. of Foxdeth Park,

tle. Horses of the superior kind were in RUTLANDSHIRE.

demand, and sold at high prices. Cattle There was a smaller shew of beasts at and sheep were sold at very low prices. Oakham fair, than was ever remembered. Marriages.) At Leek, G. Cursham, Surgeon, to Good ones were chiefly all sold; but

Miss A. Phillips-at Utoxetter, Miss French, to

Miss Summerland-Mr. Adams, to Miss Lake of things of indifferent quality could hardly Lincolnshire-at Willenhall, Mr. Duncomb, to Migs be disposed of.

H. Smith-at Salwarp, Mr. A. Trehearne, to Miss
Marriage.] At Uppinham, Mr. J. Taylor, to E. Brewster.
Miss Cole, Stamford.

Deaths.] At Congleton, Mr. I. Hincks, 48-Mr.
Deaths.) At Oakham, Mrs. Ann Cole 87-at J. Willington, 70-Lieut. E. Eboral, R. N.--at Dud-
Uppingham, Mrs. Allin.

ley, Mr. Franklin—at Litchfield, Mrs. Jane Tomlin

son-at Stafford, Mr. Sommerville. SHROPSHIRE.

SUFFOLK. John Mytton, esq. of Halston, bas ac

A great shew of horses and cattle at cepted the office of Treasurer to the Salop

Bungay fair, and a very full attendance of Infirmary for the year ensuing.

company; very little business done. Marriage.] At Hinstock, Mr. Richard, Ferny- Marriages.] At Borking, Mr. W. Cook, to Mrs. hongb, to Miss A. Heaford, Links Cottage.

Sheldrake -at Ipswich, Mr. R. Ashford, to Miss E.
Deaths.] At Betton, Hall, William Church Nor- Bristo-at Woodbridge, Mr. John Wood, jun. to
cop, esq. 77-at Bridgenorth, Mrs. Baker, aged 86 M I. Dovie, West Malling, Kent-at ole, the
Mrs. Lloyd, 64-at Shrewsbury, Mr. Samuel Freme, Rev. Benj. Philpot, to Miss C. Vaxhell.
23—at Ightfield, Mr. I. Griffiths, 80-suposed to be Deaths.] At Dennington, Mrs. Edwards-at Hope
the oldest British Soldier who served in the reign ton, Surgeon S. Webber, 53-at Layham Hall, Mrs.
of George II.-he fought at the battle of Montmo. Tiffin, 86—at Palsgrave, Mr. R. Rogers. 66.
renci and Quebec.


Rose Trecs. There is a classical cusMells fair was numerously attended; tom observed, time out of mind, at Oakley, but the chief part of the company appeared in Surrey, of planting rose-trees on the to be attracted more for pleasure than for

graves, especially of the young men and business. Only a few good horses, and maidens, who have lost their lovers ; so those had not a sale; there were however that the church-yard at that place is now a vast number of good hackneys, though full of them. It is the more remarkable, but few purchasers.-- -A cottage at Wed

since it was anciently used amongst the more has been burned to the ground, sup- Greeks and Roinans, who were so very posed to be occasioned by the intense religious in it, that we often find it andexheat of the sun upon the glass of the ed as a codicil to their wills (as appears windows igniting the thatch. Subscrip- by an old inscription at Ravenna, and tions to the amount of nearly £2,500 have

another at Milan,) by which they ordered been collected in Bath for the relief of the distressed Irish.-The advanced fruitage their grave.

roses to be yearly strewed and planted on is such as to justify the most confident

Births.] At Brighton, Mrs. R. B. Long, of a expectation that a very considerable quan- daughter-at Ripley, the lady of Major Court, of a tity of cider will be made this year. The

son-at Lower Tooting, Mrs. Robert Hoggart, of a price has in consequence very considera

Marriages.) At Bookham, T. S. Seawell, esq. to bly declined.

Miss E. H. Seawell, Bedfordshire-at Ripley, J. 0. Births.] At Bath, the lady of Capt. S. 1. Thomas,

L. Mure, esq. of Livington, Scotland, to Miss L. R. A. of a son-the lady of Charles R. Cureton,

Dalbiac, of Blackheath. esq. 16th Lancers, of a son.

Deaths.] At Colliers Wood, William Merle, esq. Marriages.] At Axminster, Rev. I. Simmons,

70-at Ewell, W. Broadbent, esq. 73-at Richmond, to Mrs. M. Drayton -- at Bath, Mr. Withers, of

Mrs. E. Benmerman, 67—at Wadhurts, Relict of the

late Admiral Fooks, 75." Shepton-Mallet, to Miss Jewel, of Neport - E.

Dennis, esq. to Miss M. Dennis-at Brislington, Mr.
Henry Banwell, to Miss Galphine--at Frome, Mr.

On the 3rd June, the Powder Mills, at J. Porter, to Miss Yeoman-at Glastonbury, Mr.

R. Brede, belonging to Mr. Jeakins, blew up Bath, to Miss M. Holman-at Walcot, P. C. Edward, esq. Miss H. Tuman-Mr. Charles Fuller, to

with a terrific explosion, almost immediMiss Stevenson, Montpelier.

ately after two of the workmen had quitted Deaths.] At Bath, Mrs. Higgins, of Skellow it. Grange, 41--Mr. W. Major, jun, Bristol-Miss

Marriages.] At Fletching, Rev. C. Gaunt, to Whiting, of West Monckton, 7-George Dyson, esq. of Buenos Ayres, 49–Rer. Samuel Newton, of

Miss M. Dodson, Hurstperpoint-at West Ham, W. Witham, Essex-Mrs. H. Sainsbury, of Beckington

Jones, esq. to Miss C. Carstairs, Stratfield House --Rev. Dr. Gunning, 79-at Wipsford, Miss Emma

at Runkton House, I. Curshman,esq. Captain ofthe

East India Company Service,to Miss L. MeyricksEvans, 19-Mrs. Sballcross, 77-at Woodland Villa,

at Rye, Mr. W. Barber, of Southwark, to Miss S. Hugh Smythe, esq. of Shropshire.

A. Heath.

Deaths.] At Bletchington, Mrs. King.
The new born and hoof fair, was, held

WARWICKSHIRE. at Tattephall, there was a good shew of A publican in Birmiogham, was lately horses and cows, both of which fetched fined £200, for boiling grains of Paradise


in his wort, in the process of brewing bis ale.

Marriages.) At Birmingham, Mr. Chester, to Miss Selwood Cirincester-at Birmingham Heath, W. Turner, esq. to Miss E. Nunns, of Lancaster--at Birmingham, Mr, T. Francis, of Edgbaston, to Miss H. Bird.

WESTMORELAND. Marriage.] At How, Lieut. Col. Couper, of West Cowes, Hants. to Miss Wilson.

WILTSHIRE. A short time since, whilst a family at Leigh, near Cricklade, were at dinner, a hawk deliberately flew into the room, seized a piece of meat in his claws from - the table, and then as deliberately flew out again !

-At Swindon Market, a res pectable farmer actually sold a sack of wheat to a grocer for a pound of tea, value 78.-The numerous persons in the employ of Messrs. Cooper, of Staverton Factory, Wilts, have set a noble example to others in like situations; they having come forward and enabled their employers, with the assistance of themselves and families, to remit between 801. and 901. for the relief of the suffering Poor in Ireland.-Thomas Bigg, esq. has been nominated Mayor of Devizes for the ensuing year. The Church and Parish Lands of the parishes of St. John and St. Mary, Devizes, have been reduced 20 per

cent. The officer, non-commissioned officers, and drummers of the Staff of the Wiltshire Militia, stationed at Marlborough, bave given one days pay towards the relief of the distressed Irish,

Marriages.] Melksham, Mr. J. Gingle, of Lon. don, to Miss É. Ogden.

Deaths.] At Chittoe, Mr. Burton, 88—at Doul. ton, Mr. B. Wilcox, 40-at Easton Gray, Thomas Smith, esq.-at Hayfarm, Mr. C. Broome, sen. 80at Market Lavington, Mrs. Box-at Malmsbury, Mr. 1. Brooke-at Nolands, Robert Essington, esq.

YORKSHIRE. At the spring meeting of the Yorkshire Horticultural Society, a drawing was exhibited of the great flower from Sumatra, the natural size. This astonishing flower measured full a yard in circumference. The nectary is calculated to hold twelve pints ; the petals are about a foot long and half an inch thick ; and its weight is about fifteen pounds. - - The growing crops at this early season of the year never promised a greater abundance than now. The fruit-trees do not appear to have suffered in the least from the late keen winds.Thomas Richard Plumbe, esq. is appointed a deputy lieutenant 'for the county of York.

WORCESTERSHIRE. Hot-house, green-house, and American plants, and other rare and choice trees and sbrubs, are now in flower at Croome Park. This specimen of choice trees is certainly the finest in the kingdom. This beautiful collection is open to public inspection,

Marriage] At Blockley, Mr. William Cherry, of Oxford, to Miss E. Smith

Deaths) At Alcester, Mrs. E. Averill-at Colebrookdale, Mrs. Grace Thomas, 72—at Elemley Lovett, Mr. W. Winnall-at Worcester, Mr. G. Boulter.


Want alone is not the only calamity which is likely to spread its ravages in this ill-fated country, for she is now also threatened with all the evils flowing from the extension of contagious diseases. It is probable this last misfortune is a consequence of the first. It is almost unnecessary to observe, that' the public atten.

Births) At York, Mrs. Wake, of a danghter-at Scarborough, Mrs. Skipwith, of a daughter-at Clifton, the lady of lieutenant-general Dilkes, of a daughter-at Brandsby, Mrs. Oholmeley, of a son.

Marriages] At Beeston, Mr. J. Fletcher, to Mrs. M, Oldfield, Armsley--at Beeverley, S. P. Denton, esq. of Withernwick, to Miss A. E. Elliot-at Bramley, Mr. W. Haley, to Miss E. Spence-at Gomersall, Mr. B. Fearnley, to Miss E. Horsfall-at Huddersfield, Mr. Thomas Blenkhorn, to Miss NorthMr. J. Glover, to Miss Scholes-C. Harrison, esq. of Lincoln's-inn, to Mrs. Anna Batley—at Hull, Mr. G. L. Shackles, to Miss M. Thornton-at North Collingham, William Johnson, EIGHTY-FOUR, to Hannah Ridal, sixTEEN-at Otley, Mr. T. Milthorp, of Brad ford, to Miss M. Weir-at Oulton, Mr. W. Cooper, to Miss H. Mann, Manilville—at Selby, Mr. Pearson, to Miss A. Watson-at Sheffield, Mr. (G. Hibberd, to Miss H. Elliot-J. Houldsworth, esq. to Miss E. Holly, Highfield-Mr. H. Cutler, to Miss S. Bowman-at Wetherby, C. Newsombe, esq. to Miss G. Dacre, Timber Hall-at Wakefield, Mr. B. Snow, of Sleaford, to Miss A. M. Robinson-at York, Rev. E. Gray, to Miss E. Harvey, Stapleford-Lieutenant Atkinson, R. N. to Miss Cundell-Mr. John Cross, to Miss M. Mountain, of Leeds, Thomas H. Place, esq. to Miss C. Smith, of Marston.

Deaths) At Boroughbridge, Captain C. Girling, 64, formerly 16th Light Dragoons--at Beal, Mr. Thomas D. Shillito-at Bramley, Mr. J. Burtonat Burton Hall, Miss C. Wyvil, 25—at Bradford, Mrs. M. Stead, 70—Mrs. Crossley-at Bowes, Rev. Richard Wilson, 60—at Doncaster, R. W. Grey, csq. -at Fargate, Miss M. Fawcet, 14-at Hartwith, Rev. Edward Capstack,79—at Halifax, Mr. Sutcliffe, -at Herworth, Miss Bond - Huddersfield, Mr. J. Booth-at Hull, Mr. A. Dickon, 88-at Horseforth, R. Micklethwait, esq. 66--at Leeds, Mr. William Headley, 34—at Mitton, B. Smith, esq. 43-at Moor Town, Mrs. C. Brook, 32—at Murton, Barnard Smith, esq. 43-at Newland Park, Miss Elizabeth Smith-at Sheffield, Miss Skidmore, 20_Mrs. E. Grayson, 99-Mrs. M. Marshall--at South Kilvington, Mrs. Thompsou—at Thornton, Mrs. Mackereth, 32–at Wakefield, Mr. J. Drake, 49--Mr. T. Cragg --at York, Lady Burdon, sister to the Right Hon. Lord (Chancellor) Eldon-S. Kettlewell, esq. 60W. Pyemont, esq. 69.

tion should be earnestly directed to this subject, when it is remembered that nearly 100,000 persons perished of contagious diseases in this kingdom after the scarcity of 1817 and 1818.

Several curious documents have lately been discovered at the venerable residence of the Earl of Howth, by Mr. Hardiman, of the low prices, and the facility afforded COFFEE. - The quantity of Coffee the Planters to export from the West Indies brought forward last week was very ex- to Europe, or the United States, yet the tensive, 1080 casks and 3325 bags; to- demand is languid; the purchases confined wards the close of the week the request to small parcels to the trade, and to limited was not adequate to the sales brought for shipments; the prices are without alteraward; there was, in consequence, a heavi. tion.-Brandies have been in some request, ness, but no reduction in the prices could owing to the great reduction of the prices: be stated.

well known as an intelligent antiquarian, and author of the history of the town of .Galway, while making some investigations for his Lordship, many of them as ancient as the reign of King John, some in the time of Henry II. and one, which Mr. Har.

diman stated to be anterior to the landing of that monarch, being a grant from Law. rence O'Toole, consecrated Archbishop of Dublin in 1162, and afterwards canonized. This is supposed to be one of the oldest documents in Ireland, and with the others was found in a leaden box, which is itself a curiosity, being some centuries old. They are all in a state of the highest preservation.

Marriages.] Thomas Lecky Hutchinson, esqi to Miss Catherine Sinclaire, of Belfast-John Holland, esq. to Miss Mary Lecky, county Derry - John Haughton, esq. to Miss Louisa Courtauld Osborne, of Cork-James Lloyd, esq. of Carrick-on-Shannon, to Miss Charlotte Hepenstal-Job Garnett, esq. of Cork, to Miss Ann Dealor, of Mitchelsfort--Edward Gonne Bell, esq. of Streamstown, to Miss Maria Brownc, of Glincorrib-George Newenham, esq. of Summerhill, to Miss Hannah Evans, of CarkerThomas Travers Adams, esq. of Fermoy, to Miss Hannah Evans, of Tipperary-Lieut. Francis Cuthbert Collingwood, R.N. to Miss Ellen Collis--Richard Pennefather, esq. of Grange, to Miss Caroline Going-Major Scott, to Miss F. Pratt, of Kinsale.

Deaths] At Monoghan, Robert Montgomery, esq. M.D.--at Collon, the Rev. Alexander Bradford-at Cork, Mrs. Daly-Mr. Jeremiah O'Leary--at Belfast, the wife of Alexander Orr-at Aughadowey, Capt. Hugh Blair, 71–at Shradance, Joseph Cabbet, esq.)

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SCOTLAND. The Earl of Buckinghamshire, it is re- of a daughter-at Dunse Castle, the lady of William ported, is about to sail from the port of

Hay, esq. of Drummelzier, of a daughter.

Marriages.] At Edinburgh, Mr. Mathew Buchan, Greenock, with nearly two hundred emi

merchant, to Christina, daughter of the late William grants for Quebec. It is impossible to Renton, esq.-Captain J. Duncan, of the Hon. East conceive the interest which the trial of

India Company's service, to Miss Mary Hill, eldest

daughter of the late Robert Hill-at Montrose, David Mr. Stuart, for being a principal in the

Keith, esq. to Miss Chaplain, daughter of the Rev. Jate fatal duel with Sir Alexander Bos. Mr. Chaplain—at Prestonpans, Robert Dickson, of well, bad excited throughout Edinburgh.

the Durham Militia, to Mary Ann, second daughter

of the late John Stewart, esq.-at Glasgow, George The trial lasted from ten o'clock on the

Sinclair, esq.writer, to Miss Mary Hamilton, daugliter Monday till five on the Tuesday morning ; of David Hamilton, esq.-at Leith, Lieut. J. Raikie, when the Jury, without leaving the box,

R.N. to Miss Isabella Hutton, daughter of the late

Mr. J. Hutton. returned a unanimous verdict of - Not

Deaths.] At Montrose, Mr. John Balfour, 19-at Guilty.

Kelvinside House, Mrs.Isabella Dick, relict of George

Dick, esq. 93-at Edinburgh, Mrs. Agnes Stewart, Births.) At Edinburgh, the lady of Lieut.-General relict of the deceased John Moncriefie Stewart, esq. Sir John Hope, of a son--at Ayr, Mrs. Crawford, of -Mrs. Isabella M.Diarmid, wife of Mr.J.M.Diarmid, Ardmillan, of a son--at Dumfries, Mrs. Creighton, writer--at Aberdeen, the Rev. Charles M'Hardy, 76.

LONDON MARKETS, June 25, 1822. COTTON.-The India-House sale took parcels were reported to be disposed of at place on Friday last; the low qualities full prices. of Surats went off at ld. a 1d. per Ib. under RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS.the previous prices, the better about ld. The Rum market has lately remained in lower; the whole were disposed of; about a very languid and depressed state, and, a half of the Bourbon Cotton brought for notwithstanding the inconsiderable imports ward sold at a reduction of a ld per Ib.; compared with the year 1821, and the pronearly the whole was taken for home con- bability of a very short supply, on account sumption.

the quotations are 2d. a 3d. per gallon SUGAR.—The market was exceedingly higher, but the market has not such a heavy till Thursday, the buyers waiting favourable appearance as towards the the event of the public sale; they antici. close of last week.--In Geneva there is pated a further and considerable reduction little alteration. in the prices of Muscovades; the sale, TALLOW,—The Tallow market is still consisting of nearly 600 hogsheads, went in a very depressed state: parcels of yeloff, contrary to the gen expectation, low candle Tallow sell at 35s. and for freely, and the prices were a shade higher arrival 35s. 6d. aud 36s. The market has than could be realised by private contract; been again rendered more languid, on low brown 50s. a 52s.; some lots realised account of the unfavourable news from so high as 66$. The market became more St. Petersburgh; Tallow had fallen from firm after the public sale, and considerable 106 to 102 ro. : the Exchange 4th instant

a fraction under 20d.

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